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killed inside her own the search is on for the shooter.. and to figure out exactly what happened.the cbs 58 news at 10 starts now. 3 3 breaking news tonighta fifteen year old girl shot and killed. happened ?inside? her home near 35th and silver s. 58's amanda porterfield spoke with the victim's siter... and joins us live with more. around dinnertime tonight police say someone fired gunshots inside of thr home you see behind members here on scene say the bullets went through the kitchen window - hit and killed 15 year old melanie johnson. family members say teenager melanie johnson lives at this home with her mother and siblings..who they believe were all inside when someone fired shots inside the home just before six.milwaukee police do not believe this was
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johnsons picture..we spoke to her older sister says she was a good kid who she saw today just hours before she was killed. she was an awesome girl, 15 yo gemani like me that's why we got along so well. she was perfect, she was perfect. we're huring a lot, this is going toe through, just pray for us just pray for us us her family says she went to john marshall school here in milwaukee. investigators dont have a motive or suspect information at this time. melanie johnsons sister says she doesnt believe her sister had any enemies.she went ti school, did well and just asks that anyone with any
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please come on 35th and silver spring amanda porterfield cbs 58 news. 3 several people displaced after a fire at a apartment complex in cudahy.there were several fire trucks outside the building on creekside drive off of college.the red cross was on scene to help those who were forced out into the cold. we saw firefighters looking into the outside wall on the second story.but no word yet on a cause.. he escaped homelessness..only to fall victim to violence. this is nothing you would wish on anybody anybody 44 year old anthony sanders was a living example of never losing the past year, since we first met him living under a bridge..he had secured housing. but he was also known to take people in. and that may have put him in harm's way. police say they arrested a 31 year old woman for fatally stabbing him during an argument over the weekend at his home at 35th and villard. it would have been his first christmas in awhile..under his
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the snow is gone.. for now.but now the cold is moving in. chief meteorologist drew burgoyne is in the weather center getting you ready for the morning. tonight: increasing clouds with a chance for a snow shower or flurries after 3 midnight. lows in the single digits and teens with wind chills nearing 0. wind: sw 5-15 mph.tuesday: turning sunny and very the teens with winds chills around 0. wind: w 10-20 mph. week ahead: it stays very cold through thursday with highs around 100 and lows around 00 but feeling colder with the wind chill. chills likely staying below zero tuesday through thursday. chance for snow is increasing for friday into saturday with accumulating snow possible. a 55-year-old man collapses while shoveling snow and later died at the hospital. hospital.milwaukee police found the man outside his house on 23rd and keefe this
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hospital where he was pronounced dead.last year cbs 58 reported on five snow shoveling deaths in the milwaukee area.this is the first reported death relating to the snow this season. 3 doctors say these deaths are often caused by a heart attack. lifting heavy snow in the cold can be hard on the elderly or people with pre-existing conditions.but it can also be a risk for healthy people "when it's colder outside, your blood vessels constrict, it gets a little harder to the blood flow to the heart so it can exascerbate may not have really been there if the temperature was normal" normal" when you're out shoveling, make sure you go slow, take breaks, and listen to your body. if you get chest discomfort or short of breath it's time to stop and ask for some help. 3 to stay up to date on the latest weather alerts and track winter weather... just download the cbs 58 mobile weather app. it's free for android and i-phones. a second person is charged in the murder of a racine woman whose body was found in a dumpster behind a grocery store.
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is charged as an accomplice in the death of kim cantwell back in october. october.according to the criminal complaint... harry fumich -- the man charged in cantwell's murder asked johnson to tell cantwell that he wand to talk to her... and to distract cantwell's boyfriend.the complaint says johnson saw fumich strangling cantwell with a cord and wrapped her in bedspread and tied it with a sheet.the complaint says a third person helped move cantwell's body to the dumpster behind sunshine supermarket. 3 his three-month old son in a pond pleaded guilty. sean flowers' trial "was" supposed to start late july, he got into a fight with the child's mother at a "get together" and then waded out into the pond and held the baby under water. witnesses tried to stop him, but he fought them off and the child faces life in prsion when sentenced next month. 3 two women charged with abuse and torture of a seven year old are headed to trial.police
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punishment on 7-year old trevion winningham..while ..etter hughes did nothing to stop it. she had been entrusted to care for the boy by his mother.the child died at the hospital 11 pounds underweight with bruises all over his body. hughes had done time already for the death of another child back in 2003.she met her co-defendant in this case..behind bars. the two waukesha girls charged for the slender man attacks will be tried separately. morgan geyser and anissa weier are accused with stabbing their classmate to please the fina man" in 20-14... when the girls were 12 years a competency report was given to the court for geyser...that report was sealed with the stipulation that the two girls be tried separately.the girls will be tried in in adult court.they've pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.the trial dates have not been set yet. 3 new tonight -- milwaukee police arrest a teen who they say is suspect in more than 20 car thefts and burglaries across the city.junior moreno is facing more than 30 charges relating to incidents dating back to october.two others are
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connection to the crimes. bed bugs have invaded a milwaukee county services building... 58's marshanna hester is here to explain the effort to get rid of them once and for all.. marshanna? michele-- milwaukee county officials say a dog detected bed bugs inside the marcia coggs center in downtown milwaukee..the building was dealing with the same problem just over a year ago... tonight-- we saw crews with batzner pest control unloading equipment to go inside the building and begin the extermination process. county says it found out late last week that a small number of bed bugs were found in an isolated area of the coggs center... the building at 12th and vliet houses several health and human services government agencies... a county spokesperson tells us bed bug reports are common in public spaces... as often times, they come in off of visitors. she also says -- "the county has an active pest control contract so that we can both
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respond quickly when remediation is needed." we're told the coggs building remains safely open to employees and the public..for ways to protect yourself from bed bugs in public places -- click on newslinks at cbs 58 dot com.bill? wisconsin's presidential election recount is officially over... and state election officials confirm donald trump won wisconsin. wisconsin.the recount added less than 2-thousand votes... and increased trump's margin of victory in th into the recount some questioned whether the vote counting machines were at risk for outside hacks... and officials addresed that today. "we found no evidence of any hack in terms of our computer infrastructure system. there was no evidence tt the numbers reported had anything to do th a hack of our
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error was the main reason some voters weren't counted on election night. night.donald trump sent this tweet about the recount results... he says "the final wisconsin vote is in and guess what -- we just picked up an additional 131 votes.the dems and green party can now rest. scam!" president-elect donald trump is expected to announce his pick for secretary of state tom. tomorrow. the leading candidate is exxon mobile c-e-o rex tillerson... who's met with trump twice this past week.mitt romney apea on facebook that it was an honor to be considered... and said his discussions with trump were enjoyable and enlightening. 3 president-elect trump is taking his "thank you tour" to the milwaukee area.he'll be at state fair park in west allis. doors open at 4... and rally starts tomorrow night at 7. wisconsin republicans are planning on coming.... senator ron johnson tweeted that he's going to attend with house speaker paul ryan and governor scot walker. 58 will have
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starting tomorrow on the cbs 58 news at 4. 3 state republicans are still figuring out how to solve a 1-billion dollar shortfall in the state's transportation budget.governor walker says repealing wisconsin's minimum mark-up on gas sales wouldn't satisfy his conditions for raising the state's gas tax to help pay for road construction. walker has proposed borrowing money and delaying work on major projects.... but assembly speaker robin vos believes every way tis revenue should be considered -- including raising the gas tax. the governor has said he'll veto any increase in the gas tax without a corresponding tax decrease somewhere else. they say it takes a village to raise a child-- well it took the village of sussex to bring one safely in to the world tonight-- a waukesha county family honed firefighters and dispatchers who helped deliver their 58's kristen barbaresi is live in the newsroom with the
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be hunter mastalir's birthday-- mom was set to be induced at 7 am--but just before 3 am it was clear he was coming early so dad called 911.and at 3:14 am-- sheriff's deputies, firefighters and emts helped deliver the baby. tina mastalir 09;48;42 it was relaxing because i knew someone was there that knew what they were doing, no offense to him, but at least you were in good hands. and i live in sussex and worked in sussex for a long time so i i felt a lot more comfortable butt to to chief tony emanuele10;26;10 we've had some nasty calls we go on but this was one of them at makes us feel like this is why we do the job. this is worth it. this makes it worth i. it.the fire cheif himself also responded to this call. tonight-- the family presented the team with stork pins they can wear on their uniforms as a reminder of that night.the firefighters got hunter a gift
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skyler-- also got a gift from the team-- she was there that night too- wide awake for the action. hunter as you could see is a happy healthy babyand the chief says in his 34 years this is the first baby the department helped to deliver. live in the newsroom kristen barbaresi cbs 58 news 3 if a rock in a leather pouch can sell out at nordstrom's imagine what a pricey paper weight could do for children's hospital..don't're going to want to stick around for 3 aaron rodgers didn't finish yesterdays game against the seahawks... should packer fans be worried?the answer is coming up.... 3 cash and pills stolen from a wauwatosa pharmacy...and the f-b-i wants your help in finding those responsible...
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they robbed a wauwatosa pharmacy - taking cash and precription pills... and the f-b-i says it was an inside job... cbs 58's evan kruegel has the details in our latest installment of fbi unsolved robberies
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four people helped rob a wauwatosa pharmacy in early august. three were captured... butjaylen campbell .... got away(nat music)a manhunt is underway (nat) for 23-year-old jaylen campbell - wanted for a violent robbery at this pharmacy on august 7th. 7th.:51:30 "they actually held up :51:30 "they actually held up the pharmacist, to try and get pharmaceutical drugs that were behind the counter."the f-b-i says it was an inside job - as a former employee the store - taking cash and drugs :52:22 "they appeared to know the layout of the store. they appeared to know where things were kept."minutes later - they fled the scene in a silver car. a few blocks away - someone called police to report a wreckless driver... :52:22 "the milwaukee police responded to that location and was able to locate that auto"campbell's accomplices were captured - but he escaped on foot.... :56:20 "he's positively identified. at this point, it's just a matter of time. he will be caught." if you've
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ekcbs58news. 3 milwaukee police looking for three suspects accused of robbing three stores in a 30- minute span on the city's northwest side. side.police say the men robbed a walgreens, family dollar, and pick 'n save.when a pick 'n save employee tried to stop them... one of the suspects punched the employee. if you know who these men are... call milwaukee police. a former packers player is sued... over claims he didn't pay a woman thousands of complaint... santana dotson owes a mukwonago woman nearly 300-thousand dollars.the complaint alleges dotson borrowed the money back in 2014... and it accuses him of making unauthorized purchases on her credit cardwhile the case is still in its early stages, a local attorney explains the next potential steps. there's a possibility that there might be counter claims filed. he may allege that if this was a business relationship that she in fact owes him. or that any debts
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about the unauthorized use of the credit card, maybe there was authorization for that. 3 the relationshp between dotson and the woman is unclear. investigators say a wrong-way drunk driver on her way home from karoke hits a milwaukee county plow truck. it happened on 894 near 51st street early this morning. the sheriff's office says 51-year old joann quesada was going about 55 miles an hour th plow. she was found unresponsive... but taken to the hospital and treated.she's since been released to the jail... and is facing owi and recklessly endangering safety charges. 3 we're ready for more wintry weather now that 20-thousand pounds of road salt has arrived at the port of milwaukee.most of the salt will be used for treating roads. some of it will be packaged and sold. the port of milwaukee gets in about one million tons of salt each year. 3 and, get out your ice skates!
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tomorrow can bring your own skatse... or rent a pair on wednesday... the ice rink will celebreate the season with a "holiday hoopla" with live music, an appearance by santa, and goodie bags fo rthe first 100 families. 3 tonight: increasing clouds with a chance for a snow shower or flurries after midnight. lows in the single digits and teens with wind
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tuesday: turning sunny and very cold. highs in the teens with winds chills around 0. wind: w 10-20 mph.week ahead: it stays very cold through thursday with highs around 100 and lows around ut colder with the wind chill. chills likely staying below zero tuesday through thursday. chance for snow is increasing for friday into saturday with
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3 a germantown couple are proudly showing off their christmas light display.the couple starting putting up lights right after halloween. there's 30-thousand lights... plus a nativity scene, inflatable merry go round and other decorations. if you want to s jefferson lane... just north of the intersection of pilgrim and donges bay roads. it's sold out online... and is one of the biggest sellers for nordstrom this holiday season -- an 85 dollar rock in a leather pouch. and now a milwaukee-area doctor... shocked that people would spend that much money on a rock... is coming up with his own campaign to help children in need. need.children's hospital doctor dave margolis started "rocks for a reason".if people make an 85 dollar donation to
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"people do like the idea of helping others. i think that's very poignant during the holiday season that people are willing to click, share view, and then donate." donate." since the initiative launched last week.... more than 150 people across the country have donated 16-thousand dollars. we've got information on how you can donate on our website cbs 58 dot com. young patients are giving thanks to those who helped t happy and healthy life. life.five blood recipients have created handmade holiday cards to say 'thanks' to their donors. one of them is 12- year-old steven seraphine from oconomowoc.he's battling leukemia... and the blood and 'platelets' help give him the strength to recover from chemotherapy "the spontaneity and creativity is there and i think they really speak from the heart so they're great original designs from the kids themselves and they're the best people to say 'thanks'." starting today... the cards will be given to donors at all
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centers and community blood drives. aaron rodgers back at lambeau to sign autographs and brining in dontations for the salvation army. you might expect..long lines for early.number 12 signed autographs to first the 200 fans tonight.we're told folks started showing up at 2-30 this morning!the q-b even brought some pizza and then matched every donation made the end more than 42 thousand dollars was raised for salvation army. 3 and you have a chance to win an autographed ugly christmas sweater by jordy nelson or randall cobb.all you have to do is go to associated bank's facebook page to enter.two winners be selected on december 29.we'll be right back
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the packers home stretch is here. three games - all against division foes - the n-f-c north title still in reach. a healthy aaron rodgers gives the packers a huge edge down the 12's calf injury, having a healthy rodgers might be a long shot. it's not a matter of missing time though... just managing the calf trouble. 3 3 mccarthy: the positive of him hurting his calf is we've been through it before, if there's a positive in him getting hurt. but the challenge is, and i tend to err on the side of conservative when it comes to him, and see he wants to push it. so you just kind of
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3 kevin: gary, i guess the first question's going to be kind of simple, but essential. who are these packers, and where have they been for the past four weeks? because that was a dominant showing all the way around yesterday.gary: you're right about that. i don't know. i hate saying that. i think for me, one of the most puzzling seasons i've gone through with the green bay packers, and trying to figure out what they are, what they're about. i mean, you had a three game losing streak, now you have a three game winning streak. and what they? probably somewhere in the middle, i would think. i don't know if anyone saw this kind of butt-whooping coming on sunday at lambeau field against seattle. defensively, i think i'd give it up to dom capers. i think they had a great gameplan against russell wilson. they confused him, frustrated him a lot into some bad throws.kevin: a win like this has the fans thinking differently whenwe talk about division title. the fact that there's a little ray of light there, that it's possible. has it changed how you feel about their chances to win the
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kevin) did i jump the gun there?gary: really, and i'm going back to player here, and it truly is for the green bay packers, one game at a time. they're basically in the playoffs right now. and it's one game, because if they lose, they're probably out of the playoffs, so for them, it's chicago bears and that's it. that's all they should be thinking about.kevin: gary ellerson, 105.7 fm the fan with chalk talk. we've got a ban on coffee, since that seattle you think?gary: yeah, sure, i'm good with that. one more injury to talk about too. jared cook missed the second half last night with what was called a lung contusion. i wouldn't want to do anything if i had a lung contusion, but e-s-p-n's rob demovsky believes cook has a good chance to playg sunday in chicago, saying demovsky was just held out for precautionary reasons. cook has just 17 receptions in seven games this season. i don't have to tell you that giannis antetokounmpo is good
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visual proof in toronto. that was giannis stealing a pass, creating problems for the raptors, and getting an and-1 at the other end. when giannis scores 30 and jabari parker dunks his way to 27, you've got the makings of a great nigh. night.they just didn't get any help. bucks lose by 22 on the road at toronto. the admirals are trying to break a two-game losing streak, a rarity for them this year. trevor smith goal two minutes into the contest against san
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firefighters in dousman made sure one goose didn't get cooked.they resuced the bird that was trapped on an icy pond.turns out somebody had tried doing it themselves and wound up falling through the ice.they got out okay and that's when the professionals took harm no foul.the a wildlife center. 3 tonight: increasing clouds with a chance for a snow shower or flurries after midnight. lows in the single digits and teens with wind chills nearing 0. wind: sw 5-15 mph.tuesday: turning sunny and very cold. highs in the teens with winds chills around 0. wind: w 10-20 mph. week ahead: it stays very cold through thursday with highs around 100 and lows around 00 but feeling colder with the wind chill. chills likely staying below zero tuesday through thursday. chance for snow is increasing for friday
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now the "late show" exclusive interview with president-elect donald trump. >> stephen: president-elect trump, thank you for joining me. >> thank you very much. >> stephen: you're welcome very much. let's get right to the heat of the meat -- do you believe russia intervened to help you win the election? i think it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. i don't know why ... >> stephen: you don't know why they would want you to be president? well, possibly because you can be easily manipulated by flattery. >> no, i don't believe that at all. >> stephen: you're a handsome fella. i bet you do all right with the ladies. >> well, i get it when i need it. >> stephen: okay. see what i mean? let's stay on the topic. even the c.i.a. has concluded the russians intervened, why do


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