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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  September 21, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> he was a dreamer. >> i was floating above the trees with my lips connected -- >> were they my lips? >> she was a realist. >> my sister has met the author. she wants to read it for herself to see if he's an idiot or not. >> but every word he wrote -- >> a thing of beauty is a joy forever. >> inspired the romance that would live forever. >> i get anxious if i don't see you. >> i must warn you of the trap you are walking into. >> you know i would do anything. >> "bright star," from jane campion. rated pg, now playing in select cities. >> and now bbc world news. >> the top american commander in afghanistan calls for a search of troops to avoid failure.
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escaping with a suspended sentence. a former french prime minister goes on trial, charged with plotting to discredit president sarkozy. coming up later, the last night for hundreds of migrants living illegally outside of kelly, france, before there can is district jered refers make an unwelcome discovery in shakespeare's parish church. >> hello to you. the commander in afghanistan since the western powers are close to losing the war. stanley mcchrystal says many more troops and a change of
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strategy are needed. his latest report talks frankly of corruption within the afghan government and an international force under night -- undermined. change, the general says, must come within a year. >> the warning is stark. without change, and soon, nato troops are facing mission failure in afghanistan. jim mcchrystal's reports in jacks a new urgency into a cheerless military assistance. he says current strategy is no longer working. there is an urgent need for significant change to our strategy. take this month's nato air strike on hijacked will tankers. chenowith castr -- general mcchrystal says not enough
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efforts are made to protect the afghan people. he wants the forces to be closer physically and psychologically to ordinary afghans. there are more than 100,000 troops here. general mcchrystal says more are needed. he warned it is realistic to expect that afghan and coalition casualties will increase. this is the key to troop numbers. the training of afghans to fight the insurance themselves. the current plan is to boost the afghan national army to 134,000 by the end of 2011. the general says that needs to happen much more quickly, by october of next year. the sense of urgency is not limited to the military. >> we have to have an institution-building program. we have to demonstrate that over the next few months.
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, it is a hard sell. last month plus presidential elections were designed to entrench afghanistan's transition to democracy. there have been allegations of fraud. general mcchrystal's request for troops comes at a time of growing political skepticism in washington, which many asking why coalition troops are being asked to fight and die here in afghanistan for government whose democratic legitimacy is questionable. the military imperative may be urgent, but the political doubt is also accumulating. the enemy now nato faces is growing more formidable. the report warns the overall situation is deteriorating. there are three main insurgent groups, and the insurgency is a muscular and sophisticated enemy that is extending its reach. without more troops and a change in strategy, it is an enemy which a year from now like get to become so strong that it will
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be impossible to defeat. >> which begs the question, where does this leave president obama? we will have full analysis in this program. the post on during president has returned to the capital. he has taken refuge inside the brazilian embassy. he is prepared to talk to the interim president. the country's de facto rulers have declared a curfew. on the eve of a summit with obama is real and the palestinians have accused a blocking of process. at least 100 people have been killed in an attack by tribesmen in southern sudan. armed men attacked men in a
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village on sunday. troops fled the area. the french formula one team has escaped an immediate ban from the sport even though it has admitted causing a crash and fixing the outcome of our race. the world motorsports council said the team has put lives at risk. its former boss was banned for life. >> it was a crash that left a person unharmed. it seems that the driver also emerged unscathed from one of spark plugs most extraordinary deceptions. he was asked by his team to crash his car and on lap 14. he wanted the citicorp out said his teammate, who had already made a pit stop, could climb up the leader board. he went on to win the race.
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today the world motorsports council described it as a breach of unparalleled severity, that stopped short of keeping him out of formula one. >> disqualification and suspended for two years. provided they do not do something similar -- similar within two years, they have no problem. >> how did he escape the band? they admitted their guilt and offered an apology. they make sure that the teen principleal left formal one, and the agreed to pay the full crashed investigation cost. instead, one of the sport's most flamboyant characters, is actively been banned for life. another person said he was sorry. as for the drivers, one was granted immunity from prosecution because he blew the whistle. the council cleared the other
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driver of involvement in the crash. they can carry on pretty much as normal. after all, this is one of the worst examples of cheating in sporting history, and that the teen involved looks to have gotten away with it. >> in total, they are the big engine provider to a number of teams, and they are a previous world champion. i can see by the coming clean they have certainly been on the leniency of this particular event. >> compromise or not at means alonso can return to singapore this week, albeit in different circumstances. >> it is the most public part of the biggest political scandal france has seen. dominique de villepin has gone on trial accused of running an
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elaborate smear campaign against nicolas sarkozy. the affair is shining a light on the rivalry between to politicians, but also the workings of france's intelligence services and business whirled. >> in the dock, the man who was once the international face of france, prime minister, and before that, for molester under president chirac. today domenic the villepin is on trial for his political life. he faces charges of using manipulation to try to bring down his hated rival, nicolas sarkozy. outside the courtroom, a taste of the venomous personal battered that this case has become. that he is on trial at all is the president's doing. >> i hope that the demands of justice will be met. i am here by the will, i am here
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by the obsession of one man, nicolas sarkozy, who is also president of the french republic. i will emerge free and have my name cleared in the name of the french people. >> the complex tale now known as a clear stream affair begins in 2004. a time when both the villepin and sarkozy are set to take over from shipwreck. that is when a list of bank of crowds and merchants that reports to show that nicolas sarkozy, mentioned under his hand during family name, was recipient of illegal backhanders from arms sales. the question is, what was dominique de villepin role? the allegation is not allege
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that he made the list. it claims he learned about it at an early stage, established it was a fake, but nonetheless encouraged friends to leak it to a judge, all in the hope of destroying the career of a man he knew, despise, and feared. over the next months, the court will claims that dominique de villepin saw this as a god-sent chance to destroy his rival. if there was such an attempt, clearly it failed utterly. as for the defense, sarkozy, who is now wreaking his personal revenge. >> a slightly healthier planet, thanks to global recession. a study by the international energy agency says carbon dioxide emissions will see its biggest fall in four decades this year.
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the size of the drop has caught many by surprise. >> new york has more than its fair share of the world's aleutian. commercial part of the nation which produces a quarter of all the greenhouse gas emissions. the gathering here is trying to charter a path away from catastrophic climate change. the campaigners are setting up all over town, urging the nation's to move boldly. >> it is critical. it is urgent because each moment that is lost we get geometrically closer to an impossible situation. >> in central new york, a cox caught up to date's estimated emissions, just as the energy agency finds global co2 emissions have fallen significantly this year against the trend. because of recession, but also government regulation. meet this person who was the
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first new york cab driver to abandon the gas-guzzling taxis. he tells me governments need to offer more incentives so people can follow his lead. >> the economics, with this car, are fantastic. for every $100 a regular cab driver spends, i spend $25. >> the findings encourage people like this driver, who police going green to make a difference. some skeptics oppose the radical action st. our economy is already hurting. now you are telling us emissions are falling, so let's relax, the job is done. the climate change minister utterly rejects that. >> it is urgent we get this agreement. every month that goes by, more corporate its emit that will heat up the planet, have a
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devastating effect. >> tomorrow, at united nations, but the american and chinese president will be under intense pressure to lead by example. the two big polluters with to make a stark copywriters -- compromises. >> stay with us, if you can hear it still, if elite is a state funeral to six of its soldiers killed in afghanistan last week. a public inquiry is under way into the death of an iraqi man. lawyers for the man's irresponsibly for his death lies with the highest levels of government. >> an innocent man killed in british custody. he had 93 separate injuries. inquiry heard that he had been screaming please leave me alone, i am going to die.
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who was responsible? to date the lawyer for him said this is not just about beatings or a few bad apples. there is something rotten in the whole barrel. the abuse and not take place in a secret dungeon behind closed doors. one of the soldiers even filmed some of it. this is a corporal, the owner soldier thought to be punished. one of a series of interrogation techniques was banned in 1972. there was confusion over their abuse in iraq. all this was officially allowed. the ministry of defense repeated its apology, the abuse meted out in the facility in 2003. it expressed regret at the way
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the interrogation had been used. it said they had not in themselves caught the injuries. the ministry told the inquiry the appalling behavior of british soldiers made us feel disgusted. the brutality was completely unacceptable. it has gained a reputation of the british army. later the inquiry will hear from its first witness, the man's father. he wants to see justice done. >> one headline, the u.s. commander in afghanistan is warning to western mission is likely to fail unless troop numbers are increase. -- are increased. for more on that, a special correspondent in washington.
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we talked to a senior fellow on the council of fort relations. he believes obama is committed to the afghan war. >> he said it is the right war, that iraq was the wrong war. i think he has to stand by his statements. he has to some extent say i might not give you everything you ask for, but i will give you enough to see the way through to the next measurement, whenever that is. >> do you think president obama will grant the thousand or tens of thousands of more troops that are expected? >> he will not get everything he asks for, and one hears that could be as high as 45,000. i do think that obama will do two things. one is to rethink the is strategy and perhaps to scale back the ambition, to pull in the reins of the nation-building component and to do more to train afghan forces and to go
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after al qaeda and extremists, and that he brings down the game, the commitment, and slightly increases the resources, may be another 20,000, that may be that he can get that elusive balance between what he's aiming for and the resources he is going to commit. >> where is your sense of where this leads president obama? >> this comes at a difficult time for obama, domestically, which a bipartisan center that appeared fleetingly early on in the presidency is gone. the democratic party is going wobbly on the war. you have the situation in afghanistan, where karzai apparently won the election, but without much legitimacy. the coalition is wobbly. some europeans are talking about leaving. corruption is rampant. when obama needs to do is say the momentum is heading in the right direction. we may not succeed in the sense
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of treating a functioning state, but he wants to buy and time to get him to the midterms and to get the police and the afghan military up to snuff. so they can do what u.s. forces are now doing, allowing the u.s. forces to begin to head for the access. >> if there is no sign of progress, by the spring, and the midterms are looming, the president obama say we have to cut our losses? >> i do not think he will get to that point in the first term, saying we are heading home. it is the question of putting in the right direction, showing that progress is being made, but the midterms i did the best of circumstances will be tough because many of the independents who voted for him last time around on the war in afghanistan, on health care, on the economy are beginning to have second thoughts. a state funeral has been held
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in rome for six italian soldiers killed by as suicide bombing in afghanistan last week. >> applauding their service, remembering their sacrifice, the people basilica of st. paul outside the walls, the setting for today's gathering of collective grief. six soldiers from an average of and killed in italy's single biggest loss in the afghan conflict. some were wearing their father's per res. there sarre, defining it lee's pain. each man's name was read it out, the human cost of the afghan conflict in words.
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already experienced by so many other countries, and now here, too. the prime minister was among the conjugation. he has tried to balance the national sense of shock with the need to maintain italy's forces in afghanistan. with casualties like these, it makes that calculation that much harder. if elite knows there is a price to be paid. that is why some are saying it is time to get out. others say it is time to remember the sacrifice that has to be made for a goal that is yet to be achieved. it is the dilemma of all contributed nations and will remain so for as long as afghanistan's violence lasts. >> french police are preparing to raise to the ground the illegal camp near kelly, france, known as the job. near the entrance of the channel
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tunnel, it has become a makeshift home for refugees. >> a small home comfort in the middle of squalor. there is no sanitation. it is all these afghan migrants have and they did not want to give up. >> we are afraid. a lot of people are afraid. we have no solution, we have no mind to go to another place. where do we go? >> @ there are 200 people. where do they cope? where can they go? >> the authorities have seen the last of illegal immigrants when they closed eight red cross center seven years ago. the migrants adjusted their own camp. they know that by tomorrow
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morning their home, this jungle, will have disappeared. most of the people say they have no idea where they are going to go or what will become of them. ford now they are just carrying on with the daily routine until the police come. everyone in the trouble is desperate to get to britain. the government has been under increasing pressure from london to stem the flow of illegal immigrants. france suggests its neighbor had a national identity card system, then it would not quite be quite as attractive. >> [unintelligible] >> this camp was closed, but where will the next be?
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most people say they will just come back. in the makeshift mosque, a final prayer, perhaps for a better future. >> a broken timber in the roof above the final resting place of shakespeare is in danger. now the church where shakespeare is buried is appealing for money to repair it. the report from stratford upon avon. >> it is a shrine that draws visitors from around the world. the parish church where he was christened and he is buried. experts say it is a vital part of the shakespeare store. >> the monument here, the best here. it is one of the only two authenticated images that have come down from his lifetime, and more important are the inscriptions' underneath it which identify the man from stratford as a great writer, which pacify with him great
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figures of antiquity. >> some of the windows had their original people glass. they uncovered something serious. you can see the problem. that green tarpaulin marks the point where workmen doing minor repairs on the lids covering of the risk discovered the main been running the length of the chancel was badly rusted. it is not in immediate danger, but it is unsafe to walk on. the problem has been discovered and cannot be ignored. just down the road, the royal shakespeare theatre is building its new theater. the church needs a modest 50,000 pounds. bmi getting a grant in a hurry is difficult, and grants at the moment are hard to find. english heritage just pulled their whole cathedral budget because they said there is no
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money there. i think it is disastrous. the effect of the credit crunch has a bit of a slow lead, but they found this year they do not have any income. >> one of shakespeare's summits speaks of bare, ruin choirs. >> before we go, a reminder of our main store. a report by the u.s. commander in afghanistan. he wants the military effort there will fail without an increase in troop numbers and a change in strategy. thank you for being with us. >> funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, the newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, union bank, and "bright star," a new film by jane campion.
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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> he was a dreamer. >> i was floating above the trees with my lips connected -- >> were they my lips? >> she was a realist. >> my sister has met the author. she wants to read it for herself to see if he's an idiot or not. >> but every word he wrote -- >> a thing of beauty is a joy forever. >> inspired the romance that would live forever. >> i get anxious if i don't see you. >> i must warn you of the trap you are walking into. >> you know i would do anything. >> "bright star," from jane campion, now playing in select cities.
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