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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 430  FOX  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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issues early in the process, they will not occur again and the timing and speed will pick up. now at 4:30... issues for some and smooth sai in wisconsin. the latest as workers attempt to sort out the ballots. also this morning... calling for a resignation! why one milwaukee county says sheriff clarke needs to step down. good morning and thanks for starting your day with wakeup. lets go straight to our fox6 weather expert rob haswell in
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we begin this morning with the hillary clinton has cut into donald trump's lead by 1 vote-- thanks to results in menominee county, who finished their recount last night. here in milwaukee county, it was a slow start. after day 1 almost no problems are found with the ballots. ben handelman has more it was not a speedy kick off. we got off to a slower start than we anticipated. in milwaukee, at the request of the green party each and every ballot machine was tested taking extra hours. eventually--- recount
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few problems. in brown deer, it was discovered one person sent in two absentee ballots. in milwaukee county-- some ballots rejected. there have been a couple that have been rejected because they were improperly filed. 8 to be exact. the first municipality to finish their recount in milwaukee county, the tiny village of river hills. the numbers there matching perfectly with election day results. onlookers include representatives from the clinton, green, and trump campaigns. i don't know if they wanted to give money to the st fee. we're here anyhow. hillary clinton trails donald trump by over 22,000 votes. there is no indication the numbers have shifted very much after the recount's first day. when we get deeper into it, hopefully we don't want to find anything worng. after the recount's first day. when we get deeper into it, hopefully we don't want to find anything worng. green party leaders say they are pleased with how the day went. when asked about criticism from republicans this is a waste of time and money-- i say wait to day 12.
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the last municipality to turn in its numbers last night was brown deer. recount workers say the numbers there matched those on election day. work on counting the votes will continue at 8 a-m today . milwaukee county wasn't the only place to deal with a slow start to the recount. waukesha did not start until late last night. meanwhile it seems to be smooth sailing for other counties. angelica joins us from the newsroom with more on the efforts. start yesterday. they did not begin counting until 10 last night. workers spent the day validating absentee ballots and the ballots that were cast on election day-- making sure everything is filled out correctly. however they only got about two hours of actual counting in. calling it quits right around midnight. the group is expected to return to work around 9 a-m today. it's smooth sailing in dodge county where paid volunteers are hand counting the ballots. on day one, 18 out of
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absentee ballots that were not in proper envelopes. those will not be included in the recount. overall, dodge county clerk, karen gibson, says the count is going well. saying the volunteer response was outstanding. however gibson says she thinks she will need until december 12th to count all the ballots. kim and jessob. back to you. the green party called for a state- wide hand recount.. but the courts said our area -- milwaukee and waukesha counties are machine counting votes. so are racine and sheboygan counties. walworth is doing both. fond du lac, ozaukee, kenosha ,jefferson ,washington and dodge counties are hand counting. meanwhile in michigan-- president elect donald trump has filed an objection to the recount there. now it won't start until next week at the earliest. but no matter what-- the deadline is less than 2 weeks away. visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and click the "politics" tab to get regular updates on
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to the daily vote totals in "links." happening today-- the milwaukee county board will meet to discuss pension payments for county employees. documents show milwaukee county paid 11 million dollars in pension payments to retirees last month. it was to make up for underpayments made to county employees who have already retired. and they're due another 6 million. county chairman theo lipscomb says county executive chris abele acted too slowly. once the i- r-s approved the repayment plan. a milwaukee county supervisor is calling for the resignation of milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. in a statement supervisor "supreme moore omokunde" says it needs to happen before quote "more people die". he says four people have died in the milwaukee county jail in the last six months-- including a newborn baby. the child's mother has sued the sheriff's office. omokunde
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hold his officers accountable." in response the sheriff released a statement comparing the supervisor's name to a comic book character -- and saying the supervisor is upset that clarke helped donald trump get elected president. a milwaukee police officer could get a promotion - even after spending time behind bars. sergeant john corbett was pulled over in rural fond du lac county for o-w-i back in november 2010. dash cam shows him taking a field sobriety test. a police daughter was in the car and she had been driving earlier. corbett was suspended from m- p-d for 60 days. he served 30 days in jail with work release. lost his license for 15 months and lost 17-thousand dollars because of the incident. the fire and police commission will meet next week to determine whether corbett receives a promotion to lieutenant. a mother-- charged with failure to prevent her sons child abuse... is now
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25-year old megan scott was the mother of three year old aiden archer. scott and her then boyfriend, 28-year old maurice snyder faced multiple charges for aidens death. the boy died in june last year after significant trauma to his head and body. when police were called to this house, officials say needles were found inside. the child-abuse awareness group 'guardians of the children' has been following aidens story and says they were surprised by these developments. disturbing new discoveries about the mrd this is a picture of trevion winningham taken several years ago. milwaukee police say he was taken to the hospital with numerous injuries on tuesday but later died. fox6 has learned one of the people taken into custody for the death has a previous child neglect conviction. this was after one-year-old bryan alston died in her care in 2003. a source says another child is still hospitalized from the incident. it is a big weekend for badger fans. still ahead--
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match up against penn state. plus-- donald trump makes another pick for his cabinet. why his latest choice may be easier said than done. and wildfires cause major damage down in tennessee. the good news city officials announce to residents.
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the badgers football team was a pleasant surprise for many fans this year. now, they're vying for the big ten championship on saturday night. but their season wasn't a surprise inside the locker room. brandon cruz has more. "lucas oil stadium is a familiar place to some of the badgers. unfortunately, their memory from a couple of years ago is a bad one as they were embarrassed by ohio state. the seniors that
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redemption against penn state 'were definitely happy to get back there and reinstate why we belong and not feed off the last time we were there and we want to give people a different image of who the wisconsin badgers are in a championship environment.' 'big ten championship game is where wisconsin expects to be weve been there 4 of the last 6 years and thats something that we wear with a great deal of pride and we expect ourselves senior its a big honor to lead a team into a big ten championship that is a goal we set forth early in the season.' "if anything that paul chryst has taught them this year, it's the fact that they should have short memories and only focus on the next game. and again, that is penn state saturday night as they hope to come out as big ten champions unlike they did two years ago. from indianapolis, brandon cruz fox six sports. you can watch the big 10 championship right here on fox6. coverage from indianapolis kicks
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president elect trump travels the country as thank you to voters. after the break-- the announcement he made about his cabinet in ohio and what will need to happen, to make his latest choice official. plus-- a fit of road rage turns fatal. why the n-f-l is now mourning the victim. and president obama celebrates his last presidential christmas. but not without a few laughs. the funny moment at this year's tree lighting. you are watching the fox 6
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president-elect donald trump makes another big announcement on his cabinet. this coming duin thank you tour. fox's patricia stark, has more. 0:19-0:23 donald trump / r president elect0:29-0:38 john solz / / courtesy: "the kelly file" / fox news channel 0:43-0:47 carl higbie / trump supporter / courtesy: "the kelly file" / fox news channel 1:24-1:31 gen. jack keane ret. / fox news military analyst / courtesy: "the kelly file" / fox news channel1:32- 1:40 patricia stark / fox news correspondent on-cam "fox news" tag -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------- ----- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- --------------------- ----------- trump says: "i am
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president-elect donald trump goes on a victory tour... giving thanks to voters in swing states who helped him win the election. he acknowledged how controversial his win has been... as it's sparked riots in cities throughout the country. trump says: "we're a very divided nation but we're not going to be divided for long. i've always brought people together. i know you find that hard to believe." democrats say his speech has done nothing to bring the country together. soltz says: "i haven't seen anything yet to make me think he's actually going to outreach and be some type of leading, a leader of our country who actually wants to unify because this was a very partisan political speech." but republicans say he's already proving he can be a leader. higbie says: "as he goes on this tour i think people are actually seeing donald trump is not as divisive as i think he is." the biggest speech, though, was the nomination of his secretary of defense. trump says: "we are going to appoint 'mad dog' mattis as our secretary of defense... crowd cheers ... but we're not announcing it until monday 12/5 so don't tell anybody!" but there are road blocks ahead as military leaders have to be retired for seven years before they can
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working in the house and the senate to get that waiver for general mattis because there will be tremendous support for him." on-cam tag mister trump still hasn't held a press conference since winning the election... but says he will have one on december fifteenth. in new york, patricia stark, fox news. road rage leads to a deadly shooting. now the n-f-l is mourning the victim. angelica joins us from the newsroom with new information. a former nfl running back is dead after an apparent road rage shooting in louisiana. 28-year-old joe mcknight was part of an argument at an in orleans suburb. one witness says she saw a man yelling at another, with someone trying to apologize as the man shot him multiple times. police have identified the shooter. mcknight played at usc, before going to the nfl in 2010, where he played for the new york jets and kansas city chiefs. kim. back to you. eleven people are now confirmed dead following raging wildfires in tennessee. several others are still missing. rescue crews have been working around the clock, putting out brush fires and searching for
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destroyed or damaged, and 14- thousand people were evacuated. some good news after the fires- the mayor of sevier county says some businesses in the area have reopened. the engineer in a 2013 train derailment in the bronx has filed a lawsuit for 10 million dollars. claiming the commuter rail he worked for was to blame. engineer william rockefeller says metro north should have equipped the train with an automatic braking the train when it exceeded the posted speed limit. rockefeller allegedly fell asleep at the controls, causing the train to derail. four people were killed and 70 others injured in that crash. a quick reminder for anyone who owns a car in milwaukee. the city's winter parking regulations are in effect. even though we haven't really seen any significant snowfalls the regulation went into effect as scheduled. that means in most neighborhoods you'll have to alternate which side of the street you park on. to get a refresher-- visit our website
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learned about structural problems at the mitchell park domes. the issued forced them to close, but they are open once again. julie collins was there for the grand re-opening. underneath the beautiful music of the latino arts string can hear the oooos and ahhhhs from dome admirers. 'oh i spirit.' its a welcomed sight after months of being closed. in feburary of this year the domes closed due to the unsafe conditions when concrete began falling from the dome structures. in april stainless steel mesh was put into place to form a lining inside the entire domes...protecting it from further damage. the domes are now sturtually sound and safe - and to celebrate -- a grand reopening ceremony for all 3 domes. 'i think its exciting, the domes are something that everyone in
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experience and its great that they are reopened especially at the holiday time.' the milwaukee county board chairmen agrees it's a happy day but says theres more work to be done. because the wire meshing is only a short-term fix. 'were proud to be here but i just want people to make sure that were planning for the future and not just remember a place of the past.' - 'the task force here at the domes meet earlier this week to find a viable solution for the future of the domes but theyre asking the public for your help. they have a survey online and we have a link to it on dot com. reporting outside the mitchell park domes, julie collins. fox 6 news.' sit, rollover, stay. ahead at five: the trick one puppy accomplished that will have you stunned. and then at six... the election recount continues this morning. what we can expect after some areas got a slow start last night. plus-- turkey pardon or tree lighting? which one is president obama's favorite? we have the very funny answer next.
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time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this morning.. a photo of an unexpected guest on a kayak ride is going viral. a man and his wife were kayaking in california, when he says a
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in! local officials say there can be anywhere between 50-to-more than 100 otters in the area, which makes the probability of something like this happening, quite common. so it's important to make the animals feel comfortable in their environment. the kayaker says after about 15 minutes, he shooed the otter off the boat and back into the water. this year is a special one for the mall of america. for the first time ever, the mall of america i visit an african-american santa claus. larry jefferson will play old saint nick this year. when asked about the reactions he receives from kids.. he say they are innocent and just excited to see santa. santa larry is by appointment only at the mall. two other santas will be there to help with the holiday rush. this one is easier because a tree does not move, it does not gobble, you just push a button and it's electrified --which is exactly what you
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thought that was funny michelle. president obama was in high spirits as he and his family lit the national christmas tree for the final time in his presidency. taking place in president's park- the celebration included a concert with kelly clarkson, marc anthony and garth brooks. the national christmas tree has been a washington tradition for more than 90 years. the first such ceremony occurred unde coolidge back in 19-23. "the process is going slow, slower than i expected it to. and so i think our biggest
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time." now at 5- the election recount in wisconsin-- off to a slow start in some counties. day two of the recount is just hours away. the latest on the process across the state. a milwaukee county supervisor-- asking the sheriff to step down. what problems the supervisor says he is seeing in the county jails. rob joins us now with more on the weather. rob's weather a very stubborn low is very slowly exiting our area today with high pressure moving that will mean a slow drying today with a few breaks in the clouds late. temperatures will get into the mid to upper 30s today and stay in that range through sunday. a new low arrives sunday with rain and snow likely. we could see up to an inch of accumulation. we warm into the low 40s monday and tuesday. today: mostly cloudy and cooler. early am drizzle then drying. high: 38 wind: nw 5-10 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. low: 28


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