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tv   BBC World News  PBS  August 7, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> "bbc world news" is presented kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentatn is made possiblby the freeman foundation of new york, stow vermont, and honulu, the newman'swn foundation, and the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundati, and union bank
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>> union bank has p its financial strength for a wide rae of companies --from small businesses to major corporatio. what can we do for you and n bbc world news. >> a victory against the taliban in kistan. the country's most wanted m is beeved killed. >> we havecredible information and this information is frothe same areahat he is dead. >> president obama hails a
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surprise dp i ameri's jobless. weook at the global tnd. flying e flag for georgia. when you're on, is a conflict edging close welcome to bbc. were aired on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later for you -- just like old times. hillary clton looks u an old friend in sou africa. and the comedy crunchindeed. performers are making light of the global recession. hello to yo there are strg iications thatakistan's's most wand man, taliban commder baitullah mehsud,has been killed. itas thought h has led a
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qaeda's campaign to make pakistan ungovernable ere is no officia confirmation. ed sources tell the b he is dead anduried. american and pakistani officials are also telling our correspoence they believe he is dead. this from our corresponden in islamabad. >> a glime ofakistan's most wanted man -- baitullah mehsud. his chiingessage at this news conferenceast yearas that suicide bombers were his atom bomb. he ide wanted to die for his cause. e indications are, he got his wish. baitulla mehsu's cv is written in ood. he is acsed of arranng e assassinatn of former prime minister benir bhutto.
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he is lind to the bombing of th hotel in islamabad whi claimed over 50 lives. his home has been a sancary for al-qaeda, a problem f britain andhe u.s.. he has focud on targets here home, bomng of pakistan cause backs the west. serity in islamabad is being stepped up for fierce his followers cld try to ke revenge. --or fears his followers could try to te revenge. he dlared war on his o country d people. they told us they do not believe he is dead. they haveeard at before. othe sayhey hve a sense of relief, not just for pakistan but for the world. >> we do not need these people in power. we are n lieving in wt he is doing. he isbsolutely bad for us and our nation.
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anher saidhat americawas bad, too, fo killing innocent cilians with drones. it was a drone which targete baitullahehsud, able to reach m in a remote terrain where troops could n. the mission s directed fro thousandsf miles away. the whi house is suggeing it was a job well done. >> if theeports of baitullah mehsud's death are crect, there no doubt theakistani people a safers a result of it. this is an individualhose title as mderous thug was welleserved. >> officials here hope that baitullah mehsud is gone andis fightersill be inisarray. but there's alsohe prospect of a successor. the mostikely candidate is his
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eputy -- a trainer of suicide bombs. c news,a islamabad. >> infghanistan, three soldiers have been killed in a urth is critically injured. the vicle was hit by a roadsid bomb. asualties' have been running at record levels recently, ahead of presidential electio later this month. the white hoe had been praring press and publ for unemployment in the u.s. reaching 10%, so when the july figures werennounced, they re in for a surprise. e jobless total actually fl, marginally to 9.4%. it h left ecomists wondering what it means. a look at the glob picture in moment, the fst this from new york. >> optimisms creeping back to walltreet. better than expecd unemployment picre has raid hos furtherhat this long u.s. ression is wani. companies did count -- did cut
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almost ,000obs in july. over three months, 300,000obs were cut from payrls, buthat is halthe level we saw at the peak of theecession in autum and winter. president obama says his stimulus package hashelped, but he is cautis. >>e have a lotfurther to go. as far as i amoncerned, we will not have a true recovery as long as we are losing jobs, and we will not rest until every american that is looking for work can find aob. >> these job-seekers at the new yorkublic library know the difficulties of finding per network. thereare now 5 million ng- term uemployed americans out wormore than six months. >> i thk tt since mah if i am not hired, i would say tt is difficu. i am having a ha ti getting employer to make a decision. >>i have a couple of
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orgazations where i am interviewinwith the pottial of a job offer, and i trying to generate some more leads for other companies so that i can b having more options to choose fr. hopefully, i canake a decisi. >> butthers have become so discouraged theyave quit t labour force hencehe unexpected fallin the jobles rate in jul to 9.4%. there is sll a long way to go. in theast two recessions, it ok at least 16 months for js to bounce back. with so many americans out of rk, there is ccern about the alimportant consumer spending and when it will pick up again. bbc news, new york. >> so u.s. unemployment is still high,ut h does it compare with othercountries arnd the world? of the top end of the scale -- south africa at 23.6%, nearly a quter of the populaon
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looking r a job. even in erope, numbers are high. spain has t highest jobless figure with 17.9%. it is struggling with declining dend. russia and unemployment is comparable tamerica -- are ound 10%. its joess totalay have peaked. china with its impressive growth rate has a low unemployment -- 4.3% o its ty-bas polation is looking for work. we will be tracking the vital signs over the nxt few months. it could mean whole newtime of cooperation. that is the hope i south africa for the u.s.ecretary of tate on a two-day visit. th latest on hillary cnton's tour her husband did mu to warm relations between south africa antheu.s. in the 1991 s, so coulthe clinton affect work again? we ha more from jannesburg.
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>> popular as ev at the age o 91,elson mandela receivethe u.s. secretary of state. a decade ago, t close relationship between mandeland presidenclinton brought these countries togeer. hillary clinton was given a tour of the archives by his wife. >> to be the and seehe pictures o him as aoung man and to know much about his life -- iof cose inspires me, t only in to -- not only even greateradmiration for hi public work and even greater admiratiofor the man. >> t subject of frosty lations between the u.s. and south africa w the main order of the day. mrs. clintonpoke of neighboring zimbabwe. the united states has yet to be convinced byhe idea of robert mugabesharing power.
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>> we, ayounow, are attempting to target t leadership of zimbabwe with nctions that, we think, might influen their behavior without hurtg the pple of zimbae. during the recentvisit to the unit states of the prim minister, we talked witthe president, president obama, and made a commitment to ty to provide re help. >> s. clinton noweads to talks with jacobzuma. now africa is the second stop on the tr. bbc news, jannesburg. is being reported that police in indonesia have ot dead on of southeast aa's most want terrorist suects. officials ha been involved in a long shootout outsid the house ere the suspected infamous militant was hed up. onwas thought to be th aleged mastermind of the bali
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bombgs and the twin suicide attacks on jakarta hots last nth. aths are unconfirmed. the iraqi police say people have beenilled in attacks targeting shia muslims. bomb attack six people la we. this as shia muslims are marking one of their biggest religious lidays. the leaderf the tamil tiger rebels has been arrested in shrill lompoc. he took over e leadership afr the former leer was killed in a military offensive in may. a moscow cot has rejecd the tition by the fily othe murder jonalistor a new instigation into her killing. -- thfamily ofthe murder jourlist for a new investation into hekilling.
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french tourists are among e 12 pele killed by floods in the philipnes. it haforced tusandsrom their hom, and it h washed away bridges and roa. in nearby to one, flights are grounded and millions are confined to tir homes. we have thiseport. >> after the storm,he flood. this thecene in the philpines were a dege caused dam to burst, sending torrents through the area. housands were forcedrom their homes, in some cas whole villagesubmerged. the flood waters areo strong, rescue workers are foed to make desperate efrts to save those stranded but some pelewere not so lucky, a here in this provce.
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> it clapsed and the wers of god. they were subdd -- swept away by the floods. > in one area, all roads were cled and the state of emergency was declared. as they sta to pck up the pieces, elsewhere oths are preparing for the wot. the path of the tyoon strehes through taiw and maland china. fishing of bts and other vessels have been orred to ta shelter, and the chinese newsagency is repoing more an 2000ships returned to harbor in onprovince alone. nearly 50 centimeterhave fallen in taiwan, causi landslidesn power outages acro t north of the island. meteorologist sathe impact uld be prolonged as it i ving slowly. millions o people in taipei and
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the north of the island are eltering in their homes, fearful of what weher may co. bbc news. >> stay with us,f you can, on bbc wld news. still to ce -- nothi to apologize for, heaid. silvio berlusconi tony iback. >> first, british woman who deliberately became pregnant in ja in laos. e has arrived back gland to serve h sentence. she faced the death penalty if she had not been pregnanin laos. just a warning- this rort containslash photography. >> herasian or deal finally over, she arrived at heathrow this morning and was immediely taken into the custody of the prison service
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altugh heading straight for jill, the 20ear-old described herself as -- straight for jail, the 20ear-d described hself as relieved. this afternoon, her mher spoke ofer joy. >> i screa >> did your dahter smuggle drug >> i dnot know. honestly do not know. >> she was facg the death penalt after allegly admiing heroin smuggling, but laos does not exece expectan mothers. but the time of h trial, she was pregnant. she claims s artificiay inseminated herself with the help of other brit in jail ere. her sentence was commuted life, anshe ws allow to transfer home. she will begin her jail term here and may een complete it here. ere is a mother anbaby unit.
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under the terms of the agreement which she was rerned tohe u.k., technically, she will hav to serve a life sentence. of course, a life seence here mes something very differe. her unimaginable nightmare is over,ut if she did smuggle heroin, ny will say it was a nightmare oher own making. bbc news. hello, a welcome. >> see e news unfold. go to bbc/news is sy. do hereo catch the 1-minute world summary. you can read the late headlines. at the top stors from around the gle. discover more about th subjects therreally interest you and find out at issues the world is lking about rit now. go to andatch the
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newsnfold. >> the latest headlines for you. strong sis that o of pastan's's most want men, the liban leaders baitullah mehsud, has been killed in an amican missile strike. new indications the u.s. ecomy is on the roato recovery. unemployment figurehave fallen for the first tim since apr 2008. the first annirsary of georgia's's brief war with russia. fi days of fighting last august, and cease-fire brok by the eupean union, but only after several hundred peoplhad died. georgia obseed a moment of silenceationwide to remember those who were killed in theity of gori, people held a flagsre in the air fo the georgian nationallag. the nsions bind the war remain.
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russia acuses georgia of rearming. grgians sa ty feel threaten. our correspondent repts from soutrn ossetia. he georgian psident mikhail saakashvi came to honor e deaths of -- at the country's main milary cemetery. mor than 200eorgians, includingivilians, were killed in the brief war. despite leadin his coury into a disarous conflict with ussia, saakashvili has no regrets. >> i have never and will neve fail to emphasize my passion, to tr to prott thisountry from destrtion and from aggression. ultimate, this is e right of every people to fight for. it is the obligationof every government to enable their people to survive.
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>> but this is what he would faf he wants to win back south ossetia. russian troops now permantly ased in thereakaway region. the russians have billed up their military prence here over the pas year. -- have built up their mitary presence here over th past year. not evethese european union monitors can cross om georgia in south oetia, whichas beco a up no-go zone. it is our russn enclave. >> summit may liket, and some not. we will develop full relations with south ossea. for us, it is not a maer of pportunism, but a matter of decions that we have made an we will implemen
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>> and her on the outirts of the capita we found further evidence of the lack of cementing of rations with russiaollowing the end of the war. these hom and schools are all being built as a present from the mayor of moscow for the pulation of ossetia. his is so symbol of how far south ossetia has already become part of ssia. not only are ruian troops fending the area,ut viually theentire recotruction fort is being nanced by the russians. so tonight, as the ossetians remember those killed, they are al cebrating. they are closer than ever to formally becong part othe russian fedetion. bbc news, sth osset.
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>> while you're in th part of the world, you may remember the story yesterday about the denial of service attks that put som web sites out action, including faceboo and twitter. w we learn theeal target of thhacking was a blogger fro georgia. generally, at s blog favors russia. ke of that what you will. lvio burlesque tony has agai dismissed quesons about his ivate life -- silo beusconi has again dismissed questions about his ivate life. he has - he says heas nothing to apogize for. >> this was the silvio rlusconiin fiant mood -- n remorse, no regret, despite three months of allegations of sexual misnduct involving everyone from call girls to enage models. in an dress to journalists,
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the 72-year-old prime minister when on the attack. >> the prime mister has no skeletons in the closewith which hean belackmailed by anyone. nobo or anythg isoing to demoralize e prime minister, d the majority of alians apeciate the prime nister. >> silvio berlusni hope tout hind him the scandals that re spreading around him sie may. alled affairs with models, liaiso' wit pd escorts, a secret recordingof his encounrs of all then engulfin hiseadership, and his charges are making him a laughingstock. just thi week, his daughter barbara mildly rebuked her fathern the "vanity fair," saying politician shld not make a diinctionetween their private lifand the public onesespecially when ey talk
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about family values. the article brought thi sponse. >> m daughter loves me deey. she d not mn to be critic. herather has nothing to say sorry for about his private life. he has notng he should apolize t anyone about. t even his family members. is that ear? >> but he later wade into the reign press whoclaim he hate women. he deared thate adored won. he has be in power r 14 mons, and the ntroversies havearginally dented his opularity ratings. never want to attribute the italians as beingn different. bbc ns, in rome. >> of w pictures from nasa's space pro show what appears to be a lake on titan, one of saturn's moons. it is 180 degrees celsi.
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experts say theake is probly not water -- more likely liquid hydrocarbons sh as methane. finally, it is that timof yearwhen aspiring comedians ha to the scoish capal of edburgh, hoping the festival wille their big break. the tough economic times will p a dividend rerformers, as wehave this report. >> the economy may be down e drain, but we are rding high on lauger. >> that has been a tough yr, and in edinburgh, there are more than 2000 shows. among them - this one. rap. ♪ my suggestion is they spend it all on tickets for the french ♪ >> and salesre up 20%. in tough times, you c turn to medy. >> the primal scream, the rease of mirth.
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he victorians drilled holes in eir heads. modern brits last. that is how we let it out. >> is also affects the types of jokes on stage. >> as sn as the words "duck house" were mentned, everyone in comedy justhen, "than you, the ds of comedy." excellt. >> do youjust ge in there? what i think it is perfect to d a more politicthemed show. but do not like to use words like politics-themed >> however, it h to be a good value. >>veryone is mindinthe purse string you have to downsize sghtly. i think it is good to bring a bit of sunshine to people's ves. >> more than 400hows are now
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free local laughter is in high demand. bbc news, at more. >> just briefly, a reminder of our main news for you. there are strong inditions that pakistan's's most wted man, baitull mehsud, has been lled. he has been believed to have led al-qae's campaign to ma pakistan vtually ungovernable. we have no confirmation. he is belied to have been kied along with his wife and bodyguard. re for you on >>unding for this presentation was made possible the freeman fountion of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu,he newman's o foundation, and the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundationand union bank.
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>>nd union nk has put its fincial strength behind a wid range of compies -- from small business to major corporations what can we do for you? >> i am julia stile >> of publi broadcasng is my sour for news about the world. >> fointelligent conversatio >> f election coverage. >> forconversations beyond sound bit. >> for aommitment to jourlism. >> for deciding who to te for. >> i am carry washingn and public broadsting is my soce for intelligt connections to my community. >> "bbc world new" was presenteby kcet, los
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