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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  July 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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you have philadelphia. a woman attacked by a stranger driving down the street. the young witness the suspect had with him in the back seat. tracking pockets of heavy rain already this morning. under a flashflood watch into the area. when we will see the worst of it coming up. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. thank you for joining ounce fox25 morning news on this friday morning. it is july 29. i am gene parrotta. always good to make it to friday. not good when we are tracking heavy rain. a flood watch is in effect for parts of our area. jason brewer is in the storm tracker weather center with a timeline of how long the rain will be with us. >> flashflood watch plymouth county southward to the cape and islands goes through the evening and right now i am already tracking pockets of heavy rain making their way in from the west. tracking this low pressure moving near delaware tracking
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moving away as planned and here come a new band of heavy downpours making its way from the southwest. the heavier showers in worcester county already. i have seen a few in parts of southern new hampshire. even a couple of lightning strikes east of keene. as we go to newburyport and portsmouth, i am watching showers blossoming. light rain around boston. dry to the south. by midday, the worst of the rain is making its way in. by 7 p.m., many dry towns out there. much latest model run straight ahead. >> julie: looking at your roads right now. a lot of green on the map. the expressway wide open. a brand-new accident that showed up on the map in the last 30 seconds right as you enter the o'neill tunnel. overall volume is so light it is not having an impact or your drive time. route 1, 93 south are fine. live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 49 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway.
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to the leverett connector. back to you. updating the breaking news out of san diego. two police officers have been shot overnight. swat teams and avenuely armed neighborhoods searching the neighborhood where the shooting happened. one suspect is in custody. police are looking for other people who may be involved. right now no word on the people who may be involved. right now no word on the condition of the >> hillary clinton accepts the nomination for president. >> catherine: spent her speech trying to unite her party trying to point out the difference between her and donald trump. fox25's blair miller was on the floor during the speech and joins us now with a wrap-up from philadelphia. good morning, blair. >> blair: good morning, catherine. 25 years in the spotlight but came down to last night and
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>> i accept your norm nation for president of the united states! >> reporter: following a personal speech by her daughter, chelsea clinton. >> every single memory i have of my mom is that regardless of what was happening in her life, she was always, always there for me. >> reporter: hillary clinton took the stage last night and told the audience that america is at a moment of reckoning. >> powerful forces are threatening to pull bonds of trust and respect are fraying. we have to to decide whether we will all work together so we can all rise together. >> reporter: pointing our her differences with her republican challenger donald trump. >> just is can yourself. do you really think that donald trump has the temperament to be commander in
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presidential campaign. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> reporter: continuing the process of trying bring her divided party together. >> bernie, your campaign inspired millions of americans. to all of your supporters here and around the country, i want you to know, i've heard you. . . >> reporter: the general election seen kicks off before millions of americans go to the polls in november. from here, clinton and kaine will be making stops on the campaign trail and will hit the campaign trail with a bus tour stop in pennsylvania and then continue to ohio. gene. >> purpose is on the floor
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>> blair: you know, gene, certainly a different feel than the last few nights. on the floor standing room only. there were some outbursts in the crowd but they are drowned out by hillary supporters chanting hillary, hillary, over and over those happening at random times throughout the night. we are live covering the dnc in philadelphia. blair miller, fox25 news. clinton's acceptance speech getting a stamp of approval from the current commander in chief. great speech. she is tested. she is ready, she never quits. that is i can't hillary should be our next potus. he assured his followers that clinton will take over the potus handle. donald trump used twitter to react to the final night of the dnc. in one tweet trump wrote, no one has worst judgment than hillary clinton. corruption and devastation
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war in the middle east and not mentioning radical islam. the conventions may be over but 10 days until the general election. fox25 will be there every tempt way bringing updates from the candidate stop across the country and here in new england. if you were away from your tv, you can get up to date with our news app and on our website at happening this morning, the man accused of attacking a woman on the street will head to court. police say he tried to lure that woman into the car and when she refused, fox25's michael henrich is live at the police department in winthrop and michael, he didn't stop there. >> reporter: winthrop police, catherine, say this man, this 25-year-old suspect tried to kidnap this woman but not only that punched her and sexually assaulted her on nearby revere street all while his 3-year-old daughter was in the car with him. it happened on monday night around 9:30, and the suspect
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is a 25-year-old man, geraldo portillo driving the gray honda civic and the 25-year-old victim told the investigators about the car's license plate number. that's how they tracked portillo down. a witness spoke to fox25. >> he opened up the door and trying to get her in when she ran away and she ended up going to 7-eleven with a bloody eye. >> he assaulted her by punching her in the face, throwing her to the ground and sexually >> reporter: once more, police do not me that portillo -- not the first time that he preyed on women portillo faces a the first time that he preyed on women portillo faces a judge and fox25 will be there new this morning, one man is dead following a crash between a car and a tractor-trailer on route 1 in plainville. the crash happened around 9:30 last night a mile south of the plain ridge park casino.
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a young girl in the car suffered minor injuries. route 1 was closed for a short time but it is now back open. relatives of a child who died attending day camp in boston want to know why most of his counselors were teenagers. ky zr died after disappearing from the camp. the counselors were 15 and 16 years old. those numbers are requirement but the willis family says more adults should have been there. >> i think more monitoring when you are responsible for one's child. >> gene: the director of the community center where the camp is being held is on administrative leave while the death of willis is under investigation. a local police chief are denying charges that his officers are being intimidated by city leaders. more than 100 officers fathered in somerville to
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the union representing somerville police organized the rally. last week the union asked the mayor curtis conscious ertone. the mayor refused. union leaders claim some officers did not attend the rally because of an atmosphere of fear and intimidation in the police department. and at the same time, black lives matter supporters held a rally in support of the mayor and the banner. dozens gathered in union square. there they held signs urging the mayor to keep the banner at city hall. mbta is looking to hire private contractor handle its money. yesterday the t's chief administrator made the announcement. the moves come after a recent audit of the facility where workers handle 200 million in cash. money rooms in boston and cambridge had major security flaws including broken locks and doors that had been left propped open. the mbta wants a contract in place by october. the crackdown of so-called
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attorney general maura healy is getting support. healy's five most recent predecessors released is a at the same time that her actions are constitutional. gun rights advocates and some legislators claim that healy exceeded her authority. this week, governor charlie baker asked healy to clarify several points of the enforcement notice. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. 93 southbound right now ending up on 49 - 20-minute ride down to the zakim bridge. jason? >> jason: julie right now tracking heavier downpours from tewksbury and headed to andover right now. tracking additional heavy rain as well as the threat for some flooding. much more from the full forecast in just a few more minutes. a mystery deepens in a dead body found at a local construction site. still coming up, the new characteristics of the remains
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trying to stop the relentless collection agency. the new rules that could get those in debt from the constant collection calls. a gas station covered in foam. the whole thing caught on camera. now two teens caught in the middle of it are talking about ? ? ? ?
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welcome back. i am tracking heavy downpours in southern new hampshire making their way to wilton and new b of this throughout the early morning hours. we have a flashflood watch in effect for portions of the area. we will be right back with much more coming up. a scary scene at a local gas station. take a look at that. all was calm and then that white foam everywhere. the fire suppression taking over the parking lot. a nontoxic foam and can still be irritate approximating it gets on your skin. a pair of teenagers is talking
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mccarthy. >> natick teenagers and friends jackie and sara had never seen anything like this before. >> i thought it was some kind of an attack. >> reporter: they never even heard of it. >> we thought the gas station was exploding. >> reporter: a strange white powder pouring from the ceiling of a m+ obil gas station in millis. multiple angles obtained only by fox25 show the substance blanketing cars including gas. >> we didn't know if it was toxic. we didn't know. >> reporter: sodium by carbonate and stored at gas stations and the system had malfunctioned because of the heat. >> my brain went to firefight mode. i have to get out of here. i had no idea what it was. >> reporter: an ambulance took sara and jackie to the hospital. >> i called my mom crying because i didn't know what happened.
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irritated eyes and took chest x-rays as a precaution. >> it burned really bad in our eyes because it dried everything out. >> reporter: they ares do fine. right now laugh being the experience. >> if there was a fire, it would have gone out. >> reporter: christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. we are learning two people from massachusetts were among those sickened after eating ground beef contaminated by e. coli. in all, 14 cases are been linked to the tainted beef we posted the full details of that retall along with a list of the products in our web site at good friday morning. 5:16 and so far so good. nice and quiet out there. don't expect them to slow down until closer to 6:30. about an hour and 15 minutes. and eat your breakfast and get ready. 128 northbound and southbound are clear. the earlier accident i mentioned that i thought was right near the opening of the
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problem. north of the pike route 1, 93 south looks good. live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. ten minutes on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. i am watching your roads, but jason brewer is here and watching that rain that is coming down and in close communication to see if that will slow down your drive. >> we have a lot to keep track of. already pockets of heavy rain moving in and we do have a flashflood cape and the islands the greatest risk for a couple of inches in just a couple hours. areas could see flashflooding with roads. and extra caution. you can get the rain to come down and run right off and pond down those lower elevations. that is a concern. show you what we have. low pressure near delaware making their way northeast ward. one batch of heavy storms has
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and back here to the best. watching these thunderstorms reenergize making their way northeast around 30, 35 miles per hour. that will put the south coast and the cape and islands in jeopardy down here toward the mid to late morning. show you the doppler 2 here zoomed into worcester county and the heavier rain. right over worcester just about an ago and focused on the west side. peterborough heavy rain and a couple of rumbles, a few lightning strikes east of keene and nothing on the radar as far as lightning and that can change in a moment's notice. we have a band of showers developing now along the seacoast, making its way back north of the haverhill area and then back to the south. fairly dry, but i showed you what is back to the west in barnstable and cape and islands and say nantucket and the vineyard are drive.
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get out. later today it is going to go downhill. temperatures are running in the mid-70s in most spots. fog for the island and around the south coast of connecticut there. as we go to the model forecast run, a brand-new one. it is latching continue to what's going on pretty well. this is 10:00 in the morning. widespread rain. we are still watching the heavier showers coming from the cape and islands through 11 to 2 p.m. and then we begin to see drying. drive are looking drier. leftover showers popping up but won't be any of the heavier downpours like we will be seeing through the late morning. at noontime dealing with rain. 3:00 south and east we are most concerned and by 7:00, many dry towns back on the maps. your highs today back in the 70s. most locations up to the northwest where we can see a peek of sun or two in the
5:20 am
by saturday, just nil. on sunday and monday, though, we got to mention another chance for some showers to arrive. let me show you futurecast to plan your weekend. a few showers coming in late saturday night and they last into sunday and monday and the best chance looks to be inland. beach plans, i don't think a washout for sunday and monday. we will have an easterly wind flow keeping the coast a little cooler and drier. the weekend in view. mid-80s saturday. uppe sunday. and a nice stretch coming up next week. tuesday a high of 80 degrees and mostly sunny skies. 50:20. an inmate tries to escape. what he was wearing that helped them track that inmate down. call it a fashion
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d the bright refreshing taste of lipton iced tea. lipton. be more tea. back at 5:23. debt collectors who hound borrows may be required to back off. new rules that will limit how often they can contact consumers.
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that a debt is owed. consumer groups call the proposal a good first step. >> but need to limit the number of contacts with consumers. we need to impose better penalties on debt collectors who break the law. >> the trade group for the credit and collection industry says they help small businesses keep their doors open and collect debts rightfully owed to them. while h congresswoman turned heads with a familiar wardrobe. ohio representative joyce beady and she was wearing, yes, the same dress that melania trump wore when she gave her controversial speech. many on twitter noticed the similarities. some tweeting this was fashion plagiarism. >> gene: that a big deal? they weren't at the same event wearing the same dress. >> catherine: that would have
5:25 am
>> gene: that is a faus pas. a cheerleader is getting a lot of attention for her skills.check this out. lot of attention for her skills.check this out. that is deb part of a special ability all-star. she does all the stunt. the video took off in the web viewed more than 100,000 times. an impressive. what an inspiration too. >> catherine: that is inspirational. i never seen that done before and really nice to see that. inclusive and she is doing the same thing. >> gene: part of the squad. i understand, jason, why people would share that so many times. pretty cool stuff. >> jason: absolutely. my wife said she was in tears. she had to share that one too. tracking rain rolling through
5:26 am
bubble up. portions of the area a flashflood watch for your friday. when the worst of it gets here. the break-in with a happy ending. the accidental rescue caught on camera thanks to a group of burglars. human remains are found at a national grid site in
5:27 am
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new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> catherine: just about 5:30 on your friday morning. those 90-degree temps are gone. that muggy and sticky feeling is here to stay. a live look at that radar where the rain is spread out across the state. a flood watch is in effect. >> some places could get as much as four inches of rain. we really need the rain. i don't know if we need it this quickly with that much coming down in time.
5:30 am
the weather center where the heavy pockets of rain are headed right now, jason, what is the latest. >> a flashflood watch for plymouth, the cape and islands and goes all day and the greatest risk for 2 to 4 inches of rain and right now it looks like the highest chance for that will be the island because i am watching heavy rain just to our south and west here. making its way northeast ward around 30 miles per hour. and i have seen some heavy downpours in worcester county all the way to southern new manchester just before 6 a.m. around the seacoast. around the north shore. mainly just in and out with the light rain. and the same goes for boston as well. down to the south zip tripping in scituate. a little light rain is trying to knock on the door. still dry cape and islands but will not stay that way. midday. we are all under a threat for heavier rain. much more on when all this gets out of here. go over to julie.
5:31 am
jason. a lot of green online map which means speed limit ride on route 1. and average speed 66 miles per hour. over to the expressway, nothing to complain about there yet as you head from the braintree split to columbia road. live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 22 minutes on 93 south. 21 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. hillary clinton now focusing in on donald trump.she accepted t president late last night telling all americans she is fight for all of them. i will be a president for democrats, republicans, independents, the striving, the struggling, the successful. all those who vote for me and for those who don't. for all americans together! >> many of the speakers last night no surprise went on
5:32 am
in philadelphia with the father of a fallen soldier spoke directly to trump. good morning, blair. >> blair: good morning. a lot of people talking about one dad's speech. his son was killed in iraq. that speech coming before hillary clinton went on the stage last night. a muslim-american was killed by those bombers right before he weighed back other american soldiers likely saving their lives because of it. he ene his father was on the stage last night. wanted to make sure his son was not forgotten and also to show what was wrong with donald trump and his stance on muslims. hillary clinton was right when she called my son the best of america. if it was up to donald trump,
5:33 am
america. donald trump, you are asking americans to trust you with their future let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution. [cheering] >> latering on on the night when hillary clinton took the stage. she addressed t not the first time she talked about this family's story. a number time on the campaign trail. covering the dnc in philadelphia, blair miller, fox25 news. donald trump is criticizing clinton for not using the words "radical islam" during her especially tans speech. on the campaign trail, trump responded to the harsh comments about him from a number of speakers at the
5:34 am
convention. >> the things that were said about me, i mean, should i go through some of the names -- no -- you know what, i wanted to. i wanted to hit a couple of those speakers so hard. i would -- >> the trump campaign did not respond to requests from reporter to kla phi what he was talking about or what he meant by "hit them." the conventions may be over but still 101 days until the general election. fox25 will be there every step of the way to bring update from the new england. if you were away from your tv, you can always keep up to date on our news app and web site at 5:34. investigators uncover additional remains of a woman at a local construction site. fox25's jessica reyes is live in everett this morning where those remains are providing detectives with new clues about that woman's identity. good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning, gene. investigators were here for hours working to preserve this site and the lot where the
5:35 am
were standing. we are getting a better look now that it is getting a bit lighter out. where human remains were found earlier this month and dhorts believe that both sets belong to the same woman. a national grid worker moving remains around 11:30 yesterday morning just a short distance from where the first was found. this is a national grid site used to move dirt to and from different construction sites which is likely the reason why the complete remains were knocked down weeks ago. we did speak with ryan yesterday. she says right now they are working to figure out who this person is and how she may have died. did on july 7 find what appears to be a shallow grave. they say it was the opinion at that point she had been placed in the place where we found her. >> reporter: and investigators believe the woman was between 26 and 52 years old. they think she was most likely
5:36 am
a white woman wearing ankle-sporto boots, a long white frayed t-shirt and may have had some kind surgery on her nose and had a plate in her left leg. a right now we hope that someone may recognize and contact local police department. live in everett, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. happening today, a new hampshire man will face a judge for briefly escaping from jail. kevin >> hart escaped from deputies. investigators say he ran down the street trying to get into a family's car at a auto shop. >> i came outside because i saw somebody in a yellow jumpsuit. in this parking lot with a lady and a guy and a girl and maybe winds up -- give them a ride and tells them know. >> reporter: police say gearhart went to the gas station where the manager saw him. no one was hurt and police
5:37 am
behind a grocery store. red sox fans, if you did not stay up to watch the end of last night's game anaheim, boy did you make the right choice. david price scoring eight scoreless innings for the red sox. mookie betts with the sac fly to left. and stayed 1-0 into the bottom of the 9th. angels load the bases. ground ball to hanley ramirez which is you what want. watch chaps. the winning runs cross the plate. a brutal way to lose. angels walk off with a 2-1 win over the red sox last night. today's rain may force the patriots to head inside on the second day of their training camp. yesterday more than 12,000 fans showed up to watch tom brady and garapolo. he is getting, to play the
5:38 am
serve his suspension. a moving moment on board a plane ? his troops are marching on ?. >> catherine: what sparked a chorus to start singing when one passenger waibingd down the aisle. a new twist in the fight for treatment of lyme disease.
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weather every ten minutes. good morning, everyone, jason was just over here looking at this live shot of the pike, the expressway rather and a little bit of rain out there right now. and he is exactly right. things are already starting to get a little slow on the expressway, but we are looking at a drive time of 14 minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. beside the expressway, jason, you are tracking rain in many other places. >> absolutely. i am still admiring those hd cams. the glistening roads. as we head to the mid afternoon, the focus shifts to the cape and islands for the heavier rain where the flashflood watch is in effect. plymouth county included and extremely dry in both spots. i will be back with the rest of the weekend forecast and talk about the flooding threat just ahead. governor charlie baker has vetoed a bill that will expand access for the treatment of
5:42 am
does not cover everything in the average bill. the new bill does not offer access to experimental treatments to fight other diseases. the legislature has until sunday to pass the new bill or they will have to wait for the new session in january. the massachusetts senate has approved a bill to make duck boats safer. lawmakers passed the bill yesterday that require duck boats to separate the driver and tour guide position. the company that runs the tours recently decided to voluntarily add a different the senate started working on the bill after hit and killed a woman on scooter in april. 5:42. keeping you up to date. checking in with all of our reporters after the break. a surprise twist in a decades-old murder mystery. the man accused of killing chandra levy is being released
5:43 am
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5:45 am
. welcome back on the fox25 morning news. tewksbury to the south side of andover. pockets of heavy rain developing already this morning. much more on when more heavy rain arrives in your town coming up. and 5:45. if you are just joining us. we are getting you up to the minute on all of the top stories this friday morning. >> heavy rain moving through parts of our area. a flood watch is in effect and a man will face a judge accused of attacking a woman on the streets. hillary clinton accepts the democratic nomination for president. fox25's blair miller live in philadelphia for us this morning after staying up and watching that speech last night, blair. kind of a short turn around for you, my friend. >> blair: quick turn around but here we are. for that arena last night, no bigger than for hillary
5:46 am
nomination and accepting it. her daughter chelsea introduces her to the crowd. as mrs. clinton she told us about her plan. she hit a stride and got an overwhelming response as she took aim at her challenger donald trump and talked a lot about how she got to the point where she is today. she had been working on that speech up until yesterday morning. aids wednesday as well working on it making change. the trump camp that speech was full of insults and talking down to the american people. from here clinton and kaine will hit the campaign trail with a bus tour that stops in pennsylvania and ohio today. live at the dnc in philadelphia. blair player, fox25 news. i am michael henrich reporting live in winthrop, and will be arraigned today after winthrop police said he sexually assaulted, punched
5:47 am
25-year-old woman as she walked down the street all while the suspect had his 3-year-old daughter in the car. winthrop police say this all happened monday night around 9:30 on revere street about a half mile from where we stand at the police station. and they say the suspect geraldo thul portillo driving a gray honda civic. that is important because told investigators about the car's license plate number and that's how we tracked them down. this is not the first time asking any other victims out there to come forward and speak with investigators. portil lo will appear. for now live in winthrop, michael henrich, fox25 news. and i am jessica reyes live in everett this morning where right now investigators are working to identify the remains of a woman that were found at this still have park yesterday. authorities spent hours here
5:48 am
this is the same place where human remains and investigators believe that both celts belonged to the same woman. the national grid worker around 11:30 yesterday morning just a short distance from where the first set of remains were found. da marion ryan said right now they are trying to figure who this woman is and how she died. we are hearing from marion ryan in 45 minutes and will have a brief ciping of the women that police are now trying to identify. live in everett, jessica reyes, fox25 news. well, we finally are getting rain coming through and depending on where you are, we have been asking for it. >> catherine: the lawns. >> reporter: hopefully we can get out without too much flooding. heavy rain. flashflooding a moderate risk. storm, wind damage a possibility. we are seeing that threat for a few thunderstorms, but that is a low threat at this time.
5:49 am
possible. flashflood watch goes until o'clock. low pressure coming out of virginia moving near new jersey tracking northeast ward and you can see a batch of heavy rain and storms have made its way ahead of it. this one misses and look back to the west has more of a bead on this here. plenty of moisture and a matter of time bere the heaviest activity. watching pockets of heavy rain in worcester county. we have seen this all morning long and a wet commute in many spots west side of manchester. heavier downpours making their way eastward around 20, 25 miles per hour. watching heavy rain in essex and middlesex to the south side of andover and tewksbury as well. down to the south.
5:50 am
a few sprinkles over the zip trip and southern plymouth and down to the cape and islands still dry and doesn't say that way all day. hoe you what headed from the west. temperatures in the 70s on the muggy side. our latest high resolution model run that shows widespread rain 10:30 in the morning especially cape and islands. as we head to 3:00, we are beginning to see improvement apros the inland areas and rain down to the south and east drive time. a few leftover showers and heavier, steadier rain to the south and east of us. there is the rain at midday, we will see the heaviest of it. many dry times by 7:00 tonight. one benefited us and high temperatures are getting knocked down. not a great beach day today but in the 90s for so many days and it is time to get a little break on the ac bill. chance of rain is almost nil
5:51 am
the rain chance creeps back up. and practice with futurecast. notice those winds are generally out of east over the weekend keeping the best chance of rain inland. if we have beach plans. all is not lost. saturday is is the pick day. but even sunday not looking too bad. and the east wind coming through but most of the rain stays inland is what i am seeing at this time. same kind of thing on monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week a the way. julie. >> julie: won't complain about that break on the ac bill. good morning, everyone. not complaining on the roads right now. a little bit wet in some spots like jason mentioned. route 3 south of town from route 18 and over to the braintree split. 24, 95, also clear. as we shift up to the expressway, nice hd look at awvrl little heavier volume. a little bit earlier than usual. over to those live drive times, and we are already
5:52 am
14 minutes from the braintree split to columbia road but an easy 10 minutes on route 3 and 13 minutes on 24. back to you. a surprising twist in one of washington d.c.'s biggest mysteries. prosecutors have decided to drop all charges against the man suspected of killing former intern chandra levy. she disappeared in 2001 and her body was found a year later in a park. at first former california congressman gary condit was suspected because he had an affair with levy. but a immigrant was accused. levy's mother said she is shocked.a technical issue and i am pretty shocked. he -- right now physically and emotionally not doing very well. >> the suspect was cleared and has been turned over to immigration officials to be deported. a popular sports reporter will not be making a trip to
5:53 am
not be travelling to rio because he is preparing for a third bone marrow transplant. he has been battling leukemia. he was working the sidelines during nba games at the last -- he was working during basketball games at the olympics during the last four summer olympic games. powerful storm swept through central maine causing problems for thousands of peop i in ken they bunk county. trees were knocked down in a number of towns but fortunately no one was hurt. local forest rangers reported multiple fires caused by lightning. a massachusetts driver is blaming her gps directions for this crash in vermont. police say the 31-year-old dorchester woman accidentally passed her destination and when the gps voice told her to turn around she reacted too quickly. a german shepherd freed
5:54 am
friday. the thieves had no idea the dog was inside this car when they broke the window and stole a laptop, but good things they did. the temperature was 85 degrees and the dog was suffering inside that sweltering car. >> the window wasn't broken, the dog would probably be dead. the dog was in the back seat. they didn't realize the dog was in there. the windows were tinted in the back >> the camera showed the dog sat in the hot truck for 20 minutes before the four men broke the owner concerned. the owner parked the car in the shade and had the air conditioner on before he left the car. police could still press charges. police officers in texas put their lives in danger to police officers in texas put their lives in danger to catch an arm rowry suspect two other suspects ran away
5:55 am
an iowa choir surprise a plane full of passenger when they serenaded the remains of a world war ii veteran. ? glory, glory hallelujah ? ? his troops are marching on ?. >> gene: she was returning home to tennessee after a world war ii memorial trip around europe when her delta airlines plane landed for a transfer. the pilot ann private escorting the remains of the world war ii will be exiting the plane first. that is when the teens started singing. >> i was so moved by that. i had my cell phone with me. and thought i have to capture this. so proud to be an american and so proud of these young people who honor the soldiers the way they did. >> gene: posted the video to
5:56 am
week. a muslim woman is sharing a heartwarming story on facebook about a very kind man. the mom brought her daughters to a boston barnes and noble when this man came up to them. he was apologizing the general anti-muslim sentiment in our saturday. the man nearly 90 years old said his parents were jewish and didn't speak any english and he felt what it -- he knew what it felt like to be mitt romney has not been shy being against donald trump and what endorsement and not hillary clinton. what is on the menu at chipotle at their restaurant. and 128 southbound right now, route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. jason. >> jason: good to hear that the rain is not impacting the commute just yet, but gets heavier in spots. i am meteorologist shiri spear
5:57 am
i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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. now at 6:00, the democratic national convention is in the books. hillary clinton tries to unite the nation. >> now america is once again at a moment of reckoning. powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart. >> what is next for the democrats as they pull out of philadelphia. a woman attacked by a stranger driving down the
6:00 am
the suspect had with him in the back seat. and heavy rain, even flooding problems today. our weather team is pinpointing which town also get several inches of rain. >>reporter: complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on this friday morning. it is july 29. hope your morning is off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta. flood watch for parts of our area. a tsar, daniel miller and michele lazcano are live in michelle's hometown of scituate. good morning, guys. >> good morning to you. we finally made it to our 6th zip trip of the summer. >> sara: a my, we are in scituate and i can't tell you how gorgeous with the backdrop of the harbor. michelle, you are so lucky to live here and raise your children here. >> michele: i know i get to see it every day and i see a


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