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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  October 21, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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some even saying they witnessed it. steve cr is live in worcester w all the details. charges egregious and disturbing. the suspect just facing a judge here in court a few minutes ago and parents say they're stunned by what they witnessed this morning. >> it's disgusting. >> kelly murphy says she was shocked and shaken by what she saw after dropping her son off at school in worcester county this morning. >> that's pretty awful to be happening right outside our son's school, it's concerning. >> being ordered by the judge to appear in the courtroom where he pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say 6-year-old michael lived in a second-floor apartment across the street from the school and seen in plane view with no clothes on committing a lewd act. >> that is ridiculous. i don't know if avenues sex offender or not but sex offenders are not supposed to be
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around schools. >> reporter: cynthia who lives in a third floor apartment told us this isn't the first time he's done something like this. >> it's shocking. i mean, to notice somebody stand underneath you in your building, that's doing some stuff like this, i mean, even in a school >> reporter: parents picking their kids up after school say they were concerned the school administrators never notified them what had happened but at the same time they say they're thankful police took pore seen oh into custody as quickly as they did. >> and i hope, that you know, he's moved out of here, they do -- whatever they do with him. >> pore seen oh has a criminal record that covers 11 pages as being held on $25,000 cash bail. he post the bail, he's been ordered by the judge to stay away from all schools in the city, stay away from all parks in the city, and also to be fitted with the gp, tracking device until the case has been
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resolved. chief cooper -- steve cooper, 7news. there were concerns that 34-year-old sara and her 5-year-old son were taken against her will, but police have talked to her and they say they are safe. we're working to gather more details and will bringing more when they come in. >> weeky leaks has posted material from what presumes to be an email account. it will includes brendon's wife's social security number and the names of people he worked with over a long career at the cia. it's not immediately clear whether any national security information was comprised into the release of that information. dramatic developments in the race for the white house. vice-president joe biden announcing the decision we've all been waiting for. the vice-president says he will not run for president. >> however, he still plans to be involved with the race. 7's dan hausle joins us live in the control room to explain. >> well, the vice-president waited and waited and waited to make this decision, and finally
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out. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the not nation. >> reporter: vice-president biden dropped the political bombshell there in the rose garden like president barak obama and his wife jill. biden said his family was ready to back him, but the vice-president also said he might not be emotionally ready to run after his 46-year-old son bo died of brain cancer in may. biden's move clears a big primary obstacle for hillary clinton who quickly tweeted out vp is a good friend and great man. today as always inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. clinton's main competition now senator bernie sanders also released a statement, thanking biden for a lifetime of public service and saying joe biden, a good friend, has made the decision that he feels is best for himself, his family, and the country. biden says he won't be staying completely out of the race. in fact, just minutes after
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biden announced he wouldn't be a candidate, he warned whoever runs for the democrats had better embrace president barak obama's record. >> i believe that president barak obama has led this nation from crisis to recovery, and we're now in the cusp of resurgence. and i'm proud to have played a part in that. this party, our nation will be making a tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the obama legacy. >> the public frontrunner donald trump tweeted that biden made the right call for himself and his family. then trump said he'd rather run against hillary anyway because he says her record is so bad. live in the control room, dan hausle, 7news. speaking of hillary, the daughter of hillary clinton in cambridge today, chelsea clinton talked to 7news about the vice-president's decision. 7's byron barnett continues our team 7 coverage and live with what she had to say. >> yeah, chelsea clinton is here in cambridge tonight on a
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20-city tour promoting her new book. today she was at the vasalane school here in came bryn. afterwards i had a chance to interview her and here's what she had to say about the vice-president's decision not to challenge her mother for the presidency. >> i have long respectedded the vice-president and his whole family, dr. jill biden, who is standing with him today. they have a lifelong commitment to service to our country, and i know they will continue to serve empty ways that feel right for them and their family. >> and coming up at 6:00, i'll have much more on chelsea clinton's book tour and her message to inspire young people. that's the latest live in cambridge, i'm byron barnett, 7news. all right, morning showers giving way to a warm fall afternoon. overall, a pretty cloudy day. but will these warm temperatures last? that is the question. chief meteorologist pete bouchard is here with the answer. >> our temperatures did cool off a little witness in afternoon. we continue to see them fall now, and we'll see them crumble as we go through the rest of the evening. providence down 3 degrees since the last hour.
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59 in nashua. 56 in beverly. 55 in boston. the east wind is taking over. so as you might expect, it's going to be a cloudy night, and it will be much cooler, too. alt i don't see it dropping off a cliff here back in the low 40s. we should hover in the upper 40s to lower 50s. i think a lot this is getting weeded out. we've seen them fade, those showers. there's a front here that will pass through late tonight and first thing tomorrow morning leaving us with a little bit of mirk to clean up in the afternoon. overnight tonight, temperatures 50s generally. upper 40s possible, and some fog by morning, as well. back up close to 70 degrees again, and it's more widespread than today . just isolated today around rhode island. but tomorrow i think everybody has a shot. we'll take a look at that forecast, ahead. also on 7, disturbing details on an alleged case of infant abuse in manchester, new hampshire. 26-year-old jonathan la gut was
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police say he shook his baby so hard that she needed to be hospitalized. the 3-year-old is now home with her mother. a man in a lowell courtroom today, john miller facing more than a dozen charges including selling assault weapons and ammunition and carrying a gun without a license. police say they arrested miller when he met with an undercover officer. they say he sold the agent an assault rifle, shotgun and 3,000 rounds of ammunition. a man is arrested on nantucket, charged with raping two women on the island. 35-year-old david matterson is accused of kidnapping and attacking a woman in 2008, he's also charged in an attack last year. matterson was arraigned in court earlier today. new at 4:00, protecting pets. animal advocates on beacon hill right now trying to get lawmakers to create a registry for convicted animal abusers to make sure cruelty crimes don't happen again. 7's kelli o'hara live in boston with the details on this registry. kelli. >> yeah, more than 100 people are speaking out right now at a hearing right here on beacon hill, including people who want
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animal abusers to register, just as those do for the sex offender registry. now, this hearing has been going on all afternoon, and people have been speaking out on about 20 different animal welfare laws. a lawmaker from seaconk is sponsoring the bill he beliefs that animal abusers need to be held accountable, he says, so it doesn't happen again, and he says so the crimes don't happen and get worse. here's what the bill would encompass. the registry would hold those who have been convicted of animal cruelty to register, only pet stores, shelters and breed weirs have access to it. the cost would be about $50 bucks a year for the offender and if didn't you register you would face some jail time or hefty fines. this hearing is expected to go on all afternoon and early this evening. as to when lawmakers will vote on the bill, well, that's still up in the air. we'll bring you the very latest starting at 6:00 as it develops. reporting live from beacon hill, kelly oh layer a, 7news. there's more news today. a new york city police officer
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to a call. >> elizabeth, authorities say the officer was attacked after sheas chasing of a an armed suspect. he was responding to reports of gunshots in an east harlem neighborhood when he was shot in the head last night. he died a few hours later. the suspect was arrested a few blocks away from that shooting. this is the fourth nypd officer killed in the line of duty in the past 11 months. while the city mourns the loss of hllder, the police, they're asking for support from the public. >> we're humbled. my officer randolph holder is an example, an example of service and courage and sacrifice. >> these police officers need your support as we bury our brother police officer. but it cenltd there. >> we need your support every day on every coroner every neighborhood. >> so the shoot here not been identified but police say he is wanted in connection with the
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at the breaking news desk, i'm adam williams, 7news. syria president making a surprise visit to russia. he flew russia to talk with vladimir putin. officials say the two leaders discussed ongoing military operations in syria. russia began air strikes against, in three weeks ago there, you'll remember. the pentagon is confirming that russia and the u.s. have signed an agreement that minimizes the risks of instance across syrian air space. that as they both shoot against the target there is. a spokesman says it does not include any sharing of target information. the vatican is strongly denying a report that pope francis has a brain tumor. according to an italian newspaper, a doctor told the 78-year-old pontiff a small dark spot on his brain could be cured without surgery. a vatican spokes person says the report was totally unfounded and
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not worthy of attention. all right. we are just getting started here on 7news first at 4:00. still ahead, a father giving his two sons a chance to trick-or-treat. how his idea is making a difference for other children this halloween. and then a modern day bonnie and clyde case. and new on 7news at 5:00, a local cheerleading coach facing some serious charges. police say he assaulted one of his students. all that and much more straight
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a trick-or-treating dream come true. a father building his two boys custom costumes for their wheelchairs. this really is showing off some creativity here. yes and his innovative idea is now having a much bigger impact. brothers in law dabble sanders
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and wyan -- ryan could be called something else. >> this is called an l-200. >> reporter: on october 31st, the foam will be fashioned into a dane sawyer from the jurassic park. >> in the movie it's got these understand that can come out and grab stuff. >> reporter: 30-year-old -- their sons are the motivation and inspiration. >> now we can go jogging. >> reporter: for the halloween magic. >> it turns their life around for a day of instead of being in a wheelchair, they're superstars, you know. >> they look forward to forever. >> reporter: it started with this pirate ship back in 2008. keaton was 3. amazing. i want this experience for other families. >> reporter: ryan learned how to build taking courses online. terminator, alien, all the big movies, they've done like the real special effects.
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>> we got some advice from other designers as he created something for chase last halloween. >> instead of kill dragging gones, they made friends with the dragons. >> this is something that i can do that has impacted my family in a positive way. >> reporter: last year he created the nonprofit magic wheelchair with the goal of organizing volunteers all over the world. >> just the other day in new york city, a fire station contacted us and said, hey, we as a department, we'd love to build one of these. >> that man is talented and magic wheelchair just received a donation of more than $25,000. so this year that means eight other kids across the country
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trick-or-treating. >> that is a really cool story. very creative, too. our forecast is a little warmer tomorrow. our temperatures rise. and then cool again by friday. we'll take a look, coming up. >> then at 4:30, a surfer talked about being attacked on his board. details on the shark bite that changed his life. and all new at 5:00, a case of road rage takes a tragic turn. a young child hit and killed by a bullet. pl, a familiar face that the pats are talking about former teammate revis. our sports team has it covered. and news is always happening and you can get caught up wherever you are whenever you want by using your ipad app. stream our newscast, breaking news and any other live events all throu we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative
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>> things drying up a little bit as we head into the afternoon but this morning if you were out
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a spotty shower there . >> it's a cooler afternoon and evening, too. with an east-northeast under eventually. and for clouds, there weren't many of these across rhode island today where we found ourselves with more sunshine. that's why we were able to roast things up in the 70s, even in the vineyard, nantucket. a stripe of clouds along the pike and that's where we found our showers, to the north across either. the clouds did thin out. now everybody's seeing a general decrease in clouds right now with high temperatures making into the 60s. this wasn't a bad day. this was our cooler day as opposed to tomorrow's
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55 now in the city. 56 on the northshore, and 61 still in plymouth. we still have some warmth that will eventually get snuffed out here, too, with the east-northeast wind pushing that backdoor front all the way down into narragansettes bay, maybe even back into connecticut, too as we go through the overnight hours. temperatures sea saw over the next few days. fast-moving fronts and colder next week as we look for the trend change here and i think predom thoughtly cold may linger a little longer than a day here for next week. so the front is crossing, then stalls near new york city and hartford and back tonight. so it's not gonna be kind of hanging out for much longer here. pushes north of manchester and up towards portland maine for tomorrow. gets hunk up there but for us just enough to get the sunshine. so one warm front passing and then the cold front behind it,
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too. so temperatures tomorrow as a result of the warm front, getting back up close to 70. muddleton, lowell, hudson and back over to framingham, boston, 71 or 72. it's a decent afternoon, folks, after kind of a mercky start. 70 in duxbury, 73 in wellesey. this is the temperature jump for tomorrow as we go into the afternoon. it will cool off, and again that cold pool of air is it to the north. that's why we're confident that we will see these dramatic drops as we go about into the weekend. we're dry friday, saturday, sunday. sunday we have 55% chance. that should be up there, but 30% chance for tomorrow. tomorrow our temperatures, nice and toasty once again. may see 60s out through cape cod and also southern most new hampshire. but occasional sun and a shower or two, down again on friday and
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actually friday's much cooler. sunday, 64. looking for a.m. showers. so it looks like the afternoon will be fine for the pats game, 53. and then 55 and then 58. a slow warming next week. see you at 4:30. >> time now for 7's fast track traffic. here's joe stapleton with a check of the roads. >> thanks very much, liz. where we're checking right now is route 128 northbound and southbound through the wakefield and lynnfield areas, not moving direction. more good news, too. we had an earlier crash on 128 northbound right on lowell street in peabody. that's now off the highway and things are getting back to normal. right now this is the upper and lower deck to that roadway. around downtown boston, upper deck, tough go, lower deck flying along as you make your way towards the city. masspike moving along pretty well along the river, making your way down to the right-hand side. and cruising along relatively nice.
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as you make your way by exit 17. another tight rod here on both sides of the expressway. southbound, about a 48 minute ride down to braintree leaving the camera, northbound on the brakes too, near mass avenue. i'm joe stapleton, 7news. breaking news now from kingston. five people are hurt in a serious crash there. fire officials tell us a pickup truck in a van collided head-on. two people have serious injuries be okay. in kingston. this is an image from the scene and we do have a crew on the way and will bring you much more information just as soon as it becomes available. >> next on 7news at 4:30, a doctor being call to the court accused of snapping a picture of a woman in the bathroom. and a bad call? an m nba player saying he's the victim of accusations about stealing jewelry out of a jewelry store.
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october 21st, 2015. so was this route? we want to remind to you check out 7news on facebook, check out anchor profiles for some interesting facts about all of us. log on and search for 7news. we'll be right back. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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first here at 4:30, a doctor at the u-mass medical school is often job, accused of taking pictures of a woman inside a bathroom. the victim says it all happened right there on campus. >> today that doctor remains on paid leave. victoria warren reports from worcester with more. >> reporter: a cardiologist accused of creeping into a woman's restroom to take a picture of a woman using the bathroom. it all happened on the fourth floor at u-mass medical school. the woman says she looked up in the stall to see someone's knuckles and a cell phone camera lens. court paperwork says the woman ran out, confronting the doctor as he was going into a men's room. the doctor, who's also a professor, said he accidentally walked into the wrong bathroom while using his phone.
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according to the paperwork, the
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