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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 29, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EST

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at and join us again next time, for time of grace. the preceding program was made possible by the friends and partners of time of grace.
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this morning -- decision time. president obama is set to announce his war plan in a primetime speech this week. we'll take you to afghanistan for a look on how more troops
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will be used. armed and dangerous. the search for a man suspected of killing four relatives at a thanksgiving dinner. authorities say he's dangerous. and they'll give us the latest on a possible motive. tiger's troubles. police try to interview tiger woods and his wife for the second time about that late-night car crash that sent him to a hospital. but they're sent away once again. leaving even more unanswered questions. ♪ you're a mean one, mr. grinch ♪ and a grinch of a recession. as cities and towns slash their budgets, they're cutting back on holiday cheer. fewer decorations, smaller trees. we need some determined residents for spirit. good morni good morning, america. >> good morning. it is sunday, november 29th, and the story that everybody's
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talking about this morning is what happened in that late inform night car accident that put tiger woods in the hospital. details are so scarce, it's forcing people to speculate. fueling a lot of rumors. that's a picture. you can just make out the treads of the tires. we're also learning of what's on a 911 call. >> so many questions. we'll get into that. also, we'll have the insider shopping tips retailers don't want you to know. one example, we will tell you the exact day and time to hit the stores if you want the item, make sure that item you want is we have an american snapshot to a real field of dreams this week. the town is shrinking, but there is something in the soil that makes it hard to grow grass. the football team plays in the dirt. the determination on that field is lifting the town's spirits.
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but we begin this morning with the pivotal week for president obama's foreign policy legacy. after months of dleb rations, countless meetings, mr. obama will address the nation and lay out his plans for the war in afghanistan. abc's rachel martin has a preview of what we can expect. >> it is my promise -- >> reporter: for months, president obama has made the same promise to u.s. troops. >> i will not risk your lives unless it's necessary for america's vital interest. we'll give you the strategy and the clear mission you deserve. >> reporter: on tuesday, he'll outline that mission and give what many say may be the most important speech of his presidency. >> if he fails, he will be blamed for losing the war. if he succeeds, hel get the credit for winning. >> reporter: military experts say, first, he has to make his case by answering key questions. >> how many troops? what will they do? can we deal in the problems in the afghan and pakisni governments. >> reporter: the president
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convened a total of nine war council meetings over the past two months. addressing those very questions. officials say the president is likely to announce 40,000 -- 34,000 troops. used to secure the southern towns. and train afghan security forces. but it's a delicate message. shoring up support for the war by calibrating expectations carefully. >> we wasted more than a half a decade. and the costs and risks involved are very sharp. >> reporter: more than 60,000 troops in afghanistan. white house aides say the president will use his speech on tuesday about ramping up the war as much as getting out of it. but those 34,000 additional u.s. troops, that number is significantly less than commanders in the field had asked for. now to my colleague nick schifrin in afghanistan. with more on how the new strategy is expected to play out for oops on the ground. >> reporter: after eight years
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of war, afghanistan has never been more dangerous. the u.s. commander says only 40,000 more troops can help prevent defeat. the majority of those troops will come to kandahar. they will create a defense ring around the city. and train afghan police. the goal, protect the population. >> this population has been intimidated foa long time. continues to be intimidated now. >> reporter: in the '90s, the taliban launched their move from here. since the start of the war, the u.s. has largely ignored the kandahar city. today, residents say the taliban move freely and threaten and kill with impunity. they tried to kill one of afghanistan's few female politicians, they missed her. but they didn't miss her husband or brother. right now, she says, the taliban in kandahar are stronger than the government. a 24-year-old lieutenant is trying to change that by training a poorly-equipped police force. it is an immense task.
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>> they're doing more of what we would consider military. police back in the u.s. don't have to worry about getting kill every day or getting blown up from an ied. from just a normal, everyday thing. these guys do. >> reporter: in addition to the new troops coming to southern afghanistan, about one-third of them will come to eastern and northern afghanistan. the first troops who will arrive will be marines, 9,000 of them could begin deploying by the end of the year. for the bottom line on the president's upcoming speech, let's bring in the host of "this week," george stephanopoulos. good morning, gorge. what do we know about the speech th he's going to give on tuesday night? what do we know about how many troops he may send to afghanistan and where? >> we do know that the president is speakinat 8:00 p.m. from west point. to present this new strategy to the cadets of west point.
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how long we're going to be in afghanistan. how much this is going to cost the president. the president will spell that out. he'll go into some detail about the cost. because he has a rough sledding with congress right now. as for the troops, it's likely, the setup could be closer to 34,000, it could be closer to 30,000 supplemented by 5,000 or so nato troops. the president is hoping for that. which could get close to 40,000 that general mcchrystal first called for in his strategy review. back in august. one thing administration officials tell me, when the president comes out with this announcement, there will be a united front. his entire cabinet the generals, the defense secretary robert gates, all onboard. he's reached a consensus strategy with his team. the question is, will the country buy it? >> do you see this as a defining moment for this new presidency? >> certainly.
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certainly, the toughest decision president obama has faced. i think it's one of the reasons it took so long, because he knows this is a defining moment. as tony cordesman said in rachel's piece, if this new strategy works, the president will get the credit. if it doesn't, this has become president obama's war and there's real concern inside his party, that this war especially at the cost $30 billion a year is going to swallow his domestic agenda. yes, this is a perilous choice for the president. >> congress may be one of the stumbling blocks for the president. or the hardest sell that he has to make, even his own democrats. >> especially his own democrats. that's exactly right. house speaker nancy pelosi has said this question of cost is creating tremendous unrest among democrats in congress. what speaker pelosi has said to the president, if he comes to the congress for more money, he'll have to rely heavily on republican votes to get this through. because she won't be able to deliver more than half of her
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democratic caucus to vote for this war. >> george stephanopoulos, thanks so much. tune into "this week" later this morning. george will be speaking to bernie sanders and lindsey graham. now, for a look at the other headlines this morning. ron claiborne. prosecutors in florida have issued an arrest warrant for a man accused of killing four relatives at a thanksgiving dinner. 10,000 reward is now being offered leading to his capture. ryan owens is in jupiter, florida, with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: still no sign of the suspect. and police and federal agents are growing increasingly worried, they have now cast their net far beyond florida. >> at this particular point he's still at large. considered armed and dangerous. paul mehige stretches from south florida all of the way to michigan. the man who kill four of his relatives had reached out to a detroit doctor over the past
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year. police won't say why. but those who know that the that the suspect has a history of mental illness and suicide attempts. >> it didn't rejs ster it was a gun until the eighth shot. >> reporter: jim sitton lost his 6-year-old daughter. the 6-year-old was shot five times. police say that he also turned the gun on his pregnant sister, her twin sister and an aunt, after they all celebrated the holiday together. investigators have uncovered chicago details about the shooting. sitton said he watched as the gunman reloaded and alleged told an injured relative that he had been waiting to do this since he was a teenager. >> 20 years to do this. 20 years to kill his family.
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>> reporter: while the suspect allegedly targeted his family based on years of resentment, police are now worried that he's so desperate, he would be willing to turn the gun on anyone who tried to capture him. ron? and a senate report says that osama bin laden was within the grasp of u.s. troops in the mountains of eastern afghanistan in 2001 but escaped because military leaders decided not to pursue him with massive force. and the white house gate crashers reportedly want to be paid for a tv interview. a television executive says the virginia couple who got into tuesday's white house state dinner is asking networks to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars to tell their story. and finally, this 9-year-old found a 100 million year old dinosaur bone in maryland.
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at a park where visitors can help scientists dig. the piece from a raptor's tail will become a permanent part of the smithsonian. >> start digging now. >> one reason to send the kids out in the yard today. >> good old-fashioned digging. welcome back, bill. heard you were under the weather. a dust storm in southern arizona. it brought traffic along i-10 to a stop. a complete standstill. look at that plume of smoke. two people died in a car accident. the good news, if there's any in that, the winds die down for today. we take a look at this part of the country. just behind the storm the santa ana winds start to kic >> good morning. definitely cold out there this morning 32 degrees in leesburg.
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things will be improving nicely, and we could have a mild state in the past two weeks. high pressure building in, south westerly breeze and high temperatures anywhere between 60 degrees and 64 degrees. look for clouts later in the day, howev >> thanks so >> thanks so much. more on your sunday outlook later on the show. bill? we turn now to the one-car crash heard around the world. police are scheduled to interview tiger woods and his wife later today. about what actually happened in that early friday morning accident that sent the famed golfer to the hospital. this will be their third attempt at interviewing the couple. to explain why, we go to espn's tom rinaldi. good morning, tom. >> good morning, bill. the wall street journal reports that a neighbor of woods made
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a 911 call. it's just the latest detail in an investigation that's ongoing as a the questions. at 2:45 saturday afternoon, investigators from the florida highway patrol pulled up to the gates of isleworth. they were asked there to ask woods for more details about the single-car accident. according to the fhp, the golfer's agent said that woods and his wife were unavailable to be interviewed. and troopers were asked to return sunday. and new photos of the crash scene have emerged. showing woods' suv dented up against a tree. according to windermere police, woods was on the ground, moving in and out of consciousness. after his wife elin smashed in the rear car window to get woods out. woods was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated and released. while more details have emerged regarding the crash, questions
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still remain unanswered. why did wood lose control of the vehicle and where was hi going? the air bags did not deploy and police said, alcohol was not a factor in the crash. according to the fhp, there were two 911 calls made. one believed to have come from woods' wife elin. based on whether the tapes are pertinent to the case, they'll be released. there's no definitive time line for what that happened. kim montes said quote -- according to the fhp, woods does not have to speak with investigators. he's only obligated to provide his license, registration and proof of insurance. today, bill, will mark the third time that troorps hope he'll provide some answers as well. for more on this, let's turn to abc news consultant, christine brennan. thanks for joining us again. if anyone, you cover sports, if anyone deserves the benefit of the doubt in any situation, it's
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a guy who has built an empire on self-discipline and focus. so, is it naive to think there could be a reasonable explanation for this that doesn't involved the violent and mart tall spat? >> no, bill, i don't think it that's naive. i think that's certainly within the realm of responsibility. there's a logical explanation. everybody will believe it. tiger will move on and make more money. i don't think that this is a going to irreparably harm his image or his endorsement opportunities. you mentioned the self-discipline, such a polished image, a marketing and pr team, that's probably the best we have ever seen for a single athlete, bill. we haven't heard anything for 48 hours. that's the part that surprises me from the tiger woods' camp. >> but, at the same time, he's fiercely, fiercely private.
8:18 am
one of the best stories to give credence to that, he named his yacht, privacy. after he sued the yacht builders for using his name without his permission. so, is this not in keeping with how he tightened things down. >> it is keeping. the difference here is, of course, we're in an entirely different world with the internet. and the blogosphere. and twitter and everything else. and everything moves faster and quicker. tiger's people are smart and they know what they are doing. and tiger's a smart guy. i wonder, when do you fill the void? there's a lot out there right now. is it bothering tiger's people? we'll get the answer to all of those questions. >> and he's supposed to play in his own charity tournament this week in california. >> remind us where we are at in the season and what's at stake for him as a player?
8:19 am
>> this is his charity event. he wants to be there. that will be interesting. if he's in a press conference on tuesday, lot of people will want to watch a press conference. but we are, what, five months away from the next major. the masters in april. there's a long way to go. before tiger woods has to play a meaningful golf tournament. >> christine brennan, thank you so much. okay, bill, now to a christmas story of sort. as the recession grinds on, towns across the country are on thing things down. here's abc's eic horng. >> reporter: for more than a century, a city in illinois has dressed up its small-town streets for the holidays. but this year, high unemployment have threatened to turn the lights out on this beloved tradition.
8:20 am
>> putting up christmas decorations. lot of people would argue that's something that you can do without. >> reporter: the town has cut the decorating budget by two-thirds. business owners worried customers would go elsewhere. >> it creates an atmosphere and it makes people want to come to the town. and peop want to shop. >> reporter: it's a similar story across the country. communities forced to trim the tree on trimmer budgets. in fresno, california, the usually elaborate city hall display is this year, decidedly modest. >> it was a beautiful tree, but at the same time the cost of keeping it up and the layoffs with the city hall, i think it's too much this year. >> reporter: to keep main street aglow the city is stepping up as a community. residents are donating time and money to business leaders. >> people have been leaving lights on my front porch. i come home from work and
8:21 am
there's a bag of lights. i have had people calling me out and pulling out dollar bills, here, here for the effort. >> reporter: aow it could end up being one of the brightest. >> with the community contributions we have gotten, we may have more lights burning than we have ever had. >> this town has a lot of heart and a lot of soul. >> reporter: for "good morning america," eric horng, illinois. >> i like that. >> kind of like the end of wonderful life. >> community spirit. >> you don't need the bling. >> or just do it yourself. we'll be right back. coming up on "good morning america" -- retail secrets revealed. our consumer expert goes behind the scenes and shares some inside shopping tips that stores don't want you to know. down and dirty. a town finds inspiration in a
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coming up, smart shopping tips. for example, the big flat-screen tvs that are on sale right now, what's the fine print? what do you need to really look for? >> all about timing. and also, great weekend window. we're going to the place where your thanksgiving glass of wine was brought from. it's the crush out in sonoma, goeous part of our country and we'll be right back. i always thought calcium, and vitamin d, and exercise
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to relieve your worst ! allergy symptoms, including congestion, without drowsiness. get claritin-d at the pharmacy counter. live claritin clear. >> live and in hd, this is an abc7 newsw update. >> police had to rescue two people after they drove their car into the anacostia river around 1:00 this morning in southwest. both passengers got out safely, but the car is still in the water. harbor patrols were on the scene to pull up the car. >> a chilly morning out there downtown. just 39 degrees. high pressure over head, and the wind has shifted. the high today is 664 out there
8:30 am
today. >> thank you for watching.
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that looks pretty. you might have raised glass from this beautiful spot on thanksgiving, maybe, it's sonoma wine country in california.
8:32 am
where harvest season comes to an end at more than 200 wineries there. our weekend window will take you there in high definition this morning. for the great crush. good morning, america. i'm kate snow. >> and i'm bill weir. it's november 29th, 2009. holiday shopping and travel season now in full swing. we have some insider tips to help you shop smarter. you can save 100 bucks on a hotel room depending on time and day you book that room. we'll tell you some of the scams to watch out for, too. >> and also this morning, we'll take you to the pit, a football field, in dirt. where one high school football team destroys its opponents by lifting the spirits of a town that has been hard hit by the economy. good morning, again, bill and kate. in the news, iran's parliament is urging the president's government to submit a plan to
8:33 am
reducing its cooperation with the iaea following last week the vote to criticize iran for building a secret yuan ran yum enrichment plant. the parents of amanda knox say they are under investigation for defamation. italian police say the couple lied when they said that police abused amanda. a little bit more on black friday the research firm shopper track reports an increase in sales over 1% over last season. and tis season more than 100 santas gathered this weekend in berlin, germany, at the annual santas convention. to prepare for their duties over the next month. that's where they train. that's a quick look for the headlines. good morning, everyone. a lot of rain in texas. corpus christi could see 2 inches of rain. that rain is going to stick in this area at least through tuesday. as you make way back home after this holiday weekend, be weary
8:34 am
if you're traveling along i-25 in the higher elevations of albuquerque. we'll see icy conditions. for our >> good morning. breaking and cold morning in the nation's capital, but a good travel there. temperatures in the 30's and 40's, but this >> thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by ultra-lift pro deep wrinkle cream. kate? >> okay, wow. marysol, thanks. if you're heading out shopping again today, how do you know if you're getting a good deal. consumer advocate ron burley teaches us the secrets at stores don't want you to know about saving bucks and shopping smart. >> reporter: the recession can be tough on consumers and
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businesses alike. companies will invite you anywhere. low prices and low interest rates. one thing you can be sure of, they still want your money. recession tip number one, while you may find some great prices at going out of business sales, you have to be ready to ask yourself are you ready for this to fall apart. no matter what a clerk tells you, be sure that the product works and it's what you need. i speak from experience. my office store stop is a five-pound power drill that wouldn't. best shopping time, tuesday morning 10:00 a.m. traffic is light and the shefs have been restocked after the busy weekend. if you're not really sure if your uncle phil is into plaid, you can get a gift certificate. does this work for you? if you're buying a long-term product like a cell phone, don't
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discount. ask the travel agent to book the trip for three and then get the fourth for free. what, no hbo? bottom line for the recession, retailers want you to make a quick decision, while your best strategy is to take your time. your consumer power is paekd only as long as your money is in your wallet. >> and consumer advocate, ron burley joins us live via skype from eugene, oregon. with some more tips. good morning, ron. >> good morning, kate. >> great to have you. if we're out shopping for our kids this weekend, what's the tip on toys? >> well, the number one trip, is just like a supermarket, stay to the edges of the mall. those kiosks in the middle of the mall, are often staffed by transient businesses. case in portland, oregon, one of these companies were selling toy helicopters. prosecutorses said the only
8:38 am
helicopter that worked was the one they were demonstrating. a lot of disappointed kids on christmas morning. >> this weekend, so many discounts on electronics. we have been talking about this all weekend. a guest yesterday said go out there and buy, buy, buy. but you say be a little careful about this. >> the low-priced tv sets are sometimes feature light. you have to look and see if the features that you want are there. and think about hoyou're going to use it. all of this is visible on the side of the box. in the frenzy often, you might not notice a service like netflix. also, look for whether you can get an in-home service. if you have ever tried to mail a broken 40-inch lcd tv set -- >> so, look for all of those features. make sure you're getting the full list. there's a trick with the name. you can sometimes know from just how long the name is.
8:39 am
>> sometimes, the offbrand manufacturers stretch out the name. try to make it sound like something else. if you have a set, instead of being a sony or a zenith, it's a zuny or something like this. or a longer compound name, watch for this. because this is one of the tech techniques that less than scrupulous retailers will use. >> all right. i'm gog shopping tuesday 10:00 a.m., meet me there. >> 10:00 a.m. tuesday and make sure you plug in your sweater, kate. >> thanks, ron. we'll be back. coming up on "good morning america" -- gridiron grit. how a dirt football field, called the pit, is helping one down and out town keep its chin up. raise a glass. our weekend window tours
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california's wine country. for joint pain. for joint pain.
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well, we well, we're really used to seeing those perfect emerald-green football fields on the television this time of
8:43 am
year. this morning, we take you to the only dirt football field, they call it a pit, so, through the words of the folks who live on the edge of death valley, trona, california, is this morning's american snapshot. >> i wondered why grass didn't grow there until i found out there's too much sodium, too much salt on the ground. when i came here in '57. we had a grocery store. we had a pharmacy. it was really a booming town. the reason our town has declined, the plant is losing employees. the school has declining enrollment. people just moved out and walked
8:44 am
off and left their homes. >> it's a big source of pride in this community. we got the dirt football field. and the only one around. this morning, we put 6,000 gallons of water on the field. right now, we're raking it. break it up. break up the soil a little bit. then after that, we have a big steel roller. we roll it with the roller. there are some things that you don't mess with in trona that die hard in that tradition. >> i grew up here. i was one of those who like everyone else, who will never come back. two years ago, i said, i want to go home. i just want to go home. and i moved home. >> i have moved away and came
8:45 am
back a lot. i got kicked out of my cousin's house. >> he's living alone. he's not getting much to eat. and i said, well, that's going to stop right now. >> i don't know a person on this earth who would actually take in a complete stranger, but she did. >> i had 30 kids last year. this year, i'm down to 19. i've got kids, they don't even eat every day. they're likely if they get two meals a day. i make sure every kid has a meal. every kid's going to eat. i'm not going to let anyone go without eating just because they don't have the money. i'll pay for it out of my own pocket, no big deal. i would like to see the town grow some more. if this helps, perfect. >> let's go. let's go.
8:46 am
>> welcome to trona high school. >> growing up here, you play on dirt field, you mess around in dirt, you're pretty much raised in dirt. >> hey, i want to hear pads thump, people on their butts. let's go! >> kind of dirty. you get scratched up. you get wounds. >> come on, trona, let's go! >> give it up for your trona high school tornadoes champions! >> i think it's a symbol for our community in a way. we do it in a dirt. it might be pot ash, soda ash,
8:47 am
but it's all surrounded by dirt. people do, people dig their feet in and they do what they have to do. believe me, some days when that wind is blowing, that turf is bad. and other days it's just beautiful. just like in life, i think. >> it keeps everything going, football. hopefully, we can hang on for another ten years. but it's going to be tough. i think if we lose our high school, that will be the last light. >> well, trona made it to the semis. lost there. >> but undefeated in the pit. as you just saw. >> that was homefield advantage. coming up here on "good morning america" -- harvest time in a california wine country. we'll be right back. i've got good news. you need more fiber. huh? don't worry, it tastes great. froot loops now with 3 grams of fiber.
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now, we're going to a different part of california. an area that produces 30 mlt gallons of wine a year. the harvest is just coming in. our weekend window opens in sparkling high definition to beautiful sonoma county. >> sonoma county is located in northern california. people who came here from italy, back in the 19th century, talked about how much it looked like tuscany. it looked just like where they came from. we have 30 miles of ocean, redwood grows.
8:52 am
and very obviously, vineyards. i suspect there's probably more than 200 wineries. we have a long history of being leaders in the wine industry. >> winemaking is so successful in sonoma county because of a lot of variables. foggy mornings, hot afternoons. world-class recipe for wine. this is the best time of the year for all somona county. anybody can come out and watch us pick our fruit, we crush it and we add some yeast, we'll ferment it. in about 15 days. it's the go time. it's the action time.
8:53 am
sonoma county is the real wine country. we're growing some of the best chardonnays, some of the best bordeauxs, some of the best dessert wines. i don't care what wine you're drinking as long as you're drinking wine. wine is passionate. wine has a tendency to instill a sense of place in that bottle, so that no matter you're at in the world, you can open up a bottle of sonoma county wine. and taste sonoma county. >> to me, sonoma county is home. the perfect blend of sophistication and country.
8:54 am
ocean spray craisins, sweetened dried cranberries, are sweet. we'll take that as a yes. craisins -- the sweetest way to eat a cranberry.
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- no to fake foods. - and yes to real. yes to hellmann's. made with eggs, " vinegar and oils... that are naturally rich .in omega 3. with all the taste in the world. mmmmmm. hellmann's. " it's time for real.
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well, very big week in terms of afghanistan, the president speaks tuesday night. abc news will have comprehensive coverage up to and throughout.
8:58 am
>> have a great sunday. >> liev and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> two metro trains collided inside the west falls church railyard. one was being maintained when it was struck by a second train, injuring an operator and two passengers, taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. the crash is being investigated. and we're just five days away from the letting of the national christmas tree. last night, crews were putting the finishing touches on the colorado blue spruce. the decorations included eight trained featuring thomas the tank engine. now to our forecast. >> it certainly feels like it
8:59 am
could be christmas out there. a spectacular moment in the nation's capital. look at the sunshine of the dome of the capital. 20's and 30's right now, 45 in woodbridge, little milder in spotsylvania. wind has shifted, and the high pressure will states today. southwesterly breeze at 5 miles an hour to 10 miles an hour. look for some clouds to come this afternoon, heralding what looks like a rainy monday for us. it could complicate the commute, people going home after thanksgiving travel. cool again on wednesday, rainy thursday, and by friday and saturday, high temperatures only in the 40 +, nighttime lows in the 20's. enjoy this


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