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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 8, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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off >> it's humiliating for us that live in the second congressional district and i'm angry with him for that. >> speaking out against congressman jesse jackson jr. is he cutting a deal, prosecutors hoping to stay out of prison. >> we're here with reaction to reports of a plea deal talk. >> he is under federal
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investigation for breaking campaign finance law. >> i really am angry at him because i was very supportive of him being bill. >> that anchor given the extended absence of jesse jackson jr. is mounting, first reports of used campaign funds to decorate his $2.5 million washington home and now the latest bombshell being reported by the sun times the $40,000 in campaign cash was used to buy it prolix watch for a female acquaintancea rolex watch for a female friend. as soon as the sun times story broke there were multiple
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reports that the congressman who came into victory tuesday has long been working with the fed's on the plea deal that would bear him jail time. his name came up in 2008 and led to the conviction of gov rod blagojevich, jackson denied involvement and was never charged. >> jackson has also been romantically linked to washington hostess and model it's the totality of all that has been reported that his former political allies in his own district turning their backs. >> #1 it's humiliating for your wife but also for us that live in the second congressional district and i'm angry with him
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for that. >> we are told that he remains at the mayo clinic tonight where he is being treated for bipolar disorder. >> in chicago fire capt killed in the line of dilido theduty battling a blaze. >> never forget that this is a dangerous job and in some cases, a deadly job. herbert knew that. >> capt. herbert johnson understood the unpredictable nature of fire fighting, how no to fires are exactly alike and have no amount of experience can catch youkeep you safe
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from a blaze. johnson had so many friends chicago says goodbye. >> our city is richer, our city is greater. because of herbert johnson. brought us with his presence. >> dying for what you love, i could not be prouder doing what you loved and doing it for the city of chicago. >> he leaves behind siblings his wife and three children. for the grieving family it is a consolation to see the mayor and governor pat quinn yesterday at the wake had thousands of fellow firefighters across the midwest
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ball here to honor the memory of a great man but despite the tragedy there was almost as much laughter as there were tears people remembering the irrepressible capt. herbert johnson, the man with a quick wit in and great sense of humor, a testament to a man who is a bonafide chicago bureau. >> and thenhero. >> derrick smith was decisively we elected to the illinois a house of representatives tuesday, shortly before that primary he was arrested and accused of taking a $7,000 bribe but he won the race anyway. his colleagues in springfield leader kicked him out this the first time that's happened in more than 100 years.
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>> seven days a week, talking to the constituents of the district who are the ones. >> he pleaded not guilty to those charges. >> an emergency board meeting called tonight dan ponce is at the municipal center now with what brought the mayor's resignation in. >> meier loismeier lists submitted his resignation in an e-mail to the board of trustees, mayor lewish. . they say they are very skeptical considering his rough time in office. presidents had
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been furious with his leadership and the frequent arguments between him and the board of trustees. >> we never found anything out as a board until after the fact. he has no contract and has been resigning via e-mail. tonight the board voted trustee david hanks as acting mayor until they can elect a new mayor next spring. they say it will be better communication for everyone in town. >> the community is divided we need to bring back our model residents need to be proud of where they live. the interim
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mayor david hank will be in office until may of next year. hanks said he is not looking to be reelected mayor when the village holds an election this time around and we did make repeated attempts to contact former mayor louis and our efforts were unsuccessful. >> former congresswoman gabby giffords facing the man who tried to kill her and five years later and the search of stacy peterson continues, what prompted new interest in the case. and another chilly night tom skilling says a big warmup is coming our way. michael psychopath
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we saw that last tide commercial with the parents and the cute little baby triplets... well wait until your triplets move back home after college. we were enjoying our empty nest. and now it's just a nest full of laundry. lucky underwear. we were going through so much of that bargain detergent... and the clothes didn't look as good. but since we switched to tide, we use much less. their clothes are looking much more...uh... what's the word? clean? employable. [ female announcer ] one cap of tide gives you more cleaning power than 6 caps of the bargain brand. [ mom ] that's my tide what's yours? among >> police searching for a 25 year-old man, vance has a mild form of autism and he has been missing since halloween. >> vance actually has asked
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perjures to be specific which is a high form of optimism and he lived with his mother when he autism when he went to the schaumburg bar called drink on tuesday october 30th if he was covered in green paint dressed to look like to hold his family said video from the bar shows him leaving the party around midnight and catching a cab home alone he accidently left his wallet, keys and cell phone inside the house and could not get inside, that is all that is found, not a trace of abeyance since. he has again which is a mildmore high
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functioning form of optimism. autism. >> police are doing a ground search of the area. >> chicago police say a man was shot after he pointed a gun at officer this afternoon in the park manor neighborhood on the south side of chicago near 67th and south indiana avenue, a man came out of an alley with a gun in hand, they told him to drop it but he ran from the scene he turned in a pointed the weapon at the officers and that's when they fired at him he later died of his injuries, it's still under investigation. the new
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search for stacey peterson continues in the woods they have not found any sign of a drew peterson is missing a fourth wifesigns of drew peterson is missing fourth wife. 40 year- old accused of stabbing seven year-old justin and 5 year old olivia and naperville october 30th, she confessed to those murders she killed her son because she was angry at her husband and murdered the girl because she was a witness the judge did rule on their request but ordered both legal teams to return to court thursday. the father who posted a picture on facebook that went to viral of
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82 year-old girl bound and gagged with blue painters tape has been charged with aggravated domestic battery. he faces up to seven years in prison and he remains free on bond tonight. carlton fisk fighting the suspension of his driver's license in court today, the former baseball star also wants to suppress evidence in the drunk driving case, his driver's license is said to be suspended december 7th for a year he was found passed out in his pickup truck last month and police say they found an open bottle of vodka in the truck as well. former congresswoman gabby giffords faces down the man that to try to kill her as he learns
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his fate. marijuana is still
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>> newly released video shows a murder suspect stealing and crashing a passenger jet in a small airport in utah. he was on the run after allegedly killing his girlfriend in colorado, he hopped into an unlocked plane into then taxied to fast the left wing clipped the terminal
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at the airport he bounces over speed bumps and crashes into 14 cars and a lot and on able to take off your committed suicide. the man who shot and killed six people including a shooting at a former congresswoman gabby giffords was sentenced to life without parole, in court they shared their final words. >> for the first time thursday former arizona congresswomen gabrielle giffords came face-to- face with the man that almost took her life inside the federal court room giffords in tomorrow kellie approached the podium together for a statement at the sentencing of shared laughter, kelly said of his wife: in january 2011 giffords was holding a constituent meet and greet outside tucson supermarket when he approached
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her and shot her in the head, 12 others were wounded and six were killed he agreed to plead guilty to 19 charges to avoid the death penalty he was sentenced thursday to seven consecutive life terms and an additional 140 years with no possibility of parole, at least 10 other victims attended thursday's sentencing including ron barbara was set to succeed her in the u.s. house. >> there is absolutely no way to make sense of those acts. >> giffords retired in january 2012 to focus on her recovery. >> the people of colorado and washington state voted to legalize marijuana but that doesn't mean the federal government is listening, they're the first two states to approve it like alcohol but the fed said
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that marijuana is still a crime. tuesday's vote made pocked legal aid has the potential to turn into big business and a big showdown between the states and the feds. every store that sells marijuana here is violating federal law. they can send people to jail for scores of years they have chosen so far not to do that. that caller brought amendment allows licensed production into anyone over 21 to possess over 1 oz of pot. the newly reelected president has the nickname odrama obama he got pretty emotional thinking campaign workers. >> i'm really proud of that, i
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am really proud of you. >> applause. >> president barack obama got choked up he said he hopes to make a difference helping people get out of poverty, and get jobs and health care. and bringing his life full circle. first of the devastation of sandy and now residents on the east coast get hit with snow and more power outages. the story behind a lady with of the lucky numbers. the lucky numbers.
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>> in tonight's medical watch a
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new kind of food allergy allergists say they see an increase in spice allergies while peanut and gluten allergies have been commonly diagnosed doctors say their patients complain of ingestion after eating for unknown reasons. allergies are tough to diagnose the most common spice allergens are cinnamon, black pepper garlic in the now love, cooking spices can reduce allergy causing agents. many studies have linked staten to the reduction in cancer incidence new research finds when cancer patients takes data and they are 15 percent less likely to die from their disease cholesterol is needed for cell growth by limiting cholesterol and cell growth doctors believe that stain limits cancer growth and spread. keep your children
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in booster seats wonder they looked at accident rescuersrecords and found that children estate and booster seats had a 30 percent reduced rate of paralyzing injuries the seat belt typically sits at the neck and stomach when they are not in a booster seat increasing the risk for fatal injuries the seat belt should rest on the chest and lap when kids reach 4 ft. 9 in. they no longer need a booster seat. >> coming up we could soon be flirting with '70s. that was me... the day i learned i had to start insulin for my type 2 diabetes. me... thinking my only option was the vial and syringe dad used.
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sets. this is how to gift. this is sears. emma parts of the northeast crippled by hurricane sandy and now recovering from an intense snowstorm. >> >> new york city is a rationing gasoline new york's gov. chris christy said it will only set the cleanup effort back by a day. >> we have not seen the kind of damage we saw with hurricane sandy and we can move forward in our recovery efforts. >> snell is creating a dangerous road conditions stranding some drivers 15,000 flights canceled by the storm in and out of the northeast. >> snow to the west, snow to the
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east and we are talking about 70 degrees. >> what did we do right? >> i don't know, but we have some interesting photographs. this is 11 in. of snow this morning in new jersey and in newtown conn., chicago transplant center as a picture of the snow that accumulated there, more than 1 ft. in some areas. we capture this beautiful shot of belmont harbor and christine of chicago another one. today was a great cloudy day, we finally got clouds to break up once you get the
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stratus in place under a temperature of version it's a double to break these things out and tonight we are clear. or at least we have clouds diminishing and we look forward to some sunshine tomorrow. look at the temperature gradient across the country from 82 today at fort worth and as you go north you find subzero temperatures. these were highs today up in alaska and the yukon. all of this sets up a big storm because the temperature dropped their buckles the jet stream into that brings a warm flow of air up into our area. 30 was the high at great falls a 36 degree drop from yesterday.
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you can see the temperatures dropping, even if denver had a big temperature drop. here are the southerly winds that will really roar right down to the surface over the weekend and set up the temperature surge which will put us on top of the record of 71 degrees that is a 63 year old record. then the cold hits sunday night. it will feel like spring around the chicago area this coming weekend today there are the clouds to conceive them shrinking from both sides tonight this swirl of the clouds is the beginning of the big storm that will slide up between the cold air out west and the warm air coming in here. these
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are frost and freeze advisories down in north florida over 17 states under various weather advisories as this big storm starts organizing their tomorrow we will get an easterly winds which will keep temperatures in the '50s and a warm front could set up a few thunderstorms and on sunday with south wins thunderstorms will form out west into these could be coming in towards the bears game time in the evening. here is where the snow will accumulate. you can see we will cover a good part of the western united states with snow. here are the snows that have come down in montana so far, 10 in. anaconda. and while
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all of that is going on these southerly winds depicted here at 6:30 a.m. and this is the evening wind plot, these winds could be blowing over 40 mi. per hour at times saturday and saturday nights. one or two showers sunday night is the night for rain, we could get one-2 in. of rain out of this. it could be the biggest rain event since july. during the day tomorrow sunshine but increasing cloudiness and milder in the
9:35 pm
afternoon when there could be an isolated shower. it's springtime on saturday, partly sunny and much warmer. we could have gusts to 40 mi. per hour propelling temperatures and we could tie the record of 71 degrees. >> still ahead you might know her as the lottery lady, while linda: meier is so is so upbeat.
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in the grand scheme of the recent major news events our next story may seem trivial or dare we say even self-serving but for two decades it's time we get to know the lottery lady a little bit. >> everybody talks about her.
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and linda colmayer is not on facebook but she does have a professional looking page that a fan created for her the war is asked about linda more than any other person on the air she is always so upbeat so we had to know is she for real? >> she is a familiar face with a million-dollar message. >> i am still lottery lady. the lottery lady. >> i am what you see, i am an open book and i try to base my life on, what you pass out is what you get in return. if that's true she may be one of the richest people around, her friends who she has known for years call her kind caring and genuine. >> i think she loves that she can use her work to touch
9:40 pm
people in a positive way. >> you feel better after you spend a little time with linda. for more than 20 years now she has been one of the standouts of the illinois lottery from the weekly game shows in the 90's. >> be bold, be courageous, step outside of your comfort zone. >> on the side shoots a personal trainer whose fitness classes are a popular drop. >> she always has a good time, you never slow linda down. >> they live just outside st. louis where linda grew up often visiting the family farm or a love of nature and animals took root. >> she would rescue everything that would walk as her mother said if there was an elephant walking down the driveway she would try to rescue it. >> she was a dancer and a
9:41 pm
champion twirler at the university of missouri where she got her first taste of fame as a cheerleader and beauty queen she got her degree in nursing and came to chicago in the mid- 1980s when she worked at a hospital with aids patients. sometimes i took into myself away too much and i have to tell you that if he can lift a person up in spirit and soul sometimes that is better than madison. she left nursing was soon found success in front of a camera modeling, and acting. even fitness videos. richard simmons i've worked with him. that's a lot of lycra. it's like walking
9:42 pm
on a stained glass window... >> i think people wait to hear the good news i can't wait to hear your uplifting message today. what she said camas no surprise from a woman to literally picks people's dreams and in thin air. >> dreams become true. >> what you don't see is this. >> i didn't even know i had fancy footwork until everybody told me. >> sometimes linda draws those lottery numbers on friday afternoon at the same time we feature pets for adoption of the midday show she meets them occasionally in the hallway and so far she has taken home to dogs including her beloved german shepherd and to pass, people think that she does control those lottery numbers
9:43 pm
she definitely does not, in fact she doesn't even play the lottery because she simply cannot. on a personal note it's against their rules, if you pull the numbers you cannot play the numbers. she is single and she calls her fiance that she is a committed eternal relationship you can share this story on our web site and we will send you a video link if you texts cover to 97999. she came in just the other day just to tell us we did a good job on election night. she is like a little beam of toryjoy. she is in fact a genuine article. coming up, forget black friday more stores are moving
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♪ ♪ mom? yeah? i think we're gonna leave in the morning. [female narrator] this video was submitted by a student through the safety scholars program. for more information on teen safety visit teens drive smart dot com. the law holiday shopping season
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is getting longer. black friday sales are being started two hours earlier than last year, they will hold a 3 deal. it's on thursday when and from 8 until 10:00 p.m. and another at 5:00 friday morning wal-mart says there will also matched sale prices with competitors' advertising as well, 1400 chicago public school elementary kids a warmer winter this year, wells fargo employees collected $37,000 and used the money to collect new winter coats reps are on hand today helping kids try on the coats and pick out their favorite spot the handed them out on wednesday this is the second year that the two companies have partnered up on the new coke program. it might be perfect for about monday morning. >> we're going to warm up first
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before that happens there is a big storm in this area of the country we late in the wins on this series of graphics so where you see the yellow and the red those are the strongest winds and these are at ground level. a lot of warm air in tall the bears prepared to play about 730 or so. we will see where showers and thunderstorms start coming into our area. these are the high temperature readings during the day sunday probably a lot middle underdone keep your eye on mantegnamontana. there is the
9:49 pm
forecast later on sunday the wind shift and the cold air that you see on monday, tuesday wednesday next week doesn't hit until the wee hours of monday morning coming up, the bulls get
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their toughest quest on season as they hosted the western conference champion thunder. dan roan is next with sports. o
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sure, you coulsay it's an unusual hobby. and yeah, i've had people laugh at me, but i don't care. i just love collecting air. people can make fun of me all they want, but i choose to see the glass half-full. of air. think it's weird to collect air? you wouldn't think so if you saw what your lungs collect every time you breathe. protect your health with the free "state of the air" app from the american lung association. o0 c1 a tough distressed for the bulls
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on schedule. they have been feeding off of the bottom for the first four games of the season oklahoma city in town for the first blast and only time this year. another double double for chow, the bulls tried to hang in there. he gets the reject inside 8378 oak city the bulls were able to keep in touch but in the end it was kevin director who did them and taking the bayside here for two and then the bulls with a bucket in 20 seconds left have to get a stop you cannot guard this,
9:54 pm
kevin durant had 24. they beat the bulls 97-91. since the bears buried the titans on sunday bugs they have been hearing especially the defense is how good they are as rich king reports from alice hall the bears are playing through it. >> i think a big time national attention now the bears' defense back in the ranks filled with approval caliber players it's not hard, we are not that good obviously, we do a lot of things wrong as well i really don't see us getting too big we would like to go on a high note. it is a true mark of character but they
9:55 pm
have been able to put the team first. it's kind of odd not to have egos. the bears' defense ranks fifth overall they will face a stiff test over the next couple of weeks from lake forest rich king wgn news. more good news from the peanut camp, he and his wife jackie were honored with the champions for children's award charles and jackie of course are expecting their fourth child on monday, he tweeted today that the baby is coming monday i will be playing
9:56 pm
sunday night against texas, i don't know how he knows that for sure. tomorrow night notre dame and lake forest have the spotlight all to themselves it's the only game of the entire weekend on friday night. chris james is running for almost 500 yds they will be ready for anything tomorrow night. following a strong season and we think that that has tested us well we had a great game and a good second round game we are really happy to be playing with quarters. it will be a great atmosphere out there tomorrow night, five more hours of negotiating and no settlement in the nhl lockout. it may continue throughout the weekend nobody is saying much about it but it seems they're making at least a bit of progress i would say they
9:57 pm
have at least three or four weeks. maybe they're getting a little bit closer, at least they are in the same room. >> that's the news for this thursday night. have a great night. the name your price tool shows you a range of coverages and you pick the price that works for you. great. whoa, whoa, jamie. watch where you point that thing.
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strength to keep going. well i would like to become like a doctor that's my first choice. sometimes you feel down and you feel that no one really understands, and no one knows like, where you're coming from and it's great to see someone who has been where you are now and, you know, making it. so get involved and do your part, invest in the future mentor a child. ♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn


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