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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  August 16, 2016 5:30am-6:01am CDT

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>> breaking news, flames rip through a home in the sherman park neighborhood. now that fire reported around 4:00 this morning near 50th and wright. >> we are going live to tim el yet for updates. >> right now, i am standing at the intersection of 50th and wright. this fire took place a half block down the road here.
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earlier this morning. the fire crews were called to the scene around 4:00 and they found the heavy smoke and flames coming from the structure. that structure was vacant at that time. the fire was so intense it spread to a nearby home there on the south side of that home, and caused firefighters to evacuate that home. six people were nearby home. they were evacuated. they got out safely. the firefighters will be here for quite some time. fighting the fire was a challenge this morning. >> one of the things that happen, wires are burning off and we had wires lying in theal lie side of this and we had to be cautious in the approach because of the live wires
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>> in the past few days we have seen quite a few fires in the sherman park neighborhood. whether or not that is connected to what has been going on over the weekend it is unclear. right now we have no cause of this fire. >> tim, thank you. there is a large police presence in sherman park in the neighborhood the police made a few arrests and following two days of unrest sparked by an officer involved shooting over the weekend. the overnight curfew expired recently.
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until 5:00 a.m. there was a news conference overnight. >> the community in this neighborhood is responding to the positive messaging and not interested in damaging where they live. what is a major, major source of support is the faith community, the community groups who have been out there and working to make this a safe situation. >> the curfew for 17 and under is continuing at n further notice and at the end of the month, the normal school cur fee begins. >> officials also closed sherman park overnight. they wrapped a fence around the perimeter to keep people out of the park. this is near sherman and burleigh. the park will reopen at six this >> the orange fence was put up
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officials say that sherman park will be closed 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. until further notice. this is a step that the authorities are taking for the unrest in the area. people we spoke to last night were not happy to see the fence go up. >> sherman don't deserve this. we don't deserve this. that's just not fair. >> this is not going to change anything. this, this right here is going to make everything worse. >> while our crews were near the park, we saw the patrols from the milwaukee police and sheriff and wisconsin state patrol. back here live in the sherman park neighborhood, we are next to the bp gas station that was set on fire and the main building burned to the ground. there is a lot of clean up work left out here to do. i want to tell you about something that we just
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man walked up to them and handed them two bottles of water and shook their hands and said thank you. for now, we are live in the sherman park neighborhood "12 news this morning." >> relative calm out there this morning. >> tensions have been high in milwaukee for the last three days leading to unrest and violence. sunday night saw crowds clashing with police. ne c confrontation in sherman park. chopper also caught this moment sunday night when an officer was hit by a rock. you can see him fall and other officers help lead him away from the area. >> on saturday when the unrest first began, seven businesses were set on fire, including this bp station in sherman park. it was destroyed. firefighters had to keep their distance because of gunshots in the area. news chopper 12 flying again
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led to an explosion. this all began when a police officer shot and killed a suspect on saturday afternoon. according to police, sylville smith ran from a traffic stop. he had a stolen gun with him. during the chase, an officer shot smith twice. he later died. this all happened at 44th and auer. chief ed flynn says the officer who fired the shots is african-american and his body camera was working. the wisconsin department of investigation and will decide when that footage becomes public. >> new from overnight, family of the man killed by police gathered near sherman and auer just down the block from the shooting scene. police were also staged in that area. relatives and friends prayed near a makeshift memorial. they told wisn 12 news off camera, that they do not condone the violence that has broken out in the last few days. we'll have more information
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you can read the latest or watch the videos on the wisn 12 news app and >> now out the door with weatherwatch 12. >> sally is keeping a close eye on the forecast. good morning, sal. >> i am, with the temperatures this week in the 80s. summer is definitely not done. the showers, well, they are staying widely scattered for this morning and again tonight and tomorrow. we dry out we are keeping your eye on a sharp cold front. a cool down coming in and that means much better sleeping weather. highs that hold back into the 70s. this morning we have a couple of sprinkles across the area. with the sprinkles we are looking at the temperatures in the 60s and 70s. going up to the 80s today. we are in the 80s through friday.
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and 70s. winds are light and north and going light and south. low 80s today. melinda, ben. >> thank you. 5:38. disaster flooding in louisiana. >> coming to rescue before the car disappeared in the water. >> damage that the tornados behind in indiana. >> first, we are looking outside as we head to break this morning. clear start to the day.
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feingold: i'm russ feingold
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narrator: if he loses, senator johnson falls back on the ten million dollar bonus he paid himself as ceo. a big corporate payout for him. johnson: i've always said... i win either way. narrator: if he wins, he gets another six years to support tax loopholes and bad trade deals that ship jobs overseas. all to benefit corporations and multi-millionaires like him. johnson: i win either way. narrator: if johnson wins, wisconsin loses. >> right now, louisiana is dealing with a flooding disaster. a woman and her dog are safe this morning after being rescued from a sinking car. the rescue is all caught on camera. the workers getting to the car. they tried to break the windows and able to pull the woman to the surface just as the car goes under completely. this is the beginning there. this is the moment pulling the
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goes back and pulls the dog out. >> new this morning, tornadoes rip through parts of indiana. now we're getting a look at the damage left behind. the national weather service confirmed that tornadoes hit several counties in indiana. the storms damaged homes and power lines. one tornado destroyed a barn and a home. tornado warnings have expired but central indiana is still under a flash flood watch. wisn 12 news time now is 5:42. >> a serious wreck in chicago ends with a car split in half. caught on camera. what caused the wreck and how the driver managed to survive. >> and on the campaign trail, a former new york mayor is getting a lot of backlash. the comment he made that has new
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>> welcome back to "12 news this morning." 5:45. a look at what we are looking at on this tuesday, august 16th.
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>> not bad. yesterday 81 degrees. now clouds are and for early this morning and we have a couple of sprinkles showing up racine and kenosha county and there we are with a live look at mitchell international. 74 degrees there. some of the cloudiness there. the clouds are on the thinner side and continue to see it thin. the sun is peeking through the clouds today as we go up to degrees. there it is. the low pressure is pulling away and i anticipate partial sunshine today. isolated shower chances are minimal. the clouds hanging around early this morning. we begin to dry out. we call for the low 80s. ben? >> thank you, sal. we are following breaking news, the crews are battling a house fire at 50th and wright outside of the sherman park neighborhood.
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ago. the crews are saying that the fire began in an empty house and spread to the house next door. six people were inside of that home, including a child. they were able to make it out safely. no word on the cause of the fire or if it is part of the unrest in sherman park. >> if you're just waking up, it's been a quiet night and morning in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. police have not reported any major problems. and lingering crowds. there was a mandatory curfew in effect for people 17 and under. the park itself was closed and a fence was set up around it. this follows two days of unrest, saturday night and sunday night. wisn 12 news time now is 5:47. >> turning now to rio de janeiro and the olympic games. right now the u.s. is number one in the medal count by a big margin. american athletes have won a total of 75 medals including 26
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decided you see the women's 4000 meter final? check it out online. china comes in second with a total of 46 medals, 15 of those are gold. and great britain is in third place with 16 gold medals and 41 total. >> for tourists at the olympic games, sugarloaf mountain is a must-see. the iconic spot is visible from rio's beaches, but you have to go to the top of the mountain to really get a breathtaking view. wisn 12 news' nigel robertson made it to the top. he joins us now from olympic park. >> melinda, during our time here in rio, we've seen some amazing things. this, however, tops them all. towering into the sky at this one spot where the atlantic ocean meets the city, sugarloaf mountain is breathtaking. so is the ride to the top. >> i'm excited. we found jonathan goodson from indiana in the crowd of people getting ready to take the cable
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i like heights. >> the provide is smooth and if you get a good spot, well, the views take a look for yourself. once at the top, you get a view of the beach, the bay and the rio harbor, that makes the ride up worth it. >> it is beautiful. all kinds of beaches here and stuff. it is awesome. >> everyone needs to come to rio. evyo of the world seeing the beaches seeing the atlantic. >> clearly this is a popular spot people pulling out their phones getting selifes taking videos so i figured since i am here, i might as well do it myself. while we were here, from around the world were leaving messages. only for a moment taking their eyes off of all of this. honestly, you have to try and convince yourself when it's time to head back down, but you come back with a better view of what
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>> yea, way better, yea. sweeter like sugarloaf, you know what i mean. where does sugarloaf mountain gets its name from its shape resembling a refined loaf of sugar. in rio, nigel, wisn 12 news. >> thank you. it is open for tours since 1912. it is rebuild twice once in 1972 and very cool. are you afraid of heights? >> no. >> take the cable car? >> oh, yeah. i have to look up a loaf of sugar. >> right. a loaf of refined sugar. >> i will google that. >> that is essentially a pile? >> maybe. well early today a few clouds and the sun is peeking through later and the temperatures around 83.
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we have watching the visibility. every morning we watch this. we are getting reports of light and patchy fog across dodge county this morning. so take it easy if you are in one of those areas that gather the fog, you know, the lower lying valleys, areas near water. clouds are continuing to make their exit as the low pressure is pulling away. this is a rain maker for illinois and indiana and lower tonight a little trough of low pressure is pulling through. i do think we stand a chance for bringing a few showers, maybe thunder. early morning temperatures are mild, especially lake side. 74 at the airport. 68 for fond du lac and waukesha. so for today, plenty in the way of the holes in the clouds and a couple of showers on the model.
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throughout the day. at 5:00 this afternoon. by 9:00 the trough is getting closer and the clouds are coming back. showers and a few thundershowers are possible after 10:00 and through 5:00 tomorrow morning and i anticipate once again temperatures mid 80s. periods of clouds and periods of sun for tomorrow. could get a stray shower going tomorrow afternoon. much of the day tomorrow is dry as well. so 83 today. mid 8 thursday. we become party sunny. 72 tonight. isolated hit or miss showers tomorrow. dry and warm on thursday. friday i will keep us dry and warm once again. the cool front is holding off until saturday. >> sal, thank you. >> commitment 2016 now and the campaign trail. donald trump is getting some help campaigning from former new york mayor rudy giuliani. but giuliani is getting criticism this morning after he made this comment.
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years before obama came along, we didn't have any successful radical islamic terrorist attack in the united states. they all started when clinton and obama got into office. >> giuliani was mayor of new york during the world trade center attacks on 9/11 when george w. bush was president. a trump spokesman tried to backtrack saying that giuliani meant there were no attacks between the 9/11 attacks and when obama took office. >> nearly 15 years after 9/11, 5400 people have been diagnosed with cancers linked to the attacks. most of them are first responders or volunteers. along with the people fighting cancer. there are more than 12,000 who have been diagnosed with mental health issues related to the attacks and more than 32,000 with breathing or digestive issues. >> new this morning, a new york man is facing charges accused of
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police say oscar morel killed the two men execution-style on saturday afternoon. police tracked down the suspect with the help of a bicyclist who was hit by a car near the crime scene. the biker took down the car's information which led to morel. funerals for the two muslim men were held yesterday. muslim leaders are calling it a hate crime. >> their crime was that they were immigrants, minority and indeed this bigot acted upon his hatred. >> huge crowds gathered at the funeral. >> the tsa broke a record last week finding 78 guns in bags. that is the most weapons found in a week and most of the guns were loaded and more than 20 had a round in chamber. many travellers simply forget
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>> a crash in chicago ends with a luxury car split in half. the driver was pulled out 30 seconds before exploding. the car crashed into a lamboroughi. the people stepped in to pull the driver to safety. >> 5:55. still ahead, more coverage on the unrest in >> a family of a victim speaks out. >> an interview with chief ed flynn and the work he's doing to make sure that the officers stay
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>> the justice department found misconduct by volkswagon with the handling of the fiasco. >> saying what the cll charges will be. volkswagon agreed to pay $14.7 billion in a civil settlement. >> well, undisclosed number of customers that used credit cards at 20 hotels in at least ten states have had their credit
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they say unauthorized individuals installed malware on the processing system at the properties to capture payment card information. the company is working with the law enforcement and financial institutions to address the breach. >> aig is selling the stake in united guarantee to arch capital group. that is worth $3.4 billion. and the group is coming from the investor who called be split into three separate companies. the government bailed out aig and they have cut the business to focus on the core insurance operations. >> u.s. home builders are feeling better about the housing market. the index rose to 60. any reading above 50 is a sign that more builders are viewing
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most of the year. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:59. the news continues right now. >> breaking news, fire damages two homes near sherman park. >> investigators are looking into whether it is related to the incidents in the area. we are going live to tim elliott for the very latest. tim, what are you learning out >> well, ben, melinda, we are at 50th and wright. we are near the sherman park neighborhood. it is unclear where the vacant house fire is related to the unrest we have seen in that neighborhood. we want to show you the video from the morning. firefighters were called to the scene on 50th street just after 4:00 this morning. when arriving to the street,


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