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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 22, 2016 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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an all-new show today, "right this minute." a drag race draws the cops. the shocker when they become part of the race. >> i don't think it matters who crosses the line. the federales won. a romantic guy greets his lady. >> with a >> what he's proposing that she's not digging. >> wow. look at that. a kayaker's riding a rough river -- >> looks like he's managing it pretty well. >> why it's not always the water you got to worry about. [ bleep ] >> and gearing up for halloween. a famed prankster pulls a scary hand classic. >> it looks so real though. >> now dennis shows us how to
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i'm replacing nick. >> this is definitely something you don't see every day. [ indiscernible ] >> yeah, in fact this is at a racetrack in mexico. sounds like they gather frequently for trees dag races. this is an actually -- [ indiscernible ] that? >> you have to say it that way. now you see the lights come on. and this is a drag race that actually is organized and happens quite often. >> oh, kind of like in the states when the police officer play intramural basketball with the kids the federales drag race -- [ speaking spanish ] >> who's going to win? >> i don't think it matters who
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>> yeah. >> they always will win. >> can you imagine -- how fast we're going? >> right. >> can the cops walk him down? >> i'd turn the lights on. >> just that little -- >> in the end these guys just start cracking up. the problem is these videos hit the web and now they're causing a stir because that was not an officer in the vehicle, in fact, they were able to identify the driver as the mechanic. >> servicing the vehicle. >> oh. >> back -- >> that's awesome. >> good shakedown. got to make sure that his work -- >> he better -- >> well no word on what's going to happen right now. this is still kind of up in the air. >> tennessee.
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this? >> we get so many videos. >> we got this guy in a hydro kayak. looks like he's managing it pretty well. the water's a little rough but it's not exactly the water all the time you got to worry about. >> watch that -- >> oh. yeah. >> oh. oh. >> man. >> going under. >> getting run over by a bus. >> well it's a really soft inflatable bus. >> oh, yeah. >> a gentle nudge. >> now he's okay and by that i mean he had a separated ac joint that's in the shoulder. >> what? >> had about a month and a half of rehab but he says he'll soon be back in the boat. >> that's okay. just a nice gentle -- >> i take back what i said -- >> i was not expecting that. >> wow. >> we have another fail my friend brendan took his son blake to wake board island in
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>> oh, man. >> brandon posted this on youtube and just said you know timing was a little bit off. >> a little bit? >> i care a lot for this kid. >> every single one of us would have done the same thing. >> exactly the same thing. >> 911. >> yeah we got a bad rig out here in front of my house, and this car's going to blow up i believe. >> the call comes in as a car on fire right outside the caller's house. whitten hears the call and responds. when he gets on scene, he sees that car on fire. but -- >> whoa! >> much, much more. >> oh! >> a passenger in the vehicle is trapped. the officer, as much as he tries, cannot get the doors open. he runs around tries to smash other windows out.
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get a garden hose! >> oh! >> oh -- >> oh. >> officer believes there's going to be impossible to pull that man through the tiny little frame window so he tries to push him back through that window to take him out the main window. >> slide back in. go back in. >> that doesn't work. instead it looks like they are going to just pull him through that small window. >> oix. >> right thump from that car reports say there was a small explosion the body camera and the officer's hat both get knocked off. the image is shaking out of control but you do hear the officer say get him up by the road. they were able to get that passenger out. the fire crews would get on scene and were able to extinguish the fire though they did find another person inside that vehicle. the driver did not survive. >> oh. >> oh. >> this officer dan whitten now is up for an award because of
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>> we discussed how difficult it must be for a man to drop to one knee and propose to the love of his life, and in 2016 because everything is so big. >> so this man in china pulled out all the stops. you see his lady. she's got flowers in her arms. he's standing there with a megaphone and a little >> wow. look at that. that's quite the offer, as well. >> yeah. >> not only the ring but it's also -- >> wow. he's serious. >> yes. >> just proposing isn't good enough the dude does -- >> hoping that then she'll -- >> here you see she goes wait, excuse me? and he's like we can put our names on it together. >> and here's where things get interesting. the translation says something
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it myself. >> and she says he's not going to marry him just for his house, she throws the flowers back at him and storms off and he goes chasing after her. >> well you see the thing is, especially in china, women do have their pick of the men. there's a big sort of gender inequality so yeah, she -- she can buy her own. >> well she had the man. >> she didn't want that man. >> poor guy. he was so big, laid it all on the line, and well -- >> at least he's got a house to live in. >> no chance this was set up? >> i was wondering the same thing. you saw the reactions of the people in the crowd, there were people holding the sign as well. it seemed like it was quite the surprise. >> oh. >> folks looking on say they were pretty shocked. i just feel sorry for the dude if the video is real. >> and get your own house girl.
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>> got his leg stuck between the wall of the car, and the folddown seat. >> oh. >> witness his calm, and successful rescue. plus she's only 9 but she'll take you out any day. >> no! >> yes, yes. >> no. >> yes, yes. she just punched through a screen -- >> why she puts men to shame. >> now i realize -- >> they can punch through a tree it's egh a tree it's easy after that. there's no way to hide from potentially deadly heartworm disease. the threat is everywhere. and it only takes one mosquito bite to transmit it. that's why you need to protect your dog with heartgard plus. just one tasty real-beef chew every month helps keep your dog safe all year long.
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closed captioning provid by -- 00 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. don't forget to dvr "right this minute" and never miss another video. >> the fire department. they get calls for everything. stuck up in a tree your cat they'll come down your house on fire they'll do that stuck down
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or if you're stuck in a car, they'll come help you, too. that's why the tracy fire department had to be called in california. see that. pinot the pooch. got his leg stuck between the wall of the car, and the folddown seat. >> oh. >> man. he's a big dog too. >> the other dog in the front seat the driver's seat that's bono watching the action. >> and pinot was rather calm during the whole thing. the firemen show stick and they work to get his leg out. >> oh, oh, wait. >> they're just ripping at the car. let's try some tools. >> also, pinot is 17 years old. >> oh. >> this is the last thing he wants to be experiencing rate right now. he's already been through everything. >> buddy's looking like really? >> run around -- >> can't take you anywhere. >> yeah the officers put words to bono's mind.
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firefighters heroes once again and the family lived happily ever after. >> oh. >> come on. >> the barber shop. the place where -- >> dog spa. >> kevin is the owner of a barber shop called the barbery and here you see him getting his friend allen all spiffied up and now it's time for the finishing touches. you've got a leaf blower. >> obviously, half the time i wish this is what they will use -- >> because you just go on, right? >> feel good. this is the male version of the brazilian blowout. >> i guess you could say that. >> if i have to say you punch like a 9-year-old girl you'll be like what? what the heck? >> but it's a compliment.
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this is -- she is awesome. she trends every year. this is her training out in the forest. it's been kind of awesome. like a cross between rocky and kick boxing because as she shadow boxing for awhile she starts getting closer and closer -- >> no she's actually punching the tree. >> and listen. >> oh, my gosh. >> no! you're going to break your bones girl. >> watch the tree though. >> >> yes, yes, yes, yes! >> she's just punched through a tree. she's 9 years old. this is going to be an olympic champion. it's life changing and i feel emasculated by a 9-year-old. >> oh, i'm scared. but i'm so proud. >> yeah it's so great to see a 9-year-old with those muscles. did you see that definition? >> dude i'm happy that i punch
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>> it's monday, and that means it's time for "real or fake" with -- >> mac dreidel. >> getting it started with a bmx competition that takes an unexpected turn. >> it's all part of the show. >> then a bald man wants equal treatment. >> [ inaudible ] >> and a hilarious freakout -- >> oh! >> shut up. >> time to play along eba play world is next. olive garden's buy one take one is back. choose one delicious entr?e at our place, like our new pepperoni fettuccine alfredo, and another one for yours for free. starting at $12.99. may all your tomorrows be as delicious as today.
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the "rtm" videos app it's the easiest way to watch the best videos, download it now. who doesn't think puppies are gifts from heaven? they're so precious and cute. and they can also make you act quite irrationally. proven in this first video -- >> yeah, walks through the door, sees something, gets scared. >> one of those teeny tin she think maybe it's a rat or something? >> no! not at all. in fact it's actually a pretty big pug but she sees it and she's confused about what's going on. is this really my dog? [ indiscernible ] >> and her husband tells her, yeah, we've decided to get you that dog you've been wanting she was planning to get it next year, she decided you know what?
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forever and look, she finally walked over to it and hugs it. doesn't say a word. just weeps the entire time. >> you will be mine. >> and that's kind of exactly how this guy feels in this next video. >> she's there with a 1 week old golden doodle according to the hashtag on this posting. >> can't resist puppies. you can't resist puppies. this guy just turned into a big old teddy bear. >> okay. >> i promise you, it's not milk. ?? >> it's time to play that game that everybody plays with my accent real or fake who better to guide us through the world of such things than mac dreidel from e balm's world. >> woo-hoo.
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minute let's get in it. >> more -- what's going on here is there is a bmx competition going on and the security guard came up confiscated the bike from this rider and then you know showed him up and busted a back flip. >> i say it's fake. all part of the show. >> yeah of course it's part of the show. >> okay we're all calling it -- >> i'm with you guys. this is just a setup for the show. it's a fak >> all right. video number two! >> oh. >> oh, i love this. >> so here's the thing is this set up all for the camera? >> it's definitely fake but it was very funny. >> i'm saying real. >> and i'll tell you why, i think the bald guy who shot it himself just likes the feeling of the blow dryer on his head likes the feeling of the brush and just wants to go through the motions, and this kind barber is
10:51 am
camera. >> all right. i got a little background on this for you guys. so the barber has posted this to his facebook page and he's quoted as saying, he thinks it's not fair that a customer who is bald has to pay the same thing as a customer who isn't bald so he gives all his customers equal treatment, so for this bald guy he brushes with a hair dryer. >> no! >> yes! >> no! >> so this one is actually a real clip. may as well get it. >> that's just the stupidest thing i have ever heard. >> believe it -- >> number three. >> oh, no! >> this is very scary. i say we all know one woman like that. >> i'm with you, gayle i think i wouldn't say that was a fake response. i think we've all met someone that gets just completely
10:52 am
show there's always someone sometimes it's charity sometimes it's me. >> forget you i was about to say that i would freak out too. >> stop stop. >> no! >> we're saying it's a genuine reaction from this lady in >> yeah, real. >> real. >> real. really really real. >> all right you guys got it. i think everybody has, you know, someone like this in their family. it happens to be a son and his mom in yellowstone -- you know we've all seen it. exuberant, men too from time to time. we're going real with this one. >> see you next time, buddy. >> all right guys, later. >> could have taken the photo -- >> no! >> it's a screwed up prank dennis roady style. >> oh -- [ indiscernible ] >> see the reactions and find out from the master prankster how he pulled this one off. >> whoo! >> oh! >> what is that though because
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?? >> so you always are teaching people these really cool pranks. this is one of the latest ones. and it is masty. >> you all know the clinic will take care of that. >> oh, lord jesus. >> whoo! >> oh. >> yeah, yeah. >> what is that though? because obviously it's not really -- >> oh, no. >> that was real. >> that was real special effects. from cincinnati ohio he -- cut screws in half and put it in my hand and went to a hardware store so you have some like pliers you can pull it out. >> dude i think you need to go to the hospital. >> no, no, no. >> why are you here >> go that way. >> i'm not touching this. >> you want to do it for me? >> no.
10:57 am
>> and at what point do you feel like i've taken it far enough? >> it's all about the person. >> the brain is going to eventually get to the point where it's like oh, totally fake. >> yeah it is -- >> [ bleep ] right? >> less favorite part of the prank. >> when they buy it. >> like a little swiss army knife on you or something. >> oh, gosh -- >> a bunch of different places. >> he's played some of that -- >> oh! >> oh. >> like -- >> it is so real! >> it is not even want to try to help here. >> no. >> this is my favorite one. [ indiscernible ] >> you know what? you have a knack because we know we're going to give you a reaction. [ laughter ] >> oh. is that cool?
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>> oh, yeah. >> the other guy said -- what my favorite reaction was. >> a lot better reaction. >> awesome. >> knew -- >> when you come in the office i'm going, right there. >> pranking it forward. >> yes. >> makeup. >> it's horrible. >> thanks for tuning in for the best viral videos of the day has lots
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. with all due respect -- my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. ?? >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you. ?? >> wendy: thank you for watching our show. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: say hello to my co-host, my studio audience.


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