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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  August 26, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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funny money in the bay area. where investigators are finding fake bills and where stores are changing the way they accept cash. ry trouble. why he could be headed back to brazil to face the music for lying about a robbery in rio. tracking the tropics and invest 99. we take a look at where the system is headed next and what it could mean for us. good friday morning, and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez.
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for gayle. >> i love the way you said friday. that's the most important word. we need to go to weather. >> reporter: better than friday, the invest system is getting weaker. gaston was a hurricane get, and now back to a tropical storm it should regain hurricane status, but even as it strengthens to a category 2, it will sea this is invest 99l, and this is southern bahamas, and north of cuba. i will show you the next few hours, and it's basically going to head between the bahamas and cuba this thing may completely fall apart, but if it stays over the warm waters in southern florida or south of florida, it has the potential to strengthen a bit, and then
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bigger development there, and most of the computer models have it just off the coast, and that means an enhanced rain chance. today a hot one. 93 above the average of 90. at 4:08, i will take you specifically through the week. there's overnight work out there, and let's move over to the howard start things -- bridge to start things off. they did not give me a specific time this morning, but in case it's watching, head over to bay shore or macdill. they look great right now. now back to melanie and gene. an 8 on your side consumer alert about the counterfeit
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stores. >> as jen holloway reports, the funny money is looking for realistic than ever. >> reporter: there's no doubt it's showing up all around the bay area, not just in local stores but for those having yard sales and those selling and buying online. >> two officers said they are one of the best faces i have ever seen. >> reporter: the cash exchange went down in the fast parking lot. and mark desorio was using offer up. >> he came inside of the restaurant, and he pulled out money. >> reporter: money that wasn't exactly money. simply fake, phony cash in exchange for a real iphone 6 plus. but his gut said something wasn't right, and he checked with a special marker to find a fake. it felt real.
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saw each serial number on each bill was the exact same. >> i got out of the car to go get him, and he took off on the motorcycle. >> reporter: others are being filled with the phony money. the counterfeit bills are circulating, and they are so good, stores like this dollar tree in brandon are posting signs saying they will not accept a the fbi says don't count on the anticounterfit markers. you have to feel the bills and if the presidents are raised, it's real money. the person of interest is
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university exposing himself. we showed you surveillance video. it's believed this is the man who exposed himself a week ago outside of two dining halls, and the students we spoke to are a little freaked out. >> most people are like, whoa, who is this person? we have to find him and get him off campus. >> usf police believe he is the man who did the exact same thing last year. >> time now, 4:05, and a school student is apologizing this morning for creating a gun scare at a pasco county school, and it started when she posted a picture of a gun on line and referenced sun lake high school. deputies jumped into action and were at the school as the students arrived. they wanted to assure everyone that the postwas a joke. the teen is not facing any charges, but the sheriff is warning students about new law going into effect that would make it a crime.
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to be just based on a bomb, but now it's widened to shootings and other incidents. >> new law takes effect september 1st. homeowners are claiming the local bars are too loud. >> i'm not here to criticize anyone, but the same people who oppose this, they are going get old and get a taste of this, too, and see what it is like. >> it's loud and thumping. >> an ordinance under circumstances would require bars to keep the volume below 55-decibels outside of the clubs, but bar managers are claiming it's simply impossible.
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conversation on the patio, that's over the level. this is what a regular neighborhood would expect. >> city council members will put together a workshop to work out a compromise. more drama surrounding ryan lochte and his lies about an armed robbery in rio. brazilian police charged him with filing a false police report, and that means ryan lochte may be headed back to rio to go before a he originally claimed he and three fellow swimmers were robbed. but they actually faced security after vandalizing a bathroom. he was drunk at the time. tensions are high with the united states and iran. a u.s. naval shot fired warning shots towards iranian boats. the iranian revolutionary guard
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ship. the navy claims they fired warning flares, but they did not back off. look at one aftershock in italy that sent a cloud of dust over the searchers looking for survivors. the quake is blamed for 267 deaths. time now, 4:08, and good morning, we are going to start the day out on the muggy side. certainly dry. we will take you hour by hour to plan out your friday. 8:00a.m., 79 degrees. it does not take long to get to 89 by noon. a 20% rain chance at that point. going up to a 30% rain chance for the rest of the day, with the high of 93. we talked about it being friday. it's time for friday night blitz. the kickoff, and there could be
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will last until halftime. 84degrees before it's dry, and steamy and comfortable for the final play at 82 degrees. for the short-term today and tomorrow, pretty much your typical the delays. starting on sunday a better coverage of afternoon storms based on increased tropical moisture, and at that point, this is now invest 99ls that's the days we see the most rain. 60percent chance of rain on monday an 8s on friday. people want to check on this to get home. >> i'm looking forward to the weekend, too. looking at new port richie, state road 54. looking very good to the sun coast parkway. red and green lights to go through there and also on u.s. 19 at pam harbor, looking good. only 14 minutes on your drive, and here's 275, and we are not
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and now back to melanie and gene. >> i think it's safe to say most teens are addictedded to social media. >> and adults -- addicted to social media. >> and adults. >> we will show you how one bay area school has its own social media team and how it is used to keep where investigators found two dead nuns and what they think happened. you're watching news channel 8
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the bodies of two catholic nuns believed to be ci victims for found. both were nurse practitioners, and police were called when they didn't show up for work one day. the women were found in their home. at this point the motive and cause of death remains unknown. a high-speed chase in florida ended with a taser, and
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the the officers, but then they use the taser. a suspect emerged from a home and opened fire, and bullets hit an officer who was pronounced dead at the hospital. the suspect was taken into the custody and the officer's name has not yet been released. crazy footage of a hit-and- run dui that sent a philadelphia police officer flying. you see the watch. the impact, definitely very powerful there. colin murphy hits the officer, knocking him 15 feet in the air, and police catch up with murphy and arrest him. miraculously the officer who was hit should be okay. it's 4:14. after the passage of a controversial law, the university of nebraska's basketball team canceled the game in north carolina because
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people from using bathrooms based on gender identity, and they believe it opposes their university values. they said they don't hold any ill will towards unc. >> our student athletes are a sensitive group. they understand our values, and they chose to come to the university of vermont for a reason, and i think they understood. >> shortly after the into effect, the governor of vermont placed a no travel ban to north carolina. hillsborough is making sure the 250 schools are connected and engaged with a social media kneltwork. there's a team responsible for providing information on every media platform possible. >> reporter: jenine graves and
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and respond to trends including the desire for mobile devices. >> we want to make sure we are providing important information to the families in ways they want to get it and are used to getting it. >> reporter: that means expanding beyond the website, facebook, and twitter to platforms popular with younger audiences. >> i did a focus group recently with a few of our 8th graders, and you know, i said what are the top social media platform that you're on, just tell me, and so snapchat, instagram, and youtube were the top used. >> reporter: in response they just launched an instagram feed, and they are looking at shareable videos and recently the school system experimented with live streaming graduation
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work. every question gets a response. >> we are communicating with the children, and that's always a good thing. >> reporter: in case you're wondering, the most shared post is a graphic of the school year. they want to make sure they know when they need to be there and when they get time off. >> that's definitely important. a big milestone for the world's first set of septuplets to survive infancy. >> for the first they were born in 1997, the mccoy accept septuplets will be separated. four are headed to college. the university offered them free schooling when they were born. the teens admit it will be weird that they are not together, but they are excited about the next chapter of their life. >> it will be difficult because
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years, and it will be weird to have them be away. we have talked about what our careers would be like, and we never thought the day would come so fast, and now that it is here, it's difficult. >> time flies by, and as for the other three, one entered the military, and the other two are attending a junior college in des moines, iowa. >> do you think they would room together? >> it would be hard not to. >> rent >> a big house. >> at 8:00 this morning, dry, and already warm, and 79 degrees, sunny skies becoming partly cloudy at noon, and a slim rain chance at noon. 89degrees, and then it's 93 at 4:00 p.m., and that's above average. a 30% to 40% chance of popup thunderstorms. 73 in lakeland, and 77 in seabring, i and checked in with
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convict east to west winds, meaning we will start to see the first few showers popping up here, and just about every shower will make its way east to west towards the coast, and for you head out to the high school football games, notice the rain is lingering near the coast at 7:00, and then clearing out. starting tomorrow, we will track the tropical wave, whatever it is through the bahamas, and for us, another typical summer day with afternoon storms, and even if it doesn't develop, it will draw up extra tropical moisture at least. that's why i bumped up the rain chance to 60%, and leslee how about traffic on the 8s? >> u.s. 19 has a great drive right now, and state road over
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issues, either this is through i-75, just 11 minutes, and mcintosh to park road, 7 minutes. courtney campbell causeway will only take you 7 minutes as well. you may not be able to afford to tesla, but one company wants to give you a ride in one. through a rough financial patch. how much money the company is losing this year and why. don't forget to connect with me on social media this morning. log on to facebook and find me on there or on twitter, wflagene. i just posted the rules on how to use drones and how to make money with your drones.
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that's @wflagene on twitter and
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welcome back. it's 4:23. it's a rough financial road or uber. the popular ride-sharing service has reported a loss of more than $1 billion this year. the company's head of finance blames huge expenses for drivers for the loss. financial experts don't believe the company is in jeopardy. they explained the 7-year-old company is still explaining huge growth. there's a new twist to ride
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one company is starting a ride sharing company starting tesla's electic cars. if you're going to do it, do it right. it's alled testloop. a customer books a seat in a tesla vehicle online and designates the pickup and dropoff, and then the tesla pilot drives up to four people to their destinations. they offer snacks and the drinks and the free wifi, and the most important thing. by $29 to $79, depending on the length of your trip. the company claims the service is much better than taking a bus or train. >> i would have to agree with that. >> if they are going to provide wifi and snacks, i will take it. the buccaneers will have a home game, and we will tell you
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what investigators found in a car near a baby when the dad was found drunk in the car. it's friday, and we are excited about it around here. stay with us. more news channel 8 today
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4:28 on this friday. currently 78 degrees at tampa friday, sunny and warm 78 degrees. when they get dropped off later, 93 degrees, and a 90% rain chance. the temperatures trend down into next week, and the rain chances will be going up. through pinellas county, the st. pete area, no delays, folks. to the howard frankland bridge, and most of the traffic is northbound headed to
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out of pasco county a great drive on i-75, linking up to 275 down to i-4. that's roughly 10 minutes, and no delays on
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the skyrocketing price of life saving epipens has people concerned nationwide. one local community is stepping up to help. marco rubio is campin in the bay area later this morning. we will show you when and where and how you can early vote this weekend for florida's primary. tracking the tropics. the tropical system moving through the bahamas bringing wind and rain. where it is headed next nd what it means for the bay area. good morning, everyone, and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm melanie michael in for gayle. >> and i'm gene ramirez. a lot of people are waking


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