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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 24, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

7:00 am ] captioning funded by cbs good many morning. it is thursday, september 24th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." pageantry and politics. pope francis talks about immigration and climate change. the pope is the first pope in history to address a joint meeting of congress and we will bring it to you live. russian president vladimir putin tells charlie what he admires most about america. cbs news investigates why some students at trump university calls the billionaire's business a scam. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. on behalf of everyone present, most holy father,
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welcome, and thank you. >> the pope delivers prayer and politics. >> in a few hours, francis will be the first pope ever to address a joint meeting of congress. >> crews broke civil lines of people and she handed him a letter asking her to protect her parents undocumented workers from mexico. >> 310 people are dead after a major stampede in the holy city of mecca. i've had great relationships with the people at fox but i don't think they are treating me fairly. >> donald trump said in a tweet i won't be doing any more fox shows. >> trump is going after clinton. >> since 2008 she was the original birther! >> a neighborhood in maryland rocked by massive explosion, homes totally destroyed or badly damaged. >> like a big bomb was under me. whoa! >> president xi jinping promised to open chinese markets today. >> an intersection a driver recorded a small plane making an emergency landing.
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>> are you kidding me? >> all that. >> the copyright battle over happy birthday is over. you no longer have to celebrate my nephew's birthday by singing 1877 >> dolly llama says if his woman, has to be a distractor. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> some people. >> i'm human. >> you're not joking? >> on "cbs this morning." >> pope mania is overshadowing just about everything else. we have gone cuckoo for the pope. >> no, no, no, no! did you throw your panties at the pope? >> i'll have your pope, baby! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this
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tens of thousands of expected on the streets of washington for the second full day of the pope's historic visit to the united states. pope francis is spending one last morning in the city. the outpouring of emotion from people in washington has been, in a word, extraordinary. >> the pope will travel to new york city this afternoon, but his day begins with a speech at the u.s. capitol. chip reid is there to begin our coverage. chip, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. on wednesday, the leader of the world's 1.2 billion catholics identified himself as a child of immigrants and he confronted some controversial issues that are deeply embedded in american politics. >> reporter: the head of the roman catholic church pulled up to the people's house in that small fiat. francis, the 266th pope, only the third to visit the white house, was given an exhausted welcome. on the south lawn, 11,000
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ticketed guests watched, three words brought president obama to his feet. >> god bless america. >> reporter: his first major speech in english and 78-year-old did not mince words. >> as the son of immigrants, i'm happy to be a guest in this country, which was lastly built by family. >> reporter: he railed against environmental devastation. >> climate change is a problem. we cannot long be left to our future generation. >> reporter: the first latin american pontiff said he came to the united states in name of all americans. while waving from an open-air
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white house. security personnel brought some children to the pope, including sophie cruz, who wants her mexico-born parents to become american citizens. 280 bishops listened in st. matthews cathedral saying he would work to be sure that crimes were never repeated. 25,000 were on hand as the pope celebrated the first conferring of st. hood on u.s. soil at an outdoor mass. and during an unscheduled stop at their convent, one-by-one, nuns of the little sister of the poor kissed the hands of the holy father. the pope's visit to that convent is notable pause that convent is suing the president obama in the provision in the affordable care act. it's not known if the pope and
7:06 am
in the oval office because that private was meeting and off the record. norah o'donnell is also on capitol hill with a look at what to expect today. norah, good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: it is a glorious morning here and pope francis will be the first pope ever to address a joint meeting of congress. we are expecting as many as 15,000 people outside the capitol to hear the pope speak against in english which is not his native language. many will watch on the jumbotrons set up on national mall. he will arrive here 9:20 eastern time. he will go up on the west front of the capitol at 11:15 eastern the pope will visit catholic charities of the archdiocese of washington and dine with the poor and homeless people in d.c. at 4:00 this afternoon, he will leave nearby joint base andrews by plane and an hour later,
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he'll arrive at john f. kennedy airport in new york city. from there, the pope will go to st. patrick's cathedral in manhattan to hold evening prayers. right now he is waking up again here in washington and that is where jan crawford is this morning. jan, good morning. will we see the pope with people there again this morning j. >> reporter: you can bet. he is waking up again on another beautiful day here at the vatican embassey and head up to new york later this afternoon. the pope's focus has been those kids. as i said, difference groups of kids have greeted him every time he has come and gone from the vatican embassy this 17-year-old received a blessing from the hole father something as you can imagine he told us he'll
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the main characteristic of the day yesterday was joy. when do you ever have tens of thousands of people in washington, d.c. and they are all happy? norah? >> reporter: jan, that is a great point. thank you so much. like everything in washington the pope's statement are being put through a political filter. conservatives in congress need to be most concerned about what francis might say in his speech here today. nancy cordes is outside the capitol with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. even the speaker of the house john boehner who invited the pope to speak here said he was not given any advance notice on what the pope is going to say, but if yesterday is any indication, he is going to wade into some of the issues that no divide this place. on immigration, climate change, and aid to the poor, this pope's views lean decidedly to the left. he even lines up with democrats on a nuclear deal with iran.
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and so, like everything on capitol hill, the pope's address has taken on some political overtone. senator dan coach is a republican from indiana. is that going to be uncomfortable for republicans? >> i hope it has a spiritual content. i think we need that more than the political, but let's give him a chance to speak his heart. >> reporter: no one wants the speech to turn into a version of the state of the union where one party applauds and the other sits on his hands. there are issues like abortion and gay marriage that, for decades, have put democrats at odds with the church. but those are not the issues that animate pope francis. >> the pope believes in global warming. you do know that, right. >> reporter: his views are have even become a focus for gop candidates, six of whom are candidates. >> i don't get economic policy from my bishops or cardinals or my pope. >> i happen to disagree with the pope on this one.
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paul gosar will sit out today's speech because i don't need to be lectured by the pope about climate change but what if the pope comes with a lecture for both sides? >> he may tell them, get over your partisanship! sit down and talk to one another! at that point, the american people will jump up and applaud. >> reporter: nearly a third of congress is catholic so there is a lot of excitement about this speech on the right and the left. so much, that a letter has actually gone out to members of congress asking them to refrain from handshakes and conversations along and down the center aisle. leaders are worried that members will try to get as close to the pope as they can, perhaps get a blessing, or even a selfie as he walks to the podium. norah? >> reporter: i love that detail in that reporting. nancy, thank you so much. charlie and gayle, that is right. 31% of the lawmakers in congress are catholic. that is much larger than the jen
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catholic so he'll get quite a reception today. >> 166 members of the 535 members of the house and senate are roman catholic. they include speaker boehner and house minority leaders nancy pelosi. six of the nine supreme court justices are catholic and they include the following. john jaengsenkins is joining us. father, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> reporter: let me begin with this. you called and said that this has the possibility for the country of being a moment of grace. what did you mean? >> you know, i wish to communicate that. i wish i could communicate with your visitors the wonderful feeling that was present here in washington yesterday and is present today. a joyfulness, a spirit of celebration, a warmth, a sense of community.
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this city, but in the wider population there is a real warmth and a sense that this pope brings us altogether and calls us to something higher and if we could capture that, if we can embrace that, it's a real moment of transformation, i think, for us. i really believe that. >> do you that i is intentional on the part of the pope that is what he really wants to accomplish, a moment of grace or a spiritual awakening? >> i think that is absolutely what he wants to accomplish. he is a pastoral leader. he is the pope. he is not trying to be a politician. he is not trying to help this side or that side. he is trying to call us to something higher, to a moral plain that is higher and bring us together. absolutely that is what he is trying to accomplish. >> father, is there anything in particular that you are hoping to hear him say and what does this mean to you personally to be there today? >> well, i think one of the things i think many of us are discouraged by is acrimony in
7:13 am
the political life and discussion of our country. i believe the pope is a figure of moral and spiritual figure that can draw us out of that, those divisions and that acrimony to really something higher. we, in america, are great when we are our best selves, our most noble selves. what i think the pope can do is to call us to that. for me personally, it is a call to me to be a better pastor, a better person, whenever i see the pope, i walk away committed to do a better job, and i hope we, as a nation, can walk away with that same feeling. >> he does not fail to make his point, even this fthey are political. he visited, as you know, the little sisters of the poor, a sign of support for their fight against the federal government and obamacare? >> he does. i think he is clear about his views, but they come from a place of a kind of moral and
7:14 am
i don't think he is trying to tip it this way or that way on narrow political issues. his agenda is even more radical and more ambitious. >> thank you for being with us. a special report on the pope's address to congress. that will start around 10:00 eastern. we are following breaking news in saudi arabia where at least 310 people died today in a stampede at the annual pilgrimage. 450 others were hurt outside the muslim holy city of mecca. 200 million faithful around the year are tag part in this year's pilgrimage and it began on tuesday and the stampede is the worst disaster at the haj since 2006. putin addressed the general assembly on monday for the first time in more than a decade. this morning, the kremlin said it is too early to say whether he will meet president obama. we looked at what putin thinks of america and how the world
7:15 am
that took place just days ago outside moscow. here is a preview of sunday's report for "60 minutes." >> you are much talked about in america. there is much conversation, more so than -- >> translator: maybe they have nothing in america to do but talk about me. >> no, no, no. or maybe they are curious people or maybe you're an interesting character. maybe that is what it is. as you know, some have called you bizarre. >> translator: so what? you know, people call me different names. >> reporter: does the name fit? >> translator: no, it does not fit me. it's not important how i'm called. these are well-wishers, friends or political opponents. it's important what you think about you, what you must do for the interest of the country which has entrusted you with the
7:16 am
state. >> reporter: are you curious about america? more than simply another nation that you have to deal with? >> translator: of course, we are curious about what is going on. america exerts enormous influence on the situation in the world as a whole. >> reporter: what do you admire most about america? >> translator: i like the creativity. >> reporter: creativity? >> translator: creativity when it comes to your tackling problems. their openness. openness and open-mindedness, because it allows them to un unleash the interpotential of their people and, thanks to that, america has attained such amazing results in developing their country. >> you can see our interview with the president on the season premiere of "60 minutes." that is sunday here on cbs. >> interesting answer
7:17 am
creativity. does that surprise you? >> no, it's not that he feels that because i think a lot of people admire that about america and one of the things they hope to emulate. >> interesting to see the dynamic between the two of you. i will be watching on sunday. new poll numbers show that donald trump is still in the lead among the republican candidates but down three points since last month. ben carson in second at 17% and followed by carly fiorina and jeb bush and marco rubio. donald trump is boycotting fox news now because he says he is not being treated fairly there. he cancelled his appearance tonight. major garrett is in washington. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. certainly not an average day on the campaign trail. donald trump threatens to boycott fox news and fox, in turn, called trump stale and boring and hillary clinton denied setting in motion the so-called birther allegations questioning president obama's religion and american roots. >> i've had great relationships with the people at fox, but i
7:18 am
haven't thought that they are treating me fairly. >> reporter: early wednesday, fox cancelled a taped trump appearance on the o'reilly factor saying he is banning fox for the foreseeable future. fox said trump engages in personal attacks on our anchors and hosts, which has grown stale and tiresome. he doesn't seem to grasp that candidates telling journalists what to ask is not how the media works in this country. trump also accused hillary clinton of questioning then senator barack obama's religion and citizenship during the hard-fought 2008 campaign. >> he was the original birther! she is the one that started that whole thing! hillary clinton is a birther! >> reporter: in 2007 mark penn wrote senator obama was unelectable because he lacked american roots and was not fundamentally american in his thinking and values. >> thank you so much! >> reporter: clinton never
7:19 am
but campaign allies did. here is what she told "60 minutes." >> you don't believe that he is -- >> no, no, i realize -- no there is nothing to base that on. as far as i know. >> reporter: clinton faced the so-called birther question on on the tom joyner radio show. >> this is such a bad example of what's wrong with, you know, instantaneous reactions and americans getting all worked up and people feeding prejudice and paranoia like donald trump. >> reporter: questions about obama's biography did circulate among democrats during that 2008 and eventually died down. the birther controversy was by -- amplification by none other than donald trump. >> thank you very much, major. donald trump is feeling some heat off the campaign trail too.
7:20 am
suing the presidential candidate. ahead, our investigation into trump university and what he i sun out there. gorgeous conditions on this thursday morning. 64 and clear and winds are calm and relative humidity is at 70%. around the area today, upper 70s and low 80s. an autumn winner, i know we need the rain but i tell you what, no rain today. no rain tomorrow. no rain saturday. there's hope late sunday into monday where we could see a passing shower.
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good morning, sit 7:26 on this thursday, september 24th. great weather on tap for the pope's visit to new york city. good morning, i'm chris wragge. john elliott will have your full forecast coming up in just a moment. but according to the papal clock we are nine hours and 33 minutes to the poppas i rival. but -- pope's arrival. but first there will be unprecedented security protecting pope francis, he arrives at the airport at 5:00 p.m. the pontiff will then head to st. patrick's cathedral for a prayer service at 6:45 tonight. now if you have your tickets for pope francis' procession through central park. here are some of the things you cannot bring with you -- and all will be confiscated. we will have much more coverage on the pope's visit throughout the day and at as soon as the pope arrives we'll be lye every step of the
7:27 am
way from the time he arrives to his mass tomorrow at madison square garden. in other news this morning, new information on monday's murder of a green taxi driver in the bronx. police have arrested 24-year- old nicholas sanchez. he's being charged with murder and attempted robbery. police responded to a 911 monday morning found driver mamadou barry unconscious with a gunshot wound to his head. he was later pronounced dead. let's get over to john elliott right now and get your forecast on this day. john? >> thank you chris, good morning everyone. 64 in the city right now and cooler readings so forth and west. why? clear skies, high pressure in control again today. blocking low to the south and we're waiting for this front. i tell you it's going to be a long wait. we do need the rain but none today. it's going to feel like summer on this first full day of fall. and as the pope arrives this afternoon, a few more clouds than we saw yesterday afternoon. that will be the case into your friday and should be nice for the events planned in and around the city tomorrow. and then we are watching for some clouds friday night. if you've got plans friday night, saturday, stays quiet.
7:28 am
it's still okay with a high blocking the wet weather to the south. we're hoping and praying for a little rain. could see a passing shower late sunday into early monday. okay john thanks so much. i'm chris wragge, we're back with another local update in about 25 minutes. "cbs this morning" returns in
7:29 am
pope francis is now on american soil. folks, i could not -- i as a catholic, i could not be more humbly excited. yea! men. >> the pope said at a mass today canonizing an american saint. canonizing an american saint. that is pretty cool, i thought. very cool. yeah. so congratulations to st. okra. >> that's good. that's really good. i like stephen colbert, yea-men. nicely done. a ring to it. vinita nair is joining us in new york. norah o'donnell is leading our coverage of today's big event in washington. norah? >> reporter: it's an exciting morning here in washington.
7:30 am
going to look at some of the powerful moments of the pope's visit so far. they include a 5-year-old girl who bypassed security to deliver the pope a handwritten message about immigration. we will tell you her story, plus continuing coverage of the historic visit is coming up. also ahead this morning, did trump university fail to do its job? what our investigation reveals about some of the instructors and how far they may have pushed students to spend money. time to show of some of this morning's headlines. "wall street journal" reports on china's willingness to work with the united states over market access and intellectual property. president xi jinping held a series of meeting with business executives yesterday during his trip to washington state and they included facebook mark zuckerberg and apple tim cook and jeff bezos of amazon. two teenagers who knocked
7:31 am
the investigation continues. john jay high school assistant coach and two students were sentence to do an alternative school. the assistant coach said he admitted he told the team to do it for revenge after the ref allegedly used racist language and the ref denies that. >> that video was everywhere for a while, wasn't it? los angeles times shows us recently video of a plane landing on a busy road in irvine last week. the dash cam video from a nearby car emerged. the piper cherokee aircraft made an emergency landing when its engine failed. no one was hurt. "time" revealed where the presidential debates take place next year. first is at rice university in dayton, ohio, on september 26th of next year. two other presidential debates later in october. the vice president debate will be at longwood university in virginia. wednesday at a teach in south carolina, donald trump
7:32 am
it's been the subject of increased excrete knee ever since donald trump was sued in 2013 saying the school was a scam. >> think of it. 98% of the students have signed a document saying they love the school. and now this guy brings a lawsuit and i say, how can i settle when everybody loves it? how can i do that? >> 6700 students signed contracts with trump university, while a number of students said they were satisfied with the value of their trump university investment. 150 of them filed affidavits with an attorney general and two class action lawsuits were filed by students demanding their money back. those lawsuits are still ongoing. last week, a judge decertified part of one class action relating to trump university handing donald trump a partial victory there. during a three-month investigation, cbs news reached out to dozens of former students and reviewed hundreds of comments about the program.
7:33 am
julianna goldman is in washington with our investigation. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump has become the republican front-runner in part because of his reputation as a top businessman who gets things done, but that has also brought unresolved lawsuits and several related to trump university which even his own lawyer acknowledges could extend into a potential trump administration. >> particularly, what i was really looking for what guidance in how to finance real estate transactions. >> reporter: in 2010 former new york city transit worker gary smith was unemployed and said he was desperate to make money and saw an ad to trump university and turned to a known brand. >> i thought he was, like, top-notch guru of sorts, you know? >> reporter: so he was a big draw for you? >> yeah, definitely. >> reporter: smith spent more than $35,000 on trump university and he contacted the attorney general of new york after he heard about his 40 million dollar lawsuit against trump, claiming the billionaire
7:34 am
defrauded students and made an estimated $5 million. >> i didn't want to put my name on anything having to do with education unless it was going to be the best. >> reporter: trump university began in 2004. in 2007 it started offering live event around the country. >> if you don't learn from the people we are putting forward and these are all hand-picked by me. >> reporter: cbs news found three instructors had previously filed for bankruptcy and one was motivational speakers paid on commission to sell additional trump training. cbs news verified at least 17 affidavits specifically mentioned hair list who was hired in 2008 and thousands returned a 1500 seminar around the country the company's main revenue source was 35,000 mentorship called the trump gold elite package. smith and other former students told cbs news instructors urged
7:35 am
them to increase the credit limit on their credit cards for investing and to fund their training. one former student's affidavits reads when people said they did not have enough money to pay for the trump elite programs, mr. harris suggested using the newly increased credit card limit. >> it certainly wasn't something that was encouraged or something that was implemented across the board. >> reporter: allen garden is trump's attorney. >> unfortunately, i think with any business you're going to get some students who aren't satisfied. >> reporter: former student gary smith said he was told he would get support from real estate mentors but said they didn't deliver. smith concedes he gave positive reviews to two mentors and writing here i'm very optimistic that i will be a very successful future. gains? >> i didn't get any financial gain. this point. >> people have to take responsibility for themselves and, you know, use the tools and move forward. as far as just simply, oh, mr. trump is rich and should refund
7:36 am
everyone money, trump university was not a charitable institution. >> reporter: an internal 2010 memo shows trump acknowledged the tremp mentor program was too difficult for the company to fulfill and expectations are not always realistically set or consistently met. the school stopped accepting students and began winding down in the summer of 2010. >> at trump university, we teach success. >> reporter: trump's attorney cites survey showing 98% satisfaction rate, but court documents indicate that of the 6,700 students who signed up for the three-day seminar or more, almost 40% received a refund and garden says that no number is no way indicative of student dissatisfaction and says it demonstrates trump university's generous refund policy. >> we provided students with valuable resources, with online instruction, with in-person training, mentoring and seminars, substantive curriculum, and that the vast majority of students, almost all of the students, got their money's worth and were satisfied. >> reporter: smith says the pitch that drew him to trump
7:37 am
university isn't so different from the republican front-runner's presidential campaign. >> behind that veneer to me says like somebody that probably could care less for, you know, the average person and, you know, people that, you know, he's dealing with in general. i think it's all about him. >> reporter: in that speech yesterday, trump said that he had intended to give the profits from trump university to charity. now a few students we spoke with said the program was worthwhile. one man in new jersey, who did not want to be named, said the $35,000 he paid got him the hands-on knowledge he needed to start his own real estate business. >> thank you. it is not like anything you'll find at your local bank. this is to protect the world's food supply. ahead what is forcing the first withdrawal. if you're heading off to work set your drvervr so you can watch "cbs this morning" at any
7:38 am
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there are many casualties of the four-year civil war in syria. hundreds of thousands of people have been killed. millions are displaced. antiquities have been destroyed by isis but the survival of one thing has been safe-guarded. elizabeth palmer is in london how a vault is helping keep crops alive in the middle east. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. this story starts in the city of aleppo. a research center has been developing crops especially grain for dry land farming. but fighting in and around aleppo some of the fooersiercest threaten the feed.
7:42 am
vault deep inside a freedszes vault in norway. this is the vault's founder. >> the center for the agriculture had taken the precaution of duplicating their feed collection and placing a duplicate copy in a vault near the north pole for safe keeping just for a circumstance like this. >> reporter: the vault located above the arctic circle was built to withstand an earthquake or even a nuclear strike. its designed is the ultimate archive of plant biodiversity and this is where the syrian seeds were stored and protected. it's just reopened in neighboring neighboring neighboring lebanon and they asked to have their precious seeds back. absolutely, said doctor fowler.
7:43 am
be a fairly easy enterprise. we will book some tickets for them on the airplane and we will track it all along the way and it will go back to the owner. >> reporter: now that this vault has shown how essential it can be in an emergency, the plan is to grow a duplicate set of those syrian seeds for good. a hero's welcome at a high school for two. super bowl mvp. ahead see the golden return of peyton and eli manning. norah reveals how the well, thank you vinita. 2-2. we have great weather for the pope later today and some nice football weather later tonight. i'm just saying the weather is going to be nice for both. 81 for your high this afternoon
7:44 am
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you can see people from all over the world are, again, filling the nation's capital today to see pope francis. francis spent much of wednesday greeting well-wishers and he is living up to his reputation as the people's pope by showing his ability to connect with people from every kind of background. >> reporter: this moment during wednesday's parade said it all. 5-year-old sophie cruz daughter of undocumented immigrants broke through the parade security to hand the pope a letter. despite heavy security detail, the people's pope stopped throughout the day to greet the thousands who lined the streets, churches, and white house lawn to see him. shaking hands, snapping selfies,
7:49 am
kissing babies, and pausing to bless children with special needs. at one point, pope francis asked a fellow jesuit to pray for him. >> i will. i will. >> reporter: the crowd included tailgating nuns and actress eva longoria who instagramed a picture of her and her sister waiting for the 78-year-old pontiff to speak at the white house. first dogs bo and sunny got their photo taken with the pope. this picture was taken in the blue room of the white house. you can see the pope likes dogs too. even though people got to see him only a second you can forget it's a memory they will never forget. people are lining up a at 4:00 this morning to get a glimpse of the pope and hoping the pope will greet them personally. nanosecond, people are happy. the pope's speech to congress is a hottest ticket in town. we will hear from some of the people who were lucky enough to get one.
7:50 am
that's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> if you wanted to see the pope during his visit, best of luck to you. he is appearing in central park on friday. but tickets ran out so quickly, they are now being skapcalped up to $1500. that is a lot of money to see somebody who can't play the guitar. with the pain and swelling of my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently by targeting a source of ra early in the inflammation process. for many, orencia provides long-term relief of ra symptoms. it's helped new ra patients
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good morning, it's 7:56 on this thursday, september 24th. a picture-perfect day for the pope's trip to new york city. i'm chris wragge. john elliott is going to have your full forecast coming up in just a moment. but first, according to our papal clock we are t-minus 9 hours and 3 minutes until the pope's arrival in new york city. can't wait. security protecting pope francis inside st. patrick's cathedral the nypd did a sweep. even checking possible vulnerabilities at the altar and commissioner bratton touring the city's venues and pope francis will be visiting to ensure adequate security measures are in place. a prayer service with the on the pitch at the time to -- pontiff set to get underway at 6:45 tonight after the 5:00 p.m. arrival. transportation officials are bracing for major gridlock. the lirr is adding trains during off peak hours today and tomorrow. and metro-north is alerting its schedule for tomorrow.
7:55 am
altering i should say. in manhattan, subways are recommended over buses because of street closures and you can find more information on all the street closures on there are plenty of them. so check it out. we'll have much more coverage on the pope's visit throughout the day and as soon as the pope arrives we'll be live every step of the way. now over to john elliott for the forecast on this day. john? >> well, i tell you what. we have a beautiful almost heavenly skies right now and halo effect in full effect. blue skies and 64 in the city. winds are calm and relative humidity is at 70%. numbers around the area, hanging on to a few readings in the 40s. parts of sullivan ulster, orange sussex county, of 2 though in -- 6 # though in northville. we have 50 for the jersey shore, watch out for marine advisories as well. moderate rip current risk for the south facing beaches of long island. another summer-like day courtesy of a big ridge of high pressure.
7:56 am
arrival of the pope today around 5:00. 76. 73 tonight. and then tomorrow, it's a little cooler but even afternoon events will be in the mid 70s. chris? okay john thanks so much. we're back with another local update in about 25 minutes. "cbs this morning" returns in
7:57 am
i'm chris wragge. tt2watx# gd p bt@qd(\ tt2watx# gd p "a@qt$8 tt2watx# gd p bm@q_/4 tt4watx# gd r dztq 1e4 tt4watx# gd r entq aat tt4watx# gd r gzt& xf, tt4watx# gd r hnt& hh@ tt4watx# gd r iz it is thursday, september 24th, 2015. morning." more real news ahead, including the pope's final hours in washington. we will go back to chill where francis will soon speak to congress. but, first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. pope francis is going to become the first pope ever to address a joint meeting of congress. >> if yesterday was any indication, he is going to wade into some of the issues that most divide this place. he's not trying to be a he is not trying to help this side or that side. he is trying to call us to something higher. when do you ever have tens of thousands of people in washington, d.c. and they are all happy? >> certainly not an average day on the campaign trail.
7:58 am
boycott fox news and fox, in turn, called trump stale and boring. some have called you bizarre. >> translator: so what? you know, people call me different names. recently posted video of a small plane landing on a busy road. it happened last week in irvine. >> are you kidding me? >> the first official day of fall and, yet, some people still insist on wearing white! you're embarrassing yourself! i'm charlie rose with gayle king and vinita nair. norah o'donnell is on capitol hill where the pope will arrive in over an hour on capitol hill. he is the first pope to address a joint meeting of congress. thousands of people are already gathering around the capitol waiting for the moment of his arrival. >> we saw the same excitement on wednesday.
7:59 am
school children gathered at the residence where the pope stays overnight. people lined constitution avenue outside the white house and filled the seats at an outdoor mass. we saw francis shake hands and kiss and touch as many people as he could. >> norah o'donnell is feeling the excitement firsthand down in washington. she is in the middle of it all. norah, good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. i am on the east front of the capitol and that excitement is just as high today as you can see all around me. there is security and crowds already gathered on the west front up of the capitol. in fact, up to 50,000 people are expected to hear and watch the pope's address in english. on big screen tvs are set up along the washington mall. then after his speech, the pope plans a brief appearance from the speaker's balcony where he'll get a good glimpse of all of washington. around 11:15 eastern time francis will visit st. patrick's church and the archdiocese of washington and serve lunch to
8:00 am
the poor and homeless there that are served by that facility. then this afternoon, he heads to new york where he will say evening prayers at st. patrick's cathedral. can you see it's a busy day again for the pope! now we know that the pope' visit to the capitol is being called the hottest ticket in washington and members of congress are each allowed to bring one guest to the house chamber to see the pope speak. lawmakers are using lotteries, they have been looking essay contests or family ties to the side. who gets to go? i feel like it's the golden ticket on willie wonka. chipped chip reid has more. >> reporter: the people started arriving here at about 5:00 a.m. when the gates open and they are still flowing in. there are 50,000 lucky people who have tickets to watch the speech on those big jumbotrons you see behind me from right here on the capitol lawn but there is a much smaller and much luckier group who actually have
8:01 am
for them, they will get to see history in person as it's being made. >> maureen, here is your ticket. >> thank you, dear! >> reporter: five-term vermont congressman peter welch said his sister maureen was the first to know about the pope's historic visit. >> i didn't know the pope was coming. i didn't think president obama knew the pope was coming, but maureen knew the pope was coming. >> reporter: so when maureen asked for the ticket, there wasn't much of an argument. >> i immediately sent a note to peter and not only didn't ask him, i said, "i want that ticket! ." >> reporter: to see a man whose persona is more popular than pastoral, tickets to the pope's congressional address has become a hot commodity among lawmakers. after some debate, california congresswoman mimi waurltslters, a devout catholic, gave her ticket
8:02 am
to her daughter. >> she called me first and say i go to church every sunday so can ticket? i said of course. >> i feel like a scalper at a taylor swift concert. >> reporter: she said it was reason enough to give her he ticket to a 22-year-old staffer. were you surprised when you asked and she said yes? >> yes, i was. i was very surprised. >> he sets the right message for young people that a 22-year-old would be interested in sitting through the address of the pope. >> reporter: outside the gallery, the pope's address is expected to draw a crowd similar to a presidential inauguration. >> this area will be filled with people who have come to see the pope. >> reporter: former senate historian don ritchie says this fan fare is unusual for a joint meeting in congress, an occasion usually reserved to receive foreign dignitaryies but the pope's role of religious leader and head of state makes it an
8:03 am
is it fair to call it a ticket frenzy? >> i think so. it's it's like a hot rock star coming to town and everybody wants to be at the concert. >> reporter: norah, here is a fascinating factoid. this is the first pope to address a joint meeting of congress but he is the second religious leader. the first was queen elizabeth in 1991 because she is attacktechnically the head of the church of new england. >> look at you, chip, with all of those facts! i bet everybody is excited who has one of those tickets today. if not, watch it here on cbs because we are going to bring you a cbs news special report on the pope's address to congress. live coverage of his speech begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern, 9:00 central. let's go back to the studio 57 and charlie and gayle. >> vladimir putin will be in new york next week to address the united nations. this will be his physician speech at the general assembly
8:04 am
i talked to him in moscow. he opened up about the united states and here is a prueview of sunday's report. what do you admire most about america? >> translator: i like the creativity. >> reporter: creativity? >> creativity when it comks toes to your tackling problems. their openness and open mindedness because it allows them to unleash the interpotential of their people and thanks to that, america has attained such amazing results in developing their country. >> reporter: putin invited me to have tea after our conversation. our talk continued and tea turned into dinner. there he is sitting there and the food september coming in. i've interviewed lots of heads of state but this is the first time -- >> how did he say would you like to stay for tea? they say you have this much time
8:05 am
>> was he markedly different at dinner than the interview? >> no. in fact, he said we could talk about what he had talked about at dinner. they only allowed the cameras in about 45 minutes to get the shot. >> jackets are off. >> jeff beggar was there in 49 seconds and andy was there and a translator was there and one of his assistants was there. >> i rarely hear a president respond from a question to "so what?" >> you can see the entire interview on "60 minutes" on cbs. ahead, actress anne hathaway and director nancy myers will be here in studio 57. i just saw them back in the green room so they are coming
8:06 am
see how women are changing roles super bowl mvps peyton manning and eli manning grew up watching their dad play nfl football. >> who is your favorite football player? >> my dad. >> your dad is your favorite football player too? are you going to be a football player when you grow up? >> uh-huh. >> how cute is that? up next a visit to the high school that produced two of football's greatest quarterbacks. that is ahead on "cbs this morning." i love yoplait greek 100 whips. the texture's quite nice. it's like...a little fluffy cloud in my mouth. fluffy, fluffy cloud. mmmm, yoplait. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day.
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in our "eye on money" series protecting your family's finances. this is life insurance awareness month. more than 70 million americans need extra life insurance for their economic security. only 60% of adults have coverage. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here to show us how to get start. i feel like nobody wants to talk but life insurance like it's a depressing topic. >> it is because we are contemplating our own death but if smn someone is relying on your income, your stream of income, you really have to be thinking about protecting that. so who needs life insurance? it's the people who say i've got
8:10 am
kids who i might be saving for college, and also think about this. if you're the primary wage earner and you're putting away for retirement you have to get enough coverage to cover your survivor's retirement so these are important pieces of your financial puzzle. >> how much is enough? >> great question. there are calculators and rules of thumb. the rule of thumb eight to ten times your annual salary. >> you know what? it's so much easier now to figure out what you need. you can go to life an easy to use calculator and it plugs in here is my income and what i want to save for college and this is what i have saved already. what is important to know not everyone needs life insurance. maybe you got a boat-load of money saved. you don't -- your death would result in no one suffering. maybe you don't need life insurance. but many people do and we want to encourage them to get that coverage. >> what is the age bracket you're talking about? i know you mentioned dependents and survivors but is there a certain age you say this is
8:11 am
thinking about? >> i think it depends on your circumstance. sure if you're a young parent then you got a survivor all of a sudden you never had before. let's say you were a working couple and both of you were putting money away and maybe one of you were to die the other wouldn't suffer financially. maybe you don't need it. now you have kids, you probably need it. the other group on to consider is for estate planning. i know it's a very small number of americans but, you know, we have an estate tax levy at the federal and the state level and some people who are purchasing life insurance to cover their needs. that is very important, especially in states with low levels of exclusions. >> short answer, is there a kind of insurance? >> term insurance is good when you're young and you're healthy. permanent insurance is good if you need it for rest of your life for estate purposes. check it out. talk to somebody. and be sure to run the numbers. >> that is a short answer. thank you, jill! thank you very much! the football dynasty that does not forget its roots. we are going to follow the manning brothers home to new orleans. they are celebrating their high
8:12 am
school with a golden tribute. that is ahead on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by voya
8:13 am
retirement. this morning, we continue
8:14 am
a program celebrates the road to super bowl 50 by going to high schools. one school in new orleans launched two super bowl mvps, brothers peyton and eli manning and they recently surprised their alma mater and brought commemorative golden footballs. they have captured three super bowl rings. james brown with "nfl today" taus to talks to where another manning is a part of the gridiron legacy. >> reporter: the roots of the manning family tree runs deep in new orleans. archie manic planted the seeds when he starred for the saints in the '70s. who is your football player? >> my dad. >> your dad is your favorite football player too? you're on the right track. you going to be a football player when you grow up? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: his sons peyton and eli carried on the manning legacy in the crescent city. >> when it comes to newman
8:15 am
comes to your mind is the manning's. two brothers have come through our system and gone to the pinnacle so many times. >> the colts are world champions. >> they are the heroes of this community and i think the city of new orleans. >> the giants have finished off the patriots in the super bowl for the second time in four years. >> reporter: for the manning's, family and newman football go hand in hand. >> i grew up coming to newman football games and friday nights were exciting. i was in fifth grade and sixth grade and peyton was a sophomore and starting quarterback and i was the starting receiver. >> cooper was a huge influence on me. he was my hero. i think i completed, like, 120 passes and i threw 90 of them to my brother. >> reporter: cooper's football career ended abruptly in college, which prompted a uniform change for peyton. >> i changed jersey numbers from 14 to 18 really as a tribute to him. he told me he wanted to kind of live his dream of playing football through me and, of
8:16 am
ourse, eli as well. >> reporter: recently, the manning's returned to where they made number 18 legendary. with their former mentors in tow. >> playing on the grelreal grass. >> we come back here a couple times a year and it's place to come back to your roots. >> this place looks great. >> how many pictures do you have? >> we have every single picture you have taken. everybody has one picture, you have four! >> reporter: every day begins the same for the newman football team. in the weight room. this day is a little different. >> come o lower. set, set, set, set. >> always feels good. >> thank you. good. >> this is a real humbling feeling when you see both of them walk in. >> come here real quick! >> reporter: they wanted to come in and just talk to the players and talk about what newman football to them and something i'll never forget. >> appreciate you guys up this morning working hard. we spent a lot of time out on that football field to help
8:17 am
i want to present my golden football to you, nelson. hopefully, you can find a place for it in the trophy case over there. >> it's great coming back in here and seeing y'all grinding away and great reminder to see what kids love to do, playing football and file the same way every day. i'm honored to give you my golden football as well. >> thank you. >> the manning's embody i think the best of what newman has to offer. >> thank you, guys. >> see you guys. >> see you guys. good luck. >> you get handed that gold football and you show it to your players and a constant reminder we have produced two of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game. i don't think it gets any better than that. >> our thanks to james brown. eli manning and the giants host the redskins tonight on "thursday night football"!
8:18 am
central right here on cbs. good morning, it's 8:25 on this thursday morning, great weatherren tap for the pope's visit to new york city. i'm chris wragge. according to our papal clock we are t-minus 8 hours and 34 minutes until the pope's arrival here in new york city. there will be an unprecedented security protecting pope francis inside st. patrick's cathedral. the nypd did a sweep even checking possible vulnerabilities at the altar. commissioner bratton touring all city venues, pope francis will be visiting. to ensure adequate security measures are in place. a prayer service with the 6:45 tonight. he arrives at jfk at 5:00. transportation officials gridlock today. the port authority of new york and new jersey have gone so far as to recommend that people who on friday. in manhattan, subways are dreamed over buses because of the street closures and new jersey transit adding bus and train service on inbound routes
8:19 am
tomorrow. path will be provided additional trains on friday on its journal square to 33rd street and hoboken to 33rd street lines. you can find information on all the street closures and all the details at cbs2 will of course have complete live coverage of pope city. we'll have live coverage every step of the way from the time headdresses the u. n -- he addressed the u. n. to his mass at madison square garden tomorrow ask of course tonight when he lands at jfk and the services at st. patrick's cathedral. in other news, new information on monday's murder of a green taxi driver in the bronx. police have arrested 24-year- old nicholas sanchez, and attempted robbery and murder. police respond ld added to a 911 call early monday morning found driver mamadou barry unconscious. he was later pronounced dead. let's switch gears and talk a little weather right now, for that over to john elliott. john? >> thank you chris. good morning everybody, very pretty skies over the city. once again, we're starting with sunny skies and 64 the current reading in the park and winds
8:20 am
are calm and relative humidity is at 70%. around the area hanging on to the 40s though. still into parts of sussex and orange and sullivan county. 50 in gillette though. 81 in the city today. almost ten degrees above normal. above normal? that's kind of the hallmark of the month. right now, as it stands, september is the warmest september that we've seen. i mean, handily beating 1961 and we're going to see more warm days and numbers staying above normal into the weekend. nice and dry right now. in. it's going to be a quiet day today. with a high of 81 in the city. upper 70s and low 80s around the area. john thanks so much. i'm chris wragge, we're back with another local update in about 25 minutes.
8:21 am
just a moment. tt2watx# gd p bt@m0s( tt2watx# gd how long did it take you to make that? it looks like a pretty complicated thing. >> 20 minutes. >> was it a little cool to be arrested? >> it was -- it was kind of cool. >> i was not expecting that answer at all! nice job. that a was larry wilmore with a teenager's alarm clock that sparked a bomb scare. he is still wearing that nasa t-shirt. like that too. welcome back. coming up in this half hour, anne hathaway, and director nancy meyers, there they are.
8:22 am
the girls in our studio 57. their new movie "the intern" puts a new spin on workplace comedy. they will show us how hollywood is growing up and how far it still needs to go. our guy jim nantz is ready to talk some football and he is standing by with a preview of "thursday night football" airing tonight on cbs. right now it's time to show of this morning's headlines around the globe. dalai lama says if a woman attractive. >> so you can only have a female dolly llama if they are saying? you can't have -- >> female come, then female. >> will be attractive? >> must be. >> must snb. >> you're joking, i'm assuming? you're not joking? >> huh? >> you're joking! you're joking? >> you can tell the reporter was completely caught off-guard.
8:23 am
in the past dalai lama has called himself a feminine. the "atlanta journal-constitution." a television anchor in north carolina posted this video to facebook and recommended a black intern at the station should straighten her hair for the sake of her career. that sparked a big old conversation on social media. and the anchor encouraged that discussion. a critic outside the station called the intern's natural curls distracting. britain's "guardian" reports on an american paraplegic who walked again with the power of his own brain. doctors monitored his brennan waves and sent them wirelessly to a computer that determines what the man was trying to do. then it sends an electrical impulse into electrodes installed in his knees that caused muscles to cause him to move his legs. >> that is amazing. i'm still stuck on the hair story. they call it distracting but i
8:24 am
call it gorgeous. "the intern" packed academy award winners anne hathaway and robert de niro. and the director is nancy meyers. >> sure, private benjamin, sir! >> you can see that is the funny thing. i can't have a baby because i have a 12:30 luj meeting! >>. [ screaming ] >>. [ speaking in foreign language ] pleasure. i assume you'll be wearing a black tuxedo? >> it is a black tux deowe. >> how are you doing? >> what are you doing? >> exfoliating? >> i have an intruder in my house. >> i'm dating your daughter! she invited me here for the weekend. she is in her room right now changing. >> [ screaming ]
8:25 am
>> oh, and, gee, i thought he would never leave! >> i am having an affair! [ screaming ] >> that is genius. >> genius is the word. meyer's newest leading lady is the lovely anne hathaway. in "the intern owe owe she plays the founder of a fashion start-up and juggles a young staff and now she has her very own senior intern. >> don't you feel like you have to dress up? we are super kcasual here. >> i'm comfortable in a suit, if it's okay. >> no, fine. >> at least i'll stand out. >> i don't think you need to do that. >> well, i think we did it necessary nless than two minutes. i'll wait to hear from you.
8:26 am
>> it doesn't matter. open, actually. >> look forward to it. >> anne hathaway and nancy meyer. hello! i love this movie. a funny thing he said we did it in two minutes. he has an appointment to see your character and says, jules, be prompt because it's over at 4:00 meaning you have five minutes for that interview. your movies focus on relationships and this is not a typical boy/girl love story. when you think of intern you don't think of robert dahe niro. >> i thought it would be funny to have -- would you like to be an intern anywhere? >> yes, for her! >> for her! >> very bored. >> there is something about retired, a retired person who
8:27 am
imagine is going to happen to me and maybe going back into something brand new, start-up. >> you focus on so many people don't focus on what -- they think old people can't do as opposed to focusing on what they can do. >> they are not older so when you're older, you think what -- you still feel the same. >> it's true. >> as we saw when we were looking back at some of your work, i think you're the woman people look to for these wonderful stories about relationships and we still feel that in "the intern." what was the impetus for this particular movie and a what drew you to the role of jules? i heard you say you related to her, especially about having so many public moments in the spotlight? >> yes. do you want to answer for her? >> well, i've written, you know, sort of my share of romantic movies and i just -- >> true statement. >> yes, true statement. and, you know, i just wanted to write something else completely different but, you know, i was always going to stay in the world of people and relationships.
8:28 am
so a friendship movie -- i have great friends, great friends, and a new friendship so you see me like you would in a romantic comedy but it's never romantic. >> the story is always the point, the script and the story? >> yes. and for me, the characters are the story. >> here you have nicholson and >> i like movie stars because they are the best actor. >> good reason. >> working with dahe niro and hathaway, what is the demand from the director? >> maybe you should ask her that. >> what does intermperative mean? >> what does a actor have to do to bring out the best in good arks actors? >> inspire and trust. you asked me what drew me to this. i want to be in a nancy meyer movie for as long as i wanted to
8:29 am
be an actress. >> i don't think this is true. >> e-mails. >> three times. >> i missed third time auditioning for nancy and i finally got the part. initially, we didn't see perfectly eye-to-eye on the character about every last detail. and we were both people who care about detail. >> how did you do it? >> well, i -- i thought perhaps there should be more outward and obvious expression of jules, address, possibly making her a little bit more more unpleasant and a little bit more unlikable. nancy showed me the strength she is leading from her heart and not always making the best decision and messing up public but it comes from a good place and a reason like people like working there and i saw that. at a certain point, i thought i'm going to trust your vision with this character which is very different for me and i'm going to be guided by you through this performance, a
8:30 am
performance i'm really proud of and happy i made that decision. >> i love how you you said you're working with robert de niro, your words. >> i think he is awesome too. he is playing your intern. >> yes. >> i think the dynamic of that was great fun to watch between the two of you. >> fun to play. he is a quiet man but very affable one. you know, once i learned how to breathe in front of him, i don't know. i just started to feel great affection and warmth for him. i don't know if that translated on screen. >> it does. >> it made it easy -- you made it easy for both of us really. >> that was my point, how do you direct robert de niro? >> well, you know, having worked with jack and merle and annie and bob, they are formidable people. i learned they are all open and they want to be good in your movie. they want to make the same movie as you you want to make and they want to succeed in it. when you walk over to them, you
8:31 am
can tell right away, they lean in to you and say, okay, okay. that he make it easy for me really. >> when i thought about this movie as a whole, it seemed like so many layers and commentary on dot com and work life balance if it exists and commentary how men perceive high-powered women. what did you both want people to walk away with? what was the central message? >> well, i'm, frankly, tired of seeing movies where the woman, who is the boss, is evil or up tight or just not like a natural, normal -- i mean, the women i know that have great jobs are wonderful, they are great people, they have big jobs and it doesn't make them a bad person. so we talked about a lot, even in her wardrobe if something was too sharp, audience comes in and expecting a movie where you are supposed to be a b itch. can i say that? >> you just did. >> okay, we have to counter that because that is an expectation.
8:32 am
i just know it. i know that is what people think. also know from other they think she is that tough. she is not tough. she is working hard. >> she is tough in her own way and what she needs to be but that is not her go to state for everything. she is very amicable person and very passionate about what she does and she is not getting it totally right yet. there is a mixture of confidence and inexperience that she is navigating right now. i don't know. i found that very relatable. >> there is a twist in the middle, i'll just say. >> without spoiling it, right? >> without spoiling it. >> thank you, anne and nancy. >> "the intern" opens nationwide tomorrow. a new week of "thursday night football" is here on cbs. we will take you to metlife stadium where jim nantz will
8:33 am
giants/redskin caring about the things that make each of our clients unique...
8:34 am
"thursday night football" continues tonight on cbs. the new york giants will try to avoid an 0-3 start for the second time in three years. they host the washington redskins. cbs sports nfl lead announcer jim nantz is outside metlife stadium and he will call tonight's game.
8:35 am
hello, friend! >> reporter: hello, friend! i got to the stadium a little bit early, guys. we are about, what? twelve hours from kickoff or so. looking forward to it. it will be exciting tonight. >> quickly give us your assessment of the nfl season so far and we will preview this game tonight. >> well, to me the early season story is some of these real quality teams that are 0-2. >> yeah. >> they are facing a little bit of a desperate situation. you got seattle who won the nfc last year, they are 0-2. i'm going to see them on sunday when we have the bears in seattle and the national afternoon window. and indianapolis is 0-2. there is a lot of really good teams out there that have struggled at the start. >> i tell you who is not the afl's new england patriots. >> the patriots have not missed a beat. affiliate talk in the off-season about thedeflategate we all got fatigued with that story. here they come out and they have had two impressive wins and they
8:36 am
look like the team to beat again. >> tonight, how much pressure do you think eli manning is feeling, jim nantz? >> i like that question. i think that he -- i think this whole team knows that you have to be really careful not to let a season slip away from you. i heard charlie reference at the start the giants are trying to avoid 0-3 for the second time in three years. one time they started 0-6. they should be better than that. they had the cowboys with the opener. they had the clock management issue at the end of the game. then managed to somehow lose that one down in dallas. then this past sunday, they had a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter against atlanta and, again, poor execution down the stretch. gave up big plays. this team should be undefeated right now. here they are 0-2 against the washington team that is much better than anyone thought coming into the year. >> let's talk about that team. kirk cousins is the quarterback. i mean, is it now his job to
8:37 am
lose? >> well, the coach, jay gruden, said, you are my quarterback for all 16 games. this was kind of hanging over this washington squad for the last couple of years. what are they going to do with rg3, robert griffin, iii the former heisman trophy winner and winner of the rookie player. he has not been the same player. every player we talked to it's an albatross for them, they couldn't get away from this story. when jay gruden took head coaching job, he said kirk cousin is my quarterback and that is it. they have gone out and played two pretty good games and lost the opener against miami and had a great chance to win that and beat the rams last week. i think they are going to surprise a lot of people this year. >> let's talk about coach tom coughlin. we mentioned he could be 0-3 and right now 0-2. should that happen do you think all eyes are on him, his coaching staff and who will people be looking to blame? >> tom coughlin has lived
8:38 am
through this kind of questioning and scrutiny really since he came here. all he has done is win a couple of super bowl titles. one day there is going to be a bust of tom coughlin in canton, ohio. he will gg into the hall of fame one day. he has been around a long time and doesn't bother him at all. i know what bothers him the fact when his team doesn't execute down the stretch like has been the case in the first two games of the season. so i don't think he hears all that static, all of that noise. and his team, tonight, is determined to come back here and try to right the ship. they are in the division that has really been hit by some big injuries and some strange circumstances. philadelphia is 0-2. dallas has lost row know and dez bryant. >> we have to go, jim. please ask them to leave the logo up on the billboard, the one behind you! >> it will be there tonight! we will.
8:39 am
tt0w!tx#h_!!%4@-j] tt0w!tx#h_!!el@-@zl tt0w!tx#h_!!ed@-fx( tt0w!tx#h_%!)8h-&&t tt0w!tx#h_%!kzh-;i( tt0w!tx#h_%!n-h-n $ tt0w!tx#h_%!0ph-pg< tt0w!tx#h_%!s"h-@5\ tt0w!tx#h_%!ueh-cw, tt0w!tx#h_%!7hh-_ux the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals.
8:40 am
fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
8:41 am
and good morning, it is 8:55 on this thursday morning. i'm chris wragge, according to the papal clock we are t-minus -- well, just under -- just a little bit to go before the pope's arrival here in new york city. we'll are the -- have the clock of course for you coming up. inside st. patrick's cathedral, the nypd did a sweep even checking possible vulnerabilities at the altar and commissioner bratton is touring the city venues pope francis will be visiting. a prayer service with the pontiff is set to get underway at 6:45 tonight. he'll be arriving at jfk at 5:00 p.m. transportation officials are bracing for major gridlock. the port authority of new york and new jersey has gone as far as to recommend that people who work in manhattan tell he commute on friday in manhattan. subways are recommended over
8:42 am
buses and new jersey transit is adding bus and train service on inbound routes, the lirr adding trains during off peak hours today and tomorrow and metro- north is altering its schedule for tomorrow. there will be additional trains friday on the hoboken to 33rd street lines and travelers are urged to buy tickets in advance. find any information you need at all on the street closings and some transportation issues at cbs2 will of course have live complete coverage of pope francis' visit to new york city. well have live coverage every step of the way. from the time he arrives at jfk to his mass at madison square garden. let's get over to john elliott for a quick look at the forecast. john? >> thank you chris, we have pretty buys in the city right now. number up to 68. winds are calm and relative humidity is comfortable. 50s and 60s on the map. exceptions 70 in great neck. summer-like today with summers in the -- numbers in the upper 70s to # 0 or 81 and still nice tomorrow for the events. planned in and around the city. and then for sunday still okay. we're waiting for the influence of a coastal low.
8:43 am
we'll likely just result in more clouds into the weekend would like to get some rain if we do that would be later sunday into monday. chris? okay john thanks so much. our next newscast at noon and we're always on at i'm chris wragge, we now join cbs news with a special report on pope francis in washington, d.c.. that's coming your way in just
8:44 am
"cbs this morning". for us. sweet. those are very sweet and smart, well thought out answers. there you have it. pretty good summery of why that man is so popular. >> out of the mouths of babies. i love that. many of the kids, that they got to be on the west front of the capitol with tens of thousands more -- tens of thousands more to hear pope francis, his historic day as he is set to address members of congress and the country. this is a cbs news special visit to the united states capitol. he is on the way here to the capitol. nancy cordes is here on capitol nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to be pulling up in just a few minutes here at the east front of the capitol. he'll be entering at the house
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