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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 6, 2015 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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p if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> announcer: from brooklyn, it's " jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, jay z, tracy morgan, and music with usher, nas, and jay z from the barclays center, brought to you by scion and cigna, with cleto and the cletones. and now, not for nothing, here's jimmy kimmel!
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>> jimmy: how are you doing? that's very nice. i appreciate it. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. we're in brooklyn. very nice. thank you. please -- [ cheers and applause ] relax. that's very nice. we are beaming your faces right now from the world from the howard gilman opera house at the brooklyn academy of music from brooklyn, new york. they say you can never go home again. it turns out they're right this morning i tried to go back to my
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old house and walked in on a lady taking a shower. sorry. culture, eating all food, drinking all the drinks. we even brought my baby into a told to do. i'm packed with so much pizza right now i think i could legally be classified as a calzone. to those of you watching in other parts of the country, if you're looking for the best pizza in the world or maybe you're just in the market for a $35 bag of granola, brooklyn is the place to be. [ cheers and applause ] glad to be here. while you're cheering, do we have any new york mets fans in the audience tonight? [ cheers and applause ] tonight from wrigley field in chicago, game three between the mets and the cubs. the mets have not won a world series since 1986. the cubs have not won since 1908.
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meanwhile the giants got beat up by the eagles last might on "monday night football." it wasn't much of a game. in fact, the most interesting moment came before the game even started. listen very closely here because it would appear that coach mike ditka put too much kraut on his polish sausage at lunch. >> i'm going to take the eagles because i think they're going to stay on the field on first down and third down conversions. >> i was from philly but they got rid of me so i'm going with the giants. >> jimmy: hear that? i don't know if they -- i don't know if they put the microphone in his pants or what, but mike ditka told the ""chicago sun-times"" today he didn't do i love that he had to tell them let's look at the end part >> i was from philly but they the giants. >> jimmy: okay.
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looks guilty to me. you sneaky man. look how happy he is. this, by the way, is how they do football in other countries. this is what happens when you get hurt during a soccer match in greece. a little bit unorthodox but they're the best damn emts in the country. donald trump was supposed to be here tonight. [ audience booing ] now he's glad he didn't come, i guess. have laugh [ laughter ] last night his people called, late last night and canceled on us. they were a little bit -- they were cryptic as to why he canceled. they said he had a major
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political commitment but wanted me to relay the message to you that if he had been here, he would have been great. have laugh i'm dying to find out what this major political commitment was. usually means he had to go on cnn and call someone an idiot or something. but why did he cancel? we told them there were cameras here, right? are tuesday nights the night he volunteers down at the orphanage? don't worry. tonight we're going to give everyone in the audience basketball dipped in cologne so you can fully experience what it would have been like had donald trump been here. okay? [ cheers and applause ] i will say the good part about donald trump not being here is around guillermo tonight. where is guillermo?
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks to the brooklynettes. i really did find them in my parking lot at the show. hey, we have a great show for you tonight. brooklyn's favorite son jay z is here with us. [ cheers and applause ] we went to all the jays from a-z to make sure we brought you the best one. jay z and i have a lot in common. we're body from brooklyn. we body love beyonce. [ laughter ] the only difference between us is he was a drug dealer when he was a kid. when i was a kid, my mom dressed
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[ laughter ] other than that, i look happy in that picture because i was too young to understand what was being done to me. jay z is headlining a huge concert down the block tonight called tidal x. we're going to join that live from barclays. all the big names will be there, nas, usher, beyonce, nicki minaj, the pizza rap, you name it, they will be there. one of his big songs is "99 problems" which is a lot of problems for one person to have. if you have that many problems you should probably get help. in honor of jay z's appearance on our show tonight we went out on the street today here in brooklyn and asked people what's your problem, 99 times. >> what's your problem? >> rent is too high in new york. >> weather. >> money. >> the train. >> two to three hours in traffic. >> my daughter. >> parking tickets. >> my 8:00 a.m. class. >> commuting in the cold. >> boyfriend problems as usual.
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>> i hate long pants. >> sleep. >> student loans. >> ben carson. >> the person who leans on the pole on the subway. >> too many people getting married. >> i'm single. >> i don't like to cook. >> i hate the smell of pissy subways. . the car dash kardashians. >> i don't have front teeth. that's my problem. >> my nagging girlfriend. >> clinton. >> myself and cats. >> the yankees. >> loser men who come into your life and suck out all of your energy. stealing your joy. >> iphones. >> my apartment is too small, my furniture is too big. >> i have too many kids. >> well, a little sciatic pain but that's okay. >> i cannot lose no weight. >> processed foods. >> cooking. >> noise. >> no fault insurance. >> nobody writes letters anymore. >> my landlord. >> the weather. >> i haven't won mega millions. >> discrimination today. >> not enough pumpkins. >> shallow people. >> my phone sucks.
11:44 pm
>> my four kids don't want to do homework. >> my boyfriend's attitude is my problem. >> the mets fans. >> men spreading their legs on the subway. >> texting at sporting events. >> my husband has expensive tastes. >> i have jury duty today. >> law school. >> i need a boyfriend. >> crazy people. >> peanut butter in my beard. >> donald trump. >> my ex-son-in-law. >> college loans. >> tuition. >> mental illness. >> when the sheets come out from the end of your bed and then they get all tangled. >> men over 40. >> two jobs at 60. >> winter approaching. >> i don't like gerbils. >> and cats. >> debris in my hair. >> parking. >> my children don't listen. >> broke ass men [ bleep ] people. >> college is boring. >> break dancers. >> what's your problem with break dancers? >> too much movement. >> my problem is i'm not beyonce. >> time warner cable. >> midterms. >> i'm too fat. >> i don't have enough pretty women at the moment but i will have them. >> breastfeeding in public. >> the subway, it smells. >> dijons. >> homework. >> i hate when people smile excessively. >> politicians.
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>> i don't make enough money to support my shopping habits. >> my boyfriend has never seen the movie "grease" so that's a big problem. >> naked people on the subway. >> chase utley, i hate that guy. >> i'm pregnant. >> my mother-in-law. >> what's your problem? >> what's your problem? >> my upstairs neighbors. >> what's your problem? >> it's fine. i'm from scotland and i don't know where i am and i need the toilet, okay? >> okay! >> jimmy: it's a long walk home. [ cheers and applause ] here's a problem nobody mentioned, the number of rat complaints has skyrocketed this year in new york. there were 24,000 complaints all of last year. they've already passed that. on the upper west side they found a colony of 200 rats living in the park. many rats prefer the upper west side because it's quieter in uptown, you can raise a family there. there's a hot line to call to complain about the rats. apparently it's been ringing off the hook. i don't know who runs it. i would love to answer that phone for an hour and drive people nuts.
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i really would. there are an estimated 2 million rats living in new york city which to me is more of a branding issue. if instead of rats, they called them artisnal mice, everyone would love them. in l.a. we don't have rats. we have rats but more than that we have gary busey and that's more than enough. besides the rats, one of the great things of being here in brooklyn is having the chance to catch up with family and friends. one of the friends especially great to see is a guy i've known for more than 15 years, is tracy morgan. as you may be aware -- tracy was in an accident and he's better now. and he recently came in to a large monetary settlement. and with that money, tracy made what guillermo and i thought was a very unusual purchase. we're going to the zoo zoo zoo how about you you you you can come too too too zoo
11:47 pm
>> that's how it happens. if you want to slow crime down in america, you need to get that free cheese program up and running. >> hello there. >> hey, jimbo. what's up, baby? >> what's up, tracy? >> how you doing? >> you finally made it. >> i just bought the zoo? >> what do you mean? you bought a zoo? >> i bought the zoo. >> you bought the whole zoo some some? >> all the animals? >> with all the animals, the whole works. i bought everything with it. everything except that one rock but we're going to get that done. craig, craig, all that you're saying to me is unnecessary. >> jimmy: which one is craig? >> right there, the big one stretching his neck out now. i just came back. all they got is big mac meals. >> guillermo: what do they eat? >> some of them eat big mac meals. a lot of them like whis castle. this one frls the west coast so he love fat burgers. >> jimmy: i didn't know that, i had no idea. >> let me take you -- >> jimmy: we would love to see it. >> i'll show you.
11:48 pm
>> jimmy: you bought the zoo. >> yeah. >> guillermo: with all the animals? >> yeah, and a few human beings came with it, too. going to the zoo zoo zoo this is congo. let me show you my gorillas. >> jimmy: these are your gorillas? >> my grill las. >> jimmy: wow. let's go. what's that smell? >> look at this. >> guillermo: that one over there, big muscle group. oh my god, he's coming here, tracy. >> jimmy: wow. >> derek, can i get my money? >> jimmy: garrett? >> derek, call him big "d." >> jimmy: look at this he's right here. why does he have his back to us like that? dominance. >> jimmy: i see. >> his wallet, he wants to show me i got your money right here. he always do that to me. i got your money right here. >> got sort of like a grudge going on because one of his >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah, brenda. she's sitting way back there. brenda. >> jimmy: she's beautiful. hi, baby.
11:49 pm
>> jimmy: this little baby now -- >> she was on maury povich with me. >> jimmy: really? >> she said that baby's mine. >> jimmy: this is one of the greatest things i've ever seen. >> guillermo: me, too. >> gorillas so close like this. >> guillermo: he has a big belly like mine. >> they eat a lot of lasagna. >> guillermo: really? >> jimmy: that's what they feed the gorillas? >> yes. that's what he likes to eat. when you cook his lasagna you have to put six different cheeses in it. >> jimmy: really? >> guillermo: how many? >> six different. >> guillermo: wow. >> jimmy: one thing being with the owner, guillermo, you find out all -- >> guillermo: all the information. >> jimmy: exactly. >> i'm tired of gorillas. let's check out something else. >> jimmy: okay, yeah, right. >> guillermo: come on let's go. >> jimmy: good-bye, gorillas, nice to meet you. >> let's go see the flamingos. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> the florence nightingales of the bird world. >> jimmy: let's go. >> peaches. she gets crazy when i come around.
11:50 pm
>> jimmy: mike tyson used to have a tiger in his house. can you imagine having one of these in your house? >> that's why i bought the bronx zoo because i want one in my house. >> jimmy: what's the difference between a bison and a buffalo? >> they don't make bison spicy hot wings. they make buffalo hot wings. >> jimmy: yeah. >> guillermo: how many pounds? do you think? >> easily about 16,000. >> guillermo: wow. >> jimmy: it weighs 16,000 pounds? >> yeah. these animals. >> what does dense mean? >> jimmy: thick. >> i got to go back and get my ged. >> jimmy: oh. they're fighting. you get worried when they fight like that? he's going to damage the merchandise? >> i got them off craigslist. i just go on criagslist and get >> yeah. >> jimmy: they have everything. got to be careful who you're dealing with on criagslist. >> jimmy: because you don't want --
11:51 pm
you can get a crazy lion on craigs list. >> jimmy: wow, they're beautiful. >> oh, yeah. when i first got them i had them all custom detailed. >> guillermo: what do you mean? >> see the hooves? >> guillermo: yeah. >> armor oil on them. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, incredible, wow. >> this is my giraffes over here. >> jimmy: you have giraffes and everything. >> yeah. i got more than michael jackson. how many michael jackson got? >> guillermo: he has two. >> jimmy: michael jackson had two giraffes. >> how many do i have? ? you've got like six. >> and we're making more. >> guillermo: you're making more? >> jimmy: how do you do that? >> i put bottles of wine all around the trees and play some music. >> jimmy: what do you play? >> marvin gaye. they love marvin gaye. "let's get it on." >> jimmy: "let's get it on." i been really trying baby trying to hold back this feeling for so long
11:52 pm
you hear that? >> jimmy: it's working. if you feel like i feel baby come on oh come on whoo let's get it on >> they need some privacy. i think we should -- >> jimmy: yeah. i think you're right. >> guillermo: let's go. let's get it on oh baby let's get it on let's go baby let's get it on [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, tracy morgan. thanks to the people, the animals at the bronx zoo. tonight on the show, our second night from brooklyn.
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text2 test message cc1 test message [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back.
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we are here now at the big and beautiful brooklyn academy of music. i'd like to thank tracy morgan, and tracy today announced his new stand-up comedy tour. it starts in february. go to for all the details and tickets. tonight we will go live to the barclays center for the big, star-studded tidal x 1020 concert with jay z and a number of surprise guests including usher and nas which i guess is not a surprise anymore. tomorrow night michael j. fox will be here, bernie sanders will be here. we'll have music from big grams and later this week, bradley cooper, howard stern, joy behar, paul shaffer will sit in with the cletones, and music from esperanza spauld asking public enemy too. [ cheers and applause ] tonight's guest is a rapper, entrepreneur, sports agent, former fiance of beyonce , and much, much more. he is back home in brooklyn with an all-star concert right down the block from us tonight, and
11:59 pm
please welcome jay z. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was crazy. >> jimmy: this is your people right here. he said you had a nightmare you were going to fall down the stairs. >> yeah, the whole time i was thinking, don't fall, don't fall. so when you see like the replay of this you're going to -- >> jimmy: it would have been bad. >> yeah. >> jimmy: wisely you decided not to tie your shoes even though you had that nightmare. how far away from here -- >> i just had the nightmare. >> jimmy: how far away from here did you grow up? >> about 15 minutes. marcy projects.
12:00 am
but i actually lived at 560 state street, which is just that way. >> jimmy: and this neighborhood has changed a lot since then. >> yes. >> jimmy: largely thanks to you. i mean, you had a lot to do with this neighborhood changing a lot. >> yeah. >> jimmy: are there things that you miss about the old brooklyn -- >> no, i didn't. [ laughter ] that was going to happen anyway. >> jimmy: you were a part of it. it's really like there are a lot of beautiful parts of the city here. are there things though that you miss from those old days? >> well, the place where the stadium is was like -- it's like -- because the train ended there. so it was like herron uses and stuff. >> jimmy: so you -- you miss them? >> no. good for business but bad for everything else. >> jimmy: it is -- what do you think is the best pizza in brooklyn?
12:01 am
this is something people talk about a lot. >> lucali's by far. >> jimmy: lucali's, okay. >> you been there? you been there? you been there for real? >> jimmy: the guy who runs that place has the same also name as my mother, as a matter of fact, iacono. did you know that? >> no, i didn't. >> jimmy: exciting, right? >> very. >> jimmy: your wife beyonce, she did an interview, she said she likes her pizza with extra sauce and jalapenos. >> yeah. >> jimmy: have you explained that that's unacceptable here in brooklyn? >> she's from houston, first of all. [ laughter ] and they don't have pizza there. that explains everything. >> jimmy: if you told a 14-year-old shawn carter that his life -- >> i'm going to give you this hat when i go. >> jimmy: i would love to have that hat. that his life would be a life of basketball team and private jets and all of this stuff, i'm sure you have fancy appliances in your kitchen and whatnot. >> yeah. >> jimmy: would you have believed it?
12:02 am
is this something that you really would have thought would happen? >> absolutely not. my goal was to have a gold album. i thought i was being crazy. i'm going to have a gold album. >> jimmy: even you believed that you might not? >> gold? >> jimmy: gold. >> no. >> jimmy: your high school, a couple other famous rappers at your high school. >> yes. >> jimmy: biggie smalls went to your high school. busta rhymes went to your high school. >> you can clap. [ applause ] we are in brooklyn. >> jimmy: that's remarkable, really. all three of you would be from that school. >> it is. me and busta rhymes had a rap battle in the lunch room. >> jimmy: in the lunch room. who won that rap battle? [ cheers and applause ] >> i love busta rhymes. >> jimmy: do you remember the first time you rapped on stage at a real concert?
12:03 am
>> yeah, i forgot the lyrics. >> jimmy: you forgot the lyrics? >> my partner at the name, his name is damon, i was like, finish. he's like, i don't rap. that was the end of it. worst show ever. >> jimmy: we have a video of what i believe and i could be mistaken is your first television performance. the other guy you're going to see in the video is big daddy cane who is a guy who you started out with. [ cheers and applause ] let's take a look at that. >> freestyle. >> check. here i am the man bringing the mike again ticketing forever and veil well whatever the weather i'm better in pale in comparison jay z note jay-z's the baddest peace. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: amazing gift. it really is. >> that was embarrassing. >> jimmy: was it embarrassing because i watched, oh, that was great. >> something about jay z is embarrassing, i was like a
12:04 am
prophet because that was very embarrassing. the haircut, the shirt, everything. >> jimmy: it looked like you were going to play a round of golf after it. we're going to take a break. when we come back we'll talk about the big concert you have going on today. we'll talk about tidal x. jay z is with us. we're in brooklyn. we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] but why sign a two-year phone contract just to use them? at net10 wireless you can use the phone you already have. and keep your network and number too. for up to half the cost. only on the bring your own phone plan. that's wireless your way. now, get unlimited talk and text, plus 5gb of high-speed data, on the nation's largest, most dependable networks, for $50 a month.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're back. we're in brooklyn at the brooklyn academy of music. our guest is none other than jay z. i want to get a little bit of sports business out of the way because you are a sports agent. are you enjoying doing that? >> incredible. >> it is. but it's great. you know, because all these years, athletes, you know, they get a bad rap. some deserve it. but because of how they handle their finances. and no one ever talks about the agent. oh, the dumb athlete.
12:07 am
you know, agent goes on and, you know, goes about their business. but it's also the agent's responsibility to take care of these kids. they're 21, 18 years old. you know -- >> jimmy: they think they're going to play for 15 years, a lot of these guys and then they don't. >> exactly. the first second they buy a big house. and someone needs to advise them. they're kids. they're children. >> jimmy: will you advise yoenis cespedes, who is one of your clients, to stay with the new york mets next season? [ cheers and applause ] >> well, that's not up to me. that's up to the mets. >> jimmy: put in a good word. is that weird to you? you're a yankees fan. >> yeah. >> jimmy: taking a player like robinson cano away from the yankees and sending them to seattle. >> that's bad phrasing. i didn't take him away. the yankees were given a choice and they didn't choose to keep him. homegrown talent. >> jimmy: you really are an agent. [ laughter ] let's talk about tidal. this is your music service.
12:08 am
you put together this unbelievable lineup of partners. some of the biggest names in all of music. how is this different from the other music services? >> it's better. better sound, it's better everything. >> jimmy: sound is a big thing, right. >> i mean, they want people to believe that you don't care about sound and quality. they want you believe that. like we don't care if it's hi-fi or not. but people spend hours and months in studios mixing their sound. really crafting a sound and they want, you know, people to hear. and, you know, they pretend as if you don't care about it. but really it's not even -- forget the sound because that's just a part of it. if you think of streaming, it's the next thing. vinyl and then tape and then downloads and now we're streaming. that's just -- i want to keep swinging my hat. that's just the natural progress of what's going to happen. you just think of it like a big jukebox. you go in a jukebox, bar keep,
12:09 am
he curates it, puts a couple of things in there, puts in $4 and you get five songs. this way you put $9 and get 30 million songs. and you can take the jukebox and put it in your pocket and walk around. >> jimmy: tiny little jukebox. >> a beautiful one. >> jimmy: you've got a big show going on tonight. all the proceeds go to charity, i understand. it's a big charity show, which is great. [ cheers and applause ] great thing to do for brooklyn. who is on this show tonight? >> the lineup keep changing. prince was on it and prince is not on it. nas -- >> jimmy: prince isn't reliable? that is unusual for him. >> very reliable. had a previous engagement. >> jimmy: yeah, donald trump had one of those, too. [ laughter ] >> we are alike. nas wasn't on and now nas is on it. usher is on it. nicki minaj, beyonce. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: seems like more than enough. it's totally sold out, correct? >> yes. but, i was thinking, you know, i
12:10 am
held a couple back in my pocket that if you and your guests come. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i think they would like that. jay-z, everybody. we'll be right back. the whole audience and jay z. we'll be right back. [ barks ] come on. wait. r welcome to the annual lighting of the tree. let the holidays begin! [ crowd gasps ] oh that is not good! a bulb has gone out. who will go on the perilous journey to replace it? we will! crowd: huh? we will?v yeah! x
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test text1 italics test text1 plain [ cheers and applause ] >> a nice day. we caught a good day for a walk. >> jimmy: it's like we're getting married or something. >> how are you doing? hi, guys. >> hi, how are you? >> nice stroll in brooklyn. >> jimmy: you would think you would have a limo or a car or something. >> you guys didn't provide that service. >> jimmy: i'm sorry. >> i thought that was part of the gig. >> jimmy: we're all getting on the subway. >> by the way, the last concert i had at barclays i took the subway there. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: nice. >> yeah, it was cool. thank you. >> jimmy: it's only a mile and a
12:16 am
half up this way. >> that's it. so, yes, sir. >> jimmy: we don't have to wait unbelievable. >> we should just move around like this all the time. >> jimmy: this is the way to go. this. >> jimmy: with a slice of pizza. >> it's actually how i come out. not that far from this. >> thank you so much! >> dicky: next week on "jimmy kimmel live," rob lowe. ty burrell. anthony anderson. and julia roberts.
12:17 am
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so spring has sprung. message cc1 test [ cheers and applause ] snooets >> jimmy: we are live at the with the song " empire state of mind," jay z! >> let's go! i like that. i like that. yeah i'm out that brookly now i'm down in tribeca right next to deniro but i'll be hood forever i'm the new sinatra and since i made it here i can make it anywhere yeah they love me everywhere i used to cop in harlem all of my dominicanos mcdonalds took it to my stash spot 560 state street
12:23 am
the simmons whipping pastry cruisin' down 8th street off bk is from texas me i'm out biggie now i live on billboard and i brought my boys still sippin' mai tais sittin' courtside knicks & nets give me high five i be spiked out i could trip a i'm most definitely from new dreams are made of there's nothin' you can't do now you're in new york these streets will make you feel brand new the lights will inspire you let's hear it for new york new york new york you welcome og i made you hot catch me at the x with og at a yankee game i made the yankee hat more famous then a yankee can you should know i bleed blue but i ain't a crip though but i got a gang of walkin welcome to the melting pot corners where we sellin rock afrika bambataa home of the hip-hop yellow cab gypsy cab dollar cab holla back for foreigners it ain't fair they act like the forgot how to add 8 million stories out there
12:24 am
in the naked city it's a pity half of y'all won't make it me i got a plug special ed i got it made if jeezy's payin' lebron i'm payin dwyane wade three dice cee-lo three card molly labor day parade rest in peace bob marley statue of liberty long live the world trade long live the king yo i'm from the empire state that's new york concrete jungle where dreams are made of there's nothin' you can't do now you're in new york >> it's a celebration. it's a celebration. these streets will make you feel brand new the lights will inspire you let's hear it for new york new york new york
12:25 am
>> let me hear you. that boy good welcome to the bright light baby lights is blinding girls need blinders or they could step out of bounds quick the sidelines is everybody say yeah everybody say yeah welcome to the bright light baby i'm from the empire state that's new york concrete jungle where dreams are made of there's nothin' you can't do now you're in new york these streets will make you feel brand new the lights will inspire you let's hear it for new york new york new york >> peace and love, brooklyn.
12:26 am
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12:27 am
thanks to tracy morgan, thanks to brooklynettes, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next, but first, once again from the big jay z tidal x show at barclays center, the song is called " chains." nas, bee bee bourelli, and usher! >> police responded with tear gas and pepper spray. the 25-year-old male is fatally injured. let's update our viewers here in the united states and around the world on what's going on.
12:28 am
you can see tear gas canisters being fired. there are reports of gunshots possibly being fired. it's dispersing with the crowd. imma get mine you should get yours too shooting shooting shooting man them boys always shoot american dream american man too shooting shooting shooting watch them boys always shoot and i-i-i-i been so tired of being insecure so tired of i've had enough running running and running and running and running running running and running and running and running and running enough
12:29 am
it up i don't give a i've had enough y'all give a no light it on fire i've had enough running and running and running and running running and running and running and running and you act like the change tryna throw me in chains don't act like you saving us it's still the same man don't act like i made it up you blaming us let's keep it one hundred you gave the name to us we still in chains we still in chains we still in chains we still in chains we still in chains we still in chains we still in chains you put the shame on us now now now shame on us now now now now shame on us now now now moment of silence american school and we in church too don't shoot shooting shooting shooting we the prey always shoot prey imma be trill you should be trill too you don't even gotta talk we just shoot
12:30 am
and i feel so tired of being insecure just give it up don't give a -- light it on fire yeah yo check i am sugar ray robinson booker t washington w.e.b. due bois i'm the modern one yelling at senators presidents congressmen we got a problem that needs some acknowledgement i am no prison commodity not just a body you throw in a cell for any reason just to bother me just for your quota so its rest in peace to sean bell sleep in peace eric garner sandra every street every corner conspiracy new world order it's justice we need it succeed it revolution is killing it put me in chains put me in chains put me in chains put me in chains we still in chains we still in chains you see these chains we
12:31 am
you put the shame on us now now now shame on us now now now now shame on us now now now you put the shame on us we still in chains we still in chains now now now shame on us now new york! new york! now now now shame on us on us we still in chains america! don't you look away! demand an opportunity! together we still in chains still in chains we still in chains we still in chains we still in chains you put the shame on us
12:32 am
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