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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> reporter: everything in her backyard was tipped over, ripped up or smash. this toshd caused damage to about three mile stretch of broward county. one driver captured cell video of a funnel cloud. you can see it swirling along dixie highway. sending fences and trampolines and other debris airborne. >> it's mother nature giving us a wake up call. >> the wild weather tore up a ranch causing 200 thousand dollars worth of damage. >> the horses are all okay. still stressed a bit. >> reporter: the winds ripped letters from the building and a family clearing out rubble from their mobile home. they were trapped inside when a tree smashed down on.
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>> reporter: another tornado played a game of ping-pong and a third twister barrelled in north east miami dade and banged up cars. line men working to repair dangling electric wires damaged by phone trees in adventure ra. >> the family is working to salvage belongings and they do not know where they will go from here. i reached out the national weather service to see if maybe the severe storm that passed through hollywood was actually tornado but they said just strong winds from 80-90 miles per hour. so many of you send us pictures of yesterday's damage. keep them coming. .
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the sun is shining and we woke up to cooler temperatures. let's get out to cbs 4 meteorologist and after when we went through we deserve this. >> what a difference a day makes. this morning we woke up to lows in the 60s and 61 in fort lauderdale. miami our average was 63. pretty close to that. leaf is a beach now here at the lauderdale by the seacoast line. cameras showing folks out there soaking up the sunshine and temperatures are perfect in my opinion. low to mid 70s right now and pleasant in miami and 73 in fort lauderdale and 69 in marathon and 75 in key west with a nice breeze out of the north east. our temperatures will continue to warm up responding to the sun. mid 70s mild and quiet overnight. we will be cooler with 60s near
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another front on the way and we'll talk more about why we have had this wild weather. >> thank you. new at noon a chemical explosion at a community pool. a maintenance worker was mixing cleaning chemicals in a spray bottle when it exploded. the worker may have lost several if anything is. the community pool near se bags boulevard and coronodo road. a scare in the air when a tire blows up a cargo plane during take off. the pilot managed to land safely the morning. chopper 4 is over the airport where you can see smoke on the back tires. miami dade police were forced to make an emergency landing.
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and both are okay. they do not know when the plane highway. caught on camera, an armed man robbing a gas station. cameras were rolling as the man went into the mobile gas station at 10260 west broward boulevard on february 6th. he went back to the counter and threatened to stab the clerk if she didn't comply. he was able to take off with cash and cigarettes. call broward police officers with any information. the break left major flooding in the area of north west 5th street and north west 4th avenue. authorities issued a precautionary advisory in the area and residents also complained of a foul odor due to the sewage. crews are working to fix the 20 inch break.
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until further notice. a teenager accused of a deadly crash on new year's day that killed an 18 year old girl. live outside the metro justice building in miami with details for us. >> the bond was set at 100 thousand dollars during a hearing and he will be under house arrest and wear a gps monitor once he is released. we are hearing from his defense attorney and there are also strong words late this morning from a special prosecutor who has been appointed to this case. 17 year old ie say ya medina came before a bond judge accused day. he was going twice the speed limit when he crashed his family's porsche injuries himself and taking the life of 18 year old college freshmen. she was in the backseat.
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the fact that a 17 year old chose to drive his porsche 60 miles per hour through a residential setting where he killed one of his friends and was high on marijuana and san ex-in his system and never had a driver's license. -- -- xanex. he complained me dee na had been taken into custody again after the state realized he didn't have a gps monitor. he had been on house arrest. >> you can contact the victim's family. he shaz shown a tremendous amount of remorse and it's a difficult time for the victim's family and my client's family as well. >> can you say anything about the case and being high on marijuana? >> you're innocent until proven guilty in this country. >> he said he was a flight risk
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dollars for all three charges. outside the courtroom medina's mother left without comments. >> do you want to say anything at all about your son? >>reporter: we learned the mother is about to be evicted from her condominium and will also be subject to random drug testing. live at the metro justice building, peter lynch cbs four news. a palm beach county teenager accused of posing as a doctor was released this morning. he was arrested by the palm beach county office after performing an exam on an
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the 18-year old went as far to open up his own doctor's office in west palm beach and had his own website as a doctor. today pope francis wraps up his trip to mexico. it comes one day after the pope displayed a rare show of anger when someone pulled his robe and nearly fell on a child in a wheelchair. more from mexico city. >> reporter: pope francis celebrates mass before hundreds of thousands in juarez. >> he will walk up and offer a personal prayer for everyone. >> reporter: he displayed a rare show of anger and scolded an admirer after the person pulled his robe so hard he nearly fell down on a child in a wheelchair. francis told the person twice
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the pope addressed 45,000 young people. he says he knows it's hard for youth to feel valued when they have lost so much to drug violence. pope francis. but not everyone is happy that the pope is here. some call his visit a diversion. >> how many people are unhappy with the pope? >> i think a little bit more. they think the money should be in other areas. >> reporter: the hash tag "i don't want the pope to come" has appeared on twitter. the $10 million spent on his visit should go to education, health and employment but millions of others disagree and have embraced the pope. still ahead on cbs four news
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the judge is fighting an order
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hearing, vision and dental call today and ask if you medicare advantage plan to medica healthcare. medica wants you to have a choice. call today. donald trump is ahead in the
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he offered his get out and vote message. >> you have these politicians. must go out and vote. >> the latest polls shows trump ahead more than 2 to 1 of marco rubio and ted cruz. >> if we're still fighting with each other in september we will lose. we will have a spirited primary but has to end at some point. furtherest behind donald trump in the polls is jeb bush. he's trying to win over south carolina voters. the former florida governor told voters to ask himself a question. >> who has the leadership skills that have been tested to make sure that person can deal with challenges going forward? >>reporter: ted cruz, marco
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off tonight with trump, john kasich tomorrow. a scary experience for a boy going up a ski lift. witnesses said the child fell out of his seat leafing him hanging. the chair lift operator shut it down and the child let go and landed in the cent f of a tarp oofrnlt today we should find who in florida owns a share of the historic $1.5 billion jackpot. the florida scheduled a news conference in tallahassee.
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about who the winners are. it was purchased in melbourne. california. today. but we have not been lucky because of el nino. >> i know. wintertime. everyone is wondering what is going on with the weather. today is beautiful. we're lucky. we're going to be on a roll. a live view from business kain biscayne camera and lingering cloud coverage across the metro area courtesy weather. right now sunny from our fort lauderdale camera in broward.
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the wind flowing out of the hour. look at these temperatures. 73 in fort lauderdale and 75 in miami and feels comfortable down in key west and 69 in marathon. sharp contrast what we had weather. the weather service confirming a third tornado as of today and that's a place in dade. the preliminary rating is ef 0. estimating winds near 80 miles per hour and continuing to access the damage. we had the beach tornado around 80-100 miles per hour. the third in miami north east dade county. the peak winds estimated at 100 miles per hour.
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that's when we have warmer waters in the pacific. we have a stronger southerlily jet stream and with those strong winds the atmosphere more out of the west with that jet stream in place. we get the turning of the winds and leads to favorable conditions for tornados. not expecting that as we head throughout the next few days. high pressure providing for breezy conditions tomorrow and the weekend is looking good and lots of sunshine and warmer. temperatures remain seasonable with 79 degrees today. nice and dry. if you're planning on voting a light chop on the bay. inland 55 and it will be cooler tomorrow morning when you wake up and highs in the mid 70s and windy at times. 60s. highs in the mid to upper 70s
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a big debate between fbi and apple. they will fight a court ruling after a federal judge ordered apple to hack into a locked iphone of one of the mass killers in san bernardino. >> reporter: syed farouk and tashfeen malik planned their bladder di rampage which killed 14 people in san bernardino. but the people they spoke to leading up to the attack remains a mystery. >> it's been over two months now and we're working on it. >> the judge has ordered apple to help them hack into the phone. >> if there are two many incorrect pass words.
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customers apple ceo tim cook says "the u.s. government is asking for something we do not have and too dangerous to create. they asked us to build a back door to the iphone.". he explained the problem with that last year. >> if you put a back door, that's for everybody. good guys and bad. >> apple has five days to file an appeal that could go to the supreme court. the dutch chess of cambridge is raising awareness about mental illness issues. they would not hesitate to seek help if their child needed it. they started a new campaign called young minds matter and she's raising awareness for mental health issues for children. what else is in your glass
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>> when you drink a glass of wine, a rel tiffly inexpensive you're drinking a huge array of compounds and chemicals that you have no idea are present in the wine. >> what types of additives is he talking about and should you be concerned? what's in your wine tonight at 11:00 on cbs 4 news. teens behind the wheel and ne recommendations for importants.
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teen drivers should be boring and slow for their first car.
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best large car is a buick regal. armed u.s. marshalls showed up at his door. he signed a loan to pay for room and board in college and now has to pay it back on a monthly basis. the situation escalated when he threatened the marshalls and said he had a weapon. a german short hair has been crowned at the dog show last night. his breeder and hand ler says he's an old soul and cj was singled out for being alert, bright and paying attention. cj's grandmother won best in show back in 2005. sports illustrated swim suit model ashley gram and hannah
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they take over in west beach tonight for a similar event. donald trump likes to call into tv shows to talk about what's on his mind. he did that night on the late show with steven kol bay. >> who is this? >> this is donald trump. >> donald trump? i got to make sure this is really you, not somebody abusing the phone. >> i could say "you're fired". >> he was asked a string of questions from what he was wearing to what he would do about his potty mouth on the campaign trail.
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>> dylan: patty wanted to warn me. that's why she broke out of fairview the night of the fire. she wanted to warn me. and when i asked her what it was that she wanted to tell me, if it had something to do with why she killed dr. anderson -- >> paul: d-dylan, look, i appreciate you looking for some reasonable explanation for what happened. but patty's beyond reason. she's beyond logic. she doesn't even remember being in dr. anderson's office. >> dylan: okay. all right. but if patty had a reason to be worried or frightened -- >> paul: she's always frightened. listen, her mind, her brain, has been attacking her for years, torturing her, turning her in to this person who does these horrible things. >> dylan: [ sighs ] >> paul: i have been where you are, trying to make sense of it, and, trust me, it cannot be done. so save yourself the misery. [ door opens ]
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