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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  December 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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something like that, they're heartless. anytime you can shoot a man and a woman in bed with the kids right in the next room, they're heartless and they need to be incarcerated."anthony walker has lived in this area for years and monitors any unusual behavior that may happen. antho: anthony:"our neighborhood is safe, it's secure. all of the neighbors know each other. we look out for each other. something like this has never happened in over 15 years over here." barbara burgardt has called this area home for 30 years.barbara: "totally, totally, uncharacteristic of this neighborhood. the most exciting things that happen are the traffic."neighbors say the family seemed friendly and were often seen outside with their children. as the family tries to wrap their minds around what happened, neighbors say they plan to remain vigilant.anthony walker "we hope to god that it never happens again and we're going to do our best to help the authorities try find out and figure out who did this and
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invesitgating... amanda 58 news. two other fatal shootings from the last 24-hours 'are under' investigation. a 67-year old man was found dead in a car after a crash near 36th and thurston last night. it turns out he died from a gunshot wound not the accident.and then around 4-this morning, police say a 34-year shot a 32-year old woman, and then turned the gun on himself near 52nd and green tree road. the man died. the woman survived. new tonight, congresswoman gwen moore formally requests a federal investigation of the deaths this ye atthe milwaukee county jail. jail. in her letter to the department of justice, moore lists four deaths...including that of an infant and she accuses milwaukee county of quote "failing its constitutional obligations to our inmates". cbs 58 talked
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she criticized sheriff david clarke for his response. "none of us should be stunned at this point that there are four deaths in six months given his flamboyant, arrogant and non-empathetic response to that. some of the families have said he has not even reached out to them, to say i'm sorry for your loss." loss." cbs 58 has reached out to sheriff clarke and he sent us this statement. statement."g criminals' best friend, should focus on reducing the $21 trillion dollar debt the country is facing, replacing obamacare, reducing taxes, closing the border and helping president trump jumpstart the economy to provide jobs." 3 some early season arctic air has folks bundling up...drew is here with your first look at ready weather... toss to drew drew tonight: partly to mostly cloudy with soem flurries. lows in the teens with single
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flurries possible during the day. highs in the mid 20s with wind chills in the teens. wind: wnw 5-15 of the week/weekend: dry and chilly with low 20s friday. saturday night into sunday could provide the chance for snow, and this could continue into early sunday morning. right now it appears 3 to 5 keep checking back for updates. another wave could provide another shot of snow sunday night into monday
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"i've been carrying something around with me for a year... and it's laylah. and i'd like to think we could put her to rest now." now." an emotional milwaukee police chief ed flynn last october... announcing three arrests for the shooting death of fi a chapter closes on this heartbreaking story. 30 years behind bars for the last man convicted in the shooting death of 5-year old laylah petersen. in 2014... petersen was sitting on her grandfather's lap when bullets poured into a milwaukee home... killing the little girl. 58's david ade is live in the newsroom. arlis gordon pled guilty to second degree reckless homicide... and three other charges.gordon's lawyer hoped
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than an 18 year prison sentence. arlis gordon hung his head after hearing the 30 year prison sentence handed down by a milwaukee county judge... judge..."hopefully you'll come out a better person sir." before that sentence... gordon's aunt told the court.... her nephew is not a v. villan. "he is not the monster that the media and the chief of police portray him to be." lawyers on both sides say he is the man who hatched a 2014 revenge plan... which ended up with 12 to 14 bullets in the wrong house... those bullets taking five- year-old laylah petersen's life. life. "he killed my daughter by shooting into the wrong house. he is not a man... that was a cowardice move."gordon is the last of three men sentenced in petersen's death. death. "i would like to give my condolences to the family and friends of laylapetersen."on december first, carl barrett was ordered to serve 65 years in prison and another 35 years
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role in the shooting.and paul farr... who drove the two gunmen... was previously sentenced to 5 months in prison.petersen's father... who stared at gordon on his way to speak to the court... rejected a claim that gordon was sorry. sorry. remorse... he doesn't have remorse... he has remorse for being caught... not for what he did." after gordon's thirty years behind bars are up... he'll have 19 years of extended supervision.he's getting credit for the 420 days he's already spent in custody. ade... cbs 58 news. new stunning information since we first told you about the two middle school students arrested for conspiring to commit murder. we now know who it was that reported the hit list of fellow classmates. classmates. cbs 58's lindsey branwall is live in burlington with reaction....lindsey? the school learned about what happened when a 15-year-old girl's mother came forward.she saw a facebook message between her daughter and her
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this hit list, some students have asked for help superintendant peter smet burlington area school district "obviously it has impacted several students that are concerned and we have our guidance services available to them if they need to work through this matter" matter" in the facebook message he asked, do you want me to kill them all.she replied yes.he said, i'll need a listshe sent the names of five classmates complaint details some troubling thoughts from the girl.telling police she thinks about people being ""slaughtered, eaten, tortured, and even people being stabbed" and "she thinks of people hanging dead, but doesn't want to hurt anyone" she believed her boyfriend wouldn't really kill 5 of her classmates. he told police the same thing "because he isn't a psychopath" and says he "only talked about it to make her
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yambor, picking her two grandkids up from school.she's glad the teen's mother spoke up, but still worries, knowing her grandsons could have been on the list. judy yamborhas grandsons in middle school"i still have concern, i still have concern about it i don't know if they would have gone through with it, but had they it would have been awful" awful" the two are out on bond, and were placed on house arrest. they'll be back in court next weekreporting live in burlington, lindsey branwall cbs 58 we've learned tonight that donald trump will bring his thank you tour to the milwaukee area. area.the president-elect will visit west allis next tuesday. both he and the next vice president, mike pence will appear at the expo center at state fair park. the event is scheduled to start at 7 p-m. tuesday is the day ?after? the deadline for completing wisconsin's recount of presidential votes. today the state elections commission said that right now, 34- counties have finished their
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deadline. the goodwill store in west allis had a special guest this morning... packers legend donald driver. driver. 3 driver: it's amazing, amazing opportunity for me. you get to see what people do every single day, and that's donate items to an amazing cause. cause.the new packers hall of famer talks one-on-one with c-b-s 58's kevin holden about his stop at goodwill, his involvement in "two" halls of fame next year, and of course, the packers playoff here on c-b-s 58. 3 next at five, milwaukee's changing face....a new downtown skyscraper and a renovated stage for summerfest. 3 and if you see a pink piece of paper on your car in st.'s not a ticket and no you're not fired. we'll
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the evolution of milwaukee's downtown skyline continues. today, bmo harris unveiled these renderings of the 25-story office tower it plans
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structure will be located at water and wells, just south of city hall. a parking structure is at that location right now. the new building should be ready by late 2019. 3 summerest is making plans ?beyond? next year's 50th edition. today..showing off a new designed music stage. stage. right after the 2017 big gig, the u-s cellular connection stage on the north end of maier festival park will undergo a complete makeover...the venue will have a bigger performance area, performers and the biggest video screen on the grounds. it should be ready for summerfest 2018. a critical time for local leaders looking to get some money for the state. state.but there's alot of people in line. line. cbs 58's jocelyn pruna is live with details of a meeting aimed at working together. joceyln. hi mike and michellethe sense i got from the meeting is that there are so many governments in the state it's like a big family where you have all these people with needs and wants and it's a
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today's focus was how can all these levels of government communicate and get the most in the upcoming state budget. we're talking major road projects, schools and police departments. they all require money. and the state of wisconsin only has so much to go around.there are more than 25-hundred different governing bodies that rely heavily on state's panel organized by the non partisan group public policy forum. painted a picture on how those bodies can work effectively in wisconsin to provide you with thst taxpayer dollars. 29 secpaul farrow/ waukesha county executive"looking at our roads, looking at our infrastructure it's how do we keep the infrastructure solid." dan devine/ west allis mayor ".sometimes you feel like they are listening and other times you feel like they other
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don't."feel like they don't." legislators have approve a 2 year state budget when they go backn january so they'll need to hear from county and local governments like west allis before its gets in west allis. 3 3 3 tonight: partly to mostly cloudy with soem flurries. lows in the teens with single digit wind chills.friday: variably cloudy with stray flurries possible during the day. highs in the mid 20s with wind chills in the teens. wind: wnw 5-15 of the week/weekend: dry and chilly with low 20s friday. saturday night into sunday could provide the chance for snow,
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early sunday morning. right now it appears 3 to 5 inches will fall across the area. keep checking back for updates. another wave could provide another shot of snow sunday night into monday
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3 if you come back to your parked car in st. francis and
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slips of paper on the windshield, don't worry, it's not a parking ticket. but it could be a warning. 3 today cbs 58 rode along with a st. francis police officer who was passing out "theft report cards". officers look through parked car windows to see if the driver has left anything of 'value that's visible.' if not, the driver gets a report card with a passing grade, since that car is less likely to attract a break-in. the first car the officer checked this morning inspection....but ?not? the second one. "so this car has a cd sticking out and a charging cord. just having those plugged in hanging out gives a theif an idea like maybe there is something else in the glove box or console that goes with that charging cord." cord." you're not really penalized for getting a failing grade, but the report card does offer tips on keeping your car safe from break-ins. if you ?pass?, you can be entered in a monthly drawing for prizes like gift cards. st. francis police say they're getting a
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program. the start of the new milwaukee bucks arena project has created job openings and today the team unveiled a new way for you to find those jobs. jobs.the bucks are teaming up with skillsmart to create a website where you can look for what they call "family supporting jobs" in the new arena district. construction jobs are an obvious opportunity right now....and not just with the bucks. "it's not only for this project. we're not guaranteeing that everyone on the site will get a job with the arena, but what this will do is it allows us to take all the data from all the people who have signed up and send them to different projects that are happening throughout the city of milwaukee." we've got a link for job seekers on our website, cbs 58 dotcom. just click on news links. it's the final day of baseball's winter meetings.... ...earl arms tells us how the brewers roster is looking after the final day. that's
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the rule five draft taking place this final day of baseball's winter meetings... and the crew walking away empty-handed. the drafted left- hander caleb smith from the new york yankess but then promptly traded him to the chicago cubs for cash. the brewers also losing right- hander miguel diaz to minnesota. minnesota.that means it looks
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to go.... that's because ryan braun remains a brewer for now. but even as the winter meetings conclude, gm david stearns says trade discussions are far from over. the benefit of the winter meetings is that everyone is here an dwe can schedule meetings back to back. we've had countless meetings the past three-plus days here and that will continue once we leave here. clay matthews limited at practice today... this after missing practice st coach mccarthy saying he didn't expect him to practice at all until saturday. matthews still nursing that injured shoulder. never wish injuries on anyone... but you'd better believe the packers are happy they don't have to see earl thomas. the seahawks safety out for the year with a broken leg. so now, aaron rodgers and the packers offense could have an easier time with the league's best scoring defense without arguably their best player. keyword: could earl's a great player. it's a
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and play well. this defense plays well together and one guy isn't gonna equal a ton of holes out there. freshman sam hauser's shooting a big reason marquette able to get by fresno state this week. they'll need the stevens point native to be just as how when wisocnsin comes to the bmo harris bradley center saturday. her eon his 19th birthday.... the freshman talked about shooting over 50 pet year... ahead of playing the badgers for the first time. coaches form day one have given me confidence believeing in my shooting ability. my teammates are findng me when i'm open and that's creating really good looks for me and the high percentage. the bucks off tonight before playing atlanta tomorrow... but last night... giannis antetokounmpo got his second triple-double of the season. but it was his eighth-career triple-double... and that puts
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bucks. the only man ahead of him.... kareem abdul-jabbar. giannis talked after helping the bucks win their fifth game in six tries. it's a great feeling. i just to find my teammates--trying to play basketball and find the open
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tonight: partly to mostly cloudy with soem flurries. lows in the teens with single digit wind chills.friday: variably cloudy with stray flurries possible during the day. highs in the mid 20s with wind chills in the teens. wind: wnw 5-15 of the week/weekend: dry and chilly with low 20s friday. saturday night into sunday could provide the chance for snow, and this could continue into early sunday morning. right now it appears 3 to 5 inches will fall across the area. keep checking back for updates. another wave could provide another shot of snow sunday night into monday morning. 3 thanks for joining us.the cbs evening news with scott pelley is sure
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captioning sponsored by cbs godspeed, john glenn. >> 5, 4, 3,... >> tonight, we were an american hero, space pioneer john glenn, the first american to orbit the earth. >> looks like >> pelley: also tonight, wicked weather creates massive pileups, blizzard conditions, and arctic chill across much of the country. and. >> i thought they were just water vapor. >> pelley: the nation's top doctor sounds the alarm on e-cigarettes. is a new generation getting hooked on nicotine. >> bottom line, is there is no safe use of tobacco products for kids, and those include


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