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>> and union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. >> and now, bbc world news. >> this is "world news today." i'm george alagiah. mahmoud ahmadinejad sworn in for a second term as iran's president. i've been a job says his election signals major change in iran -- ahmadinejad said his election signals major change in iran. bill clinton heads back to the u.s. what the free journalists. he is expected home in the next hour. reports of the wife of a taliban
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leader has been killed in an american missile strike in pakistan. the clintons the double act, as bill troubles to correa, hillary travels to africa and says it is the land of opportunity -- as bill travels to north reappeared bulgaria, global recession is spreading panic among harvesters. it is 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in london at half past five in the afternoon in tehran where nearly two months after iran bought the disputed elections caused huge upheaval and popular unrest mahmoud ahmadinejad has been sworn in as the country's president, his second term in office. in his speech to parliament he appealed for national unity. but there were reports of clashes between police and protesters outside. inside parliament, several senior politicians boycott the ceremony, including former
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prisoner rafsanjani. our pteron corresponded has this report. >> with all due ceremony, but the official seal on mr. ahmadinejad's controversial election victory and sworn him in for a second four-year term. in the audience, iranian and va's dignitaries, and foreign ambassadors. but former president rafsanjani was one of those who declined to attend. and western governments did not send it the usual message of congratulations. it produced a bitter response from mr. ahmadinejad. >> they use democracy only to serve their own interests. they do not respect the votes of other people. they see themselves as the magic of democracy. our country is against this way of thinking. we have been standing against tyranny. no one here is waiting for your
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message of congratulations. >> the president said his election victory was the start of major change in iran and the world. as for the opposition demonstrations, mr. ahmadinejad said iran will not tolerate this respect, interference, and insult. no pictures have emerged from outside parliament yet but hundreds, probably thousands of demonstrators are reported to have gathered and there are eyewitness reports of clashes with riot police used pepper gas and tear gas to disperse them. so the formalities have been observed. now mr. ahmadinejad faces the real challenge of assembling a government and trying to hold this bitterly-divided country. bbc news. >> joining me here in the studio is the fellow associate on iranian affairs of the london school of oriental and african studies. what do you make of the overall speech from the president?
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>> personally i'm very unimpressed because there was hardly any change in what they said, very little sign of policy. he said i have said all about my policy during my campaign. and i didn't sense any thing in news. >> the talk about signaling a major change, i thought that what he was saying? >> let us hope we will see some change. but as far as he is concerned he is really going to face a lot of challenges. his major challenge is going to be getting approval from parliament for his cabinet. in his first, he faced huge challenges and it took them almost nine months to get approval. this time the situation is far worse because of the far right, the center, and the left are of putting in bids for other candidates, for their own people, and he has got to kind of come to terms with them
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because of the supreme leader is advising him. >> sorry to interrupt. it is adjusting what you say because i noticed that the supreme leader has actually -- or appears to have warned ahmadinejad and said yap listen to your critics. what do you make of that kind of advice? >> at the society and that the level of the establishment. obviously there are terrible concerns that if he chooses the cabinet without enough consultation with parliament and with the political heavyweights, then he is going to cause even more crisis. this situation is very serious. the cracks that appeared is not possible to conceal. they have been advising him. all websites of the right and far right, his own supporters, is that the has to be careful. >> a huge polarization. and we saw it in the ceremony
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because ross son johnny was not there, mir hossein mousavi -- will not expect him. but it is not like they are trying to hide the split. >> absolutely. these are people who have been at every ceremony every sense the beginning of the revolution 30 years ago and suddenly what these important personalities not to be there, it's kinda says his position is really vulnerable because of the are not putting a seal of approval on him. and i think we see it in society, we see it inside the right and left, and it is a big challenge. the main point is that he has not been successful in the economy as well. today he stresses fighting poverty. he hasn't gone so. poverty is still 18%, according to estimates. 30% inflation. so, he doesn't have a good
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backgrounds, and a second term tends to be much weaker than the first term in iran, especially the islamic republic. >> thank you very much for being here. thank you. former u.s. president bill clinton is expected to touch down in los angeles in the next hour. with him, american journalist detained by north korea. he secured their release tuesday following a meeting with the country's leader kim jong-il. senior sources say north korea indicated in advance they would free the journalist is mr. clinton made the visit. >> the two american journalists at the heart of what amounted to a mercy visit by former president bill clinton, months after sentenced to 12 years hard labor and north korea, laura ling and euna lee are on their way home, travel with the man looking to save them. they are on their way to los angeles where they will be united with their families. laura ling's father said he was
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overjoyed that his daughter was on her way home. >> i am so glad and all thankful to the prayers and thoughts of the people. i'm very thankful to the state department. very thankful for the government for doing all they can to gain the release. >> mr. clinton arrived in north korea tuesday with -- for a surprise meeting with kim jong- il. his mission to free the two journalists, giving jail sentence for illegally crossing the border if which china, was a success with north korean state media confirming the two met women have been granted a special pardon. the white house insisted that this was a private mission by mr. clinton but it was thought that months of groundwork must lay the path to a meeting of minds between slavs a country seriously at odds with each other. it hasn't been a visit to p'yongyang by such a high- profile american in years. it is set -- thought the pardon came directly from the north korean leader.
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it remains to be seen whether this mission will do anything to open the doors to any further breakthrough in relations with north korea appeared the country's nuclear program frightens not only the asian region but the entire world. the united states, russia, and china, have all been unable to persuade p'yongyang to give up their nuclear ambitions. but kim jong-il is thought to be in bad health. he may be happy to accept an olive branch. although the white house denied a report that mr. clinton had conveyed a message from president obama. north korea has made it clear that a wall to return to multi- party talks. but it has said it is not -- opposed to negotiations with the united states. >> in a few minutes we will speak to a journalist about bill clinton's success and the likely moves behind the scenes at the white house at the state department in securing the release of laura ling and euna lee. officials in pakistan said a white of a taliban leaders --
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the wife of a taliban leader has been killed in a suspected american missile attack and two others were also killed when the drone hit the home of the relative of the taliban cheap in the south of was. don region near the border with afghanistan -- south of waziristan near the border with afghanistan. what more can you tell us about this missile strike? >> the details are still somewhat sketchy. and the area where the strike took place is very remote and under the control of taliban fighters. so the information emerging as coming from family sources within the tribe and some security of the superior of the family is saying is that the strike gild the second wife of masood and the second strike took place on her father's company. the big question, of course, is whether or not there is any chance of the taliban leader himself was in the area at the time. if it was, he was taking a considerable risk because it is known to the associated abbas
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live with that family and with that house. we know he has been on the move a lot in recent weeks. he has been under increasing pressure from steadily mount a campaign of u.s. drones' drugs and also from air strikes from the pakistani army. he is their number one wanted man in the country at the moment and the americans have a bounty of $5 billion on his head -- $5 million on his head. >> what is the reaction on the ground? although there is a campaign against them, it should make it -- it would make it awkward, killing a woman. >> the news is just, and the past few hours. it has been reported but so far we have not seen much of a public response. the drone strikes themselves deeply unpopular inside pakistan. publicly the government maintains it does not support them or cooperate with them, although it is asking the united states for the drone technology saying, look, will give us of this technology and we will do it ourselves. washington has not been allowed to do that.
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but the pakistani government and many citizens see it as a series of infringement on their sovereignty and believes the united states should not be allowed to carry out airstrikes with an pakistani airspace. >> thank you very much. in the philippines, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of manila to bid farewell to a former president corazon auino -- it was a people power movement to end years of dictatorship. she will be buried next to her husband. she died on saturday of colon cancer at the age of 76. a new trial has begun in moscow over the killing of investigator journalist politkovskaya. the retrial became necessary after the supreme court overturn the acquittals of the three men accused of involvement in her murder. mrs. politkovskaya, a critic of the president, was shot dead in moscow almost three years ago. the colombian president alvaro
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uribe is on the world went to work of south america to defend his plan to boost u.s. military press presents in his country. after visiting peru, he flew to bolivia to meet president morales who reiterated his strong opposition to the plan. full market and financial analysis in 25 minutes but first michelle has news of huge losses at @ britain's lloyd's banking group. what we know about that? >> the bank has come forward and this was said it is all the fault of individuals and companies actually not repaying their debt. they actually lost about $20 billion almost in terms of bad loans. the knock on a fact of the bottom line when it comes to profits is the company said it made a loss of $6.8 billion. pretty bad news, especially if you are a british taxpayer because the company had to be bailed out by the british government which now owns a 43%
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stake in the company. >> it was not the only bank reporting losses. >> it certainly wasn't. it seems that all this week we keep coming back and talking to you about banks. we heard about another european bank, societe generale, the profit was half the size of the year before. you hear about bad loans. but what we are also seeing that in some cases, those with strong investment banking divisions, in some cases that offsetting some of the losses. we're seeing a picture where some banks are doing very well and other banks are actually not doing so well. >> plenty more to come in about 25 minutes. thank you. this is "world news today." coming up -- more on bill clinton potts a diplomatic trip. we will analyze what is going on behind the scenes in the obama administration. and in south korea, violent scenes as sacked car workers clashed with riot police.
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a pro-government activist and venezuela and it is up over to police following a tear-gas attack on an opposition television station. president hugo chavez said he deployed the attack on the station and vowed that the left- wing militants -- deplored the attack on the station and about the left wing militant would face the full law. italy's national lottery reached fever pays as record-breaking jackpot remains unclaimed. millions of tickets for the super lotto are being sold every day as italian hope to land 160 million your prize money, that is about $167 million. the jackpot, the biggest ever in italy and europe's second highest is attracting people from across the country. >> the record-breaking jackpot has sparked a frenzy of buying across the country ahead of the next draw thursday. of our six sons of the 20 million to one against winning,
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doing nothing -- odds are $622 million to one against women, doing nothing to dampen it. queuing for the chance to fill in the law still betting slips enjoining planning the biggest game of their lives with dreams to match. >> i did not play the lottery so often, but now, since this fever started, with all of this money, i'd play a little bit more. but always the same numbers. it is up to a fortune. >> i keep 30% for myself what the rest of the money i would make a cultural foundation because i think it's money would not really belong to me. >> no one has gassed the correct six-number combinations in january, sent to the jackpot has rolled over a week after week. the prize money is now the second-highest ever in europe, after the record of $181 million in spain last year with less than $40 to go until the next draw, there is still plenty of time.
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bbc news. >> this is "world news today" from bbc world news. i'm george alagiah. the main headlines -- the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is sworn in for a second term amid protests outside parliament. two jailed american journalists have left north korea with bill clinton after he obtained a pardon from the country's leader, kim jong-il. more on bill clinton's trip to north korea appeared i am joined by gloria rivera, london correspondent for abc news. we are going to see the airplane landing any moment now, within the hour, anyway. yes, personal joy for the families, but what do you think it says in a broader sense? is there a political significance, diplomatic significance?
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>> i think it is all three. and certainly significance for the clintons. but secretary of state hillary clinton and bill clinton. it was just over a year ago hillary clinton was going through a bill that -- bitter battle for the nomination and the months that followed were particularly difficult for her, and bill clinton has been looking for a role in the obama administration veered being careful to say he wants to stay out of the way. this is a good day for the clintons. in terms of a broader diplomatic emphasis, the potential there, the administration has been so careful to say this a private mission. it just in the last hour or so, in kenya, hillary clinton -- clear to say bill clinton did not apologize but the north korean news agency said, yes, he did. who knows? many say, yes, this could be an opening for more talks. >> could you ever send a former president, not the least of which bill clinton, and say it is a private visit or unofficial visit. how private kennedy?
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>> the north koreans certainly made every effort to make it as public as possible. photo ops, state dinners, meetings of a smiling kim jong- il. they got something out of this, too. so i think it's a situation -- it was both a private mission that all sides, you on this side of things were setting the focus was getting a two journalist homes. but it was also a political message in a sense of that the former world later, there has not been a former president and north korea in so long. >> make no mistake, the significance. because obama possible approach is an attempt to open a dialogue with north korea, and they're wrong, and so on. so in that sense this must of been an important is that even if they did not get down to much talking. >> yes, certainly in -- certainly far away from where will work two was ago when north korea was issuing statements
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calling hillary clinton a funny lady, and in turn calling their behavior that of an unruly teenager. we were really having some tit- for-tat that was not doing a lot of good for anything. so, while the obama administration has been very intent on pushing for harsh sanctions against north korea, it was really getting to the point where it was possible they took a step back and said, well, yes, the focus is getting the two journalists free but if it doesn't evergood, that is not a bad thing. -- it does any other good, not a bad thing. >> here they are, the second decade, getting the headlines. >> absolutely. the phrase, a phoenix rising from the ashes come to mind and the clinton phoenix has the ability to fall and rise with alarming regularity. and it must be said, political tenacity. >> we will leave it there. thank you very much. staying in the korean peninsula,
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sacked workers at south korea's motor co. plan have again clashed with riot police. the violence escalated as authorities tried to remove the protesters. police gained access to a roof. >> it began as a dispute over job cuts, but it turned into this. a violent confrontation with a potentially deadly consequences. police commandos descended from helicopters to try to take control of the building being occupied by striking workers at this car plant. other police officers used ladders, but the root workers, thought to number about 500 in total, have once again, fought back. they are occupying the company paint shop, a building packed with flammable liquid, and a police attempt to force them out by dropping tear gas from helicopters has so far been unsuccessful. the suit -- the two month long
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dispute has even hit worker against worker. already under court receivership, the company says it needs to lay off more than 2000 staff, a third of the total in order to survive. and those being allowed to keep their jobs are being involved in clashes with the striking colleagues over fears that the dispute, which has so far cost the company more than $200 million, will be forced into liquidation. for the moment, the striking workers showed no signs of giving up. dozens of police and protesters are reported to have been injured. representatives of the striking workers are sticking to their demands that all jobs must be guaranteed and the warning that any attempts to remove them from a paint shop could lead to fatalities. bbc news, seoul. >> here is the latest sports news. >> hello, georgia. real madrid say they finally wrapped up their summer spending
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spree now that they captured alonso. it will take the spending it to over $335 million in the summer. alonso's feasible lead to be in the region of $50 million. if all goes well he will meet his teammates. other big signers are christina were now but, kaka. if you are a fan of argentina you have to wait because the season has been put on hold indefinitely due to massive debt. the season was due to start the 14th of august. club directors agreed to postpone. several top clubs have debt totaling $10 million. the global economic crisis has led to a reduction in transfer fees from european clubs. that is a main source of income.
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all the argentine team is the dissipating and then copa sud americano on a big effect -- it is under way. there will be joined by the champions internationale of brazil. in this was the first match, chile took on cali in santiago. sergio the score. universitydad--it did not take long for them to find the winning goal. lobo brought down by the keeper. referee awarded a penalty aujuan converter for him and universidad's second goal. foreign hit back at the teams deadlocked michael shoemaker from testing his car before its
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first race. you get behind the wheel of but card for the first time of the european grand prix. for a head back and williams on the official web site -- as to oppose the test for the f-60? a team that did not want anything for years but did not pass over the opportunity to demonstrate once more the lack of spirit and fair play. williams backed by other teams red ball and -- shaikh mohammed's horses have been given a six-month ban from long-distance racing after one tested positive for banned substances. they were tested after running in two insurance races. the international of equestrian federation find him more than $4,000. the dubai roller is also the prime minister of the united arab emirates as eddie had no knowledge of any illegal substances being used. he can appeal.
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that is all the sports. >> thank you very much. let me give you a quick summary of our top story, mahmoud ahmadinejad has been sworn in for a second term as iranian president. hundreds of opposition reporters gathered outside the parliament despite an official ban on process and tight security. clashes were reported with police making some rest. reformist website said the majority of the 70 reformist mp's did not attend and former president rafsanjani also boycotted. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, the newman's own foundation, and the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank.
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