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tv   BBC World News This Week  WHUT  August 8, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> "bbc world news this week" is presented by kcet los angeles. funding by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe,
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vermont, and honolulu, the newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies come from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> this week's headlines. freed from hard labor in north
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korea, two american journalists are grateful to their savior. >> president bill clinton. >> killed by a u.s. missile strike. a terror offensive. and putin's show, more holiday again. welcome to this week. this week showed an emotional reunion, with the north korean president and a former president to pull it off.
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two journalists freed after bill clinton traveled halfway across the world to meet kim jong il. adam brooks reports on the return and the impact the episode might have on the un. >> their plane touched down at dawn. the two journalists had just been rescued from the prospect of 12 years in the korean labor camp. hannah lee, who is 4, had not seen her mother since the arrest at the border. >> we were taken to a location, and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us.
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>> it takes 10 weeks to assure the reunion. >> degree and we all saw on television is a source of happiness not only for the families, but for the entire country. >> the white house wanted this to be seen as a mission of mercy, but it might be more. it winds its way up the chain to the oval office. its nuclear weapons, missiles, and intentions, have been a worrying occupation for the obama administration. >> we know that mr. clinton spent more than three hours with kim jong il, the north korean leader. what else did they talk about?
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this year, the north has tested a nuclear bomb. did mr. clinton tried to persuade the leader back into international talks about the future of the nuclear program? the u.s. is giving nothing away, but there is a sense of expectation. >> the message is that there are channels to begin a possible engagement, a possible dialogue. this is certainly a humanitarian event, but it has implications, ripples, if you will, in other areas, as well. >> kim jong il has been dogged by illness. but under the pressure of sanctions in june and fresh pressure from china, he may be forced to greengage with the u.s. at this moment, it may be more than a human story. north korea may be signaling a
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threat to make another attempt at coming in from the cold. bbc news, washington. >> international condemnation of israel's decision to move to east shovelers into an occupied a neighborhood of east jerusalem. the united nations and government decried the nation's as unacceptable. the police came and versed light. they applied in force, their mission, to evict nine families. it is the culmination of a fight spanning years over who owns these houses. the rest of the world regards as part of jerusalem as occupied territory. but courts ruled that palestinian families living here do not own them -- the jews do. adam is 4 years old. his mother says he still does not understand why he cannot go back home.
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>> i have no place to go, she says. this is my home, where we have lived all our lives. indeed, almost immediately, jewish settlers moved in. they say that the proper documents, some dating back more than 100 years, proof jewish ownership. but that has not stopped criticism. the british government said it was appalled by the eviction. the imposition of extremist jewish settlers and this area was, it said, unacceptable. there may be two houses from which families were evicted, but they are probably in the most tense -- contested city on earth, and that is what the ripples will spread. east jerusalem. >> two people were shot dead in a nightclub in the israeli city of tel aviv, and these 12 wounded. the gunman fled the scene.
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the nightclub is a possible -- popular hang out on the gay scene. a formal endorsement from the ayatollah for mahmoud ahmadinejad as the iranian president. the television ad tried to portray unity, but it was snubbed by critics of the disputed election. there was an awkward moment, when the supreme leader allowed ahmadinejad to kiss his robe. 200 went on trial in iran, charged with involvement in the protests that followed the june election. they are accused of being a tool of foreign enemies. the opposition called a collectible show trial. raising michael jackson's children. since their father's death, they have been living with katherine jackson, and their 79-year-old grandmother.
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she and the biological mother reached agreement last week. attacking an australian army base in sydney. five men were tied to an al qaeda link group in somalia. they were arrested on suspicion of planning to carry out a salt. according to the prime minister, it showed that the country was still under threat from extremist groups at home and abroad. we have more. >> in the quiet streets of the suburbs, one of the biggest counter-terrorism operations that australia has ever seen. it got under way in the middle of the night, involving some 400 officers. for men thought to be planning a suicide attack against the australian military. they're all nationals in their early-to-mid-20's. >> the men were planning to carry out a suicide terror attack on a defense establishment in australia,
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involving an armed assault with automatic weapons. planning indicated they were prepared to indicate a sustained attack on military personnel and cover themselves with fuel. >> this is the army base that police believe was the target. after seven months of separation, one officer said an attack was imminent. police say that they have closed circuit footage showing one of the suspects near the base, and text messages providing information about a location. police believe that the man have links to a somali-based al qaeda group. at least one suspect had front- line fighting experience with a group america believes is in close alignment with al qaeda, but others received training. >> somalia, and north africa more broadly, is the new
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training ground for al qaeda. the structure is there, not in afghanistan, as it was 10 years ago. >> one man was charged with the terrorism-related offense, and it is alleged that at least one of them travel to somalia to seek a mandate legitimizing the attack. with a close relationship with america, and troops in afghanistan, australia has been a target in recent times. but this could be different, according to the police, went instead to the turmoil in the horn of africa. >> police in khartoum broke up the trial of a women exposed of indecency, facing 40 lashes for wearing trousers and a restaurant. it has provoked an outcry among human rights groups. iran holding three americans who
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travelled illegally into the country from neighboring kurdistan. they say that they strayed into the border while hiking. hillary clinton called on to iran to return as quickly as possible. thousands of palestinian fat of members attended their first meeting in decades. the meeting was opened by a call for unity, but the comments were shattered by a fight with hamas, who accuses him of collaborating with israel. after two months of process challenging his election, mahmoud ahmadinejad was brought in for a second term officially. he used the opportunity to blast away western nations. but it may be enemies within his own country that ought to console him more -- concern him more. if i crackdown, taking to the street. and expulsion from tehran by australian authorities, and this report. >> after the turmoil, at last a
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moment where mr. ahmadinejad could restore his dignity, pledging to serve iran for another four years. but look closely, and you can see some empty seats. the ceremony in the parliament was protested. ambassadors, and protests. >> the iranian nation does not get importance to your congratulations or smiles. >> but in many ways, the president's problems are just beginning.
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and the west is talking about the nuclear issue. >> the country is more divided than it has ever been since the 1979 revolution. mahmoud amended a judge is a disputed figure, and has shown no interest in healing the political rift. >> death to the dictator, shouted demonstrators, as they made their way to new protest outside the parliament, defying a huge police and militia presence. demonstrations not big enough to unseat the government, but enough to keep the new administration of balance. >> never let any person standing for the parliament to make any demonstration, and the shouting or anything.
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>> despite the show of unity, minutes of starts his new term with the system of government under serious question. >> the world health organization announces that there has now been 1000 deaths from swine flu worldwide. this week, india confirmed its first death, a teenage girl. the announcement led to panic and scuffle. a new trial started in moscow over the killing of the investigative journalist, a staunch critic of the kremlin. the retrial was necessary after an overturned acquittal of the three men accused of involvement in the killing. huge crowds turned out in the philippines as they paid their last respects to be former president. she led the power up writing in 1986.
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an indian court sentenced two men and women to death for their part in the mumbai bombings of 2003 which killed 52 and injured hundreds. investigators said that all three had links to a pakistan- based terrorist group. more details from delhi. >> the attack in 2003 was devastating. bombs were planted inside two taxis. one detonated at the city's main jewelry market at the height of the business hours, leaving behind a trail of destruction. the second of the mainland parks, the gateway of india. more than 50 people were killed, and nearly 118 wounded. last week, courts convicted the three suspects of planting bombs. outside court, the main
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prosecution lawyer had this to say. >> this decision is very important and it will give us justice for everybody, and pause for everyone who would like to imagine such illegal activity and taking the lives of innocents. >> today, the judge handed down the death penalty. all three had pleaded not guilty, and they are expected to appeal against the sentence. their trial to place in high security, under a powerful anti- terrorism law that no longer exists. prosecutors argued extreme brutality, and they say that all three deserved the punishment.
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the group has all -- also been accused of last year's mumbai attacks, leading to increased tension. >> hillary clinton accused eritrea of funding somalia's terror group, saying that the u.s. intends to take action if they do not stop. she met with the head of the somali transitional government in kenya. >> there could be a haven in somalia that attract al qaeda and other terrorist actors and the threat to the united states. >> 13 years after, the democratic republic of congo prokhorov relations. near the border town of goma, the president told the congolese
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leader that it would never again be a base for the militia that destabilized its neighbor. the u.s. senate voted to confirm judge sotomayor as the first hispanic supreme court justice. 60 approved, 31 voted against. she is 55, the first obama supreme court nominee. human rights watch condemned hamas for rocket attacks on israel, saying it is a war crime, and they called on the group to publicly renounce the attacks. as the week came to a close, reports that the leader of the taliban and pakistan had been killed. the government does, but said it is believed that mehsud died when a u.s. drones fired two missiles into his home. from islamabad --
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>> as his most wanted man in pakistan, and he was rarely seen in public, and there was a $500 million bounty on his head. he was called eight t al qaeda facilitator. now, he is dead. he had been hiding out in the rugged terrain in the south, a stronghold for the taliban and for al qaeda. but now it seems that a pilotless u.s. drones caught up with him at it will look to this house on wednesday. pakistani and u.s. officials believe him dead, but as of yet, there is no proof. he is accused of masterminding the assassination of benazir bhutto in 2007. she is seen here just seconds before death. and here, another notorious attack.
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the marriott hotel ablaze. he and his fighters were blamed for a string of deadly attacks across pakistan. he is believed to have commanded between 10 and 15,000 men. but intelligence experts warn that there will be others willing to take his place. nonetheless, if the debt is confirmed, it will be viewed as a major victory by officials here and in washington. he has been the biggest threat to the security of pakistan and a key ally of al qaeda as the two countries have worked together to bring him down. bbc news, islamabad. >> in tonga, a capsized boat.
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most of the missing are believed to be women and children, trapped to their decks. the investigation is about 50 kilometers into the journey. in the philippines, a dozen people killed by floods. a typhoon went on to hit taiwan, grounding flights, closing schools, confining dozens to their homes. >> after the storm, the flood. this is the philippines, where the louche of rains set torrents of water through residential areas. thousands of people forced to their homes, and in some cases, whole villages were submerged. the flood waters so strong, rescue workers had to make the effort -- desperate efforts to save the stranded. but some people were not so lucky.
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>> the mountain collapsed, the water gushed. we were swept away by the flood. >> in one area, all of the schools were closed and the state of emergency was declared. but as filipinos pick up the pieces, elsewhere others are professing the worst. the part of the typhoon goes straight towards taiwan and mainland china. fishing boats and other vessels have been ordered to seek shelter, and the chinese news reports more than 2000 ships sent to harbor. in taiwan, 50 senators of rainwater has fallen, causing landslides. millions living there are now
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without homes. this week, russia's prime minister were showing off his physique again. he was jogging, and he keeps on forgetting his shirt. >> it is the marketing of muscularity. vladimir putin cortex impression ideal, the strongman leader, the frontiers men with mother russia on his boots. his robust, fearless, and sober. he is the nation's better self, in rippling flesh and blood. it is an advertising campaign making political use of the prime ministerial pectorals. but it works. vladimir putin understand something profound and fundamental. they need more stability, a strong man front and center. >> i think it works in russia.
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russians need to see their leader strong and caring for the people. >> it is a stark contract -- contrast to what came before. the democratic experiment is associated now with chaos, poverty, and unchecked criminality, and a leader who have lost control. >> it brings him closer to us. >> we need more pictures like this. it would be great. >> russians prefer stability and certainty to be free for all of the decade ago. that is the paradox. given the choice, russians have again and again voted democratically 4 putin's retreat
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from democracy itself, and that is the enduring power. >> that is all for this week. before i leave you, they buried harry patch, the last survivor of the battles in the first world war. he spent his last years speaking about the futility of war, and in his memory, radioedahead composed a new song for him.
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