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tv   Inside Washington  PBS  July 3, 2009 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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>>what you think a tree can do? can it betronger than steel? can a tr be biodegradable banks can it be fuel for our economy? -- can a treaty biodegrable? or medice that fights cancer? with our chet technology we think it can. we are growing ideas. captioned by the national captioning instite >> ts week on "inside washington." the u.s. loses a half a million jobs in june and th california state budget goes iontensive ca. >> we n't have the money to
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pay our bills. >> iris celebrate the departure of amecan forces from the city. >> alaeda and its affiliates cannot set up safe havenfrom which to attack americans. supreme cot rules in favor of white firightersho clmed reverse discrimination. >> if you work hard you can succeed in america. >> the south carolina gov. feeds more ammunition to his opponents. >> welcome to "inside washinon." goon peterson is on vacation the economic news is bleak. unemployment aa 26-ar high. >>igures reased this morning showed we lost 467,000 jobs last
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month. >> f more bad news jt look we. >>we want t legislature to come to the tab and recognize we have to get rid ofhe waste going on in government and liv within oureans. we cantromise any more things we cannot delir. >> dent -- mode schrzenegger's golden ate is drowng. -- arnold schwarzegger's lten state idrowning. californiis issuing iou's its creditors. this raised questions abouthe effectivess of the stimulus package. is there any sign of econic turnaround in sight? >> sev months ago t big crisis s the financial sector. and would be able to get through this cris? thfinancial sector is now stabl who would have said that six months ago tha we would be saying in ju that the sector
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has sbilized? the stimulus pkage is working its way thrgh the economy. some places will be helped. we have shown some jo have already been save becaus of the packe, but theris no way it will addres the problems they have in california and e other stes. hat problem is not economic. >> any bright lights? >> we seethe fire about the green shoot green shoots is the season of the lust. th is deep recession. i have alwaysthoughte overesmate the influence of the present ainistration on the economy. we blame the president if things are bad and praise him i this are good. think thebest evidence of that is how lite effect the stimulus has had, so little of it has been spent. we are in the deaths and the
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money will hit ter the trough. -- we are in the depths. in februy congress allocated $780 billion to help the economy recover. not all of it has been spent, but we ha st 2 million jobs since februa. we are also supsed to have these jobs ready and aprently they we not ready. 're not putting people back to work. and emploent is getting worse d this is the political problem f president oma. he haso produce jobs. if hasot produced jobs than he has that signaled anything to the american people in terms of recory. >> how much time does obama have? >> i am not sure. part of the rson we are in trouble is there e jobs that are csing forever like in the
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tomobile industry. peoe realize that and on th other hand, these are very scary numbers. i agree with erything that erybody said except that susan collin who took a bi hit for voting for t stimulus package, to me she was in maine and kept encountering small businesses wherethey were doing siness and saying ere are 0 jobs here, and i s not going to keep these people, and th are now worng. >> as california go, so goes the country. not a ver comforting thought. >> i d't think so. i don't think we havto worry about the situation in california. ey brought this on themselves. they had the capacity to solve this problem. they d't wa toaise xes, th want services without paying for them, they put all kindof restrictions on themselves as far as paying for
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services, but they extend more rvices to people. ther is nrole for the u.s. government i california's problems. >> it i dangeus and they have this crazy rule th requires two-thirds of a vote of th legislature tok a budget. >> the is no role for t federal vernment. th is why the scariest ing is not the unemployment numbers. e admistration has id on thsday that it is open to reests by states for a bailout. > you better close that door. >> if that happs that is the end ofhe world. toda oy the fed can h a huge deficit becau they pri money. these dates have access it will be the state's prting money. we will hav 51 jurisdiction out of contr.
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>> you get the kd of government he deserd. cafornia has this crazy syem of initiatives, where th peopleemand that the state spd money on programsnd slash xes. >> next, the marines try a new tacc in afghanistan. >> the a of the air assault was to put forces expeditionary- what is behind enemyines. we dropped into a few place nobody hadeen. manes are spreading out across d afghanistan provie to lnch a new offensive. rines say they will breaknto small units and live in villages. how different ihis from the previous strategy? >> verdifferent. this is a capitulation of the iraqi surge. you do not stay in bases and you live in your work. you want to work. you le in the villages and at
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the beginning thesurge our casualties were very hh, and then we prevailed in thwar. in afghanistan, the territor is larger and undeveloped. it is a risky stragy but it is the only strategy. i have to edit obama for the coureof trying this. >> even though thiss in military initiativ it is a different policy we ar pursuing. this is count insurgency. are after the hearts and mindof the people. we will build them scols and make it safe for the government toend people back into the province this is diffult stuff. now we' doing hunt and kill and nation building at the same time. i wouldnot look for an early it. >> the wild rd in this is whether the afghans will be up
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to is jobs well, because the u.s. cannot do it as - they can i do it alon you had the aqis at a point wherethey have proven their capacity to te over a run things themsels. will that haen in afghanist? can the u.s.ring the afghanistan pple along and transfer responsibility? >> a lot of the locals say they are more afraid of the loc police anthe taliban. we he tried this before and it hanew wrines to it but it did not work before we will see if this will rk. >> the real problem here is the time scale there are a lot o democrats who are moderates who said one year, and if oba will do this ina year heay not succe. >> i think theyare reflecti public opini.
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there was a different story in this week in iq. those are iraqisre celebrating because of iraqi forces have asmed control of baghdad and the u.s. troops have thdrawn. there has been a string of deadly bomngs. is this a hint of things to come? >> at any point when start pulling back i iraq this thing will happen. i don't care if we stay 10 yea, this kind of thing will happen. ey have to be sponsible for themselves. we are beginning t see -- even president bush put this as deadline >> do you agree? >> it is something i wod love to see in afghastan as ll, that they are ready toake over. >> 130,000roops are in iraq
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stil >> am i the only one who finds it ironic that our iends in iraq one as toeave and enemies wt us to stay? bombings have been going of -- are friends in iraq want us to lee and enemies want us stay? we are going obviously. i think is a time we ought to look backnd see whe we have come to. two years ago harry reid d declared the war was lost. that w the nsensus in waington. we hadthe iraq study group advocating withdrawal and defeat, which georgbush said . almost alo he push the surge which in e end has led to this day where iraq is laely self-sufficient and it
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might succeed. >> the dilemma of defining portunity. >> this is oof pitive people hould be treat as individuals an not statistic at went out at the supreme court today. >> that is a new haven refighter whowas one of the 20 whoo sued claiming verse discrination. they say they were denied promotions unfairly becaus of their race, reversing decision that was endorsed by an appeals urt. will this decision permanently alter the public debe onhe policyf affirmative action? >> i actually don'think so because this is an important decision in law. it is an portant decision symbolically, but very few employers hire any more based on
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-- numbers in a te. they may use aest to me sure pele are qualified. but this was test wre one- teh of a point meant the difference between promotion and not a promotn. there are only a handful of plic employers across the country tt still do that. >> your reaction. >> i am not sure this is benign as a decisio as nin thanks. it makest difcult for emplers to do what the city of new haven was trying to do, that is to comingp to a new approach that woul allow them tovercome serious interest problems they had in thfire departnt. i think justice ginsberg and her descent pys a very important int. key facts in the story did not comeut in the majority's opinion.
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if you read her descent you will see there ara lot of things abtthat test that were wrong, and the city ofew haven could have done a better job of proding a test that wld have en designed to show w could what inhe fire department. >> this is aery important decision. sandra day o'connorwrote in 2003 that this court expect that in 25ears there will be no need for verse discrination. it is a littlearderow to make a cim simply at if the statistics produced a rially- skewed result is a rm of discrination. it makes it signicantlyharder to impose reverse discrimination. i think the line has moved. it is not absolute but it pushes
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us in a dection of reaching the o'connor goal of eliminating it in our lifetime. >> a political question, i have seen no pling, but my guess would be thathis was aopular decision politally. would u agree? >> it wabut hary anyone understands what the cou i saying. if youre short you are going to get sued and los you can do it. what strikes me about thi is if you have a test that hardly any black rson canast, isn'it reasonableo say there might be something wrong with that test? that is what justice ginsberg said. she said there are othetests that othercities use and the results are ss racially- skewed. ccks in s.a.t. tests asians do tremely high on math. doesthat mean that the tt has
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somethg wrong with it? -- >> in s.a.t. tests asians do extremely high omath. >> no college in ameri admits only on sat tests. that is whatade the tests eir family. minorities past and did not scorquite as high. whathis decision says is y better not ithdraw a test after you get it. you can change this tesall you want until you get it. once you get , you a stuck with i >> new hen had it graded so that 46% of your score depeed on the test an 30% on interviews. testimony in ne haven show that this would probably obscurant the relts. they could design a test that would give you a goodndication
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oferformance on the job where you wouldave less reliance on the written tt new haven didot do that. they could have done tt as brgeport did youave to go back to the beginning of this. look at where new havenas. you d a city with a racial composition wh a large minority pulation. there was onefficer who was a minority who was asked why do we have this andow do we remy this situation when the fire departnt are known for having had very restrictive hiring practices orentrenched racl hierarchy's favoring ites? hat is what thisecision will
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show, entrehed racial hierarchy. >> it is hd to get a quick response. the reasonthat the tts were introduced over one centy a in civilervice was a way elinating racism, favitism d trying to get objective tests as a way tstaff governnt. tha was a revolution they allow for favoritism. i know was- i know i was a beneficiary. i tookhe civil serve test and psed because ias a veten. >> in new haven know they got a preference. -- in new haven nobody got a preference. >> govnor sanford contues his kissnd tell, and tell tour. >> you take everything a day at a time. i wouldn't say anhing
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definive. >> marksanford refused to resign even though calls forim to do so are ming fr former supporters. this week he made a batch of new decorations. he still considers the woman in argeina to be his soul mate evenhoughe wants to fall back love with his wife. is it past time forark sanford to lve the stage? >> mark sanford things he is in group therapy and we are the group. renown know how many and when he got to second base with - we w know how many women he got to second base wh. i think most people have heard toouch from markanford. people say wt is the difference betwe this and what bi clinton did? ll clinton never walked f the job r a week, he took his affairs to work with him. mark sanford disappears and tells nobody what he is doing ll law-forcement is trying
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to figure out where hwent. >>ast week on ishow you said we are watchi a man go through a public nerus breakdown. >> it is a hard diagnoses. you do notneed a license even though i still have one. i am not sure i agree with you comparin to clinton. i am not sure wha kd of defense it is that he did it in the oval office. >> he kept doing the job as the president. >>ark sanfd has a real problem and he ought to deal with it in private. i don't think h has more than a couple of weeks in office left. >> i would like him to comto washgton and check in with a hoital where they deal with prlems like his, because this
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man needs attention. >> he does seem to hava pblem i think this is his own business and he should do it in private. ieel really sry for him beuse this weeke he is vacationing with his we and sons and in-laws in florida. >> thiseek we also saw fuher civil wrom the fail mccain campaign is there any end to this? the question is who was the drag on the tict? have to say i thought sarah palin wasunder qualified to be vice president. if you are a republican you e sarah palidoing what she was supped to do. sh gave odpeeches, she held
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her alone in a debate ainst joe biden and didt least as well as john mccain did against obama. thirdly, even though she gave terrible interviewn tv, she said nothinworse than what mccain said i the midst of the worst economic crisis since the deession, sayineconomics is t my strong suit. which really lost the ticket mo votes? >> sarah palin did speech a da and mostly she was a warmup for mccain. she has a eat draw. >> another republican headache is al franken, it took many dayso determine e outcome. hi victory ges demrats the 60 votes ty need stop filibuers. are the democrats unified enough to pull that off?
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>> they don't really he the 60 vote they have two senators and another whos very ill and cannot be pended on to show up at any momt. the is also a modate wg to the party o wl not go along with obama onvery vote especially those folks that threatened to busthe budget further. it ot like democratsave what it appears. >> bill bradleynd hillary clton came to the senate as celebries and became drges. will al franken be t same thing or wi he be an answer to republicans pyers'? >>f you can't control al franken he will be a good member of the senate. i think will be a factor in
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the democra having difficulty getting thgs done. it depen on which one shows up. >> ev you have to conce that democrats did this right. they d n try to seek him while the count w still going on. what is your expectaon? he could end up being aift to republicans if his -- it refrhing we will have one senator who knows he is a comedian. >> he managed to keep his trap sh for five months. we wil see if that discipline can carry over. one person is glade is tre, because she has been carrying the weight of all the work the state.
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8 seemed to eoy it be i -- amyseemed to enjoy it. >> minnesota has gonelong wi onesenator for a long me. >> we have budget deficit. al franken has showe remarkable discipline since the electi. has not gone on television an has not taken the invitatns from bill o'reilly to macon the wise guy face of the democric party. >> he ys he aeady wants to be like hillary clinton. >> every good wish. >> your own closing remarks on the subje of states. >> i wanted to say in regard to cafornia. it is onof the number of the states that seems to be
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palyzed. illinois paralyzed between the democratic governor and democratic legislature if y look back in the htory of the depression, i was the state banks thatere starting go der that pulled the countrydown. i am not suggesti a bailout, but i am suggesting we cannot ignore this. >> we can and w will. >> thank you f your cpassion and sight. on behalf of charles and nina, happy birthday america. that is it for this week. tune in again next time for "inside wasngton." >> for a tnscript of on to our web site. -- logo
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