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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we begin with two breaking stories. right now in bucks county police have shut down part of street road for a hit and run investigation. police tell nbc10 two people were walking when they got hit. we're waiting to hear how serious the injuries are. >> and more breaking news in dheser within the past hour a 50 year-old woman was rushed to the hospital after she was shot in the back. on went ninth street. the woman is expected to survive. police have made no arrests. >> also tonight a blind man beaten and robbed. nbc10 was the only station there as police gather new information to help them catch the culprit. also spoke with the victim from his hospital room.
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>> denise nakano is live from the scene of the attack. what did he tell you? >> he told many he survived cancer and walks just to stay healthy. he was doing that walking down this street when he was attacked from behind. >> reporter: a 75 year-old victim just out of surgery recounts the attack that put him in the hospital. he spoke with me over the phone. >> the cancer survivor is legally blind. but takes long walks through his neighborhood. on doctors order. his daily routine cut short on his way home from 69th street terminal. a thief punched and kicked him and stole $100. his backpack and cell phone. still groggy was surgery to repair a fractured femur. he's upset. not too happy. >> we were there as the police recovered home surveillance
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video on glen dale road. where the robbery happened around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. the video shows a suspect in a gray hooded sweatshirt running after the victim. moments before the assault. >> predator. scum bag. beats him and robs him. hopefully somebody can help us. >> the same age as the victim and shocked someone could be so heartless. >> picking on a blind man. lord what this world is coming to. >> reporter: meantime the victims neighbors are waiting for him to return home. and for his attacker to be taken into custody. >> it's crazy that happened to him. >> the victim survived cancer and says he will survive the attack. he's not sure when he'll get out of the hospital. also tonight the country's largest massage chain is accused
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of betraying customering trust. a victim from delaware county is demanding change. >> it really was a sense there can be evil lurking in anyone and you may not know it. >> two years later it's hard for susan o talk about. it was may of 2015 when she was sexually assaulted at this massage envy. worker admitted to taking advantage of nine women during a massage. the 65 year-old is serving 13 years behind bars. >> it's more than just having a perpetrator committing a criminal act. it's $1.3 billion organization being a partner in crime. >> so far nearly 200 women have come forward with accusations across 15 states. she claims the business recommended him to other women. even though they knew he assaulted others.
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she's working with the congressman on a law to require companies to report sexual assault allegations to police. today another woman from the area talked for the first time. claiming she was a victim at a different location. >> he pleaded with me to not tell anybody. he said i've never done this before. >> she went to his six times. and made her feel as ease by talking about his mission trip for hay tie and his love for his wife and daughter. massage envy released a statement. with over 15 years and 120 million massages. even one incident is too many. one easy fix could be to put security cameras in every room of the for the safety of customers. her case goes it trial in january. >> president trump is under fire tonight. some are accusing the president of using a racial slur.
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during a white house meeting to honor a native american group. >> you were here long before any of us were here. although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her po. >> during an event honor. senator warren said before she's part native american. she called it dopely unfortunate. the president meant no harm. >> new at 11. we learned the ceo of a philadelphia corporation is under federal investigation tonight. was founded by kenny gamble. the company confirms a federal search warrant was executed on friday at head quart ertz and at the home and office of its president. he's on administrative leave. the fbi wouldn't say they they
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are investigating or what it involves. >> a broken criminal justice system. that's what's behind meek mills prison sentence. the reverend visited a rapper tonight. he says meek mill a symbol for thousands victimized by what he calls an abusive probation and parole system. sharp ton called on the judge to release meek mill or step aside from the case. >> you're really exposing a ruthlessness in the system. does she want to go down as the type of person that would do that? >> meek mill was sentenced to two to four years in prison for a probation violation. calling the sentence extreme. but the judge says the rapper ignored the rules of the probation. >> the atf is leading the investigation into the blaze. earlier this month. more than two dozen people your
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injured. crews spent hours digging through trash and debris to rescue a man stuck in a trash truck today. sky force 10 over the rescue operation in philadelphia section this morning. authorities say the man had been sleeping in a trash bin. when he got tossed into the truck. rescuers pulled him to safety. he was taken to the hospital. with a leg, hip and abdomen injury. >> homes along the delaware bay wiped off the map. in lawrence township today. heavy machinery went to work tearing down homes. 20 homes. sold to the state through a program. so far more than 500 properties have been taken down through the program. >> mote some of the newest members of the police force. tonight, throe officers and a sergeant were part of a swearing
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in. officials also honored police officer patrick. earlier this month he was shot in the leg during a struggle with an alleged murder suspect. official presented him with a coin and recognition of his sacrifice as a member of the force. >> senator al franken is embarrassed. ashammed and sorry. the minnesota democrat is responding to claims from many women akds accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> i have been trying to take responsibility. by apologizing. and by apoll joizing to the people i have let down. i'll work to regain their trust. >> four women have come forward to say he touched them inappropriately. he promised to corporate with an investigation. but not resigning.
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>> toomy was with a group of republican senators at the white house and the goal to get tax reform done by the end of the year. >> there's growing momentum for this. and i am confident we'll get this done soon. get it to the president's desk. and the president is eagerly looking forward to signing it. >> the house has passed its own tax plan. both chambers have to approve a compromise bill before it goes to the president's desk. >> hold onto your wallet. the holiday shopping season is full of great deals. there's one item that's costing you a lot more. >> that's coming up. plus. a near miss. why this new jersey officer was dodging danger on the highway. and the royal surprise. how prince harry's new fiancee is shaking things up in the british monarchy. >> we'll have a november warm up. it will be one to remember. followed by what could be a huge winter blast.
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i'll have the details straight ahead. ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪
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all eyes on indonesia tonight. a volcano threatening to erupt. spews thick smoke and ash. thousands were stranded for a second day after flights were cancelled is roads shut down. the last time this volcano erupted was 1963. 1,100 people were killed. >> here at home take a look at the video. a police officer quick reflexes may have saved his life. you saw him dive out of the way of a passing car. the township officer had stopped to help the driver who hit a deer. as he walked back to the cruiser and had to dive and roll out of the way of the a car. the driver was issued a citation. also tonight. cyber monday is almost over. it marks the end of a long weekend of holiday shopping. >> you'll need to take advantage
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of every deal you can. brandon hudson is live to explain why. prices at the gas pump could bust your budget this year. >> we have haven't seen gas prices this high since 2014. this weekend it forced people to think about whether they should drive around or burn gas. >> reporter: shoppers walked out of this best bay with tvs bags and boxes. the family walked out empty handed. they didn't spend much on deals. but have spent quite a bit at the gas pump since thursday. >> went to best buy. and went to another best buy. to try to find a deal. we have been out every day. >> we fill up as with speak. >> reporter: this year gas prices are the highest they have been in three years. take a look at this price per gallon in the tri state area. now they're about 30 to 40 cents more. even south jersey is close to
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the national average of $2.51. >> did you notice it at the pump? >> a little bit. it has gone up. luckily doint have to drive too much too much for work. >> reporter: hurricanes and hire consumer demand are two reasons. the lure of a good bargain looms larger. >> they sold out. >> where's the next play you're going? >> home. >> get this. with gas prices this high. it cost about 60 bucks to fill up the nbc10 truck. that's enough to get two x box games. a wall mount and sound bar. this cyber monday for 20 bucks more you could have gotten a 22 inch flat screen led tv. >> thanks so much. a local lawyer who works for
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president trump is giving us unsight into the white house. served nd the office of white house counsel for a year before leaving last week. his job was to focus on ethics and while he wasn't involved directly in the russia investigation he says he could see its effect on the prosecute's agenda. >> you only have so much time in the day. if you have to deal with the crowd noise. that certainly puts the white house staff in the position of not focusing on the things that are advancing the agenda. >> we asked him about the president's tweets. he said that's just part of working for president trump. >> it's official. millions of buzzing about the royal engagement of harry and american actress megaen markle. he got on one knee on a typical night at the couples cottage. she didn't even let him finish the proposal before saying yes. over and over again. she won't be your typical addition to the family.
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he's american. by-racial. three years older and divorced. the couple sat down for the first time since the engagement to talk about the magical night. >> it was so sweet. and natural. and very romantic. he got on one knee. >> of course. >> instant yes from you? >> yes. as a matter of fact i could barely let you finish proposing. >> i had the ring. and i was like can i give you the ring? >> the royal wedding is planned for the spring. >> the christmas spirit is alive and well in montgomery county. flipped the switch on the massive christmas tree. it's the 30th year the hospital is celebrated liging the big tree in front of the hospital. the tree lightings don't stop there. wednesday we'll light tree at rock feller center. festivities at 8:00 p.m.
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>> the winter fest tree lighting on friday night. if you can't make it in person you can watch it live on nbc10. starting at 7:00 p.m. >> we are days away from december. temperatures will climb close to 60 this week. >> tammie souza is here with the first alert. >> mild neighborhood forecast. >> it is going to be nice this week. if you like very warm temperatures. near 60 degrees. if you want the cold, hang on. i have that for you too. a beautiful clear night. we reached a high of 54. we should be at 51. no rain. high etc. wind gust 23 miles per hour. let's look around the neighborhood. generally in the 30s with the exception of many places in philadelphia. still in the 40s. out in burkes county, walnut port 33 degrees. cooling into the 30s tonight.
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new hope at 32. fort washington already down to 31. we're looking at 43. west brad ford township at 45. and oxford at 33. and now let's check out what's going on if philadelphia. 44 at the airport. fox chase coming in at 42. and 41 in park wood. you get the idea. it's not a frigid night but we're cooling off. with the clear skies. notice this big bubble of green. that's extremely warm air. we had 70s pushing way up into the central plains today. this is late november. 70s in the central plains. very unusual. that warmth is going to be headed our way. so right now we are going to hang onto the 40s tonight. and tomorrow we'll make it into the upper 50s. after that we are fwoing to be headed towards the 60s midweek. tomorrow morning you'll wake up somewhere in the midto low 60s with winds generally out of the
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north. a south wind tomorrow bouncing us into the upper 50s. maybe a new 60s around the area. wake up wednesday close to 40. wednesday afternoon is the afternoon that we should be pushing 60 across the area. on thursday we get a cool down. a front will be approaching. clouds by thursday afternoon maybe the low 50s. and thursday night a chance of much needed showers. quiet across the area. a few high thin clouds drift through towards dawn. we rain across the north. that is a front headed our way. very warm air ahead of the front. watch the time line. we're clear skies. tomorrow clear skies as we head through wednesday. it is now until thursday. look at this. watch the time line. we get into thursday the clouds move in. and it's thursday night that we see the potential. of rain showers headed our way. that is going to be late thursday night sdp early friday. 58 tomorrow. 60 wednesday 52 thursday. night rain earl le showers
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friday. 52 saturday. 52 sunday. we get all the way to the end of time zone and look at that. on the tenth day an extremely cold air will move in. we finish the second half of the month very winter. with the first possible snow on the way.
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headed to the super bowl. german town raiders are going to florida. for the pop warner national championship week. tonight the team held a watch party to see who they'll play. the teams are going varsity and jv. looking for its forty championship. they need to raise $30,000 in
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two weeks to get to florida. >> eagles are winning on the field and trying to make winners out of local charities off the field. up early this morning lending support at 20th annual camp out for hunger. the five day ent collects food. last year they collected 40,000 pounds of food and with the eagles record it year, i'm sure fans would do anything that players ask of them. >> so elated. >> not so much for the fliers these days. two goal lead tonight, what do you think happened? lebron james is in town. wait until you hear what he says about carson wentz. and ben simmons has something for his baby bro. that's next.
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big night here at the center. sixers welcoming lebron james and the cavs into town. ben simmons faces his mentor for the first time. saying he's a big brother to him. still winning. ringing the bell. end of the first half, lebron james at the bell. take a look at this. misses the three. gets the rebound and hits it from the corner. buzzer beater. cavs up eight at the break. more in the third. the pass from love. throws it down. sixers try to rally. 0 for 9 from three. three for 28. embiid 30 points and eleven rebound. ben simmons on the fast break. ten points 8 rebound. he left with a sprained ankle in the fourth. cavs too much. d wade blocks joel embiid. that leads to this. lebron james over joel.
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30 points for lebron james. cavs win 113-91. look at thomas with the iverson shirt. nice. lebron james is honored simmons loc lock looks up to him. >> i'm honored a young gifted kd like himself allows me to be a part of his life and mentor him. i'm honored by that. and will continue to do that as long as he'd like me to. it's about the cavs vs. 76ers. that's our mind set. >> king james has a spot reserved on the wentz way gone. listen. >> my favorite player is carson wentz. i said that earlier in the season. but i love the way he plays the game. the progression. throughout the course. and everything breaks down. outside the pocket he can pass. and get yards with his feet. just very smart player. >> the king loves some carson wentz. all right.
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fliers tonight employee another lead in pittsburg. take a look. they had a lead. you've heard this before. they blow a two gale lead for the fourth time. but just over one minute left in the third. ties it for the penguins. we have over time. guess who scores on the deflection? crosby. the fliers get a point. they lose 5-4. eight straight losses for the fliers. i'm at a loss. we're right back.
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thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no.
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maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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we're going to be looking at incredibly warm temperatures. i know 50s don't sound warm in july. right now late november pushing 60 degrees this is a gift from mother nature. mornings will be on the cool side. a front cools us down to seasonal temperatures thursday and friday. we are warm all the way through next week until next thursday. it looks like the global weather patterns will shift and we could get winter settling in for a couple weeks. >> thanks for joining us. have a great night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- martin short, gina rodriguez, musical guest spoon,


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