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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  August 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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bronze, says that she's more than hap >> right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," calm after two emergency crews are on the scene of fire. no recent problems in the community. firefighters are working on the fire right now. >> overnight a large police presence overnight and no major acts of violence or vandalism were reported.
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curfew in effect. it will be lifted about 30 minutes from now. that's one precaution police took to keep crowds from gathering again in the sherman park neighborhood. that curfew applies to everyone 17 and under unless a parent or guardian is with them. the curfew is active from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. and people who violate it could face a fine up to $200. mayor tom barrett and police chief ed flynn held a news conference overnight to give an update. >> the vast preponderance of the community in this neighborhood has responded to pit messaging and is clearly not interested in doing damage to where they live. what really has been a major support of support has been the faith community. the community groups who have been out there continuously to make this a safe situation. >> the curfew for everyone 17 and under will continue at night until further notice and then starting at the end of the month, milwaukee's normal school year curfew of 10:00 p.m. will begin.
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they wrapped a fence around the perimeter to keep people out of the park. this is near sherman and burleigh. the park will reopen at six this morning. people we spoke to last night were not happy to see the fence go up. >> sherman don't deserve this. we don't deserve this. that's just not fair. >> this is not going to change anything. this, this right here is going to make everything worse. >> officials say the park will be closeom >> tensions have been high in milwaukee for the last three days leading to unrest and violence. sunday night saw crowds clashing with police. news chopper 12 was over this confrontation in sherman park. chopper also caught this moment sunday night when an officer was hit by a rock. you can see him fall and other officers help lead him away from the area. >> on saturday when the unrest first began, seven businesses were set on fire, including this bp station in sherman park.
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distance because of gunshots in the area. news chopper 12 flying again sunday night. this car was set on fire which led to an explosion. >> this all began when a police officer shot and killed a suspect on saturday afternoon. according to police, sylville smith ran from a traffic stop. he had a stolen gun with him. during the chase, an officer shot smith twice. he later died. this all happened at 44th and auer. chief ed flynn says the officer who fired the shots is african-american and his body camera was working. the wisconsin department of justice is leading the investigation and will decide when that footage becomes public. >> new from overnight, family of the man killed by police gathered near sherman and auer just down the block from the shooting scene. police were also staged in that area. relatives and friends prayed near a makeshift memorial.
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off camera, that they do not condone the violence that has broken out in the last few days. >> governor scott walker working with the mayor and the sheriff this morning. >> walker has put the wisconsin national guard on standby in case milwaukee law enforcement needs help. walker stopped by milwaukee's district three yesterday to thank them for their hard work during the unrest. he also met with the guard and talked about the role they play. >> they weren't deployed directly to the streets but rather here as a resource particularly for those law enforcement officials here in milwaukee and the county they have the support they need. >> walker emphasized that the national guard is not on the street right now, just on standby. >> we'll have updates on the situation in milwaukee throughout the morning and you can always read the latest and watch videos on the wisn 12 news app and >> new from overnight, a death investigation underway in west allis. authorities were called to 83rd and becher late last night. the medical examiner's office confirms someone died. but police are not releasing any
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happened. >> now let's get you out the door with weather watch 12. >> meteorologist sally severson is keeping a close eye on today's forecast. good morning, sally. >> it is a warm one this morning. good morning, ben, 73 degrees as we get a live look at racine from the camera mounted on the racine journal times. dew .70. looking and feeling like mid august and summer. the temperatures 70 or better. port 73. ra 68 west bend. lots of people headed to the stores, getting the back to school shopping down. for today, we have clouds around, giving way to party sunny skies this amp. 83 today. 72 tonight. a few spotty light showers about for tomorrow and plenty of dry hours. we are stretching out the string of 80s. >> thank you, sal.
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everything is looking good. the pavement is dry. let's look at the drive times, all in the green... 4:36. >> disastrous flooding in louisiana at this hour. >> a camera was recording during a dramatic rescue there. the people who came to the rescue just moments before a woman's car disappeared under the rising water. >> and severe weather strikes in indiana. the damage that tornadoes left behind and the people now working to rebuild. but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break. clear skies in downtown milwaukee. sally severson is on weatherwatch 12 and we'll let you know when it is going to cool down. stick with us. you are watching "12 news this
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>> welcome back. right fou we are following breaking news, emergency crews on the scene of a house fire
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milwaukee. this is a live look from the area right now, this is not far from the sherman park neighborhood. no word on whether this incident is related to the other problems in the area. >> right now, louisiana is dealing with a flooding disaster. a woman and her dog are safe this morning after being rescued from a sinking car. that rescue caught on camera in baton rouge. workers got to the car as it was about to go underwater. they tried to break the windows and pulled the woman surface just as the car goes under completely. then they went back for the dog and got the animal to safety too. incredible video this morning. >> new this morning, tornadoes rip through parts of indiana. now we're getting a look at the damage left behind. the national weather service confirmed that tornadoes hit several counties in indiana. the storms damaged homes and power lines. one tornado destroyed a barn and a home.
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but central indiana is still under a flash flood watch. wisn 12 news time now is 4:40. >> a serious wreck in chicago ends with a car split in half. >> the aftermath of that crash caught on camera. what caused the wreck and how the driver managed to survive. >> and on the campaign trail, a former new york mayor is getting a lot of backlash.
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>> welcome back to "12 news this morning." it is 4:44 on tuesday, august 16th. and i can't help but think we are approaching the end of summer, i know it is warm still, i know. sorry. but i just, because next week i saw the 7-day and it is dipping. yes, it is dipping just a little bit and some of the people are looking forward to 70s.
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better. i think we are 80 or better until the end of the week. 83 tomorrow. 85 for thursday and friday. we are well on the way today up to 75 over 69. winds right now are light and northwest. we look at the light north winds and shifting to light and south for the afternoon. we have a couple of sprinkles walworth and racine and kenosha county. any sprinkles will become party sunny. 83 today. >> thank you, sal. we are following breaking news in milwaukee. >> the emergency crews are on the scene of a house fireer in sherman park. tim? >> good morning, melinda and ben. i am at 50th and wright.
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firefighter presence here. the block is blocked off to the traffic. the photographer is zooming in. they have the bucket up in the air and the bright light shining down on the house there. before getting to the scene, the earlier crews were here and saw the smoke and flames coming from the second floor of the home. the firefighters were attacking the we don't know the cause of the fire. we don't know if there are injuries right now. this is close to the sherman park neighborhood that has seen problems in the past few days. we are staying on the scene and see what is going on here. for now, live on the north side, "12 news this morning." >> tim, thank you. >> if you're just waking up, it's been a quiet night and morning in milwaukee's sherman
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police have not reported any major problems. although there were some arrests and lingering crowds. there was a mandatory curfew in effect for people 17 and under. the park itself was closed and a fence was set up around it. this follows two days of unrest, saturday night and sunday night. time 4:47. >> turning now to rio de janeiro and the olympic games. right now the u.s. is number one in the medal count by a big margin. american athletes have won a total of 75 medals including 26 gold, 23 silver, and 26 bronze. china comes in second with a total of 46 medals, 15 of those are gold. and great britain is in third place with 16 gold medals and 41 total. >> for tourists at the olympic games, sugarloaf mountain is a must-see. the iconic spot is visible from rio's beaches, but you have to go to the top of the mountain to really get a breathtaking view. wisn 12 news' nigel robertson made it to the top. he joins us now from olympic
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>> melinda, during our time here in rio, we've seen some amazing things. this, however, tops them all. towering into the sky at this one spot where the atlantic ocean meets the city, sugarloaf mountain is breathtaking. and so is the ride to the top. we found jonathan goodson from indiana in the crowd of people getting ready to take the cable car up to into the sky. >> i like the heights. >> the ride is smooth. if you get a good smooth, well, the views, take a look. once at the top you get a view of the beach and the bay and the ride up is worth it. >> it is beautiful. all beaches are here, it is awesome. >> everyone needs to come to rio
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>> clearly with a view like that, people are getting the pictures and capturing the moment. since i am up here, i will do it myself. while here the people from around the world are leaving messages, only for a moment taking their eyes off of all of this. you have to convince yourself it is time to head back down. you come back with a of what a beautiful city this truly is. >> yes, way better. so where does it get the name from? well the shape of the mountain resembled a loaf of refined sugar. from the summer olympic games in rio wisn 12 news. >> thank you. >> it has been open since 1912.
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wow, what a view. incredible. gorgeous. >> how great to share it with us. it is a beautiful city there. >> well, we are looking at gorgeous weather in store for us into the afternoon and then we are looking at summer weather that is really sticking around. low to mid 80s. the clouds kept around yesterday. we had 81 degrees. a couple of sprinkles showing up. that activity is light, scattered and pulling away as the low pressure is pulling away. on deck, we have a trough. low pressure is moving in after mid night and the showers this morning racine, kenosha and walworth. it was a good rain maker for illinois and parts of indiana and michigan.
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a few 60s off into the plains. the readings will be at or certainly above seasonal normals. right now 75 at the airport. so off and away we go with the clouds. the model is trying to keep the showers around for the day, i think we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds and becoming party suy you can see by 9:00 tonight showers and a few storms approaching. we'll see this trough of low pressure. this is after mid night and likely a little thunder overnight. i don't expect severe weather. as we move into wednesday, that mix of sun and clouds. still lots in the way of dry hours. for today, 83 degrees. becoming party sunny. hit or miss showers in place for
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humid on thursday. cool front is looking to hold off until friday night and probably saturday. we look at the best chance of showers and storms and turning cooler with the highs in the low 70s for sunday and monday. >> now to commitment 2016, drum z is getting help campaigning from former new york city mayor giuliani. he's getting criticism after making this comment. >> under those 8 years before obama came along we didn't have any successful radical islamic attacks in the united states. it started when clinton and obama came into office. >> giuliani was mayor of new york city on the attacks on 9/11. a trump spokesperson tried to
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obama took office. >> 5400 people have now diagnosed with cancer since 9/11 linked to the attacks. most are first responders or volunteers. 12,000 cho have been diagnosed with mental health issues related to the attacks and 32,000 with breathing or other issues. >> a new york man is facing charges accused of killing a prayer leader and assistant. he killed the two men excuse style on saturday afternoon. they tracked down the suspect. the biker down the car information that lead to the suspect. the funerals were held yesterday and the muslim leaders are calling it a hate crime. >> their yiem was they were
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muslims. this bigot acted upon hatred. >> huge crowds gathered to remember the victims. >> the tsa broke a record, finding 78 guns inside of carry-on bags, that is the most weapons ever found in a single week. most of the guns were loaded and 20 had a round in the chamber. the tsa say that many forget they are carrying weapons. crash in chicago ends with a luxury car split in half. the driver was pulled just before exploding. the car crashed into a vehicle and swerved and hit a light pole and split in two and a fire started. the people in the area pulled the driver to safety.
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>> still ahead, continue coverage on the unrest in chicago. >> the family of the shooting victim speaks out against the violence and the message for the neighborhood. >> plus, exclusive interview with chief ed flynn and the work he's doing to keep the officers
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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>> welcome back. students are getting ready to head back to school and we have new information about the school lunch programs. >> a study shows there may be a link between the kids that receive free lunch and obesity. 21 million childn in the program, and the children need to gain weight more steadily. the researchers want to look at the components on what is offered. >> food commercials could have an influence on what kids eat. the scientists look at the brain activity of 23 kids as they watched the commercials. the kids were then offered a number of items to eat and the
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deciding what to eat. the commercials increase the likelihood of making faster and impulsive choices. >> older women could benefit from the hpv vaccine. it is approved women through age 26. the target age group for vaccinations are 11-12. the vaccine was 90% effective in preventing infections for the virus types for women ages 26-45. >> taking asset fete mine say that women should continue to take the medicine as not treating the favors or pain
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"12 news this morning" continues right now. >> right now we are following breaking news. >> emergency crews are on the scene of a house fire at 50th and right near sherman park. tim, what are you learning? is>> well, right w 50th and wright on the north side and as you can see a lot of emergency vehicles are here on the scene. the entire block of wright street is blocked off to traffic right now. we are going to the video we shot a half hour ago, the crews were called to scene and fieblthing the fire, they saw the smoke and flames shooting from the second floor of the home here. we got here around 4:45 on the


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