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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 9, 2016 7:00am-8:53am CDT

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.erhe >> plenty of act in io. we have previews?0?% breakingight ornteor the ferris wheel, three young children fall nearly 50 feet to the ground after their basket flips over. >> was holleng st, sthe machi >> tir rushed by copter tthhospit wrea right now. maive fis anflds. more than 6,00acing s burn calirnia forcihousands of sidents to flee and remnants tropicast ngavocn the southwest. new jogger murder myster another young wofound ad afr going out on run b herself killed in broad daylight than one mile froher mom's home. the cond deadly incident in justays.
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hellsia. meety finish. >> u.sswimmer ling sends a message withlympic gold. >> we l can mpetean and well at the olympic gas. >>yan murphy also strikes gold for the usa. now oall the women's gymnastim as they prepare toit t mat, the bes an the bar. willimone bileles them to victory. we're live in rio for all the action. >> announcer: live in ti square and rio de ir ts is "orning america." and goningamerica. big ghin rio team usa. two s stig lilly king, ryan murphy, they dominated in the poo an>>ybody phelg out ch you have tke a lt.k i i tching. it never changed. he carly ith ande ne wa till you see what was going on around him.em ned unzed. amio ur
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night. >> t t is all coming up first thcary ferris wheel accident in tennessee. threyoungirls rushedthe hospital after their basket flipped. abc's steve osunsami is greeille, nnessee, with the latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good mog,ino you, george. local police areating this ferris wheel directlhind me where the accidenturred as a crime scene until th re out wtousedo so wrong. e at to see atounty fair, families werecreaming for help. i've got three kids that fell from the ferris wheel. >>eporte three children were thro fth ferris wheel at the greene cirntnd fell 30 to 45 feet. >> ial belt re for the liids. thmed a little bit and hit the ground, just laying >> reporter: investigators s of theasng cins, a
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the cabin the cldren turn more than 90 degrees haupsl when the chispiln d to the nd. ou >> i was holle, stop,stop he machine. seed like was a milnnium it stopd. >>eporter: 50s around 6:15. paramedics found them lying the deck. . >> i didn't see movement. i see bld coming from their moh. deactuallyht tugy were it w shoif. >> reporter:wo hado airlifd to a nearby medical center. the third rushed in an nce.amla >> s a forklift i t on the way to the scene n >> reporter: rescue crews d to fondlift to reach and ultimately free the rest of the rs trapped on the ride. thisng aniinvestigion to thencident is undwa three chdren are in recove but all carnival rides closed
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thisorngnuintheir investigation. are n as of now releasi e names of those children. lara. >> rightsteve, hope they're okay. fromt accident to the latest on e ead bo thded asart llsl water park on new details about the traged termine what went wrong. c'al perez iins go mornialex. very latest. >> rorter:, goodorning, . ig they believe went wrong here. tnesses say people were ramblingo try to help the boy but itas simply too te. this morning startli new detas onhat terrifying accident that killed 10-year-old leb scab police sayg ied of a fatal neck injury at the end of the ri. i ew immediately that somebody hafallen off the rt. >> eyewiess steve casteneda saidsahiriding with two
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fell out. and poli say bh got rse, hel mifacialnjurie scnd so toldhim, i sll saide's nothing we can do. >> reporte abc news s at the jaw-drng ride verruckt german for ie,heit opened two years ago. you have to be at least 4'6" two hree riders on aaft must wei a combined 400 pounds. the ride, pmmeting 17 stories ondsin secnd sending tubers cing down at nely 7miles per hour. but befots big debut major questions about the ride safety. early tests showing sandbag dummies going airborne. ficials adjusting adding seat belt and safety ns. loved ones now remembering the freckle faced 10-year-old who
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energy, his life, his smile. >> reporter: and the pastor there saying this has just been unthinkable time f famor they. the slcloswi indefinily buthe park set to repen tomorrow george. >> okay, a thanks very m we move on to those travel delays. delta canceling 250 flights this morning after a power outage shut down their systems worldwide, sparking long lines like this at newark. david kerley is at reagan national airport with the >> reporter: another tough morning already for delta. look at this. here's a delay of three hourif anybody wants to go from d.c.a. to lexinon. here's the reason why, long lines again. here at delta this morning, as you mentioned, they have already canceled 250 flights today. that's on top of the 1,000 flights canceled yesterday. the airline is trying to move aircraft and crew into position so they can clear out the backlog and get people moving. here's some good news, george.
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>> thank goodness for that. i gues this all started with a poouwer ge. how come there's no back-up generator? >> delta is not being forthcoming. the georgia power company said electricity was never interrupted so the question is a piece failed. why wasn't there a backup or a workaround with tens of thousands of passengers affected. delta is not telling us why. >> answers to come, thanks very much. >> absolutely. > turning now to the devastating res wildfi the west, burning thousands of acres, forcing mas evacuations. firefighters working hard to contain them at this hour and abc's kayna whitworth ht ig ere in silverwood, california, with the latest. good morning, kayna. >>eporte lara, good morning to you. we have multiple roaclosures and 5200 families under evacuation orders. on tf that, the air quality ow so d, thao ar cities have canceled school for the da mor ng, a wildfire raging
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triggering t ecuation of thousands of residents. >> i'm vershenp. this is like my dreahouse. i'a newbie sthis is fst fire. repor smoke stretching les across more than 6,000 acres of burning land. >> it is absolutely ripe to .u the fire is chewing right through the vegetation. >> reporter: the wind-driven wildfire quadrupn size since sunday. >> i've >> reporter: nearly 900 firefighters working tirelessly, battling theerno fro air. dropping fire retardant from air tankers in the sky. d the ground they saved homes, coating them in fireproof gel. t th morning, the fire is showing no sign of slowing d and this morning, that fire is just 6contained. a long way to go, george. >> kayna, thanks very much. we move on to the race for
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donald trump tried a campaign reboot, big speech on the economy but a new poll shows a 12oint lead for hillary clinton and overnight the most prominent rebl sator yet says she will not support p and tom llamas is here and that blistering statement from maine setosun collins comes on top of a tough letter from0 former national secu experts. >> that's right, george this is starting to be ather bad week for donald trum his campaign tries to keep him on message, some ging developments. prominent republicans now coming together to say they will not vote for trump, this as a new conservave candidate ents the race to take on clinton, but also trump. overnight, a republican senator delivering a stinging ow to donald trump. inin "thwashin post" maine senator susan collins saying she will not vote for trump because, quote, mr. trlacks the temperament, self-discipline and judgment required to be president.
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security officials, all republican, signing a letter stating trump would be the most reckless president in american history. among the most prominent names former cia and nsa director general michael hayden and two former secretaries of homeland security, michael chertoff and tom ridge. in the past, ridge saying he was in disbelief about truozy c relationship with vladimir putin. >> i don't think too many americans are pretty excit getting all those wonderful sweet words from vladimir pu >> reporter: trump responding calling it politically motivated eoplsangon the list deserve the blame for making the wosu a dangerous place and that they arnothmore than the failed washington ite. >> i think he's inhuman. i think he doesn't care about anyone but himself. i do believe he's fraud and he's a con man. >> reporter: now former cia operative evan mcmullin
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mcmull whoecently worked on policy with house rebls is being funded and helped by members unhappy with t. o yosay what d repubns pport trump who say a vote for you is goibe a ve >>e's alnated broad swaths of our population. donald tru cannowin. a festesill you feel comes to guiltyf you handed hillary clinton the election? >> he'll lose to hillary lessregard he's demonstted that already. >> reporter: tru facing these new battles as he tries to focus on t economy. and it can be done, and it won't on be that hard. >> rter: the republican nominee refusing to be knocked off message in detroit. ill king sshots. >> i wily the bernie sanrs peop far more energy and spirit. i will say that. >> reporter: alsovernight parents of two of the four benghazi victims are now sui hilly ton theirt they claim clinton's, quote,
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informcontation buted to the deaths. the clinton teamespondis morning saying while no one can imagine the pain of fa the bve americanslo at benghazi the haveeen nine different investigations into this attack and none found any evidence wtsof a hipart ong on the thanks very much. let's bring tt wdolital ana a let' begin with refus endofrom maine senusan collins, prominent republican. she's the latest in a seri there. couple of other republican senator, ben sasse, mark kirk not endorsing, several others withholding their endorsements. you talked in the past about whether these endorsemen matter. w abouthese refusals to endorse? well, i mean like delta, donald trump has left a lot of republicanstranded w nowhere to go in the couof this re, geoe. this is likeam a tam has held back this from ppening up until this point but donald trump through his own
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republicans are bleing support, whether they are endo hilrsgry clinton or somebodye or jt chhaegins to be this flood omp indathat'seecht ts what i was gng k you aboucait seem like th eeto ghe back republican, orthodeplion tno that's what he emphasized yesterdaeally ying to heal breac >> well, that's y wh he was trying to do, but the probm, george, is we'r days left. houlbe speto aking dependents. 'sing t a way to patch thrty to s inhee ofhis. th a hugprle illa clintalks t pendents, donald t is still trng to figure out a way eep te gop togetherats ng courseento mittomney the stime arou. >> yeah, i mean obviousl
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re as we know geography see raceil'rn the has to figure out a way to get close for theapo tter use it's a flood of electoral votefor hiary tom usa, gng f the go at e olympi. ica nangthpool overnight boostingal count after another dramatic day of act let'so right t amy at our olympics desk in rio with the very latest. good morning to you, amy. >> hey, goodni surprises for team usa on day three, especially in the oic pool and at the gymnastics pavilion. let' a look. overnight the u.s. swim te breaking records and winning big in rio.
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>> reporter: but the hottest race of the night didn't involve the team's big guns, phelps and ledecky. instead all eyes were on r-ol19ealilly king. duri the semifinals of the meter eaststroke king wagging her finger at an image e o served a6-nth en. king lxpla eing. king >>fingerumber one anught for drug noa fan. >> before both avog eye t and the race coming down to w but ki just edgiut russian to take her first gold. >> we can ill compete clean ando well. eporter: american katie akingheonze backstroke continues as ryan rphy takes gold. the u.s. winning the event six olympics in a row. >> welcome -- american david pluer taking the bronze olympic debut and winning silver in00-meter breaststroke. her hungarian competitor taking
7:16 am
and in t men's 200-meter freestyle final codwyer winning ze. ericans katie ledecky and michael elpsoth already strikiold in rio, hoping to add more medals to their collections after swimming stng in the semifinals before his race, phelps keeping his game face on even as a rival appears to try to psych him out. one swimmer who didn't make the cut, four-time gold medalist missy franklin, olympic darling four years ago finishing last in women's200-meter fretyle et with the backroke later this week. n ying to end ei 32-y medal dro gytics.?c deomsp performa, ttake piling japan takingom e amicans bng diving.
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boudia, teaming up wit ste johnson, pair up to win silver in hr divg. nighmichl phps and katie ledey are going fogo gyn the women's astics team. i goto sit down with some of their moms before the big even this afternoon. they are excited. they're nervous. we'll haveexclt ive coming up a litter,tllaeorge. you,my.t f tha no jes the mal unt? than smu ayheadinour at the games and team usght nohas the most overa mals. take a l they're tiedight n with ina with most golds at five apiece. when you csir the americans also have seven bronze, seven silver, that gives then the leading total right now of 19 totamedals. china sond place with 1 japad the russian federation edhird at 10 ae and italy rounds out the top five wi nine medals. you jus heard amy say today a chance for more gold for team usa. can't wait, george. >> weather, rob and more on
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>> a lf inn caboan lucas and they had evacuation, somef the low-lying areas. angihis north of mexico. three four inches of rain falling but did damage and storm but the moistu will get to thet southwest the xt coupl. 2 to 3ncheis allkes ta getlash floods going, especially east of phoenixnd wehese watches extend until tomo night. your local forecmingasco
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th 70s willreac the mid 80s for this aferno. muy air stays in pla through friday. partly sunny and mid to upper 80s for wednesday. a chance for laer day rain and storms thursday in the warm air. a wi not get up to the fire zone in california. most east of there warmi up across the midsection. other big weather story, tropal moisture across parts of florida, couldee s aer five to ten inches of rainn top of what they've already seen, so flood issues there. anr ceay across the northeast with low levels of humidity. rare for the first week august. enjoy it. >> >> absolutely. >> coming up on "goomorning
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this ithe second case in les now two mmunities one. nancy grace is with us live. could eating behind the wheel or drinkffeeincoe against the law? we arerea going to have more on that headline tmorning. it'setting backlash. go for your ki?ng actually be some now say it could make the more creative. we'll get intohat on our big board. ?? the fo freed sales event is on! r biggt event of the year just got better! ? ?
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ndides are facing off in partisan primary. some of the ra ces on the bal include: u-s senate, u-s reesentative, district attorny and all state assembly an even-numbered state senate seats speaker of the house paul ryan -- facing off agat challenger paul nehlen. the winner in that race wil fc a democrat -- either ryan slen r tom breu -nnoember. today's election is a partisan prry -- o you'll oy be able to vote for candidates from one pary. the lls are open now until eight p-m. you do need a photo i-d today, ifyou ant to vote using a
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. les take a live look outside as we head trea. a check of your
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look from ou department of transportation cas mais is . and now here are your cuent travel times on the screen. now to weathr watch 12, here's sally severson -- with a check of your forecast. warm from beginning to end today. current temperatures in the 70s will reach the mid 80s for this afternoon. muggy air stays in place through friday. partly sunny and mid to upper 80s for wednesday. a chance for later day rain and storms thursday in the warm air. a subsequent cold front will keep a
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so unlike others, mirafiber is leslikely to cause unwanted gas. you vefiber. s new mirafiber., you'r looking live at that ferris wheel in teneehut down now after throung gir plund nearly 50 feet the groundhen their btipd over. theyre recovering in the hospital and an investigation is under way. also right now, delta canceling at least 250 travel nightmare for thousands of passengers. delta nowing oer refunds and vouchers. more than 6,000 acres are burning from wildfires out west sparking massive evacuations. firefightersattling the blazes from the air on the groun and we are tracking itll this morning. we also have -- i'm sorry. >> no, just sayingt' tough out there. >> horrible. the latest on the olympics in rio. amy is standing by.
7:31 am
athletes' best game faces and speaking of game faces, look at that. mckayla maroney, she had one of the most famous game faces there it is, the i'm n -- >> there you go. >> there you go, girl. >> we'll talk to her coming up, george. >> not impressed by us either. at is all coming up. first we have the second jogging murder in a week this time in massachusetts where a young woman runner was killed in broad daylightrawing york last week. li davis has more. >> reportetrikin similarities. both around the same age and lived in new . both out for a j in broad daylignd aears bot were sexually assad. nothing athisoint connect the two cas but both commies are not only grieving but fearful killer is on the loose. this morning, residents in princeton, masshusetts, are on edge as police search for a killer.
7:32 am
and you can't be too careful right now. >> reporter: the victim, 27-year-old vanessa marcotte went for a jog on saturday at 1:00 p.m. and never came back. marcotte lived in new york city wh e she worked for google as an account manager. socia media pages showcase her life iluding photos wh he mother whohe w s visiting in massachusetts. >> we do not know if this was a random act. we are asking theesid rts of princeton and the surrounding areas to use an abundance of caution. we're asking the public to be careful and to be vigilant. if you have seen anything, or seen someone within the last 24 hours that is suspicious to you we are asking you to report it to the massachusetts state >> reporter: police sources tell abc news investigators are looking into signs of sexual assault. this is the second case in less than a week for a
7:33 am
vetrano's body was found by her onther in queens,ew york. onday night, the nypd held a public meeting in veterano's howard beach neighborhood to keep residents informed of the developments. >> so far we have collected several pieces of evidence from the crime scene that are being forensically processed as we speak. we hope to have all of the results back very soon. >> reporter:he working theory in the queens case is that karina's killer may have been a stranger, which is somewhat unusual. in 2014, for exampl of all homicide victims only11% were killed by someoneyid not know. both cases remainsolved authorities in massachusetts are now telling peoplo jog in pairs. >> you got to be safe. this. talk to nancy grace about our friend fro hln and, nancy, the police say there's nothing to suggest the cases are ld at all but it is a striking
7:34 am
just yet until we get a dna confirmation ofthat. i believe pfar ohe reason that they're saying that the geographical distance between the two. you've got about a three-hour drive beten them, but look at the similarities as you have pointed out. both women avid runners visiting their parents on a local jogging path. already into theirjog, i believe tha the second victim was sexually assaulted because she was found just likeina vetrano, both of them, i believe, were dragged. the second victim was found dee o ha grass in h hands. i'm wondering right now where is the iphone? where is the cell phone belonging to vanessa marcotte? because if they ha that, that wouldive them so much evidence. if they don't have it, that would suggest to me that the
7:35 am
an her issue is they're saying she was killed by a random killer. interesting, why would a random killer take the time in broad daylight, this is sunday at 1:00 in the afternoon to burn the fingertips, the feet and facial features of the victim. all the identifying characteristics. why? if you kill somebody you want to lee the scene immediately. why stick around to do that and take the time to drag the body into the woods? think about it. >> i'm listening to you and sounds like if you were an investigator your working theory would be these are tied together until it's disproved? well, again, the three-hour distance is a problem because in the first one karina vetrano, it ests thatt is random. at fir tught the killer had taken souvenirs or mementos. that's very common especially amongst serial killers but those
7:36 am
found ten feet away. in this case police are not releasing that even i'm very cceed about the second one, not being random. bo of them were on secluded jogging paths. known mostly to locals, but this second one, that's out basically in a very, very rural area. there wereo vague grants. there were no trsits. there were no people out on the beach having a bonfire. this is a half a mile in a very ru i wouldn'tn cal it a subdivision. who would be there? whld know a that jogging route? just a half a mile from her mom's home. it's got to be a cal. >> you say that's quite different from queenshere ere ha- tbe -t area had vaants a others kong ge here grated. ah and youno an emphasize that in another way. police have g to another measure. it's a l usual i karin vetrs case, they have
7:37 am
su from the last s months or so for vague grant, transients, people out there smoking pot, littering, whatever they can find. that was done in the son of sam case. he was caught because he got a ticket by a fire hydrant and they are pulling up everybody they know in the veterano area that had been out there loitering, so tospeak, not so in this case out of boston in princeto it's so rural,nts to a local. that's why i t be connected. also, they're not telling us whether there's dna in the second case but m bet is there is. >> okay, nancy grace, thanks very much. now let's go overo lara. orge, thankyou. coming up o our big bod, heads-up. ifou like totitaskindeh th ee it could illegal to eat break it was or drink coffee while doing so. big in he had cal news, do you knead to get your cholesterol checked? what age should he be?
7:38 am
why som say it's not a bad idea. we'll talut tkbot too coming up in two minutes on our big board. don't go anywhere. ? so you're up at dawn, ? ? k, , look alive. ? ? you've been saving for a big man-cave. ? (chuckling) good luck with that, de. ? you made the most of your retirement plan, ? ? so you better learn to drive that rv, man.? ? so ny things you're doing in your life. ? ? lots of vitamins a&c,ur side. ?
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welcome back. it is time for our big board. our team of insiders standing by live for more on this morning's top stories and t.j. holmes is with us forur firsttory talking about drinking and driving but not alcohol. >> kind of, sort of. >> talking about coffee so here's the thing. new jersey's considering a bill that would drinking coffee while behind the wheel. if the bill becomes law, what does it mean for jersey drivers. >> $200 up to $600 to $800 for a second ofe. focused on the drinking coffee but this bans all distracted driving. >> i can't put my mascara on either. >> you can't do that. the thing about the law written to say any activity unrelated to the actual operation of a car. what is that?
7:41 am
carrots. talking to a fellow passenger. putting on the makeup. turning the radio up. taking off a jacket. anything you do in the caran c be seen distracted driving. beard to enforce in it is a good . i'm sure we've all seen some crazy stuff people do while driving? >> but that's part of the criticism. how are you going to enforce it? cop can see you do anying d st' distracte drivin it's not just a matter o enforcement but a matter getting the message geing ingrain i our head it's all dangerous. >> it comes from a goolace annows distracted kills peop >> it's serious. even if the law doesn't pass and gets us talkingut it, thinkiit andot just a matter of textinganore. it's a lot of stuff you do. >> thanks very much. move on to medicalnews. dr. richard besser is here now and there's a brand-new study that says, rich, that people
7:42 am
cholesterol. tell us about it. yeah, so aot l of people feel if y go to the docr and n't g blood test you're committee that makes recommendations wanted to see wh's the evidence thatesting people under for hh tero makes a difference? nodio loo that. tre have be u want everybody to eat right, exerci maintain a good weight. d it's not clear you wt to start younger people on statins so what they're sg ishere really isn't good evidence to cholesterol. rich, ifou're 39 or younger, you go to a doctor for your physical and suggest it, should you say no? >> i wouldn't say no. but i'd say why? and there are some reasons, there's certain medical conditions that can run in families thato make it worthwhile but shouldn't be one of the routine tests you get your checkup and talk to your doctor and boom, they check your cholesterol. >> wait a second. it's not like a ram.mammog uld sort of say why not.
7:43 am
at are between 9 and 11 check your clesterol to see if you have a family condition but then after that the recommendations aren't that you don't start men until age 35, women until age 45 then only ifhehave high risk of letter disease. you end up risking labeling people. i've seen kids labeled with, oh they haveigh clesterol when you want everybody to be doing the same thing and only do it rat a point where you'll decide this is when y would start a different. it doesn't lead to good hitt and there's no evidence that it really changes people's behavior. >> all right. makes sense. >> ask why. dr. b., thank you very much. moving on we'll talk about kids and cursing now. is it okay to let your kids slip a little bit? the author of a new book argues using profanity is good are to us? even for our kids. joining us now clinical psychologist dr. elizabeth lombardo but before we get started we want to show you a classic moment from oy
7:44 am
august for you. roll 'em. >> o, only i didn't say fudge. i said the big one. the f dash, dash, dash word. >> what did you say? >> i mean, never gets old. never gets old. so i want to ask you, dr. lombardo, would that have been good for him if he heard the real mccoy there. is it okay for kids to say it and i so, why? >> i don't think we want to encourage our children to swear. poorralphie was so frustrated what we want to do is give our kids the tls to express themselves and regulate their emotion. swearing has really a aggreive undertones and what we want to do help our children be assertive. to express themselves in a respectful way. >> how about find a word that
7:45 am
say. i find with my kids t times th they do it andhavee ot allowed it but like everybody slips like you say. 're doing it more eect and almost start laughing the minute think use the rd. >> yeah, yeah, and so whate want too is a,ou know, wt are some effective ways. if your childs verbally trsgressou kn, what are ing t do about it hasnyone else experienced that? >> well, i have a ar at e hothe and shelipped bore wi >> she did? >> yes. >> i wonder wherehe got . more so pro that it proply. i'm like, it's a bad word but that's good word usage. >> i'd love to know h but sure we can't share. i know i may have slipped. my kids are afraid tose and -- >> yeah? >> ah. they acty yel at mend it's gotten to the point where we d the dollar jar. >> we do the dollar jar but i don't hear it from them which
7:46 am
hear them say it. it sounds too adult. unds aggressive. b., what doou y th in that movie whe rahi sld theck a bar of sp in his mouth. you don't want to go with wash your mouth out with proach. my wif sps a lot more than b dea- slip and we don't make >> d. >> we were playing miniature e shore and she slipped a lot and it was our son who cal her out and said, hey,mom, thare ki around so, you uknowet the standard a everyone calls each out wh -- >> rich, if i threw my bwife the b like tt i'd - goi toe in big trouble after tow. sh >> at the end of the day where we do we stand on this? is it ever okay for kids to use express like that? i rs no. i prefer they wait until they're a little m -- >> it's really --t's a
7:47 am
communicate what your beliefs are to your children and make sure they abide by y rules. >> thanks, guys thanks to all of you. coming up a face-offe at th olympics. who ha the best game face? the close-ups in just two
7:48 am
good is in ery blue diamond alnd. go is a catalyst, good icontagious. and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. t your good going. ue dmond almonds. proud sponr of the us swim team [ school bell ringing] we were learning about how talented traveled back in time! i thought, ?i could have been a writer.? or an athlete! i could have even been an architect! then i realized, i don't have to go bk in timeo do amazing things. i can start today. s i can.
7:49 am
easiorbely abscalcium plus vitamin d. defy bone aging with citracal maximum. our highest level of calcium plus d. game time at the olympics which means it's time for serious game face for the athletes. amy back at our olympics desk in rio for the candid close-ups. hi, amy. hey, good morning, guys. gymnasts are known for their gravity-defying flips and when you see their facial expressions you an idea how much they're putting their bodies through. take a look at this north kean gymnast as she competes. a lot going on ther en this gymnast fromia ind captur making we can call interesting face while performing on the vault. and she's upside do
7:50 am
there and she looks like s's screaming. there we he the indian gymnast making that face while performing on the vault and then even we have u.s. favorite simo biles, yep, there she is. dflip, making a very comedic , i not sure what's gng through her mind but she definitely concentrating. with moves like has she can ke whatever face she nts. i understand, lara, you have someone wit you in new york who might know a thing or two about beg caught on interesting expression. >> hecyeah,e have gymnast mckaylmaroney. >> hi, guys. >> y gace launched a million memes. it seemed like you were saying, hmm, not impressed. >> definitely >> was that what you were tryin to say. >> no, i wasn't in the moment thinking this was a face i was trying to make. it was a feeling. it was an emotion and i got back to the village and my dad was like you might want to now about everything that's happening
7:51 am
i was fused the next d i was like we had to go to the all-around and support those girls s it' like i wast ready for that. >> we've got more with you coming up. >> sck arnd >> whave more with mckayla
7:52 am
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> "good mornime o by penneyth 's gting yr penny'
7:56 am
are nvesatina e tal shootin it happened overnignr 36td news: a mwas shotand kl around 3-30 his morning. there's nowod et on whether anyone is custody. alsoew f overnight: wet allis lice repond to an incident near 73r and ofcers had "cri scene tape" up around ouse... and n aey, early this mong. 2 news has cas ad emails in to wllies a po wealo upd abouthat happened... assoon aseails are released. commient 00-16. day ilectn day in wisconsin. it
7:57 am
be able to vote for candies from e ty. the pollaopen now tlht p-m. y lble to te, as ng as you're in line by ned a phto id day, if you want usi ulaeg ballo taking tthe moning drive, this is a live look from our deptment of transprttion cameras and your crre tral times are on the screen. of ek oday's teorologist aver ther son in ter warm om beginning to end today. current temperatures the 70s will reach the mid 8s for this afternoon. muggy aistays in place through fay. partly sunny and mid to upper 80s for wednesdaya chance for later day rain and storms thursday i warm air. a
7:58 am
chance for showers in the forecast fiday weekendk i ucooler and less
7:59 am
8:00 am
od morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. >> have three kihat fell r on r. he f ris whl,hree kids. >> tirlsd helicopter to a hoal aft we'll have the latest on their covery and t iestigation this morning. both out on a run in broad daylight. the danger they didn't see. our safety expert here with how you can prect yolf ? can't stop me no d osr wianer mer streep live in times se singing a new tune and opening up about her biggest role t. what's next for the queen of the big screen? mery one-o ?e hains out ?
8:01 am
ay from the bi perfornce of their lives. the are they goin take home the gold? >> for se. >> no doubts? >> no doubts. us, olympic medalist maroneherey e ive as we a -- >> both: goomoing, america. angood mning, americ e hereith us today. also as we get ready for the olympics, amy is irio as well and h an exclusive with the ms of the game nationals competing today. also, you may have noticed mear on chael phelps' back. 's par of a literally hot ther tr it's calli cuppi and we'll get into theence behind it. a lot of athletes are using it and people swear by it. does it work?
8:02 am
weid notpaule enough time to get to the desk so we'll n ipic event. p >> the new one is sprinting from the ws desor froanch desk to the news desk. >> well done. >> thanks, guys. good morning to you, and the big story this morning,ther terrifying inciden an amusement rk in tennessee where a ferris wheel car flipped over sending thrirls plummeting 30 to 45 feet t ground. authoritiethe s say rls were ert ald talking to police last gh at least one of them is serious con wiio a head rinspects are due on the scene today to determine wha went wrong. and we do ha detewls about that young boy who died on a water slide in kansas. lice say 10-ye-old ceb schwab sufred a fatal neck injury. witnesses that his body wasn th not ithree-person raft when it reached t bottom. now, the two women in the raft
8:03 am
for each raft. but investigators are not saying if that was a factor in the accident. some park guests reportedly voiced concerns in the past about the water slide's lap belts not working properly. and a fast-moving wildfire in southern california has now spread as ten square miles. thousands of homes are threatened about 60 miles east of los angeles. ols ansome roads are closed. dry brush is fueling that fire in politics in morning donald trump faces stinging new criticism from members of his own party. republican senator susan collins of maine is refusing to vote for trump saying that he shows disregard for common decency and 50 prominent gopatiol security experts have signed a letter claiming that trump is unqualified, dangerous and reckless. trump fired back calling them part of the failed washington elite and saying they are the reason why the world is, quote, such a mess. and the parents of two americans ki in benghazi are filing a wrongful death lawsuit against hillary clinton.
8:04 am
carelessness in handling private e-mail server on a contributed to the deaths of their sons. smith is amp supporter who spoke at the republican convention. >>delta has canceled redsf flights again today in theftermath of that computer failure bd on a power outage. aginch c b to blame. the airline isg refunds, as wl as vouchers. and some shocking video for you om a colorado highway. this woman, she was nost texting while driving. look at this, she also has her leg up on the dashboard. a par ingenother car shot the video saying she couldn't believe that anyone could be that reckless. and it is time for ympic date this morning,o t's gok to amy at the olcs deswith the headlines from rio where, amy, it could be amicans. big day for the oh, lehope it is. it's definitelsy dy bu team u, paula. simone biles and the women's gymnasticseam gog for gold
8:05 am
last night ryan murphy set a recoinningold in the 100-meter backstroke and 30-year-old david plummer won bronze plummer is the older swimmer since 1912 to medal during his olympic debut. and 19-year-old lilly king won in the 100-meter breaststroke setting an olympic record and defeating her russian rival. lilly said, quote, i did it clean, backing up hetough talk in reference to the russian doping scandal. let's ta look the medal count, the u.s. has the lead this morning with nc veolds. china is in second place overall with 13 medals, and we had to share this, ryan lochte tweeted video of his 95-year-old andmotr carrying the olympic torch or a version of it anyway to cheer h on. chte cpetes inhe00eter dley torrow, but there is so much to look forward to today. go, team usa, everybody.
8:06 am
>> jesse, what you got? wgotime for "pop news," guys. we could feel an exc ve nocent in e air this rning hillin you hear tha he is ve me the great tip. nighening ceremonies a 29e u.s. open tennis august , awesome kicking th other than "in the air tonight. collins has two more upcomin ojan autgr called "node" an a new album d"the sgles." yoysea? ? ? i feel coming in the air ofonight ? >> hold, hold on, hold on. >> not -- >> hold on there. >> it ain't happening. >> we never at oth coming. >> i'm so -- ner anticipated thatt. an, next up, more exciting
8:07 am
'nsync is reuniting, but it's just for one night if that's okay. ? bye b bye ? >> i think ginger is the number one 'nsync fan. >> oh, yeah. where is she? >> on vacation in michigan. >> timberlake snapped in epic photo. 40th bihday party to say the l ginger is singing to herself -- ? ts tring up my heart." the photo wg up almost 400,000 likes in five ginger and so many others miss that boy band and the epic fashion. you g a thing going on -- >>ou justid two in a row with singing. >> that's for sure -- >> one thing you're not doing is singing. >> that's for sure. you have to figure out a way to sing in this next spot. >> i don't know if i can do this. rio news. something in rio news. so you thought you saw leonardo dicaprio competing at the games.
8:08 am
seems like a lot of other people saw potentially leo doppelganger. meet brady ellison who took home the silver medal in the archery event. ke thecademyward winner.just >> we got a picture of him anywhere, no? it's not me. i can't shoot archery. therwas actually a real celebrity there, though, and that was matthew mcconaughey. all rht, all right, all right. >>rieam rsey. no ptos hejust te my word for it. >> you did two of those without the photos. >> thanks, upstairs. >> not that there's anything wrong -- there's nothing wrong with visualizing leonardo dicaprio and matthew mcconaughey. eecially with an archery situation. >> i got george making fun of me about that. >> i was feeling for you. >> and then no video. >> no pictures. >> no video. >> maybe you could sketch what ooked li. can you sketch him? >> do this for you. show you. all right. speaking of rugby, the
8:09 am
the gold, the women, but one brazilian player went home with something better. and that was a proposal. an olympian stepped out of the pitch. it did not look like she expected that at all. i'm being told to bail out by the producer. it's done. in my ear, jesse, get out. we've got no video. >> imagine that too. >> that was valiant, guys. valiant. >> thank you >> who >> participation medal. >> yes. >> it is a real inspired olympics "pop news." >> now read the "morning menu." >>eah, we got a look at what's coming up. i'll walk and talkow, everybody. here's what's comingp on the orni m menu." weood a safyle out precting yourself while joggg. our safety expert is here to show you tha pl, we're talking a lile bit about the science e ofand on the hottt olympic health trends, cupping, does it really work? it looks painful. >> not painful at all.
8:10 am
benefii ts, derstand. as team usa goesor gold, dominique dawes and mca maroney are he kicking off the games. a lot of teams find the rhythm. all that coming up live on "gma." "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil, fast, powerful and proven relief that makes pain a distant memory. unless someone got buried. to the fullbacks... gearheads... and those with green thumbs. the stinky... hose who get a little icky. toll the beautiful mma, ke it up... elwith dn plus h2okinetic, yon. see what delta can do. ve my students. i want them to be successful. i can't imagine doing anything else. i was twenty-eight years old when i felt my first lump. a year later i found out i had breast cancer.
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8:14 am
and we are back now with a safety alert. we're following up on the story of the two young women murdered while jogng in oad daylight. karina vetrano in new york and vanessa marcotte in massachusetts both running alone on trails. >> two murders putting a spotlight on the dangers women
8:15 am
we have avital zeisler. avital, i want to ask you what can women do, simple things? i mean, there's no way of saying why it happened but in your experience, what advice do you have in light of these two crim? >> you know, when looking at women's survivalnd safety kind of a two-pronged approach. how do you prevent the situation from happening then if you can't event it how do you fend yourself. when you looking at the preventionide, you can do some preliminary work like really pick a safe ro don't pick something thas remote. pick you n actually go to a safe location if you are caught off guard and then also buddy . be with someone. don't go alone go with somee you ow or your dog and also -- >> don't do the same thing every y. right? t ro>> yeaine is no routine when it cos to your rsonalecurity. >> i thought that was a grea line. >> definitely because you don't want to be pctable and don't want a potential stalker to catch you off guard. all these tips are so importan and also, if you don't feel like the path is safe, don't go. listeno at intuition inside. and either get to a treadmill.
8:16 am
want to be aware of your surroundings. it's call ed situational awareness so you're tactically more aware of your surroundings. it can save your life. great example with running, cut the distractions out. don't be listening to your earphones, eryone loves listening to your favorite track list but i challenge you to go out and have a new mindful experience and experience nature and just be aware. you were listening if you footsps, if something don'fe right and also i like the no routine is the best routine. the fact you've got to dit with seb meaody, ili of thesewo they're both women jogging alone. some reasonouome acro a problem, do you have some simple moves that wuld ar3!an lrn from yo right now. >> iave a lot. m t hilit sought combatives for you. it's some basic upper and lower body moves.
8:17 am
know combatives,mor your body into a weapon. if you look at the attr, the imary targetthce eyes but for a woman who's muc shorter it's going to be hard necessarily get to access someface so the first g i want to show you is a lower body combative. it's ray defenive push kick, and i'm taking the ball of my foot into the gro of the attacker. and i'm using my hip as a per force to gather as much power and strength i can. when i do that do tha the body came down and now i can use upper body combatives like a palm strike which is better for women. the heel is much less fragil than the fist so from here doing a palm strike obviously not to his face but to the pad i'm driving throh. >> you would want us to dohat to the face. >> exactly. >> one-two punch, the lower and then rate to theace. >> it' a great way just to highlight strategy. how do i actuay use ese combatives to work so i'm going
8:18 am
ing for the face with my p strike and also anotheexampl is a hr fist, it's similar to banging on a door. adaptation for the side of your fist to target the back of someone's he. for example, if i had h down here, i couse it and escape to a safe location. y>> it's lot i could ou is a great srt. >> defitely a great startnd women can see ey can use tir dies. kay, avita thankso much. t. >> we will be right back and wee going to talk michael phelps making a mark in the pool. you saw those marks on his shoulder and back so we'll talk what's behind the cupping thery and wheth it works. neutrogena? hydro boost water l. instantly quenches skin to keep it... ...supple and hydrated... ...after day. with hydrating hyaluroidac which retains up to 1000 times its htig. water. this refreshing gel... plumps skin lls with intense hydration this refreshing ge and s it i for pple, hydrated skin that bounces back.
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back now at "gma" with a hot health trend. 's the olympics called cupping and immer michael phelps and gymnast alex naddour sporting bruising ovehese circles. signs of the ancient healing technique and here to break down the science behind it dr. jen ashton andr. blakeway, director of the unova cent in new york. i want to start with you. you know two olympians that use this. why? >> they're ice
8:23 am
we should qualify and not in rio. and it speaks to the interest in complimentary and alternative medicine, c.a.m. and cupping has been reported from ancient chinese times. everything old is enough aga. >> i'm going to ask you, jill, it's like an inverse massage. >> what's i doing for our musclend bodies? >> it's lioing massage in reverse. it's pulling up and if y can imagine a tight, tense muscle, how good that feels when it pulls up and loosens the fascia, it clearing away debri and repairing tissue. it's a good thing. >> but couldn't you just do that with massage? to see michalps heth those big circles on his shoulder and back, why wouldn't he have his physical trainer massaging it? >> it's all the blood and lymph and if you can imagine taking debrisy and aligning muscle fibers, it's a much deeper modality. >> we should be clear, though, lara, in western medicine -- >> we forgot to mention there's heat involved. >> hot cupping. >> there's fire involved.
8:24 am
why is there heat involv >> we use the fe to take the oxygen out of the cup and then sucks u air. nd lal sucks your skin. logan, your skin looks like a ball of your skin. how does it feel? >> it's great. it's super relaxg. >> it is? >> uh-huh. >> you're in the zone right now. >> in the zone. >> you know you're on live national television. >> it's very comfole. he's tting body hickeys. those are not the medical term. >> what are you going to say, jen? >> we have to be clear, in wrn literature there is scant to low or no scientific date to to suort whether or not ks. there are some repor that people feel better but need to remember this has been done for thousands of years and just ca e we haven'ted i sdi doesn't mean there's no validity there. just he to proith caution, go to a licensed ther ist, one who specializes ditiraal chmedie ne or acupuncture or cuppind understand that it needs more
8:25 am
myofascial decompression, that tight band ofissue that encapsulates our muscles and the thinki is that suction cup loosens it up and bris m blood flow to the area and speeds recovery and flexibility to it. >> logan seems happy and comftae and, jill, this is for people who have tight muscles. just for athletes or -- >> traditionally it's been used for all sorts of things including gynecology and digestproble but we use it a lot for peopleith problems. >> and you will have those little red marks ifou do it, but logan seemsst f jue wit it i want to say thankouo jill and thank youo dr. j and wa tgeright out to rob for a look at the weather. >> those red marks, you are committe this crowd is committed. what te did you gere? >> 3:00 a.m. >> 3:00 a.m. eastern time. my goodness. take a look ofhis. heast coast including th orida andl is what happened in . rsburg wesof tampa. big-time rain there and pain in pasco county, as well. that stubborn low continues to
8:26 am
along the coastline, locally over six inches over the next couple of days.the 70s will reah the mid 80s for this afternoon. muggy air stays in pce through friday partly sunny mid to upper 8 fordy. a chance for laer day rain and storms thursday in the warm air. a exusive interview with team usa's moms as their gymnasts go fothe gold today in rio. and meryl streep singing a ne on the big screen. there she is.
8:27 am
first a look at your morning mute. this is a live loo from our d-o-t eras. you can see the usual delays are forming... as we pull up current travel times on the
8:28 am
sally sersn has a look at your forecast. warm from begining to end todurrent temperatures in the 70s will reach the mid 80s for this afternoon. mug air stays in place through friday. partly sunny and mid to upper 80s for wednesday. a chance for later day rain and storms thursday in the front will keep a chance for showers n the forecast friday. weekend outloos cooler anss
8:29 am
8:30 am
? i got the eye of the tiger ? welcome back to "gma." there you see them right there, team usa goroi f the gold today in rio. biggest night of the liv of the gs a we'll hear from their moms in just a moment. the former gymnast dominique dawes and mckayla marone a u with on how to handle all that pressure and how to get the gold and they're going to help us kick off our own "gma" games with a bat battle of rhythmic gymnastics and there are some of the competitors warming up. tory jnson is here with innovative new foods for your family. chili granola. >> ooh.
8:31 am
more. >> i hope you're doing the tasting on that. irst our olympicymnasts goingor the gold in the all-around competition today and amy sat down he can collusively with the ones they rely on more than their coaches, t moms. amy is in rio. >> for these five young women going for gold today everything they've done in their lives has led up to this moment but, you know, they are not the only feeling the pressure, their moms are feeling it too but could not be more proud of their girls. three of the most ferocious fighters of the gymnastics team. simone biles. >> sterfully puttogether. bar routine eighth a stuck landing. >> gabby douglas. and laurie hernandez. all wowing the crowd sunday night in qualifying round we caught up with their moms
8:32 am
family home in rio fighting for the group gold medal. you've been here before. >> yeah. >> you've been through all the excitement and nerves. how is rio been for you, ngataly? >> i think it's different because gabrielle is four years older and to see the way she's handling everything now. more settled. move grounde >> for nelly biles, her daughter simone stepping into the spotlight for the first time. >> the pressure on simone, does she feel it and all the going to win five gold medals. that's pressure. >> i think simone tries real hard not to attention to what the expectation is of ot i believe there's more pressure on me than on simone because i am so nervous. i mean, i am just a wreck. >> i want to know what it was like when you were with your daughters and saw their commercials run for the fir time. >>he first time i saw simone's commercial it really brought tears to my eyes. >> oh, yeah, i gogger.
8:33 am
like no other. i was just overwhelmed by the auty which she portrayed. >> and as their daughte prepare to comte tonight the moms are takingtll in laurie, first u.s. hispanic born gymnast to make thelympic team in 30 year talk about being a proud m. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> proud, very proud of laue and grateful for the moment. there were days i would get let's do this mom with a big smile. >> u.s. women's gymnastics team. are they going to take home the gold? >> for sure. >> we're conmplating it. >> no dot? >> no doubt. >> no doubt. >> the one thing this team sti need, guys, is a nickname. the 1996 gold medal team was known as the mnificent seven and youay remember the 2012 crew wasled the fierce five so what happens on that floor tonight could shape what we call the ladies of 2016. but, lara, i love this one they
8:34 am
squad, gabby, laurie,aly and madison. g.l.a.m. >> we have two forme olympic gymnasts, dominique dawes, mckayla maroney, guys, so happy to hear your perspective. i'll start with you dominique. you've been therend know exactly what these girls are feeling right now. how do you think that they're handling the pressure? what's it like for them as they approach this competition. >> i would say nhtefe last night did not get a very good sound slp. rememr being eme ly nervefor b'96 olymp games but throught the day 're go do theirormal routine and eat what the normally eat and dom backnd they'llocusn certain affirmations to make sure they have theight r mi-set but i guartee those moms did not have a great night of sleep er. >> what was it like for your mom?
8:35 am
>> i'm a mother of twols a i get nervohen w my 2 1/2-year-old -- i can't speak for my mother's perspective but my coach was nervous. e wash a huge supportystem to me aswell. they spend more time with their coaches than their mothers. >> mckayla, i want to ask. you had that game face. we love having you with . you were a member of the 2012 team that won gold. injuries derailed you from being at thi personalally. how would you say that these girl, the g.l.a.m. squad -- >> i love that name. >> what you know about them. >> they're doing amazing. i talked to aly. it's their normal. it's their everyday routine and they'll go out and do their thing. they'll have fun and enjoy it and hopefully come home with gold medal. >> what do you think they do in the moments before? i was a compeve diver. how do you control your
8:36 am
out there and have to look totally composed and we talked about game faces we're seeing. how do they do it toda >> for myself i always relied on my faind had a prayer in my head. i canll things through rist who strengthens me. many of those girls may hav the same and affirmations and prel they re ten point as head of the nearest competition so they don't have pressure. thers no competitors out there that are close to em their biggest competition is between themselves. know. >>dely. >> s te >> they are amazing and so are you. please come ck. beit us. mckaa,ive us the face. >> the it is he's not impressed. re iressedit y guys. i w to s you can see lighingound with missy franklin and simone biles on your website and you can see rob right now.
8:37 am
rhythmic gymnastics. you guys fans of gymnastics? >> yes, i love gymnastics. >> let's talk about the weather. ave severe weather across the northern tier. later on this afternoon could see big hail and strong wind, maybe a few tornadoes. northeast another beautiful day but startin to heat things up so enjoy the dry levels of humidity. we will start to crank it up later. west coast looks to be nice.tem the 70s will reach the mid 80s for this afn through friday. partly sunnnd id uper 80s for wednesday. a chance for later day rain and o thursdina the warm air. a >> and thi weather report is brought toou butrogena. randew episode of "food foreploring h to- how climate and weather affects the grapesn napa valley.
8:38 am
doing t apt to a cnging climate. you can see that on the ab did n bring back any sample for us. >>hank you, ron. baco meryl streep, the saw of the new -- so kind. asking for how my wife is doing. playing florence foster jenkins and an heiress who charmed a sold out concert ha i thinkadam florence might need a little more preparation before she sings in public. >> we've been rehearsing for a month. >> i, but from time to time she can be a little -- hmm. >> flat. >> flat? >> a tad. just a tad.
8:39 am
>> as for her subblocking pressure it defies medical ience. >> and meryl streep joins us i thought the same thing when i heard singn that movie yesterday. defies medical science. how do you do it? >> well, it was to sing badly. >> to sing badly. >>priny easy, sadly. no, it was great fun. she wa v sang. >> tell people about her because she was actually quite fame use for a little while in her day. >> she was. she was sne who was -- it was 1944. and she was aan who just ved music. and she gave lots of money away to the symphony and to all sorts of musical enterprises in the
8:40 am
the word sucked upo her a couraged in h -- iner pursuitf c. she was like aot the audience who basicallyould love to be on stage but she had the money to do it. heou do it. also's give everybody a little bit of a tte of what the voice sounded like. let's listen. >> let's get started. ? ah, aaah ? 's >> remarkable is one word for it. but you're actually a great singer. . >> in real life. itder to sing wellr badly? >> it's harder to sing well. yeah. i did --hese are very difficult arias and picked the toughest music in the colotora, so i learned to sing them as
8:41 am
myself go off the rails. >> i love the idea you had because she did get to sing at carnegie hall and re-created and y said for the first take you wanted the camera to be l on the audience. >> yes, we had 500 unsuspecting -- >> thad n idea. >> yes, extras there and i thought we should go out and just do a concert because that reaction would never be th same, you know,y though meryl streep is going to sing d -- >> andhey got meryl streep singing? those reactions in the movie are actual, honest reactions. >> you caused kind of a reaction convention.he democratic i had my back turned to the stage when i heard this incredible high pitch scream. >> wooo >> sounds le somne is being murdered. >> very primal.
8:42 am
>> now i know what i sounded like as a cheerleader in bernard's high school. i didn't realize that i had done that allyactu i just was swept up with the moment. it was pretty amazing. >> we, it was clear -- >> moment in history. >> and you swept up a lot of people in the moment. the movie is charming. thanks for coming in today. >> thanks. "florence fter nkins" hits hit
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
we backow with hot, foods for you family literally inome ses. mission a h all the best a real t granola. >>alled chili granola. this is very spicy and great on yogurt, avocado, eggs, i mean youort of name , anything you want something spicy on. next up, yummy. it's crunchy spicy all in on >> wow. >> southern culture. southern culture adds southern fun into pancake and waffle mix, all kinds of flavo you wouldn't believe. able cobbler. red lvetve >> vanilla. >> banana ing. >> pancakes and chocolate. >> there you go. there you go. >> seeou jesse. >> everyone is into barista style drinks.
8:46 am
to use ts foam topping to add a flavor just to the top so prepare your coffee just like you want but get a little foam fun even on your nose. perfect, gorgeous. >> i had a feeling. delish. >> so this company, pop art popcorn comes from deejays who mash-up musics and te two songs and blend them. that's what this is all about. taking two dtinct flavor, blending them into one bag s caramel and cheddar cheese. honey caramel and fet cheese. making these fun mixes so you get this flavor bursthas pretty, new m themes. one of the best snack companies in thentry late july snacks is their bran bw, corn anippe so you have a blue corn dipper. >> thank you.
8:47 am
come on. >> i know. ae dipper. i've always wanted more guacamole and dorefer the blue co. >> late null. last but not least this is called legally addictive crack cookies. come on. that has your name all over it. cracke with coffee, semi set chocolate and sea salt all in one started in someone's home kitchen and would make them for parties and told you have to start a business and started a busi it was the hitf the fan food show sfwluf's got to try e, ys. these are amazing. where can people find these. >> all theailset goodmorningamer on yahoo! plus a nu mac and cheese made of chickpeas you'll find only on >> i'm in. rhythmic gymnastics but wit no rhythm. "gmagames next. packed full of flavor, one pint-sized hero was on a mission. looks like somebody's gotta save
8:48 am
watch babybel's big taste leap into action in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? od, i'decis. ? , delicious, 100% na cheese. mini baby
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringin] ...what do you think they talk about? even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson and supported special tax breaks for big oil polluters? as he voted their way 90% of the time whateverenator johnson e koanth brothers talk abo it proy isn'you. f action is responsible
8:50 am
? >> bac nowhit our "gma" games inspired by t olympics. weave some of the world's most talented journalists athletes and they're going head-to-head this morning. it's all abouthe rhythmic gymnastics. >> yes, looking for the rhythm, people. let's bring out our teams. first up the ladies, team star, we've got sara haines, paula faris and rachel smith. been tining all year for this demanding event. can they do it? can they beat the team of rob marciano, gio benitez and secret weapon 20 olympic gold medalist mckayla maroney. team stripes. >> however both teams will have to impress our esteemed judge. she is 1996 olympic gold medalist none other than the gymnast dominique dawes. >> are we ready? >> we are going to kick this
8:51 am
ars. so team stars, you goad and take yourspots, andofrse. very gymna strut out to t main strange perrming to katie per's "firework ? ? 'cause, baby you'reirewor? ? come on sh 'em what you're wor ? ? make 'em go "oh, oh, oh" ? ? as you acro skysshe? >> wow. flexibility by paula faris. >> centerpie. >> they did not get wrapped up there. what do you ink, dominique. >> verypres imve. i can tell they pcticed all moing for this. now we intduce team stripes
8:52 am
you have a seek weapon an actual olympian so please -- >> performing to "eye of the tiger." take t is the thrill oe fight ? ?ing? ris up to the challenge o val ri ? and the last known stalkering his prey in the night ? ? and he's watching us all wh the eye of the tiger ? whoa! >> i was very impressed with that front walkover andthmic gymnastics. >>s is obviously goingo be something, very, very tight. >> there is a dection. i'm>>us go deduct the flip that w a little too impressive, mckayla. >> too impressive. tpressive? that's th eat.>> >>we,t is themoment. t is the moment.
8:53 am
>>ld h i woue to say, okay, fine, it's team -- what are you guys again? >> wh >> thank you. >> yay. >> thank you. >> here we go. >> yes, yes. >> we'll be right back. the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy.
8:56 am
od morning america" is brgh to you by haon are you readiy. >> oh, yes. >> come on, everybody gets a medal day. in way to go. dominique, k mckayla, thank u. yo >> the "gma" games is hroniz wimng. wait for it. >> we'll have swimming here at
8:57 am
have new informaton aout fahoon tn milwaukee. thi mor ing --w're learning that two ople are dead. thsappened ealthis morng nea6th and co thre ical examine's arinestigating the cide deahs" o o men. poice said they alled to the for reports of a shooting. there's in custody. today is election day in wiscon. and polareopen across thetate. this election is a partisan primary. that means you'll only be able to vote for candidates from one party. polls ae open eight o'clock tonig we'le the latest election results, athy come tonight... on our mobilep and on wisn dot e hafull cov of the ress utn the air... starting at ten p-m.
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forecast with meteorologist sally everson . warmm beginni o en today. current temperatures in the 70s will reach the mid 80s for this afternoon. muggy air stays in place through friday. partly sunny and mid to upper 80s for wednesday. a chance for later day rain and storms thursday in the warm air. subseq cutld front will keep a chance for showers in th e weekend outlook is coo alerd less
8:59 am
swicreamys of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name. or sething more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm."
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