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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 23, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> "bbc worldnews" is presented by kcet. unding made possibley the freeman foundaon of new york, owe, vermont, and honolulu, ehe newman's ownoundation, th
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ohn. and catherine t. macarthu foundatio and union bank. bank. >> uon bk has put financial strength to work for a wide nge of companies, fro small businesses, major corrations. at can it do for you? >> and now, bbc world news. >> the spread of fire d flew -- swine flu leaves party struggling. a massiv corruption ce in new jersey. dozens opillars of the communityre arrested, from rabbis to mayo. they ca so close. an american missile stke is beginning to be believe to have
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killed of oma bin lan's sons. coming uplateroday, he has been a wrestler ana bodyguard. now bulgaria's premier says we will bring us -- withis country in shape. whitewater is having aig impact --whitewater ihaving a big impact in hollywood. -- why twitter is having a big imct and hollywood hello an welcome. a dramatic rise in the number of swine flu cases here in england. 100,000 more in the last seven days, most of em children. today, a new telephone d internet service was launched, the first of its kind, to prescribe the antivil medicatn tamiflu.
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crashed in minutes bause of high demand. ther's a fearhat swine flu couldrise among mosle on a pilgrima to mecca. but first, how england is dealing with th epidemic. >> the sprd of swi flu continues to ealate across engld. accordg to the heth protection agency, it is maly children under 14 who are affected. thepast, it was thought the number of new cases ha doubled, with an estimated 100,000 affected in the past seven days. 847 are now in hoital, 63 in critical condion. the best figures have been revised down for the number dead. it is now thought that sne flu is sponsibleor 26 deaths in england, for an herwise healthy ople. in scland, four deaths.
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>> we're seeing a surge, but if we track it careful, we may find a bit of a slowg of th increase. but i did not tnk that takes away from the fact it will come back in much larger numbers for the fall a winter. >>he citizens cope with demands today. there is also telephone and inrnet service. if the questns are answered correctly,hey will be eligible for anti-viral treatmento be picked up a relati or friend. >we're the firscountry to be mod to this system,q aning that people can aess the call center or go online to checkhe coition, get advice on how t access to antiviral. >> general practitionerin eland will still be busy. and tse atisk are still
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lily to be referred to their doctor. tamiflu is met ly for the sick with f, and it can hav side effects, the st commo being nausea here is a rning that the new intern and phone serve should not be abused. at this emergen meeting in cairo, health officials fm acro the arab world agree to ne rule to contain swine fl the chronically illre to be excluded. >> thdecisions taken today is that the saud governnt will make it a requirement, so nody will get a visa unless these requirements are fulfill. >> the pilgrimage to mecca is a du that all muslims must carry out in their lifetime. but there are fears that clos primity of millis of people fromround the obe through
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november could feel t outbreak of this highly contagious disease. alreadone egyian woman died afr contracting swinelu on a pilgrimage to saudi arabia. many senior islam clics also advised muslims the greater risks exist. but most dismisthe idea of canceling it all together. the fbi arested 44 people, including mayorsnd rabbis. this is a tenu investigation inew jersey at uncovered activity ranging from bribery and extortion tmoney- laundering and kidne trafficking inhe u.s., israel, and switzerland.
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>>ouncilman, council candidates, ana variety of other public officials rangi fromommissioners to inspectors. the list of ople sounds like should be a roster o the meeting of community leers, but sadly, they were noteeting in a boardroom this rning. they were in thebi booking room >> intelligence officials cla th one of osama bin laden's sounds may have been kled by s. missiles to pakistan. they say that he was kild in a raid in the lt few months. we have this report from washington. >>mericans may have struck close tosama bin laden. washington, oicials say that they'rell but certain it is hithird son, saad, that is dead, killed by an american
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missile. such attacks are designed to ke bin laden in hiding and under pressure. the united sates believes he remain somewhe i and verned pakistan. >> tse part of the execution attacks in 9/11, we firmly believe a significant number of them a the border area of pakistan. >> bin laden's latest public meage. >it came in early june d criticizedresident obama just as he visited the middle ea. >> every day, he has to run. there is a huge reward program for any pakistan cizen or anyone else who betrays his wherbouts.
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but he has been playing thi game for a decade now. >> f several years, the ht for bin den has been carried ou by unmaed drone carryi missiles intoakistan's aipace. kistan's government tacly exct these msile strikes. thewill not accept american soldiers on the ground. the nuer of missile strikes is increasing. in 200 three missile strikes by unmned drone were reported. in 2008, there were as many as 34. in justhe first few months of 2009, ere we 16 reporting. th obama administratioseems to beintensifying the program. >>he drone program has incread, anthere's a sense that al qaeda needs toe
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carriedr attacked constantly, anif pakistan does not want to do it, the united states nee to do it themselves. >>here is a rk. 10 alleged civilianasualties last year caus anger in pakist. >> t white house ss this as a far from ial strategy but in the absence of pakistan's hp the hunt for bin lden, it may be the only strategy they ve. dam boks, bbcnews, washington >> the first telesed debate tween candidate for the afghan presidency has bee levised. itegan 20 minutes late. the incumbent, amid karzai, declines to take part, saying debate uld be biased on a private ation. plans to unveil t take over porsche byolkswagen, following
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an aborted bid by porsche to take over its larr rival that crippled it th debt. forestires claid the lives of five forced firefighters and coinue tourn across northern spain. more than 1500 hav been forced fromheir hes in th face of heat and high wind hillary cnton and north koa's thi time did not hit it off. she warned pyongyang that they have no friends left to back ambitions. their median return described qun as an an intelligt - her as an intelligent, funn lady. we had an interview. >> us. secretary of state hillary clinton ha just dropped off new trip to iia and thailand. she came here to emphaze that the arican administration
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wants to coerate with countries in the region after which he aims we years of neglect by whington. she also warned iran against coinuing its nuclearrogram and spoke of the defense umbrella. before she got on thplane back to wasngton, i sat down with her. >> the escalation continues, y uld reach dangerous territory where there is a lot o tension. at some pnt, somewhat to back down,nd i assume it will have to be a rponsible adult, rather than adoscent with a tantm. >> there is no wayo resolve theanger of north korea is given a pass.
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soe do have to keep th pressure on, and sanctions are designed t do that. i have been quite amaze, actually, to the etent which other countries are willing to enforce the sanctions which ss to me that they are not equally concerned about this team and the implitions of north korea with nuclear apons and in the arms race that could be pvoked in the regn that would destabiliznortheast asia, and thats the principal reon china is so committed to doing all they can. >> he said you a still waiting to engageith iran, and i was wondering, witwho? sen - why do you say an engagement is on ho what you sort out issues, but we will
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still talk about thnuclear issue? that is pretty mucwhat is happenin the inteal deba in around has made it impossible to assume a debate. our saying that we're willing to enga with ir does not necessily mean that were diding who to engage with. we're looking in an as an entity, as the country that is his path toward nlear weapons. >> you a watching bbc world news. still to come, the u.s. vice- president goeto these former sovi republic of grgia and issues aarning.
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>>hiefs of police from the greek islands he met to discuss how t deal th british tourists who are drunk to many destinaons, hodaymakersave secured e unenviable rutation of being the rowdies europe. we report. >> they drink from morning unti might othe strip. >> i was not allowed in to fill a barcarole gme where men collect women's underwear. th isild compared to certain behaviors giving britain the repution as the worst in
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europe. >> the mayor accuses british ur compies of blackmailing the island. they will go completely the greek trs to turn down the sea. they're tryg to encourage tourists a companies to act responsibly. >> i'm worried aboumaking sure that the british have a good holiday and a safe one. a lot of youngsters get in trouble. >> they're n spending money on food. this restaurt is 60% down and profits. >> it is no good r the island. it is killing the isld. >> grks dream of a better class of toists, but they're not doing enougho escapwhat manyegard as a nightmare.
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>> swinflu spreads. cityayors and rabbis are among thse arresd as the fbi uncovers massive political corrupti in new jersey. boo boriov is planning to clean up the most corrupt country in the eurean ion. >> he was mayor of the capital of sofia for the past few years.
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he draws a crowd wherever he goes. is aan with a colorful past. he is promisin to tackle crime and corruption. bulgaria have grow used to corruption, sometimesn high places. the interiominister and deputy interior ministernd head of the tax offic three heads of the national buiing agency have all resigned under allegations of bribery and corruption. >> in his offi at sophia's city hall, surrounded by wreling trophies, talks tough. >> am not going to shield the deputy minister or anyone wh gages in rruption. we need 100% trust from brsels.
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>> last year, brussels ofroze a subsidy money and it simply was not gettinghrough to thoswho needed it. this farmer has not en a penny. why? >> corruption. i do not have proof, but i hav proved that we have applied for fferent program and not received the money. as mayor, bossov hilled potholes in bad streets -- well, somef them. his no-nsense, can-do appach goes down we with voters lik this taxi drir. he is a real tough guy, hsays. the young borissov made his name in the 1990's as bodygud to the deposedictator. beforehat he was a fireman, wrestler, and kate coach. a decade later, he was guding
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lgaria's former team, and he was so impressed that he w made a general. the new man watched from the balcony. a brooding presence. >> us. vice-president josep biden haseen staing shoulder to shoulder with the psident of the forr so republic o georgia, prpting an angry reaction. >> orgia a country whose dispud territories are
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patrolled by russians, and they are waryof warming relations with mcow. >> we are concerned, and understand it, that our efforts to reset relatns with russia wilcome at the expense of georgia. let me be clear, they haveot and wi not and cannot. >> the vice presidenalso said jordan needs to act o its promed democratic reforms. >> we the united states stand by you on your journey to secure, free democrac georgia. earlier,the team met with socc freely, asking for support. >> we are asking for suppt. [inaudible] just 25 miles from occupied
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territor. >> even if this country feels threatened by rusa, and ey are hard pressed to make a orgia a truly mocratic state. >> we haseen aot of promises that have bn offered an unbken by the government, but i think w we have to, all of us, all polital efforts, do everything in their powers to ensure that t georans will stand united against external threats but also everything possib to get gegia >> the main ai was to reassure georgiahat they will not be forgotten during america resettingelations with russia. the ited states will be waiting to see whether georgia will continue to democratize successfully.
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bbc ns, tblisi. >> we areearing a lot about how to put her is changing soal networking. now it is changing the way we view our movs. it is changing habits of filmgos, critics, even studios. >> people send short messages, and moviegoersre using it to ansmit opinions. lots of moviegoers tweaked. you might make a comment about the movie, whether or not you like it. >>ilmgoer say that would is inflncing them. >> wn "bruno" came out, what
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they wereaying, i chose noto go to it. >> t movie is one thought to be hit hard by native puicity through twitter. so say is the firs undefeated by the twist effect. se sathis could be a beneficiary for some movies, like "the hanover." it became a blockbuer, wch twitter help to. could be argued th which is making miegoers better f. but not everyone agre. >> millis of usersare responding to whatev, whether it is t i je, transfmers, "bruno its becoming more diffult to get a viewpoint.
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>> some criticjoinus athe bandwagon, including nelson vail whose show was canceled last month. alison is hopeful that tweaking ll not lot of professional critics. >> in the end, think people will come to th crics that ey tst, probably in newspapers or on television. >> me movie stars and acknowled that the power of the fi critic jrnalist may be uer threat. >> people areinding so many ternative ways to be able to judge whether or they are goin to be le to see a filor not, i thin the stronghold journalism ed half is an away. >> twitter is not just takg the spotlight ay from th moe critic, is also hing an impact for creang a marketing paradise f movie studios. > production udios are using
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twister, and otherocialmedia platformsup to promote their films. ey are going theudience. >> and there is an audience that ces for a marketing agenda. they always have ieresting new thinbout the movies they have reasedhat i find interesting. once i see a movi i want to know. >> is motivating fans and maeters and making it harder for the voices of professional critics to be heard. ut they're quick to point out there is no newfound wisdom ust a hgh-vecity forum where many messages are of questionable value for the serious moviegoer. >> i a sorryabout the loss of sound the start of the rert. let's just remind you of our top story. we he seen a dramatic risen
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the number of cases. the first of their kind in the world to pvide tamiflu, the webse crashed in a number o minus. u are watching bbc world ne. >> funding was made possle by the freemafoundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolu, e newman's own foundation and theohn d. and cathere t. macarthur fodation. and union bank.
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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a varietof companies from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you
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