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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  August 10, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the. wunl be warming us up. wmp tatures90 io the upr 's s 90's this afternoon. here's our forecast map. we'll call for low 90's at lunchtime. hazy, hot, and humid, and as i said, maybe a stray storm. some relief by mid week. we'll have details coming up. but first, jim russ in for lisa baden. how about summer-traffic? >> summer-like in some spots, but 270 seems to be like this regardless of the time of year. the pace starts to pick up, and it's good the rest of the way to the beltway. now we'll show thaw we've got trouble inirafginia, northbound northbound before dale city. 95 southbound at the route 1 spotsylvania interchange, this is just south of fredericburg , construction along theig rig t side as well. alison, pamela, back to you. >> jim, thank you very much. brian mentioned that the temperatures today could hit the high 90's. >> that's right. when you combine the heat and humidity, conditions could turn
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downright danger rusms our kathy park is live in northwest with a look at what some local agencies are doing to help people feel cool. >> it's pretty sticky and hot. well, we know that the district is preparing for this heat wave by opening up cooling centers throughout the district today starting at noon until 6:00. now, brian mentioned that it could feel like 105 degrees later on this afternoon. now, this could make for some very dangerous conditions, so your best bet is to stay indoors if at all possible. >> here you go. >> this weekend's heat may be no match for today's summer scorcher. mercury is expected to climb into the high 90's. combine that with the humidity and the heat index, it could top 100 degrees. >> i've done 90's before, but it got into the 100's, then maybe i'd be a little bit concerned. >> even sunday's sweltering forecast didn't keep people from soaking in the rays. >> we got a cooler full of
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water, got a hat on, sunscreen. >> but today could be the hottest day of the season, and officials are bracing for dangerous conditions. they're reminding residents to stay hydrated and stay indoors as much as possible. chances are, many will beat the heat in other ways. like taking a dip at the pool. >> having the pool to cool off in makes it more bearable, so i'm definitely enjoying it. >> all right, you're taking a live look in northwest, dupon circle. it's a little after 6:00, and hopefully the temperature will pop up any second now, but today it's about 80 degrees, even early this hour. now, again, brian mentioned that it's going to feel like 105 degrees. you want to try to stay indoors, especially between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. that's when the sun will be the most powerful. also, good advice to keep an eye out on your young children,
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also the elderly, since they are most susceptible to heat stroke. reporting live in northwest, kathy park, abc 7 news. >> ok, kathy, thank you for that. and if you plan on getting in the pool to cool off, you'll have a few extra hours. the pools are being extended in the district's outdoor swimming pools. the pools will be open from lomb tomorrow morning unil 9:00 tomorrow night. check out the d.c. government website. >> in other news, a veteran metro repairman is struck and ng o the hee ap just before 10:00the dunn loring and vienna metro stations. that man was part of a crew doing scheduled maintenance when he was hit by a piece of traffic equipment. his name has not been releapsed, but we are told he worked with the transit agency for 25 years. the general manager offered condolences to the family and is promising a thorough investigation.
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meanwhile, new questions are being raised about the safety of metro trains. "the washington post" reports metro's track avoidance system may have malfunctioned on march 2 when two trains nearly collided at the potomac avenue station. the operator used the emergency brake to avoid hitting another train. a failure of that system is also suspected of contributing to the june 22 crash that killed nine people. these glitches have riders concerned. >> yeah, one episode already, so they need to let us know. that way we have a right to choose if we want to get on the next train or not. >> this is part of our daily life, going to and from work, and we should be able to make those decisions on how to get there. >> however, metro says the two not are not related. the ntsb says investigators looking into the june 22 crash learned about that march incident only last week. and a little known local channel called the tristate oversight cmittee notified
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investigators about that march incident. that panel has primary oversight over metro safety, but "the washington post" is reporting that that panel has no direct regulatory authority and cannot order metro to make changes. also, it lacks resources, reportedly. "the polse" says no federal agency is authorized to regulate metro operations. >> and in other news, d.c. police are investigating what led up to a double shooting overnight. it happened just after 11:00 last night in the 400 block of n street northwest. police were called to the scene and found two teens suffering from gunshot wounds. their injuries are not life-threatening. also in the district, some firefighters were overcome by the heat while battling a house fire. the flames broke out just after 8:00 last night in the 700 ock of d street northeast. one person in the house was able to get out safely. at least three firefighters suffered heat exhaustion and were treated at the scene.
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vestigators are still searching for a cause. and today, volunteers across thcountry and right here in our area will begin testing for a swine flu vaccine. the university of maryland's school of medicine is the lead center for the nationwide trials. 67 young adults and senior citizen volunteers will be screened. if they agree, they'll get shots to tests effectiveness of the vaccine. if found to be safe, the vaccine will then be tested on children. and health officials are racing to get that vaccine tested before the fall. b that's when a second wave of swine flu is expected to emerge. since the outbreak last spring, the h1n1 virus has played a role in more than 1,100 deaths, including more than 400 right here in the u.s. >> 6:06 is your time now. the north american leader summit in guadalajara, mexico, will wrap up today. president obama, the mexican president and canadian prime minister are all taking part. mr. obama and felipe calderon
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laid little progress yesterday on their division over the pace of u.s. drug fighting aid and a ban on mexican trucks north of the border. experts say that summit's main accomplishment will likely be a jont plan of attack for the swine flu. at least 42 people are dead after a series of early-morning bombings in iraq. more than 138 people are wounded. bombs exploded this morning in three neighborhoods in baghdad, killing at least 17 people in a shiite community near mosul. two trucks exploded simultaneously, and less than 500 yards apart. at least 25 people there were killed. and staying overseas this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton is headed to coming open today. her mission is to target an epidemic of sexual assaults in that violence-torn nation. yesterday she wrapped up a trip to angola, where she pushed democratic reform and trade and also signed a new agreement with angolan health officials to help fight h.i.v. and aids.
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and the white house says iran has acknowledged that it is holding three americans who may have accidentally crossed into ir from iraq. officials say the three reporters were detained on july 31 while hiking near a waterfall in the kurdish region of iraq. there are no reports, but iran is looking into whether the three were spying. 6:08 and 78 degrees on a monday morning. >> when "good morning washington" returns on this monday, standing on the sidelines. we're going to see if michael vick is any closer to southing up in the nfl. >> and we're standing outside, where the heat and humidity continue to build. it's going to be the hottest day of the season, could be a record breark. just how hot, we'll let you know. >> but first, we have another check of your monday morning commute.
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>> the only painting in the western hemisphere by da vinci. come down and meet us. good morning, washington. >> and we say good morning, washington, at 6:11. preseason football is officially underway. it's nev too early for teams to measure themselves against the competition or for the league to reap some revenue. so with that in mind, the tennessee titans and the buffalo bills squared off in the preseason hall of fame game. the bills' big off-season acquisition, terrell owens, did he have a couple of catches, made a pretty brief appearance
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out there. but the titans win it 21-18. meanwhile, the season kicked off without one high-profile quarterback. >> michael vick is still sidelined because he hasn found a team to take him back. >> that's right. the nfl reinstated the former falcon last month, but so far, he hasn't signed with any team. former colts coach tony dungy says he is mentoring vick and has spoke ton a few coaches about him. he spent 18 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to dogfighting charges. >> 12 minutes after the hou 78 degrees. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> and go ahead. >> toss it over to brian van de graaff right outside our building here in rosslyn. brian, it's a hot one, isn't it? >> it's really sticky this morning. 80 in the city, 70's in the suburbs. we're shooting for upper 90's. record at reagan national, 98. we could tie or possibly beat that. look at the other numbers. 72 in marshall. 75 in faiaxrf.. axows ieit iho a
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it is hot andug mtgy, and it's going to continue to be that way through the afternoon. low 90's at lunchtime, upper 90's before the day is done. can't rule out a stray thunderstorm, especially in the mountains. but it will feel like 105. heat advisory goes into effect at noon today. any aisories on the way in, jim? >> we're looking at southbound 355 just south of cedar lane in the bethesda area. a police incident blocking the right side. there are calls for an injured person. expect to find a b ouhbutnd d southboundea 355 hding into bethesda. we had an accident on 95 northbound near dale city. that nn oweere beacld. southbound, there was aork d arne being cle spotsylvania, the route 1 ice rgederbuks. that, too, should be gone shortly. let's go to springfield, take a look at 95 northbound. that's in good shape heading toward the beltway. nothing stopped in the way. alison, pamela, back to you. >> jim, we thank you. and it is 6:13 and 78 degrees. >> still to come on "good morning washington," our
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favorite story. a new study about napping is a wake-up call for most americans. we've got some new details about sleeping on the job or in the bathroom, as that guy was. and we'll get a check of what's making headlines around the region
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>> in our top stories at 6:15 on a monday morning, a veteran metro worker has died after track maintenance equipment struck him on the orange line in virginia. this happened just before 10:00 last night between the dunn loring and vienna stations. his identity has not b released. and get ready for a summer sizzler. a heat advisory is in effect
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for our area today. officials say stay indoors as much as you can, drink plenty of water, wear light-color and had loose clothing, and remember, children and the elderly are especially vulnerable in this type of weather. and a powerful typhoon has caused wide spread damage across asia. in china, that storm flooded villages and forced nearly one million people to flee to safety. taiwan suffered its worst flooding in half a century. at least 22 people were killed in the philippines. this has also now weakened into a tropical storm. >> we love this story. a new study finds that 1/3 of americans take a nap during the day. >> that's right. researchers from cornell university, in fact, say this is a good idea. they say if people take short naps, they become more productive and more efficient. a take doesn't come as a surprise that a third of americans are napping daily. it's because we're so
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exhausted. we have a nation of walking zombies. >> well, some companies, in fact, have policies that allow employees to take naps during the workday. a company called yard metals provides a fully equiped nap room. and on youtube right here, you can see a lot of workers who don't have the luxury of napping in a nook, and they manage to get some sleep at their desk and even in the bathroom. >> i've thought about tt a couple of times. >> i know. but they say that little 10 to 15-minute power nap can really be the trick for some people. >> but any longer than that, you become drowsy, so 15 minutes is good. >> whatever it takes. 6:17 is your time. let's get to traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> all right, we're going to take a look at the roads with our jim russ. jim? >> is it too early to take a nap, 6:17 in the morning? yeah, i think so, yeah. southbound on 355, a police
6:18 am
incident is tying up the right side and causing heavy traffic for those going into bethesda. springfield now and look at 95 northbound, pretty good shape here. there was an elier accident near dale city, and late-clearing construction south of fredericksburg. both are now out of the way. now with the forecast, here's brian. >> here's a pretty shot of the city. you look across the bridge, and traffic not looking too bad, but you can see the haze over the city, and that's what i'm ng tryi toupot it is going tbeo h ayaz startbe to the day73 right now ove 71 r 71 right now i it is very mild and m gy across the area. let's look at what happens for the temperatures as far as yesterday. yesterday we were at 96 for a high. down at reagan national, our record today is 98. i definitely think we'll either tie or break that record, so definitely could be a record-buster today. sun was up at 6:17 just about a minute ago, and now at 8:09 this evening. days are actually starting to schrenk. fairfax, montgomery, down into
6:19 am
stafford and points over to the bay, a heat advisory goes into effect at noon. we're all going to be hot, but these areas could feel like 105. rapid city at 54. so there's cooler air out there, and eventually we'll get a moderation in our temperatures, nothing quite that chilly, but the heat continues to build. 100 to 105 is the way it will feel. upper 90's this afternoon, maybe an isolated storm here or there. better chance for a storm into tomorrow. tomorrow's temperatures not quite as muggy. let's check in with jim russ. >> we did that already. >> oh, we already did that. >> thanks form paying attention, brian. i'm kidding. you have a lot to think about. >> trying to rush. he's wearing his three-piece suit in 90 degrees. >> all right, 6:19 is your time. let's talk about business news. wall street wants its rally to continue. now investors are taking a look at your shopping habits. >> plus car lots could be a thing of the past. abc's jeremy hubbard has those stories and more in this
6:20 am
morning's money scope. time a topping your money scope report, wall street is looking for signs americans are spending again as it tries to keep the summer rally going. the dow surged another 200 points last week, helped by signs of improvement in the job market. a report on july retail sales and earnings results from wal-mart and macy's will offer clues as to whether we're spending more money. consumer spending accounts for 70% of all u.s. economy activity. the federal reserve is doing its part to boost consumer and business spending. the central bank is expected to hold interest rates at historic lows at its meeting this week. the big question is what comes next. the fed is expected to signal that the recession is coming to an end, but hard times are not over. bernard madoff's top lieutenant is expected to plead guilty to criminal charges tomorrow. prosecutors struck a deal with him, a former chief financial officer. that's probably mad news for other madoff insiders. experts say he's probably been naming names and more indictments could be coming soon.
6:21 am
general motors is going online in an attempts to boost sales. g.m. is announcing a trial program wi ebay today. most g.m. dealerships in california will sell their cars on the auction site. customers will be able to bruce cars, ask questions, fure out financing, and negotiate prices. if the trial is successful, they plan to expand it around the country. well, "g.i. joe" took command of the weekend box office. it finished in the top spot, taking in more than $56 million. it is the latest toy turned box office hit following in the footsteps of "transformers." "julie & julia" was number two. coming up on "good morning america," what's next for paula abdul now that she's leaving "american doyle"? could she go from one judge's table to another? and that is your "money scope" report. i'm jeremy hubbard sausm a yeah, that's the new rumor she might be "dancing with the stars" as a judge. >> she would be good. me a she sure would. >> still to come here on "good
6:22 am
morning washington" -- we're going to get a check on some of the stories you will not be finding on the front page today. >> and later today, catching one some of oprah's most memorable guests. we'll see what's changed since they last took the stage. >> thank you for waking up with us this morning. you're watching "good morning washington." this is a typical snack bar.
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some of the stories. phil stewart is here with the latest for you us. >> hello, ladies. we want to take you right to live pictures we've been monitoring this morning. this is a live look at the hudson river alongside manhattan. that is where divers will be back in the water later today searching for more bodies and wreckage from saturday's midair collision. crews think at least two victims are still missing from the small plane and a helicopter that went down, we'll be following it throughout the day. well, new this morning, "the view's" elisabeth hasselbeck welcomed her third child, isaiah, last night. this is the third child for hasselbeck and her husband, former nfl quarterback, tim ha ss hasselbeck. online now, 10 years after a start, there's now new competition. it's called connect by hertz. it's an hourly car renting service was already up and running in new york and chicago. though it's now a new option for d.c. drivers, so far there's only one location, and
6:26 am
it's in best the do. hourly rates and membership fees vary from service to service, making the price comparison a bit complicated. but pamela, a new option. and they've already been talking about it this morning. abc is joining the course of those seeking to hire paula abdul. the network chief says he's contacted abdul to say that he would love to see her at abc perhaps as a judge on "dancing with the stars." after abdullah announced she was leaving "idol," she says she quickly started receiving many "wonderful" offers. wouldn't that be nice to have the offers flooding in for you? >> right. that's so interesting, because i think the judges on "dancing with the stars" already have a great chemistry, so, you know, you'd have to see how -- even though she's more than qualified for that job, you know? >> very lively addition. >> exactly. the whole dancing thing, she was a dancer, and it certaly is right up her alley. so you never know. she's got a lot of stuff on the
6:27 am
table. he knows what what's going to happen? >> well, bruno is still my favorite. he's hilarious. that's his name, right? he's so funny. >> yes, yes. >> phil, thank you so much. >> and your time is now 6:26. there's still another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> still to come in the news this morning, congress might be on break, but the debate over healthcare reform isn't. we're going to see what's next for the president's plan. >> and a new report on safety issues at metro has a lot of commuters asking, hey, who's keeping an eye on them? i'm matt brock. that story just ahead. >> and live at abc 7's belfort furniture weather center, you'll be asking, when will it heat come to an end? we'll look ahead. the forecast is right around
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6:31 am
coverage. >> are you hot? >> i'm hot. you better believe it's hot. >>ion. ion. .e >> no,yck si. thut odesi 81 rig itn'id it didn't drop 73 73 hanil c73.. arclllks clar here' here's a l pps en g haening today, upper 90's ma do shopsw that when tweatherh and humidity combine, it co l iik ieeel like 100 to 105. so heat advisory in effect at noon. we'll talk about a cooling trend, but first, let's talk to jim russ and see what's happening with the commute. >> we got trouble along route 355 southbound. we'll tell you about that in a minute. springfield, traffic is hit pretty good. traffic heading northbound on i-95 slow in landmark. maryland, the problem is going to be with police investigation southbound route 355 just south of cedar lane, although now it
6:32 am
looks like everybody is going to get through there and the incident happened just south, but nobody appears to be getting out of the right lane now. also slow off the inner loop to connecticut avenue. we don't have an explanation for that, pamela and alison, back to you. >> jim, thank you so much. it certainly took a little bit longer than normal for this to happen, but the hot summer weather is finally here. >> that's right. as brian mentioned a little earlier, the merks are you could hit the high 90's later today. >> i'm used to waking you will early in the morning where it's pretty cool, but i have to say it's pretty sticky and uncomfortable even at 6:30 in the morning. now, the district is preparing for the sweltering heat by opening cooling centers throughout the city. they'll be opening up at noon today. brian mentioned that it could feel like 105 degrees later on this afternoon. this could make for some very dangerous conditions. so officials are saying your best bet is to stay indoors.
6:33 am
>> here we go. >> this weekend's heat may nobody match for today's summer scorcher. the mercury is expected to climb into the high 90's. combine that with the humidity and the heat index, could top 100 degrees. >> i've done 90's before, but it got into the 100's, then maybe i'd be a little bit concerned. >> even sunday's sweltering forecast didn't keep folks from soaking in the rays. >> we got a cooler full of water, got a hat on, sunscreen, good to go. >> but today could be the hottest day of the season, and officials are bracing for dangerous conditions. they're reminding residents to stay hydrated and to stay indoors as much as possible. chances are many will choose to beat the heat in other ways. like taking a dip at the pool. >> have the pool to cool off in makes more bearable, so definitely enjoying it. >> all right, you're taking a
6:34 am
live look downtown in northwest, dupont sir welcome it's only a little after 6:30, and it's about 80 degrees outside. brian said it's going to be 105 degrees later on today. and you want to stay indoors, especially betwe the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 when the sun is going to be the most powerful. also, keep an eye out on young children, as well as the elderly, since they're most susceptible to heat-related illnesses. also, we want to mention that the good news in all of this is that they're going to have a break from the heat starting tomorrow, and the heat advisory is at 8:00 tonight. kathy park, abc news. >> kathy, thank you so much. stay school out there. a new report shows metro had track problems months before that june crash that left nine people dead. but a group that monitors metro apparently has little power to make any safety changes. matt brock joins us now live in falls church toell us why.
6:35 am
matt, good morning. tell us about this. >> well, good morning. the name of this committee is the tristate oversight committee, and essentially what this "post" article reports is they've been asking questions since this unknown incident happened back in march, unknown until now. they've been asking about how it happened. essentially, metro did not really answer their questions until after the crash in june. a near miss, a close call. that's the report that has many metro riders concerned this morning. >> if you had one episode already, so they're going to let us know that we have a right to choose if we want to get on the next train or not. >> "the post" reports it happened months back in march. another train only avoided a kwlash the train operator hit the emergency brake near the potomac avenue station. metro says the trains were about 500 feet apart, what it calls a safe distance. the train's riders were
6:36 am
offloaded and the train taken out of service immediately. metro says the not are unrelated. in march, a relay warning system failed. investigators believe a track circuit may have the issue. "the post" says the ntsb learned of the march incident just this past week. metro says that's not right and investigators were told the day after the june 22 crash. riders say they just want to know what's going on. >> this is part of our daily routine, our daily life. it's going to and from work, and we should be able to make those decisions on how to get there. >> now for about that oversight committee, is really is made up of six members, two from each jurisdiction, maryland, the district, and virginia. but it appears to have little power. and what may come as a surprise to many commuters is the national transportation safety board who's investigating the june accident and has made recommendations for metro in the past really has no teeth either to force metro to do anything.
6:37 am
it's advisory in nature. we're live at the east falls church metro station this mornings i'm matt brock, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. and staying with metro now, a metro worker has died after track maintenance equipment struck him on the orange line. this is in fairfax county. that accident happened just before 10:00 last night between the dunn loring and vienna stations. authorities have not republican leased the man's identity, but metro officials say he had worked for the transit authority for 25 years. and commuters should prepare for some big delays on metro's blue and yellow lines. for the next few weeks, trains will be sharg a single track through the pentagon city station from 10:00 p.m. until midnight sunday through thursday. no blue line trains will run between rosslyn and king street, and metro will be replacing a switch at the pentagon city station. the transit agency says you should add at least 45 minutes to your trip. >> meanwhile, one man is dead after his ultralight plane crashed in luisa l county.tla d
6:38 am anna just after 1:0ootern r-eaed-yd olward died in that d ash. aas passenger on the pla. she is now hosdnng. ursbg. investigators say the plane st appears to have lost power inforeragsh about 100 ar off shore in the luisa county lake. as soon as president obama returns from mexico this week, he will hold a town hall meeting new hampshire on healthcare reform. meanwhile, over the weekend, more tension. the growing anger and confusion over the original 1,000-page bill has put the white house and democrats on the defensive. that debate has provoked arrests, violence, and some democrats have even gotten death threats. at 6:38, time for a check of business headlines. linda bell has more. linda, good morning. >> good morning. well, our commem may be on the cusp of a recovery, but one of
6:39 am
president barack obama's economic advisors. nobel prize-winning economist says aggressive stimulus planning helped the world avoid a second great depression, but overy will take two years o after trading this monday morning, take a look. stock index futures indicating a selloff, this after the higher close on friday. that was on better than expected unemployment reports. and finally, cash for clunkers may be good news for the environmen but the government rebates for trading in a old gas guzzler is hurting the nation's parity. "usa today" says some charities get up to 20% of their annual revenue from selling donated, used cars. the paper says that charities are worried that the program is enticing people to trade in their clunkers instead of donating them nonprofit organizations. and that's business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. pamela and alison, back to you. >> thank you. have a great day. 6 clock 39, 77 degrees.
6:40 am
>> when garblet continues -- the late summer months means a price hike at the pump. we'll see how high gas rates could rise. >> and the guys rates aren't the only thing going up. heat advisory in effect. i'll let you know how hot know h
6:41 am
6:42 am
>> at 6:43, good morning. welcome back to "good morning
6:43 am
washington." it is monday, it is a muggy start to the week. i got to tell you, probably the hottest day we've seen this season. 9 , the record high downtown today, and i think that could ow y,to today, and i tnkieve t ekeron. a d ieor even brokeper 70's inve ipen'sr fallsh trco h to oc it's very muggy air. here's a quick look at the maps. a heat advisory in effect. we will look for the heat to continue to climb through the afternoon. 98, but it feels like 105. jim, what's it like on the roads? >> a few not out there right now. route 355 southbound near cedar lane, that crash is gone. heavy traffic now on the silver spring stretch. a map now, an accident arock route 1 near beacon hill road near the beacon hill shopping center. you're going to find traffic is getting by through that stretch and only one single lane using the southbound side. adway. t tof the northbound lanes a route 1 are going to belocked because of this crash.
6:44 am
alison, and pamela, back to you. >> thank you so much, jim. we are starting to pay more at the gas pump again. prices have gone up 16 cents a gallon just in the past two weeks. the national average for a gallon of regular is now $2.64 a gallon. in our area, a.a.a. says the average price for regular in the district is now $2.66 a gallon, and it's $2.51 in virginia and $2.56 a gallon in maryland. >> 6:44 is your time. outside, 77 degrees. >> coming up -- we'll have the latest on this morning's top stories. you're watyou're
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>> and welcome back at 6:46. 7 else on your side with what you need to know before walking out the door. >> here is a check of this morning's top news stories. we have new concerns today about whether metro needs more oversight. "the washington post" reports several months before the deadly metro train crash in june there was another near miss between two metro cars. a local panel alerted investigators, but that panel apparently has no real authority. a veteran metro repairman has been hit and killed while working on the tracks. this happened just before 10:00 last night on the orange line between the dunn loring and vienna stations. he was doing scheduled maintenance when he was hit by a piece of track equipment. his identity has not been released. and swine flu vaccine tests begin in our area today at the university of maryland's school of medicine.
6:48 am
67 young adults and senior citizens volunteers will be screened and then given these shots. if the vaccine is found to be safe, it will then be tested on children. and president barack obama is in mexico this morning meeting with that country's president and the canadian prime minister. among the topics they're discussing, the spread of the h1n1 virus and the growing drug cartel. the two-day summit wraps up this afternoon. a series of bombings have killed more than 40 people in iraq. there were four separate attacks across the country earlier today. the deadliest strike came when two trucks exploded simultaneously at a shiite village near mosul. at least 25 people died in that attack. and 400 people remains unaccounted for in taiwan after it was hit by a powerful typhoon. the storm caused wide spread damage, toppling homes and flooding villages in china. it's also being blamed for at least 22 deaths in the philippines. it has now been downgraded to a
6:49 am
tropical storm. >> back here at home now at 6:48, as the sun rises out there, so do the temperatures. >> that's right. kathy park is live in northwest with what our area is doing to keep cool. hey, kathy, good morning. >> good morning. well, the district is getting ready for this august heat wave by opening up cooling centers at noon today, and in a complete list of the locations can be found on our website, reporting live here in dupont circle, and if you take a look behind me, you can see the time and temperature, a little before 7:00 a.m., and hopefully you'll see the temperature pop up. it's about 80 degrees here in northwest. and brian, as you heard earlier, said that it's going to be a lot hotter, about 105 degrees. and officials are recommending that folks try to stay indoors as much as possible, especially between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 today. that's when the sun is going to be the most powerful. also drink plenty of water
6:50 am
before heading out the door today. remember, the sun block if you're going to be outdoors. also, keep an eye out on young children, especially the elderly, since they are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses. he is the good news is that the national weather service announced that the heat advisory is nhl 8:00 tonight, so hopefully we'll get relief tonight and later on this week. reporting live in northwest, kathy park, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much, kathy. now time for our weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> so did you see what kathy's wearing? >> she's in a skirt, and you're in a three-piece suit. >> i know. it was fashion over function, but today is function over fafplgs i'm hiding a spoil my shirt. and we're trying something new, too. >> and you're burning up. >> i'm could going. but hey, i want to show the viewers that it's going to be so horkts i'm even sweating the aut t he forecast. that's dedication. let's show youhe weather bug
6:51 am
mera fmro frederick where the suom cupisg ndin a, it is ritghow a n7 n 7 degrees. 7 temperatures have not really drped to o chrn faina ct oflo, be nt rsumro ff ndaround the city were still in w the s.ths. 81 in leesburg this morning. 78 in silver spring. right now in the district, 76, and dew point is in the 60's and 70's indicating that the air is very saturated, very moist, very juicy, and you can feel that steam out there. let's show you the heat ad viles are you we do have effect. today's record ad reagan national is 98. at dulles, is 96. dulles probably going to come down, no problem. on this one, probably will tie if not break that record through the afternoon. heat advisory in effect through the evening. i'll tell you, it's not all the areas to the west. you're still going to be hot, but these areas in these urban city sisters may feel a little bit warmer, anywhere from 100 to 105 when you factor in the heat and humidity combined, and maybe an isolated storm a possibility later in the day.
6:52 am
better chance tomorrow as the front slides through to wednesday. but today, mainly isolated, and i think the best chance is off to the west. winds will be light at about 5 to 10. 70's tonight. tomorrow, hot and sticky. jim, things heating up on the roads? >> yes, sir. i think the forecast calls for the mesh three-pce suit. an the on route 1 near beacon hill. all lanes are blocked. expect to find substantial delays there, 95 is closed at woodbridge, but pretty whatch we expt at this hour. scommev slow from college park around in silver spring. this is a look at the route at route 29. exit at georgia avenue, you're going to find a very slow exit. there's problems with the going to find a very slow exit. there's problems with the traffic signals at that ramp. introducing anytime gourmet culinary kits for two.
6:53 am
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>> all right, all you animal loves, come and look at this. this is a competition for dogs to become america's fastest chihuahuas. >> that's right. in dallas, texas, this weekend, the fifth annual petco chihuahua races were held, a an eight-pound dog named charlie won the competition. the regional winners will compete in the finals. that will take place august 29 in new york city. >> they're also hyper. >> they sure are. >> now let's take one last look at the roads with jim. >> thanks, pamela. wee atokweg in route 1 here
6:56 am
tnearg he iarntersection with iacro hl ilad. serious crash blocking the northbound side of route 1. southbound gets by on one lane. 95 looks pretty good. heavy traffic in woodbridge, but nothing stopped in the way. slow college park around silver spring. now with the forecast, here's brian. >> jim, thanks so much. it is hot and sticky this morning already. for the most part, lots of sunshine, so no clouds to affect the sun. when you factor in the high humidity, it will feel like 100 to 105. heat advisory in effect for the afternoon. tomorrow, a few storms are possible. by the middle and end of the week, temperatures back down in the low to mid 80's. the big question is will we see sunshine? we'll be close to a system. but bottom line is the extreme heat will be over by the mid week. >> brian, thank you so much. it's already kind of sticky out here. how do you do it in a suit? >> i don't know. i have a fan inside here. >> thank you. and thanks for joining us today. another local update at 7:22.
6:57 am
>> thanks for watching, everybody. "good morning america" is next. have a good day.
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