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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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american revolution now it is time for massachusetts to lead the politicallution. they gave a crowd of 3600 people did college students from scituate came with a buddy. >> people need to understand that having a is still more important than saying we're not even going to try. this is a raucus cloud. it wasn't safe it was strategy that sanders to milton. >> i look around this crowd tonight i think we're going to win here in massachusetts. >> reporter: the 74-year-old vermont senator mostly stuck to his script. primarily focusing on economic inequality. it's what led this belmont mother to his campaign. >> we like the idea of having free college and universal healthcare. >> reporter: sanders has
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the last few months here but still trails clinton in the polls by roughly eight points. >> the more that we spread his message is the more that we can get people on his side. >> reporter: when it comes to supertuesday massachusetts is considered a big prize. bernie sanders has campaigned hard here over the last few months. his campaign knows he needs every delegate he can muster. ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> as we mention right now bill clinton is at a late night event in worcester. hillary clinton spent the day making two stops here in massachusetts where she's only running slightly ahead of bernie sanders in the polls. after a hug from boston mayor marty walsh she tried to fire up supporters. since she addressed a much younger crowd at her alma mater wellesley college. she talked about bringing down the cost of higher education while drawing distinctions with the vermont senator. >> i am not going to ask you to pay taxes to send donald
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to college. we're not going to do this. >> clinton has the support of nearly all the state's congressional delegation. although it still remains a mystery as to who senator elizabeth warren is supporting. we learned she will be voting by absentee ballot tomorrow. to the republican race where there are many delegates up for grabs. 995 delegates will be decided tomorrow. a new cnn o.r.c. poll out today shows donald trump with a sizable lead getting 49% in the republican primary vote. ohio governor john kasich the only republican campaigning in massachusetts today. he held a town hall meeting in vermont this morning before heading south to a town hall in plymouth. g.o.p. front-runner florida will be in florida. senator marco rubio will also be in florida it's his home state. and finally cruz will return home to texas the most delegate-rich supertuesday state. secretary of state william gavin is predicting
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massachusetts. gavin is excepting as many as 700,000 voters to cast g.o.p. ballots. 1.2 million residents cost their votes in the 2008 democratic primary. we do have several reporters traveling to the candidate's headquarters on supertuesday. watch for live reports from our sharman sacchetti with the trump campaign in palm beach florida as those results come in tomorrow. we do have full coverage results on air, on our app and on-line at it was another warm spring-like day out there today. fox 25 chief meteorologist kevin kevin here now with whether this nice weather is going to be sticking around. >> you sound disappointed it was another spring-like day out there today. in norwood 66 to have another warm day like this. but in boston all the way to
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find a 64 degrees february 29. of course a leap year so it's only every four years. 57 worcester breaking the record set in 1976. tonight of course there's snow falling in new england after all this warm air. we had one cold front go through with those showers you may have seen during the afternoon. these snow showers moving through new england right now but they're not making out of western new england as far east in southern vermont but not making it so far to the connecticut river valley. throws dry out on their way over the hills. temperatures though will drop in the fronts. watch how these showers disappear. a couple clouds floating by overnight. sunshine to wang. but during the afternoon the clouds will start to move on in. you will see them here. by evening in the night we'll have some ice to deal with. a timeline and spots where the icing will be a problem. >> haz-mat scare at children's hospital in boston tonight. the fire department was called in to reports of an unknown chemical on the 16th floor. it turns out a hot plate was
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container on and it melted room. scene. right now the search is on for this suspect who robbed a pharmacy in norwood. new at 11:00 this man allegedly used a note to rob street. this video is just in. no weapon was shown and no one was hurt. we're still working to find out how much money he got away with. >> the boston city council took up the issue of arming police officers at northeastern university with semiautomatic rifles. a meeting was held tonight but no one from the school showed up. fox 25's jim morelli is live counsellors were not happy. >> no they were not happy at all. northeastern's decision not to show up seemed a political and public relations blunder. as students and city councillors have failed the school for being
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we found one story interesting. >> to reiterate my disappointment. >> reporter: the topic northeastern university's plan to arm its police force with semiautomatic weapons. just one problem northeastern university didn't show up even as some of its students did. >> i am a survivor roller one of those students when she was a junior in high school, a gunman opened fire in her school. >> i was in math class and a student came in to our school with a gun and opened fire and killed another student as well as eventually himself. >> reporter: striper says having semiautomatic weapons on campus will make her feel less safe. >> knowing that we had to be rifles on campus every day all the time that were able to kill people. >> north eastern's no show infuriated counsellors. >> it shows complete disregard for their own students and for the neighborhood they're located in and for the city of boston. >> and dissatisfied police.
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page. if u.a.w. you want to bring more weaponry into your arson all should be talking to the lead law enforcement agency. >> well, it's hard to say exactly what's going on here. northeastern did supply with us an e-mail chain that shows us in the middle of last october they did get in touch with boston police about this plan. then a week later they had a meeting with boston police. at that meeting northeastern said it showed them the thrafl they planned to use they also discussed joint training operations. the city council, by the way, plans to have another meeting they want north eastern there. live in northeastern university, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> investigators released a video late this afternoon of a deadly dorchester shoot-out with police. video appears to support how police say the shooting happened. officers responded to reports of a home invasion with a person shot. then you can see 29-year-old peter fanfan on the top right as the first officer arrives. when he raises his hand the officer has his gun out as he comes from behind his
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in a recording of the police dispatch audio, officers could be heard ordering the suspect to drop his gun. the shooting happened on february 12th. the family had asked that the d.a. not release the video until after his funeral this past weekend. a memorial continues to grow tonight for a police officer gunned down on her first day on the job. 28-year-old ashley guindon was killed on saturday while responding to a domestic violence call in virginia. this police cruiser you are about to see has been transformed into a memorial for guindon. guindon was a merrimack, new hampshire, native was honored with a moment of silence at the high school today. a dracut man being held on $100,000 bail tonight after running from police for more than a week. michael surrendered at the revere police station. he pleaded not guilty in his arraignment to charges he assaulted a revere officer. he was initially accused of threatening police with a hypoderm -- hypodermic needle.
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in a stolen car setting off another chase and another manhunt. this time on the north shore. jacqueline murphy the woman accused of being with him was arrested.w^yd he escaped police until today. >> six months ago this happened. woman went out for a walk on a sunday night in a quiet neighborhood was shot and killed. the murder of denise roberts stunned her community. right now her killer is still at large. as detectives work the case denise's family is still struggling to understand what happened. >> i don't want to say we're going to get over it. >>. >> reporter: tom robert is brother of denise robert the new hampshire salesperson shot and killed in this manchester neighborhood on august 30th. denise was the oldest of 12. >> it's a hurt. it's an absence we're missing something. >> reporter: six months after denise robert was shot and killed walking through this manchester, new hampshire, neighborhood police have a vague description of the killer and his vehicle but the police chief tells me he
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suspect. >> we're six months into the investigation and thus far we have gone through a great number of leads. >> reporter: but manchester, new hampshire police chief nick willer tells me there are still leads in this investigation. the biggest the killer was a white man wearing a white tank top with close cropped hair driving a red pickup truck. >> we are assuming that they fired from this gentleman fired from the vehicle from the pickup truck. >> the question is why? >> well, that's what we don't know. we don't know motive. >> reporter: six months later investigators still don't know if denise robert was targeted or the victim of random violence. denise's family is hoping someone will step forward soon. >> that one little piece of information may be the thing that brings everything altogether. >> reporter: release a $40,000 reward offered in this case. call manchester police if you can help. in manchester, new hampshire, bob ward, fox 25 news.
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some snow in that seven-day forecast along with some cold temperatures, too. i'll have a timeline on all of it including when some ice may affect you tomorrow night. >> no more late nights on the weekends why the t says they're doing away with those extra late weekend rides. >> an explosion inside of a
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new telephone to fox 25's malini basu reports in worster with how police are
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>> we're here at the worcester police department where investigators are still working this case. victims are so scared that some of them are quitting their jobs while other people tell us they are forced to work in these dangerous continues because they have to support their families. >> i think i gave him everything. >> reporter: a manager at roadrunner pizza tells fox 25 one of the delivery drivers was robbed at gunpoint by three men. >> the guy robbed him they took his money, take his jacket. they took him basically for everything. it was a very cold night and they took his jacket. they took his food. >> reporter: he says the driver didn't put up a fight at all. as he was scared and thought he was going to die. >> only $25 they are fighting for they could get it and it's sad to hear people are robbing people for $25, $50. worcester police say there have been more than half
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robberies since january. fox 25 has learned it has been happening since december. in all at least a dozen victims here. >> very scary. my doors are always locked. like they are now. jessica rug a mother of three young children is working 10 hours a day as a cab driver to support her family. she's aware of the recent rash of robberies targeting drivers, including women who are victimized. >>. >> reporter: lug has trips for other delivery drivers. >> we have an emergency button in here. i usually only have like $20 on me at night. >> reporter: rug tells us as a single parent she has to do what she has to do to work the night shift. >> i make money to support my family. >> reporter: the robberies are happening all across worcester. there isn't a specific area where drivers are being targeted. investigators are asking the public to please do the right thing and call them with any types and of course you can always remain anonymous. for now live in worcester,
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a meeting was held today at u-mass amherst to does the barn blarney blowout. last year a concert was scmeld more police were brought in to control the sell brakes. a similar plan is -- celebration. a similar plan is in the works for this year. >> a lot of law enforcement present. businesses engaged letting people know what the boundaries are. >> this year's event will be held at the mullin center. the headlines they will be announced late this -- later this week. rescue workers called today to rescue an injured maen from a rockwall after he fell. as you can see took quite the team of paramedics, firefighters and police to bring him to safety. an inexplosion inside of a local police video. the video was taken at the northampton police department on friday night. police believe a flashlight inside of the s.u.v. exploded. a police officer had recharged the batteries earlier in the day. fortunately for him he was inside of the police station
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explosion. the department is now making changes. >> we looked into these batteries they look like they're knockoff brands on the research we have done it certainly appears we should be buying brand name batteries. >> the consumer product safety commission recently issued a warning about these batteries specifically when they are used with hover boards. there have been several hover board fires and explosions. >> it is february 29th leap day. this is david who was born at mass general. there he is with his mother maria and father david. congratulations to all. this only three leap day babies have been born. >> today's record tying temperature in boston goes back to 1880 but you have to divide by a fourth which makes it only a 33-year-old record. there are some snow showers coming on through right now snow flurries really have made it into southern vermont and along the spine
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vermont not a big concern they're not going to make it into southern new hampshire, worcester, boston. we will just be partly cloudy as our front comes through overnight and temperatures in the 20s to around freezing across the area. watch as these come out of the mountains and just die away. as you wake up to sunshine in the morning sherry will be telling you about how cold it is outside. few clouds drift by during the day tomorrow. then the thicker clouds arrive later in day and notice snow, ice and rain all going to be impacting us late tomorrow night. we'll get back to that and talk about the timeline. let's talk about the temperatures tonight first. diving down to about freezing in boston when you wake up with sunshine. in worster a little bit coldern that getting into the 20s about. 26 for a low temperature in the city tomorrow still on average 31 across the area with sunshine for your wake up forecast tomorrow but it will be dry. tomorrow night whole different story. there's the snow ice and
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around killington, vermont, and northward all good for ski areas. but thisites will be plaguing its way northward. it's ice in northern massachusetts in our future cast data. we'll be watching it along the route 2 corridor. into southern new hampshire and vermont. this happened a week ago remember. it took all day for temperatures to rise above freezing in the higher elevations at least out there in worcester county. we'll be watching that very closely with the storm system tomorrow night into wednesday morning. this is not tonight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow night into wednesday morning. that will push northward still hanging on to about 2:00 in the morning then north. everybody else still getting rain. it will come down heavily at times. it is pounding rain out in worcester county. that moves into the boston about 7:00 in the morning. again shiri will track that for you and get you through it. then the last of the rain drags on through here in the afternoon. then finally offshore with sunshine to end your day on wednesday. certainly a good end to the day.
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for new hampshire into vermont for a little bit of snow and icing. mostly ice. snow will be farther north several inches. your high temperatures tomorrow are going to be much cooler than today but still mostly at or above average. 42 for new north borough. now your seven-day forecast has your weekend in view of course. that's what it looks like. temperatures in the 30s notice the dive in temperatures by thursday and a little bit of snow in here on friday morning. we're watching on our computer models. you see it here trying to get strengthened throwing some snow back towards the latest computer models aren't showing much of a hit from this one but something we'll be watching very closely. >> all right, kev, thanks. the bruins hung on lucy erickson today and the baltimore orioles have outlawed what? plus, the celtics playing another thriller at t.d. garden tonight. looking for an 11th straight win at home. stay with us.
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>> a lot of fun tonight at the garden.
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highlights. here's thomas in a giving mood. celts respondsed it is crowder again i love the pose he knows that this shot is going home. here's that avery bradley play. celtics hang on for a 100 inform 91 win. two teams very tough-minded teams on this given night trying to win this game.
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watch louis erickson not traded today. so he hung on to louis. here's why erickson is still here. >> looking around the league don't think any team currently in the playoff position traded a player of louis's magnitude. correct me if i am wrong, i think one first rounder was exchanged. so the deal had to be right. it has to be right for this organization for me to on do that. >> tom brady has agreed to an extension with the patriots that will keep him on the squad through the 2019 season. he will be 42 then. the pats banking on the fact that he's superhuman, apparently. no 42-year-old quarterback has ever started more than 12 games in any given season but brady is a different beast. the deal also gives the pats some salary cap relief immediately the new financial year begins in a few weeks. the big blow against the eagles came in the fourth.
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inside pitch parked it for a three run homer. sox tame game one by a 6-0 final. if you're like me you love these scenes after baseball games when the guy who got the big hit gets the shaving cream pie in the face. well, the baltimore orioles have said no maas they claim this could be dangerous. really. the pie in the face is now outlawed in baltimore. what will they take away from us next. >> that guy was just licking the shaving cream. >> i think they don't realize. >> that's the danger right there licking the shaving cream. >> that is unbelievable. tomorrow's drive still above average but we're talking 20 degrees cooler than the record heat we saw today then tomorrow night we'll get some rain we will be ice for some places with the latest information coming in the morning and sherry will update that situation. alright guys.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: after decades, leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar and he almost forgot it at the after aert. >> you see this guy like run out and you see him like holding like the oscar. he's like do you want this in here with you? >> it's like he went to the urinal to have a piss and he put it down and forgot it. [laughter] >> yeah. >> the worst part about the whole oscars last night, sly getting snubbed. >> it hit here, man. >> michael posted observe instagram a video. it's the funniest thing i have ever seep. >> what the [bleep] is going on! ? >> love it!


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