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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  August 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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businesses, now neighbors want to know if the strip clubs and their communities are legal? those who know the battle all too well now trying to fight those with their own heroine problems. it is the kind of business that everyone wants in their
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now people who live on cleveland's west side are calling on city hall to do something about it. they claim the strip clubs bring gang crime and chase away badly needed development. they even wonder if some of the adult cabarets are operating within city guidelines. we sent joe and in search of answers. >>reporter: building inspectors need to look into this as soon as possible. >> we do not want these on w. 25th st. we do not want them a few feet away from homes. >>reporter: she is talking about adult entertainment venues. she says the city needs to conduct a full investigation as the rather these locations are operating legally and within the guidelines of their occupancy permits. >> we are not really sure what goes on inside these clubs. that changes the
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says that they use can attract illegal activities and prevent needed growth. >> there are cleared do's and don'ts and the untold array section of the zoning code. >>reporter: henry senior says city inspectors need to enforce the law pointing to this lawsuit he said outlawed adult entertainment. >> the board has denied them the right to be an adult cabaret and so has the lower court in the state this has been in writing for 14 years. >>reporter: a try to reach the club owners for comment. so far no response. meanwhile, residents a removal is needed to allow this business district to reach full potential. >> this is an area primed for revitalization. it is a deterrent to development.
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agreed to look into rather these clubs are operating legal. -- legally. building and housing inspectors have agreed to look into things in the coming days. you know we will follow up on this case. tonight, police are investigating a shooting on the east side that happened on e. 105th st. near some marking possible evidence all over the street. we just learn a 19-year-old was shot. minutes later there was a shooting on emmett road. we have been telling you about a record-breaking number of heroine -- herion deaths and job overdoses and out an effort to stop the epidemic is happening. we spoke with one man taking matters into his own
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former user, so he knows firsthand what it entails. he came out with a pretty simple concept, addicts helping addicts. in just a month it has already made a big difference. a simpler -- simple flyer, black and white, help in the unlikeliest of places. >> the first place we were >>reporter: from the unlikeliest of people. >> it is addicts helping addicts. they know where they're at and how to speak to them. >>reporter: these fires went up in the last 30 days concentrating on places where addicts are most likely to overdose. steve brennan is the man behind this, cleanout for one year and five months. for 25 years off and on he struggle with his own demons,
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i die. the ambulance came and revived me. >>reporter: steve is the first member, the others also former addicts all hoping to change the course of a life that has hit rock bottom. >> they get to the point of shooting up. they are not suicidal, they just don't care. >>reporter: in just one month his group has gotten more than 50 calls for help. six people already placed in treatment facili recovery. >> we do not have a magic wand, we have resources and we are able to share our experiences with them. >> right now those flyers are only up in akron. steve is helping another community picks up the idea and spreads it around to help the addicts recover. >> one of the reasons this epidemic has become so deadly is because herion is being
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like a sedative use a knockout large animals. we discover it is online for anyone to purchase. a quick search online found website after website. the dea says it already knows that is one way dealers are getting it, but bill holland points out that heroine -- herion users may have no idea what they are putting in their bodies until it is too late. >> the last worry on a joint to you after i give you that dose. >> in fact, carfentanil is so dangerous summit county stop field testing herion ever since it came on the streets last month and investigators now where drugs and -- gloves masks. and we are watching our low in
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it is not strong enough to be a named storm, but there is a hurricane watch issue for porter from pensacola to tampa. we would expect strengthening over the next 24 to 48 hours. it would be hermine. now watch as it takes it up through jacksonville, hilton head island, charleston, south carolina. at least a tropical storm, maybe a category one hurricane right along the coast. friday night it is of near hatteras. again, high surf, high wind, and this all the way through friday. vacationers and holiday revelers are going to have a rough time with the tropics is whether we can. a ,15 girl lock in a juvenile detention center accused of killing her father, but her family says she was
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mother. they are now fighting for change. >>reporter: the teenager we are talking about is facing aggravated murder charges. police say she shot a killed her father while he was sleeping back in july. she is now 15, but was 14 when officers say she killed her father. more than two dozen loved ones showed up to support the young lady. her supporters that they want to bring awareness to domestic violence. the family also set the teenager witnessed years of abuse and was protecting her mother. thousands echo the same sentiment. >> we do not think our voice will be heard, we know it will. you have over 7000 signatures. that is saying domestic violence has to stop. >>reporter: by the way, the young lady is scheduled for another pretrial on october 6. a horrible story from the toledo area, investigators say a man shot his neighbors,
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school bus. he then set their home on fire and shot himself in the head. he later died at the hospital. investigators say several neighbors on the street have been fighting for months. president obama commuted the sentences of another 111 federal inmates today all convicted of nonviolent jock offenses at the rear from northeast ohio. the president, who wants to get rid of strict sentences for drug offenses have commuted nearly 700 sentences so far. new information on the remains of a stillborn baby that went missing from a local hospital. we have learned the ohio department of health is now investigating mercy regional medical center over what happened. the hospital has publicly apologized saying they deeply regret what happened. there are no federal regulations on labeling the
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policies. they did not respond to our request for a copy of their policy. leaders are hosting a community forum on the city's possible annexation to cleveland from 5:30 pm until 7 pm. we were there last night when city council held an emergency meeting to pass a new memorandum on the merger. as part of the ordinance they have made a list of things they wanted to merge with cleveland, but the list and not go or the standoff is over, chris brown is arrested. what the woman who called police claimed the already controversy oh -- controversial finger day. friends and family want to know why there is no memorial to remember a victim?
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you want a hint of fall we have your forecast. threats shut down government offices across the country. the department targeted and what those threatening messages
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new information on the drama and chris brown's home today. police arrested the sager on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. a woman called 911 from outside
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that spark an hours long standoff and search of the home. the woman said brown pointed a gun in her face after he got mad that he admired another man's diamond necklace. brown has been in lots of legal trouble ever since he was convicted of assaulting rihanna back in 2009. this october will mark seven years since the first body was pulled from a house of four on cleveland's -- house of avenue. plans to memorialize the women have not been realized. we have more on a gathering held tonight and people are upset there hasn't been more support. >>reporter: you might recall two years ago it seemed like the memorial was moving forward. tonight it is still a vacant lot. in 2014 plans for a garden of
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celebrated. fundraising began and the memorial was projected to be finished in 2015. now, two years later -- >> i don't want to see this. this is disgusting. >>reporter: her daughter was the first victim. she was buried in his backyard. and her niece was also killed. after years of what she and others see as empty promis from ministers and city politicians they have had enough. >> if you come here in october and the visual is here it will look like new money. how, can't look like that now? it has almost been seven years.>>reporter: planters that were donated two years ago are overgrown or god.
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upkeep or how the project would move forward. the frustration is mounting.>> this is truly a slap on the face. a slap on the face of his mother and all of them others. >>reporter: families and neighbors cannot help but notice that on another street where three women were held prisoner promises foreclosure on seymour avenue have been met. aca double standard that adds more hurt to imperial avenue's >> people think because these ladies have problems in their lives that they were not worth remembering, they are. they have families that remember them. >>reporter: tonight i spoke with pastor jimmy gates and he admitted the committee chop the ball on keeping the lot mode and clear of debris while the fund-raising effort has been much lower than hoped for, he
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several phases will be completed by the october anniversary. ohio state now laying down the law for its 150 alumni clubs. they are telling them to watch anything that they may say about the university or risk losing money or other parts. two years ago a group spoke out when they buy at the marking band director over what they call it a sexualized culture. however, ohio state sa connected. beer makers have been counting down the days starting tomorrow they can brew and serve beer with more alcohol. craft beer lovers set the limit did not lead brewers get creative. are you ready to call for more cash? beer with higher alcohol content will cost you more.
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was raised was back in 2002. the road to the white house keeps wanting through the buckeye state. joe biden will visit on thursday to campaign for hillary clinton. on thursday night donald trout will hold a rally in wilmington, ohio. we are told clinton will be back in cleveland on labor day. the usda shut down six offices in five states after getting multiple anonymous threats. the messages came yesterday and mentioned the safety of workers and budi is working with local and federal law enforcement to figure out if the press are credible. the offices are still close as a precaution. another look at what is coming up and weather. do you use the s word, sweater already? >> yes, we will have lows in the 60s coming our way.
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is fine. the best relief is it is going to be a warm and dry holiday weekend. so many things to do. ross the party at his summer home. >> i didn't get the invite. >> denita is invited and i am not? >> you are going to be in so much trouble. >> don't worry. cloudy skies overhead right now we are celebrating a big dry went. in the meantime, let's track some rain. remember at four clock i sat as soon as the red cross enters that -- rain crosses interstate 75 it will begin to fade. by the time it reaches lorain county it will be done. there is another batch that
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chicago. that front will travel south and east and arrive here tomorrow, late morning into the afternoon and bring with it and another round of thunderstorms. right now it doesn't look like severe weather, but enough to cause the rain here and there. 69 in delirious, 74 in akron, we have and east berry light at 5 miles per hour. middle 70s in hopkins. two points hanging around the 60 degree mark. notice we are dry, but as we get to war the morning commute, especially in cleveland, as the front approaches we cannot whirl out isolated thunder throughout the morning commute and beyond. cleveland, you are going to try
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akron and canton by the middle afternoon. meanwhile in the pacific, hurricane warnings for the big island of hawaii. this is matalin, a category two storm. she will weaken by the time she reaches the big island. this is lester, a category four storm now. it is going to go to the north. for us, we have a lot of moisture. the front tomorrow the cooldown begins. it will feel a little far like as we head towards the weekend. tonight, 67 degrees and partly cloudy and dry. on the bus tomorrow hit him in showers and storms going and coming home. 78 tomorrow, 75 thursday, 73 friday. near 84 the weekend, 85 sunday
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multiple news outlets reporting donald trump will go to mexico tomorrow to meet with the president they are hours before his speech on immigration. we spoke to them like we know what they're saying. we are not talking about meteorologist. >> because we have no idea what hours of pay. research shows that dogs understand. researchers in budapest reported the brain activities of dogs as they heard words. the dogs responded more to things like good boy and well done. neutral words like nevertheless or however were out. they also responded well to positive tones.
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choi davis sparks a comeback and the big hit right here plus the bullpens 28 making it happen. the tigers won tonight. >> you have to trust what got you here. it is a long season and sometimes you can lose your focus. you just have to get back focus and remember those good times. that is why we write notes and remember those times.
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tomorrow. they have just one more preseason game. they are going to look different than most teams and gave number four. >> while most tartars was sent out week number for the preseason the browns won not. they will keep their starters going. when you consider josh gordon and rg three and rg 31 not be on the field together for the next five weeks you should be surprised. >> we have to continue to get better operation is clean. that way will we step on the field we are confident and ready to play. >> meantime, the defense is taking a ton of heat, especially against lebron. hayden says the tide will turn for the defense. >> we are going to be a lot closer than we are right now. i think with the group that we have as far as people that are willing and ready to do whatever it takes, i think we have people that are able to
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we just have to get our communication. the more time we get on the field more time to get to plan and get better. >> don't forget the browns play right here thursday night. we start things off at seven. a tough break for the vikings. teddy bridgewater suffered a dislocated knee and an acl tear. it does not look good for his future.
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your bus stop forecast for tomorrow morning, going to school with scatter thunder in the 60s. storms will move inland during the afternoon. coming home it is mainly akron, canton, and youngstown for scattered storms. >> those buses were empty and speeding.
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forecast, only my twitter followers get those. >> 78 tomorrow and scattered showers. >> can you give us a cannot forecast, please? >> nonetheless, we will be back tomorrow.
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zooey deschanel. ben stein. and music from glass animals. and now, don't move -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: welcome. thank you. very kind. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i appreciate it. i hope i don't disappoint anybody. i'm a little bit off my game tonight. we're potty training my


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