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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the heroine epidemic spreads across our state were asking questions about the way our state handles drug dealers. >> we've seen a large increase in heroine victims in tonight we learn of a legal loophole when it comes to sentencing dealers.>> it is a crack in the sidewalk and it needs to be corrected.>> it's the type of crack that could let heroin and sentinel dealers off >>reporter: cocaine traffickers can face steeper sentences even though deaths are the real problem. cocaine trafficking landed these men 20 years in prison, before they had their sentences commuted yesterday by president obama.>> i'm going to show
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look like. >>reporter: they were sentenced during the height of the cocaine epidemic when former narcotics detective tells me dealers capitalized on the power of addiction. >> i can only tell you what one drug dealer told me. if they are stupid enough to not, i'm smart enough to sell it.>>reporter: ohio sentencing guidelines reflect how seriously police and prosecutors took the epidemic. heroine was much less potent at the time, penalties smaller. possession of 50 grams for first-degree felony versus 27 grams of cocaine. today, heroine is become far more potent. >> it's one or two steps above the best cocaine.>>reporter: sentinel is in the picture as well. >> that would be enough to kill someone if it was just a few
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loophole in ohio law keeps county prosecutors from charging some and no -- sentinel dealers. >> we want to make sure the penalties are there.>>reporter: they both agree that ohio needs to catch up adding dealer should be treated differently than their clients.>> jail is where the traffickers. jail is for -- treatment it's for the addicts.>>reporter: he hopes his fellow legislators will be ready to take action. an attempt to curb the growth of heroin, ohio is getting to mind dollars in federal grant money, it will go to two different state departments. the department of mental health and the department of health. the money will be used to build up prevention efforts to track
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improve the states prescription drug monitoring programs. a new tool will of be available to curb prescription drug use. summit county hopes it will keep leftovers out of the hands of addicts. a pharmaceutical company is giving drug deactivation pouches that will help dilute the pills with just a little bit of water. it can be thrown in the trash afterwards. the pouches will be handed out in summit county. it's a wet wednesday. good news, we will dry out in greater cleveland. we have showers and a little bit of thunder still off to our south. let's bring it up, showers and thunderstorms mainly
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wayne county the worcester area sliding into mount werner and. these are sliding south and east. lightning bolts here and there is not any that i can see that our current that's good news. a shower or two around greater cleveland, north there is nothing there. could there be an isolated pop up evening shower for the tribe game? i would say for the first inning, there there is thunder right now over our heads from that cell moving in doubt -- downtown. 76 elyria, 78 madonna, 78 in akron. evening weather includes an isolated storm through midnight
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done everything toward of criminals. >> only and 5, that owner says he has had enough. tracy is life -- live. >>reporter: each crime captured on camera playing out like a scene from a tv crime drama. this is real. store clerks are being held up at gunpoint worth it for them. >>reporter: the string of crimes that this bp at the corner of every and richmond road started last august. three burglaries within months. the owner told me that's when bars went on the windows and a padlock went on the door and more cameras went up to capture what's happening. the store owner explains this was not enough. the criminals came back boulder.
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inside the store. the owner did not want to be shown. >> we have two cashiers and a customer, there are three people in that store and they just don't care.>>reporter: he told me he believes it is the same people each time. he believes they live in the area and shop at the st the cash and, that is from our store. >>reporter: he explained he came from pakistan for a better life. he has a family to support and started closing the store early. it may now be earlier, possibly at sunset and bullet proof glass might go up to keep his
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tackled a man after someone accused him of supporting isis setting up an international incident that sparked a travel warning from one arab country. newly obtained emails and phone calls revealed the true extent of this impact. derick waller has been following it. >>reporter: from the uk and singapore, people had an opinion as part of a public records request, i obtained the emails and phone calls made after the ahmed, and ali outside the fairmont in and suites. a relative called claiming he was pledging a lease -- allegiance to isis. police apologized and it touched nerves worldwide. emails sent to the department
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richard bosley.>> an apology is not enough. america needs to get with it. >> this is all part of an islamic bait. >> these people are very intimidating and we have to stop giving in. >>reporter: others said, the person who made the claims should be charged. the prosecutor says the case is under investigation and she has not been charged. it's going to be a very busy couple >> this as they tried to woo voters like ohio. hillary clinton stops in cincinnati this afternoon, speaking at the american legion national convention. she laid out her case as to why she believes she is the best candidate running for president. clinton took a swipe at her rival and his trip to visit mexico's president this afternoon.
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trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations, by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours. that is not how it works. >> trump's visit comes after mexico's president says he extended the invitation and held -- to trump and hillary. he compared trump to hitler and muol the president, donald trump will be in phoenix tonight and expected to lay out more of his controversial immigration policy.>> mister trump is scheduled to stop in ohio tomorrow, his third trip in three weeks. john kosich joins us.>>reporter: in 2000 for the electoral eyes of the nation shifted from florida to i how -- ohio. greetings from ohio should read
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candidates begin the practice of making the buckeye state their second home. resident obama did it in 2012 focusing on colleges. his frequent visits prompted me to ask them, is there any truth you are doing this to establish residency? >> i probably vote in chicago as much as i do and ohio. >>reporter: the same could be said this year, hillary is speaking in cincinnati and trump will be there tomorrow. joe biden will be in parma tomorrow and the labor day parade will feature both clinton and her running mates.>> they are still within a few points and that means we are still a battleground. these candidates will keep visiting, because there are a lot of unpredictable's and ohio. >>reporter: a poll from emerson college has the race is a dead
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ohio and it's important goes beyond its 18 electoral votes, it is truly a bellwether and it's different regions are a microcosm of the country. pack testing messages and seeing the responses can impact what to do in other states. even more so, we are seeing donald trump's message playing in democratic counties are not in playing -- in some republican suburbs. still ahead serve meals to those in need. tropical storm hermine is going to make a play in florida and then up the carolina coast. remember, text or email us
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a $475,000 project meant to help thousands is the salvation
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their old kitchen and replacing it. >> they say the need is so great it just had to be done. dominque reed joins us.>>reporter: the new space doesn't just look call it makes more sense. the new space will allow them to shell out 450 meals a day.>> potatoes and chicken and green beans. >>reporter: pop into the salvation army most days and friendly face. welcome to nate green's world.>> we have challenges and who can make the best spaghetti. i won't say who one.>>reporter: crafting meals has been his creative canvas. for more than six years, that being said no one knows better than him how rough things used to be. >> we had no air conditioning,
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you can be in the middle of making a meal and it will break.>>reporter: some things just can't happen, especially since the need keeps growing. >> we are feeding more people. >>reporter: food services director says 1200 meals a day, seven days a week. >> we are adding new hvac in november, it will be a first for many in the community. >> the kitchen has not been updated in 25 years.>>reporter: for now, the gym will focus as the kitchen. planning for this project began a year ago and money came from donors, although the salvation army is still shy of their capital campaign goal.
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cleveland.>> i love hearing things like that. what were you doing over there?>> i'm on facebook, i'm on twitter. i'm checking out the tribe. the kick is getting rid of the rain. >> can you do that>> harris. the rain is off to our south lining up from lauren through the akron, canton area into wooster . mansfield in ashland and points south getting heavy rain. here is our front pushing south . behind it we have had isolated showers, one just came over lakewood with a lot of heavy rain in that is fading
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royalton, we have sprinkles up here near i-271 and towards shaker heights. back towards strongsville into columbia station, we have isolated sprinkles. here are legitimate showers, turning on the lightning tracker and there is nothing there. orville, canal fulton and wadsworth, good heavy rain in that stretches back into ravenna along the turnpike getting heavy rain in central portage county. a lot of 70s out there. we had 82 in cleveland and now it's down to 77. akron, madonna lots of sevens. fremont, mansfield, akron, 77, dew points near 70.
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front. the actual cooler drier air is still back to our north. that will arrive overnight, you will notice a big difference tomorrow. 77 downtown. there's our live look, cloudy skies 67 degrees two points wind out of the north at 15 miles per hour. rob powers says two home runs record highs 99. oak mites are high and ragweed pollen continues in the moderate category. i want to show you the track,
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once it gets to florida it will track along the shoreline, coastal flooding damage and heavy rain. we are talking 6 to 10 inches of rain for some portions of the carolinas. the best place to be will be right here in greater cleveland. cooler drier air is settling in and a gradual warm-up with dry weather all the way through your holiday weekend. excellent. 62 degrees, early showers, 74 tomorrow bringing a lake affect shower in a couple of spots. 74 tomorrow, akron canton about 61 tonight and 76 tomorrow with a stray shower. for your seven day, notice a nice warm-up, dry weather through the entire weekend.
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west end bridges had a monster weekend. his character is more impressive. west end bridges gets it. have a day kid.?? >> a fabulous day.
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everyone of you. it's a good day.>> i love this game. i'm trying to get six points for my coach. i'm trying to win these games. >> that's season he rushed for more than 600 yards and 29 touchdowns. here and 17 scholarship actors. he teamed up with freshman quarterback jackson madden to produce a video. >> it started when i was seven years old. i knew this game could change
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>> it's crazy that he's going to michigan stay and i made the video. it got 10,000 views on youtube. i don't know what to say. it's amazing.>> i was shocked it was a dream come true. >> to see something like that happen in the relationships that are built between treating a freshman the way that you would want to be treated, that's the message and you are seeing it happen. that's makes me extremely proud.>> i wanted to feel
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about the young man right next to him.>> clearly he invests in
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breaking news tonight. donald trump's surprise trip to mexico. the high-stakes gamble. traveling south of the border. meeting with mexico's president. the gop nominee standing by building a wall, but what about mexico footing the bill? >> is there any chance mexico pays for the wall? >> what trump said, coming up. state of the tropical storm on the move tonight. and in the pacific, bracing for impact. families boarding up, closing schools, as two hurricanes target hawaii. breaking news. midair collision. the search for survivors after two planes crash into each other. plus, dangerous turbulence injuring a dozen. tonight, we'll take you inside this rough ride. and, alzheimer's


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