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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  September 17, 2009 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. the newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. and "bright star," it a new film by jana campion. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a
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wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> i was floating above the trees. >> she was a realist. >> to see if he is an idiot or not. >> but every word he wrote. >> inspired of the romance that would live forever. >> i get anxious that i don't see her. >> i must warn you of the trap. >> i would do anything. >> "a bright start." now playing in select cities. >> this is "world news today." mission aborted, barack obama abandons plans for a missile defense system in eastern europe meant to repel iran. why has it done it and what does it mean for american defense and diplomacy?
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six italian soldiers and 10 civilians dead and a suicide pact koppel. militants allegedly behind many attacks killed in a police raid. also, turn the page in the marketing -- but will losing adverts takeoff. actor michael caine on the warpath in the streets of south london in his latest role as a vigilante pensioner. it is midday in london, 3:00 p.m. in moscow and 7:00 a.m. in washington where barack obama will abandon plans to install a missile defense system in poland and the czech republic to repel potential attacks from iran. according to "the wall street journal " " the decision was made at the assessment of iran dr. law arrangement -- missile program was not as feared.
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moscow opposed it. could this harold a new chapter? first, this report. >> an iranian missile test -- fears about iran's potential for developing long-range missiles and capping them with nuclear warheads lay behind the bush administration's plans for the missile defense system. the project was to involve 10 intercepted missiles in poland. -- tan interceptor missiles. agreed to by then secretary of state condoleezza rise and the poll would foreign minister. the plan was for the missiles could be based among the cold war debris of this forbidding air base. complemented by radar installation in the czech republic. but russia had always seen the missile shield has less to count -- counter threats from iran,
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which long denied it had a nuclear weapons program, and more of a threat to its own nuclear deterrent. president medvedev and visiting a russian strategic nuclear base, as the fallout continued to be been geared president of -- deepened. for president obama shelving it would likely help improve relations with moscow. poland and the czech republic may be more cautious about the reversal of plans. bbc news. >> let us go to moscow and join our correspondent there any official reaction so far, richard? >> no, not just yet. but we are expecting something to be set by the kremlin varies shortly. there will be statements. we have had, for example, the head of russian parliament foreign affairs committee speaking on russian television in which it says it shows president obama is now starting to understand russia and is now
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taking a more serious and responsible attitude toward a strategic talks with moscow. in particular, what he is referring to there are talks under way to try to get a new arms reduction treaty, start treaty, to reduce nuclear weapons. there is a deadline of december because the current treaty actually runs out. big pressure. president obama wants a deal and obviously the american administration will be hoping it happens. >> desk and a short time ago i spoke to the czech republic are minister and i asked his reaction. >> about midnight today i spoke to the president of the u.s., barack obama, who in ford make -- informed the main the administration would not build the facility in the czech republic as part of the missile defense system. i immediately contacted the czech republic president to inform him.
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the czech republic it knows the position of the president of the usa. >> reaction to his decision. >> pardon? >> what is your reaction? the czech republic knows the decision -- the first thing, the decision of the president's of the usa, we have been aware of the possibility that the american allies could reconsider their intention to build an anti-missile shield in central europe. we expect that the united states will continue cooperating with the czech republic on concluding the relevant agreements on mutual research and development and military cooperation, including financing of as the civic projects. and president obama assured me the u.s.a. will not change its position on this issue. in the afternoon, but this
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afternoon, will go on at the negotiations on the level of foreign minister of the czech republic, who will have a meeting with american counterparts regarding the details of the above mentioned decision. >> you invested a lot of political capital, though, when you agreed to host part of the defense shield. do you not feel let down or angry it is not going ahead? >> no, no. i don't think so. i would not like to put on the table such speculations. >> how did president obama justified the decision? >> very briefly, very briefly. having pointed out that the details will be negotiated and presented on the meeting which i mentioned a couple of seconds before. >> that was the czech prime minister speaking to me just a few minutes ago. i am joined by nicholas redmond,
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a special on the the diggs specialist on russia and eastern europe. if you can start with russia, do you think hardliners in moscow will see this as a sign of u.s. weakness? >> weakness, possibly. certainly russia has been complaining and threatening all sorts of retaliatory measures. i think it was the department of vindication of their concerns and also see it as a sign that just perhaps the u.s. is prepared to meet russian halfway on this. however, i think it is worth of not putting too much emphasis on this. if you look at the detail of the u.s. decision, it is not that they say the missile defense is the bad thing, pwe se, but they say the iranian missile program is not yet at the point that it justifies a missile defense in europe. what the russians are insisting on a treaty that replaces the start treaty, that expires at the end of the year, the u.s.
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must explicitly rule out ever building a missile shield. whether americans are prepared to do this -- not an option you want to throw light late -- i am not clear. it is a positive for moscow but i'm not sure yet the u.s. is giving them everything they want. >> but there is a feeling washington will look for something in return from russia, and it could be tougher sanctions on iran. you think russia would play ball? >> the vocal to say. certainly the missile shield was the one issue for the russians that have to be overcome before business on really anything else was going to be possible. president medvedev said it just this week that perhaps in separate circumstances sanctions could work but said in general sanctions don't tend to work. he certainly left the door open. i think it is also interesting just last week apparently this is really buys -- the israeli prime minister was in russia to talk to vladimir putin about the prospect of russia putting on hold the sale of anti-aircraft
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defense system to iran. this may be all part of the same picture. the americans will certainly be hoping. if you look at some of the obama priorities, missile shield was always further down and iran was always further up. it was on board to do a trade. whether the russians, i don't know. if we deal with the worst case scenario, iran having a bomb, an awful lot worse for the americans than the russians. >> thank you for joining us from central london. at least six italian soldiers, civilians have been killed. there was an exposure in the afghan capital. this was fine bomber target the two vehicles carrying the soldiers. martin joins us from the line from kabul. you felt the explosion did what more are you hearing? >> a huge blast about two or three hours ago just in the outskirts of the city. we understand that two italian vehicles from the military were traveling -- from the airport to
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the military headquarters in the center of kabul. while they were driving, a car drew up beside them and an explosion went off. we understand that six italian soldiers have been killed, according to their government. for others are serious injured. and 10 afghan civilians have been killed and dozens of others injured. >> thank you for the update from kabul. in a few minutes we will have a special report from my colleague. she will be reporting from the province on the u.s. -- counterinsurgency in the war against the taliban. 10 people have been injured following an attack on a school in germany. a 90-year-old man was arrested following that incident near nirenberg. the suspect is believed to attended the school. two big explosions in somalia rocked the main base of the african union peacekeeping force in mogadishu.
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sources say there are a number of casualties. it is thought the explosions were either caused by missiles or suicide bombers. islamist militants seeking to overthrow the traditional -- transitional government repeatedly attacked the peacekeeping force made up of troops from you don and burundi. the government and mexico shot dead 10 people at the drug rehab center, the second such attack at the month. it happened in ciudad jaruez, the most mileage in the country. they have yet to establish motive but it is been said that drug gangs have been used in treatments -- treatment centers to -- mary, from peter, paul, and mary have died. the group's version of "if i had a hammer" became an anthem for racial equality and the also recorded "puff, the magic dragon." indonesia's national police chief says the wanted militants noordin top was killed and an
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overnight raid. he is believed have masterminded string of bombings, including a tax on the two jakarta hotel in july. this must be seen as a real coup for security services. >> it is being seen as a particularly significant development for indonesian security forces who have been hunting for noordin top of what the police chief said today in the press conference, at least nine years. rather proudly to a packed room of journalists indonesia's's police chief told journalists they have managed to catch the man they have been hunting for. they believe one of the men killed in overnight raids is noordin top, based on evidence from fingerprints they had ofn -- noordin top in the database.
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the also talked about how they managed to seize weapons, surveillance equipment, laptops from the house whether raid took place as well as the fact that noordin top, the man they believe is him, actually was not killed as a result of a suicide bombing but, in fact, was killed as a result of a shoot out between the police and noordin top. as he died, he continued to shout, according to police, that the fight is not over and will continue. >> gave was referred to -- he had been referred to as asia's most wanted fugitive. >> indonesia possibly split he is the mastermind of the attack that took place on two luxury hotels and other attacks. this is seen as a particularly significant development. but security analysts i have been speaking to say this isn't over. the threats to indonesia by security can't be seen to disappear just as yet. there are still many people and
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the network believed to be at large and could be capable of carrying out further attacks. >> thank you for joining us. market and financial analysts and -- analysis of 25 minutes but more on the bank bonuses. >> this is all because eu leaders are gathering in brussels as we speak. what they are really trying to do is put pressure on the other g-20 companies. this is a head of the g-20 meeting next week. the man who is leading the charge is the french president, nicolas sarkozy beard and his views on this is that we really must see sick -- caps on banker bonuses. and he feels strongly enough, in fact, it doesn't get his way, he will walk out of next week's conference. but the americans don't see it that way. president obama is not convinced by that. he doesn't want to be over prescriptive on the issue. it will be interesting to see if we get anywhere of.
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>> the reality is, it is not going to work unless there is an international agreement because banks will just go to another country. >> that's right. that is why some of the eu countries feels so strongly about this. they feel it needs to be internationally agreed. but they also want to see president obama, about what some tough action because earlier this week, remember, he gave some pretty tough words on wall street. he made a speech on the anniversary of the collapse of lehman brothers and was really putting the responsibility on to those firms. but the eu saying they want him to stand firm. we will have more on this shortly. >> thank you. this is "world news today." coming up -- the personal touch. a special report on the new approach to the u.s. military brought to use of counter insurgency in the war against the taliban. cuba's foreign minister has accused president barack obama
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of not doing enough to end the longstanding u.s. trade embargo against the island. this is despite a public promise to seek improved ties. at a press conference and have not, the cubans also warned they are not prepared to make political concessions in order to improve relations. michael voss reports now from the capital, have that appeared -- havana. >> the u.s. trade embargo american cars still on the roads. earlier this week barack obama said it -- he was extending for a year the law used to impose the embargo. relations have improved in recent months. the lifting of restrictions on cuban-americans visiting relatives and sending money home. but the obama administration seized the embargo as a bargaining tool to push the only communist-run country in the americas toward political and human rights reforms.
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but in the first official response to the embargo extension, the foreign minister called the changes so far totally inadequate and said that if wasn't up to cuba to make concessions. cuba blames of the embargo on its economic difficulties, claiming it calls the island almost $100 billion over the years. critics say mismanagement and a centralized socialist system are behind the island's problems. despite continued anger here over the trade embargo, the cubans appeared keen not to close the door on further improvements in relations. the foreign minister described barack obama as well intentioned and reiterated cuba's's offers to hold direct talks with the president. but distressed, changes in cuba potts political system are not open for negotiation. bbc news, havana.
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>> this is "world news today" from bbc world news. the main headlines. barack obama has abandoned plans of a missile defense system in eastern europe meant to repel iran. six italian soldiers and 10 civilians have been killed and a targeted suicide attack in the afghan capital, kabul. let us get more on afghanistan. president obama has played down talk of a troop surge in the country. he says there is no decision pending but the top commander on the ground, general stanley mcchrystal, had delivered a brief -- bleak assessment and urging a new approach based on counterinsurgency, involving large number of troops. our reporter went to the north to see how the ideas are in action. >> u.s. soldiers are on a foot patrol. their new strategy talks about putting the afghan people first. it is not just about finding the
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enemy now, it is about finding and keeping friends. in this village, there is a warm welcome. >> how are you? >> good, how were you? >> they know a bit of each other's language. lt. chuck anderson quickly removes his home at -- helmet, and sunglasses. this 24-year-old from america has a big job. he is one of the many new faces of counter insurgency, and that is the point. it is face to face. he lists -- they list the problems here. no school, know well that they were promised. >> it is never good when people promise and it doesn't go through. >> this war has already gone on for eight years.
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now the next generation is watching. this is how relationships are built here in afghan society, at village level. it always starts with warm words and food is shared but ultimately the truth emerges. if this new thinking is about building relationships, trust, and support, in this village, at least, there is some way to go. today was a good start but taliban visit here, too, and can exploit broken promises. ultimately, this mission needs an afghan face. so, a new security force is being recruited. the afghan public protection force. it is a local militia meant to be drawn from men in the community they protect. piloted in parts of this province -- here at least security has improved. but the taliban warned local people not to join this force. these men came from another province. they need of the work. >> [speaking a foreign language)
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deadl] these people don't join because they are afraid. the taliban said if they join the militia, we will kill you. but we need the jobs. they told us we will get 13,000 afghanis and we are only getting 6000. the wages they like that, then in the coming months eight out of 10 jobs will disappear. then everybody recognizes the need for a new strategy. there are new ideas. now they need new results. >> the bbc has learned that the oil trading company the dig has offered to pay damages in a case relating to toxic waste dumping in the ivory coast. the case is brought on behalf of 30,000 africans is saying they were harmed by hazardous wastes. the you -- you ethe company hady denied that the waste was
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dangerous to human health. venezuelan president you could chavez announced a $16 billion investment deal for giant -- and china for oral exploration, shortly after venezuela signed a similar agreement with russia, estimated to be worth $20 billion. he said the two bills would increase oil production in his country by about 900,000 barrels a day. >> this is what china is spending $16 billion on -- venezuelan oil, specifically, the oil installations in the orinoco river belt. the rich resource, difficult to pump because it is heavy crude. investors in venezuela have been complaining for some months about crumbling infrastructure and falling production levels. but if china's money comes to fruition, they will have little reason to complain any longer $60 billion is to be invested over three years to venezuelan leader -- venezuelan leader hugh
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good job as said. he predicted that when taken in combination with a further $20 billion to be invested by russia, oil production in venezuela could rise by as much as 900,000 barrels a day. president chavis said such agreements are part of what he called a multi-polar world in which latin america is gradually less dependent on washington. for him this multibillion-dollar agreement which i can well be used. coming quickly on the heels of a similar deal with russia and announcement of a huge gas discovery by the spanish company, the socialist leader hopes it will grant venezuela greater autonomy from the u.s. market. bbc news, caracas. >> now the latest for ms. baird more from the formula one world. >> getting analysis of what possibly might happen monday.
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they hope wednesday's departure -- will help avoid exposure beard on -- they will not be a contesting allegations by nelson piquet jr.. why this is turning into the biggest and of the sport has faced. >> because it is not just that you are asking someone to do something like that. it is the risk, not just the driver but his fellow competitors, marshalls, spectators. it is right to the core of the sport. when you and i sit down to a race we expect to see cars doing for the right to win the race and not as a lot to say, we're going to the bis, try that. the same in football, and his board. it relies on the integrity of the competition and that is called into question. and giants of tennis, new u.s. open champion. here is him are arriving home in
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argentina. made in grand slam title has made him the talk of world tennis. he says he still doesn't understand a thing after the five-set victory after defending champion roger federer appeared in america, they are the reigning argentina league champions. this was tied 1-all. how does he get that ball over the bar rather than into the net? here we are on the hour mark, midfielder with a pass. it got worse because the veteran -- that is a terrible tackle. it could have broken his leg.
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he was sent off. game over. >> thank you. just to update you on the top story, we are getting statements announcing that major changes to the missile defense system which was meant to counter iranian short and medium missile threats are going to be announced by the white house and the pentagon. they're saying a new system will move away from large, fixed- based radar sites in the czech republic and poland. i have spoken to the czech prime minister the last half-hour anti said president obama had phoned him to say the radar system in this country would not go ahead and poland -- officials say they knew of the american plans but they did not give details. >> >> funding was made possible by honolulu. and union bank.
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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> she was a realist. >> she wants to see if he is an idiot or not. >> but every word he wrote. >> beauty is a joy forever. >> inspired the romance that would live forever. >> i get anxious a red lcd. >> i must warn you the trap you are walking into. >> you know i would do anything. >> "bright star." rated pg. >> bbc world news
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