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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  July 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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first -- a rain yip start -- rainy start to the weekend. clouds it's finally giving us a break after the hot days. >> the applause you hear coming from the grass and the streets. our meteorologist tracking the path of these storms. chris, what can we expect? >> expect sunshine this afternoon while others do see some more downpours. the grass applauding the wet weather. i think they are looking for an encore. a lot of us picking up only .25 or less. we've had heavier rain.
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of the cape also experiencing downpours. this is where the focus of the rain will be over the next two, three hours. nantucket, pouring rain, the vineyard, it's not as hard of a downpour as it was just about 30 minutes ago to 60 minutes ago. still plenty of rain across the vineyard and another strip coming through buzzards bay and across the cape. once we get beyond 3:00, there the other thing we're watching is a couple isolated downpours inland. flash flood watch is in place until 5:00, buzzards bay, the cape and islands. we'll continue to see locally heavy rain. inland popup shower and thunderstorms this afternoon. otherwise, what we're featuring here is patches of blue sky breaking out. it's not as hot today. not as hot over the weekend. no 90-degree days in the
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track these storms as they move through by using our radar. you can find it on our mobile and tablet apps. breaking news. four people in florida have been infected with the zika virus. and this is the first time this virus has been transmitted by mosquitoes inside the continental u.s. now, previously cases of the virus have been linked to travel outside of the state. >> this is a big development here. now the fda is stepping up and stopping all blood donations in parts growing concern that zika is spreading with the discovery of four new cases in south florida, two counties are halting all blood collections. the fda wants the blood tested. health officials are alarmed because none of the new zika patients traveled out of the country. the virus could have been sexually transmitted by someone who traveled into a zika zone
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florida unknowingly infected. >> if it turns out to be, you know, being transmitted by mokes i -- by mosquitoes, we need to take action. >> aggressive control efforts are underway in south florida. the florida department of health is going door do door, collecting urine samples to see how many people are infected. the danger is most critical for pregnant women. zika is known to cause a of birth defects. this woman is 32 weeks along. >> it's definitely scary. i've stayed inside for most of my pregnancy. i've turned down vacations. i'm trying not to panic and wear my bug spray and stay relatively calm. >> reporter: the fda is working closely with blood-screening companies to make sure they are ready to expand as needed. >> we don't know the extent
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to make sure the blood supply remains safe. >> now, while, the zika virus may be in south florida, blood donation centers will begin to test the donations all across the state of georgia, alabama, and south carolina. and in winthrop, a man is accused -- of assaulting a woman. he just faced a judge. he attacked her when she refused to get inside of >> it happened all in front of a child. our reporter is live with more on this disturbing crime. >> reporter: very disturbing. the arraignment just wrapping up. prosecutors describing a violent attack saying this man went after a woman who was just walking down the street, leaving his observ own child in his car. this morning, the suspect was walked into the courthouse, gerald portillo.
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the witness was able to get his license plate. the 25-year-old woman was a stranger walking down a winthrop street and the suspect was driving around with his daughter in the car. they say he tried to lure the woman in his car. when she refused, they say he got out, leaving his child behind and attacked the woman. >> she was able to scream. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: that woman was able to scream for help. the suspect ran away. police say that she was left with some pretty serious injuries to her face, including some broken bones. the judge today ordering the
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pending a dangerous hearing. hillary clinton making history at the democratic national convention. she officially accepted the nomination as president. her speech last night focusing on unity and defending american values. well, today, clinton getting back to work hitting the road and campaigning in pennsylvania and ohio with her running mate, tim kaine along with her. this is their first post-convention stop. it's also in philadelphia, where shy away from taking aim at donald trump during this speech. byron barnett has more. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: philadelphia, home to the signing of the declaration of independence, witnessing an historic moment. hillary clinton becoming the first woman to head a major party's presidential ticket. >> i will be a president for
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independents, for the struggling, the striving, the successful, for all of those who vote for me and for those who don't. for all americans together! >> reporter: clinton was introduced by her daughter, who was just 12 when her father was elected president in 1992. >> a woman who has spent her entire life fighting for families and children and voting for the protect our planet from climate change and our communities from gun violence. >> reporter: hillary clinton tackling big issues in her speech, including gun control. >> i'm not here to repeal the second amendment. i'm not here to take away your guns. i just wasn't don't wan -- i just don't want you to be shot by someone who shouldn't have a gun in the first place. >> reporter: she also took aim at donald trump, trying to show
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>> he's taken the republican party a long way. from morning in america to midnight in america. here's the sad truth -- there is no other donald trump. this is it. >> reporter: she also laid out her plans for strengthening the economy. >> we will not build a wall. instead, we will build an economy where everyone who wants a good job can get one. if mother, wife, sister or daughter deserves equal pay, join us. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and had a final message for voters. >> and in the end, it comes down to what donald trump doesn't get. america is great because america is good. >> reporter: and instead of sitting in a vip box, bill clinton was sitting right down
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a few feet away from his wife. he was beaming and clapping all the way through her speech. in philadelphia, i'm byron barnett. >> a number of speakers had harsh words for donald trump. michael bloomberg called trump a dangerous demigod and today trump took to twitter to respond to many of the speeches. crooked hillary said i couldn't handle the rough and stumble of a political beating her. he said if bloomberg ran again for mayor, he wouldn't get 10% of the vote. stay with us on air and online for all of the key moments leading up to the election in november. 26-year-old man is dead after a serious crash. it happened on washington street late last night. police say this man was killed when his car collided with a tractor-trailer. a young girl who was in that car
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to the hospital. police are investigating a dangerous crash. this one in revere where they say four people had to be taken to the hospital late last night. it happened on american legion highway. you see some of the damage to the vehicles. the front ends of two cars smashed up. no word on the condition of those two people. police are searching for a rocklin man for breaking into a home this week. they say he tried to break into a home while a 14-year-old home alone. she was making breakfast, heard glass shatter and the alarm went off. police believe he drove off on a mountain bike and stole a truck. >> first it was like a polite knock and then it started to get worst and it got louder. it sounded like a big boom as if somebody shot something and i heard stuff falling down. >> the girl said she hid in her parents' bedroom and called police. police believe lopez is
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somerville, where police and the public are odds over a black lives matter sign that hangs at city hall. well, last night this there were demonstrations. jennifer eagan has a closer look at this controversy. >> reporter: carrying a banner that reads cops lives matter, dozens of police officers rallied outside of somer volunteer city ha. their message, this black lives matter sign needs to come down. >> when they begin murdering police my members started asking when are we gonna do something about it. the massachusetts police coalition cannot stand for the display of that banner on a public meeting. >> reporter: the mayor insists the sign is staying right where it is, that somerville can support police while recognizing racial injustice. >> that sign is not coming down. all right? we have to recognize as a society, most of us here are
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do we really know what it's like to be discriminated against? >> black lives do matter. [ cheers ] >> reporter: at the same time, a black lives matter protest was going on just a short ways away in union square. after both rallies, the police chief said this is not a divided department. >> 100% not. if some members of the department disagree with the banner being unthere, i think tonight was a great start son dialogue. >> if we leave anyone behind in th solve all of your problems. but if everybody is working together, there's no n problem we can't solve. >> reporter: for now, it looks like the sign is staying up. it doesn't look like there's compromise in site. jennifer eagan, 7 news. coming up -- an officer in california tragically killed in the line of duty. police now on a manhunt for the suspect who opened fire. all right.
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still muggy. we're tracking a few downpours. what to expect -- ahead. and a skydiver taking a plunge and all without a parachute. a discovery in bolivia, millions of years old. the incredible find that
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paleontologists making a huge discovery in bow livia where they found a footprint measuring 4 feet wide about 80 million years ago. it's one of the largest of its kind. they say the dinosaur is believed to be a biliasauers? is that right? >> your guess --
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or an italian dish. >> it looks like a t-rex. the paleontologists can call in and tell me how i mispronounced that. >> i loved learning about that in the fourth, fifth grade. we'll wait for an e-mail on that. west of worcester, we picked up on a few downpours, close to .5 to an inch near brookfieln there. also had a couple of downpours near the mass new hampshire border last night and early this morning. again, a few towns picking up over .5 to an inch. that wasn't all that widespread. many areas picking up .25 or less. so yeah, it's nice to see the rain on the lawn, but we're not talking about a good soaking rain that really gets in the ground and helps us out in the drought. recently, continuing to seesteaddy rain across the cape
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showing up. radar estimates of about .5 to an inch. that's where the action is right now, essentially along buzzards bay, the cape cape an and islands. when you get under the oranges, it can rain hard. it's almost like a tropical downpour. we've seen a couple close to hyannis, falmouth, lighter southern plymouth county. so inland this afternoon, they are gonna be small but there are a couple of isolated popup showers and brief downpours that are developing across the interior, thanks to the instability of the atmosphere and the day-time heating. we're seeing patches of blue sky breaking out near 95 and points north and west. still have the flash flood watch until 5:00 p.m. for buzzards bay, the cape and islands.
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in the afternoon is pretty much down on the ground. there may be a lingering shower or two. but overall, i think we see some improvements. look what goes on here in the afternoon. again, you work your way north and west of 95 and especially near 495 and points north and west. that's your best chance of a couple of these isolated downpours popping up. they are few and far between. i think the theme of the afternoon will be a mix of clouds and sun with these downur 70s coastline. even lower to middle 80s inland. 62, 88 overnight. partly cloudy and cooler weather. humidity overnight. i think that sets the stage for a nice-looking saturday. more sunshine in the morning. more clouds in the afternoon. can't completely rule out a late-day shower. otherwise, sea breezes. pick of the weekend, looks like
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isolated showers certainly a possibility. scattered if not here, seasonable temps. the pope paying victims to the holocaust where he's making an historic trip today. and you see the guy in the orange jump suit? his brief run from custody that has landed him in more hot
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developing story out of california this morning, where a san diego police officer was gunned down on the job and another officer is in the hospital right now. >> police say the shooting happened at a traffic stop last night, and one of the alleged gunmen is still on the run. [ sirens ] >> one police officer is dead. another in the hospital after a shooting in downtown san diego. police say the officers were making a routine sto gunman opened fire. >> we have two officers down. >> we do not know where the shots are coming from. use caution. >> almost immediately, they called for coverage. other officers were in the area. they arrived and found both of our officers suffering from gunshot wounds. >> reporter: authorities say one officer was shot several times in the torso and died of those injuries. the other, still in the hospital, surrounded by family, friends and colleagues fighting
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>> extremely difficult. you can imagine early in the morning when a chief knocks on the door of a family member. >> reporter: the shooting prompting a huge lockdown. helicopters, s.w.a.t. teams and patrols warming the neighborhood. one suspect has been taken into custody searching for other suspects keeping a community on edge. >> you see the cars roll up and i saw 20 cops with the right down this street. >> never experienced anything like this. the police just swarmed the street. i feel safe knowing that, you know, the cops showed up that fast. >> so right now, we understand that the injured officer is out of surgery and is expected to survive. >> wish him well.
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trap discovered in sa salisbury. how the animal ? i feel too young to be this old.
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i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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day two of training camp, as practice for the pats splitting reps. brady led the snaps, while gap took the lead during 11 on 11 drills with brady suspended for the first two games. the patriots are working to get garoppolo ready. and the red sox trip getting off to a frustrating start. boston losing on a throwing error. the sox had a 1-0 lead, but the
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first. hanley ramirez trying to get it at the plate. but he threw the ball away allowing the tying runs to score. but before the gail, the angels honored david ortiz as he made his final trip to angels stadium. look at mike trout. he did his own impersonation of papi wearing his cap backwards, huge sunglasses and alb now to the road to rio. we're a week away from the start of the 2016 olympics. we're getting a big preview. fireworks lighting up the sky over the stadium last night as crews held rehearsals. while most details are being held tight, volunteers say preparations are coming along
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covering the games. her live reports begin on thursday. breaking news we want to pass along to you. police are looking for a man who they say sexually assaulted an elderly woman in her home last night. the suspect broke into this home but then ran away before officers were able to get there. this all took place inside the victim's home in north hangham. right now, police are not releasing the victim's age or details about the neighborhood but we know the suspect is 65 years of age, gray, thinning hair, brown eyes and a thin build. the victim does not know the suspect. so if you have any information, you are asked to get in contact with police. so much more still to come in the next half-hour of 7 news at noon. a daredevil taking to the skies. we'll tell you how he plans to land after jumping without a parachute. taking a look at the forecast for us, no more heat
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blinds to go.
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happy friday, everyone. it's not the way we like to start our weekend. it's a gray skies, muggy weather right now. the rain is falling down and can actually get heavy in some parts of the state later today. >> we need the rain. it's about timing. we don't want a washout. how is that looking? >> i think a lot of us will be disappointed in how much rain falls. if you want the rain, you want a good soaking. that's not been the case. 70 in boston. low 70s across the cape. humidity is there. there's no lack of atmospheric moisture. you need to lift that moisture
12:32 pm
through the cape and islands to wring out steady rain, heavy rains from the vineyard to nantucket as well as the cape. you get north of the canal, the rain tapers off from plymouth. we're seeing sunshine breaking out. then you get instability, popup showers and downpours across northwestern worcester county and the higher terrain of central new england. we'll have isolated showers. but i think the trend will be for the for the next two, three thundershowers to start tapering off. and a lot of times picking up .25 or less. upper 70s along the coastline this afternoon. back into the middle 80s. we stay seasonable into the weekend. slight risk of showers. more on the forecast ahead. some breaking news out where police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted an elderly woman in her home last night. now, what we've learned is the suspect broke noon this home but
12:33 pm
arrived. it happened at this victim's home in north hingham. police are not releasing the victim's age or the neighborhood. but we have information on the suspect who they are looking for. he's described as a white male, about 65 years old, with gray, thinning hair, brown eyes and a thin build. the victim does not know the suspect. if you have any information that can help, call police. and breaking news out of florida. health officials say four people have been infected with the zika virus. however, unlike previous cases, has been transmitted by mosquitoes here inside the conu.s. some experts are still worried. >> if it turns out to be transmitted by mosquitoes in the area, we need to take action. >> and health officials in florida are still investigating. in fact, they are going door to
12:34 pm
with the zika. also on 7, a lynn man facing a judge today after an alarming attack. police say gerald portillo attacked a woman who he was trying to abduct and they say when she refused, he allegedly shoved her to the ground. and this all happened while gerald portillo's small child was in the car. prosecutors describing this scene. the 25-year-old woman was walking down the street in winthrop when they say gerald portillo pulled over his vehicle. he apparently attacked her, leaving his child in the car during this ordeal. the victim suffered serious injuries including broken bones. >> he tried to choke her with two hands. threw her to the ground. he was trying to pull down her underwear. >> that victim was able to scream for help and did get the
12:35 pm
vehicle. gerald portillo is being held without bail. an historic moment for hillary clinton, the democrat, becoming the first woman to win a major political party's nomination. during her speech last night, the former u.s. and first lady mentioned some time that she had spent here in massachusetts, specifically in new bedford. here's more on what happen she had to say. >> we will rise to the challenge, just as we always >> reporter: following a personal speech by her daughter, chelsea clinton -- >> every single memory i have of my mom, regardless of what was happening in her life, she was always, always there for me. >> reporter: hillary clinton took the stage, telling the audience that america is at a moment of reckoning. >> powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart.
12:36 pm
we have to decide whether we will all work together so we can all rise together. >> reporter: pointing out her itches dids with donald trump -- >> a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> reporter: clinton opened up about her time in massachusetts spent working in new bedford. >> i went to work for the door to door in new bedford, massachusetts. [ cheers and applause ] >> on behalf of children with disabilities who were denied the chance to go to school. i remember meeting a young girl in a wheelchair on the small back porch of her house. she told me how badly she wanted to go to school. >> reporter: the former secretary of state also continued the process of trying to bring her divided party together.
12:37 pm
and to all of your supporters here and around the country, i want you to know i've heard you. your cause is our cause. >> reporter: byron barnett, 7 news. >> stay with us on air and online for all of the key moments leading up to the election coming up in november. happening today -- an inmate in manchester is back behind bars after he tried to escape from custody. pretty brazen here. hart, you see him there, he was being transferred when he was in the garage and the van left without him. he attempted to steal two cars when a local sheriff was flagged down and he was arrested in the grocery store parking lot nearby. he's charged with escape and attempted theft and will be arraigned today. the pilot who crashed that small plane into th on july 4th? remember this?
12:38 pm
he was not cleared because his medical certification was delayed. to one -- no one was hurt. a salisbury cat in a trap and got caught in this illegal device. police are trying to track down who left it there. >> reporter: this is a leg hole trap. it's illegal in massachusetts and has seriously >> if it closes on a body part, we would also suffer significant injury. >> reporter: back in late june, 2-year-old august found it clamped on his side. >> my wife was leaving for work and said look at the cat. >> reporter: he said his cat likes to be leaving outside and may have been caught in the woods near his home on la fayette road in salisbury. >> the device clamped on the cat, severed the skin.
12:39 pm
>> reporter: dave said august was dragging the steel trap along when he came home. >> i had no -- i knew it was a trap but i didn't know with that trap. i didn't know how to open it. >> reporter: august was taken to the vet to have the trap taken off. since then, he's had several surgeries. >> sutures to the muscle. >> reporter: now police are involved and are trying to find >> the original location of the trap is still unknown. >> reporter: all while august continue does recover. >> pretty nasty. more news now -- pope francis visiting auschwitz. he's the third consecutive pope to visit the nazi concentration camp. during that visit, he prayed in a dark underground prison cell that once housed a catholic saint who sacrificed his life to
12:40 pm
he also met with elderly survivors of the camp. relatives of the victims who died on flight 370 are voting to suspend looking for the wreckage. right now the search will end because the area in the indian ocean has been completely scoured. authorities say if they receive new information, they would the plane disappeared with 239 people on board. a bank in new york city is hit by a fashionable robber. the man wearing a gown, high heels at and and a hat. he was then spotted taking off the outfit.
12:41 pm
arrest. get this. tomorrow, this daredevil is jumping out of an airplane. no big deal, right? he's doing it at about 25,000 feet. >> okay. that's fine. but he doesn't have a parachute. [laughter] >> unbelievable. >> yeah. >> take a look at this. this skydiver has been jumping out of planes since he was 12. but this jump on saturday will be extraordinary. >> i'm trying t likeny othe like any other. >> he will jump out of a plane at 25,000 feet without a parachute or wing suit. >> i have 18,000 jumps and here i'm gonna do it without anything. >> his safety net will be an actual net 100 feet by 100 feet. 200 feet off the ground. he will be traveling at around 120 miles an hour when his body hits it. >> it's like a big hammock.
12:42 pm
>> he will use his own body to guide himself. >> until i find myself over this target. >> the net is surrounded by special lights. red if he's outside of the safety zone and white if he's in the net. during rehearsals, he's landed in the same spot, 73 times. he's while he looks forward to the thrill of this jump, he's not willing to risk his own life. >> there is an inherent risk. but i feel like it's a calculated risk. it's not the daredevil risk. it's like we've proven this and we'llary -- we're gonna put it all together. >> he's had a lot of practice. he skydives about 800 times a year. he has been preparing a lifetime
12:43 pm
>> this is the first one without a parachute. >> yeah, yeah. and this all unfolds on live tv. >> yeah. still ahead on 7 news at noon -- three care acterribles from ses ac-- three characters on sesame street will not be on the show. and after eight days in a row, won't happen today.
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we have breaking news now in regards to the meningitis outbreak. the u.s. attorney's office now says that a couple plans to plead guilty this afternoon in connection with that deadly outbreak at the ing new englanding compounding center. the couple is charged about violating an order from a bankruptcy court not to transfer any access. they are accused of moving miio order was issued. the pharmacy has been accused of producing tainted drugs. most towns getting rain. all towns getting a drenching. worcester, spencer, auburn, boston, about .25 or less. it's enough to wet the lawn and to dampen the streets. but it's not enough to put a
12:47 pm
nantucket, seeing steady rain, if not heavy rain. had pouring rain across the vineyard. some steady rain across the cape. not as intense as the rain to the south. northwestern worcester county, small showers. i think this will be the trend inland this afternoon, to have some of these spot showers popping up with isolated downpours. in the meantime, a couple of more hours of rainos time after 3:00 or so, the bulk of the rain is over with, just a couple of lingering showers for the cape and then in between, the showers to the north and west, we've had breaks of sun trying to reappear and patches of blue sky north and west of boston. 80 in fitchburg. 73 in boston. onshore wind. dew points running upper 60s to near 70. a muggy feel to the air. mentioned before a lot of towns
12:48 pm
about 5, 7 inches of rain just since may 1st. when you take a look at the drought situation, a rain like this won't change it much. essentially from southern maine back to the sea coast, merrimack valley and much of metro west, could have used a lot of rain. there was some rain pennsylvania south of jersey, but it was too far south to give us rain. scattered downpours, isolated downpours inland. they are few and far between. it's not like it's an all-afternoon rain. there will be a couple of downpours. tomorrow dry. sunday, a risk of showers around especially inland. we'll take a look at the forecast. that features temperatures running near seasonal levels. upper 70s coast this afternoon. mid- to upper 70s low to
12:49 pm
62 to 68 in the forecast for tomorrow. partly sunny skies. ocean sea breeze coming in. 79 to 86. 86 away from the coastline. close to 80 along the coastline. scattered showers on sunday, especially in the afternoon and monday. otherwise, no more 90-degree weather. >> thank you. coming up -- memories from the past.
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okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ? ?
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a kansas couple stumbling on 300 photo slides. these were pictures painting just a world of people in different places. >> now the photo finders, the couple who found them, are searching for the rightful owner. memories of the past captured. >> we weren't sure what they were.
12:52 pm
photo slides. >> on the side of this dusty good, christina starks and her boyfriend found 300 old slides. >> i'm wondering if somebody set them on top of their car and drove off and they just fell down. >> they picked them up and became detectives. >> i was pretty surprised. i'm surprised that more weren't damaged because it was a gravel road and people were driving over the top of them. >> her boyfriend's father had a projecr. ones that you put the slide in and look. >> so they cleaned some of the slides seeing, people, places. >> based on the style of clothing and vehicles i'm thinking '70s to early '80s. >> from colorado to utah to california. >> here's from the four corners. >> starks posted a few to facebook hoping someone would recognize them. >> i've this i think 34 shares.
12:53 pm
reveal the owners. >> family is important. and i mean, there's family in these and -- i don't know. family is important to me and so i want people to find their family's photos. >> be so neat if she could reunite them with the openers. she's hoping the owner will see these memories are not host but have been found and are in good hands. up impersonator in for quite a surprise. what the famous singer just did
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sesame street, topping the buzz. fans upset that three faces from sesame street have been let go. bob mcgrath recently announcing that he along with the actress to played gordon have been fired. amelia played lewis and roscoe mcgrath said they were let. they say imitation is the sincerist form of form of flattery. >> adele may -- may have been flattered when she found an
12:57 pm
even shared a hug. adele called this person the best impersonator they had ever seen. >> and then she walked across the stage to say hello from the other side. [laughter] >> that's all i got. >> welcome back, mr. anderson. no lack of jokes when you are around. taking a look at the forecast, we have a few hours of rain. a couple ties lated -- ties lated downpours. otherwise, clouds to partial sunshine. >> have you been thinking about that punch line for the past hour? >> how do you put up with me? >> i don't know. [laughter]
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? ? >> kayla: you're kidding me. >> steve: what's your pleasure? >> kayla: so this is really true? you're a bartender now? >> steve: uh-huh. in a sedate club in a quiet neighborhood. you know, the light from adventure and danger would take about eight million years to reach this job. >> kayla: do you know what bartenders do? they take orders. you hate taking orders. you will have to take orders and it will drive you crazy, and you will start smashing things. >> steve: that's in my


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