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tv   Teen Kids News  ABC  December 11, 2016 11:00am-11:30am CST

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>> good morning. this is a live look outside looking pretty ok, but the snow is starting to fall again. a lot of the highways are hearing speed ok. right along 94, there were some areas that shut up as no covers. if you are driving to the game today, the roads on 43 also
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time and drive slow. at this point, we are on detail and of the system. we're not really seeing the fake flakes, but we did get most overnight activity. , they will be cap's inaction. heavier bands rolling through. get ready for another little burst here. that is towards dodgeville, where it will be ending. we are under winter storm warning that will continue until
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around. the main bulk of it -- we will continue until 8:00 tonight. just be safe. that's hard. so i try to plan out my time. as best as i can. - [amelia] how about when you've got an assignment to write or a paper, to complete a project? do you start on it right away t minute? - i usually start thinking about it. and then i don't get around to it until the last minute because i had things to do. - there's a 15 letter word means that means putting off doing something we don't wanna do. even though we know we have to do it. that word is. - i think that's procrastination. - cotion.rrect, procrastina great sat word.
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ing netflix. - i procrastinate by watch and listening to broadway show tunes. - usually, you know, video games, maybe youtube. some type of internet or social media. - how do you procrastinate? - by sleeping. - i usually watch tv or maybe listen to music. and before i know it, i've spent hours on the internet. and that's usually what happens. before i do my homework. otherwise i'll get distracted. - the problem is that procrastinating only makes things harder. but some of us just can't help ourselves. for advice on learning how to not procrastinate, we again, turn to dr. roni cohen-sandler. hi. - it's great to be here. - why do we procrastinate? - you know, it's human nature to procrastinate when we're tired or we're distracted. or we wanna avoid something
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then we wanna take anap or , maybe go online so we can stop thinking about what we have to do. - of course there's a real downside here. because by the time you finally get around to doing whatever it is you've been avoiding, you have even less time to complete the work. - that's very true. and not only that, but all that pressure that you were putting off comes back with a vengeance. and so then when you have less time, and you're anxious, it's even harder to concentrate. plus, while you were avoiding everything you have to do, ing over your head. so you really weren't getting to relax and enjoy yourself. that's why it's probably better to get it over with and then you can do what youin our genes? enjoy it. - is procrastinating something we have no control over? or is it something we can stop doing? - well, it may seem like it's in your genes. because everybody does it. and it seems to be catching. but the good news is,
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- well, the first thing you have to do is to figure out why you're procrastinating in the first place. then you can find solutions to those problems. - okay. we'll think about why we procrastinate during this commercial break. and then get some dr. cohen on how to stop. teen kids news will be right back.
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someing we don't wanna do even thouthgh we know we have to do it. what is it? - procrastinat ion. - we're back with dr. roni cohen-sandler. and she's about to give us some advice on how to not procrastinate. doctor, you created a checklist we can use to see what causes us to procrastinate. let's start with one of the seven dwarfs. sleepy. - yes. it's understandable that you're sleepy because like most agers, you probably don't getteen to school all day long is very very exhausting. so when you get home, it's natural that you feel tired when you have to face you homework. so there are few things that you can do. you can listen to upbeat music. you can exercise a little bit like move around. for example, just taking a 10 minute walk can boost your energy. for up to two hours. also you can change your routine a little bit
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- yes, the brain needs fuel to work properly just like your car. so obviously you're gonna wanna have a snack. but the thing is, you don't wanna raid the pantry for those comfort carbs. because they make you feel very sluggish. so instead, reach for some protein. have a handful of nuts, or some cheese, or maybe an apple with some peanut butter, which is delicious also. - then there's being mentally exhausted. - yeah, that's a hard one, because when we're mentally exhausted, we tend tooverwhelmed. feel so one of the things i like to do is to make a list. it's very satisfying. because you get to organize yourself. and then when you complete each task, you get to cross it off, which is fantastic. also you wanna pace yourself. so you may be one who likes to do ar hard stuff first.ll you and then do the easy stuff later.
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and finally it's good bit of ae just a little you know, take a few minutes out to do something relaxing. - finally, you say that we may procrastinate because we're too stressed. - yes, that's a very common reason for procrastination. so although it sounds a little hokey, one of the most important things you could do is just to take a couple of very slow deep breaths. and the reason that works is that it clears out stress hormones. so your brain gets very relaxed. another good thing is to exercise. exercising in the afternoon helps you blow off steam and as i said before, you also feel more energized. and the last thing to do is make some time to relax. so do something for five or 10 minutes that you know is gonna make you feel very serene. pet your dog. talk to a friend. doodle. do whatever you have to do. but set your alarm on your phone
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best strategy for dealing with procrastination is self discipline. - you're absolutely right. and that's such a good word. beca mostuse researchers are finding that that is the important thing that determines whether people are successful. so it's a good thing to practice. great information. - thanks, doctor. - thanks for having me. - there are lots of clever little sayings to remind us to not procrastinate. don't put off tomorrow what you can do today. or he who hesitates is lost. a job begun is a job half done. of course, she didn't have to do homework every night. and study for tests. and write term papers. and prep for the sats, but still her point is well taken. the hardest part is getting started. if you can develop the self discipline to avoid avoidance, it'll serve you well for all life long. for teen kids news, i'm amelia. s. - we've got lots more you about on teen kids new
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build your own website or phone app? as diyu reports, you don't need to be a math genius to learn how. - laptops, tablets, and smart phones all have one thing in common. they depend on programs to's s who write those operatin g th systems are called programmers. they use letters, numbers, and symbols to create the code that tells the computers what to do. listen to this. - really,the younger you t into coding, the better you are in your career whether you wanna go into programming itself or you wanna go into other industries. - [diyu] the new york code and design academy offers a summer camp and classes for teens to learn to code. and if you're worrieu need to t yo don't me bas iclis kear oe kind of helpful, and if you're worrieu need to t yo
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naming your files and like naming, standard naming conventions. other than that, nothing. it's pretty easy to pick up. s - [diyu] students are taught building web pages and designing mobile applications. - we've learned things like html and css, which are basically just basic little website things of how to do like basic background colors and how to post links. - [diyu] afterring that, maste susanna says students are ready to move into more en we learned ruby an how to have users like put in passwords and user names and then have the website actually check its database - they've all learned to show to buildwere correct. database driven websites. so something like twitter or facebook is all within their research once they're done with this program.g ona - i'm workinn app that allows students to basically update their grades. and the amount of time they spent studying.
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- my project is similar to meta critic and meta critic is kind of like this website where they do a lot of reviews on everything like music, tv shows, movies. - right now i'm working on sort of like in a way, like a facebook or like a twitter page. where i can have users post little blogs or like, i'm gonna try and have them be able to post pictures as well and maybe even videos. - [diyu] being able to write code is more than just fun. - so sometimes you can become a web developer. you could lead a team that's developing a software product. you can go into any of the. you can become mission control person. a or you could become a scientist who analyzes vast amounts of data. - so far i've learned a lot. and designing apps and working on the web,somethis it's just with practice and pae
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- there's no code needed to know that's great advice. with the growing popularity of computers, there's also going to be demand for people who understand the technology. so if you're interested in learning to code, look online for courses in your area. and yes, someone had to write the code cellphone on vibrate a lot, for you to be able to do that.r you're using up your battery a lot. so whenever you can, switch to ring tone. your battery will thank you. - if you're a new driver, there's a lot to keep in mind. that's why we're bringing you another important message from the national road safety foundation.
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- dude, i'm running late. i'll be there as fast as i can. (cheering) - [group] life is not a race. go your own pace. (cheering) - coming up,
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teen kids news will be right back. g eny i loved when my dad and i cooked breakfastogher. he aays called me his honey. but then he ted using the ki. one night the police came in withhite suits and gas masks. i was taken tohe hospital .
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- for many of us school mornings tend to be a mad rush to get out the door. (upbeat music) but did you notice something wrong with i forgot what you just saw? for academic success. breakfast. thanks, mom. breakfast has a big impact on how well we do in school. research shows that skipping the meal can affect how quickly we process information. as well as reduce our ability to concentrate. on those days that you just don't have time to sit and eat at home, at least pack some protein in your backpack.
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- 50 us states, 50 state flags. each one with its own unique history. here's eric with flag facts. (drums beating) - oregon state flag pays tribute to its bountiful landscape and early settlers. two different images on the front side and reverse side. you have a beaver on the reverse side. then on the front, you have the conestoga wagon for the pioneers. - other images in the heart shaped center are a sunset, a mountain peak, a forest, a plow, sheaves of wheat, and a pick ax. the 33 stars represent oregon's place as our 33rd state. but the most interesting elements may be the
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while the other is an american merchant ship arriving. they symbolize the transfer of power from british rule to american independence. above it all, the american eagle protectively spreads its wings. and as randy said, oregon state animal, the beaver, gets one whole side of the flag to itself. no other american animal can make that claim. with flag facts, i'm eric. ishi- if you ever intend to go fhales, don't do it in ohio. state law says you can't. geography also says you can't. that's because the nearest ocean is almost 600 miles away. and while ohio does border lake erie, there are no whales on lake erie. to think that ohio lawmakers would pass such a weird law
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- babe ruth made home runs famous in the early 1920s. but another person who contributed to that was jimmy fox. fox lived the american league at home runs four times during his career. and also won the 1933 triple crown. his 534 home runs currently rank 17th on the all time home runs list. but at the time ement, of his retir they ranked second all time, i'm matt with teen kids news. - if you like to eat a se sandwich,grilled chee who doesn't. i've got a unique way to make one. i'll show you how when teen kids news continues.
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for those interested in becoming a chef or working in food services. so when they come up with a recipe, you know it's going to be good.
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you probably think about using a pan and stove top. but i'm going to show you how to grill your sandwich in the oven. let's get started. you'll need a feat toast. of whole whea few pats of b. about two tablespoons of mayo. and about a cup of whichever cheese you prefer. mine's gruyere, i think it makes the best grilled cheese. we'll start with the two slices of toast. lay the two bottoms end to end so it kind of opens like a book. you'll wanna take your mayo i'm using an olive oil low fat mayo. it's healthier that way. still tastes delicious. next we add the cheese.. you wanna take a little bit ofhe cheese t and make an even layer on one side of the sandwich. it's okay if it overflows.
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next, thatll wanna close the book. close the sandwich just like,e as much as you can. on one side, yutou're gonna wanna take the bter and spread it on top of the sandwich. p now thisart's important. the butter side directly on to the parchment paper. this'll kind of act as the pan on t stove top.he on the top side of the sandwich now, spread more butter. so that it browns on the top too. next it's into the oven.
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golden brown and delicious. hot too. mm. a grilled cheese that's sure to please. at the culinary institute of america, for teen kids news, i'm fletch. - yum, that looks delicious. can't wait to make it. that's it for now. but teen kids news will be back next week. see you then.
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