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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 19, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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she's the same woman who is in a marriage proposal video that went viral last year. you can see this entire video and as a bonus, a marriage proposal video as well. a tandem skydive starts off fine, but what goes horribly wrong and the frantic moves to fix it as they hurdle toward the ground. [ singing ] >> a brave woman sings from her hospital bed to draw attention to domestic violence. and hear the story behind her attack that she hopes can save others. a rally wipeout in the snowsnow.
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again. and dude is bulking up with some ladies at a weight bar. the buddy system that turned a bodybuilder into an instagram hit. this is a tandem skydive. the guy in the back, they called him wild man. his real name is adrian. he's an expert tandem sky drive jumper. right there is his passenger. they're having a good time. he deploys the canopy. everything seems to be going okay. all of a sudden there is a tension knot in one of those lines and you see that canopy not fully deployed. >> you see dude in the front has no clue. >> he learns very quickly
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>> he deploys the spare canopy. >> i hate those tension knots. >> that reserve canopy is how they'll have to get down. the passengers are instructed to pull on those lines. he has to help with that landing. now, the guy in the front appears to be taking it all well in hand, because, again, he's just along for the ride. but then things get scarier as they get closer to the ground. listen to this. [ screaming ] >> now the person who is screaming is the passenger who was along for the ride. he was unhurt, but wild man broke his back and is covering recover recovering. >> oh, man. wild man takes the brunt of the impact for that guy. >> it had to be wild man because the other guy was unhurt. you can hear them talking after they landed. >> are you all right?
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control they actually have, landing in the suburbs. >> having a passenger who was unhurt, even though he hurt his back, it takes an expert to pull that off. [ singing ] >> this is darienne, on the facebook page for the national coalition on domestic violence. she claims she was attacked a her ex. the beating went on for ten hours. >> ten hours? >> before she was able to escape. she says they was supposed to die. she spent four days in the hospital where she recorded this video. her eye was swollen shut and she suffered severe bruising, as you can see.
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>> the song she's singing is called "life is cheap." she said she really just wanted to raise awareness about domestic violence because it's not a situation that is above anybody. it's your neighbor, it's your friend who could have been experiencing something like this. she wanted to give her situation a voice. >> what has been the reaction to the video? >> overwhelming. some are showing support. some are able to identify with her situation and are thanking her for telling her story. >> she is stronger than i could ever imagine, to suffer something like that and have the strength to put this video together from your hospital bed. do we know what happened to the alleged ex-boyfriend?
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felonies and is facing prison time. >> i applaud her for being strong enough to share and to take control of her situation. the crowds at a championship are the right place to be. >> they're flying all over the icy, snowy track. >> the tires could be studded. >> they seem to be pretty good at it. as we get into the action, the car rolls and rolls before it even comes to a stop. the crowd all gets around the car, eventually getting it back
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everybody is safe. this guy manages to stay on his wheels. they got him back on the track. >> maybe the snow base provides additional protection. >> it does. a huge explosion of snow. you can see how much that snow slowed it down. you can see somebody is pulling the wheel across the road. in fact he's walking down the road with it. these guys end up on the front and cartwheels, now it's become a broken car lot. >> by the way, turn 67 is really catching people out. >> you might want to slow down. >> that seems fun. i mean, come on. >> this guy ends up on his side with steam coming out of his engine. >> i don't think anyone even told this guy there was a corner
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on his side. >> bang, he goes rolling and almost hits people and bangs into a tree before finally coming to a rest. one five-minute video, fortunately nobody was hurt in any way. this is a boeing 727 otherwise known as g force 1, going up and down in these parabollic curves. >> you do it like 15 times, experiencing what zero g feels like. >> there we go. >> then it's all, wow, but the
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the ground at 120 miles an hour. >> is there a safety prototocol? >> they have all kinds of safety training and protocols they go over. i love when you get to see what it was like to be in that plane full of people. >> he even throws in his signature sunglasses, i love that part. what does that feel like once you're back on the ground? >> i got very, very sick about halfway through. >> to be clear, even though puke. >> very important, no puke. then. >> the ladies told casey, don't bring your camera. looking at the camera is going to make you even more nauseous. but telling casey not to bring a camera somewhere is like telling
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he explains his feelings by drawing up a graph. >> this is my float with a little camera in my hand. maximum fun. >> oh, no. it sounds awesome. >> i can't wait to do that. >> if you do want to do it, packages begin at about 4,900 bucks. >> oh, man, five grand just to feel sick. he's about to go down under. >> he's going to strip down to his undies and tie a rope to his legs. >> where the heck is he going? and -- >> this is the site of a salvation army store in california.
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this. >> about 35 degrees. >> zero. below zero. >> negative 10 degrees celsius. >> this is a norwegian guy that's about to -- well, i'll let him tell you. he's going to strip down to his undies, tie a rope around his leg. >> because you want to be able to come back. >> this is actually kind ofof scary when you really think about it. >> you crazy fool. >> oh, my gosh. >> take the plunge.
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>> going for the other hole. >> yeah, dude, you're done. >> he's not racing to get out. he's like, that feels good. >> when he gets out, the windchill is going to be -- >> i'll get more used to it. >> i'm not sure that's something i would ever get used to. >> that's not a challenge i'm willing to accept. are you guys sleeping okay? no problems, no nightmares, nothing like that? >> some days are better than others. >> this is a great video, based on the stuff that nightmares are made of.
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is that one of t those spiders that aren't venomous but look really threatening? >> it just turned up on my twitter feed. this guy is a tv host from the uk. why, why would you do this? >> the better question is why are you trying to make us watch spiders? >> i'm expecting text messages a 3 or 4:00 in the morning. >> i'm going to sleep with tape over my mouth. dreams. >> no, thank you. you don't get entertainment like this very often. this is the site of a salvation army store in grass valley, california. trending.
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>> she said she walked into the store, kids were playing, they asked her to play a game. >> she's giving a test to that piano so they know it's in perfect working order. >> she is amazing. this is like a child prodigy. >> she does appear to be very young. >> it's crazy that she stuck around so they could shoot it. >> if you have that kind of talent, you want an audience. >> i would want lots of audiences. this cutie pie has got a story. >> let's get to the bottom of that. >> see if she can get her story straight, next "right this minute."
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first time for everything. >> this is actually the very first wing suit flight for this guy here in the blue and red. >> watch this dutch war veteran put his life on the line once again. >> and he's an amputee. think about the extra element of caution it takes for him to pull this off. plus she's trying to capture the perfect shot. >> when she captures a perfect shot. >> why we're not buying this one. if you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two. get a large,1-topping pizza for only 50 cents when you order any large pizza at regular menu price. better ingredients. x better pizza. better football. hey! this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills.
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i would say rich german is having a spectacular morning. he was out on the beach. >> you are on a paddle board in the ocean. >> it's a little bit like winning the sea lottery. to see something like that, a majestic animal, come so close. >> that wasn't the end of it. the amendments nimals, the blue water, nice and peaceful. >> it's amazing to have one of these encounters. but to have both. these ladies from tampa, they're like, what am i looking at?
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>> oh, my gosh. she's over there trying to get the perfect shot when she captured the perfect shot. >> i'm calling this a fake. >> there's something about it that's a little too perfect. >> fake. fake. >> obviously this discussion is going nowhere fast. i say real, they say fake. let us know what you think, head over to our facebook page. just agree with me. with the atmospheric music at the beginning of this video, you have to watch these two talents take a jump off. the king of this video is about
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>> i was watching that shot and wondering what must that feel like as you transition from falling to flying, as your wings inflate and you start to have that lift. >> now, this is actually the very first wing suit flight for this guy right here in the blue and red. >> what? >> an incredible shot. this guy, the wing suit pilot we're watching, is a dutch war veteran. this for him is just a really special moment. you see he looks at the camera, gives the thumbs up. he's cruising. >> he's set the bar pretty high. >> he's an amputee. think about the extra element of caution it takes for him to be able to pull this off. >> i can't help but think of how cold it is also. it looks great, it's beautiful, but the mountains are covered
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flying, you have that extra windchill. >> why don't they make wing suits in the style of superheroes? >> because you would have to pay stan lee. a bodybuilder with a unique strategy. >> bradley martin. >> come on, now. check out bradley's idea of
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famous. >> they're mastered instagram and facebook. it's just them looking at the camera. beside odybuilder bradley martin wants to live as many weights as he can. >> where do we sign up? >> his instagram account has many followers i think in part
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videos he's sharing. he actually has a couple of girls sitting on him. >> i can do that, if you guys want to help. >> who are you asking here? >> you. >> knew it. >> he has a bunch of crazy videos. in this one, the girl is on his shoulder. >> that brings a whole new dimension to exercise. >> he's doing a few bench presses. >> is this bradley's idea of picking up chicks? >> or these two girls are actually on his back. then he starts doing squats. >> cute. >> he also does have a really good sense of humor. >> he's doing pullups with two chicks on either side.
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>> you want more great videos? thanks for watching, everyone.
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