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tv   BBC World News  PBS  August 4, 2009 6:00pm-6:17pm EDT

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♪ >> "bbc world news" is prented by kcet, los angeles. >> funding for this prentation is made pssible by the freemanoundation of neyork, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, the nean's own foundaon, the john d.nd catherine t.acarthur foundaon and union bank. ♪
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ion bankas pt its financial rength to work for a wide range of companies, from sml busesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> a now "bbc rld news." >> an historic meetg between former u.s. predent bill clton andorth korea's kim jong-il. and reportsay two jaile amican joualists have been freed. australian policeelief they have foileda major terrost pl. fouruspects acce of links with somali extremist. >> a won goes ontrial accused of dressing indi ently. she wore trours in a
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restaunt. welcome to "bbc world news broadcast to our viewers on pbs in ameri and around the gle. coming up late whatind of policingo you call this? a new human rights report says too many of india place are abusive and filing at thei job. hollywood actss takes send moo on e rd. >> cinema is for everybody and everhere. we are knowing how few opportunits there are for people realize how incredibly wise cinema is. >> hello. a secretive come nist ate with nucar ambitis which has be playing fast and lse th the rest of the wld.
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today they have been pying ho to bilclinton, the most senior visitor in a dade. he metnorth korean leader, kim jong-il and secured a rdon for the journalist aested. we have this report from waington. >> bill inton arrived in north korea in an unmard jet. he carried with him the hopes of ameriniplomacy in a very dangerous rner of the world. . clinton m kim jong-il, north korea's mysterio leer. it is an extordinary noment. there hasn'tbeen a visit to pyongyang by such a hh profile american in years. >> this obviouslys a vy seitive topic. we wilhope to provide some moreetail at a later point. >> aer the meeting, a sudden annocement. kijong-il ha issued a special pardon to the two imprisoned american
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journalists. they had been arreed on nort korea's border witchina in march. they are lauralinguna lee. they had been sentenced t12 years for spying. mr. clinton is expeed to flight out th them as soo as wednesday. mr. clinton would he learned much of kim's phycal and medicalstate. the nortkorean leader is ill and gaunt. he is said to have had a stroke. is there me at sake he? >> this could re lead to the resetting ofu.s.-north korea relationand possibly to the beginning of normization of u.s. and north kean relation this could be hu. >> nth korea's nuclr prram frightenssia and the world. they have th abity to exploda nuclear divides. the u.s., russia and china have albeen unable t persuade
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them to giveup their ambitions. but might there be new opening now? a clue. bill clion was medical on the tarmac by north korea's chief nuclr negotiator. is that a gnal? this i an extordinary outcossafor the u.s. and the clintons. in the coming days, the world ll be loong for more signs that the north koreans rey to stareengaging with the world. ad brooks washington. >> a mor diomatic question as iran is confirming it i holdg three american to crossed in from kurdistan. the two men a one woman were arrest near e border. ey're relativesay they strayed over e border accidentally while hike neglence northern iraq. ssia troops in ossetia have heightened their battle readins. moscow blamea serie of
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provocatn frs georgia. a five-day war bween russia and gegia started a year ago this cing friday. police in the afghan capital say insurgent have fired nine rockets into the city. e missiles landedcross kabul,njuring two people. e landed close to embassies d nate headquarters. auralian police are sayin they foiled a terrorist plo to attack an armyase in sney. four men were arrested. they areaid to have link to a somali militt group, and their atntion is racing concerns that they e not seekintargets elsewhere knick repos from sydney. >> in the quiet streets of melbourne' suburbs, one of the biggest counterterrorism operatns that australia h ever seen. the raids got underway in the middle of the night and involv some 400fficers. four mean were taken into
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stody, suspects believed to be bind a planned suicide attack against theustralian military. they are all australia nationals in their early to mid 's of lebanese and somali dent. >> the m were plannin to cay out a suicide terroris attack within austria involving andrmed assault with automic weapons. details of te planning indicated the ofenders were ready to direct a sustained attack on mitary personnel. >> this is the base police belief was the tget. one office said an attac was imminent. lice say they have cctv footage showing th suspects noor the base an iercepted text messages pviding informion about its locion. the police believe thehave lings with a somali group,
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al-shabab. pearing beforeourt in meourne,ne man was charged with a terrorism-relate fense. auralia's close relatnship with ameca and theresence of its troops in afghanista and iraq has made it a target in rentimes. but in alleged plot cld be something ry different according to the police, linked instead to the turmoil in malia. "bbc news," sydney. >> the trial a sudanese woman accused ofressing indecentlyn public, she wore ousers in a restaurant, has been adjourned for amonth. she faces up to 40 lshes and a fine. the lice broke up a demonstration by her supporter . >> if convicd, she faces 40 laes and an unlimited fin
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her crime, weang trousers in public. outside the court, supporters held signs tt read her case ishat of all wen. >> we ve gathed here today outsidhe court to express or support for alludanese women a cse that attempts to dr u backwards and dispt the progress ofomen. >> the trial was adjoned for a month to establish whether she shld benefit from inmuent as she s working r the u.n en she was arerrested. she resign last week to fight the case. >> i want to change the law. the law in sudan not much with the institution of zad and not much with human rights. >> many women havbeen flogged for wearing trousers over the st 20 years. the case has attracted a lot of
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atteion, and one poin over 100 protestors were chased away. theybroke up theemonstration usintear gas, and they stped us filming. but the number of wom and the reacti of the authories show that tiss becoming a realest case forwomen's rits in sudan. "bbcews," khartou >> a thir man has died of new monday playing in a chese to under complete quarantine in days. they are killing rats and fleece to stop it from reading. it can kiln 24 hours. in thailand passenger ple has crashed into a disused control to your,illing the lot and injurying 10 people. the flight skidd on a rainy runway just after landing.
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mostn boorpped were tousts. a juvenile crt in iraq has sentenced a 16-ar-old girl for 17 years in prison for an attemptedsuicide attack. she was described by the militarysan unwilling suicide bomber 2008 whenhe was arreste it is thfirst meeti of its kind in years. the main palestinian ction, fatah is holdingts coness in bethlehem. it is hopinto reinvent itself to appeal to voters once again. as we report from the west bankthat may n be an easy task. >> he is a txi driver in the palestinian town of hebron. he is pling close attention to the fatah conference, stening cafully to his radio. the party pretty much controls palestinian areasf t west bank. it has aays been in peace
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talks with israel and accused of corruption. >> life here is difficult on all side. weuffer greatly from israeli military occupatn. also, we have no money. tah should do more to make things bette >> in hebron as across the pastinian terrories, there is mass unemployment and poverty. frustration is widespread. people here tell us they are not much interestein dry part application, but what they want is for their lives to improve. to have peace, prosperity and a country of their own. here ineb ron, fatah's bitter rival, hamas is popular. fought hay has toget its act together. >>t is high time we getew faces. we are not here ly for anging faces. we are here to diuss how to progress forward, how to fig
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against e israeli settments, how to pursue the human rights of palestinians. in his oningddress at the conference, the paltinian president, ao head of fatah, under lined palestinian's right to estence, though he said pee was the number one goal. >> the fact thatpalestinians ha chosen peace does t mean they will std by and accep israel's constan violations of the peace pross, he said armed struggle is an opon as a necesty. >>e is far from alone i monitoring theatah conference carefully. the ternational community sees fatah as the palestinia partneto negotiaten eventual end to th palestinian-israel conflict. "bbc news," west bank. >> goo to have you with us on bc world news." ay with us if yo can. stillo come. ♪ it's th people's pto shoot.
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why onof britain's top photo snappers is rning his camera on thousand mbers of the public. >> first, tugh, we ve nothg to hide. that is the brish government responding to ausation tt is its security agents have been involved in torture overseas. many politicians tugh, your demandg an independent inquiry into claims tt britain has been complicit in the mistreatmt of terror spects. >> released earlier this year from guantanamo baythis ma says he was tortud in pakistan andmorocco, and th british intelligce officials supplied questns and other material. he one of a numberfeople allegingritain colluded in eir mistreatment, including this jailed terrorist, though his caims were dismissed by a judge, d this one convied of being an al qaeda
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mastermind. >>e have a series of allegations, which is importan to rec insides have noteen tested by an inquiry or by the cour. but if those allegations a true, then th would amot to me policit >> it doesn't accuse the men and women working heref being inlved in director tour. but it raises questions about accountability. it saysi 6 could andhould be more answerable to parliament, d it criticizes ministerto not giving full answers to qutions. they do need to answer questions about what our guidelines have been in the past and i think make clear what questions they veasked and what trouble they have taken as misters over the last two years to look into this. >> minters say they hav nothing to hide. but theyave to strike a balance beeen human rights considerations andhe security of u.k. citizens. but with this man and other
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taking legal action, this is an issue that may have to be resolvedot in rliament, but in the courts. "bbc news" >> the late headlines for you on"bbc world news." state media in north korea is reporting theountry's lear ha pardoned two jailed american journalists this aftern historic meing in pyongyang between kim jongl and formerpresident bill clinton. and police in the cy of melbourne have arsted four people they saide plapping to carry out a icide attk. a humanights group has accused ina police of torture. police believe they are ove the law. it als suggests officers are being outwilted by iminals. reporting from delhi, i our
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reporter. >> if you crs the police india, this is what can happen. the mans a doctor protesting about his home bein demoshed. this bru i


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