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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 19, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, breaking news, now three separate threats to america from isis. washington, d.c., the white house, even new york's times square pictures in the background. and tonight here, the rare move late today. the fbi, the attorney general, the nypd all responding. and the three people with suspected terrorists ties who flew into the u.s. where did they land and are u.s. authorities tracking them? also tonight, our interview. inside the moment of terror. the gunman opening fire on a cafe, people diving for cover. some running to the basement, others frozen on the floor. tonight, you will hear what it's like to have to decide what to do in that moment. tonight, authorities say the ringleader of the paris attacks teams. and now, the woman who blew
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herself up. we know who she was and what she said right before she detonated the vest. and the refugee backlash back home. the new war of words tonight, and the presidential candidate who compared some refugees to rabid dogs. good evening from paris tonight. and we begin with the new threat. the new message from isis aimed at the united states. three messages now in a matter of days. the newest one, promising an attack on the white house. isis fighters saying, quote, the white house will turn black with our fire. it comes after the threat against new york, the video shows images of times square in the background. and the third message, right after the paris attacks, praising the attacks here and threatening washington, d.c. would be next. and late today, a meeting, the fbi, the attorney general and our reporter was in the room.
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tonight. so, how prepared is the u.s. to protect against any potential plots back home? abc's tom llamas, leading us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the isis threat here at home taking an alarming turn. three separate terrorists videos threatening the u.s. in as many days. the newest promising to turn the white house black with fire. the fbi and attorney general speaking out today in a rare joint appearance. >> we are operating around the clock to uncover and disrupt any plot. >> reporter: the concern? a paris copy cat attack here in the u.s. the feds now monitoring dozens of high risk radicals consuming isis propaganda. isis warning of an impending attack in new york city in this video, showing a you suicide bomb gearing up for jihad. the nypd claiming the video of landmarks is old and there's no specific plot. >> no city in america that is better prepared to defend and protect against a terrorist
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attack. >> reporter: but patrols stepped up in the wake of the paris attack. the nypd says they have 1,500 counter terrorism officers. what would you tell americans that heard about this isis video showing times square and are scared to come to new york city? >> don't let the terrorists win. don't be intimidated. by terrorists who are trying to change our way of life. >> reporter: right now, there are terror investigations in all 50 states. more than 900 total. it's a daunting task for law enforcement. when they do find a borderline suspect, federal officials tell abc news, round the clock surveillance on this suspect takes at least 30 agents. all of this while isis pumps out 90,000 social media messages a day. the fbi saying now is not a time to fear, but to be vigilant. and david, to reiterate the point that there's no specific plot against new york city, sources tell abc news that as of yet, the nypd has not changed their security plans for the thanksgiving day parade or the
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david? >> tom llamas leading us off from new york tonight. tom, thank you. bc senior justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. as we just heard, dozens of people with suspected terror ties believed to be in the u.s. right now. you? do u.s. authorities know where they are? >> reporter: yes, david, they are. the fbi director told me the bureau's identified suspected isis supporters here in the u.s. who are thought to be high risk for copy cat attacks, mimicking what took place in france. he said the suspects are being covered like a blanket right now. david? >> pierre thomas in the room with the fbi director today. pierre, thank you. right here in paris tonight, we have two major developments for you. new images of that massive raid. s.w.a.t. teams moving in, telling the residents to go back inside. we have now learned the mastermind was, in fact, killed in that raid, and tonight, the
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identity, as well, of the female u side bomber. and what she yelled to s.w.a.t. teams before she set off that vest. also here, our first interview with someone inside this cafe, that video from the daily mail. 40 seconds of terror. how do you decide whether to run or stay frozen on the floor. when you see this tonight, it is extraordinary to think everyone survived in this one cafe. tonight, a closer look at the most revealing images yet of the horrifying moments as the terror attacks are about to be unleashed. diners at the tables. waiters behind the bar. just after 9:30 p.m., suddenly, bullets from an attacker's assault rifle spray the casa nostra cafe . this video obtained by the daily mail. one waiter racing downstairs to the basement. in that split second moment, when they have to decide what to do, stay, run, where to go. another person running up the stairs. this woman in the coat running into the restaurant. another man right behind her. the woman runs behind the bar,
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she'd been hit outside. a waitress protectively covering the woman's head. the waitress peeks out, then comes back. seeing the gunman still outside. she inches back, the two women holding one another. moments later, the waitress takes another look. they decide to make a run for it, joining others in the basement. another camera shows diners diving under tables as it all unfolds. racing to hide themselves as the gunman, circled in red there, walks slowly, just outside the windows. you see him shooting from his hip, more than 30 bullets fired. he then disappears from sight for a moment, then reemerges, spotting a diner crouching in fear under the table outside. he moves in to shoot, pointing the assault rifle down at point-blank range. but something happens. his gun appears to jam. he races to that black car on the street. and then you can see the moment they realize that everyone in this restaurant would survive. first, one woman rises and runs. then another. all playing out in less than 40
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a man comes inside and appears to tell everyone the shooter has left. it's okay. and tonight, we hear for the first time from the man who was seen running up those stairs, saying the gunman was just six feet away from him when he opened fire. the memory, still raw. >> it was full of bullets, full of glass and -- of course, full of despair and i know that five days seems for some people a lot, but for us, it's like yesterday, like two hours ago. >> reporter: in the video, you can actually see the bar here that workers were on the floor hiding behind. some of them then ran down into the basement to survive this whole thing. and if you come around to the front of the restaurant, the cafe, you can actually see that the front door, the window there, just completely riddled
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a memorial is now growing out front, in front of this chair, and this young father, who strolls past this restaurant almost daily with his 5-month-old baby, watching the video with us. and when you see him in that window? >> scary. yeah, i don't have words for it, actually. saw a woman basically getting in, fleeing. and there was another one who just dived at the right moment. it could have been me who just happened to go there. so, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: and this evening, a clearer portrait of the s.w.a.t. team takedown. the seven-hour raid. this new video emerging as they close in on that third floor apartment, out to catch the mastermind. authorities yelling to neighbors to go back into their homes. red laser scopes trained on the apartment. then, the explosion. the suicide vest detonated.
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authorities now say the man who coordinated and planned the multiple terror attacks in paris is dead. a french prosecutor saying identified using his fingerprints. quote, "riddled with impacts," gunshots and grenades used as they stormed through that authorities now know that abaaoud, from belgium, was able to go to syria, recruit for isis, plan with isis and come back to europe, to paris, to stage this major attack. french authorities say it was clear from the raid, they had the weaponry, the planning and the will to carry out more attacks. cell phone conversations and witness accounts had placed abaaoud in this neighborhood. but when s.w.a.t. teams arrived, they would find someone else. the woman who would blow herself up. tonight, abc news now confirming the woman was abaaoud's cousin, who shouted to the s.w.a.t. teams before detonating that suicide vest. and tonight, we're learning what
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she said to that s.w.a.t. team, the young woman, the cousin of the ringleader. this evening, the audio, and police asking her, where is your boyfriend? she responds, he's not my boyfriend, and moments later, a loud explosion. abc's matt gutman also here in paris tonight. >> reporter: that blast spitting flame and debris from the fourth story. french authorities say detonating that bomb, 26-year-old hasna ait boulahcen, europe's first suicide bomber. chef was hole she was holed up with her cousin, the mastermind behind friday's attacks. that's her there. tonight, police raiding her mother's home in this gritty suburb north of paris. that's her mother and brother bundled into a cruiser. but yesterday, moments before that blast, in this audio obtained by abc news, you can hear s.w.a.t. teams screaming at a woman to get her hands in the air.
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open fire. >> reporter: moments later, she would detonate that suicide vest. acquaintances in this gritty working class neighborhood told us that before she became radicalized, she would wear tight western clothing, buzz not at all devout and even earned the nickname cowboy hat for the type of hat she liked to wear. david? >> matt gutman here in paris tonight. matt, thank you. tonight, french authorities with an admission. they had no idea the mastermind was even here in europe. the same fear back in the u.s., that someone can go, leave, they go to syria, come back with no problem with their passport. that suspected ringleader traveling between syria and rurp undetected. tonight, that concern at home, reports at least three people with suspected terror types recently flew to america. so, where did they land, where did they go and do u.s. authorities know where they are tonight? abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross now. >> reporter: he was arrogant and
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propaganda videos in which he is featured, a grinning 27-year-old abdelhamid abaaoud boasted of how much fun it was to drag prisoners behind his truck instead of jet skis or motor boats. his ugly bravado made abaaoud well known to us and european intelligence agencies, on terror watch lists everywhere. yet, authorities now concede they did not know that abaaoud was able to travel undetected over the last year in and out of syria, all across europe, to set in motion at least four different plots. until three days ago, they thought he was still in syria. and at least six others in his hand-picked paris attack team also reportedly traveled to syria and back undetected. >> when they cross at these border points, eu passport holders are not always checked very carefully. >> reporter: today, the belgian prime minister proposed ankle bracelets for all suspected terrorists, and france said it would increase security at its
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>> those are just lines in the ground that people can drive, walk or take a train across. >> reporter: u.s. officials say coming to america undetected would be much more difficult but still, a confidential fbi bulletin obtained by abc news reports that three men with suspected terror ties came into the u.s. from france in just the last 90 days, landing at los angeles, atlanta and new york. tonight, the fbi says all three men are known to them and pose no current threat, david. tonight from new york. brian, thank you. we now turn here to the massive air power. french president hollande giving for, quote, intensify ication of air strikes on isis targets in syria and iraq. meanwhile tonight, u.s. defense secretary ash carter revealing the u.s. is prepared to change the rules of engagement, adding, quote, we have to defeat isis, we will defeat isis.
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coming? will we see more fire power? abc's ief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz in iraq tonight, taking us not far from where isis is. >> reporter: the more than 8,000 u.s.-led air strikes launched in syria and iraq have been under those strict rules of engagement. but what would possibly loosening those rules mean? tonight, in a location here in iraq, we were asked not to reveal, we had a rare meeting with american military personnel coordinating those strikes. the aim is for zero collateral damage, meaning civilians or friendly forces. but in the past week, the u.s. has stepped up attacks on isis' oil infrastructure, a vital source of revenue, with the goal of shutting it down completely. we also traveled to kirkuk today, where isis has been pushed back in some sports. just over there, that berm is the first line of defense,
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because just beyond that, all of those are isis-controlledville amgs. the kurdish forces say they need more weapons. this is one of the terrible ironies of this war. all of these bullet-riddled humvees are american humvees given to iraqi security forces when we left, then stolen by isis. kurdish forces have managed to get some of them back. and it's not just more american fire power the kurds want. the kurdish forces say they would also welcome more american troops. the defense secretary said today that the pentagon is prepared for that possibility, but he's david? >> martha raddatz reporting in martha, thank you. up next on "world news tonight" from paris, the refugee backlash back in america. the new war of words tonight. the presidential candidate who seemed to compare some ref ewe deeps to rabid dogs. and the growing list of governors tonight who say, you can't come here. we want to know what you think, right after the break. also, look at this tonight. the helicopter accident.
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control on the runway. and a symbol of french resilience and pride. the celebration that has people all across france raising a
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(exec 3) what'd he say? (exec 2) glenn, from the mailroom! (vo) get rid of cable. and upgrade to directv. call 1-800-directv. new escalation tonight in the debate back home over refugees. governors now in more than half the country saying refugees are not welcome in their state. and tonight, dr. ben carson comparing some refugees to, quote, rabid dogs. abc's jonathan karl on the campaign trail. >> reporter: the debate over syrian refugees reached a new level today, when ben carson compared screening refugees to protecting children from rabid dogs. >> if there's a rabid dog running around your neighborhood, probably not going to assume something good about that dog and you're probably going to put your children out of the way. doesn't mean that you hate all dogs by any stretch of the imagination.
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>> reporter: earlier, president obama said refugees face more thorough security screening than any other foreign visitors to the u.s. >> the idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat than all the tourists who pour into the united states every single day, it just doesn't jive with reality. >> reporter: but in a rebuke to the president, today the house overwhelmingly passed the bill that would effectively reduce the flow of refugees. further complicating the issue, news that at a texas border crossing, two syrian families, including four young children arrived to seek asylum, prompting this from donald trump on instagram. >> they are going to be pouring in, we don't know who they are, could be isis. we need a new president fast. >> reporter: while the debate over refugees rages here, in france, president hollande says his country will continue to welcome refugees, because, quote, it is a humanitarian duty. david? >> that's the message here in france, anyway. jon karl tonight.
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to other news tonight. new protests erupting over the deadly police shooting in minneapolis. police say jamar clark was shot, struggling with officers. witnesses claiming he was this handcuffs. protesters sprayed with chemicals, several officers injured. a deadly crash in karls bad, california. a helicopter going in for a landing. the tail hitting the tarmac, spunning out of control for more than a minute, then erupting into fire.
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both people on board were killed. there is an investigation now under way tonight. when we come back here this evening from paris, the one thing here in france, it is quintessentially french. and they are holding it up to the terrorists tonight. perhaps you'll join them. hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors, we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source
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tonight, they say it's not what makes this vintage so special, as they drove through the paris streets today, people were cheering them on. >> it reminded me of the images on television of the french liberation, the paris liberation in 1945. french flags on the cars. we were proud. >> reporter: they were determined to continue with the tradition despite the terror attacks here. proving that terrorists cannot change the way of life here. let's hear it. that's the sound of paris. at the bar, they consider this a triumph. >> the bar is here since 1883. >> reporter: this bar? >> yes, this bar. this not me. this bar. >> reporter: they say life must go on. >> the restaurants, the cafe, the bar. >> reporter: and finally, a toast to the people of paris. to paris. >> to paris. >> to paris. thank you for watching here on a
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