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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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ed: a swimmers body found. >> the request he says lead to a brutal attack. harvey: oppressive community will be back along with the threat of strong storms. ed: a pilot scary splashdown office -- off a crowded beach. maria: and one excited birthday boy. some boston big a man's body pulled from the water on the cape. state police say they were called for a missing swimmer at joshua pond. the man's body was found at 8:40 p.m. tonight. hall -- how all this happened is under investigation. >> i was on the ground and i know they were kicking me in the side, kicking me in the head. ed: a grandfather bruised and battered from what he calls the
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pain, he is facing charges as well. how all of this started. john: he is facing charges along with three others involved in this fight but he is hoping that the video from surveillance cameras prove that he is the victim. he has a lack i, cuts on his lips and a gash on his leg. >> they tried to turn me over by had my face down. and they were punching me on the top of the head. john: a group #him when he came out of his hotel room to ask them to quiet down from -- when they returned from a wedding. grexit just kept continuing, it was awful.
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him. they could care less. john: they were in town to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary and l's 79th birthday. they were staying in this room step from the lobby. al said several cameras had to capture the violent episode. >> he was -- one was kicking me in the side in the head. they were also punching me. john: they are investigating and plan on charging three of the charge because a witness said he threw a punch and hopes the cameras show he did not start the fight. >> this is like hitting a grandfather and hurting a grandmother and not caring. john: police are trying to sort out what happened inside the hotel but that video could prove
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ed: a live look over the city. and four degrees, a quiet summer night but it may not be the case tomorrow. harvey is here tracking the threat of storms. >> it does not look like it will be widespread. we have some near the nations capital. those are the two directions that we follow and we will show you how it will play out. you see the same idea. pretty good storms are on the nations capital and down quote -- aerial coverage. the morning commute will be ok in most areas. there could be a spot shower here were there but it is not look like anything widespread that early in the day. we get to the afternoon especially the afternoon commute into the evening. things may living up a little bit but it still looks like widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. it does not look like it will be
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scattered though it may be could be strong. there is a chance of some damaging winds and local -- localized street flooding. much more about this at the rest of the week. or it: the state is taking action over this right there. an elderly diocese patient locked inside a building and left alone for hours. firefighters had to break in and get that woman out. jorge quiroga woman's family still searching for answers. jorge it is hard to beleive. : this photo of 86-year-old maureen perry was taken through the window of the fresnius dialysis clinic in methuen. the place was locked. the staff gone home. while mrs. perry had been left behind in a chair receiving dialysis treatment. hours later when mrs. perry had not been returned to her willmington rehab center, the staff there, called her family. this cell phone video taken as
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and took the beloved grandmother out. today fresnius clinic relasing a statement saying in part that a staff member mistakenly believed all our patients had left the facility. we deeply regret what occurred adding, our patient's care and safety are our top priorities. mrs. perry's family is furious releasing a statement saying, we wont be satisfied until we have a full explanation of the situation that occurred. also under scrutiny, the apparently when the crew went to pick her up after her treatment, the place was locked. so they left. and tonight the department of public health is confirming dph is conducting a thorough investigation into the situation. mrs. perry's family says they have been contacted by the clinic here and tonight are waiting to hear the outcome of investigations now underway by both the clinic and dph. following the scare saturday mrs. perry is now being assesed by her own medical team.
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gronkowski has a new injury. the pats star left practice early today. it happened when he pulled up while going for a pass from tom brady. gronk took himself out, talked to a trainer on the sideline, then left for the locker room. no comment from the team tonight. maria: a jogger murdered on a princeton street will be laid to rest tomorrow. and tonight's wake is ending with friends and family still wondering, who took her life? newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat is live in leominster where the funeral will be held in the shaun: friends and family are saying goodbye with many questions left unanswered. hugs and memories of a bright young woman with a promising future. friends and family, said goodbye to vanessa marcotte as people in princeton call for answers, about her death. she vanished after leaving for a jog around 1 sunday. at 8:05 the town sent out a code
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that recorded message warning neighbors of her disappearance hours before. >> we did not get a code red until 8 p.m. and i know some people would have gotten into their cars and gone up and down brooks station road as soon as that happened looking for this girl. jorge neighbors wish they could : have done more. but today state police say town leaders were told to issue that alert after police had already begun their search in these dense woods by foot and by air. at 8:20 not far from her mother's home along brooks station road. 5 investigates has learned police are testing dna from a possible person of interest. state police will not give a more specific timeline of events to maintain the integrity of the ongoing investigation. closure her friends and family desperately need. the funeral tomorrow begins at 10:00 a.m, she will be buried in
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maria a quiet night in milwaukee : after two nights of protests following a deadly police shooting. the mayor imposed a 10 p.m. curfew for all teenagers. during the past two nights police have been attacked and businesses burned. this all comes after 23-year-old sylville smith was shot and killed by an officer in a traffic stop after he was ordered to drop his weapon. police say he did not. in commitment 2016 tonight, and what he's saying is only raising more questions. newscenter 5's ben simmoneau is here with those plans. ben donald trump talks a lot : about immigration, but tonight we know what he might actually do on that front he laid it out in ohio today. it includes some very controversial moves. mr. trump i call it extreme : vetting. i call it extreme, extreme
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: immigration into this country will fundamentally change if he's elected president, calling for the development of a screening test for immigrants. mr. trump: screen out any who have hostile attitudes toward our country or its principles. or who believe that sharia law should supplant american law. trump reiterated his call for a ben: ban on muslims entering the u.s. mr. trump we will have to : temporarily suspend immigration from sof most dangerous and volatile regions of the world. that have a history of exporting terrorism, not for us. ben one day after the : conservative wall street journal editorial page called on trump to start acting like he wants to be president, he stayed on script, reading his speech off a teleprompter in ohio claiming hillary clinton lacks the judgment for the office. mr. trump she also lacks the : mental and physical stamina to take on isis and all of the many
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i was an opponent of the iraq war from the beginning. ben but not exactly, here's what : he told howard stern at the time. >> are you for invading iraq? mr. trump yeah, i guess so. : you know i wish the first time it was done correctly. ben notably, donald trump did : not call president obama the founder of isis as he had done repeatedly last week. maria democratic nominee hillary : clinton and vice president joe biden attacking trump's foreign policy knowledge today. the two campaigned together for the first time, in biden's hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. biden says trump has no clue about foreign policy, and doesn't seem to want to learn. he also attacked trump's economic plans. mr. biden: he is trying to tell us he cares about the middle
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to repeat myself, it is such a bunch of maalarkey. maria: while in scranton biden also made a special stop to show clinton his childhood home. new tonight, the obama administration is announcing its biggest transfer of detainees yet from guantanamo bay. 15 prisoners are being sent to the united arab emirates. it's part of a renewed push to cut the number of terror suspects held at the u.s. base in cuba. 61 detainees remain there now. x next on newscenter 5. maria: a new warning about pain medications and the problem they can cause in children years after they are taken. harvey: the latest on tomorrow's storm threat and how things will change. maria: one very excited birthday boy. why some boston big shots through this little guy a
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maria: two chair jew two teenagd in all chased this woman for a couple of streets. the brothers told police they were conducting a "social experiment" and they are now -- they are now charged with disorderly conduct. ed: at least six people are dead, swept from homes and cars. some areas have seen over 30 inches of rain in just days. more than 11,000 people have been forced from their homes and 20,000 more were rescued, many
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helicopter. others rescued by community members just passing by. >> first instinct was to get hold of her and pulled her out. could not do it from the boat so i just jumped in. and rescue crews, along with : several volunteer boat owners, working constantly to save people throughout the state. maria: your health right now. taking acetaminophen is a common practice for many pregnant women. but tonight we're learning it may be linked to behavioral problems. in kids of these acetaminophen can lead to future hyperactivity, conduct, and emotional issues in children. but doctors say women should continue to take the medicine as not treating fever or pain can lead to premature labor. and a warning tonight about something many of us do daily , sitting. the american heart association saying sitting around can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and even death. the new recommendation is to get up and to do it often. doctors suggest taking active
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bathroom or water cooler. a birthday for a child that could really use a reason to smile. ed newscenter 5's diane cho has : the big surprise, for a little boy who's been through so much. >> take your shoes off. diane 5-year-old jacob didn't : hesitate when he was asked to change out of his clothes into his bat boy costume to become his favorite superhero. batman even personally escorted him to the batcave. that is where he made a grand entrance for his surprise birthday party at the lenox hotel. >> this is amazing. he is so happy. diane: jacob and his family live in orlando, florida but they called boston home for about 6 months after he was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor just after he turned 4. he underwent three brain surgeries in florida and then had a fourth one here. sot, 40.00 he had 6 wks of radiation and started oral chemo
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hospitalized three times and we came back to boston. diane now as doctors try to : figure out the next best step , his mother says there are talks of jacob potentially having to endure yet another one. >> he just proves once of the goes wrong, he is the happiest kid even through all this. the hotel has become their home diane: away from home. , wanted to plan something special and if i was ok with it , of course, i want the best for him. >> want to thank everyone involved.
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harvey: there will be a few storms but i want to stress that it looks like it is going to be very scattered so i do not think all of us are going to get them. it is on most impossible to say which areas would so you have to use your own smarts and keep an eye to the sky especially later in the day into the nighttime hours. we did hit 90 in boston. we did have a little less humidity. i hope you appreciated small favors. this is for degrees above average and look a of 90 degree days up to 17. the averages 13 or 14. we are already above average. i think we figure that out. the other thing is the dry weather. that continues with the serious drought situation. over 7.5 inches deficit in precipitation in boston and worcester. it is pretty widespread. 74 degrees, this is a typical
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and stuffy as some of the recent nights have been. temperatures are in the 60's and low 70's. some high, thin clouds around and in terms of the humidity impact, it is not too bad i run much of the area but it does get somewhat uncomfortable across portions of the south coast. we are talking about some oppressive air that is working on to long island and bridgeport, connecticut. as this oppressive air moves into the region, that is what gives us a chance of scattered storms we are seeing some area that has heavy downpours around the nation's capital and another area across the midwest. these are the areas we will focus on but between the two there is a huge gap where there is no precipitation and it does not look like a super widespread type of thing. as this warm front approaches there could be a spot shower in the morning. it is later tomorrow and into tomorrow night.
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areas that there is more energy involved with a disturbance so there could be more widespread in terms of the storms. we cannot rule out some scattered ones. wednesday morning this front will cross the region and find it it will turn much less humid. let's back it up through tomorrow. clouds coming in from the west but once again in terms of showers we do not see a whole lot here. notice and vermont. later in the day western new england. it is possible that there could be a public shower or thunderstorm in some of our areas as well. even though you do not see huge aerial coverage keep in mind especially late in the day into tomorrow night, there could be a potent storm so. if you are under one of those you could expect some damaging winds, localized street flooding
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lightning as well. with those storms. that threat will diminish later on tomorrow night and we should get into somewhat more comfortable air, very warm as we get deeper into wednesday. that is how things are shaping up. a high chance where the storm -- storms occur for some heavy rain and lightning and a small chance there could he and embedded tornado but that could be more likely in western and northern new england than here. if we get a little more sunshine it could be higher and that would boost the chance for a strong storm late in the day into the night. keep an eye to the sky as you are at the beach. 77 degrees temperature ocean water. it will be kind of humid. some son mixed with the clouds. we will consider tomorrow impact day at least in scattered locations potentially with emphasis on later in the day
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85 to 90 degrees and the rest of the week into the weekend looks like it will be comparatively comfortable when compared to the way it has been much of the last month and a half. maria: coming up, dramatic video from an air show. ? with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank.
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fed: a plane makes a crash landing in the water and flips over on its top. this happened during an air show off the coast of england. people on the beach waded into the water to help after the crash. they were able to get the pilot out. he walked away with minor injuries.
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next now here's mike lynch with sportscenter 5. powered by xfinity. >> let's begin with ron gronkowski. he was trying to catch a pass from tom brady, he pulled up and took himself out of practice.
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he will be back on the field tomorrow. malcolm butler gets ejected from practice by bill belichick. as for malcolm butler, he got into a scrap with alshon jeffrey of the bears, the two scuffled for about 10-15 seconds, players from both sidelines walked onto the field, it's nothing new to the game, but bill belichick had a strict rule, you fight during practice, you are tossed from practice. the red sox hang on for the fourth win in a row 3-2 the , final. another solid starting outing. the red sox would come back to innings later. david ortiz -- and a homer. that is for behind jimmie foxx and six behind the make. 2-1 socks. 3-1 sox.
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and up the middle, no problem. getting the runner easily at first base. and through -- throwing 28 pitches. that is a lot to take. that is after he put runners on first and second with nobody out. on their way to baltimore and they go to detroit. in detroit tonight has -- had a cup in his hand. what they are trying to do is capture it playing mantis. they had another praying mantis and they won five and one. they need a new one. what are the odds you will find another praying mantis in two ballparks?
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let's take a look at the standings. very important this time of year. orioles and blue jays are tied for first. they are not going away. wild card look like this. one of the orioles -- the blue jays and the red sox right now are the wild-card team. seattle and detroit to an half games. ed: they have from boston to cleveland to detroit. harvey: they will be going through a different -- a lot of different kinds of weather. we will keep and i to the sky tomorrow especially tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. scattered storms in the area and after that a little bit quiet. just to reinforce what you have been doing. you have been putting impact
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widespread and scattered but they can be strong. localized street flooding and localized damaging winds. most likely during the afternoon into the night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- chris pine. the bachelorette jojo and fiance jordan. the finale of "the baby bachelorette." and music from kelsea ballerini. with cleto and the cleto [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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