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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 28, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: breaking news. a mass shooting at planned parenthood in colorado springs. a police officer and two others killed. new overnight. that officer's ties to the bay state. frank: months after her death bella bond will finally be laid to rest. the funeral services planned for the toddler today. antoinette: from black friday to small business saturday. the effort to help local retailers cash in on a weekend spending spree. danielle: it's still unseasonably warm this morning, but changes are on the way. the wet weather moving in, and the november chill that's coming with it. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: and a good morning to you. thank you so much for joining
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it is 8:00 on this saturday, november 28. i'm antoinette antonio. frank: and i'm frank holland. a live look outside right now as the city of boston. beautiful start to this day but danielle vollmar has some news about temperatures dropping. hey, danielle. danielle: frank, antoinette, yes, it's cloudy over boston. now the rain showers have pushed in as well into boss tofnlt it's mainly north of the mass pike. you can see where the heaviest rain is. from southern new hampshire back to essex klt and then all this will be shifting to the south as we go forward into time. i want to show you why it's happening. it's all due to this toronto you see here. and this cold front is also going to bring down much colder air from canada but it takes its time getting here. so here is that future cast as we go through the hours. 9:00 the rain has spread into the south shore, moving in to parts of the cape. by about lunchtime. everybody is still seeing those showers beginning to wind down though the farther north hand west you go. by afternoon, say, about 3:00 or so, north of the mass pike,
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showers be plaguing parts south and east. by evening, it is out of here and the skies are clearing out. but the other big story is the temperatures that will be dropping so in worcester right now in the low 50's. but falling back into the low 40's by 8:00 this evening. so we'll talk about just how long this cold weather will last ahead. antoinette and frank. frank: thanks a lot, danielle. we begin with breaking news. three people have been killed in a shooting at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. antoinette: the shooter identified as robert lewis dear in police custody right now after an hours-long standoff. among the victims, 44-year-old police officerarrett swasey, who graduated from melrose high school right here in massachusetts. frank: right now police are trying to figure out the motive behind this mass shooting. >> two hits. frank: it was five intense hours. police exchanging gun fire with the man inside of this colorado springs planned parenthood facility after the gunman first
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>> he was in front of me. he was-- i just hit the gas. frank: witnesses say first responders then became the next target. one by one officers were shot and took cover. >> he turned around with a bloody face and went, "get out of here, get out of here." reporter: as back-up arrived the gun battle continued inside the building. more than 100 officers on scene including the f.b.i. >> we have gun fire into that room through the walls or whatever. we have to stop this guy. reporter: one woman caught in the building. he spoke to her by phone. >> there was some guy shooting. reporter: did you see him? >> yeah. >> what can you say about him? >> she was hiding. reporter: two civilians were killed during the shooting spree along with 44-year-old officer garrett swasey. police say the gunman rob dear finally surrendered after sunset. >> our officers acted with untold valor. reporter: nine additional
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victims were also wounded including this person who is still coming to grips with what happened. >> i felt helpless. that's all. frank: it's not clear yet if planned parenthood was specifically targeted, but boston police have stepped up patrols here as a precaution. statement from the local planned parenthood, saying, "we don't yet know if planned parenthood was, in fact, the target of this attack. "we will never back away from providing care in a safe, supportive environment that millions of people rely on and trust." antoinette: as investigators try to figure out the motive in this shooting, we're learning more about the officer who was shot and killed. 44-year-old garrett swasey was a six-year veteran of the university of colorado-colorado springs police department. swasey grew up in melrose and graduated from melrose high school in 1989. he was a champion figure skater and a pastor at hope chapel in colorado springs. swasey leaves behind a wife and two young children.
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frank: the little girl known as baby doe will finally be laid to rest today. a private service for bella bond will be held at the caggianno funeral home in winthrop. the two-year-old will be buried next to her paternal great-grandmother. there is also a public memorial mass being held at st. john the evangelist church at 1:00 this afternoon. the girl's mother and her mother's boyfriend have been charged for her death. antoinette: new this morning an "unsafe environment." boston police have cited "who's on first," the sports bar near fenway that was the site of a deadly shooting on thanksgiving morning. commuter rail conductor jephthe chery was killed; three others were injured. newscenter 5's sera congi spoke with people who knew the victim. he's being remembered as a good man and hard worker. >> he was a hard-working kid, you know. sera: jephthe chery would be celebrating his 30th birthday. instead his family is mourning his violent death. boston police say chery was an innocent victim killed in a shooting outside a bar near fenway park early thanksgiving morning. three others were injured, but their wounds not life threatening.
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>> i was shocked to hear that. sera: today family and friends gathered at the chery home in hyde park to mourn and remember. the young man was a conductor for the mbta. a coworker stopped by to pay respects. >> he was a gentleman. he was an everybody person, a people's person. he was a good guy. sera: boston police say three others were hit in the incident. chery was caught in the crossfire. >> i'm sorry. sera: his family too distraught to speak on camera but saying jephthe was a good man who dreamed of becoming an engineer. in hyde park, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. frank: according to newly released court documents, the man who jumped over the white house fence while draped in an american flag left a suicide note with friends and a will with his mother. 22-year-old joseph caputo of stamford, connecticut, allegedly told his mother she may never caputo did not enter a plea in court yesterday. a judge ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. he's scheduled to be back in federal court on monday.
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caught on camera, a very close call on a connecticut highway. take a look. a car plows into another one that's pulled over on the side of i-95 in fairfield. you can see the driver narrowly missed two people standing alongside the road. he's facing several charges including reckless endangerment. state police tweeted the dashcam video saying it serves as a reminder to slow down and move over if a car is stopped on the side of the highway. antoinette: it's the busiest shopping weekend of the year, and today business owners are hoping you will check out the smaller stores and boutiques. small business saturday is meant to boost sales at local mom-and-pop shops. yesterday though it was all about the deals at the big chains. we were at the toys-r-us in framingham where it was a pretty quiet black friday. but for some, it's not just about the bargains. >> it's fun. we like to have fun. 20 years. this is our 20th year. so we like to do it. we have fun!
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antoinette: shoppers are expected to spend $80 billions between black friday and cyber monday. the average shopper spending about $800 this holiday season. some popular items include apple products and star wars merchandise. one reason for the black friday slowdown? more people are going online instead of battling the crowds. online shoppers took advantage of thanksgiving day sales spending more than $1 billion this year. the record-breaking sales are up 22% from last year while amazon sales alone were up 30% as of midday thursday. now that the shopping season is in full swing, you may have noticed some changes when it comes to using your credit cards. frank: the new concern among industry watchers about chip cards and the new issues springing up. and the effort draw attention to the black lives matter movement. the protests launched out west. antoinette: and severe weather taking hold in the midwest. the storm system that's dumping rain, snow and ice. danielle: and some rain this morning.
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when it clears out and how long before we see another unseasonable warm up. frank: and we are following breaking news. three people -- including a police officer -- gunned down at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. the officer, 44-year-old garrett swasey, was from melrose. swasey was also a champion figure skater. more on the shooting and the officer's local ties all morning long on air online and on our mobile app. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos. enjoy every sip of the new snickerdoodle macchiato. antoinette: good morning. it's 8:12. welcome back. are in the path of severe weather slamming much of the country right now. from snow to ice and in parts of texas you see here flash flooding has now turned deadly. at least three people have been
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over yet. the middle of the country dealing with a deadly mix of ice, snow, and rising waters. flooding has already killed at least three across north texas. all were drivers trapped in their cars. this young sheriff's deputy was almost number four. 26-year-old crystal salizar of the sheriff's office almost drown when trying to rescue a woman. >> report of a female in a car that stalled. she could not get out of the vehicle and the water is rising in her car. >> she saw that a lady's life was in danger and went into the water to make that rescue. antoinette: soon she would be the one in need of a rescue. as the deputy approached the car in five feet of water, she was swept away. >> she was found by the fire department downstream clinging to a tree branch. antoinette: the deputy is safe and dry. from north texas to southern illinois flash flood watches remain in effect. some places could see up to a half foot of rain.
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in the texas panhandle, it's not water. it's ice causing travel trouble this long holiday weekend. in oklahoma, ice even bringing down power lines and in kansas, road conditions are not for the faint of heart. frank: hey there. antoinette: that's to you, frank. frank: i'm frank holland. this is antoinette. this is danielle. very severe weather around the country. we're seeing some weather move into our area as well. danielle: there are some showers. i do want to talk about something interesting happening right now. in winthrop there's actually surfers enjoying some of the waves over the flick ocean. look at them go. he's getting up. that's live, folks. that is live. very nice. it's actually cloudy out there. there are some rain showers, but he is braving it. good for him. oops. there he goes. as for what's happening right now, why is there surfing? temperatures are so mild. it's 57 degrees right now in boston.
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34 degrees in the canada area. it's 20's. well, in the 20's. it's all due to this cold front, why we're seeing showers. morning. this cold front is also going to bring us some some cooler temperatures as we go through the afternoon. but i do want to show you what's happening right now as you look at local live radar. bands of showers now developing. heavier showers through parts of county. you can see this from concord just north of nashua. also a couple of showers near newburyport to gloucester here. and this rain will continue to push farther to the south as we go through the afternoon. so by lunchtime notice the south shore, the cape, the islands getting in on some rain. it continues through about 3:00 or so mainly south and east though of the mass pike. north and west by then, you're starting to dry out. still hanging on to the clouds though i think. we start to clear out though as we head towards this evening and into the overnight. that allows those temperatures
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really to drop overnight. in terms of how much rain we're talking about, not that much. only about a tenth of an inch to two tenths of an inch. we could really use the rain though because we're down over nine inches of rain for the year in boston. down over eight inches of rain for the year in worcester. you see this tan area here, that is an area that is under a moderate drought at this point. as you look over boston, it is cloudy. it is raining right now. 57 degrees. those winds temperatures shift to the north-northwest. >> that: will usher in the cooler air so the 12-hour timeline in boss top. by lunchtime we're dropping back into the 40's and by later on this evening, back into the mid 40's and even upper 30's in some spots. in fact, tonight overnight into first thing tomorrow we're waking up to temperatures in the 20's and mid 30 sos it's a chilly one. make sure you grab a coat if you're headed outside. then tomorrow through the day we're only going to warm up into the mid to upper 40's. we're going to see a lot of sunshine though tomorrow. that's one change and one added bonus but it's cold sunshine and
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it's cold sunshine not only for sunday but also into monday. monday we start out the day in the 20's in most locations. and these are your average high temperatures for the day. so upper 30's, low 40's for highs. now that doesn't last too long because as we head towards tuesday and into wednesday, we turn milder. in fact, 50 by tuesday. 53 by wednesday. of course, that does come with some rain. it looks a good soaking rain tuesday night into wednesday morning tapering off into wednesday afternoon. behind that, we are going to turn colder as we head towards thursday and tbrie fry. frank and antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. a check of the stories we're following right now. frank: police say four black lives matter protestors were arrested and one officer was injured during a rally in seattle. hundreds of people marched through the streets just as black friday shoppers swarmed stores in the downtown area. police say they stopped protestors from entering a tree-lighting ceremony was being held. that same ceremony was disrupted last year. antoinette: some of the
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passengers on board this british airways plane that caught fire in september have filed suit against boeing. the engine of the boeing 777 burst into flames during take-off from las vegas. everyone on board escaped safely. the ntsb later determined a failure in the high-pressure compressor sparked the flames. a large shard of american rocket debris has been pulled out of frank: the national egg shortage is impacting a favorite holiday classic-- eggnog. turkey hill says its egg supplier is plagued by the avian flu, meaning they can't get the right amount of eggs to supply their traditional mixture. they were able to get one million eggs and mixed them with nutmeg and other spices until the mixture was just right. this year's batch costs 50 cents more than last year. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: it was a bull gang friday at td garden. bruins in the afternoon; celtics in the evening. the fast-moving bull gang in between. from ice to parquet in two hours. we begin on ice. bruins and rangers. visitors take a 3-2 lead midway through the third.
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ryan spooner and david krejci score goals two minutes apart in the closing minutes. spooner on the powerplay, his 5th. krejci with a slapshot deflected in front, his 9th. the bruins extend their winning streak to five games. 4-3 the final over the rangers. b's by day, c's by night taking on and blowing out the washington wizards. david lee underneath the two. isiah thomas underway with 21 points and a big night for jarryd sullinger. the celtics led by as many as 38 points and settle for a 111-78 win. here is a look a patriot linebacker jamie collins at his first practice in over three weeks. out all that time with an undisclosed illness that kept him away from his teammates and away from gillette stadium. collins is listed as doubtful for tomorrow night's game in denver. danny amendola was also at practice yesterday. he's questionable due to a knee sprain. that's sports for now but there will be more. oh, there's always more. have a great day. frank: you may have gotten a new credit or debit card in the mail
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with a chip. banks and retailers began sending them out earlier this year. but as newscenter 5's nikole killion reports, there's a warning they could cause confusion just as the busy holiday shopping season kicks off. nikole: forget swiping with a stripe-- >> it was all the technology of an 8-track tape. very easy to clone. very easy to counterfeit. nikole: --and insert instead. doug johnson: it's extra protection. nikole: it's the new way to cash out-- cards embedded with a chip. kimberly travis: my bank recently sent everybody cards, and they already have the little chip in them so i'm ready to go. nikole: kimberly travis is one of millions of card holders making the switch. customers essentially have chip cards now or will have chip cards by the end of the year. nikole: but with the rollout coming before the holiday wal-mart exec predicts anarchy-- johnson: that's too strong a nikole: --concerning customer confusion at checkout. >> it coulconceivably slow things down a little bit. we think the first time a consumer uses one of the new cards, they might fumble around a little bit if they're not used to it. nikole: it's not just customers. while many retailers have
8:20 am
these new chip cards, others are still in the process. >> we're hearing delays of months. banks which are pointing the finger right back. johnson: for the retailer, please turn the machines on because that gives them extra levels of protection as well. nikole: another issue-- security. with some chip cards requiring a >> pins are more secure and johnson: we don't want you to have to input a pin. we don't want the transaction to be dependent upon the card number. nikole: a chip card controversy changing how you purchase. in washington, i'm nicole killion reporting. frank: when it comes to christmas lights, can you ever have too many? antoinette: is there such a thing as too much? the neighborhood disputes about a tradition that some say sometimes goes way too far. and banding together after a season of tragedy off the field. the local high school players who are supporting each other through some of life's toughest times. here are those live pictures from winthrop this morning.
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. i want to say hello to the fifth grade at lincoln school in winchester. i got to visit with them earlier this week. they knew so much about the weather. all right. look at this. this is earlier this morning in boston from christine. thank you for tweeting me this
8:24 am
one. and this one from mike in plymouth. what a gorgeous sunrise in case you missed it. i just wanted to show you that. now we have showers on our doorstep. temperatures right now are in the 50's but they will be falling back into the 40's for the afternoon. antoinette and frack. antoinette: danielle, thank you. now that turkey day has come and gone, plenty of people are getting out the christmas decorations. frank: and there are some folks who who go all out, turning their homes into a spectacular light display. nick watt shows us just how much they need to do before they can flip the switch. nick: the crazy christmas light season begins today, and it's getting crazier every year from dyker heights brooklyn a/k/a "dyker lights" to candy cane lane here in woodland hills, california, where it will take them three days to get everything into position. but not everybody is quite so into it. authorities in plantation, florida, right now are trying to shut down mark hyatt's subtle seasonal display. some neighbors complain. >> it's a safety hazard.
8:25 am
>> it brings our neighbors too many people don't know their neighbor. nick: in sacramento, california, a coast guard pilot reported a laser strike. turns out it was a star shower laser light decoration. up in north ridgeville, ohio, apparently some of bob mangum's 45,000 lights are on curb side city property. thousands of people have signed a "pro bulbs bright bulbs" petitioning the city to just back down. this tradition began back in the 1700's when rich germans started sticking candles on their trees and edison took it electric in 1880. and now it comes to this. there's even a show here on abc called "the great christmas light fight." cash prize for the greatest and the gaudiest. 28 days until christmas. just don't trip on the lights fantastic. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. antoinette: seriously i just cannot wait.
8:26 am
like it's time to start buying all these christmas decorations. i need some ideas, people. help me out. frank: here's an idea. there's supposed to be 12 days of christmas. don't start 20 days before christmas. antoinette: you're a grinch. frank: i am. antoinette: caught in the act stealing from children in need. frank: the thief who swiped a donation can and why he decided to turn himself in. antoinette: and we are following breaking news. a colorado springs police officer from the bay state is one of three victims gunned down at a planned parenthood clinic. the new information about the victims and what we' ve learned
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." >> taking fire. got two hits. antoinette: we're following breaking news overnight. a deadly standoff and mass shooting at a planned parenthood in colorado springs. the officer killed in that shooting's ties to the bay danielle: and some showers moving in. how long they will stick around
8:29 am
following. frank: new trouble for this nba star caught in a boston street fight. the move police are now making. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." frank: it's 8:31 on this saturday morning. i'm frank holland. antoinette: and i'm antoinette antonio along with danielle vollmar. there are a couple of really mild days. nice temperatures. we're cooling down and maybe getting a little wet. danielle: already a lot of spots getting a little wet this morning but it's still mild out there right now. the big changes are coming this afternoon. i want to show you local live radar if we can first because we do have some heavier bands of showers moving through parts of the region. you can see they're developing out in western, central mass near springfield moving toferredz worcester county. also some more up through southern new hampshire. also near, say, cape ann, gloucester, that area. and essex county seeing some showers and everybody will see them as we go through the day
8:30 am
today. it's all due in way of this cold front bringing down colder air from canada as well as some much-needed rain. so let me show you the rain totals so far. haven't picked up all that much in terms of the rain. we've seen about 2/100ths of an inch in orange, about 4/100ths of an inch in portsmouth. we're expecting anywhere from a tenth of an inch to two tenths of an inch in some locations. as we go through the day, high chances for rain through lunchtime. tapering off as we get towards dinner time and then much cooler air settling on in. we'll talk about how long the cold air will last ahead. antoinette? antoinette: danielle, thank you. we're following breaking news out of colorado this morning where three people were shot and killed at a planned parenthood clinic. among them, 44-year-old officer garrett swasey, a graduate of melrose high school here in massachusetts. the shooter identified as robert lewis dear in police custody right now after a tense hours-long standoff and shootout.
8:31 am
police department moments ago tweeted out this photo of robert dear. police exchanged gun fire with him inside that colorado springs planned parenthood facility after the gunman first started shooting in a nearby parking lot. witnesses say first responders became the next targets. more than 100 officers on scene. one by one officers were shot and took cover. >> they are heroes. they are absolute heroes. the courage they displayed today saved many, many lives. antoinette: it's not clear yet what the shooter's motive was. police have not made any clear connection with planned parenthood clinic. boston police say they are stepping up patrols as a precaution at the local clinic here. we are learning more about the officer who was shot and killed. 44-year-old officer garrett swasey was a six-year veteran of the university of colorado colorado/colorado springs police department.
8:32 am
he grew up in melrose and graduated from melrose high school in 1989. he was a champion figure skater and also a pastor at hope chapel in colorado springs. swasey leaves behind a wife and two young children. frank: right now. boston police are investigating a fight involving an n.b.a. star. philadelphia 76ers center jahlil okafor yelling and shoving another man. that other man has filed a police report. the victim claims it started when women he was with refused advances from okafor and another man. this all happened outside the storyville nightclub at the copley square hotel after wednesday night's game against the celtics. no charges have been filed. providence police are searching for a man they believe stabbed his brother and a woman with a potato peeler during a post-thanksgiving argument. a fight broke out yesterday between two brothers. one of them got hold of the peeler stabbing one of the victims in the arm, the other in the stomach. the injuries are not life-threatening.
8:33 am
antoinette: there are still many questions this morning surrounding the death of a former millis police officer. bryan johnson was indicted last week for faking a shoot-out and causing a bomb scare at millis high school. someone living with 24-year-old johnson found him dead on thanksgiving morning. according to "the metrowest daily news," the medical examiner has yet to perform an autopsy, but officials are not investigating the death as a homicide. frank: this man caught on camera stealing a jimmy fund donation jar in norwood is free on bail this morning. david deshiro surrendered to police yesterday. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich reports it was his mother who got things rolling after she saw his picture on the news. reporter: david, anything you want to say to us? todd: no comment from the man who admits to stealing a jimmy fund donation can on thanksgiving morning. 44-year-old david deshiro, jr., posted $500 bail friday afternoon following his arraignment at dedham district court. deshiro is the man seen in this surveillance video stealing the donation jar from a.j.'s market
8:34 am
on walpole street in norwood after buying a soda and scratch ticket. the store owner's son was working the counter at the time. >> he tried to steal the jar. when i walked around he noticed i saw him so he put it back and asked me a question about this little thing here. he figured out he could get a scratch ticket. he started scratching it so i turned my back. that's when he stole it. todd: in court friday the prosecutor revealed that the can deshiro stole contained $84 intended to help kids with cancer. >> when officers asked him why he stole the change and why he turned himself in, he stated he didn't know why he did it. he said he turned himself in picture on the news and it was the right thing to do. todd: a new donation jar is already in place at the store's checkout counter. deshiro works as a nurse at a local nursing home. he took the money to a morning. his attorney told the judge the whole incident was just a mistake. >> as soon as he realized he -- what he did, he turned himself
8:35 am
in. apparently he went to the store to buy a few items. he turned around and left. todd: as part of his conditions of release, deshiro must stay away from a.j.'s. members of his family told us they will come here later today and they will make a contribution to compensate for the money he took. reporting in norwood, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5 frank: a medford bakery break-in caught on camera. police are looking for this man who broke into modern pastry yesterday morning. you can see him on surveillance video looking through the cash register and file cabinets. he was in the store for three minutes before taking off. owners say he did not make off with any money. and there's a reason for that. >> we don't keep any money on, you know, in the store. i think it's not safe to do that and also especially during the holidays, i mean, anybody who is thinking of leaving money in their stores really shouldn't. it's really a high theft area. frank: anyone with information is asked to call police. antoinette: new this morning, we're learning more about the former director of the
8:36 am
framingham housing authority. "the metrowest daily news" reporting that before he abruptly resigned last year, kevin bumpus was investigated for allegedly using public funds to buy a cell phone for one of his family members. a number of agencies started investigations last year after another housing authority employee made several allegations against him. bumpus was also the subject of anonymous complaints. frank: commitment 2016. g.o.p. hopeful ben carson is in the middle east. the presidential candidate is in jordan on a fact-finding mission visiting refugee camps. carson recently came under fire for comparing syrian refugees to "rabid dogs." carson has been slumping a bit since questions over terrorism and foreign policy have dominated the campaign. carson heads back to the u.s. and the campaign trail tomorrow. frontrunner hillary clinton will be in boston tomorrow. she will join mayor marty walsh at faneuil hall to launch "hard hats for hillary." the coalition will organize the millions of working families in the labor industries and
8:37 am
agenda. mayor walsh is expected to endorse her at the event. frank: this morning, "the boston herald" is reporting that the university of massachusetts is paying more than $3 million a year for a new home for president marty meehan and a alumni club. that's nearly double the cost of its old offices. the new address will cost more than $4 million a year by the end of the 15-year lease. some say that's a steep price tag as the university deals with a budget crisis and tuition hikes approved earlier this year. antoinette: an oklahoma hospital making an unusual move, the decision it has made about the treatment its doctors gave to the victims of a tragedy. local high school players banding together after a season full of off-field tragedy. how they're giving teamwork a whole new meaning. danielle: some areas are seeing showers this morning. when the wet weather moves out and colder air comes in. antoinette: we are following that breaking news in colorado springs this morning. a gunman opening fire at a
8:38 am
planned parenthood clinic. three people are dead including a police officer with ties to massachusetts.
8:39 am
antoinette: 8:42.
8:40 am
welcome back. the oklahoma hospital that treated about 40 people after a woman drove into a crowd at a homecoming parade will not bill the patients for their initial treatment. stillwater medical center says it will cover some costs through automobile insurance claims and probably take a loss on other billing, including emergency room visits. the driver, 25-year-old adacia chambers. has been charged with second-degree murder. last month's crash killed four people at the oklahoma state university homecoming parade. frank: now for a look at wall street. black friday one of the worst days of the year for the markets. here's a look at those numbers. the dow jones down almost 14 points. the nasdaq up more than 11 points. the s&p raising over a point. here's a head scratcher. gold prices dropping to their lowest price in more than five years. the precious metal selling at about $1,050 an ounce. normally gold prices soar when investors are nervous about the economy or world events like the paris attacks. boston-based legal seafood says they won't serve "frankenfish." now costco saying they will not sell genetically modified salmon either.
8:41 am
fish for human consumption. "frankenfish" is expected to be on shelves in the u.s. over the next two years. facebook is now increasing its commitment to give new parents time to spend with their baby. the social media site will offer four months of paid time off to employees regardless of gender, both in the u.s. and worldwide. facebook offers the leave for up to a year after the birth of a child. c.e.o. mark zuckerburg says he plans to take an extended leave after the birth of his daughter. in the week ahead. the national jobs report for the month of november. also, the latest numbers on auto sales for this month. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. antoinette: i know it's a little too much to ask for. the nice temperatures we've had the last couple of days, can they just keep going and going? come on, danielle. unfortunately the temperatures are going to tumble. but maybe that's good news because it's peak season wachusett mountain. it.
8:42 am
own snow because we don't have any snow in the forecast. rain. although we really do need it. so it's a mild start out there but it is going to be a cooler finish this afternoon. coal and dry for your sunday. and there is a warm-up coming midweek. tuesday and wednesday we'll be back in the 50ings but with that comes some rain. you can see some rain right now on our boston camera here. here comes the rain showers pushing boston now purring down along parts of the south shore. heavier rain moving through parts of newburyport to portsmouth. if you're traveling up 95 also back just to the west near concord, green field, keene you're getting in on some of those heavier downpours and then out towards western mass near amherst. all this pushing towards the city of worcester: as we go through the daying we are going to see more chances for rain associated with this cold front which is also going to bring in much coolerrary. in fact take a look at the dividing here.
8:43 am
you go to syracuse, new york, it's only 34 degrees. if you look back farther to the west, min yap lition is checking in at 15 degrees this morning. so it is cold. that cold air is headed our way. in fact, the future cast showing you the timing of this rain. you notice it's around us right now. but it is going to push farther or so. so the cape, the islands getting in on some of these showers. and by 3:00, they're around south and east of the mass pike. north and west, you're actually starting to dry out at this point. still hanging on to the clouds though. i think it will take until later on this evening really into the overnight for the skies to really clear out. in terms of how much rain we're talking about, not that much. maybe a tenth of an inch to two tenths of an inch. but anything is welcome back boston is down over nine inches now for rain for the year so we really need it. notice the temperatures already starting to drop back north and west. keene 45 degrees 48 in orange. 44 in pittsfield. and even 38 right now in al
8:44 am
beaps so that's that colder air slowly working its way in. in boston it will take a little longer. still at 10:00 we're hold inning the 50's but by lunchtime back into the upper 40's and by litter on today, the mid 40's. so we are talking about a cooldown in store. tonight if you're headed out, please grab a coat or first thing tomorrow morning, we're starting off in the 20's and 30's. it's a big difference. you're going to feel it when you step outside the door. then through the day tomorrow while tons of sunshine but temperatures only warm up into the upper 40's for highs. so that cold front bringing down the cold air. it's in place not only for sunday but also into monday. then a southwest winds picks up. as it does, it's going to bring in warmer. with that also much-needed rain. let's talk about that on tuesday and break it down for you. tuesday afternoon i think is dry. it's really not until tuesday night late night into first thing wednesday morning i think that weds we morning commute will be a wet one. it continues through wednesday afternoon.
8:45 am
could pick up anywhere from half an inch to an inch of rain in some locations. and then behind that system we're going to turn colder and breezy as we head towards thursday and friday. antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. a look at sports this morning, both the bruins and celtics with home games. the bruins taking on the new york rangers. the visitors taking a 3-2 lead mid-way through the third but ryan spooner and david krejci score goals two minutes apart in the closing minutes. spooner on the power play, his 5th. krejci with the slapshot deflected in front, his 9th , and the bruins extend their winning streak to 5 games. 4-3 the final over the rangers. frank: b's by day c's by night taking on and blowing out the washington wizards david lee underneath for two. isaiah thomas led the way with 21 points and a big night for jared sullinger 18 points and fifteen rebounds the celtics led by as
8:46 am
a 111-78 win. >> the day that my dad passed away, probably 15 to 20 kids from the team were over at my house. frank: local high school players banding together. after a season full of tragedy off the field. antoinette: newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich reports -- wins and losses are not defining this medfield team's season. and the home of the brave todd: when the medfield warriors took the field, for the thanksgiving game against dover sherborn, it was the end of an incredibly difficult season for the warriors. two of the fathers of players died of cancer within weeks of each other. defensive tackle brian carrabis is seen here with his parents at last year's thanksgiving game. brian lost his dad billy back in september. and the team rallied around number 68. >> definitely a great group of guys. it's more than football out
8:47 am
it's brotherhood. todd: the strength of that brotherhood was tested less than three weeks later when the father of john and steven williams also died of cancer. >> the day that my dad passed away, probably 15 to 20 kids from the team were over at my house. todd: medfield scored just one touchdown today, falling to dover sherborn 14-7. the medfield warriors end the season with a record of 3-8. but what is much more meaningful is their record off the field. helping each other deal with a much more profound kind of loss. >> i'm going to remember a bunch of guys behind this record we stayed together through the hardest thing they may have gone through in their lives. >> the scoreboard, their record, ten years from now they won't remember it. i will always remember how they supported me and how they supported brian. >> they've dropped meals off. they've come over to our home just to sit with us. >> it's going to hit you hard
8:48 am
as those guys out there but you always got to brush yourself off and keep moving forward because there's only one way and that's up. todd: in medfield, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: that is really how a team comes together. frank: great advice from a guy who has been through things in a crackdown on a boston bar cited after a deadly antoinette: the possible fallout violence, and we are following breaking news in colorado springs. three people are dead including a police officer after a gunman opens fire in a planned parenthood clinic, that officer's connection to massachusetts. andrew:p the one thing about soccer
8:49 am
the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. the child we once were. p and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, all over again. and bluecross blueshield has me. [ duck quacks, wolf howls
8:50 am
[ electronic beeping ] but... the new turbodown jacket: tested tough in the pacific northwest.
8:51 am
antoinette: breaking news out of colorado this morning. three people killed in a shooting at a planned parenthood clinic. among them 44-year-old police officer garrett swasey, who graduated from melrose high school right here in massachusetts. the shooter identified as robert lewis dear in police custody right now, after an hours-long standoff. the colorado springs police department just tweeting out this mug shot of dear. it's not clear yet what his motive was. boston police meanwhile say they
8:52 am
are stepping up patrolsality the local planned parenthood clinic at a precaution. baby doe will finally be laid to a private service for bella bond will be held at the caggianno funeral home in winthrop. there is also a public memorial mass being held at st. john the evangelist church at 1:00 this afternoon. antoinette: boston police have cited "who's on first," the sports bar near fenway that was the site of a deadly shooting on thanksgiving. commuter rail conductor jephthe chery was killed; three others were injured. the citation was issued on the grounds that the shooting created an "unsafe environment." the bar's license has been suspended multiple times. back in september, it was cited
8:53 am
antoinette: the connecticut man who jumped over the white house fence on thanksgiving left a suicide note with friends and a will with his mother. 22-year-old joseph caputo of stamford allegedly told her that she may never see him again. yesterday. a judge ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. frank: and 'tis the season. downtown crossing getting in the christmas spirit with the annual tree lighting at macy's last night. mayor marty walsh was on land alongside plenty of special guests and of course santa claus himself. this year tree stands 46 feet tall and it's a gift to the city from the department store. antoinette: just missing a light dusting of snow. just kidding. no, we don't want the snow yet. danielle: how about a light dusting of rain showers this morning. antoinette: that's better. danielle: that will continue through the afternoon. it is mild out there right now. still in the 50's in a lot of spots. you're going to feel those temperatures fall through the afternoon in the 40's so it's a chilly rain today.
8:54 am
should taper off by later on this afternoon and evening. and tomorrow very cold start. cold finish too. ohm mid to upper 40's. upper 30's on monday. milder on tuesday and wednesday back in the 50's. not that bad. raincoat. i never know what to grab. danielle: up and down. here we go. newscenter 5 newscast right now
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