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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  September 26, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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to have a tremendous sense of pride but relief at the same time, you talk about someone who deserves a nice pat on the back because i know he was shepherding the the pope every step of the way and it seems that everyone could not have gone off better. >> it didn't. it really went beautifully. without a hitch. we have been to things when pope benedict for example came to the seminary and we were prepared for things one way and the secret service came in and totally changed all of that and we were thrown for a loop. so plane times, you expect the unexpected to happen, and everything went absolutely beautifully. >> it has been so nice to see so many people turn out, run out and going to central park yesterday. some people were really sprinting to try to get their chance to see the pope. so many people having a chance to get close to him. were you surprised at how many were allowed to get as near to the pope as they were? >> with all of the worries about security and all of the worries a threat on his life or something like that, yes. but i guess that meant security felt we got this in control,
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that you know, these people going forward, they didn't have to worry that every single one of them was somebody trying to attack him. but that he could come and greet his faithful. and perhaps that they were realizing that this is our responsibility, to allow him to greet his faithful, and just make sure that anyone who would be harming him is kept away from that crowd. >> they did i thought a very nice job. because he traveled so closely with him, when people obviously were reaching out, reaching out and did a nice job of gently brushing the hans hands away from the people reaching and lunging and at the school, one young lady tried to embrace him. and that was abrupt. and they stepped right on and got her off and a gentle close nudge but once she put the arm around his neck, that's when they stepped in. i thought they did a nice job of keeping that balance. not making it seem like okay, he is not approachable because there is such a layer of stern security, secret service members there, but at the same time, making sure he is safe. i think you have to give tremendous credit to the secret service.
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>> absolutely. >> you obviously have to protect him all the time with. what they have to deal with, with the pope constantly wanting to be with the people. and nypd, bill bradley, all of the agencies that worked in conjunction with one another, to pull this off. this was no -- everyone i talked to the last few days, they said take the super bowl, and back to the gulf war and back in 1991, when there were snipers everywhere around a football stadium, and multiply that times 10. >> and away from the pope, through the window there, as they are about to depart. jfk airport. his hand is raised. goodbye to new york. and farewell to the pope. it has been great having you here. >> what a trip. i will tell you. so sad to see him go. but a nice closing shot there as pope francis wraps up his trip here to new york city. 39 hours. tough to pick out a moment that was better than the other. just seemed to kind of every hour.
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but there it is, american airlines, and headed toward philadelphia right now. and a nice little 35, 30-minute or so. the american 777 is ready to take off from jfk airport. don champion is in philadelphia. don, we can tell you that the 777 is now taxiing. ready for takeoff. >> we are watching this every moment, don. >> he will be with you there shortly. what can we expect once he touches down in philadelphia? >> we are waiting for him and the live feed of the pope getting on the plane struggling with the wind and i am happy to report it is a little less windy here in philadelphia at this hour. and the pope should be landing in philadelphia around 9:30 or so and he has yet another packed day here am and he has a lot of excitement for his visit. once he lands, he will head over here to center city, philadelphia. and actually going to be holding mass the at the basilica, saint peter and paul. after that, he is going to be heading over to independence mall.
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speaking to a crowd of about 50,000 people. a lot of hispanics from this community will be there. and he is going to be talking about issues like religious freedom, and immigration as well. and it is quite interesting, he is actually going to be speaking from the same podium that abraham lincoln spoke from, to deliver the gettysburg address. so you know, people here in philadelphia, people have been converging here from all over the country. and once again, for the world meeting of families. and so a lot of folks here have been watching the coverage from new york. watching the coverage from dc. so there is a lot of anticipation here. as you alluded to earlier, security is very high here in center city, philadelphia. no cars are allowed on many of the streets surrounding the ben franklin parkway. where tomorrow, the pope will hold his final mass in america. and about a million people are expected to attend that mass. but grand finale, to a grand trip to america, chris and mary. >> don, can you sense the excitement down there? i know have you been from city to city. >> he has.
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i mean when i worked with him -- >> i'm sorry. >> when we worked together in washington, boy, you could see the smiles on so many faces. and don was there, among the crowds, really getting a chance to meet so many people who were so excited to have pope francis in their presence. it has been a spiritual journey. it has been an emotional visit. it has been historic for pope francis. beginning his journey in washington, d.c. he is on a six- day visit to the united states. second leg of the trip almost over. going to his last stop in philadelphia. and cardinal dolan there. >> and we are told he is 23rd in line for takeoff. [ laughter ] >> he should be there by 11:00. >> they are telling everybody, stand down, this american airlines is taking off first. you can see cardinal dolan, some of people who did get there early now having an opportunity to meet and greet and say a quick hello to
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as we continue to watch the plane taxi and then get ready for takeoff. and as you just saw, the city of philadelphia, next stop on the pope's itinerary and they are ready to go. major events down there. a beautiful day here in new york. and a beautiful day down there. it seems to be perfect. everything is just gorgeous. the weather has been a gorgeous backdrop for a momentous trip. >> and just from when he walked out of the vatican residence in washington, and the sun, and the way it was hitting the children, it was just gorgeous. >> and what will you remember most about the trip, father? >> the positive reception of the people. in years past, when popes have come, and as wonderful as their message is, who said largely many of the same things that he has said, nothing has changed in the teachings, somehow people have grasped it this time. there is something about
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maybe because he was a pastor for so long. and came most recently from being the cardinal archbishop of buenos aires that he was among the people so much, that he hasn't created a distance from them, that he was among them and people can sense that. >> and he is still a pastor. >> he is. the chief pastor of the church. exactly. >> and that was one of the things about the speeches he gave, more of a pastoral approach rather than, i know in congress, they were afraid this mope was going to come in and hit them over the head with topics that he wanted to get across. but it wasn't done that way and much more pastoral and going back what you were saying, back in his days of buenos aires, being a man of the people and mass transit and things like that and having that con stafnt connection. >> i know you have known about this pope. and many people have. did you have there kind of excitement about i cannot wait for the american people to experience this pope firsthand? >> well, once we got to know him, yes, when we starred to see, this is someone different -- started to see, had is someone given, there was every
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would be able to reach people. seeing saint john paul and benedict, and who was more of a people person than saint john paul, and even with him, there was a way that people kind of pushed away, as if somehow, whether it was the beliefs, or the things he was talking about, more, they didn't grasp the call to -- that they too can follow this. that the happiness that he knows, they can know. >> one magazine called this a gentle revolution. >> yes. >> i would agree with that twinly. >> he is certainly making his mark, but doing it in a way that is very comfortable for people. >> and when you look at him, he is very quiet. when he is. there he almost looks like he is uncomfortable. being in the spotlight. you know, i was watching him take pictures with the secretary general of the united nations. and you could see he is looking like all right, can i get off now? and he did not look like he was enjoying this limelight. and maybe people could relate to that. >> and then the difference when
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he went into the crowds or with children. >> that is when he was comfortable. the smile. that is a lasting image. that smile, when he was around those children. and with some of elderly. it was incredible. and we can see the final moments that pope francis will be here in new york city. >> a live picture for you. pope francis heading to philadelphia this morning. on the last leg of his u.s. tour. new york is getting its final glimpse of the pope's plane as it takes off from jfk airport. >> there you have it. as that american airlines 77, with pope francis on board, and his entire team, now headed towards the city of brotherly love. due to set down in probably about 25 minutes.
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it is a quick flight. big plane. moves quickly. so it is going to be there a little quicker than your normal shuttle to philadelphia. and then the events in philly begin. it is again, the end of a wonderful trip here in new york, and we wish the pontiff a fond farewell, and do hope that he comes back sooner than later. as you can hear some of the applause from the people on the ground at jfk, as they send a sweet sends swrof for the holy father. >> -- sendoff for the holy father. >> pope francis it was great having you in new york. come back again soon. good morning, everyone. coming up, at 9:10 on this saturday, september 26. i'm mary calvi. >> i'm chris wragge. our coverage of the papal visit continues in just a moment with a team of reporters that are standing by. but first we want to get to our meteorologist vanessa murdock who is here with a latest look at the forecast at 9:10 on this >> were you addressing how beautiful it is out there. it is stunning. and it is going to be a great start to your week. we are talking temperatures just a few degrees above the norm. more clouds around today than we have had of late.
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but nonetheless, it is lovely. 64 right now in the city. it is 50 in monticello. and 63 in the hamptons and 64 in bellmar. greenwich at 61. and as we look at the vortex satellite and radar picture, plenty of clouds out there. but we are getting lots of breaks of sun as well. what is the general trend for today. as we head to the south, there is rainmaking its way across the mid atlantic. thanks to high pressure, the rain stays to the south for today. the breakdown of your saturday, now it is around 64 degrees. by noon, it is 68. and partly sunny, and our high today will be 74 degrees. and that is three degrees above our normal high of 71. and it is going to be breezy just as we saw out there. as the the pope made his way up the stairs. winds out of east at 15 miles an hour. a breezy and seasonably cool day. by 9:00 tonight. 61, and we are going to see mostly cloudy skies. coming up, a little bit of rain and how it might impact mass tomorrow in philadelphia. chris and mary, back to you. >> okay, vanessa, thank you
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very much. andrea grymess was at jfk before the pope said his final goodbyes to new york. >> she was there live. good morning. >> good morning. the plane took off a few moments ago. it has been so exciting to see him land here on marine one, to talk over to the plane and a couple hundred people here who are hoping that pope francis would come over and shake some hands before he left. unfortunately, we were told that he was running late. he wanted to come and greet the people who were here, but running a few minutes late and they had to get to philadelphia. but in any case, the pope came, he waved, and was waving until the plane was out of view. he walked up the stairs, carrying his own bag. and by himself. and he had a little bit of a hard time with the wind making it up those stairs, but just showing just the humility and the simpleness that just really, with everything that he does, we are told that the american airlines charter plane, he insisted on no special treatment inside. we are told that customarily
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they would take out the first class seats and maybe put a bed in there, they did that for pope john paul ii and also for pope benedict, and of course, they were a little bit frailer than pope francis but he insisted on no special treatment. he is sitting on a regular seat on that plane that is currently en route to philly right now. and the people who are here, actually some airport workers, also many people who won a raffle through their churches, in the diocese of brooklyn, so brooklyn and queens, i had a chance to speak with cardinal dole an few moments ago, and he said pope was beaming talking about his trip to new york city. i think it touched him just as it touched so many of us. and cardinal dolan, i asked him, do you think more catholics will be in church this week and he said he certainly hoped so and maybe the the collections will go up, he said, with a laugh. after pope francis's visit. so maybe a collective sigh of relief i'm sure, with the police, the secret service, the fbi, who have been planning all
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of this for months, and he has safely left new york city. so all of them i'm sure breathing a huge sigh of relief. but definitely a moment that i know i and so many of these people will never forget. back to you guys in the studio. >> andrea, thank you so much. and our live team coverage
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there it is in the distance as pope francis heads to philadelphia. what a visit to new york. let's get to the forecast right now. we see the beautiful blue skies. glad we have nice weather. >> i know. it will stay that way today. that is the the good news. keep the sunshine. clouds as well. and it is going to be on the seasonably cool side of things today. let's take you live outside and slow you what is happening, temperatures, this morning, will be warming up. yes, we are in the 60s right now.
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and take you live outside, and filtered sunshine and 64 and breezy. we have east northeast winds at 16 miles per hour. and your headlines, the clouds will be hanging around not just today but tomorrow as well and for the extended forecast, too. we have no big rains in this forecast but a chance of showers tomorrow, and best bet will be south of the city, so in philly. but it is just passing showers as it looks right now. hopefully no steady stuff. that. and the chance for showers, it gets a little bit better, monday into tuesday. why are we not getting the rain today? here is the the deal. a big area of high pressure to the north. note where the rain is. over the delmarva peninsula. the low pressure is being forced to the south right now. and we have a nice cool breeze off the water. and the clouds in philadelphia are a little bit thicker but they're forecast very similar for today. we expect a dry day. dry start to the weekend. up and down new jersey. so for today, comfortable breezes, with high pressure in play, but tomorrow, that high pressure system moves more to the east.
9:18 am
as that happens, that low pressure system is allowed to move a little bit more to the north and we are having a slight chance of showers tomorrow. it could impact some of the events in philadelphia. but it won't be an all-day washout. as we make our way into monday, there is an even better bet for wet weather for everybody. but it is still not a chance to alleviate the drought that we are in. we need some rain. we are on day number 13 with no rain reported in central park. so we are hoping for some more significant rain to evolve into the forecast. and not going to happen today. it is a lovely start. partial sunshine. a touch cooler, and 74 degrees. we have northeast winds 10 to 15 with gusts trong stronger than that. still cloudy and comfortable and cool. and 59 in the city. 40s north and west. and then tomorrow morning, a very important event. the tunnel to towers 5k run and walk, it starts at 9:30 in ks brew. 64 degrees at that point. winds 5-10. and about in the afternoon,
9:19 am
showers around the city. a little bit better bet south of the the city. a high of 73. monday into tuesday, notice the temperatures warming up. we are at 77 on monday. and we do have a better chance for showers then. 80 on tuition. still a chance for showers. as we make our way into wednesday. 77 and partly sunny. and it does look like the trend for the ends of your workweek, for things to be drying out a bit. but 71 and partly sunny on thursday. and friday, 69. and mostly sunny. so right now, holding on to a dry end of the week forecast and we hope monday into tuesday, we will get a little bit more wet weather because we immediate it. but hopefully stays a little more dry tomorrow in philly for the pope's mass. over to you. >> vanessa, thank you. >> during pope francis's visit, he met with immigrants and refugees in east harlem. the meeting highlights the flight of migrant workers and seeking asylum and joining us, three people in the meeting monsignor kevin sullivan and hazel as well. and good morning to all three of you.
9:20 am
setting up this meeting. how difficult was it? >> it was an incredible joy to do it. because when pope francis was coming to new york, he said i want to meet those people whom the church is helping, the catholic charities is helping. and will is no group that was better for him to meet than the immigrants and the refugees helped by catholic charities. no better setting than east east harlem. >> and the scene yesterday and washington as well at saint patrick's church, with the trademark moments and hazel, let me ask you, what is it like meeting the pope? can you describe it? i know so many of us would love to do it. you have had the rare opportunity. >> it is amazing. so emotional. pie my family has been here for 15 years. and to know that the pope personally came to see us it makes us feel part of the country. we are undocumented. it was so emotional. >> hearing all that is going on in the news these days about that, especially both positive an negative, what are your feeling? and could you sense the pope, could sense your pain or the
9:21 am
difficulty your family is going through? >> i think it is all positive. i think that it is all very supportive. he is for the undocumented group, and he is supporting the right for detention and stopping deportation and it is great. >> and what was it like for you? did you have something that you wanted to say to the pope when you saw him? or was it you were so caught up in the fans that you were having a chance to spend a few -- a chance that were you having a chance to spend a few moments about them. >> being a muslim, it is an historical time for he -- for me, and yesterday, when i was listening about the words that -- when i was thirsty, you gave me drink. when i was -- you don't know me, and you welcome me. these words are really becoming true, when i came here in the
9:22 am
thank god, and thanks to all of the teams, and i have a different place, and i am living here as a free citizen. >> and you won asylum a few years ago. is it safe to say this is a moment you will never forget? >> yes. >> without a doubt. >> yes, he spoke of dreams. and every immigrant who comes here comes with a dream of a better life am and that he affirmed their dreams in the midst of obstacles and in the midst of sometimes discouragement, and it was an incredible message on target. as usual. >> a son of an immigrant himself and he was quick to point that out. >> thank you all for being with us. we wish you the very best. thank you very much. stay with us. we'll be right back right here on cbs 2 news this morning. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame.
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there were tears of joy during mass for a native argentinian. pope francis lifted a chalice during communion that was
9:25 am
crafted with love and care by a friend, adrian pollarus, the all american chalice was made by silver donated by people across the u.s. and earlier this week we told you how the silversmith had hoped the holy father would use his gift during the mass and he was inside the garden to witness the pope holds his gift. >> the first thing i did was starting crying. when he took the chalice and hold it in the middle, he embraced the american people and he prayed for them. it was wonderful. >> he has known the pope for several years. pope francis resided over his wedding and baptized his daughter and he certainly worked hard on that. it was nice to see it. >> when i was watching, i was looking and i saw the little usa on there and what a moment. >> what a whoament is -- moment is right. the mets can clinch a playoff berth, the first since 2006. >> otis livingston has more. >> it looks like the divisional hopes are destined for the yankees, and no more scoreboard
9:26 am
the first wildcard part. dd steps up to the plate. bases loaded. and comes back to tie it. cc sabathia in the 7th, was still dealing it but he got dealt with. a solo pop. it makes it 3-2. gordon beckham two. batters later. the white sox open up a 4-2 lead. they would win it 5-2. and the yankees are four up on houston. for the first wildcard spot. with nine games to go. let's focus on that. and mets taking on the reds. it is an up and down year for lucas duda. hoping he can get hot down the stretch. this will help. he does it. duda does it. 23rd of the year, 4-0 mets. this was a done deal by the 7th. but duda dealt out more punishment. easy night for thor. dropping the hammer all night. noah -- syndergaard. last night he was marvelous. 11 strikes. 7 and 2/3 innings. the nationals lost. and the mets magic number to in cl.
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the division down to one. 12-5 the final from cincinnati. for cbs 2 news, i'm otis livingston. have a great saturday. anwee t stalngwnad wrealngqu upadpes,oo yocaupadou fari veoupo fteth cleusitthfi milap u n ewouenrtnmt he,r t gbuthma rsotoetio 'rrad mb 1n stertiacon
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rit w,et0 g osteettv pnearngt 9. aon,arte f t yrsuset35ba wh tw argrme.t t t pt.etio pope francis is expected to arrive in philadelphia shortly. his plane took off from jfk just after 9:00 this morning. >> and the city of brotherly love is ready to go for the pope's visit. much like the the security presence in new york city, law enforcement in philadelphia
9:29 am
also on high alert. new york of course welcomed the pope with open arms. a look at the crowds at madison square gardens from last night. a recap of all of the pontiff's big events and huge moments coming up. cbs 2 news saturday morning starts right now. and good morning, 9:30 on this saturday, september 26, i'm chris wragge. >> i'm mary calvi. >> more coverage of the the pope's visit in just a moment. and first let's get to meteorologist vanessa murdock here with a look at the forecast, really nice weather for takeoff. >> it was beautiful for takeoff. when the pope landed in philly, right now, overcast skies, and 65 degrees and a bit of a breeze again, so i suspect he will have to hold on to his clothes. the winds gusting at 20 miles an hour right now. and a little more cloud cover. that is the trend south of us today. here the at home, expecting partly sunny skies and temperatures a smidge above seasonable.
9:30 am
64 in the city. and 61 in greenwich. and 56 in sparta. and 63 in babylon. on the vortex satellite and radar picture. notice more sun to the north and thicker clouds to the south. and all day long, what is what you can expect. and big picture, high pressure, it it is over us, to the north in new england, and it is keeping rain to the south and we will warm to 74 degrees this afternoon. under partly sunny skies, and it will be breezy. and coming up, in my full forecast, we will talk about the potential for some much- needed rain. chris and mary. back to you. >> vanessa, thank you. pope francis now on his way to the city of brotherly love. >> philadelphia is the last stop on the pontiff's u.s. tour. and cbs news don champion is there awaiting the pope's arrival in philadelphia. he joins us live with a look at how the city has been preparing. don, good to see you. good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning mary and chris. the city of brotherly love is ready to give some love to the pope. he is scheduled to land here in just a few minutes. and there is a lot of anticipation. he has a big packed schedule
9:31 am
he is scheduled to land once again any minute here, around 10:30, he will hold mass at the basilica of saint paul and peter behind me. the green dome you see over there and end the day with a huge speech at independence million, before -- independence mall before a crowd of 50,000 people and talk about religious freedom and immigration. this pope has done so much on the american trip, addressing addressing world leaders in new york, at the u.n., but this trip here to philadelphia is really about the every day catholic. he will be the main attraction if you will for the world meeting of families here. he is also going to spend some time here meeting with some of the most vulnerable. he is going to be actually going to a correctional facility tomorrow, to meet with some inmates there, and so he has a packed schedule this whole weekend. >> all right. thanks so much, don champion, live for us inful if.
9:32 am
and that city gets ready for the pope's arrival. we have more from jfk airport, andrea grymes has more with the the pope's goodbye there. >> such a thrilling experience to be here, as pope francis landed on marine one and then got on that airplane to say his final goodbyes to new york city. and an airport worker here at jfk said he has worked for american airlines for 40 years. and this is by far the the best assignment that he has ever had. and we do have some video of some nuns who were able to give pope francis a few gifts on his way out. they are from the precious blood monastery in brooklyn. they gave him a bouquet of white roses and a book of images of marian paintings on the ceiling, that are on the ceiling of the cathedral of saint joseph in prospect heights. a couple of hundred people to wave goodbye to pope francis and unfortunately he got here and he went right up the stairs, he did not come over to shake any hands, he said he wanted to, they told us he
9:33 am
behind and had to get off to nonetheless, we spoke with people in the crowd including brother and sister mary catherine and danny, and they were just excited to be here. take a listen. >> it is very exciting. and i would never forget that moment. >> you will never forget the moment. what did he look like when he got off the plane? >> he looked happy. >> he looked happy. what did he look like to you? >> he looked happy and what my sister said. >> how did it make you feel when he came out here and waved and how did it make you feel? >> very happy. to know that he jesus is with us. >> and we got a chance to talk with cardinal dolan and the bishops and do you think more catholics will be in the pews tomorrow after pope francis's visit and cardinal dolan says he sure hopes so and joked saying maybe the collections
9:34 am
visit, joking of course and his message is staying with new yorkers even though he is gone, they hope that everything he has said, and that he has tried to impart on the faithful here. catholics as well as noncatholics, really stays even though he has left. reporting live from jfk airport this morning, andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. >> andrea, thank you very much. and while the pope was here in new york city, as we know, he had a jam-packed schedule. >> nonstop from the moment he stepped off the plane at jfk. >> the crowd cheered as pope francis made his way to locally crafted altar at madison square garden last night. the the pontiff delivered powerful words of hope and encouragement. it was delivered in the native spanish and cardinal dolan addressed the crowd and thanked pope francis for his visit. >> everyone was silent as pope francis paused for a moment of prayer the at the 9/11 memorial reflecting pool yesterday morning. the holy father placed a white
9:35 am
rose on the memorial's dark granite before heading written side to greet some of the families who lost loved ones during the attacks and joined other from the inner-faith service which focused on peace. >> probably one of the greatest things i have ever seen. i have never felt closer to god ever in my life. >> and gathered at the central park, to catch a glimpse of the most admired man in the world and he traveled to central park in the popemobile waving to the crowd. >> the pope began his friday addressing the largest gathering of world leaders ever at the yankees. speaking in his native spanish. he asked the leaders to spread equality and dig fit from those empower -- knit it from those in power to excluded and talked about climate change and talked
9:36 am
when he arrived the pontiff was greeted by adoring crowds and he led evening prayers for 2500 people. >> and we are joined by saint ann's catholic church in younkers who was at the prayer service at the cathedral and at the u.n. with me yesterday. great to have you here, father. >> thank you. >> it was so great having him in the big apple. >> absolutely. >> i know you enjoyed it. >> tremendously. >> now he has had a chance, a few moments to reflect on his trip here to new york, what do you think one of his favorite take-aways will be and do you think we could have him back here again soon. >> that would be a good thing. we would love to have him again back. and his presence was so helpful, so powerful and that ripple, that cardinal dolan was saying, and the increased attendance at mass and people living the fath, we want him back really soon. >> what do you think people will remember the most?
9:37 am
>> and his humanness. the vicker of christ. caring for the people the same way swreez did. >> do you think it went better than the archdiocese thought it would? >> i think so. there weren't any glitches and time will tell first of all, if it has that effect that we are looking for but i think everything was there for it. the media coverage was wonderful as well. >> it was certainly nice having him here. and serm nice having you here. >> and a series of memorable moments. it is 9:38. a shakeup in congress, an announcement by john boehner that has the house looking for new leadership. >> and the investigators say it is not all there. the missing messages in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. >> a moment they will remember forever. meet the women who were in awe of the pope's presence. vanessa? >> well, it is a beautiful day out there. coming up, though, we will talk about the potential for some much-needed rain and whether or
9:38 am
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9:39 am
and also happening today in the news, funeral services for an aide to governor cuomo shot and killed during a party before the west indian day parade. 43-year-old was struck in the head, he died one week ago and the funeral at brooklyn's emanuel baptist church. police are still trying to track down the shooter. the hillary clinton e-mail scandal temperatures to grow. officials have -- scandal continues to grow. the officials have discovered emails not turned off with dick petraeus between january and february 2009. officials say the e-mails were regarding mostly personnel matters and in no way dealt with classified material, the revelation adds to the growing questions related to the democratic presidential front- runner, unusual usage of a private e-mail account, and server while in government. in a move that stunned washington, house speaker john boehner announced his resignation.
9:40 am
impromptu meeting with the pope. >> he puts his arm around me and pulls me in and says please pray for me. who am i to pray for the pope? >> it was one of the biggest actions i have been here since being here in congress and i have been here 22 years. >> we have had a lot of disagreements but he has always conducted himself with courtesy. >> boehner will leave at the end of october and it is unclear who will replace him as house speaker. john boehner will be this week's guest on face the nation, and you can catch it on our sister station wlny tv 10/55 at 10:30 and right here on cbs 2 at 1:00 p.m. and we have nice skies for the pope's departure and okay weather as well in philadelphia.
9:41 am
as the pope gets there. let's go to meteorologist vanessa murdock and see what we can expect for the weekend here. good morning. the first half is quite lovely and tomorrow the shower possibility increases. a slight chance of showers tomorrow. better bet in philadelphia. so the more south you go, in the state tomorrow, the new jersey, the better bet you have of getting some showers. for today, it is lovely out there. and let's check in with our weather watchers and see what is going on. i want to check in with dr. franky fahrenheit, quite frankly he left a lovely message. and 65 degrees. in neptune city new jersey and pope francis's shining light makes for a beautiful day. it certainly does. things are looking awesome. live outside, show you how it looks across the city. and we have beautiful skies, and a little bit of filtered sunshine, yes, but nonetheless, 64 degrees. feeling nice. a little breezy. east northeast winds at 16 miles per hour. and it has been so great lately, that we really are becoming desperate for some rain.
9:42 am
we have had now 13 consecutive days with no rain in central park. and there is a slight chance tomorrow. better bet monday and tuesday. that we will have some more significant rainfall. but we still need more. so let's keep our fingers crossed. ha it stays away -- that it stays away tomorrow. but our chances improve monday into tuesday. here is the deal. high pressure, strong area of high pressure, is keeping this area of low pressure, to our south. and we are caught in the middle. so we have clouds, yes, but no rain for today. and tomorrow, high pressure moves off the coast and we do have a better chance for a little shower activity. we are going to see a high of 74 today with partial sunshine, as we make our way to the overnight hours. and all right, i am going to 59 degrees tonight. still cloudy. comfortable and cool. east winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. here we go. tomorrow, 73 degrees. and mostly cloudy skies. and chris, over to you. okay, vanessa, thanks. sorry to interrupt you but we want to let you know a little breaking news right here. we just witnessed pope francis's plane has touched
9:43 am
down in philadelphia right now. and for the beginning of what is a day of action-packed events for the pontiff. and just leaving of course, jfk airport, about 35 minutes ago. the american airlines boeing 777 has now landed safely in philadelphia. you can see the vatican flag and the american flag, hanging from the cockpit right now. as this plane comes to a taxi. and the pontiff will then again greet the dignitaries on hand in philadelphia now. and the archdiocese of philadelphia. and the other officials that are on hand to see the pope come down the stairs of this american airlines plane. so there you have it. breaking news for you right now. as the american airlines carrying the pope has now come to a safe landing in philadelphia. we will of course continue to follow this for you, but now, let's get over to mary calvi, for news. mary? >> thanks so much, chris. during his visit to new york, pope francis made a special stop in east harlem at our lady queen of angels school and a number of high school students when he was here as well. we have some of those students with us to talk about their
9:44 am
experience. great to see all of you. thank you so much. we have senior daniel, thank you very much. and carra, great to see you. richard portis, tiffany lee. all so nice to have you here. and exciting to see, as the pope is landing in philadelphia. he is about to go on a whirlwind visit there as well. but i have to ask you, what was it like to meet the pope here, daniel, let's start with you. >> it was a phenomenal experience to meet the pope. it is something that many people don't get the opportunity to do. so when i was allowed to meet the pope and shake his hand and when i shook his hand i felt his humbleness and i felt at peace. just to look the at him and shake his hand. >> what a special moment for you. carra, great to see you from my alma mater. i'm wondering for you, what was that moment like? >> it was really special for me. i asked the pope if he could say a prayer for my father, he is sick with cancer and he
9:45 am
picture of me and my dad that i showed him. so special. and he asked my dad's name. and he was really trying to make us all feel special and comfortable in that moment. >> i was wondering what your dad felt in that moment. >> he was so happy and special for him as well. >> so great you had that moment. >> tiffany, what about for you, as we are awaiting the pope to now step down those steps. he is still on the plane right now. so i'm curious, gosh, being so close to him. >> it was such afternoon honor and a blessing. -- such an honor and a blessing. as he approached, i shook his hand and i kissed his ring and i took a step back and i asked him if i could hug him and he said si, and i felt like i was hugging jesus himself. i felt such at peace. it was amazing. >> so richard, i hear you spoke to the pope, in a little bit of italian, i'm curious as to what you said to him and what was his reaction. >> i said nice to meet you. nice to meet you. pleasure to meet you in italian.
9:46 am
and he had a big smile on his face. i get he really enjoyed it. >> and sure, there are so many things that you probably want to say to the pope when he is right there in your presence, i'm wondering were you a little bit overcome with emotion? some of the people we met were so excited, they couldn't, they didn't have any words. >> yes, it is surreal. i couldn't believe he was there. it was actually, where i was shaking his hand and looking at limb. so many thoughts and i was like, he lives in the have the can and i spoke to him in italian. -- he lives in the vatican and i spoke to him in italian. >> you did a perfect job. >> i'm sure he appreciated that. too. we are watching as the pope is about to depart the plane. and also, the last leg of the trip. a six-day journey. have you been following all of these movements by the pope? >> yes, i have been looking at the smart boards at school. they have been on throughout the week, to see what the pope has been up to. and it has been really exciting to see everyone watching. >> and the pope is now off the plane.
9:47 am
coming down those stairs. and like all of you, who had gathered to see the pope that day, i know you were there for plane hours beforehand, there are a number of crowds there, and a little bit of wind for the pope. each time he comes off the plane, we feel for him. because the wind always seems to get him. and slowly making his way down. so many people have gathered there to say hello. as you're watching this, i'm wording how you're feeling and -- wondering how you're feeling and remembering those moments, tiffany. you understand what it is like for these people. >> and it is surreal definitely and definitely a blessing and i feel we can connect with pope francis, even though he is so famous, and he is up there, but he is humble. he humbled himself down. it is amazing. >> were you amazed at the rock star treatment he was given when in town. >> i wasn't mazed. expected it. he is a great man. and everyone loves it. and the way he treats us, 0 great, and for us to give it back to him, it is truly great. >> daniel, so many people in your generation are following him on twitter.
9:48 am
to be able to instantly get his message, right, it is something that we have never seen before. >> yes, it is really incredible to have a pope, someone who has one of the highest positions in religion to associate himself with social media, twitter and convey the message to the youth, it is incredible and shows how accepting he is of our times, the 21st century. >> we have been taking a look at how many people are following him on twitter and i have been asking a lot of teenagers, do you follow the pope. i'm curious with the four of you, do you follow the pope on twitter? raise your hand if you follow the pope on twitter? >> i was expecting most of you. you probably are just on instagram. you don't have twitter. >> exactly. >> and to be able to understand his message, do you think that is getting out, to your friends? and the people near you? >> yes, i think it is. when i was in religion class last year, our whole class took a picture and tweeted it to the pope and we didn't think he would see it but just a way for us to connect to him. it is really great.
9:49 am
>> carra, what did you think when you found out i am going to get to meet the pope. >> i couldn't believe it. who would ever thought we would meet such a man. it is really incredible. surreal. it is like a dream. >> we are taking a look at his arrival in philadelphia. what a moment it is going to be. it is a whirlwind visit when he gets there. he is off to a cathedral right now. and then to independence hall. let's get to you, chris. just watching this all unfold. >> mary, thank you very much. a scene we have played out the last few days with the arrival of the pope in washington and here at jfk the over day and now in philadelphia. as the the pope gets set for a full day of events there. of course, culminating with the world meeting of families tomorrow. which is going to be a massive event. you can see the center of your screen, right there, the now legendary fiatl-500, becoming so popular the last couple of days. and the popemobile of choice. for the holy father. he likes to keep things humble. likes to keep things modest as
9:50 am
get any more modest than this. this little car with these little wheels on it that the pope fits so comfortable in, in the backseat. you can see the dignitaries on hand. the archbishop of philadelphia there in philadelphia, to greet the pope. and of course monsignor mark miles behind the pope, his translator, every leg of the trip and handled it with the crisp british accent there, to do all of the translating. the important translating for the pope. during the three legs of this u.s. tour. and you can see, once again, the wide smile, the pope now extremely thrilled to be in the next location, the third leg of the u.s. tour and there he is, we have been mentioning all morning long, no rest for the weary, hopefully the pope got a good night sleep last night as he meets with the commissioner of the philadelphia police department. and this again, going to be another vane, another day of full events. >> and windy conditions for the pope again as he is getting off the plane.
9:51 am
down now, he is taking it off as he gets down the plane. >> and let's look at the weather in our neighborhood and see what is going on, any blue skies throughout the weekend? >> possibly some showers tomorrow. but today it is looking lovely. mid-70s. partly sunny. and i know the pope has a busy schedule tomorrow. for mass. just to mention, if you're heading down to philadelphia. 75 degrees. and mostly cloudy skies there. and there is a chance for showers. so consider that umbrella if you're able to, i don't even know if they're allowing those. none theless, a few showers tomorrow and tomorrow night is is the super moon eclipse. not perfect viewing weather but none theless, the moon will appear 14% bigger and red. the blood moon. 9:07. is when the shadow will begin. by 10:11 to 11:23, a total eclipse and 1:27 tomorrow night, the shadow ends is in the 80s and then the next time is 2033. >> watching the fiat take off to philadelphia. a busy day ahead.
9:52 am
>> that wraps it up on cbs 2 news saturday morning. >> you can check the day's top stories all day long on for vanessa and the entire cbs 2 news team, i'm mary calvi. >> i'm chris wragge. we leave you this morning with a look back at pope francis's historic visit here to new york city. it is pretty extraordinary right now. he is moving toward the crowd. >> the most precious moment of my life. >> he sends a message of compassion and this day and age, we really need that message. >> church bells ringing right now at saint patrick's. as the fiat makes its way down fifth avenue. >> there he is. >> oh, my goodness. >> senator schumer. mayor deblasio. be withing the pontiff to new york.
9:53 am
saint patrick's cathedral. thank you, thank you. >> his holiness, pope francis, in the assembly hall. >> a message of peace. a message of acceptance. he just started speaking before the largest gathering of presidents and prime ministers ever assembled under one roof. >> before the inter-faith service inside the museum the pope will come here to the 9/11 memorial and honor the 2,983 people whose lives were lost on 9/11. it is water that reminds us yesterday's tears and today's tears. >> this is a very special moment. it is a very poignant moment. >> this it place of pain and remembrance, i'm full of hope. let there be peace on earth. >> an amazing artifact to be recovered from ground zero. it is fused into a piece of
9:54 am
steel. >> it is the pope. >> we have seen so much of his animated personality. his smiling. >> our lazy queen of angels school, he told the children life is not easy and once again quoted martin luther king and talked about seeking a dream. >> 80,000 lucky ones who got their ticket. alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.
9:55 am
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