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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 7, 2009 12:05am-1:05am EDT

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americans, it was that music and those cars pulling into a suburban chicago high school that captured a moment in time. >> does barry manilow know that you raid his wardrobe? >> john hughes had a knack for finding the drama, angst and pain that the -- of the teenage years. his first hit, "16 candles" channels the thoughts and fears of the awkward overlooked high school girl. in the "breakfast club", he defined and examined an turned upside down the high school caste system. >> you stick to what you know. shopping. >> in "pretty in pink" he took on the issues of class and money. >> you're ruining it for me. >> following those immensely successful string of films, hughes kept go bagging to high school -- kept going back to high school. "weird science" was every high
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school geek's fantasy. >> what would you like to do first? >> bueller? >> and in "ferris buhler's day off" he took the other side of the class, featuring the popular kids. after hughes' huge comrcial success as the writer of "home alone" -- he spent his last years writing a string of largely forgettable comedies under a series of pseudonyms. but for millions of americans, many now with their own teenagers to raise, it's that library and that music that will define high school forever. >> welme to new york. the breakfast club. ♪ >> our condolences to his family and our gratitude for a body of work that will never be forgotten. and that's our report for tonight. fromll of us at abc negows, night, america.
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hello, i'm jimmy kimmel, and this is the brand new madden nfl 10. this year's game has a new feature called online co-op. with online co-op, you can join forces with a friend online to work on game strategy, practice plays, and see what it's like to play the game from a different perspeive with position-specific camera angles. most people have to wait until august 14 to get a copy, but we're giving one away to a lucky pedestrian tonight. assuming that pedestrian was paying attention to what i just said. cousin sal is out on the street. hello, cousin sal. >> hello, cousin jimmy. >> what's next to you? >> this is my new pal chris. >> what's his name? >> chris. >> i'm sorry. where you from? >> austin. >> you're here on vacation? >> i'm living here now. >> today or a few months ago? >> a few years ago. >> if you answer this correctly, you get an advance copy of the
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game and if you get it wrong, my cousin sal, gets to paint your face with the team colors of his choice. they are the colors of the dallas cowboys. ready to do this? >> i'm ready. >> what is the name of the feature that allows you to join forces with a friend online? sal, i think you're supposed to wait until he actually answers your question. >> he doesn't know it. >> do you know what it is? >> madden nfl 10. fight for every yard. in stores friday, august 14. >> "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with sienna erll, animal trainer dave salmoni and the extraordinary finale of "my new bff". ,
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♪ new degree men's deodorant. mind-blowing fragrances. with covergirl exact eyelights. mascara with light reflecting metallics and a hint of tint that brightens eye color while defining lashes. turn up the light in your eyes. [ female announcer ] with exact eyelights from easy breezy beautiful covergirl. >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- sienna miller.
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the finale of jimmy's "my new bff". and animal trainer dave salmoni. with cleto and the cletones. and now, from this moment on, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by abc, inc. >> welcome. welcome to the show. i'm jimmy. thank you for participating in abc's comedy for clunkers program. i'm glad you're here. by the way, i almost fell in the way in. thank god i didn't because that would have been a national
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tragedy. would have been funny though. for those of you who twitter, it was a very difficult day today. a vicious attack by hackers shut down our nation's most vital method of communication. for about two hours this morning, no one could find out what breakfast cereal ashton kutcher was eating. i don't twitter personally, but i was like omging about it, and when it came on i was lol about it. facebook got attacked too and here for a while in hollywood, people were forced to tweet in person. >> hey, toshi, toshi, i just went to see bea and had a chai latte. >> okay. >> omg, it's hot. >> i've got to go. >> see you later. >> you're hurting my arm. >> lmfao. >> what does that mean? >> ibhafi. >> huh?
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>> i don't have any [ bleep ] idea. i don't really have any [ bleep ] idea. >> we know. we understand, uncle frank. you see? >> i still don't understand what i said. [ laughter ] >> you'll fig your it -- figure it out in the next decade. we have a couple of dangerous things that will happen. sien sienna miller is here. [ cheers and applause ] and the "g.i. joe" movie premieres across the street and i'm doing something dangerous with her. and an animal expert, dave salmoni. he goes to actually live with a pride of lions, and he's here tonight with a variety of animals. well, there he is backstage. he's got -- i think that's like a chicken or something. [ laughter ] everyone in the audience tonight
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is going home within ocelot, so that's going to be fun. [ cheers and applause ] and in tonight's michael jackson news, this is something. according to "rolling stone" magazine within hours of michael's death his family was already at his house with moving trucks and they took everything. including his rented furniture. that's a classy group right there, right? that's jermaine dragging a sofa bed out on the lawn. latoya with two lamps in her arms. meanwhile, visirs to the museum in chicchago have been surprised to see micel jackson's face on this 3,000-year-old egyptian bust. normally i don't pay much attention to this stuff, but that is definitely him. i mean, that is -- brother of prince nefertito. it was a scary night for steven tyler. he was performing in surges at the motorcycle rally.
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he's okay. they had to airlift him to the hospital. i'm glad you're laughing. he's fine. we have a link to him he's there in the hospital. how are you holding up, steven? >> um, i'm doing -- you know, pretty good, jimmy. just slipped a bit. >> well, what happened there? >> well, i was singing "love in an elevator" and the sound cut out. so i just started dancing, tryingo entertain everybody. and i tripped on my lips. [ laughter ] >> you did what? >> i tripped on my lips. >> you tripped on your lips? >> and i broke every bone in my body. of course, except, my limbs. >> i'm sorry to hear that. but that is good news about the lips. >> yeah. my -- my lips are really important to me. >> well, steven, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. we wish you a speedy recovery. >> thanks a lot, everybody. >> steven tyler, everybody.
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either steven tyler or the octomom, i'm not sure. rapper c murder is on trial in louisiana for murder. [ laughter ] if his name is c shoplifting it would be for that. it centers around a nightclub in 2002. right no the prosecution is calling witnesses. here's the highlight from today. >> testify continues today in the trial of a rapper in new orleans. cory miller is charged with the murder of a fan and if convicted miller could spend the rest of his life in prison. did you see c murder murder? then what? >> c murder murder. yeah. >> did you see murder c murder? >> no, i didn't see murder. >> did c murder? >> no i didn't see it. >> what about you, did you see murder? >> c murder.
12:17 am
>> see like c murder or see like yes? >> si, i see c murder murder. but i didn't see nothing, sir. [ laughter ] >> you know what? it's going to be the who's on first of our generation right. there very nice acting, guillermo. very, very nice. if convicted c murder faces detention and/or electrocution. in future criminal news, there's a show called "toddlers and tiaras". they follow these kids and their horrible parents as they prepare for and compete in beauty pageants, and they feel very comfortable in front of the cameras doing things like this. ♪ ♪ >> you know, i think it doesn't
12:18 am
matter your shape, your size for me if you have a good personality, if you really put yourself out there, if a girl is confident in yourself, that's the most important thing. >> by the way, that man, her father. [ laughter ] you thought your dad was embarrassing with the white generic sneakers he wears. as you know, former president bill clinton returned to the united states with two female journalists who had been imprisoned in north korea. some of the details of the trip are being revealed. apt apparent -- apparently it was financed by entertainment mogul steve bing who is an old friend of the clintons. he lent bill his 737 and his p.r. firm organized the press conference for when they landed and they normally handle celebrities and movie promotion, which led to some speculation that they might be planning to make a movie about the trip. and sure enough, it turns out
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they are and there's already even a trailer for it. >> a true tale of heroism. an evil dictator. two loneljournalists. one horny president. [ laughter ] scarlet johansson is euna lee and megan fox is laura ling. jessica alba is al gore. and introducing william jefferson clinton as himlf. president humpy saves the world. coming to theaters everywhere except near hillary. >> we have a good show tonight. on the show tonight, sienna miller is here. dave salmoni is here with animals. and when we come back, the exciting conclusion to jimmy kimmel's "my new bff", so stick around.
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a new da♪y - dr. tom schmidt. - dr. jillian skelton ♪ hi, there. with us, a very talented and some would say very attractive -- i would be one of them -- young lady.
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her new movie "g.i. joe, the rise of cobra" opens tomorrow. sienna miller is here. also here tonight, from animal planet, predator expert dave salmoni. tonight, dave has a lion cub, ocelot, african penguins, binturong, kinkajou, and a red tegu lizard. and they're all here to kill us. [ applause ] tomorrow night, quentin tarantino, rachel nichols and comedian doug benson. excuse me. if you watched this show last night, you saw the exciting part one of my reality show, "jimmy kimmel's my new bff". if you missed it, you can see it on the "jimmy kimmel live" youtube page. when we left off, one potential best friend had been eliminated and seven remained. here now ithe thrilling conclusion to "my new bff". enjoy. >> previously on "my new bff".
12:25 am
>> i hit the streets of hollywood to challenge some westies to the most important challenge ever -- make me a sandwich. who will i pick? which one of these nobodies will become my new bff? ♪ >> okay, let's close the curtains back up and when they open, i would like applause. [ laughter ] >> hey, jimmy! >> thanks, guys. well, this is -- this is the no fun part. it's time to start eliminating some people.
12:26 am
anthony, you decided to go with the short socks. short socks. your socks are very short. sorry, anthony, but you've been ejiminated. >> i thought we made a connection. >> josh, -- >> i think being your best friend we'd like the same thing. >> josh, you assumed -- you've been ejiminated. be careful. jo i'm going to need you to drop by the school -- >> maybe. >> maybe's are for babies, i didn't he a maybe for a bff.
12:27 am
ttyn -- you have been ejiminated. >> the last guy that called me a baby you don't even want to know what happened. >> mr. muscles. >> this sandwich has been prepared with healthy on it. >> i don't eat healthy sandwiches. i don't eat healthy anything. you have been ejiminated. >> thank you, sir. >> i would have been the best friend. that he could have had. >> thank you, mr. muscles. >> but he blew that. >> tim, dillon, congratulations, you're moving on to the final round. ♪ [ laughter ] >> it takes a lot to be my bff. do you have what it takes?
12:28 am
>> hi, jimmy. >> how are you? >> man, i'm doing terrific. >> what do you like to do for fun? >> play music. that's all i do for fun. >> what sort of music do you play? jazz? >> blues for sure. blues is in my heart, man. >> i do have a harmonica, so tell me what you think of this. >> okay. ♪ >> hold on, jimmy, hold on for just a minute. you have to play with the feeling, man. >> you think i'm not playing with feeling? >> no, not yet. [ laughter ] >> criticizing my harmonica playing? i don't think so. where you from? >> ohio. >> what do you there? >> i work for a food manufacturer, i'm a salesman. we make franks, sauerkraut and city barbecue sauce and -- >> you make sauerkraut and barbecue sauce? >> and ketchup and steak sauce. >> we're off to a good start
12:29 am
here. it could be you and me under a pile of sauerkraut covered with barbecue sauce. >> that could be good. ♪ ♪ follow your heart, follow your dreams ♪ ♪ we'll be together destiny >> it's challenge time. gentlemen, it all comes down to this. the final challenge. three of you are positioned to be my next best friend forever. but you have to earn it. inside this kiddie pool full of mashed potatoes i have hidden a friendship bracelet. whoever comes up with that friendship bracelet will become my bff. are you ready? have at it. really get in there. wow. this is taking longer than i expected. >> where is it?
12:30 am
>> you know what i just realized? that i actually had it in my pocket. so, um, -- well, let's just -- let's just go inside then and i'll just pick, okay? >> this is bull [ bleep ]! >> it all comes down to this. time to pick my new bff. clapping, please. [ applause ] so it comes down to three. all good men. all worthy of being my bff. but i can only choose one of you. however, it's kind of ridiculous to pick a best friend, you know, from something like this. just randomly off the street. and i was just thinking that,
12:31 am
you know, guillermo, you and i have known each for a really long time and maybe you'd like to be my bff. >> sure. >> congratulations, guillermo. you are my new bff. >> thank you, jimmy. >> thank you, guillermo. >> thank you very much. >> sorry, guys. >> what is bff? >> i'll explain, don't worry. thanks, guys. curtains. i'd hug you but you're covered with mashed potatoes. [ cheers and applause ] >> we'll be right back with sienna miller. 's very personal. to be able to communicate directly with your teacher instead of being in a class of 300 makes all the difference in the world. there's math lab, there's writing lab, there's just so many resources available to you. it gives you real world experience; i have the information directly from people who are working in the field. you get experience and knowledge from people who are all across the nation. - my name is adam. - deanna. am phxa ni
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12:36 am
cobra". please say hello to sienna miller. [ cheers and applause ] well, you look fantastic. thank you for coming. >> hi. i'm kind of overdone. not that i wouldn't dress for you. >> of course. >> i've got a look going on. >> well, you're known as a fashion -- really like a trend setter. so you have to look good when you're on the recarpet. >> well, i mean -- you don't try to look bad. >> well, you don't try to look bad, but a lot of times it winds up happening. >> i've gone a bit glam. >> and people pay extra close attention to what you're wearing, they do, don't they? >> i guess. >> they do. i know they do. because, you know, the girls and i were talking about it. >> you follow my trends. >> well, i follow them in the
12:37 am
same way like a stalker or a cere serial killer might. they'll say, cute top and i say, sienna has one just like it. >> thank you for the compliment. >> i know this is the first movie with explosions -- >> it's my first movie you're actually going to see. >> is that right? >> i think it might be. >> well, i have seen a few of your movies. normally you do kind of artistic movies. >> yeah. >> they're made for -- not for a huge audience. >> no, smaller indie artists. >> this is -- >> this couldn't be bigger. >> people in other countries will be excited to see an american soldier blowing everyone up you think? >> yes. >> because they're not excited when it really happens. >> yeah, good point. i think it's more -- you know, more like a character. like a good versus evil. >> you're evil. >> i have big guns and black leather. i don't look threatening but i actually am. >> your hair is black in the
12:38 am
movie which we know is a sign of evil. on someone who is normally blonde. mine is dark brown. the very top of the good chain. >> oh, okay. yes. but it wasn't actually my hair. it was a wig. >> it was a wig. >> yes. i dyed -- i tried to dye it dark before and it went horribly wrong. >> what happened? >> i thought i'd be organic and i used henna insteaof normal hair color which if you're blonde you go green. i had an audition the next day which i didn't get. so yes, i decided to go with a wig. >> you thought green and gardening would go hand in hand. >> i know. >> well, they make mistakes. i guess they admitted that. >> i think i made the right decision on that one. >> and you travel all over the world i know. >> for this film, yeah. >> for this film in particular. where have you been so far? >> it's hard core. australia, london, japan, korea,
12:39 am
new york, washington, new york, l.a., home tomorrow. >> home tomorrow. >> back to london. >> back to london, wow. >> i'm not tired or anything. >> is that fun for you? >> oh, it's great. no, you know what? it's been amazing, but it's a lot -- you're doing about 18 cities in each place. you're -- you crawl in and try -- you know, just -- you're delirious. >> with the creepy foreign journalists. >> you try to be funny enough and they have puppets to answer the questions and your sense of humor is failing at that point. it was great. >> then you look like the jerk because you won't be friendly to thpuppet. >> try to keep -- yeah, exactly. nice to talk to you, man, put the puppet down. >> you have some nieces and a nephew as well? >> a niece and a nephew. well, one is my sister's stepson. >> are they excited -- >> well, that's kind of why i did it for my nephew. he can't see my films.
12:40 am
i had to do something. it was kid friendly. >> he will see them. >> one day. >> yes, he will. >> yes, he will. >> it will be kind of a blow. >> so i'm very excited. >> do you get them free dolls? >> they are getting boxes of stuff. >> i would think so. >> you must be their favorite aunt? >> i am. >> well, that cinches it. i feel so -- >> well n brooklyn we say aunt. dicky our announcer says aunt. >> can i hear that, dicky? >> aunt. >> aunt! >> i go aunt. >> that was more like a car horn than anything. >> i get called auntie giggy. >> why? >> because of the nickname from my mother was gizmo from the gremlins. >> really? >> i still get called that by people giz. nobody knows that. >> why gizmo?
12:41 am
>> i guess i was sweet, but i can bite. >> wow. >> not in that way. >> in the bad way you can bite? >> no, in a funny way. i used to bite my mother's chin and it used to make her laugh. and she called me gizmo. >> what happens if you get wet after midnight? >> i multiply. >> boy, i'm going to get a hose and wear down the whole lot of you. i'm going to repopulate the world. >> i think one of me is plenty. >> you're playing -- the baroness. i oscillate between good and bad. i have flash backs to when i'm good. >> we didn't have the baroness when i had the g.i. joe dolls. we had barbie who he would sexually assault from time to time. >> oh. my barbie was with ken. so g.i. -- >> our barbie is a real slut at my house. no doors in our house. it was wide open. it was crazy. >> really? >> but the baroness is part of
12:42 am
the -- >> she's part of the cobra cam. she's -- yeah, the bad did. >> the cobras, they're bad? >> the rise of cobra, if you know the franchise, the cobra is kind of the antithesis to the baddies. >> let's take a look at a clip. do you need to set it up? >> i don't know what it is. >> we're positive you're in it and this is from "g.i. joe, the rise of cobra". opening tomorrow. >> oh! ♪ >> he gave up. >> never give up. >> no, he doesn't give up, does he?
12:43 am
wow, that's something else. so sienna, now the premiere is across the street from us. >> premiere is now. i'm -- i've got my dress in the dressing room. >> i know you have to get ever there in a hurry. >> yeah. >> i was thinking that maybe i'd escort you over to -- >> that would be lovely. >> in fact, i have rented an enormous escorting machine. movie premiere escorting machine. >> how glamorous. >> i think you're going to like it. >> i reckon i will. >> why don't you go change and i'll freshen up and, yeah, we'll >> why don't you go change and i'll freshen up and, yeah, we'll ge o want. and be right back. sienna miller, "g.i. joe" opens tomorrow. we'll be right back.
12:44 am
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♪ well, here we are. the lovely sienna miller is here with me. she's got her big movie premiere. hi, everybody. across the street. so rather than you having to fight your way through the crowd -- >> i don't think i can walk that far, to be honest. >> a woman of your caliber should not have to walk, so i rented this crane to take us across the street and to your premiere. >> thank god. i would like nothing more.
12:48 am
my knight in shining -- >> the smell of hollywood is quite ripe here. originally i had asked that we be harnessed together. >> but decided against that? >> joined at the genital, but apparently that was against safety regulations. so -- >> so you're coming -- >> you know, i keep a crane on stand by at all times. >> this is a chick magnet here. >> here we go. >> now, we're -- this is -- i don'know if i told you, but i'm scared of heights. in fact, terrified of heights. oh, my god, this is high. this is -- i'm really sorry -- >> can we swear on your show, because i'm about to. >> well, i'm urinating right now, if i can do that i think we're okay with your swearing. oh, can you see the paparazzi down there? i have a bullhorn. >> i wanted to do a glamorous look. >> you look glamorous. attention paparazzi, red carpeteers.
12:49 am
i have sienna milner this box with me. i don't want to start any rumors. we are not dating. no matter what she tells you, what i say, we are not dating. this is purely a business endeavor. i would like to ask the photographers underneath in box to clear the area. >> no, keep them there. keep them there. >> actually, we're going to squash most of you. if you don't mind there we go. now, the landing could be a little bit rough. >> okay. i can handle it. >> be very careful. wow. what an amazing waste of $35,000 this was. [ laughter ] here we are now on your red carpet at your movie premiere. >> i don't feel stupid at all. >> let me tell you something, sienna, if the movie is half as exciting as this ride over here was, why, i think you have a huge hit on your hands. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we're going to release the woman now. please stand back, you animals!
12:50 am
very good. and now -- >> you're going off? >> yes. there you go thank you very much. have fun at your movie -- >> thanks. >> great. i am now going to return, although i'm unharnessed now. wait a minute, i'm not hooked into this [ bleep ] thing! [ laughter ] all right now, hopefully i don't die. good-bye, everyone. we'll see you for "g.i. joe 2". get me out of this thing! (announcer) what does greatness taste like?
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♪ all right, we are back with quiet music so as not to scare the animals. our next guest has spent his life working with the most
12:55 am
dangerous predators on earth, and has been attacked by nearly all of them. watch him live among lions on "into the pride" premiering august 13 on animal planet. please welcome dave salmoni. [ cheers and applause ] how are you? >> nice to meet you. >> good to meet you too. well, look at that. i can't help but notice you've got an animal there. >> yeah. >> that is a lion? >> this is an african lion. >> there are other kinds of lie condition? >> there used to be. there are 2250 left in asia. >> i heard they're really good at math. >> i guess so. >> this is baby. >> this is baby. >> we call him moose. >> old enough to kill us yet? >> not old enough to -- i've got a nick on my chin. check out the teeth. >> it's cute. no really more harmful than a dog i would say.
12:56 am
>> you know what, that's what people think. the number one thing i try to tell people, even at this age, 14 weeks old, this is terrible pets and this thing could rip you a brand new one. >> well, thank you for bringing him. >> they only get older and bigg. >> well, this guy is well handled. and you're welcome to touch him. >> oh, i will touch him. very soft. >> see the spots on his coat, not normal for lions. when he gets to be an adult he's lose those. i'm watching his head -- >> you are, okay. okay. hey, there. that's coming near me now. >> he's used to snuggling with people. so they'll do itith his heads. >> so he could eat a human baby? that's what they eat? >> exactly. no. these guys are still on milk. in fact, you have a bottle over there somewhere? >> yes, it's my own, but he can have some. >> maybe in the box. >> i have some sherrill, do they eat that? oh, look at this. we built a box with the bottle. >> he'll come for it. hold it still like this. over the table. >> okay. all right. >> look at that, buddy.
12:57 am
>> look at that, there's milk for you. >> just hold it nice and still. >> hopefully not too much. is this regular cow's milk? >> yeah, got a few more nutri t nutrients and things. he's young, so more fat. powdered milk. >> they'd usually have lion milk. >> yeah. they'd be suckling out in the bush with the pride of lions before. the cubs -- >> yeah, tell me about that. why would you live -- is that because the economy is so tough right now? [ laughter ] >> these lions were -- they were called problem lions. they have been given a second chance at life, but they were acting aggressive towards people. >> you went do live with problem lions? it wasn't enough to live with lions, but you had to live with juvenile delinquents? >> my job was to have them calm down. >> did they try to kill you? >> every day. >> i think it's fun to show the
12:58 am
clip while we change the animals here. we'll make the switch out. >> you are going to need that bottle. >> hey, girl. all right, hey! cut it out! cut it out! that's enough! hey! cut it out! hey, hey, hey! hey! that's enough out of you! get out of here! get out of here. >> dave, this is how you interact with lion, yell that's enough? that's something my mom would yell at me. what is this giant monster on my desk right now. >> this is a binturong. why don't you hand me a few bits of fruit here. >> well, i only have sardines here. does he eat sardines? >> no. >> oh, here's the fruit. >> awesome. >> that's going to make it tougher. would have the cool things about this -- watch this. go up there. now binturong is asian bearcat. >> so what is he related to? >> these guys are related to
12:59 am
the -- let me get it right. they're like -- >> like a go -- >> like a muskrat and things like that. >> okay. oh, that's it. >> wow. that's something else. where do they live normally? >> this is in east asia. >> east asia. you find them in the water? >> no. they live in trees. you see the big tail, the prehensile tail, like an extra set of hands. the other cool thing about these guys, scratch his bum and then smell your fingers and tell me what it smells like. he's totally relaxed. now smell your fingers and tell me what it smells like. >> popcorn. >> popcorn. that's what it smells like. >> so you can eat one of these? put one in your purse to the movies. it does smell like popcorn. do they bite people? >> this guy probably not. >> but that's going to be a question i ask with each of the animal. >> one of the things you will learn about animals, if they
1:00 am
have teeth they can bite. none of the wild animals make good pets. don't worry about him. >> what else do we have? i'm getting hungry for popcorn. >> we'll ask mom to take him away. i have fruit -- >> something will fly on me to? >> nothing will fly on you. >> wow, look at that. >> that's a tegu. he likes chicken, if you see any chicken over there. now tegu, one of my favorite things about him, you see his fat neck? we think it looks kind of silly. it's actually how he gets chicks. this guy when he sees a female, he's going to puff up his neck. and that makes them think, it's virile and strong. >> really? for me it has the opposite effect. >> throw him a little piece of chicken. >> i can touch it here? >> yeah. you can touch it. >> all right. >> there you go. >> now, the other thing -- you can touch him.
1:01 am
because it's shiny, people think they're slimy. >> it isn't. wow. this would make a beautiful pair of shoes. >> feel the tail. >> wow. wow. >> you know, you're going to get bit if you start talking like that. >> they know -- they know english? >> shoes or purse, you're going to get bit. >> accessories are a no no. all right. let's throw this one in the audience and see what happens. sorry. we have no more chicken for you, my friend. look at that tongue. that is some tongue. yeah. yeah. right. all right. oh, look at that. >> you have some fish over there. >> this is more my speed. yeah, i do. >> my favorite thing about these guys -- i never knew that their name was african penguins. they're jackass penguins. >> they're called jackass penguins. >> because they make a noise like a donkey. >> not because they do stunts?
1:02 am
>> i don't think they have skateboards. >> can i -- there you go jackass. one for you too. look at them gobble that up. >> the thing that's super cool about these guys, their coat looks -- makes them look pretty but it's evolution at its finest. they're getting fish in the water. >> right. >> when they swim, they swim around the top. if i'm a shark or see something underneath, i'm looking up and i see the white sky. that's why you gearing to see the white belly and that's why they're white underneath. their profile won't be made out. if i'm a predatory bird and i'm hunting from the air, you see the dark water that's why their back is dark. so the predators -- >> are these gay penguins, these ones? >> i'm not sure. >> i saw some gay ones at the zoo. >> really? >> i think that one is -- one on the left is gay. >> you've probably got better gaidar than me. >> that one is a pig that's not fair. now there's going to be penguin fight. wow. look at that. [ laughter ]
1:03 am
>> now, you see these penguins are actually one of the only -- in fact, they are the only species that breed in africa. so namibia -- >> no other species breed in africa? >> no other species of penguin. >> oh, penguin, i gotch thank you for coming here, dave. i look forward to seeing the show. thank you very much. it's called "into the pride" premieres august 13 at 8:00 p.m. on animal planet. we'll be right back.
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