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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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weather service. but 49 americans are killed every year by lightning strikes. >> at the first sign of thunder, shoe have a healthy respect for electricity, and find shelter. >> dr. gary kneefield heads the emergency room at vasser brothers medical center. >> the electricity from the lightning bolt are high voltage and short duration and it can go directly to the hard and cause cardiac arrest. >> the -- the heart and cause cardiac arrest. >> the flee victims >> if you didn't get up to leave, what do you think would have happened? >> i probably wouldn't be here. i probably wouldn't be here. >> a split second decision that likely saved her life. in poughkeepsie, brian conniebear, cbs 2 news. >> experts say if you see lightning, never get under a tree and find an open area and lay down flat, on the ground. hundreds of mourners paid tribute today to the imam and his friend who were murdered on a queen street. >> they were shot as they walked home from evening prayers and the funeral was held today.
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hazel? >> reporter: dick and alice, police are holding a press conference, at this hour, to update us on the double murders. we are waiting to hear if the person of interest they have been questioning is perhaps now being considered a suspect. while police were questioning that man, there were hundreds of people that were packed in this parking lot, saizing their final goodbye -- saying their final goodbyes to two religious pillars of this community. it was an impressive sight. about 1,000 people, standing summer sun. united in grief over the murders of their beloved imam, maulama akonjee, and close friend and assistant thara uddin. and the son-in-law has one wish by the families. >> all we want is justice. that's it. thank you very much. >> we want justice. we want justice. >> emotions ran high, as the crowds dealing with loss and frustration, opened their arms to mayor deblasio. the muslim community had criticized deblasio's absence
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funeral today. where he finally spoke with the imam son before addressing the crowd. >> i want you to know, that not only will we find this killer, and find the cause, and tell the people, but you will see, you will see in the muslim communities, of our city, the nypd there in support of the community. >> as hundreds paid their final respects to the imam and udin, police were questioning a person of home surveillance video showed the imam and uddin gunned down by a plan while they walked home from saturday afternoon prayers. they were not robbed. and a man who matched the suspect's description was discovered driving a vehicle that was seen leaving the shooting scene saturday and was involved in a hit-and-run just minutes later. a witness took down a partial license plate. police tracked the car down, and were surveilling the driver when he ran into an unmarked squad car sunday night. police say so far, the murders
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crime. but this grieving community strongly disagrees. >> two people just got murdered and nypd is saying this may not be a hate crime? i would like to ask nypd, what is it then? >> reporter: and today, the mayor also promised this community extra police presence at area mosques to protect the muslim people. the mayor is also at the new york city police department right now, at the police headquarters, at that press conference, which is about to begin. we hope to bring you the very latest later, for now, live in cypress hill, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. >> hazel, kha?eu. thank you. this just in. cbs 2 has learned what set off the panic at kennedy airport and caused people to believe shots were fired inside. surveillance cameras found some people being extremely disruptive while watching the olympics and a chain reaction with people believing there was gunfire. no shots were fired. the chaos forced people to evacuate two terminals.
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>> unbelievable. another day of stifling temperatures and high humidity. >> people had their umbrellas out today, too. but not for the rain, for shade. the cbs 2 weather team, covering the heat and humidity, for us, elise finch is out with the mobile weather lab and let's start first with lonnie quinn in the weather center. with the latest. here is a picture outside. it looks pretty good but it is not. not as bad as it has been. it is 89. feels like 90. lieu weiss says not as bad, with the and there is a northerly wind once they shifted and it made it feel a while bit better. it is going to go back to the southerly wind though. and hitting 92 for a high today. that is five 90-degree days in a row. and it will be close for the day tomorrow. maybe about 89. we have a heat advisory in effect right now until 8:00 p.m. where the temperature feels like the mid-90s. this is reissued again for your day tomorrow. and let's talk about that. high temperature, i am going to forecast it, 89, and feels like 95. the severe risk, it is out there tomorrow. we could have the showers and
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the national weather service says be prepared for it. there is a 30% risk of that, for areas north and west of new york city. and in fact, new york city comes the dividing line and everybody else a 20% chance for severe weather. we will talk more about this and when the heat could break later. back to you. >> thank you very much. and hot, humid, steamy and no air conditioning. that combination makes it hard to stay indoors and outdoors. >> and cbs 2 elise finch is live in the mobile weather lab, and joins us from mount vernon. elise, how hot is it? >> reporter: hot. now obviously, it is is not as hot as it was, but pretty significant and the mobile weather lab as you mentioned in mount vernon, the instruments atop the mobile weather lab are give can us a reading of 89.3 degrees. as we swing around and take a look at the scene, you will notice 89.3, the temperature, but when you factor in the heat, it is saying that it feels like it is 92 degrees. and certainly cooler than it was yesterday and the day
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at bruni air conditioning and plumbing, in elmsford, service calls have tripled in the past week. the company president says operating an air conditioner in these conditions is like taking your normally reliable car, on to a racetrack, and racing it for hours. >> you get into a period like this, where it really has to work at its maximum capacity. for a prolonged period. that is why it is going to break option, if you get a breakdown, is to just replace it. but with central air conditioning units, bernie says a technician will likely need to come out and service it. if you're waiting for it to happen, homeowners will clean the air filters that could allow proper airflow that could help. and check the outdoor unit and make sure the coils are not clogged with grass clippings and dirt. and a simple garden hose will do the trick and the certain garden hose will be able to wet
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unit work better at least temporarily. and experts say at least it is low tech and make sure you cover your windows and skylights and it goes a long way to beat the heat with this kind of temperature and humidity combination. we are live in mount vernon, with the mobile weather lab, with that, i will send it back to you. >> elise, great advice. thank you. an obama gation proposal aims to desegregate communities and offer the disadvantaged a chance to live in better neighborhoods but a cbs 2 christine sloan reports, democrats in new york city are the ones opposing it. >> under the housing section eight apartments in poverty stricken neighborhoods would get less money while those in upscale ones like the upper west side, would get more. and the goal to give the poor a chance to attend better schools and live in safer neighborhoods. >> i think for sure, there would be access to better things. if they're in a better place. >> and actually, it is not a good idea. because then you will be take forecast the lower income people, and taking lower income people, and putting them in higher income places, but
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senator chuck schumer and council speaker melissa mark vivarito is saying as well. >> the amount of the vouch ser going to drop. meaning that the person who is the recipient of the voucher will is have to pay more for rent and that is impossible. >> she says half of the 110,000 voucher recipients in the city would get less money for their current apartments. and those cluing to go to upscale areas wouldn't -- choosing to go to upscale areas wouldn't be able to afford pricey ents even under secti vacancy rate is 3%. >> this has possibly an adverse impact where people could be displaced. people could become homeless, as a result of the decision. and although well-intentioned. >> they are sending protest ledders to hud, that is allowing -- letters to hud, that is allowing protests until midnight and they say the program has worked in dallas but representatives here say new york is not dallas. >> hud is currently recrewing the comments it is -- reviewing
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more than likely make adjustments to the proposal. >> a hud spokesperson says it will work closely with local officials to avoid any negative impact on voucher holdlers. and local authorities can grandfather housing so amounts don't change. an emmy award winner has died, a fixture on television and on stage. one. the most noticed faces you could see own any stage or he a.m.ed in "picket fences "and broadway on fiddler on the roof. he was born in brooklyn. he started his career in yiddish theater and died yesterday in manhattan at the age of 93. the son of a fallen nypd officer was honored by the department today. jaden ramos was recognized following the graduation ceremony of the nypd youth police academy. and his father, and part ner, were fatally shot in december of 2014 while inside the patrol
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shortly after the ambush. coming up next, a tragedy at sea, the body of a missing boater discovered in a harbor off long island. but a mystery remains. what happened to this experienced outdoorsman? >> and were they cut down in vain? a work stoppage that chopped down trees and plaques. >> and a strange law regarding food at funeral homes but the appetite is changing. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," historic flooding in louisiana. scott pelley is here with mor >> dick, alice, great to be with you. in louisiana, 20,000 people have been rescued so far, from the massive flooding there. dramatic rescues of people being pulled out of their cars. as the cars sank below the water. we will have that. and the wildfires out west. that are now destroying neighborhoods. nature at its worse, just ahead
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breaking news in the murder of a local imam over the weekend and police have given us an update on the case. >> and they have a person of interest in custody and was arrested for a hit-and-run elsewhere and seen on video for the murders. >> he was there just prior to that. we have one video eight minutes prior to the homicide and he
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we will put those facts together and go forward in exploring his life to see what is going on if it it is possible. if it is a hate crime or some other motive. >> the imam and a friend were both shot in the head on saturday and police warn they are still in the early stages of the investigation. tragedy in long island, with a skilled boater who was discovered dead today, in great south bay. and two days after his empty boat washed ashore. >> and now police are searching for answers, in this mysterious accident. and cbs 2 jennifer mclogan reporting from suffolk county. >> they half staff at the acreage yacht club on the great south bay and the destination never reached by member boater andrew weiss, 48, an avid outdoorsman and great alternate. >> his 13-foot white and gray dingy washed up on the shores, sunday morning, empty and crumpled. and he had left gillgo beach 5:30 p.m. saturday with a life jacket on board. heading alone to meet friends
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he never showed. >> helicopters, out in the great south bay. coast guard. >> an urgent maritime alert went out and search began. spanning two days and multiple rescue agencies who pulled his body ashore from copague harbor monday morning. in huntingzon his tearful parents wanted to say thank you to first responders. >> we are in deep sadn shared with his girlfriend, another of weiss's boats visible on list drive way. and neighbors describing him as popular and outgoing. >> very sad. i have known him for a while now. >> i didn't even think about foul play. i figured it was an accident on the water. >> suffolk county police and the coast guard are asking any boaters who may have seen anything suspicious saturday evening to contact them at once. >> we don't know what happened.
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was he really a good swimmer? >> the weiss family must cope with this tragedy. the medical examiner determining cause of death. police launching an investigation to discover exactly what happened and why. from the great south bay, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> based on damage to the boat, detectived believe he was involved in some type of accident. an update to a story we first told you about last week, a stop work order has been issued on a new parking lot at saint l as part of the construction, the church knocked down trees part of a meditation garden and plaza built more than 10 years ago and cost parishioners $2 million and had plaques placed with the trees in honor of loved ones but work on the new parking lot has been stopped because the church did not have the proper permits. it is not determined when or if the project will be able to move forward. new jersey is considering allowing food to be served at funeral homes. because of public health concerns, it has been against the law since 1960.
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inside a funeral home. assembly woman nancy pinken has introduced the pleasure end to the ban. supporters of the change of the ban are suggesting comfort foods like coffee, and cookies and sand witches. >> we're not having the individual laid out, where you are doing the embalming in the first place. so those type of things would be worked out in the regulations. >> last month, new york state announced its intention to drop the ban on food at funeral homes here. >> we are still dealing with the humidity and now in the forecast. >> lonnie quinn is tracking it from the weather center and will this give us temperature relief, humidity relief. >> i think the deeper we get into the week, the better it will feel. but for starters out there, tomorrow is another hot and humid day. and may not be as -- there is a push behind me. that is very nice. what is this? >> cathy kahn, one of my weather watchers this must be cathy's dog, remember to leave water for your pets. >> and another one.
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i appreciate all of the good stuff here. and the temperatures are clearly hot today. a 92-degree reading now. coming in from jeany in north plainfield new jersey and 92 was the high temperature in new york city today. and right now, new york city looks like this. pretty good-looking shot out there. and a partly sunny sky. it is 89 degrees. feels like 90. 89 on the thermometer and feels like 90. doing okay. it is plain hot. 92. felt like 96 degrees er wave. well above the average of 83. going to be kind of a soupy night out there. maybe not as rough as it was for your saturday night and sunday night but still the humidity will be there. the little drop that we are seeing in the feels like temperature is just because the winds shifted, and i do anticipate them shifting back from all of the southerly breeze as we go through the next few hours. severe storms are possible for the day on tuesday and feeling more like 95 to 100 and even if you only max out in the upper 80s and we do break this heat, at least the whole rough feels like temperatures, and we will
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things working out and right now a couple of clouds are filtering through the area. that's about it. it looks good. and bigger broader picture shows this line with some storms, around washington, d.c., and it is creeping in our direction. moving to the northeast. so if it holds itself together. and so often, when i see a line develop right here, it's got some drying out that is going to take place, as it moves closer to us. so new york city, and if it holds itself together, it would be sometime around midnight when it could make its way into our area and sooner than that for our western areas but it is out there. bigger picture. high pressure, which is stalled, the whole system, has finally begun to push a little bit more offshore, and i think it is going to give us a little bit of an increased chance for wet weather tomorrow. as we look at this area of unstable weather and starts to clear out and everything starts moving again in the temperatures that are very sort of like stuck in one place. and here is the rain chances as you go into the day tuesday and certainly out there. and then get into wednesday. a bit of a calmer atmosphere. and go into the numbers and looking across the board, the
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the severe side. not an all day rain. and 88 on wednesday, and a slight chance for leftover wet weather and 86 thursday looks good. and 87 on friday. and the weekend, 85 degrees with a partly sunny sky. that is just about normal. and normal 83, 84, and 85 with lower humidity. it will be pretty nice for us. >> we will take normal. >> yes. >> normal. >> yes. >> norming, there you go. >> lonnie, thanks. injuries still plaguing sports. >> and vr another practice, will the groin injury cause him to miss the next preseason game? >> and a-rod coming back to the majors already? there is reportedly serious interest in miami to bring the slugger back home. is the interest mutual?
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just when you thought maybe we are not done talking about a- rod just yet. this season. otis? >> yes. >> he wasn't playing well but people want to know, will he continue playing? it would have been one of the shortsest retirements in sports history. alex rodriguez, released by the yankees on saturday reportedly take an advisory position with the ball club but has drawn from another major league team to put the cleats back on. even before the pomp and
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fairwell, there were rumors that his hometown miami marlins were interested, at least the owner was. and a-rod spokesman, ron burkes did the put that to rest. saying it is not happening, end quote. we will see. the yankees continue the youth movement tonight when a three game series with the blue jays at the stadium. meanwhile the mets are in arizona for game road trip and sitting 2 1/2 games out of the second wildcard spot and even though they lost four of six on the home stand, they roll into arizona with a two game winning streak. with a no hitter in the 8th inning yesterday. and the mets won 5-1 over the padres. they will also look for revenge in arizona. they got swept by the diamondbacks last week at citi field. when will victor cruz get back on the football field and
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he hasn't ruled out saturday's game yet with a groin injury but maybe it is the heat and maybe it is the last day of camp but we caught the end of a little dust-up between harrison and dustin pugh. and the coach says he likes the intensity but not the pun weres being thrown. and le a private conversation with victim -- and he said he had a private conversation with victor cruz about what they could do but he wouldn't elaborate. >> did you think that meeting >> when did i say it was necessary? >> it was a conference between two men. and i will leave it private and if victor wants to address it, he can address it and i support victor 100%. >> i know nothing. >> and simone biles, bid for a record fourth gold medal in rio cut short when she slipped during the balance beam routine. she still picked up a bronze medal. and finally tonight, who is going to win the stare-down in
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with the cue shot. scooped up by chattanooga pitcher. and they look like they are having a little clat. you know, i'm just backing -- a little chat. union, i'm just backing up. and i'm tagged out. no. hawkins was headed to the dugout and then breaks for first and slides in head-first and he was safe. i thought he was out of the baseline. >> wow. >> different rules in the minors, i guess. >> i guess so. >> and cheaper tickets and di
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coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. they thought they wasn't theres. they found out they are not the only ones conned on craigslist. are why do some new jersey residents want this removed? that is at 11:00. and up next on "cbs evening news," people come to the rescue as rages flood waters trap people in louisiana. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you tonight on our sister station tv 10/55.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: nature at its worst. thousands are forced from their homes by floods from the deep south. and fire in the far west. >> all our nation, this is what we came home to. >> pelley: also tonight, trump does an closely with nato on this new mission. >> pelley: a mission to defeat isis. a new study finds many parents are risking their infants' lives by putting them to sleep the wrong way. dr. jon lapook will show us the right way. and the fastest man on earth sends fellow jamaicans into space. >> i'm ecstatic.


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