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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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bracing for a blizzard. the travel warnings for your weekend, and a slashing suspect captured. police say he's a repeat offender. tor tiacony peranno tre nbeerim g fs$799 mthnle,et50egioinrn, a onfoyo fstea tho nu ctrt.orita ye aeentge 00ac d,llhereumov anlsorneea tgeiocooral 8.t.os
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a storm so big it's visible from space. tonight, supplies fly off shelves and walls of sand block beaches, as the tri-state area braces for a blizzard. good evening, i'm kristine johnson, maurice is off tonight. we begin with lonnie quinn, keeping his eye on the storm from the weather center with some new information just in. >> reporter: you betcha, kj. i've got the new information tore you. so i want to get right to it, because we're in here devouring this.
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two of the models are now calling for pretty low totals in new york city. but two of the models are calling for crazy numbers, 18 inches. even these numbers i'm going to adjust. smaller numbers to it's north, they get bigger to the south. and the bulls eye is pushing towards washington, d.c. 21.4inches in new york. what i do not like about this, notice the numbers get bigger as you go north. 31.8inches in montgomery. i don't believe that's possible. i believe there's a blocking high pressure system north of this, that's not going to allow it to move north. so i'm going to discount this model. these are my numbers. this is the way i see it. i'm going 4 to 8 inches around new york city. not far away is where you'll find that 12-inch range.
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d.c., and over to the blue ridge mountains. if this track changes, if i see something tomorrow that changes the track and i believe it will go further north, i'm going to sound the bell. but right now, that's my forecast. i feel pretty good about it. it's hard to do, but that's my thinking as of right now, i'll let you know the timeline, the hour by hour, the way i see it playing out a little later in this newscast. kj, that's the latest. all yours my dear. >> sound the bell, and maybe roll up the sleeves. communities along the jersey shore feverishly working to protect buildings from the storm. residents are bracing for the worst. >> reporter: yeah, kristine. hear along the boulevard, some of the businesses are preparing for the worst. of course, they're seen major
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sand bags are already blocking doors along the boardwalk in point pleasant, ahead of what could be a form nor'easter. many homes at the jersey shore have been razeed since the devastating flooding from super bowl sandy years ago. >> we had waves floating up, and they would come down again. >> reporter: patricia's house filled with water during sandy. >> every single thing that people owned on the first floor was gone. >> reporter: keegan is planning to pull up rugs and move furniture upstairs just in case. most shore communities have added protective dunes along beaches. today, sand was being piled high by heavy machinery in belmar. this picture from above shows more than with one mile of sand dune in place. >> we'll be better equipped for
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sandy. >> reporter: no one is predicting that this storm will be as damaging as superstorm sandy. but as you can see here on the point pleasant boardwalk, sand bags are already in place in advance of this storm, and the big concern are the high winds, the full moon high tide, and the potential storm surge coming off the ocean on land. we'll have to wait and see exactly how it plays out over the weekend. reporting live in point pleasant, brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. thank you, brian. in the city, store shelves are looking quite bare as everyone is stocking up on food and essentials. tracee carrasco join us live from central park with more. >> reporter: this obviously isn't real snow, but the new yorks parks department has been busy making this fake stuff for an event this saturday called winter jam, unfortunately for today that event was canceled, as we prepare to get the real deal. >> winter was coming. we had to know that.
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it in stride as they prepare for the first major snowfall this season. weekend plans. >> i'm not going for a run if it snows, so i'll be in the house. >> i'll plan to toughen it out. >> reporter: tonight, people waited in line just to get inside this trader joe's store on the upper west side to stock up on groceries. >> you know that it's a busy day when they keep people out of the store. >> reporter: at this home depot in chelsea, snow supplies are in high demand. shoppers like anthony rosario beat the last minute rush. >> the second i get home tomorrow from work, i'm not leaving until monday morning. >> reporter: smart move says mayor bill de blasio. >> we want people to take this warning seriously. >> reporter: starting tomorrow morning, thousands of sanitation department workers will report for duty. salt spreaders will be deployed
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ready to go. >> i'm not even complaining. it's not bad, it's pretty good. >> reporter: the city has already suspended alternate side parking for saturday to make room for those snow plows. we're live tonight from central park, tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. tracy thanks. a preview of the storm already wrecked havoc in the nation's capital. a burst of snow caused hundreds of crashes and spin outs. many drivers were stranded in their cars for hours. some even overnight. a state of emergency was declared in washington, d.c., and the mayor apologized today. says the district has hundreds of plows and salt trucks ready to tackle this weekend's bigger storm. >> we are very sorry for inadequate response. if we had gotten out a little bit earlier and had more resources, we may have seen a difference. >> schools in the region will be closed tomorrow and d.c.'s metro system will suspend service this weekend.
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the storm by canceling flights. american eagle canceled all saturday flights from jfk, laguardia, and newark. american airlines is canceling all flights after the late morning on saturday. and all airlines are waiving fees for people who rebook flights. now to some breaking news. a woman was shot in the head in an attempted robbery at a hotel near jfk. police say two male suspects approached a mother and daughter, and tried to get her in the car. the daughter in her 20s was pistol whipped. and when her mom tried to intervene, she was shot. the suspects left the scene in a white vehicle. police are still looking for them. the 53-year-old mother is in critical condition at elmhurst hospital. a funeral today for the scarsdale woman murdered in her $3 million mansion.
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pediatrician robin goldman. she was stabbed to death yesterday, allegedly by her he is strained husband. the murder is the first in the westchester village in nearly 40 years. they do not have a motive for the murder. they say jules reich filed for divorce last year. >> i don't think anybody saw anything like this at all. >> everybody is upset. everybody's shocked. none of us can believe it happened. >> reich, a lawyer, and tax expert is being held in the westchester county jail. he'll be in court tomorrow for a bail hearing. an update now, a man accused of two slashings is in police custody. 28-year-old francis salud was out on bail saturday when police say he slashed a man's face in the east village. he was previously charged and jailed for a slashing that took place behind bellevue hospital in october. saturday's attack appears random. the prior one though, stemmed from a fight over a cigarette.
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in east harlem slammed into a woman on the sidewalk, pinning her against a wall. it happened in front of a laundromat on 102nd street and lexington avenue. the woman is in critical condition. an off duty officer hurt his ankle as well. it's unclear if he was hit by a car, or just injured trying to help the victim. a worker inside the laundromat says that he too wanted to help, but the crash blocked his door. >> just i saw the car. it was almost to hit the girl. she was trying to escape, but she can't make it out and just they hit the girl. >> police say the driver is a gas station attendant who was parking the car. he was questioned, and there is no word on if he'll face any charges. an elderly couple victimized by an armed robber ride inside their ridgewood queens home. the couple's granddaughter says the suspect followed her 82- year-old grandmother home from the grocery store.
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throat, and demanded cash. she gave them $300. then he pushed his way into the couple's apartment, and put a gun to her 88-year-old husband's chest. he gave him another $500. >> something like this to happen to them after so many years of living here and at this age, it's just heartbreaking. >> a relative who came home scared the suspect off. neither victim was hurt. an nypd officer was back home tonight. he was hit by friendly fire after responding to a street fire in the bronx. police say stewart was hit by a fellow officer's bullet during crossfire. next at 11:00, a disabled teen targeted. >> they cornered me and surrounded me on each side. >> outnumbered, alone, and no arms to fight back.
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directions that could have been deadly. gps leads a driver to this. and she's trying to nurse hawks and owls back to health, so why
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it's all next. it's really messed up to target people like me specifically. >> a bit of justice tonight for a staten island teenager targeted and mugged on the street. that teen was born with no arms, and now police say the ringleader of the group that victimized him is finally behind bars. new at 11, cbs 2's dave carlin has the story from port richmond. >> reporter: 18-year-old carlos simon was alone on forest avenue in port richmond on the evening of november 30, when a group of young people assaulted and robbed him. he says they were after his phone. no doubt after noticing the creative way he uses it. >> so how does it work, show me? >> well, i will pick it up, it activates by touching the screen twice. with my nose i use the touch screen. >> reporter: born without arms, he says oftentimes strangers can be counted on to help him
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needs. but he could tell with these suspects he was in trouble. >> they cornered me. trying to make as much noise as i could, so hopefully someone in a nearby house could turn on a light. >> reporter: simon got his chance to get away, with a person out for a walk got close to the group. and that caused them to run off. police say a 15-year-old boy, and 15-year-old girl, and most recently, 20-year-old vincent popalardo. >> i could say that word is cowardice. >> reporter: simon did not get his stolen phone back. so it's a brand new one, you see him kicking over to his long time friend. simon continues to vow to go where he wants, unafraid. in port richmond, staten island, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. a driver is blaming his gps
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could have killed him. take a look here. the man's car crushed after getting hit by a train. the driver says he got stuck on the tracks after gps instructed him to turn. fortunately, he got out of the car before impact. a westchester county woman has been forced to stop taking care of wild birds in her home. lorraine izzo is fully licensed to treat wounded birds of prey, but zoning rules says she can't do it in her house. izzo says she often gets calls to take in wounded birds. >> i don't know who will take the call in the area, but there aren't too many of us. it will be a disservice to the county to not have me rehabilitate wildlife, because it's so important. >> they're well taken care of them. some of them did have injuries
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so wasn't an issue of these animals not being taken care of here. >> if izzo wants to continue her work, she will have to set up a stand alone wildlife center separate from her home. a cow in queens who tried to escape on the way to the slaughter house could soon have a different fate. several animal rescue groups are trying to save the cow, and have it sent to a sanctuary. there it is, running across the street, broke free today from its trailer, just as it was being delivered to a meat market in jamaica. police cornered it to a parking garage across the street where it was finally captured. in the meantime, we've got to get the latest on this monitor storm headed our way. >> yeah, it's a complicated system, and we'll do our best to make some sense of it all for you. let's check in first and foremost with the weather watchers. what do we have out there? 21-degree reading now around yorktown. this is victoria. i think it's the first time i've had you on. what are you saying?
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how much snow are we going to get from this winter storm. here is the teal. you go further north of new york city, i'm seeing smaller totals north, bigger totals south. outside right now, the empire state building, clear skies. 27degrees. feels like 21. here are your watches, your warnings. in our area now, they're all watches. the green area shows a blizzard watch. all five boroughs throughout the city. through long island. it's a winter storm watch for those areas just north of that. but notice well north, fairfield county, not under any sort of a watch, because the national weather service also doesn't believe this system is going to be going really sort of north of our area. i'm going to give you my thinking. as i showed you earlier, some weather outlets out there do believe it's going north of those totals. not my thinking. i believe we're going to be dealing with big winds out there, and coastal flood watch is an issue. all of our coastal areas,
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there 50 miles per hour or more. a 50 mile-per-hour gust forecast in point pleasant through your day saturday. 51 mile-per-hour gust in montauk saturday. churning up to 8-foot waves possible on the jersey shore. i think the surf for the south less. gusts 60 miles per hour. here's your vortex satellite and radar. speed today. it really formed today, i know we had a little bit of energy moving across the country, but today, it gathered that moisture from the gulf, now it's starting to turn and go to the northeast. starting to turn over to some sleet and some ice. i think north carolina tomorrow picks up a lot of ice, and we will be dealing with snow in our area. snow falling around cape may. you get to saturday around 5:00 a.m. it's up around sandy hook, maybe just getting close to staten island. by 2:00 p.m. saturday, it's through the city, and it will wind down as we get into early sunday morning. the reason why i don't believe
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steamroll over our area into canada, is because of this high pressure system. it's very strong. i mean, it's like, pushing 31 on the barometer. unless this weakens and moves out of the way, i don't believe that low can move through our area. ink it's going to be exiting south of our area, like d.c., and the blue ridge mountains picking up the biggest totals. if that high shows signs of weakening, i will be it's first to let you know. look at staten island. southern tip of staten island, you're closer to that storm. i think you could be in that 8 to 12. then it's a foot or more as you move south of our area, d.c. and places like that. there are the numbers for you, and i don't think temperatures is what anybody is going to be talking about. it's the storm for us. >> and wind as you said. >> listen, regardless of the path of the storm, wind is going to be an issue. >> might have some power
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>> otis living stone, -- livingston here with a look at sports. >> still could face the wrath of major league baseball.
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and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in every neighborhood -- succeed. next at 11:00, is another mets star about to sign with their arch rivals? otis has that. then after the news on the late show, stephen colbert has christian slater, josh radner and iggy pop. business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades,
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let's get our lineup. all-star game. otis is here. >> i like the way you put that. kobe bryant gets a league leading 1.9 million votes and will start in his 18th and final all-star game. steph curry was second with 1.6 million votes. carmelo anthony is a starter
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he edged out pau gasol. kristaps porzingis could still be named a reserve. florida state prosecutors have decided that conflicting accounts and insufficient evidence were enough to not pursue domestic violence charges against the yankees' aroldis chapman. he allegedly pushed and choked his girlfriend during an argument in october and fired a gun in the garage. he could still face disciplinary charges under major league baseball. first, it was daniel murphy signing with the nationals, could cespedes be joining him? gm sander alderson tweeted out, they continue to have conversations with his agent,
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this time. time for us to step aside, and it's time for a change in the nfl. as rex ryan and the buffalo bills hired the first female assistant coach, and she's a
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maiea owanweehanginlilelo bie mh iusboht hme thntnefa eugfo erne
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t os devils and senators at the rock. ottawa on the back end of a five game road trip. 3-0, jersey boys in the 1st. not even close to being done. is anybody going to guard? the devils open up a 5-0 lead in the opening period. they hang on to win 6-3. the giants coaching staff rounding to shape and it could include mike singletary. the former 49ers coach interviewed for the lions head coaching job. and we told you about the buffalo bills hiring the first full time female assistant. >> whoever my coach is, i'm going to have the utmost respect for. i'm going to try to make them the best. >> it's about time. i think we live in a society where it doesn't matter if
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if you're female, if you're male, that people should get an opportunity. i think this is a great move. >> definitely a trail blazer, she worked with rex ryan over here with the jets for i think six years and went over there and now she's been moved up. she will be part of the special teams unit. >> went through the ranks. >> breaking down tape. player evaluation. also been involved in practice. so yes, she's paid her dues.
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the latest craze in lawn decorations is extremely materialistic in places where you could freeze your pants off, people are displaying frozen jeans. they simply wet the denim, and hold them in place while the water solidifies. you might call it art, though there may be, what, what do you think? >> maybe not.
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