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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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anderson was in the process of selling marijuana to the victim. lindsay has no t been arrested in connection with accessory after the fact and tampering with evidence. >> we know this won' t bring antw on back, but we hope this news will bring a measure of comfort to his family as they prepare for his funeral. >> it was about to be a narcotics transaction that was about to occur, and obesity resulted in the homicide of antwon. michelle: the sheriff told us that would be a memorial service for the victim tonight. his funeral will be held tomorrow morning. angela: we hope that brings the family some closure. we' re also following some breaking news in seminole county. right now sheriff' s deputies are looking for the man accused of injuring a deputy while escaping a traffic stop. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel is live in the area where the search
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dave: we are at the intersection of east lake mary boulevard and state rep 436. a car was coming through here about 1:00, a van. a patrol deputies said he was doing 71 in a 50, so he pulled it over. you know he pulled over at first, things went south, and the van injured the deputy as it drove off. treated at the scene by paramedics just east of sanford, deputy sheriff dean cresswell briefs other deputies about who they' re looking for. from the air and on the ground, it' s a search involving a van. it all started as a simple speeding ticket but quickly got complicated. the driver seemed evasive, suspicious about who he really was. dean cresswell: at that time they felt like the driver needed , to get out of the vehicle because he wasn' t providing us with the correct information. dave: cresswell pulled the van over, for 71 in a 50, but when he felt the driver stopped cooperating, the deputy reached inside. dean cresswell: started to roll up the window, at which time the deputy felt quite threatened obviously, and started to pull back on the window because it
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dave: the broken window in the street illustrates the deputy' s efforts to not be dragged. dean cresswell: he pulled back on the window, which broke the window at that time, the driver punched the gas and started to drive out of of the area. dave: did he drag the deputy? dean cresswell: he started to drag the deputy, but he was able to break free. dave: once the glass busted, the driver made a u-turn and took off. deputies did not give chase. they' re methodically looking for a white chevy van, florida license tag gdi-w69 . they' re searching areas not far from state road 46 and 415. and was suspended taken into custody or if he chooses to turn himself in, he faces the possibility at the very least of fleeing and eluding and aggravated battery on a law enforcement. there' s more investigating to do. jim: late breaking tonight, orange county sheriff' s deputies say they' ve arrested the gunman whose stray bullet struck an innocent man on a work crew. right now, he' s now in grave condition. wesh 2' s bob kealing spent the
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he turned us now live with more. us at s work trailer. you can see all that fencing on their. that is part of the crime scene. it will be checked for evidence. as for the innocent bystander being stott -- shot, residents say this is very sad, but it is they face it day in and day out. deputies guns drawn, look for , the suspect behind a shooting that left a man critically injured this afternoon. an innocent bystander deputies say, on a work crew taking down a fence separating the magnolia court condos from a small private school playground. this resident, who asked us not to show his face, says he' s thankful no children were there at the time and describes the suspect as a real hot head. tony: i don' t like it. that could have been me, you a child cause that' s a school over there.
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had to wait to get back to their home inside the crime scene. she says this neighborhood is marred by drugs, violence and people fighting. brandy moore: it' s sad to say but i' m not surprised. ,its a really bad neighborhood. bob: another resident who asked us not to show his face has installed his own network of security cameras around his ground floor unit. he worries next time the innocent victim could be a child. alex: that' s what scares me. ' cause there' s a lot of kids in here. a lot, a lot of children in here. bob: the sheriff' s department has not yet released the identity of the man who was struck by the bullet. is now in custody. management company for this complex outside which this shooting happened. our call has not been returned to this point. i also got a press release from the sheriff' s department that says the innocent bystander is presently in surgery. angela: and we' re also following breaking news about the investigation into the paris terror attacks.
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involved has been arrested. salah abdeslam was captured in brussels. investigators say two others it' s been four months since the shootings that killed 130 people. jim: late breaking in the ongoing fight against zika, the fda has just approved a new test, which can be used by doctors to detect the zika virus. the results are immediate. it will also tell doctors if a patient has chikungunya or dengue. right now there are 67 cases of zika in florida. the woman who caused a deadly crash in seminole county back in october that killed a young father and his one-year-old son learned her punishment today. 75-year-old cynthia guthrie was cited for slamming into the back of a car at state roads 434 and 436. jose vargas rosario and his one-year-old son brayden died in that crash. the mother was critically injured. guthrie was fined $1000 and will lose her license for a year. her driving skills will have to be retested before she gets her license back.
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will spend the rest of her life in prison. sujatha guduru admitted to first degree murder this morning. she shot and killed her teenaged daughter in her oviedo home. shot her several times. guduru had asked to be put to death, but the state said no. jim: a mess on i-4 today. check out this video of a car fire at fairbanks avenue. it happened right before noon in the westbound lanes. two of those lanes had to be shut down while firefighters put out the fire. traffic stretched back for more than a mile. right now, there is no word on any injuries or what caused the fire. complex' s maintenance man is charged with murder. angela: investigator say daniel ramos killed jesse williams two nights ago. wesh 2' s greg fox takes us back to the scene of the crime. greg: a teddy bear and some burned candles mark the spot where jesse williams was gunned down wednesday night. it happened in front of this screened patio at an apartment complex on holden avenue. williams was one of two men
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an unidentified 35-year-old had a non-life-threatening gunshot and may have been wounded when a handful of people tackled and subdued the alleged gunman, after witnesses say williams was shot three to four times. his girlfriend says the suspect was with them on the porch before leaving and returning with a gun. >> daniel ramos? greg: 29-year-old daniel ramos faced a judge on a second degree murder charge. a motive was not clear. he not only lives at the apartments, he' s the maintenance worker at the complex and well known by many there. renee hallback: really? you' re kidding me. greg: renee hallback is stunned that someone she knows to be friendly and hard-working could be charged with such an awful crime. renee hallback: oh my god. i love daniel. he always looked out for us here. he always, if we were stopped, we stop him. for any problems we had, he would stop and make sure we had everything. greg: the office manager tells me there are rules against employees being armed, but ramos is also a resident and was off-duty at the time of the
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a check of court records shows no felony criminal history for ramos. while detectives continue to to question witnesses in this case ramos is being held in the , orange county jail on no bond. in orange county, greg fox, wesh 2 news. jim: no word yet on the condition of the 35-year-old, who was also wounded wednesday night, and exactly what role he may have played. a man is suing disney cruise lines claiming a cabin door on board the ship cut off his thumb. it happened back in april. the door slammed on the man' s thumb, and it wasn' t able to be reattached. the lawsuit alleges disney cruise line was negligent in maintaining safe cabin doors, not warning people about dangers of the doors, or installing safety devices on the hinges along with failing to provide adequate medical care. angela: tragedy struck tampa today. two people were killed when the cessna plane crashed at the peter o' knight airport. it happened just before noon. airport officials say the pair was headed to pensacola when it happened. so far, the names of those
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no word what caused the crash. two local church leaders appeared in a pennsylvania courtroom on charges of conspiracy and child endangerment. giles schinelli, director of the san pedro center, and robert d' aversa from saint patrick' s parish mount dora were arraigned this morning, along with a third friar from minnesota. prosecutors say all three knew about sexual abuse allegations against a priest. but they continued to put him in jobs that gave him access to children. officials suspect the priest molested more than 100 kids. he killed himself in 2013. jim: a volusia county man will spend the next five years in prison for running down a horse. killing the animal and injuring its rider. christopher todd entered a plea last month and was sentenced today on charges including aggravated battery and animal cruelty. last february, todd slammed into the horse and rider with his truck after he got into a confrontation with a group riding horses. they yelled at him for speeding and used a racial slur. prosecutors say todd drove at
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a big change for drivers on i-4 in orange county is now in place. we first told you the entrance ramp onto the 408 westbound in orlando was closing last night. a temporary ramp has now opened from division avenue, just four blocks away. the ramp had to be moved to give construction crews more space to work. the next major i-4 ultimate project will be down the road where workers will install steel beams for a new bridge over i-4 at kirkman road. watch for road blocks to begin this sunday march 20 with a test run from midnight to 5:00 a.m. angela: two brevard county deputies who were involved in a near-fatal shooting last year, have been awarded by their department. agents casey smith and peter stead received awards for valor and heroism. smith was shot, stead is credited with helping him survive. it happened in port st. john in august. the sheriff says the uncle of a woman who was about to be arrested for prostitution started shooting when agents arrived. that man, john derossett, has been charged. but he says the bullets didn' t
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coming up, how thieves are now trying to steal your cash, acting like you' ve broken a law. jim: plus, an american citizen fighting for isis, quits. now, he' s sharing his story about what the terror group was like. and trouble along the surf. daytona beach' s spring break is a wild time, perhaps too wild. more than 100 arrests have been made, and things don' t appear to be quieting down. angela: plus, a baby eaglet' s big debut. isn' t that adorable? tony? tony: things are pretty quiet, but on the gulf of mexico, we are monitoring lots of thunderstorms in new orleans. these are all going to lift back to the east.
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announcer: you' re watching wesh 2. angela: it could very well be the most patriotic birth announcement you hear this week. a live camera trained at an eagles' nest at the u.s. arboretum appears to have captured the hatching of a baby eaglet. the parents are named mr. president and first lady. an egg was laid more than a month ago. there is still a second egg in
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jim: always a showstopper when there is one soaring above your neighborhood. angela: tonight, we are getting word of a new con involving red light cameras. jim: apparently a thief or thieves are telling people they owe a fine, when they really don' t. wesh 2' s matt grant joins us live with more on how the scheme works, and how many times it' s been tried. matt. matt: the latest one makes you feel like you have gotten a ticket from one of these red light cameras, but it is really an attempt to con you out of hundreds of dollars. it' s the latest attempt to steal your money. >> it' s really evil. matt: tech and marketing expert tom jelneck recently received dozens of emails like this, claiming he' d gotten a red light camera ticket and needed to pay up. >> it' s basically telling me the local transit authority is pegging me as a red light violator. matt: jelneck, who has gotten an actual red light camera ticket, was curious. >> you think you' re going to see your vehicle rolling through something, and you want proof. matt: and instead? >> instead, you' re done. it' s scary.
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for the bogus infraction, a ticket number, even threatening to go to police if the fine isn' t paid. the e-mail directs you to open a file to view the supposed violation. but jelneck says that actually contains a virus giving hackers access to your computer and your bank account. pennyslvania state police even issued a warning about this last year. mike rhodes with orlando code enforcement says you' ll never receive a red light camera ticket through e-mail. mike rhodes: it' s never going to come to you via an e-mail. it' s going to come through a first class regular mail or through certified mail. matt: experts say crooks will stop at nothing, often using current events to prey on victims. this week, florida congressman john mica announced there is a rise in thieves posing as irs agents, using tax season to try to steal your personal info. >> when it doubt, don' t click anything. matt: and of course actual red , light camera tickets will give you a password and direct you to a secure website. if you have any doubt, city officials say you can always double check with them.
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s a barefoot blue jean night tonight some of the biggest names in country music are playing in central florida this weekend. tens of thousands of people are heading to kissimmee for the runaway country festival. it' ll be held in osceola heritage park, and some of the biggest names in song are taking part. jake owen today, kenny chesney tomorrow, and eric church on sunday. wish you were there. angela: i am dying to be there. jim: the festival used to be in melbourne. single-day tickets go for as low as $89. the 3-day general admission is $129. angela: and tony, i hope the people out there camping, which i' m sure you can do, that they have a waterproof get of some sort? he will get rained on. tony: and the afternoon tomorrow, and then sunday we will have rain. i sunday afternoon we are in better shape. let me show you it looks like. we are plenty of clouds, warm friday afternoon. many of us are dry, which is
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the west is -- wind is southwest at about 11. look at the gulf of mexico moisture, a big plume of showers and storms off to the west, but certainly worth watching. we would give you an update on that and the trends tonight at 11:00. this will be two to lift north east and most of this will be out of marion county by the end of the 5:00 hour. a few more showers in the southeast marion county, a lot of ground clutter near brevard county. you can see what happens between now and about 7:00. a few showers redeveloping, nothing too significant. it all this talk to the north and east. the overall float listen to the west-northwest for the time being until the energy does arrive late in the day on saturday. look at the temperature, kissimmee around 85. cooler up north, ocala 77. if you are going to the flower
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in good shape. the overnight lows will be around 66 in the attractions. 63 in palm coast. every look at futurecast, we get to 5:00, it is doing a good job. the rain is here, but it is over by the models. that is not bad with computer models. we have trends to the evening, highlighting the rain of here in the northern locales. emily look at the desk and we look at the altidore forecast. overall, fairly dry. 1230, plenty of clouds. a bit of sunshine, and then late in the day we will see afternoon showers and thunderstorms start to pop up. computer models are a little done. there is the actual front. this will drive in late saturday night on the early sunday morning, and then by sunday mid-to-late morning you can see
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through. we are going to be drying out from northwest to southeast throughout the late afternoon hours. more rain than originally forecasted on sunday, but overall we do need this rain. this is good news. look at the forecast neighborhood highs, 81 ocala, 83 eustis. kissimmee and saint cloud around 84, 85. longwood 83, daytona beach 79. we have spring training baseball at viera, starting off dry with a couple of afternoon storms. we will watch late saturday the first half of sunday. that is the most activity going to occur for bay hill. late sunday morning, will be ok for the start of the third round. monday through wednesday, look at that weather. gorgeous, comfortable, and cool. jim: coming up, using drones to fight hiv in africa. angela: plus, speaking out.
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the battlefield and then quit. and a construction worker plunges to his death just days into his new job.
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more than 500 feet yesterday in los angeles. the construction worker fell off the 53rd story of a building and ended up landing on a car driving by. the woman driving that car was taken to a hospital and is expected to be ok. investigators are not saying if the worker was wearing a harness or if someone was close by when he fell. former cia director david petraeus is appearing for the second time before the house select committee on benghazi. a source says petraeus agrees with coming back because he had a hard stop at the last interview. apparently petraeus feels there are questions that still need to be answered. the closed interview will happen this saturday on capitol hill. petraeus led the cia when a terror attack killed four americans in benghazi back in 2012. angela: kurdish tv is airing an interview they say they had with an american who turned to join isis but ended up having to escape. 26-year-old mohammad khweis ended up surrending to kurdish forces. in the interview he says he left
5:25 pm
then onto syria. >> she knows somebody who could take us from turkey to syria, then from syria to mosul. so i decided to go with her. angela: mohammad also syas he was the only american in a group of 70 people living in a house in a house together. jim: mexico city finally list is emergency pollution status. -- lifts its pollution emergency status. this is the first time in eleven years the city has had to put up a pollution alert. officials ordered people not to drive cars to help relieve the situation. mexico' s environmental secretary says they will be going over new pollution control standards. angela: an area of africa is turning to drones in helping cut down time that' s used to test infants for hiv. screening babies for hiv requires special lab tests. the drones are sent out to remote areas where mothers are
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drones are typically used for surveillance but this is the , first known time that they' ve been used to help with hiv services. without drones, it can take up to two months to get samples from a health care center to a lab. jim: i want to take you live, it is early-morning in kazakhstan, and this is the still use rocket getting ready to -- soy uz rocket getting ready to blast off. we have some americans on there. it is necessary engineer jeff williams. angela: and this is interesting. when he is finished with his 170 day mission, he will replace scott kelly as the nasa astronaut to spend most time in space overall, which we have been talking about recently. kelly' s record is 120 days. jim:
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the outpost, 250 miles above . and there we have the rockets firing, lift off about to take place. they would get into orbit fairly quickly. the cruise, nine minutes as a ticking off. and they are reliable. >> the international space station. angela: it is not expected to dock at the iss until sometime tomorrow. jim: one of the most reliable people to get people and cargo to the international space station. soyuz rocket in cause extent. -- kazakhstan. angela: safe travels. wesh 2 news at 5:30 is next. jim: stewart moore joins us now with a look what' s coming up in our next half hour. stewart: nothing like rockets, but it has been a long week for daytona beach officials. spring breakers are stirring up trouble. already more than 100 arrests, and the season still has a long way to go. plus, back in court, a teen accused of running over a deputy. and an nfl player in serious condition after a florida motorcycle crash. what investigators think happened.
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beach. good evening, i' m stewart moore. angela: i' m angela taylor. we' ve been reporting on the trouble for two weeks now. more than 100 spring breakers have been arrested, and some beach officials hurt. and as wesh 2' s claire metz reports, that' s only on the beach. claire: the beach is just down the street, on the other side of those hotels along a1a, and it' s jamming with spring breakers right now. but by tonight, all those breakers will be here in the seabreeze entertainment district . it caught the police by surprise last weekend. daytona beach police chief mike chitwood says his department, like beach safety that patrols the sand, had no idea the city would have a spring break boom. but last friday and saturday nights alone, his officers along with agents from the state alcohol, beverage, and tobacco division arrested nearly 200 underage drinkers. >> we want people to come here obviously. we want them to have a good time but underage drinking is against the law, so we' re cracking down , hard. >> the actually came here because we heard that pcb was
5:32 pm
claire: panama city. >> yeah. claire: many breakers that they chose daytona over panama city because he cannot drink on the beach, but daytona banned alcohol many years ago. law enforcement has zero tolerance because they say booze in the hands of young people can lead to bad behavior. >> if you act the fool across the line, you know where you are going to be spending the rest of spring break. claire: beach safety officers pumped up their numbers with sheriff' s deputy skied an eye on the larger crowd. -- keep an eye on the larger crowd. in daytona beach, claire metz, wesh two news. stewart: beat say doctors -- beach safety officers say they arrested people after they stole a law enforcement jet ski and went on a joyride in the ocean. the local teen accused of deliberately running over an orange county sheriff' s deputy
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jancarlos ortiz is just 15 years old. now, he' s facing multiple charges, including attempted murder. the judge ordered him held without bond. investigators say last month deputy marcy pearce was trying to arrest ortiz at a home on high street when he ran over her. he was on the run for several days, before turning himself in. angela: we are still waiting to right now hear what caused a , deadly fire in a local home, killing a teen. it happened this week in minneola. 17-year-old trevor ross died. ross was home alone when the fire started and couldn' t get out. trevor went to lake minneola high school. friends told us off-camera he was good-hearted, quiet, and always kind. right now the fire is still , under investigation. stewart: two commitment 2016 and , some concerns from republicans over a possible trump nomination. for weeks the gop establishment has discussed concerns over donald trumps rhetoric and policies. some of them, including 2012 republican candidate mitt romney say trump is unfit for office. , now, they' re saying his nomination could impact congressional races, including a
5:34 pm
florida. >> florida obviously a stay with a fairly significant latino population. it is still unsettled because there is races on both sides for the mccracken republicans, but that large latino population and the larger minorty population in general in florida is another group democrats think would be really motivated to get out and vote against trump, and that can only help whoever the democratic nominee, whether it is patrick murphy or alan grayson the two congressmen who are running for stewart: right now donald trump is leading the pack of remaining candidates on the republican side. many think the only chance to unseat him is through a brokered convention. right now an nfl player remains in critical condition, after a motorcycle accident in south florida. angela: wesh 2' s brett connolly found out what investigators think happened. brett: authorities say baltimore ravens cornerback tray walker was on a dirt bike when he collided with an suv. his agent says the 23-year-old is now fighting for his life and they are praying he can fight
5:35 pm
the battered dirt bike lies on its side in the middle of the road with debris scattered across the street. the result of a violent collision between tray walker and a ford escape. police say his bike did not have headlights and that he was wearing dark clothes. the miami northwestern high school grad spent the night in intensive care after undergoing surgery just miles from where he went to school. walker was drafted by the baltimore ravens and finished his rookie season having played in 8 games. ravens head coach john harbaugh reacting in shock saying "this is devastating news. our prayers and hopes are with tray and his family tonight." officials say the other driver was not injured and remained at the scene and the crash remains under investigation. i brett connolly, wesh 2 news. amstewart: a tavares hospital has destroyed thousands of dollars of medication. refrigerator where it was being
5:36 pm
he was is taken to florida he began to urinate on the walls and floor, some of it getting on the fridge. areas medication was contaminated and it was all thrown out. he is being charged with criminal mischief. angela: we are hearing the calls made during an ocoee home invasion earlier this week. >> they hit us all in the face of a gun. >> there were six people, we walked in, and they were already inside of the house. angela: police say that people were kidnapped. and then while making their getaway, caused a crash that hurt another driver. they then kept driving, and eventually crashed into a police officer' s car. a group of gopher tortoises are feeling lucky tonight. they have been saved by local wildlife officers. stewart: the group was trapped underground. wesh 2' s dan billow explains.
5:37 pm
dog, is almost always right. where he digs, a backhoe follows, and the prize is a gopher tortoise, a threatened species that just happens to love dry, sandy spots that are perfect for building houses on. coy clark: although i have a legal right to entomb these gopher tortoises i' ve chosen to , spend several thousand dollars in trying to provide a new home for them. dan: developer coy clark is in fact spending $20,000 to help the saving florida' s gopher tortoises organization rescue the tortoises. carissa kent: every single one of those dots are gopher tortoise burrows. dan: the 13-acre tract on eau gallie boulevard happens to have one of the richest populations of tortoises around there might be 200 here. and they' d have been buried forever when the houses are built. >> it takes about six months to a year for them to slowly die underground, from either starvation, suffocation. dan: this tortoise is about four years old.
5:38 pm
reach breeding age. the burrows can extend 15 to 20 feet below ground. the backhoe digs carefully, exposing the top of a shell. the tortoises are on their way to a new home where they won' t , have to worry about our houses smothering theirs. >> it' s so cool. i love it. dan: in melbourne, dan billow, wesh 2 news. angela: they are adorable. a former federal air marshal is helping with racism and discrimination in the orlando field office is running for osceola county sheriff. he made headlines after becoming a whistleblower in 2010 three at he exposed how his managers at the air marshal field office in orlando had created a jeopardy style game which featured insulting terminology african-americans and gays. the former highway patrol trooper was to use the law enforcement background to make a difference. >> i live in the community since 1998, and i believe the system
5:39 pm
s office. it is my intent to fix it. angela: the osceola county sheriff has announced he will retire in his term is up next year. it will be a tough race. seven others are running for the job. stewart: the 57th annual sidewalk art festival is underway in winter park. it started this morning on winter park avenue. more than 20 artists -- more than 220 artists are taking part. they' re from around the world, and they' re putting everything from sculptures to paintings on display. it will only be open for a few more minutes tonight, but fear not. it will be open from 9:00 to 5:00 both saturday and sunday. also this weekend, a mecca for golf fans. the arnold palmer invitational at bay hill is underway right now, and will last all weekend. wesh 2' s pat clarke joins us live from the tournament right now with a story about one dedicated volunteer who has literally seen it all at arnie' s place. pat: hi stewart. the arnold palmer invitational is celebrating its 38th anniversary this year, and events like this don' t just
5:40 pm
literally a cast of thousands worked behind the scenes to help make this a success including , many who don' t get paid, yet leave bay hill each year very rich. they are the heartbeat of the arnold palmer invitational. a few hundred of the nearly 1500 ohlund tears working last saturday -- volunteers working last saturday. next year, this new organization because the host. >> these folks give us their time, and that is what volunteering and charities are all about. getting time and energy and money. pat: this year, he creates three years of being the chairman. he passes it on to a 30 five year volunteer at this event. >> there is no way i can leave that after being your just a few years. it is who i am, this is where i want to be. mr. palmer is the greatest.
5:41 pm
when mr., was smoking packs of cigarettes, packs of cigarettes handed out. >> different cigarettes, different companies. he was the only one that knew that, no one else remembers that. pat: and then there was a fan that literally bought a zoo. >> the gentleman that owns the house near the 18th green, he owns sarkis world, and in the last day of the tournament, he brought this element -- elephant on site and was giving his friends and his rides. pat: only a 30 year veteran would river that. he is among helpers taking part in the pga volunteer to her talent -- tour challenged. >> i' m getting my company involved, which is a worldwide company, international company, getting more votes. it would be an honor to present
5:42 pm
pat: imagine that free cigarettes and elephant rides at bay hill. jason davis the first-round leader out here. he is second as well, but he has company. highly coming up we see you at 6:00. stewart: all right, interesting. coming up, a central florida city decides to decriminalize pot. angela: plus, speaking out. the performer who was injured in an accidental explosion yesterday during a south florida pep rally. stewart: and a scary situation for some travelers. their plane was struck by lightning. wesh 2 news at 5:30 will be
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stewart: some scary moments for people on board a flight for new york' s laguardia airport. it had to land at jfk instead, after it was struck by lightning. it was an american airlines flight that had departed raleigh-durham. it left just after 4:00, and was
5:46 pm
members were on board. tonight, the south florida stunt performer who set himself on fire at a school pep rally admits it was all his fault. angela: the whole incident was caught on camera. as wesh 2' s jazmin walker reports, the stuntman made a last minute change that went horribly wrong. >> this is what happens when you play with fire. jazmin: but ricardo charles is no amateur. the stunt that charred parts of his face, arms, and legs is something he says he' s performed hundreds of times. >> i know what i' m doing, i just didn' t practice that liquid. jazmin: charles typically uses charcoal lighter fluid to spit fire, but this week he used coleman camping oil because it stays lit longer and didn' t test it. >> the fires in my face and i' m going this is new, what? and what? and then boom. oh no. as soon as i saw my pants on fire, i' m like, i' m done. jazmin: charles was performing in front of a packed pep rally at atlantic high school in delray beach. students whipped out their phones. >> it' s like right now i' m on
5:47 pm
pictures and watching. wondering is it a show? or is he for real? jazmin: seven students were taken to the hospital 12 more , were treated at the school. charles says he takes full responsibility for what he calls madness. the fire was the finale to the stunt show. charles says he gave the school the option of using another finale, without fire, but they ok' d it. now, the school district is saying that was a direct violation of policy. i' m jazmin walker, wesh 2 news. angela: he is doing much better than he was yesterday. this week, the tampa city council voted to decriminalize marijuana. that means that anyone caught with 20 grams of pot or less won' t be charged. it will be like getting a traffic ticket. the vote was 5-1. before, violators would face jail time and lose their license. the wesh 2 team took over the spring training game between the marlins and braves today. stewart: thank you to the folks at disney and wide world of
5:48 pm
pitch. tony, angela and myself got to throw to braves players before three they started the game. angela: that is so cool. stewart: none of us had one of those viral members. -- moments. stewart: it was a good time. angela: that was, that was a lot of fun. stewart: make sure you hit a game of before spring training is over with. tony: the gentle when just gentleman that caught my ball cannon went to olympia high school. stewart: that is often. tony: if you are going to spring training this weekend, the mets are taking on the nationals in vieira. you want to bring an umbrella, there is some rain in the weekend forecast. as stewart is working on his fastball, keep watching on those. 74 in daytona beach.
5:49 pm
braves and disney for having us out there today. wind out of the east-northeast at about eight miles per hour. the winds are going to transport mexico activity. look at the big cluster of bright white. that is a nice little thunderstorm complex. this is going to run off to the east-northeast. eventually we will get into deeper moisture that will work in over the weekend. a couple light showers right now across marion county, a few may make it to flagler county later on. it is fairly quiet. the majority of us will not have issues with lardy nightlights test friday night plans. blago is the last night, mainly north of orlando. things begin to change as we get on to the day tomorrow mirren.
5:50 pm
and east, coming 80 to 85 s and stocking up clouds and going back to 81. robert festival at epcot, warm and dry. epcot. 65 by titusville. late in the day, here comes the cold front. we will have to watch for showers and thunderstorms. will have a very early sunday morning. the front will slow down on sunday. it will be drier up north, rain could linger on the southernmost counties, brevard through osceola and pulled counties. we do need the rain. 80 to 85, except palm coast, daytona beach. as the rain get there sooner,
5:51 pm
the era and -- viera, we have 81 degrees. bay hill, late date' s showers and storms will continue through the night and wind down sunday morning. we will see clearing skies by sunday afternoon. it will be drier. by mardi gras, we have sean mendez saturday night. temperatures in the low 70' s, a few scattered showers. updated seven-day forecast, looking drier and much cooler with the arrival of spring. afternoon highs in the 60' s and 70' s monday and tuesday. overnight lows comfortably cool in the mid to upper 40' s. stewart: thanks. another state inches toward
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
za angela: a copy of "grimm' s fairy tales" owned by anne frank is set to go up for auction. the book was purchased by a dutch family shortly after world war ii, but it wasn' t until 30 years later they discovered frank herself signed the book. the auction also includes a letter frank' s father wrote to the dutch family about the book. the book is set to be auctioned off in may and estimated to be worth almost $30,000. stewart: pennsylvania was a one step closer to mid -- legalizing medical marijuana use. the state house of representatives passed the
5:55 pm
now, the bill will head back to the senate for additional review. pennsylvania governor tom wolf applauded lawmakers' efforts, voicing his support by saying he looks forward to the bill reaching his desk to be signed into law. stewart: wesh 2 news at 6:00 a straightahead. jim payne joins us now with what' s coming up next half hour. jim: we are following breaking news in the murder a local 15-year-old. orange county deputies announcing the arrest of a 17-year-old. we learn what was going on was shots were fired. i meant in the near drowning in orlando canal. here the just released 911 calls and what our crew discovered
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
announcer: you' re watching wesh 2. jim: teen murdered. and we' ve just learned orange county deputies have made an arrest. wesh 2 news was there for the announcement. >> we know this won' t bring antwan back. angela: deputy hurt. it all started at a traffic stop. >> started to roll up the window , at which time, the deputy felt quite threatened obviously, and started to pull back on the
5:59 pm
his arm. angela: now the driver is on the run. it' s a story you' ll only see here on wesh 2 news. jim: innocent man shot. first, he is taking down offense now he' s fighting for his life. , wesh 2 was there as deputies drew their guns hunting for the suspect. tonight, what we' ve learned about the accused gunman. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. jim: breaking news right now at 6:00, we just learned a teen and his girlfriend are under arrest in connection to the murder of a 15-year-old. good evening, i' m jim payne. angela: and i' m angela taylor in for meredith mcdonough. this teen antwan davis was gunned down and killed last week, and know orange county deputies say it happened during a drug deal. jim: wesh 2' s michelle meredith joins us live at the sheriff' s office with this breaking information. michelle? michelle: investigators said that both the young suspects have some level of remorse for what happened. in today'
6:00 pm
learned 17-year-old michael anderson will be charged with integrate murder , charged in the shooting death of 15-year-old antwan davis. he was found shot in the head this weekend on a sidewalk near the ocoee area. the girlfriend will be charged with accessory after the fact and tampering with evidence. the girlfriend eventually told hiding. as to motive, investigators say anderson was in the process of selling marijuana to antw he shot him with a stolen gun. with this murder, very sobering news. >> michael anderson will be charged with second-degree murder. we know this won' t bring antwan back, but we hope this news will


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