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tv   Newsline  WHUT  July 10, 2013 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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completely ruined our votes for morsi. i won't accept the interim president or vice president. >> military leaders overthrew morsi last week. his supporters have forced security forces in the days since. 51 people were killed. still members of the muslim brotherhood say they'll stay on the streets until morsi is returned to power. egypt's stability is crucial for the middle east. several have offered billions of dollars in assistance. this country offered $3 billion in aid including an interest free lone. ofoigss from saudi arabia offered money as well.
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both countries prohibit the activities of the muslim brotherhood. workers at fukushima daiichi have detected a surge in the amount of radioactive chemicals in a well at the nuclear plant. they say the people in charge of the plant need to do more to stop tainted groundwater from seeping into the ocean. officials said levels of cesium had risen. that's more than 100 times the level reported on friday. >> translator: the people at tepco need to install steel plates in addition to reinforcing the embankments. they need to take a multi layered approach to stop the leaks of contaminated groundwater. >> on monday, workers started
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drilling holes along the ocean bank. they plan to pour chemical into the holes to harden the soil. the man who used to manage the plant has died. he was one of the fukushima 50 who worked after the accident to prevent a broader catastrophe. he died after a battle of cancer of the esophagus. >> reporter: he had managed fukushima daiichi for just nine months when he was confronted with the biggest challenge of his career. he was in charge at the time of the accident. then led a fight to bringhe reaerkts under control. he recounted his experiences in november 2011 about eight months later. >> translator: after the accident, to be honest, i thought several times that i
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might die. i felt the plant was out of control. so i thought this is the end. >> reporter: he sometimes struggled with the tensions of his job. officials from tokyo electric power company released video of a conference call that took place three days after the accident. he exchanged some harsh words with officials from tepco and the prime minister's office. he did things his own way. at one time, officials in the prime minister's office told him to stop injecting seawater into one of the reactors. he ignored the request.
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in late 2011, doctors diagnosed him with cancer of the esophagus. he left his post. officials with tepco insist the cancer was not caused by exposure to radiation. residents forced to leave the area after the accident have mixed feelings. >> translator: he did his best. i admire him. >> translator: i think he's responsible for the accident. >> reporter: he pushed those around him to do what they could, even though he knew the gravity of what they were facing together. he said he wanted to go back to work even after he got sick. he was 58. nhk world, tokyo. the imf cut its global
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growth forecaster due to a slow down in markets and a deeper than expected recession in europe. in a report released tuesday, they said the global economy would grow 3.1% this year, that's down from its previous forecast in april. the imf says many of the emerging economies are slowing. it predicted a cut its growth estimate for the u.s., 1.7%. but the fund expects higher growth in japan. it raised its forecast from 1.6 to 2%. that's the highest amongst the group of seven industrialized countries. it explains that japan's economic policies will help boost consumption and exports.
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imf chief economist said japan's growth is stronger than expected. but he urged the nation to implement fiscal and structural reforms as soon as possible. >> on this, the second arrow, which is the fiscal stimulus is soon complimented by medium run fiscal plan and the third arrow, which is the structural reforms reflects substantial reforms, i think the risk is that investors will become worried about debt sustainability and then ask for a higher interest rate on japanese government bonds. the people who make the big decisions at the bank of japan have made a lot of changes over the past few months, taking step does curb deflation and get more money flowing through the economy. now they're gathering to discuss what to do next. and many analysts expect they'll come out with a positive outlook on the economy. but some are already pointing to
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risks. >> reporter: most analysts including this man believe the board members are satisfied with the impact of their easing policies so far. >> translator: stocks plunged but they are starting to recover again and the dollar is around 100 yen. the bank's policy members will probably it decide there's no need for additional easing now. >> reporter: but experts are divided on the risks of the policy. one of these risks is the impact of the surge in long term interest rates. the boj expected them to decline. instead, rates rose, which could lead to a spike in public debt and potentially fuel a fiscal crisis. this man an adviser says the
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volatility is only temporary. >> after april, boj, therefore, a lot of volatility has taken place. in japan we have huge excessive saving. with this saving is, i think, another front to depress lower term interest rate in japan. >> reporter: but he says the bank's decision to buy up government bonds disrupted free market principles which functioned as a warning signal before a public debt crisis. >> translator: essentially, the market is in an a an abnormal s. everyone is just waiting for the boj to act.
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now such functions have become distorte distorted. >> reporter: he also says the purchase of riskier assets could hurt the bank if the assets become delinquent. that could lead to a plunge in japanese government bonds ant currency. >> the boj is purchasing etfs with no prospect of redeeming them in karn. the bank needs to think hard about its credit risks. >> reporter: but he says doing nothing to end deflation is a far greater risk. >> if we see successor economic recovery in japan, strong stock price, i think the boj balance sheet won't be deteriorating. if it continues, boj may fail and the japanese economy may fail. >> reporter: last week the boj
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governor said the monetary easing is working. he said he was confident about achieving the inflation target, but there are reasons to be concerned. >> sharp turn around of people's sentiment, that kind of things may happen, then volatility may increase. for this to happen, boj encourage risk taking to be contained. . >> reporter: kuroda is not likely to -- nhk japan's wholesale prices
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rose in june as the weaker yen boosted the price of raw materials. the corporate goods price index increased 0.1%. prices of electricity, gas and water jumped 1.8%. petroleum coal products gained 0.7%, while food and bevere prices rose by 0.2%. the boj says some prices are makes up for the cost of imported materials that have risen due to the weaker yen. now standard & poors has downgraded its ratings. s s&plowered their rate from triple b plus to triple b. they may further lower the
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rating in 2013 or 2014. the analysts noted that italy has lost competitiveness due to high wages. they also point out that the european central bank's easing measures have not had a positive impact on bank lending in the nation. s&p says the stagnant economy will make it more difficult for the government to tackle public debt. other nations have cut italy's ratings. investors are pulling their money out from the u.s. bond market. that's on speculation that the federal reserve will scale back its massive bond buying program in the near future. many pension and mutual fund management firms have been investing in the u.s. bonds due to the feds' kwaunttive easing program. a growing number of their clients are withdrawing their funds. the country's largest fund group, vanguard says the outflow
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surged. pim coe also saw money being pulled out last month. it's the largest outflow since morning star started the report in 1993. libel is used as a financial befrpgs mark for trading. british authorities said that nyse euro next will take over libel. the move came after three major financial institutions including barclays were given a huge fine last year for rigging the rate through false reporting. they say that handing over libel's control will tighten rules on the bench mark. also this will allow the calculation of the rate to be
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based not on reports from banks, but on rates actually used. it's believed that libel transactions worldwide amount to $300 trillion. new faces are around the table at the world trade organization. and already they're facing a trade dispute with their counterparts from the european union. eu delegates have criticized the russians for what's called a recycling fee on imported vehicles. they say the russians are overcharging to protect domestic car makers. they say the maximum fee for new cars is $3,400. for vehicles older than three it has caused imports from the eu to fall by 7% while russia's domestic market expands. >> we actually have such recycling fees here in europe. but the fact is, russia doesn't impose that same recycling fee
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on its own cars. so that's where the problem lies. it's a discrimination against the european manufacturing. >> eu representatives want to meet with those from russia to discuss the issue. they say if they can't find a solution within 60 days, they may ask wto officials whether the tariffs are legal. survivors of the disaster two years ago in northeastern japan are still struggling with what they lost. almost 20,000 people died when the tsunami washed ashore. a girl who lost her older brother is now close to the age he was when he died. like many, those in her family are trying to get on with their lives. >> reporter: she lives in the city in ewatty prefecture. this is his daughter.
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he still mourns the death of his wife and his young son. they were visiting his wife's parents near the seacoast when the tsunami hit. her younger sister is about to turn six, the same age he was when he died. >> translator: she is so much like her brother. >> reporter: he was about to start elementary school. he made this composity photograph of his son carrying the new schoolbag strapped to his back. >> translator: i wasn't able to see him heading off to school carrying a bag. so i wanted him to be carrying a bag in this photo.
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>> reporter: the photo stands next to one of his mother. he wants his daughter to grow up strong for her brother's sake. he wants her to be able to overcome the loss of her mother and brother. but he hasn't been able to talk about their deaths. >> translator: it seems she is vaguely aware of what happened to them. and i'm sure she would understand if i told her. but, to be honest, i don't want to talk about it myself.
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>> reporter: she has started showing an interest in playing an instrument. her brother had been planning to take the instrument to school. >> translator: i think i'll have a proper talk with her when she gets a little older. when the time is right. to do that, i have to keep going. and be strong. >> reporter: for the moment, he and his daughter avoid talking about the death of their loved ones, but he knows he must face up to this one day for his daughter's sake.
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tokyo area is looking sun eye, but a strong storm is approaching taiwan and the south islands of japan. >> this is the typhoon system that we have been tracking. you see this clearly defined eye. now this is moving towards taiwan and approaching the southwestern islands. in fact, the okinawan islands have already been affected. as well as, rip currents on the life threatening level and storm is surges are going to be the
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main threat across the islands. and in towards the latter half of the week, drenching rain will be causing, could cause significant flooding into the later half of the week. already, the gusts are packing up to 252 kilometers per hour, this could be up to 270, which means it will be intensifying. the sea surface level, sea surface temperature is above 30 degrees, so this will likely strengthen into a violent typhoon status, which is the highest level of any kind of typhoon. so we'll keep a very close eye on this. not only is it going to bring some significant stormy conditions to the islands, but also this is helping to produce the heat to, here in the lands of japan and the neighboring countries. we're experiencing very high temperature temperatures, soaring into the 30s at noon.
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some areas are hitting 37 already. this is due to the high pressure system. this is very strong this year, and due to the tibetan high, which is much stronger than normal in the upper atmosphere. both combined are bringing the heat. because the southwestern monsoonal flow was very strong this year, the tibetan high became very active. all these combined are the factors making this excessive heat. and the bad news is the heat advisory continues across the area, maybe for another few days and even in the neighboring countries as well. so for your wednesday, these are the areas where you may see temperatures rising 35 degrees or above. please take extra cautions for this. now over towards the americas, the heat is also affecting this tropical storm system to maintain its status as a tropical storm as it passes through the caribbean. it is now moving towards the hispaniola with hurricane watches in place. so the gusts are going to be
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reaching the hurricane level even though this is a tropical storm status. so chantal will be making its way across the area which could trigger flooding. this is a severe storm in the great lakes region. it is quite hot across their continent as well. take a look at that. death valley, it's the 100th anniversary for the world record of the hottest day. 48 degrees, sizzling there. out across the eastern half of the continent, people know how to beat the heat. this newly opened bar is called minus 5. everything here is made out of ice, including the bar and these glasses and the tables. the admission fee is 20 u.s. dollars. pulling you back to the
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temperature scale. cute penguin. here's our extended forecast.
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and one more story before we go. fishermen in japan are celebrating a bumper crop, but they're still having a hard time making ends meet. fishermen unloaded 5.2 tons of fish. butt rising cost of fuel is discouraging many from heading out to sea. the number of boats on the water was lowest in three years. >> translator: the hole is bigger than last year. but high fuel prices make business far from profitable.
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>> the fish fetched up to $66 per kilogram. that's about 40% higher than at the first auction last year. and that's all for now for this edition of "newsline." thank you very much for joining us.
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tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight a conversation with tennis great jimmy connors. tennyson to an open the top 15 years in 10, 5 as #one. along the way he battled obsessive compulsive disorder, dyslexia, and a penchant for gambling. he has written a no holds barred outsider."ed "the
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a conversation with jimmy connors coming up right now. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i just try to live my life everywe know that we are only about halfway to completely eliminate hunger, and we have a lot of work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you.
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tavis: the aggressive take no prisoners style of play that defined to conners as a tennis champion is so taken for granted is hard to remember that this working-class kid from east st. louis about redefined how tennis was played. some might say not necessarily for the better. he challenged judges, argued his case when earlier champions had been praised for their gentleman-like demeanor. he won with gusto. remaining in the top 10 for 16 years. 5 as #one. getting to the semifinals at age 9. he writes in a provocative new book called "the outsider, a "emoir. good to have you on this program. on my staff was


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