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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  October 28, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> police believe the weapon may have been a b gun but the scenario here is still dangerous. steve is live in newton as police try to track down this guy. >> this was really a nerve-racking moment for rich behind the wheel of his oil truck here. all of a sudden he looks out and sees a guy with a halloween mask on and what happened next involved the windshield of the truck here. >> i don't know if he deliberately tried to shoot the gun. >> reporter: it's business as usual for rich yates, delivering oil in newton, new hampshire, but he's still puzzled wondering who on earth would fire a shot hitting the windshield of his truck. >> then i saw the hole and that's when i pulled over and started getting a little mad and wondering what the heck was >> reporter: police say the suspect, wearing a gorilla mask, was hanging out the driver's side window of an oncoming car earlier this week, fire what now investigators believe was a bb gun but the truck was loaded with 2,000 gallons of home
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startled. he did. he maintained control. and if it would have been me i'm not sure how i would have reacted. >> 50 years in business, and he's never seen something like this. >> this is a first. i've been doing this for almost 50 years. i've been involved in the oil business. >> reporter: police don't know if this was some halloween joke but yates, the father of 21 >> all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. try to think before you do stuff like this because it's not all funny. >> so the windshield will be tonight. as for the investigation, police telling us a short time ago that they've located the car involved in all this, but they're still looking for the person responsible for it.
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tonight, steve cooper, 7news. >> boston police commissioner william evans is seeking a ban on carrying replica guns. police have taken more than a 100 this year. the commissioner says his worst fear is an officer hurting or killing someone who's waving around a real-lag toy gun. >> a man is on the run accused of shooting another man in manchester new hampshire. police say david rondan who also goes by chase, and joseph, is wanted for attempted murder. investigators say he shot a man in the foot. police believe he was traveling in a black car, possibly with his girlfriend and they warn he is armed and dangerous. >> we are following more news here today. >> get down! get down! >> reporter: newly-released video of a confrontation between
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officers and a man in custody is causing some controversy in the nation's capitol. authorities saying it appears to be impair bud what's seen after the man is arrested is now causing officials to launch an internal investigation. >> reporter: the cell phone video taken by a witness starts by showing the suspect acting odd in washington d.c. the police report says officers respond to the scene because a man was vandalizing a car. when officers move in to stop him the man ignored repeated requests to get on the ground times with sticks and no effect. >> reporter: according to the police report, the suspect was under the influence of an unknown chemical substance and had an odor consistent went pcp. then the officers reveled him to the ground and the suspect continued to struggle. at that point you can see both officers strike the man multiple times in the face. it took a third and fourth officer to subdue the suspect and later on it looks like an officer drove his knee into the man's head a couple of times. >> reporter: ashawnee harrison lives just a couple of doors down.
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after watching the video, he says punches did not need to be thrown. >> it's ungist justice right there. think about it. the guy's already -- he's high on something. committee barely walk. they have him down, why did he get him down so he can start purging him in the face. >> reporter: now the police chief is speaking out. of course this video is gurning but it also is a small snapshot of what we sometimes have to deal with in dealing with people that are high on certain drugs. >> reporter: the video was released because the department has nothing to hide, and the suspect was charged with assaulting a police officer and assaulting an officer. nunchucks are being added to police officers in california's arsenal. they say they won't use them to strike people but that will made in what they do. officers not required to carry them but they'll tell you they're in northern california
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option to do their job. >> dennis hastert pleading guilty of lying in a team. -- scheme. prosecutors say hastert handed over as much as $100,000 to keep someone quiet for past misconduct. defense secretary carter says they'll step up attacks on isis and syria and iraq including the possibility of u.s. ground troops taking action. last year american troops. no regular troops will be uncommon only a small number of special ops forces. one man who served overseas there disagrees with the white house's definition of combat. >> anybody in combat is boots on the ground. the white house has been trying to play politics here and try to convince everybody that special
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on the ground. >> the po says there will be more raids like this to come like the one last week in iraq. >> more than 300 captives rescued in nigeria. 40 militant were killed during a raid. they have killed and captured over 2 million people in africa. over the last few months the nigerian military has been increasing its ground troops in attempt to stop the terror group. torrential downpours cause devastating flash flooding. more than 1.5 inches of rain came down in a day. bad weather for them, it caused power outages and made evacuations difficult. hundreds of protestors flooding nicaragua's capitol protesting the construction of a camelnal being constructed by a chinese company. last nicaraguan lawmakers granted a 50-year deal for a company to build a shipping channel. the project is expected to cost $50 billion. story the rebuilding of relations between the u.s. and
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cuba will continue to spite the u.s. again voting on a resolution on ending the embargo on the country. 190 u.n. members voted in favor of that resolution while the u.s. and israel voted against it. president barak obama says he does not think the blockade on cuba works as expected but the u.s. still voted for the embargo. also on 7, tearful testimony in a california courtroom as a jury hears what happened the day a deaf man drove his car into a comicon crowd. attorneys say the man's disability played a role in the crash, but prosecutors will tell you a different story. >> i just covered my mouth and go, oh, my god, he's going to run her over. >> reporter: day 2 of the trial, a 48-year-old deaf driver accused of plowing into a crowd of people at the gaslamp who were watching the famed zombie walk at last year's comicon. the entire violent incident
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poachy is facing three years in prison. >> and the engine was revving super loud and when he lunged it forward once i basically said, [bleep], and i turned and started running. >> reporter: misty sanchez describes the sound of the engine being revved up continuously and poachy yelling through his window before his car lunged forward into the crowd. she was hit in the leg and another woman nearly lost her arm. >> and she fell and he just floored it right over her. you could see the car lift right over her and he just took off, and he saw people running after her and it was horrible because she had to think for a moment if -- what happened, is she dead, is she alive. >> the prosecution contends poachy lost his patience and purposely drove into the crowd. the defense says because poachy is deaf, he didn't understand what was happening and feared for his and his family's safety.
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hit in the leg says he tried to calm down the driver right before he gunned it. >> he told me to [bleep] out of my way, and i was like okay, those guys just totally blij represently angry and didn't have a cool head on him at all. >> prosecution expects to have a couple more days of call-in witnesses and then come monday, the defense will present its case. still ahead here on 7news, some off-the-field drama. the world series going off the air, not once, but twice. the technical difficulties causing a nightmare for major league baseball. and new at 6:00, families make a mad dash to get out alive after a raging fire in lynn. and new report on the death of bella bond. new details on the role dcf
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i don't think it's a weather problem because it wasn't raining at the time this. we lost power -- >> it's did you see the dramatic delay last night? millions of baseball fans settled in to watch game 1 of the world series. it was the royals taking on its mets but no game. it just got bumped off the air. >> yeah, it added some unwanted drama to the fall's classic. here'sle all the details. >> we have lost our picture, hi, we're having some technical difficulties. >> reporter: in the middle of the fourth inning for mets and royals fans, it seemed like it was game over. >> i don't think it's a weather problem because it wasn't raining at the time of this, we lost power to the truck, we're being told, but as soon as we regain power, we will get it back to kansas city. >> reaction on social media was instant. this is what happens when you don't pay the bills, said one tweet, did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in? for four minutes technicians
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stretched. >> i hear the music, does that mean we're going back to kansas city? >> the broadcast resumed with national coverage forced to take over. >> and the u.s. broadcasters of this event are having a broadcast issue. >> reporter: for another 9 miss, everything seemed to be fine until it happened again. >> once again we're having technical difficulties in kansas city. once we regain power to our truck we will be going back there. are we heading backing there now? >> it's not the first time things have gone wrong with all eyes on the game. >> half the power is out. >> reporter: remember when the lights went out during super bowl xlvii or when an earthquake hit during game 3 of the 1989 world series in san francisco? as for this technical difficulty, fox released a statement overnight saying that a rare electronics failure caused both the primary and
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power. christa delcamp, 7news. coming up, how a local girl scored a visit to the white house standing by the world cup winners. >> then at 6:00, dark times in boston coming to light. details on the new movie portraying the sexual abuse scandal in the catholic church. and in salem, a witch and warlock facing off in court.
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>> causing trouble formal drivers in colorado.
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truck spinning out of control. >> what i'm -- yeah, that's true, but what i'm noticing already, pete, is i feel like the rain we're getting will be the kind that brakes your umbrella. >> absolutely all through the day tomorrow even after we get through the most intense wind tomorrow. tomorrow's still a pretty gusty day all around. gusts thoirlt 45 miles per hour. it's not necessarily the intensity of the wind. 30 and 35 we've seen before but the duration that we have, this wind, through tonight and much of tomorrow too. that constant wind burst and surge over the trees and power lines. we'll have isolated outages, minor coastal flooding at times by noon tonight and tomorrow, too. temps in the 50s right now,
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rising through the night. back into the upper 50s, even 60s. already winding to 30 miles per hour in boston and beverly and out through the vineyard and nantucket too. as we go through the night tonight, watch this move up to the 50 mile-per-hour range, possible. it's a weather model. so kind of forecasting and projecting out into the future. this is kind of an extreme case here. but coming on fast. picking up forward speed, so it goes through just through tonight and am tomorrow morning. winds gusting through the morning and droing off. then the wind picks back up through the course of the day tomorrow. most of the rain is ahead of the storm system which is still back over cincinnati and this is the rain that we're watching moving
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hours. the clouds are all ruffled and agitated. this light rain will not be around for much longer. wind advisory is up through tomorrow morning at 10:00 and a coastal flood advisory too through about 2:00 in the afternoon after the last major high tide cycle tomorrow afternoon. once we get into the band of heavy rain we'll see more of it pass through in individual cells, not necessarily a big band until we get to morning and then that front crosses. that's where you get your most intense rain with thunderstorms. these look like thunderstorms at 8:00 in the morning. back to the 70s, we get right into it. very mild air mass in the wake of this storm along with pretty gusty winds. the rainfall amounts, close to 2 inches. maybe 2 plus. this is getting juicier and juicier. the only day i see in the 70s will back it off on friday a little bit.
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but even in our coldest on halloween day, it's not all that bad. 55, warming it up next week. see you at 6:00. a pembroke girl scoring big after sending a strongly worded letter to president barak obama. ala says she was angry when her brother said boy cocker players are better than girls. >> so reached out to the president and he answered back >> reporter: it was a big day for women in sports and an even bigger day for ala of pembroke. >> i'm just so grateful, i got to go, and it's so amazing. >> reporter: the 13-year-old getting the chance to meet president barak obama and the u.s. women's national soccer team, all thanks to a letter she wrote to the first family complaining about her little brother. i've been watching women's world cup and my brother had said some stuff like about girls that like we weren't better than boys and stuff and it made me mad. >> reporter: ala told the president she hated the fact that the boys sports gets the most attention and wanted to do
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something about it. president barak obama agreed, inviting her to the warehouse ceremony to honor team usa and letting ala know he's on her side. >> reporter: ala's brother nick % but did learn his lesson. >> that girls are as good as boys. >> ala says she had the chance to take all kinds of pictures with the players and feels so opportunity. >> up next, george lucus making a generous donation to a california art school. those details ahead in the buzz. >> and good evening, i'm adam williams, coming up on 7news at 6:00 from the calderon to the courtroom, a witch and warlock a judge. we'll tell you what it's about. and a new movie is shining a history. we'll health head out live to the red carpet for the premier of a movie based on a boston globe investigation. we've got those stories, plus a wet and windy forecast straight ahead at 6:00.
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george lucus making a generous donation. >> a california art school, he has donated $10 million to the
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university of southern california film school. he says it will help support minority students who help pursue their dreams in the film industry. morgan friedman is recording a documentary. he says he has a lot of questions. >> i'm primarily interested in why what is the why of it, we go to all these bases and talk to theologians we talk to historians and ideologists. >> sounds interesting. he's an interesting guy. every time you hear him talk you kind of want to keep watching, right. >> absolutely. i think that would be a project
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7news at 6:00 starts now. >> disturbing details. now being blamed for not doing enough to protect the toddler, dcf. trial. the fight between a witch and a warlock heads to court. storm clouds rolling into new england tonight. we're talking downpours and strong wind. the rain is expected to stick around for a while, too. >> word it it's going to get worse through the night. >> the heavy rain is right across new york right now, pushing into southern connecticut. the rain is here and here to stay. we're in it for the rest of the night. steady rains all the way from portsmith down to boston to plymouth back into worcester right now and all point in between. yeah, there are gaps and the rain goes light from time to time.
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throughout the nate and maybe even into tomorrow morning. maybe a rumble of thunder and especially tomorrow as the final leg of the storm rolls through. wind advisory is up through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. some gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. here's the timeline. that's the rain i just showed you in new york. 9:00, 10:00, right on top of us. wind swept too as the winds continue to ramp up out of the southeast. might be lulls between each downpour but we'll eye this band as it comes through the berkshires because that's the final bit and this is where we could get thunderstorms, too. we're seeing red all on this map and this is around 8:00 tomorrow morning. and then just like that, it's like flicking a switch. we'll be back over to sunshine. the winds will die off, and that will be pretty much the storm system. the payoff is highs getting back into the 70s. we'll review that and the patriots forecast along with a look at halloween coming up. the storm throughout the night
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