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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 10, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> > a young man killed, and police believed his dog did it.
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>> you want me to tell you what my husband thinks. >> the question that provoked this brazen response. unbearable heat. it is not much cooler right now, and who is dealing with it with no air conditioning. captioned by the national captionininstitute we begin with to weather ories. -- two weather stories. many people braved the heat on the national mall. we have liveoverage for you. jay has been out there all evening long, but let's start with doug. >> under ordinary years, we have seen this kind of heat, and this time in august.
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thi syear, not so. th iot is part of the energy we were watcngcr angoss southern lvpenn. anniaan how it as itas got cler, cit turned to some heavy downpours. now you see a solid line up through annapolis and across the bay. everything is moving off, some brief, drenching, cooling here is another bunchs. of shows tempeperes is stil t srytohe. 70'sow kind of steamy. we still have high heat and high humidity.
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we see improvement coming quickly. >> are live team coverage continues with jay. >> it remains hot and very sticky outside. imagine having no air conditioning on a night like tonight. that is the problem for hundreds ofeople here in the d.c. region. >> it feels li a sweltering 120 degrees. >> on one of the hottest days of the year. >> she said monday afternoon the air-conditioning went out and her apartment complex. >> right now i want to cry. >> they say their homes are
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uncomfortable at best and downright dangerous for some residents. >> it is about the elderly people who live under those conditions. >> some say management will not give them a straight answer on why the error is off. as for sheila paterson, she says a couple of fans are all her family has to beat the heat. we are hearing from one tenant that the air might go back on on wednesday. another says it might come back on tuesday. we're waiting on a call from management so we can know what is going on. hot wather has already had marc train service ltd. tomorrow. trained 405 will be cancelled.
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the full forecast is coming up in a few minutes. but for live updates, log on to our website, rn lineagaba ou nt ma leaing about a man who was the lic vtim of a dea ll we're live at the county animal control headquarters. >> the dolled involved were family pets. they were being kept here. police say they were called to the 20- aayeol 20-year-old mandeotsihe n answer inside thes from his family. friends say this is carter delaney, pictured here with one of his dogs. >> a nice kid.
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>> when police got into his home, they found the body of the 20-year-old man, the body of a small dog, and a body of a pit bull. friends say they were all family pets. this woman is a family friend and says they had no idea anything like this would ever happen. >> there can be pit bulls that are very well behaved, but you never know when they are going to snap. you never know when that is going to happen. it is a sad situation. >> the little dog was out back, playing to the fence with our dogs the last few days. we only saw the little dog out
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back. >> police say those two pit bulls will remain here until their investigation is complete. d.c. police are searching for suspects after a man is shot in the head in southeast. detectives have not divulged any suspects or motive. investigators have finished their report on michael jackson's death, but will not make the results public. the decision was made after investigators asked for the information to remain private. jackson's personal physician remains under investigation. no word when the results might be made public. investigators have learned clues into the crash between a helicopter and a plane in the hudson river. crews made a key discovery in
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the water. 48 hours after the crash of the hudson river, crews followed the wreckage 50 feet below the water's surface. >> challenging conditions. the water in this area is very deep, almost 60 feet deep. the currents are very strong and the visibility is limited. >> the helicopter ride was supposed to be a brief 12-minute tour of new york city. it was struck from behind by the plane. as soon as it happened, the 911 calls poured in. investigators believe the accident happened in 1,100 feet above the river, the top of the exclusion zone above the river. >> this is not magic. >> there are blind spots.
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the pilot could not see below and the helicopter could not see above and behind. neithe pilot saw each other. divers suspended operations deceiving, but there are scheduled to resume tomorrow. hillary clinton gives an angry response when she is asked a question about financial contracts during a visit to the congo. >> what does mr. clinton say to the mouth of mrs. clinton? >> my husband is not the secretary of state. i am a. he asked my opinion, i will tell you my opinion. i will not be channeling my husband. >> the question was left on answered. the student approached mrs. clinton afterward and said she
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meant asked what obama fault. it was unclear whether the french-speaking students or the translator had made the error. the health of children was also on her mind. she visited a hospital in the congo. her stop is part of a troour of africa. officials are trying to get the upper hand against swine flu. hundreds lined up for flu shots. the government expects the first doses will be available by the fall. it just gets stranger and stranger. is this rod blagojevich's new career?
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how you can have him sitting at your party. a dog found beaten and bruised and left for dead. how he is recovering. >> friends are remembering a metro employee kil employee
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captioned by the national captioning institute more thrills than riders bargain for. this roller-coaster got stu. they have to be lowered down one at a time. it took nearly five hours off to safely extricate all the passengers. there were no injuries. 12 hours stuck on a tarmac. passengers say drinks and food ran out and the loan bathroom on board was overwhelmed. six hours later, the plane was given clearance, but the crew
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had worked long greenspan the legal limit, so a new crew had to be called in. we are hearing fwho knewthvo who s killed on the job. michael nash was struck by a piece of equipment last night between the vienna and dunn loring stops. more on how he is being remembered. >> michael nash spent the last 21 years working for metro. sunday night, something went terribly wrong. neighbors are in disbelief tonight, talking about the death of michael nash. he was well-known in this neighborhood where many considered him a friend. >> very gentle and kind, neighborly. >> the children called me and when i found out it was michael,
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i was upset. >> he was struck and killed by a piece of equipment. officials say a ballast regulator hit him while repairing cross ties on a rail line. the question is how. the general manager of metro says there are no signs the equipment failed. >> an alarm sounds when it is coming in the office -- opposite direction. all people said that occurred and it struck the employee. >> this is the latest in a string of tragedies. since the accident in june metro and employees have faced questions about other concerns. now this. >> i have concerns at this time. i will take the bus until they get things squared away. >> metro is suspending track
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maintenance through thursday so employees and managers can reduce safety procedures. the humane society is offering a $5,000 award in hopes of tracking down who left an injured dog to die. he was found in a dumpster in southeast washington on friday. the pit bull was seriously injured. that certain bact-- veterinarias have helped and the dog is expected to survive. and management spokesman blames residents who climbed over the fence. options have been suggested. rot blagojevich is not
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singing the blues these days, just elvis hits. singing them badly, in my opinion. he says the money will go to charity. he has launched a website to allow visitors to hire him for parties. a little heat, humidity. pretty uncomfortable. the good news is tomorrow will not be at the levesa we w today, and then we swi allee big improvement by wednesday. let's eck out our live radar. this is an ars oua wspotted on storm scan at 6:00. i thought only a few isolated
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storms would poke through, and that happen until it got to montgomery county. they got very strong about an hour ago. let's check the storm scan again. this is what we're looking at now. showers and storms. they are in tents at night. it is possible some of these could survive and at about 3:00 in the morning affect some of our area again. do not be surprised. let's talk numbers. some heavy rain amounts in annapolis, over an inch of rain. one half inch of rain in allendale. -- in annandale. very warm out there. 96 in winchester. official numbers, no record at reagan national airport, but the record was 98.
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we missed it by one degree. at washington dulles airport, the set a record. -- they set a record. most folksre hanging in the 80's at this hour. the moisture level is high, but there is relief coming behind this next cold front. one more update tomorrow we will have to look for the possibility of showers. the cold front is starting to show up out here, but a push of moisture ahead of this front tomorrow. after the thunderstormsdrier air comes through on wednesday. we will notice it to be cooler because it will be only in the mid 80's. we are still close and up to this front that there may be an isolated thunderstorms on wednesday afternoon. your tuesday express', 93 in the
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looks like everybody was having some fun. a story about the nationals. they suffered a big loss today. the pga comes down hard on
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just when things were looking up, the nationals get bad news. jordan zimmermann at the doctor evaluate his arm, and he needs reconstructive elbow surgery. bad news for the nationals. a bad night for the orioles. ellison takes this pitch to left field. will not in a couple of runs. a huge night for the athletics. the athletics beat baltimore, 9- 1. the redskins went out at 8:30 in an effort to beat the heat. it was some kind of hot. well the receiving corps has problems, the offensive line is
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really banged up. randy thomas participated in drills today. >> we have to hold some of those guys back. randy would be one of those guys. he wants to be with his teammates. we are trying to pull rains in on him and then we are trying to crack the whip on a couple of others. >> one of the best stories, the dallas cowboys cuts. the veterans took their rickookies to the barber shop. the difference between a good haircut and a bad hair cut is about a month. >> i was told i was going to get a haircut and i did not understand what the veterans meant by that. now i completely understand. >> it is reported tiger woods
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has been fined by the pga for criticizing an official after yesterday's pause when at the world golf championships. tiger said the official thinks by being on the clock in affected the way that harrington played. number 16 was where the match was decided. tony stewart won the sprint cup race today at watkins glen. this was a race marred by a spectacular crash. as spectacular as it was, nobody was hurt seriously. tony stewart took the checkered flag. >> how about those hair cuts.
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finalrdwo for those who like it hot? >>wo in calvert county, leftover heavy rain. the next seven days, 93 tomorrow. better wednesday and thursday.
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