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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise Weekend  NBC  March 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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local. live. late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise. in high definition. brett: right now on sunrise, a teenage couple about to head to court in connection with a murder. and the moment of impact. new surveillance video into our newsroom overnight, believed to show a fiery plane crash in russia. good morning. it is great to have you with us on this saturday, arch 19th alongside -- march 19. alongside dave cocchiarella. i' m brett connolly.
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you are not seeing rain in downtown orlando but it is a sticky morning, certainly feeling like a day in which we could see some rain and that is precisely what we are expecting. middle 60' s to low 70' s around central florida, more like late spring and early summer in terms of conditions and we will stay -- see that type of storms develop. we have a frontal boundary pushing through that is not quite here but it is going to come through tonight and tomorrow and is driving all of this activity. light showers in daytona right now and are back and settle in orlando. a line of thunderstorms in at 2:00, 3:00 could affect your plans so make your plans early. most of us will see temperatures today only in the low 80'
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it will feel sticky all day long and a chance of thunderstorms. brett: a teenage couple is just hours away from answering to a judge about the murder of an ocoee teenager. 15-year-old antwan davis was shot and killed one week ago. deputies say 17-year-old michael anderson pulled the trigger and that his girlfriend, 18-year-old lindsey shirley, helped him cover up the crime. wesh 2' s matt lupoli reports, they were both arrested on friday. >> we know this won' t bring antwan back. matt: orange county sheriff jerry demings announced an arrest in the death of 15-year-old antwan davis. antwan was gunned down on lakewood avenue in ocoee last weekend. his grieving family spent the week pleading for answers and for justice. >> he did not get a chance to live his life. they took his voice but they did not take hours and that is our biggest thing, to have justice for him and to let him know that he has a lot of people here that
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matt: sheriff' s investigators say 17-year-old michael anderson shot and killed antwan. he faces a charge of second-degree murder. deputies say 18-year-old lindsey shirley is suspect anderson' s girlfriend. they say she covered up evidence and so she' s charged as an accessory to murder. the sheriff, just ahead of antwan' s funeral says he hopes these arrests offer the family some sense of closure. >> we hope this will bring a measure of comfort to his family. brett: wesh 2 will be at that juvenile detention hearing for anderson this morning. we' ll also be following up on what happens at shirley' s initial appearance. you can get updates on wesh 2 news at 6:00 and inside our mobile app. as a worker fights for his life, the man accused of firing the stray bullet that hit him, is preparing for court. jakell ward, will face a judge this morning from the orange county jail on attempted murder charges. deputies say ward fired his gun friday afternoon at the magnolia court apartments, off forest
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and while they believe his girlfriend was the target, a worker taking down a fence was caught in that crossfire. his boss and longtime friend says his brother is trained in cpr and immediately came to his rescue. >> bryan has been with us a long time. he is like family. you'd never think this would happen. he is doing his job, just had a baby four days ago. he's at the hospital, but he will pull through. brett: ward has previous robbery, drug and gun charges. coming up in our next half-hour, you' ll hear why parents say, the timing of this shooting could have been a lot worse. caught on camera, what' s believed to be the moment of impact in a deadly plane crash. it is kind of off in the distance here from your screen. surveillance video from russian state tv showing lights coming through the trees, then, an
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the crash was reported early this morning in southwestern russia. you can see the flames engulfing the plane from this surveillance video. 55 passengers and seven crew members were on board. the airline, fly dubai, confirms no survivors. it' s too early to tell what caused that crash. this morning, we' re learning more about that daring raid that captured the most wanted suspect in the paris terror attacks. salah abdeslam was arrested in belgium and he will not be extradited to france until he recovers from injuries sustained during his capture. kim hutcherson tells us how it all went down. kim: french president francois hollande says prosecutors will urgently request the extradition of salah abdeslam, suspected of involvement in the terror attacks in paris last year. at a news conference friday afternoon, hollande thanked
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joint counter-terrorism efforts. >> the cooperation between france and belgium since these attempts, but even before these attempts, has always been intense and important. kim: abdeslam was taken into custody friday, along with four others during a morning raid in brussels. authorities believe last november, he drove three conspirators to the stade de france, one of the attack sites in paris. officials also think abdeslam was wearing a suicide belt that was never detonated, and was found on a street after the attacks. abdeslam has been in hiding ever since the bloodshed in paris. investigators got a break on tuesday, when his fingerprints were found in another raid in brussels. >> what we' ve seen now is this lucky break in the investigation when they went in to this safe house on tuesday afternoon, not expecting it to be a terrorist den and not expecting it to have salah abdeslam, one of the most
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kim: now, officials say abdeslam will finally face trial for his alleged role in the deadly paris attack. i' m kim hutcherson reporting. brett: more than a dozen u.s. airmen assigned to protect nuclear missile launch sites, are suspended, and under investigation for illegal drug use. the air force is not giving many specifics. it' s only saying all 14 junior airmen may have involved in drug activity off base and wyoming. -- in wyoming. the pentagon says security was not affected. >> so this is something that the air force has been trying and failing to address for years and they do need to get to the bottom of this to correct these problems which do compromise the security. brett: this is the third scandal in nine years involving the air force' s nuclear mission. nine officers were fired for cheating and four commanders lost their job, when the air
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now over to virginia, where eight navy sailors are recovering from an accident on an aircraft carrier. on friday afternoon, gear got separated from a plane, landing on the uss dwight eisenhower. six of the eight sailors were rushed to the hospital. they are expected to survive. the navy is trying to figure out what exactly happened. new information on a deadly motorcycle crash last night in port orange. we' ve learned the rider was here -- was visiting from pennsylvania. port orange police say robert white turned onto town west boulevard and hit a curb. investigators say white is not wearing a helmet and then was thrown from the bike. a man who went on a shooting spree a year ago in panama city will spend the rest of his life behind bars. david daniels was scheduled to seven consecutive life sentence says. each one represents a victim who was hit, when he opened fire during a house party. that shooting, along with an alleged rape on the beach, led
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down on spring break. and the addition of spring breakers to daytona beach means some wild parties and subsequently more arrests. more than 130 college students have been arrested on the beach in just the last two weeks. most of the arrests related to alcohol violations, and at night, in the seabreeze entertainment district, police say, arrests are way up there . nearly 200 arrests have been made at local bars, most for underage drinking. >> we want people to come here obviously. we want them to have a good time but underage drinking is against , the law and we are cracking down hard. brett: beach safety officers also arrested two spring breakers on the beach after they allegedly stole a law enforcement jet ski and took it for a joyride. the i-4 ultimate project is ramping up again and that means some delays this weekend. you are taking a live look at
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limited traffic out on the roadways at this hour. rolling roadblocks start early tomorrow morning. crews need to install steel girders for a new northbound bridge over i-4 along kirkman road. a huge crane will install enormous steel beams on newly-constructed piers. it takes 30 minutes without traffic for each beam to be secured in place. law enforcement using rolling roadblocks to buy highway crews the time they need. starting at par street, law enforcement will jump in front of traffic and slow it to 20-miles an hour. all 13 westbound i-4 entrances between the par street and kirkman road interchanges will be temporarily blocked as this happens. slowdowns on the roadways, we could have some slowdowns outdoors and impacting people' s activities today. dave: rain is in the outlook , already seeing showers at this hour and thunderstorms in the
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in downtown orlando, mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in s. 66 degrees in the villages and palm coast, 67 in melbourne. a frontal system is pushing across the gulf of mexico, driving mainly light rain, although in panama city , that line of thunderstorms is what we are expecting to move in the later afternoon and evening hours. we will watch for some active weather this afternoon. daytona and ormond beach, what is falling as light rainfall so muggy conditions this morning, and humid throughout the day. midday we may see a break from the rain and then in the evening back to showers, perhaps some strong storms. brett: coming up, and easier way
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-- zika. next on sunrise, the new test which could mean rapid results. then, a surprise at school. >> all the kids are starting to come out wanting to see the sight, and he' s headed toward us.
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llou the spring home event is happening now.
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brett: covering orange county, scammers have a new scheme, tricking you into thinking you were caught by a red light camera. some people are getting bogus e-mails, saying they' ve been busted. the email instructs people to download a file to view the view -- to view the apparent violation, but experts say doing that actually downloads a virus, giving hackers access to your computer. orlando code enforcement says that' s not how legit tickets work. >> we would never send you anything via email of any kind . what you' re going to get is a notice from us will provide you with a link, a secure password, to view that information safely. brett: city officials say you can always verify a ticket with them. and when it doubt, don'
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on something unless you know what it is. the cdc will soon begin using a new test to determine more quickly whether a person has zika. pregnant women are most at risk from severe complications of zika which has been linked to birth defects. the food and drug administration authorized the cdc to use the test, which allows doctors to tell if a person has either zika, chikungunya or dengue in one test altogether right now -- altogether. right now, they have to have separate tests for all three which are spread through infected mosquitoes. right now there are 67 cases of zika confirmed in florida. a new patient was diagnosed just thursday in brevard county. a group of gopher tortoises have a new home. they were trapped underground and in a place where new houses are going up. wesh 2' s dan billow explains how the developer is working to save them.
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dog, is almost always right. where he digs, a backhoe follows, and the prize is a gopher tortoise, a threatened species that just happens to love dry, sandy spots that are perfect for building houses on. >> although i have a legal right to entomb these tortoises, i' ve chosen to spend several thousand dollars in trying to provide a new home for them. dan: developer coy clark is in $20,000 to help the saving florida' s gopher tortoises organization rescue the tortoises. >> every single one of those dots are gopher tortoise burrows. dan: the 13-acre tract on eau gallie boulevard happens to have one of the richest populations of tortoises around. and they' d have been buried forever when the houses are built. >> it takes about six months to a year for them to slowly die underground, from either dehydration or suffocation. dan: this tortoise is about four
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it takes right about 10 years for them to reach breeding age. the burrows can extend 15 to 20 feet below ground. the backhoe digs carefully, exposing the top of a shell. the tortoises are on their way to a new home, where they won' t have to worry about our houses smothering theirs. >> it' s so cool. i love it. dan: in melbourne, dan billow, wesh-2 news. brett: we smoothly transition from the tortoise sniffing dog to the unexpected guest popping up at school, take a look at this. it comes in the form of a 10 foot gator hitting students at the geneva classical academy and lakeland on friday. the gator was believed to be headed to the lake across the street. it took a short cut through the school' s field, which made some people nervous. >> that is when i got nervous. ok, this is going to become an emergency. and all the kids are starting to come out wanting to see this sight. brett: i can imagine them
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students were eager to get a glimpse of the greater -- gator. officials were able to corral the gator and no one was hurt. if you are visiting us from out of town, this is not uncommon to see something like this. we have seen bears, gators pop up in the morning. dave: there is an alligator in every freshwater body and florida, it does not matter how small. and gators are out in the spring. let' s take a look at what is happening, it is not going to feel totally springlike. warm certainly but we have some clouds. spring is upon us early on sunday morning. light rain in volusia county. it is raining in daytona and over to the west into tampa. we have light rain occurring as
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middle to upper 60' s, some of you in the 70' s. 67 deer park, 72, windermere. it is very muggy and mild right now. 66 in palm coast, 72 degrees in the melbourne area. it is saturday, there is so much going on. we have day he' ll and the arnold palmer invitational. -- bay hill and the arnold palmer invitational . it is going to be a day where we have to watch out for some rainfall being driven by an area of low pressure making its way across the peninsula. energy has been rolling across the gulf of mexico since yesterday morning and is bringing a line of showers just north of orlando. rain chances during the morning
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it is going to be later today when this frontal boundary begins to push through that thunderstorms will be a bigger part of the forecast. 2:00, 3:00 , we are looking for some gusty wind and march is hailed sis -- season. overnight conditions will turn -- clear interns of downpours -- in terms of downpours. this front gets hung up around lake o, the entering to the south of us. conditions improve into the afternoon hours. low 80' s are the high today. bay hill, low to mid 80' s and a chance of showers and thunderstorms, tomorrow clearing conditions in the afternoon. i got your seven-day forecast, spring gets here and we have
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weather forecasts. brett: still to calm, get out those clippers and remember, bald can be beautiful. next on sunrise, how you can help the battle against childhood cancer today. then, why you' ll see a heavy law enforcement presence tonight in osceola county. and, what it has to do with a
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h brett: happening today, orange county firefighters are going bald for the battle against childhood cancer. all the money raised from their dramatic haircuts, goes to the saint baldrick' and, they' ll honor ryder snow, who has a rare form of brain stem cancer. despite the diagnosis, ryder is playing all sorts of sports, and going to school. earlier this week, i spoke with his mother, and steve kibbler, who helped organize this event. >> a couple years ago my wife and i had our first child and he five months of age. since then we decided we could either mourn or miss him , or get
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difference, make an impact using his story, motivation, and inspiration. brett: if you want to join, the event runs from 3:00 until 7:00 at johnny' s fillin station on fern creek avenue. later today floridians will come , together to make sure there is water to drink for flint, michigan. the drive is for the victims of the water crisis. the event will take place at the washington shores church of christ from 1:00 until 5:00. covering osceola county, with such an eventful weekend, the sheriff' s office is looking to keep the streets safe of drunk drivers. with the runaway country music festival in town, officers ask if you intend to drink to make arrangements to get home safely. kenny chesney is taking the stage today. eric church will perform tomorrow.
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donald trump' s next stop is a place familiar with controversial figures. all new in our next half-hour of sunrise, the famous sheriff, welcoming trump today. and former pro-wrestler hulk hogan is celebrating a new victory. what his courtroom drama could mean for other celebrities. dave: rain in the forecast rain falling right now in daytona beach, warm, muggy, cloudy skies, afternoon thunderstorms all part of the
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>> this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. brett: right now on sunrise, a new father hit by a stray bullet fights for his life. why people living nearby say the worse. and a fiery plane crash, caught on camera in russia. some new clues into the plane' s deadly plunge. good morning. it is great to have you with us on this saturday. alongside dave cocchiarella, i am brett connolly. they, unfortunately we have rain moving through. dave: that' s right.
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that is what is happening out there. right now, we have showers moving across the northern part of the forecast area. we have some light, moderate rain in volusia county right now. the rain stretches back towards the villages. right now, your temperatures across central florida have morning lows above average. not quite as warm as a has-been, but still warm. down in sumter, we are getting some light rain there at this hour. futurecast shows one rain felt moving in currently. we will have more moving in later. we will have to -- have to keep a very close eye on all of this
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some of these could be a little on the strong side. brett: happening today, the man accused of firing the stray bullet that hit an innocent worker is about to face a judge. jakell ward is charged with attempted murder. orange county sheriff' s deputies say his intended target was his girlfriend. that worker was hit friday afternoon, while taking down a fence on forest city road. as wesh 2' s summer knowles found out, the victim is a new father. >> i' m glad the kids are on spring break. summer: concerned parents relieved to hear no children were hurt, when their orange county playground turned into a crime scene friday. deputies say, a man working for dave' s fence inc. was hit by a stray bullet, while building a fence around the ingram academy' s playground. a playground that sits right nextdoor to the magnolia court apartment complex, where a domestic dispute spilled into
5:33 am
target. >> you' he' s doing his job -- just had a baby four days ago. he' s at the hospital, but he will pull through. summer: the victim' s boss and says, the victim' s brother, who was working with him at the possibly saved his brother' s life. he didn' summer: sheriff' s deputies have now arrested 21-year-old jakell ward, and charged him with two counts of attempted murder, saying he fired the gun while trying to shoot his girlfriend. though pleased with an arrest being made, hippcehen says, his sole focus is on his buddy' s recovery. >> anger is part of it, but i' m mostly just scared for brian. i just want him to be ok. that' s 100% all that matters. summer: meanwhile, parents living in the apartment complex, where the shooting happened, say they are constantly living in fear. >> this isn' t a once in a blue moon type thing. we hear it inside the house all the time. pop, pop, pop. i mean, it'
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you do? >> what do you do? basically, we lay on the floor if we have to. >> so what do you do? >> move. that' s what i' m gonna do. brett: a teenage couple will face a judge on separate charges, in connection with the murder of an ocoee teenager. deputies say 17-year-old michael anderson pulled the trigger and his girlfriend, 18-year-old lindsey shirley, helped him cover up the crime. 15-year-old antwan davis was shot and killed in ocoee, one week ago. detectives say anderson and davis knew each other. anderson and shirley were arrested six days later. >> we know this won' t bring antwaun back, but we hope this will bring some measure of comfort to his family as they prepare for his funeral. brett: wesh 2 will be in court for anderson' s juvenile detention hearing, this morning.
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6:00, and inside our mobile app. caught on camera, a terrifying convenience store robbery in ocala. this is outside the store, on southeast 17th street thursday. you can see the robber bust into the store, wearing a ski mask, and wave a gun around. a clerk filled a bag with money, and the bandit made a run for it. no one was hurt. police are still looking for the robber. take a look at this new video into our newsroom, believed to show the moment of impact in a fiery plane crash. russian state tv has identified the plane, in this surveillance footage, as fly dubai flight 981. we have just learned that searchers found one of that flight recorders. the plane crashed this morning, on its way from dubai to rostov-on-don in southwestern russia. you can see the flames engulfing the plane from this surveillance video.
5:36 am
were no survivors on board. 55 passengers and seven crew members on board at the time. winds were 30-50 miles per hour at the time, and there was light rain in the area. it' s unclear if weather may have been a factor in the crash. this morning, france is waiting to interrogate the most wanted suspect in the paris terror attacks. salah abdelsalam was captured during a raid in belgium, after four months on the run. gunfire and explosions rocked neighborhood streets from abdelsalam' s childhood home. four others were also arrested. france' s president even admits, more people were involved in the paris attacks than he thought. >> this case is all about intelligence. the ability to look and see if there are other pending attacks, or those that are in place, right now. additionally they' ll be looking at other co-conspirators. who are other members of the organization? brett: abdelsalam was shot in the leg, but will be extradited to france as soon as possible.
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their capitol in tip-top shape with just 24 hours to go until president obama' s arrival. some parts of the city have not seen a coat of paint or repairs in decades. workers are making sure the first family' s travel route gets a facelift. obama is the first sitting president to visit cuba in almost 90 years. turning now to commitment 2016. arizona' s most outspoken sheriff, joe arpaio, says he' s ready for protesters outside donald trump' s rally today. you' re looking at the clashes last night, outside an event in salt lake city, utah. while trump plans to concentrate on immigration today, last night, he turned his attention to former republican nominee, mitt romney. he questioned romney' s mormon faith and blamed him for fracturing the party. donald trump: he choked like a dog, he choked like a dog. but you know when i see, he'
5:38 am
s just crazy. he' s out, he' s out campaigning with kasich, and then he endorses cruz.> brett: meanwhile, cruz is criticizing reports of a contested convention. ted cruz: at this point, clearly the voters have decided it' s a two man race, between me and donald trump. brett: cruz believes there would be a revolt if the republican party decides to bring in another candidate, who did not run for president. he is to promote himself as the alternative to trump. cruz called a vote for john kasich, a vote for trump. make sure to watch meet the press tomorrow here on wesh 2, for kasich' s response to that. meanwhile democrat bernie , sanders is also continuing to campaign in arizona, where voters make their pick on tuesday, along with utah and idaho. sanders needs to rebound after losing five states on tuesday night to clinton. many democrats, including
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question why sanders remains in the race. a jury agrees, gawker media was in the wrong for posting a sex tape online of former pro-wrestler, hulk hogan. jurors reached a verdict friday night, after a two-week trial. hogan sued gawker for 115 million dollars claiming the website' s story was an invasion of privacy. his attorney believes the case could help other celebrities. >> mr. bollea' s exceptionally happy. this is not only his victory today, but also anyone else who has been victimized by tabloid journalism. we' re coming back monday for the rest of it, and we thank you all for your interest. brett: over the course of the trial, gawker' s editor admitted he didn' t think about the impact to hogan' s life. that video showed hogan having sex with his then-best friend' s wife. right now, divers in destin are
5:40 am
search for a missing woman. she was on a boat that crashed into a jetty, early friday morning. good samaritans rescued 10 people but one man' s body was , found floating nearby. so far, fish and wildlife officers have not identified the victims, or said where they are from. taking a live look now at the orlando international airport. you can expect a squeeze on that tarmac, all because of spring break. airport leaders expect spring break travel to peak today with 156,000 passengers at oia. a 13% increase is predicted over -- that was addicted last year. that means, leave plenty of time to get through security. if you' re on a domestic flight, you' re encouraged to get to the airport two hours before departure. if you' re traveling to new
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meteorologists are keeping a close eye on a major storm. some models are predicting up to seven inches of snow in boston, but there is disagreement. that storm is expected to hit sunday night. that is some good perspective, as we look at our challenges today. we are dealing with some rain, while other parts of the country are dealing with snow. dave: yeah, we really do not have it all that bad by comparison. yesterday, we saw some early sunshine. today, we will see some showers, and the potential of strong thunderstorms later in the afternoon. we have a few more sprinkles around this morning. thursday and friday, we did not have quite enough moisture for thunderstorm activity. a southwest flow today will allow the moisture to increase. it should make things rather
5:42 am
we are watching this line of light showers now. back to the west, this is what we are watching. a nice little squal l line that will push in this afternoon. it will bring in di cier conditions. certainly expecting a lot of whiting out there this afternoon. we will watch all that, and keep you up-to-date. brett: despite the threat of rain, we will bring you the standings in the arnold palmer invitational. then, the lions take new york
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pat: scott skiles was lamenting the schedule for his magic men, and now we know why. if the playoffs are to remain a
5:46 am
in three games this season, lebron james have -- and the v cavs have beaten the magic by 17 points. six of 73-pointers. the guy scores 45 in this one. 18 for lebron. ultimately, the cavaliers would win. one of nine-103. -- 109-103. kyle learned with a goal. that was in the seventh minute of this one. it would prove the only scoring of the entire match. adrian heath may have been concerned about the lack of offense.
5:47 am
there. we might get some rain, but nothing to throw things out of invitational. event, mr. palmer was out watching some great golf under overcast skies. the 17. -- birdie at the 17. another bird on his final hole. from 36 feet. seven under par. 13 under par for the tournament now. henrik stenson crashed the party here, with his own bird. still, a blistering pace is being set. >> i just had to be patient with myself.
5:48 am
i have to be more patient tomorrow. we do have some weather coming in, bringing in some went -- wind. so right now, we are halfway to go. pat: justin rose in the middle of things. for those of you going to the hill today, you should know that all the times have been moved up the cause of the threat of bad weather. so today, stetson and rose will tee off at 9:35 this morning. we knew that this year' s ncaa dance would be unpredictable. still, we had no idea that so many favorite teams would bunny hop out of this thing in the first round. michigan state was bumped by middle tennessee. never trailed in the game.
5:49 am
that is a quick look at sports. i am pat clarke. have a great weekend everybody. brett: the inaugural season for the orlando pride approaches. the ladies are taking a short trip to melbourne, to take on eastern florida state college. that game will be at 3:00 p.m. the matches are free to the public, but fans must reserve a ticket online. their first, official match will be an away game on april 17th, against portland. we have some rain land for our weekend, but once we get back to it will have some nice spring temperatures. dave: it will be chilly around here on monday though. it is weird, wacky. but that is what we expect from the weather. if you are heading out today,
5:50 am
some of storms this afternoon could be dusty. -- gusty. might even have a hail and lightning out there, as well. currently, temperatures are in the middle to upper 60' s along the i-4 corridor. we are hovering around 72 degrees. that is the way it looks now across central florida. we do have some sprinkles stretching from bushnell and wildwood. stretching all the way up to volusia. a lot of it not even reaching the ground at the moment. it is this line out here, ahead of a little boundary that is the bigger concern. that should move in around 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. there is enough energy that it
5:51 am
the highest rain chances will be south and east of the i-4 corridor. that is where the conditions will warm up a bit more. that warmer weather destabilizes the atmosphere. it will get quite active in the afternoon. again, gusty conditions will remain a concern. late in the afternoon and in the evening, the skies will clear. we should have cooler air for monday. we will have temperatures in the lower 80' s today. if you are heading out today, watch for the approaching storms in the afternoons -- afternoon hours, and lingering into the
5:52 am
the skies should clear tomorrow. monday, temperatures in the 60' s. it will feel colder than that, because it will be windy. as we head into the middle of next week, things should get back to normal for central florida. brett: dave, thank you. march madness has started, and it has been a one upset after another. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one
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a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus
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time of year. a half-court buzzer beater. the shot that has 11th seeded northern iowa dancing past 6th seeded texas. it' s moments like this that make the ncaa tournament something fans look forward to all year. nbc' s chris clackum shows us how employers are taking note. chris: so many of the games being played on the road to the final four over the next few weeks are daytime games, forcing fans to go elsewhere to keep up. >> i always take off thursday and friday, the first two days of the tournament, just to watch
5:56 am
hours, each day. chris: but even advertisers are now aware that watching at work is the new norm. if not tuned into streaming video, at least checking scores online. >> people, employers have to realize it' s going on. people are going to take their time out of their day to watch that teams that they enjoy rooting for. chris time out that means : productivity during march madness will, again, this year' s letter. >> a lot of people are taking off. a lot of people want to watch the game. chris: analysts say efforts to suppress the madness could hurt employee morale and loyalty, and say fighting it might backfire. so, a lot of businesses have just given in, allowing longer lunch hours. >> it'
5:57 am
tradition, first day of the tournament, we come out here, hang out watch the games it' s kind of a tradition so we enjoy it. chris or, better yet, allow : viewing at the office, as another method to at least treat the madness. chris clackum, nbc news. brett: coming up next, we are following some breaking news on sunrise. an explosion just for sported in istanbul. a local developer decides to take a side job saving tortoises. light cameras. dave? dave: we are looking at rain in the forecast today. we are headed into the lower s today. a strong amount of thunderstorms
5:58 am
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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. brett: a teenage couple is just about to head to court in connection with a murder. and, the moment of impact.


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