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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ed: the democrats target massachusetts on super tuesday eve. maria: late night rally here in worcester. >> with go one-on-one tonight. ed: the trump rally takedown. maria: breaking down on the stand. the tearful testimony from erin andrews. meteorologist: cold air set to move in. a system on the way. the chance it will start as snow. ed: 5 investigates on the front lines of the battle against the dangerous new drug. right now in worcester. president bill clinton is holding a late night rally for the wife million ry that is part of a final bush before tup are super tuesday. good evening. maria: am ed harding. maria: i am maria. wcvb newscenter 5's mary saladna is live in worcester. mary, what is the form ter president have to say? mary:le well, you know, maria, ed, the former president has
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break them down what it meaps to voters. the message, at this hour,eas voters should cast their vote tomorrow for his wife, hillary. she can do for them as the president of united states. he and his wife spent the day shoring up the delegate rich texaner than battleground state of massachusetts. >> i don't think we ever stopped being great. [cheering and applauding] [cheering and applauding] >> but we did stop being whole. we stopped growing together and that is what she wants to do. she in with as to make america whole again. mary. hillary clinton making stops in springfield and rallying voters to get out there to trust in her went they cast the vote tomorrow. >> i want every child have the same opportunities to go as far as your hard work and talent will take you, so join with me, let's make it happen, boston.
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about bernie sanders today and never named him and focused on negative tone but again at this hour it is former president clinton. his voice obviously hars every a ever after logging many hours stumming for his wife in texas. he will be heading to bedford tomorrow to shore up in here in the bay state. mary saladna. ed: let's take to reid lamberty. he is live in bill milton tonight. reid, one-on-one with bernie sanders tonight. reporter: he is in the race until the end. massachusetts are a must win as is texas. a lot of delegate on the line. the states do fail him. he will continue to accomplish what he set out to achieve. a political revolution. >> in which a whole lot lot of people who are given up on the political process, working people. young people. get involved and begin to stand up. >> we sat down with senator sanders fresh off of a flight
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before a rally at milton high school on the eve super tuesday. >> there is something wrong in the country when so view from so much. so many have so little. >> a message that resonated with young voters propelling a campaign that started out on life support to the front lines of political consciousness. >> what we are trying to do is bring millions of people into the political process and what i have said over and over again. no president can do it alone. we needle ms of people to stan up. >> political observes put sanders out of the democratic race. claim egg would are to win 60% of the remaining delegates. he adds it up differently. he with done in what will happen tomorrow. >> at in the of tomorrow. 15 states will have voted. last i heard we had a lot more than 15 states. we have 50 states. >> 74-year-old senator who rails against corporate greed and wealthy equality holds the ear of the future. he is prudent and surprised to have reached into.
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the end inby and the meeting end these young people. they are it into the end. i think we are going to surprise ale who loft people. >> this may surprise you as well. $40 million. that is how much the sand ears' came pain has raised this mnt alone. he has the machine my. i loo tonight. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: reid, thank you. the secret service is looking into this violent showdown at a donald trum event. photographer in a chokehold and body slamming hin. trum is getting more support. wcvb newscenter 5 is live in roxbury and jorge expecting a huge turnout everywhere. reporter: calling it a trump effect. possible record turnout and, tonight, the republican frontrunner once again, dominate the headlines with new controversy. a donald trump rally in virginia
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protesters chanting black lives matter. >> get them out. get them out. get them out. event. a photographer from "time" magazine trying to take photos service agent. watch closely. the agent granning the secret service now investigating. chaos. trump seemingly mocking another protester. >> are you from mexico? are you from mexico? [cheering and applauding] >> today's confrontation as the republican frontrunner continues dodging questions about the ku klux klan after not reject support from the klans form ter grand wizard david duck on cnn. he did not understand the question. >> so let me tell you. >> i am sitting in a house in door into with a bad ear piece they gave me. you could hardly hear what he was saying. reporter: drawing fryer the rival, marco rubio.
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he couldn't hear the question. ku klux klan comes through clearly. he refuses to criticize it. >> from the home state of text we are is hoping for much-needed victory, senator ted cruz throwing fall on the fire saying if donald trump is the republican nominee, the gop can count on hillary clinton being the next president. thele pos here open at 7:00 a.m. live from west roxbury, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. >> speak of polls they showed poise to extend the leads when 12 states vote tomorrow. go to wcvb newscenter 5 as the super tuesday results come in. a live abc news special that starts at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night on channel 5 followed by us right here on wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00. breaking tonight. a how mat scare as concern's hospital. we learn the bizarre reason. john atwater is live on the scene. john? reporter: well, turns out the melted plastic caused a scare here and denied a few dozen
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to the hospital for the level three hazmat that happened before 9:00 tonight. firefighters tell us, a hot plate was left on in a lab here at plastic container melted and the chemical in that conin saker appear stros dripped to the floor but the smoke that was caused by from all of this was harmless. it happened in a research building not near any patients aer at the hospital. thankfully, tonight, no one was hurt. live at children's john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. >> and breaking news in rhode island tonight. police in cranston releasing this picture after attempted robbery ends with a shooting at gas station. it happened just after 8:00 at the which on park avenue. take a look. head. hospital. no word yet on his condition tonight. >> naked body on the front page of the new york post like they had put bars over. maria: tearful testimony from sportscaster erin andrews. the "dancing with the stars"
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ja going on after the garnica took a secret nur video of her. ed: newscenter 5's phil lipof is here with her tearful testimony. phil. phil: glad you could tell how shaken up andrews was. she discovered videos had been posting on-line. >> it was all over this internet. i don't know where i am. phil: at first, authorities actually thought she had staged it as a publicity stunt, but when andrews had to watch the video the fbi, she actually had to leave the room to throw-up. the images still haunt her this to this day. >> i am so embarrassed. i come here and i sit in fear. i start talking about my job, how much i love sports then this happens every day of my life. phil: michael barrett was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for stalking andrews. today, he said the motive was simply money. andrews stated the nashville
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telling barrett which room she was staying in, then putting him in the room next door. she says had she known he was there, she would have called the police. >> i called the operator. they connected me to the room. phil: hotel calls bharat criminal who tricked him into gaining access. par receipt pleaded guilty in 2010 and sentenced to 30 months in prison. >> they could have stopped this. am so angry. ed: this is andrew's case but not the only woman barrett videotaped through motel peephole. more women on-line. ted? ed: this nice at 11:00. they re leased video trying to rob a conhave beenians store clerk that happened yesterday at the village mart on the street. can see him struggling with the clerk. the clerk then grabs a bat and chasing the robber out of the
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anything has any information has asked to contact the police. >> this is new at 11:00. looking at the power show of respect tonight for fallen virginia police officer from new england. ashley guindof's bod escorted to the funeral home. lack at the direction than the distance of the procession. gu anydon was fun gunned done the first day of the job. a funeral held tomorrow in virginia. several officers from her hometown are head taught student be there as well t. twice shot and killed while responding to domestic violence call on saturday. she was born in west springfield, massachusetts, and will be laid to rest there. 2:00. >> we're going to have a ceremony next monday at st. thomas church ap be buried at st. thomas cemetery as well. looking at roughly in speaking with the chief around 5,000 officers coming up. gindon buried next to the dad an iraq war veteran who committed suicide the day after a he returned home from duty.
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>> drop the gun! maria: a deadly officer-involved shooting in dorchester. one was killed after exchanging gunfire with a boston police officer midmorning on february 12th. boston were responding to reports of a shooting when they came face-to-face with a man. he was shot after ignoring several demands to drop his weapon. the suffolk county district attorney is still investigating tonight. ed: earlier thisnt mo. a california judge ordered to apple toll create software to help fbi.
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end that late night service on the t. they cannot continue to support the program because they are trying to cutover allcosts. that comes as the board considers whether or not to raise fares. a 5 to 10% fare like if the table. that is about $100 extra every year for the average dally rider. late night service runs from 12:30 to 2:30 a.m. that will end march 19th. >> next on wcvb newscenter 5. >> put your hands up. get them up. ed: 5 investigates on the front lines of the battle against the dangerous new drug. the new warning about the popular form of birth control and the change you will see. meteorologist: temperatures all a over the flays weak. one storm for sure. question mark on the second one.
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karen anderson is here with proof of its explosive growth in massachusetts. karen: over day, something reminds her of her brother, greg. only after multiple doses. they not able to reverse the effects until the third application. because now they are mixing heroin and fentanyl together, they are not able to provide people the same way. >> it is commonplace. karen: robert says scenes like this play out several times a week. not just woburn but all over the region. >> we're seeing a lot more fentanyl in the streets. they have been predominately fentanyl a small trace of
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>> when you are using something like this, you will not get a second chance. karen: the concern until of the state police brought us to the state crime lab for the first look. >> the spike of fentanyl is due to the attraction of a greater high. karen: fentanyl used as additive to heroin now replacing heroin. at the state crime lab in 2011, testing found one case involving fentanyl with no heroin compared to last year, $405 case. it is the poisoning of america is what it is. this is evidence of the state's largest seizure ever of fentanyl-laced heroin. just last month, hidden inside of the tewkesbury home. the fentanyl ending up in the hands of users not the version used. the dea says the path of street
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the chemicals are manufactured then sent to mexican cartel labs from there, smuggled into the u.s. fentanyl took part of the family. i assure you kaitlyn overly knows all too well. her brother overdosed on fentanyl last year. >> scary. you never know truly what you are getting. always playing russian roulette. karen: the flood has take and karen: the flood has taken a grim toll in massachusetts. the medical examiner's office tells us there has been a 53% spike in fatal overdoses involving fentanyl. karen anderson, 5 investigates. meteorologist: boston hits 64. what a way to end leap year. wow. 63. 59 even in boylston. now here were records. you will see portland, 59 shattered its record.
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agusta, all tieing the record. here in boston. i was a record higher. worcester 57 was record breaker. this helps ebb the month and the last two very warm days over 2.5 degrees above the average so des december way above. february above. and add together. for boston, the second warmest meter logical winter which is des bem december, worcester came out number three. rov dense, believe, was actually number one. we cooled down a little bit. it is still mild. 46 boston. a light westerly wind. 3:00 temperatures elsewhere. 30's and 40's across the region. but all you have to do is go north of the board. look that cold. you go from there to our 4. you also jump from 28 in chicago to 64 in kansas city. there has got to be action when you see this. first we get much colder. so boston will be right around 3 tomorrow morning. a little bit milder on the cape. a little colder north and west. no 64 tomorrow. right around 40 in the
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and tomorrow night will drop the evening. but very important. temperatures will start to rise late at night just as precipitation arrives. now worcester north and west there could be a period of sleet or freezing rain before the warmer air takes over. it will. look when it does early wednesday morning. with some downed pours a and a wind. you heard this script before. temperatures will actually be warm. a front comes through however late then morning. then by late in the day. it is totally in the other direction turning sharply colder and windy and pretty bitter cold blast comes in for are later wednesday and wednesdaynating and thursday and thursday night. so we had a lot of the change. snow showers mainly across northern new heng. urnering in the colder air. you are see snowing here. remember the storm is going to track west of us. then we draw the warmer air in later tomorrow night. make it pawn laraine storm here. front comes through. then bitter cold follows. a closer look. sunshine to start the day tomorrow. high clouds come in late.
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then wednesday morning. that brief period of freezing rain and sleet well north and west. be clear out later. the wind and cold then takes over. then, look what happened. as we get to late week. here go thursday night. a a storm that is going to drop off the mid-atlantic coast then how far north will it travel? look like we may get to it to some extent to the cape and much more to be learned about this as we go out in time. that was what i want you to know. fridays the day to watch for any type of significant snow oh potential. the storm stays too far out. we don't get very much and come he is close enough. we have cold air around to make a snowstorm. so fridays the day this has some potential between now and then. lots of upance downs but a cold stretch over the second half of the weak and it will stay cold through the weekend. guess that it will warm up again next weeks. okay. weather to become nur right. that was what call it. ed: written by harvey leonard.
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celtics hang on to win. straight at home. the celtics up 96-59 and here comes the play of the game.
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to put utah up. watch the block by bradley. all ball. saves with bill russell. this block here is clear. and all ball. celtics hang on to win. the bidding deadline came and went. watch the block by bradley. nothing but pure block to. celtics come on 11 in a row. they wint 105 the final. tom brady was not joking. brady has agreed to a two-year extension through 2019. hoping that the money that he saved the club would sign wes walker.
11:31 pm
where will, now they are hoping they can sign chandler jones, dont'a hightower, jamie collins among others. he will make $9 million a year. he will make $10 million next year. unclear what he will make in 18 and 19 and entering the 16th season which will make him join the longest running. members of the patriots. the last three. the red sox last week. the red sox assembled for the first team workout today. the monthlong scheduled to begin the annual doubleheader in fort myers to northeastern. the thrill for the college kids and what you call you better not lose for the major leaguers to boston red sox. fourth inning. two men on. launches the home run. red sox put in. 6-0 the final. meanwhile in the second game of the doubleheader. it is forth eastern. the guy playing for the huskies. his name is jake farrell. he fries westwood. he lined the sin goal left field.
11:32 pm
is what it is all about. see if you can get the bt on the ball. you bet ya? the next one on us. and that is what they will say now. when the red sox pitchers or managers visit the mound. a 32nd clock. one of the great ideas major league baseball has come up with a long, long time. none of the conferences at the mound. red sox win over the northeast. 8-3 the final. the trading deadline and came and passed. still a member of the proston bruins. he becomes the unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. the were you ones could not deal him. so now i suppose. 3:00 they tried to sign him. >> we got every bit of a chance as everybody else to see where it falls. clearly, there is probably one them a separated themselves in the east that thest there us are short in a pretty good hunt. >> all right. a reminder. get trout to vote tomorrow whether it is sports fan or not. get throughout. ed: labsly. i am voting. ed: the weather will be good for
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ed: weather it is going to be fine. no excuse what so soever. speck take cue are la. maria: what else? meteorologist: well, keeping an eye on friday. maria: right. that was what we're waiting for. storms. no i, if that storm comes close enough it has a lot of potential. we'll see. we got it. maria: snow.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight andy samberg. from "zootopia," ginnifer goodwin. and music from the strumbellas. with cleto and the cletones. and reserve and now, glory be here's jimmy kimmel!


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