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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 30, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EST

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ahh... hey... (announcer) ...makes for a perfect beginning. maybe we'll keep her. (cheerios spilling) (announcer) how can something so little... do something so big. good morning, america, on this monday, november 30th. man hunt as we await, police surround a house searching for the man who shot four police officers execution style.
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when they stopped for their morning cup of coffee. we have the latest from the scene as police move in. tiger woods, what he says about that early morning accident that sent him to the hospital and the n questions and details from police. open house. we show you exactly how the couple who crashed the white house state dinner got past the secret service as congress launches an investigation. anclose call. holiday shoppers watch an aerial gymnast fall 30 feet to the floor. the young woman survives as retailers assess the risk the morning after. and good morning to all of you. we hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. diane sawyer with robin roberts and this morning, of course, we are following this ongoing drama unfolding as you wake up this morning as police are determined to find the person who killed four of their own. >> it had happened over the
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holiday weekend. a lone gunman opened fire on four police officers at a washington coffee shop outside of tacoma. the four killed execution style. the officers had almost 50 years experience between them and nine children. >> so let's get the latest at this hour. abc's neil carlin skin is in parkland, washington. neal. >> reporter: we're in the middle of a tense police standoff. we have some pictures of the scene right now. police believe in fact that suspect may be suffering from a gunshot wound that he sustained at the time of the attack on police officers yesterday. an attack on officers as they sat in a coffee shop just down the road behind me here. early this morning a seattle neighborhood in lockdown. police used tear gas and explosions targeting a house where their person of interest, mauresmo clemmons, is believed to be holed up. officers could be heard at times firing shots and encouraging clemmons to surrender. hours earlier in a shroud of
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flashing blue and red, the bodies of the four officers were escorted out from the crime scene under a huge american flag to salute and heavy hearts. >> saluting them as the procession went by, you know, i couldn't help a few tears rolling down my eyes. it was just -- you know, it was just sad. >> reporter: the four officers were gunned down inside this coffee shop as they prepared to begin their shift. police say the suspects stood at the counter as if to order then opened his coat, pulled a gun and began firing. >> he pulled open his coat and shot and fled and they were writing reports. >> reporter: police are calling it an ambush, an execution. in a last-ditch effort, wounded and in shock one of the officers struggled with the suspect. >> one of them managed to fight his way with the suspect fight all the way out the doorway until he was shot and died of a gunshot wound. >> reporter: they are faces every cop in town newell.
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sergeant mark renninger with a five and three children, in in a statement his brother called him a loving and dedicated father. officer ronald owens who leaves behind a daughter. officer tina griswold, married, a mother of two and stickler for safety procedures and officer greg richards, a husband and father of three. >> it's just unimaginable and our hearts are just breaking. >> reporter: maurice clemmons has a long rap sheet including assault on a police officer and a pending child rape charge. here he is in 2008 talking about a fire at his rental property. >> property and stuff like that can always be replaced so it was a blessing that, you know, nobody get hurt. >> reporter: he was released from custody just six days ago even though he was wanted on a fugitive warrant out of arkansas, a state where then governor mike huckabee granted him clemency nine years ago. >> some people have to answer to that. >> reporter: former governor huckabee for his part in the statement overnight said that
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clemmons' release or his being out is a result of failures in the criminal justice system both in arkansas and in washington state. as for the standoff that is ongoing right now. a fluid situation. police have not heard from clemmonsf he is inside that home. diane? >> all right, neal, back to you as we learn more. joining us from the crim scene in parkland is ed troyer, the pice county sheriff's department spokesman leading the investigation along with the team there and thank you so much, officer troyer. i want to ask the direct question, how did you come to suspect maurice clemmons as a person of interest? >> well, it was a trail through our investigation through together which brought us to a residence and as we talked to acquaintances, it became pretty clear that he was our person of interest and then once we found out he was suffering from a gunshot wound last night, it was immediately changed to being our number one suspect, in fact, he's the only pers we're looking for that's responsible
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for this. >> we had heard he had been spotted near the coffee shop and found a cutoff electronic tracking bracelet that he had cut off his ankle? >> well, during one of the operations where we were checking residences we did find a tracking device that was cut off his ankle but there by the bond company and not the prosecutor's office as a condition of his release. that's obviously that they were afraid of losing their bond when he bailed out of jail. >> was there any more insight from anyone about why these four officers in particular, we know they were in uniform, they were in marked police cars. do we think he just trailed them or that he was targeting them in particular? >> we don't believe he was targeting them in particular. we believe that he was just out to kill some police officers execution style. we are now learning after the incident getting reports he made comments the night before to watch the news because he was going to kill a bunch of cops. those people did not report that and till after the incident occurred so we believe that he
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was just after police officers and, unfortunately, they were the four in that coffee shop when he went by and saw that they were there. >> there are reports that his sister has been saying he was not of his right mind. others were talking about he was flying, he was the confirmed messiah. are these reports that came to you? >> well, when we're getting the information to the charging sheets and looking at the police reports and lookg at his history in arkansas he does definitely have some issues, and part of our investigation will be is why he was out of jail. we know here in washington, we didn't do anything wrong because we've arrested him multiple times. we got him charged and he was being held on $150,000 bail and bailed out and wt happened was is once we told arkansas that we had him in custody they quashed the warrant so they had a chance to get him back on whatever reason they let him go in the first place and that's something we'll take a strong look at to determine why he was even here to begin with. >> looking at this, five felony
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counts in arkansas, eight in washington, d.c. state, serving in arkansas 11 years of a potential 60-year sentence. how angry does this make you and your fellow officers. >> well, you know, the criminal justice system works when it works. when it doesn't there is usually a breakdown someplace. when we do the math that he was supposed to have 65 years in arkansas and he's only 30 something years old the simple math is somehow or another some reason he was out in our state when he definitely should be back there and didn't even come close to serving his sentence. >> officer troyer, again, we want to thank you. we want to honor all of the officers on your team. i know so many of them came in on their own time to do everything that they could from the entire region. >> right. >> and, of course, the families of those nine children. nine children. >> that's absolutely right. >> of the four who died. >> yes. >> thank you again. >> thank you. all right, diane. thousand to the latest on tiger woods.
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the golf legend refusing t speak with police about the early morning accident outside his florida home early friday morning. but in a written statement yesterday woods did take responsibility for the car crash. we're also hearing the 911 call made by tiger woods' neighbor. our john berman has the latest from windermere, florida. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, in his statement tiger woods says "the situation is my fault. "but he doesn't say what situation or how he managed to crash his car just outside his driveway or why he was unconscious after the crash. these are just some of the unanswered questions in this mysterious case and right now tiger woods is not talking. the celebrity website tmz released these photos of tiger woods' mangled car but for the third time woods refused to speak to investigators to explain the 2:po a.m. accident just past his driveway but released a statement saying "i'm human and i'm not perfect." the florida highway patrol released the 911 call from a concerned neighbor 2:28 friday
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morning. >> i have someone down in front of my house. they hit a pole. >> is it a car accident, sir? >> it's a car accident, yes. >> and are they trapped inside the vehicle? >> no, they are laying on the ground. >> reporter: five minutes later police arrive and find woods on the ground breathing but slipping in and out of consciousness. >> is he outside or inside his car. >> outside. >> is he unconscious? >> yes. >> the back window of woods' vehicle was smashed. woods' we have elin said she broke it with a golf club in order to pull him from the vehicle but the tabloids have been abuzz with rumors of a domestic dispute. the national enquirer published a story saying woods was seeing a new york nightclub hostess. the woman denied the affair and hired gloria allred. in his statement he said the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible. my wife elin acted courageously when she saw i was hurt and in
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trouble. any other assertion is absolutely false. pr experts say the statement might be the in nick of time. >> had it taken any longer to release than it did, i think there would have been some real concern and that brand might have well been in real jeopardy. >> reporter: woods is the first athlete ever to top $1 billion in career earnings. he is also fiercely protective of his image. with a yacht named "privacy" this is not the kind of attention he relishes. woods has hired a high-profile local attorney who says that woods has no plans to speak to the police and legally he doesn't have to. he has to turn over his license, registration and insurance information, which he did. police, however, say this investigation is continuing. robin? >> all right, john. thank you for that. joining us now is abc news consultant christine brennan joining us from washington. christine, other than the written statement on his website, we have not heard from tiger woods. is this the right strategy? >> it's a great question, robin,
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obviously tiger woods and his people are very controlling, disciplined, maybe the most disciplined athlete on the planet in terms of his image so they think it's the right strategy. i don't think his sponsors will leave him. i don't think his fans will leave him but such an incongruous image from the man we're seeing from the man we know. >> it's sump a different world. you know that, christine, with the internet and anything can be said. so how do you confront the things that are being said in blogs and -- in the atmosphere? how do you confront that. >> tiger, of course, said it. it's a private matter and accepted blame and said his wife was khoury rajsz and doesn't like the fact the rumors are out there. they're hoping that's the end of it of the he may or may not show up on his own golf tournament in los angeles. if he does that, robin, then he'll have to speak. if he doesn't show up i think more questions. i don't think this is over. i think it's one of thosthings tiger hopes it's over. his people hope it's over but is
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it? i don't think so because of the blogisphere. >> the florida highway patrol say they got the information that they need, it's optional if tiger wants to talk to them and made it clear he does not. there are people who want to know more but there are a lot of people who just saying leave tiger woods alone. which one is it? >> you know what, i think our world is such that the internet will keep going and fans and sponsors will speak, as well. and my sense is that tiger will be just fine in the long run and maybe this is a weird chapter in the story of tiger woods, one of the greatest athletes we have ever seen and is such a part of our culture too, robin, as a superstar but we don't know yet and the bottom line is the -- the mainstream media might have said, okay, that's done but the internet will not stop. >> and he is fiercely private. he always has been but you feel that, you know, he does have endorsements but from a business standpoint he has nothing to worry about. >> i don't think he has anything
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to worry about with the current ones. whether others would sign on, not that he needs anymore, he's a billion dollar athlete, i don't know that othe would jump on the bandwagon this week. this is bizarre and strange of this button-down image of tiger woods. >> remains to be seen if he will speak at some point. a lot doubt that. christine, thank you very much for your insight. have a great day. now chris cuomo is here with the other headlines including a look ahead to president obama's speech tomorrow. the big speech. good morning, robin, diane, everyone. the president is putting the finishing touches on tomorrow's night speech at west point. after months of contemplating while our fighting men and women tangle with an increasingly formidable foe, the president's now ready to tell americans how he plans to finish the job in afghanistan. for details on what we know to jake tapper at the whiteouse. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, chris. well, president obama just yesterday held more meetings
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with his national security team to prepare for the rollout of his new strategy in afghanistan and pakistan, the first draft of the speech has been written. many revisions are expected, of course. officials say that the speech will attempt to do the following thing, one, the president said last week he would finish the job in afghanistan. he needs to explain to a war weary american people just what that job is. two, exit strategy. part of sending more than 30,000 new u.s. troops to the region bringing the total to more than 100,000 or around it is explaining to the american people that he needs to bring them home and his plans to bring them home. three, to the international community, a message that this is not just a mission for the u.s. and that's part of trying to get nato countries to send 5,000 to 10,000 more troops and finally a message to the afghan government that they need to step it up when it comes to anti-corruption and good governance efforts. chris? >> all right, jake, thank you very much for the reporting. of course, abc news will bring you live coverage of the president's address tomorrow at
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8:00 p.m. eastern. the white house is also beginning a new push to help more homeowners facing foreclosure. part of its plan involves naming and shaming lenders into permanently lowering mortgage payments under the administration's foreclosure prevention program. that program is supposed to be helping about 650,000 struggling borrowers but only a fraction of them have received permanent relief so far. there is an escalation in the standoff over iran's nuclear program. president mahmoud ahmadinejad has responded to a u.n. demand to stop work on a nuclear facility by vowing to build ten more facilities just like it. the white house is hoping iran's defiance will convince russia and china to support new sanctions. finay there's good news about a study on autism. researchers found that behavior therapy can improve symptoms in autistic children as young a18 months old. it's known as the early start denver model that emphasizes social interaction for 20 hours a week at home with a child playing. now, after two years, the study
7:18 am
found that children had significantly higher i.q. scores and better language skills. still, researchers say more study is needed to confirm the are yous, but very promising. that is the news at 7:16. >> it shifted the severity of the diagnosis in some cases. thanks so much, chris. and sam champion, happy post-thanksgiving monday. >> thank you. feeling a lile full. good morning, diane, chris, robin. did anyone notice that elves threw christmas all over the place? if you need a little christmas they gave it. i'm sure you'll see it throughout the next few days all over the studio. to the boards. one or two things going on. area of low pressure and front that moves into northern new england and really the mid-atlantic so scattered showers throughout the day today. not going to look at any big-time rainfall totals for the most part but you are going to be mild before the front then colder air sharply behind the front as it gets to the coastline later orange tonight. heavy rainfall totals later
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tonight into the day tomorrow. it'll be south texas also into louisiana. some of those areas will pick up more than 4 inches of rain and talk about that in the days to come. d cle inhweo cf73. a very good morning, brian van de graaff here. you see some moisture looking into the area from the north and west. there is a little such as this morning but the clouds will thicken and and it will be fairly mild temperatures today in the 50's. temperatures will start to drop later. you can see the clouds on the radar that will come in later.
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in the next half hour we'll talk about a little west texas snow. el paso could get 4 inches. thanks, sam. now that tape from a show at a mall in beverly hills that nearly ended in tragedy. an aerial performer hanging upside down from a metal hoop fell. there was no net to catch her and it was part of a big promotion meant to boost sales, something malls are trying to do all over the country this time of year. here's abc's lisa fletcher on what happened. >> reporter: it was a holiday spectacular. designed to draw crowds to the mall. but something went horribly wrong. this cell phone video captured the aerialist performing without a net falling nearly 20 feet as hundreds helplessly watched. >> working over 30 feet we typically always use safeties. the net has to be a minimum of
7:21 am
eight feet off the ground. if the net is two feet off the ground, it's not functional. >> reporter: miraculously she survived. the 26-year-old performer who is asked not to be identified is optized with a broken wrist and pelvis. she says she and the rest of the troupe know the risk is part of the job. >> these are not ordinary people. these are the top traid athletes in the world. >> reporter: retailers across the country are going to extremes in the downed economy to attract coveted shoppers. but free giveaways are other thing, a dangerous aerial show, some are wondering if that's going too far. your answer is no is. >> not at all. it is very safe. is it foolproof, no. >> reporter: while shoppers were horrified, the show will go on. 60 performances leading up to christmas. for "good morning america," lisa fletcher, abc news, los angeles. >> thank god she wasn't seriously hurt. >> no. details now on the white
7:22 am
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what you do with it is up to you. what will you get back with your cash back? >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good monday morning everybody. i am alison starling. 7:22 is your time. let's begin with a look at traffic. >> we started this morning with an accident on the suitland parkway at forestville road. about 10 minutes ago, the last roll back was looking up and they should be leaving by the time you get there. things should be settling down. now this is a live picture of virginia on 95 to get to the beltway. this is a picture of 270 traffic with an accident at montgomery village avenue with delays before this.
7:25 am
this is rockville maryland with an accident. police are directing at the intersection look at this shot from the roofscam this morning. it is gorgeous. the clouds are building but it will aid be mostly cloudy day. temperatures are in the 50's downtown. your forecast a calls for a light rain and showers developing later. we have a mild start but we will see some cooling in the afternoon when the wind shifts. we clear out later tonight and temperatures will be in the 30's. to mark a cooler with sunshine in the 50's. we will be right back. in the 50's. we will be right back. and now we're insuring over 18 million drivers. gecko: quite impressive, yeah. boss: come a long way, that's for sure.
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and so have you since you started working here way back when. gecko: ah, i still have nightmares. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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grief counselors will be in maryland today after a football player was killed in a crash yesterday morning. the 17-year-old was killed. police said the driver had been drinking. his 17-year-old brother who was in the truck is now in critical condition. no class is today at a virginia school after an exosion and fire. the blast happened is they morning as workers were repairing 8 rout at the cittendon middle school. because of the fire is still under investigation more safety questions for metro after two trains collided over the weekend. and good morning, it
7:28 am
happened sunday morning at 4: 30 a.m. as the last train was headed into the rail yard yard. the oncoming train was coming into the guard when it struck a parked train. this sent three employees to the hospital and destroyed three train cars. the damage is estimated to be at $9 million. metro is in the middle of investigating because of the crash. they will review what was captured on in any event recorder. some safety concerns have come up in regards to the damage. two of the three cars were considered beyond repair and were part of metro's older 1000 series. those models had been sent in- between new work] = new models.
7:29 am
but metro says it will investigate for the next few days. it was close but once again the redskins, on the losing end. the philadelphia eagles staged a late fourth quarter comeback for the 20 -- for the wind. we will have another news update at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, news channel 8.
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mr. and mrs. salahi. >> they are the party crashers seen around the world. crashing a white house state dinner, so why did the secret service wave them through the first checkpoint and should the
7:32 am
couple face criminal charges? we have new details straight ahead as we say good morning, america, on this monday morning and we hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and, sam, you did point it out well, we just moved right on to christmas in the studio all the way around us. >> before the turkey soup is done in nye refrigerator. also a verdict in the amanda knox mder case is expected and she is the american college on trial in italy. but there's a startling new twist in the story. her parents are now under investigation. could be facing charges themselves. we're going to tell you what that is about. >> it is cyber-monday, so before you click on any holiday shopping site, we've got insider tips to save you big bucks in your online shopping. but first to that husband and wife team. you saw them announce there who embarrassed the secret service created a security crisis by crashing a tate dinner at the white house and so far investigators have interviewed both party crashers but the fallout is far from over and
7:33 am
we're learning more all the time. abc's pierre thomas joins us live now from washington with the latest. pierre? >> reporter: hi, diane. this morning the secret service continues to investigate this case and i can tell you they're taking it extremely seriously. one reason, that white house couple, that couple was on the white house grounds nearly two hours. our abc news cameras caught the aspiring reality tv stars, tareq and michaele salahi arriving at the white house with a bravo tv crew in tow. one problem, the salahis were not invited. but they got in anyway. sources tell abc news a leading theory is that the first secret service officer at the initial checkpoint waved the couple in assuming their names would be checked at the next one. the couple walked to the next critical checkpoint. at least a couple hundred yards away. their name should have been checked there but they apparently were not. next the couple went through a metal detector and were screened for weapons.
7:34 am
they were in. >> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> at 7:35 p.m. a marine announced the salahis to the world as part of the country's elite waltzing into the supersecure state dinner supposedly. with that an extraordinary breach was complete. >> these people could have had an outstanding arrest warrant for murders, they could have been involved with a terrorist group. they could have been agents of iran or north korea. >> reporter: they mingled at an exclusive reception in the east room and at about 8:00 p.m. entered the prestigious blue room where presidents have greeted kings and dignitaries. there they shook the hand of the leader of the free world. >> this is simply taking a tremendous risk with the life of the president much the united states. >> reporter: but the salahis weren't done. by roughly 8:30 they were rubbing elbows in the tent where the actual dinner would be held. our robin roberts was there. >> but she was working that tent. boy, was she working that tent. >> reporter: they met the white house chief of staff.
7:35 am
they even hugged the vice president. the salahis' attorney suggests it was a misunderstanding and says "my clients were cleared by the white house to be there" but the white house says flatly the couple was not invited. >> ladies and gentlemen, at this time please take your seats. >> reporter: and by 9:00 p.m. just as dinner started the salahis were gone. the secret service has taken full responsibility admitting they were deeply concerned and embarrassed by the breakdown. the seek service interviewed the couple over the weekend and by the end of the week, they're expected to decide whether to seek charges. robin, diane? >> working the tent, huh? >> yeah, they were working the tent. i got to tell you i think partly because the way she was dressed, even commented to her that, wow, you must have put a lot of thought into this because it was the traditional indian attire but people asked were they acting strangely or anything like that. no, they were just really making their presence known and taking as many pictures as they could. >> got a hug from the vice
7:36 am
president. >> yeah, that too. >> anyway we wanted to know more about the personal lives and what we tracked down about the biography of the couple and we have that. we have some revelations for you in the next half hour. >> that is coming up but right now we'll talk more about the legal drama unfolding in italy for the family of amanda knox. the american college student on trial for murder. a verdict is expected later this week. but now her parents are also under investigation by italian authorities and could face charges themselves. our lama hasan is in perugia, italy, with all the details. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning, robin. on the very day that amanda knox's parents arrived here in italy to stand by her and support her as she learns her fate later this week, they were slapped with allegations of defamation. it is the latest twist in this long and grueling murder trial. amanda's parents are now being investigated for a crime that could mean spending up to three years behind bars. speaking to "good morning
7:37 am
america" after these allegations were made, her parents say they're ocked at the latest revelations. >> we said what amanda had told us. she had been kept all night. she was without a lawyer when she asked for a lawyer. they told her it would be make her situation worse. she was never going to see her family again. >> reporter: a claim they maintain in which they told us about in june last year. >> there was a lot of men tall abuse. you're never going to see your parents for another 30 years. she was actually hit in the head a couple of times. it was just an all-night you're not coming up with the right answer for us. >> reporter: her parents don't want these allegations to be a distraction taking attention away from the trial. a trial that is taking its toll and nearing an end. >> what she's seen for the last two years is through a prison window. that's not how it's supposed to be. >> reporter: dubbed by the italian media as angel face, amanda and her ex-boyfriend stand accused of murdering her
7:38 am
british roommate meredith kercher two years ago. she was found semi naked in a pool of blood with her throat slashed in the home they shared in perugia. in the courtroom this week it is the defense's turn to make their closing arguments. amanda's lawyers get two days to tell her side beginning tomorrow and her fate lies in the hand of two judges and six jurors. because they've been deliberating as it's going on it could come as early as friday. since there is no death penalty in italy prosecutors last week asked for the harshest sentence possible. if convicted, she could get life in prison with nine months daytime solitary confinement. her defense team says this is normally what italy's mafia bosses get, not a 22-year-old college kid with no criminal past. for the next couple of days amanda's defense team will look at all the evidence against her including why there is no forensic evidence placing amanda in the room in whi meredith kercher was allegedly killed in. >> thank you, lama. a verdict expected sometime this
7:39 am
week as you said. thanks so much. 7:37. time for the weather and sam. sam, stand away from the decorations. you're getting awe the glitter all over the place. >> i'm taking it all with me, holiday. i had to stand up. when we were sitting i'm kind of like -- >> lapful of glitter. not that that's a bad thing. to the boards. let's show you what's going on one or two things. caught some pictures, a dust storm that's in casa grande, arizona. in general these gusts for saturday and sunday anywhere from 30 to 60 miles per hour. now things quiet -- look at what that looks like from a helicopter. you can see the vantage point of that dust cloud making its way across ahead of the winds. but things are in much better shape during the day today and for the next couple of days. large area of high pressure settles in into the southwest 67. bakersfield, 63. there are a few gusty winds in the canyons but again less wind as we get into the nt 24
7:40 am
hours. we'll watch two impulses of low pressure kind of form a storm into the southeast over the next 24, 48 hours. this means it'll be very wet and rainy from texas into louisiana and then also into the eastern seaboard we believe this low will step off the coastline by middle to the end of the week and form a nor'easter so we have an awful lot of action to cover over the next few days as we watch that low bring some rain from the south, deep south all the way to the east before this week is over but for today 57 in dallas and right through the middle of the country absolutely and a very good morning, outside today, we had some sunshine early on and it is fairly mild. we're watching shore's develop this afternoon and clear tomorrow. wednesday and thursday is the >> all that on t >> all that weather on this monday morning was brought to
7:41 am
you by the amazon -- >> you're sparkling. >> yes, you are. thanks, sam. next our insider tips to score the top online holiday deals on this cyber-monday and we're off to the races. come on back. ♪
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well, shoppers turned out in force on black friday but early reports show they spent less than last year. there is one bright spot. online sales, one on line tracking firm says they're up 11% and another 97 million americans are expected to shop online today, cyber-monday. so how do you get a great deal if you're one of them?
7:45 am
our technology contributor becky worley has, of course, all the answers for you and joins you from san francisco. good morning, becky. >> reporter: good morning, robin. yeah, you're shopping online. you click that buy button and facilities like this all around the country start worrying. this is a u.p.s. distribution center here in south san francisco. u.p.s. says it plans to deliver 400 million packages this holiday season. we know people are buying online and we know they're looking for deals. so my mission, find the latest online shopping techniques to help you save big. you search and yourowse and you hunt for the best deals. but what are the newest tools and the insider tricks for paying rock bottom as you shop online? we asked professional bloggers who search web deals for a living to share their newest secrets. use a site like extrabux to compare prices, find coupon codes and get cash back from
7:46 am
making your purchases. >> it's a cash back site. it's online shopping ptal but has a comparison shopping element as well. if you're looking for the tickle me elmo, you can find it. >> look for free gifts you can turn into presents. buy $25 worth of makeup online you get this clutch purse. >> i think it would be a nice stocking stuffer for someone in your life who was into makeup or beauty products. >> a new study says 30% of adults have an internet-enabled smartphone. that means the line between online shopping and shopping in a store is beginning to blur. so our next tip, make that iphone blackberry or google phone earn its keep. >> there are apps that will turn your camera into a bar code scanner. let's say you're in a store and about to buy something and wonder if i can get a better deal online. whip out your phone, point the
7:47 am
camera and in a matter of seconds it will scan the bar code and return information about pricing from any number of different online stores. >> reporter: now, one of the most important tips i can give you is find those savings codes. best site for doing that is they have a staff that vets all those codes and makes sure they're current and actually working, robin. >> those coupon codes really rock. i like going into the stores because a lot of them, if you buy a lot, they give you a little bit of a discount. is there a similar kind of incentive online? >> reporter: yeah, that's really happening this season. this concept of the total volume discount so, for example, kohl's will give you 15% off if you buy $100 online and great for items rarely discounted like designer jeans, purses or makeup. >> all right. so is today the day or should we wait a little bit longer for the
7:48 am
better deals, becky. >> reporter: right. buy or wait? well, it depends on what you're actually after. so apparel and books, i say wait until that last day of free shipping and then when it comes to things like dvds or toys, i think you should buy now. there's already been a huge price war on dvds have come down a lot and toys are relatively scarce. electronics where my personal opinion, wait till the last possible minute. here's why. many stores have a price guarantee and what this means is that if you buy something and within a certain period of time they put it on sale and there's a discount, they'll refund you the difference. so the longer you wait to buy, the more space you have to get that refund if the price goes down after christmas and there are even web services like price protector that will e-mail you. you tell them what you bought, where you bought it and what you paid. theyl e-mail you if the price goes down in the future. >> good little info there.
7:49 am
one last thing, the deadline for free shipping, when is it, becky. >> reporter: generally it's december 17th. it varies site to site but december 17th get your shopping done, robin. >> all right, becky. help out. go ahead and help them out there. >> alberto, good job, buddy. what can i do here? let me move one here. >> have a good day, becky. >> you're a great sport. thanks so much. coming up next dr. mehmet oz and dr. michael roizen are here. they have a new list. what affects your healthnd that of the next generation. what are you guys doing over there? they'll all explain in our next half hour. come on back. now snuggly softness comes in 2 new scents--
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7:53 am
qu quest for fame coming up. how far would you go to be in the spotlight. not lives of the white house party crashers. you've heard of coupons. but have you heard of groupones. we'll talk about that and so much more after your local news and weather. rubbing my tummy with all the turkey and stuffing and minced pie. cer) elizabeth is going to show us how easy it is to earn cash back from holiday shopping. that was easy. earn cash back on purchases to pay down your credit card or go into savings.
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hershey's bliss chocolate.
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>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning everybody.
7:58 am
7:56 is your time. i am alison starling with your local update on a monday morning. let's look at traffic and weather. we are back to routine this morning. we have had a couple of problems on 270 southbound, an accident at montgomery village avenue. it is out of the way but i will show you a live picture. this is southbound leading clarksburg through germantown. virginia traffic is next at 395, slowing after the beltway up to the pentagon. next, i will take you out to rock bill at month castor mill road. the accident is being documented at muncasdter mill road. tomorrow you will probably need some would in the fireplace. it will be colder with a cold
7:59 am
front that is cing in. there is a little bit of sunshine to the east and them -- this morning but clouds continue to build in. 55 degrees downtown and a look at our maps shows an area of green off to our west. look for showers to develop through the afternoon. temperatures will be milder earlier on before the wind shifts and it will drop in the afternoon with scattered light showers and rain. it will be better tomorrow with sunshine. police are on the scene of a deadly accident in rockville, maryland. this was on muncaster mill road. part of the area remains shut down while police investigate. we will be back at 8:25 with another news upd(dial-up modem)
8:00 am
remember when connections to the internet sounded like this - when high speed internet was out of reach of most american families and small businesses? as recently as the year 2000, only three percent of american families had high speed internet. then competition drove innovation - spurred private investment, and thinternet took off - at record breaking speeds. at at&t we're taking the lead - investing some thirty-eight
8:01 am
billion dollars in our wired and wireless networks over the past two years. last year alone we invested more than any other public company in america. and at at&t we support a national plan that makes high speed internet available to every american family in the next five years - because we know that now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. the future is at stake, and at at&t, the future has always been and at at&t, the future has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. "good morning america" continues with the white house party crashers. we have a closer look at the reality star wanna-bes. is this going too far for your 15 minutes of fame? and you having a baby.
8:02 am
doctors mehmet oz and michael roizen are back. can you change your baby's genes before birth? ♪ got to have friends plus, united we save. groupons, the new shopping trend proving that when it comes to big holiday savings there's strength in numbers. ♪ to make that day last >> nice to have friends. >> hey. >> how are you? >> good to see you. good to see you. >> i just will dance here. oh, that's sweet. brought her to tears. she's crying. aw. >> your bucket list. that's wonderful to have you here. happy day. happy holidays, everyone.
8:03 am
and as we said, coming up in this half hour -- >> this was a moment. >> coming up in this half hour dr. mehmet oz, dr. michael roizen are here and this was brand new to me. is it possible that we can actually change our health at the genetic level? both with unborn babies and afterwards, a whole list of new things to think about as they join us in just a few minutes. >> it is that time of the year. you're trying to find that perfect gift for that someone in your life and, you know, funds are a little tight. but give something from the heart and we're going to show you in our last half hour some wonderful ideas, some wonderful crafts and some wonderful gifts that you can make yourself and we'll give you a little inside tip on how to do. first to chris with the news. >> all right. thank you very much, robin. we want to get everybody up to date on the breaking story in seattle where police have voubdzed a house in their search for maurice clemmons. the man accused of shooting four police officers execution style in a coffee shop.
8:04 am
so let's get out there to neal karlinsky monitoring the situation. good morning, neal. what's the newest information? >> reporter: chris, good morning. police are in fact in the midst of a tense standoff with their suspect, maurice clemmons. s.w.a.t. teams have surrounded this house and in fact they are preparing we're told to send in a police robot to have a look inside. the reason they're doing that, they say is because they haven't heard anything and police now believe that maurice clemmons was shot through the abdomen through and through during the initial confrontation with police officers yesterday. they have learned that they say from associates who worked with him overnight and say this is a wound that if not treated could prove fatal. believed to be dangerous. don't want to go in. that's why they're sending in the robot. there is a fair amount of frustration among police officers out here that this man was even out on the street. this is a person with a long criminal record and according to police, he should have still
8:05 am
been behind bars on several charges in the state of arkansas. but before they can get to that and figureut what he was doing out here, they want to get him in custody. they believe he is inside that house and they're just trying to get him out right now. chris? >> all right, neal, thank you. karlinsky will stay on it. moving on now to the sweeping health care reform bill gets under way today in the senate. supporters are facing solid republican oppositions. are they going to have to iron out differences with moderate democrats to get the 60 votes needed to pass the bill? today the white house is launching a new campaign to combat misinformation about health care reform urging americans to trust doctors and nurses instead of those resisting change. on wall street this morning things are a bit calmer than friday when the dow dropped 154 points but one big concern continues to be the debt crisis in dubai. the united arab emirates promised sunday to support its banks. this will help ease concerns at
8:06 am
least for now. the florida highway patrol says its investigation of tiger woods' apparent traffic accident is continuing. tiger woods is not required to talk to police regarding the early morning friday events and he is not volunteering any more information to them at this point. woods did release a statement saying "the situation is my fault and that it's a private matter." woods also addressed recent tabloid reports he's been cheating on his wife calling them false, unfounded and malicious rumors. time for another reason to fear food. this time it's the chicken we buy at our local grocery store. "consumer reports" found two-thirds checked harbored salmonella or another dangers bacteria. air-chilled organic broilers were among the cleanest as were chickens with the purdue name brand. tyson and foster farms found to be the most contaminated. this according to "consumer reports" testers. finally, all right, a good story for all of us, a reversal of fortune at the collection basket.
8:07 am
instead of putting money in churchgoers got to take some out. grace church of humble handed out $22,000 in cash sunday giving each kong gre gantt anything from $6 to $500. the catch, they want everyone to pay it forward. spending the money on random acts of kindness. that's the news at 8:05. raises an interesting question. what would you do with that money? assuming you got some the big buck, a few hundred bucks. what would you do, tweet me and let me know or tweet mr. sam champion down there with the weather. i know you would do something very special. >> good morning, chris. i'd probably go holiday shopping because that's what you got to do now. i mean i feel like -- i feel completely caught off guard. anybody else? i mean it's like holiday time already. we just got through thanksgiving and i haven't done a lick of shopping. how are you doing with it? have you done any? >> no. >> you're here with the dental conference? >> yes, we are. >> are you missing anything yet.
8:08 am
>> no, not yet. >> what time does it start? >> 9:00. we can get you there. one or two things this morning going on. by the way we've got a little low pressure moving through northern new england. into northern maine they're actually getting snow out of this but for the rest of us from boston all the way through new this but for the rest of us from boston all the way through new showers and rain along the cold front but substantially colder air moves in behind the front. speaking of cold air, snow near >> outside this morning, else little sunshine to the east. mild and mid 50's downtown. chantilly, 51. look at the satellite composite picture together. showers off to the west. light rain and showers as the front moves on through. sliding back gradually as the cooler air moves in.
8:09 am
52 on tuesday. >> m >> more from a very active times square in the next hour. >> it is active out there. all right, sam, thank you. a closer look now at the washington, d.c., couple behind the embarrassing security blunder at the white house. the salahis have a long history of living large but this time the spotlight-seeking husband and wife may have gone too far. our yunji de nies joins us live from the white house with more on that. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, robin. yeah, the backlash has already started. there are anti-salahi websites all over facebookment for now the couple is keeping its silence but they are willing to talk for the right price. they are reportedly shopping their story around for hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> how did they give the slip to the secret service? >> michaele and tareq salahi, the party crashers.
8:10 am
>> reporter: they have become washington's most notorious couple. >> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> reporter: before michaele and tareq salahi crashed the white house state dinner, they headed to this upscale salon. >> with michaele, she has a history of saying that i'm going to show up, never shows up. >> reporter: but when she finally showed up, she stayed for seven hours. irwin gomez did makeup. peggy handled hair. >> i had asked her, i said do you have the invitation? she says, yes, i do. i said can i see it and she tried looking for it and she couldn't find it. >> she loves to wow people. >> reporter: but she didn't wow the staff. after that marathon session, she left no tip. in fact, gomez says the salahis own the salon thousands of dollars for services from their wedding day. an extravagant event that they posted on youtube featuring 2,000 guests, 15 photographers,
8:11 am
supreme court justice anthony kennedy and doves to complete the mome. michaele has called herself a model using these pictures to back up her claim. but pictures don't always tell the full story. take these snapshots of michaele at a redskins cheerleader event. in one she's posing with alumni. she told local media she was a former redskins cheerleader but management told us she had never been on the sidelines for them. >> no one who knows them has expressed surprise that they would pull this off. >> reporter: that may be because the limelight-loving couple are textbook face braggers. people who document their every move on facebook. the salahis carefully recorded all of their brushes with celebrity over the years on their page. a quick glimpse of their online photo collection and you can see them posing with actors, musicians, royalty, even a certain dancing with the stars winner. they painstakingly document the fact that this wasn't the first time they met president obama.
8:12 am
check out this undated photo of them alongside the black eyed peas and another from inauguration day in the president's private viewing booth at the lincoln memorial. boasting they sat exactly where president obama and the first lady were seated. the irony, of course, is that had they not face-bragged about their night at the white house they may never have found themselves in such hot water. on the evening in question, the salahis showed up with a reality tv crew from bravo. the couple is angling for a spot on the upcoming real housewives of d.c., the network says the salahis lied and told them they had an invite. >> people that would lie to get into the white house are definitely not the people that i would want to necessarily rub elbows with. >> the hostess is not here. >> reporter: luann is part of the real housewives of new york, a sister to that show and says reality tv is not to blame but the behavior of certain individuals who will do anything in the quest for celebrity while
8:13 am
compromising their integrity like balloon boy and his part. >> we did this for a show. >> reporter: whose stunt cost the government thousands and shut down the denver international airport all in the hopes of landing a reality show. >> i think that these are people that are desperately seeking to be on a reality show and doing crazy things in order to make that happen. if you seek out to be on a reality show that there's nothing wrong with that. i think if you do something obnoxious, badly -- by behaving badly and breaching white house security to be on a show, i think that's over the top and i think it's definitely not acceptable. >> reporter: so far no one has publicly offered to pay the salahis for their story, but as their notoriety grows so too could their price, robin. >> nothing good comes from face-bragging. yunji, thanks so much. love to know what you think about this and other stories. go to our website at and weigh in. coming up next, doctors
8:14 am
mehmet oz and dr. roizen. aren't they so distinguished and, of course, diane over to the size. but about our health and the health of the next generation when we come back. gangtogether: maple brown sugar, strawberry delight, blueberry muffin. yeh, a little family reunion. ( blowing, shouting ) what now? we're ceeal here! what? just cooing it down., - enough said. - gotcha. yeah, safety first. whoo hoo! atch the whole grain. try kellogg's froste mini-wheats hot. just add warm milk and you've got a hot, new way... to keep your kids full and focused all morning. oops! dude, your eight layers ar showing. mini-wheats hot. keeps 'em full, eeps 'em focused.
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8:18 am
turns out there is a lot of new information about what can be done at the genetic level even if the genetic level to ensure health even while a baby is still in the womb and it says a lot too about the rest of us later in life. well, here to tell us that, dr. mehmet oz of the "dr. mehmet oz show" and dr. michael roizen with a new book out called "you having a baby." they join us now. at the genetic level there are changes. >> yes. >> this is new. >> it's new and i think -- mike and i both agree but i think for all scientists looking at what determines our genome this is the biggest breakthrough. here's why it's important for everybody, not just if you're pregnant but for all human beings. 50% of women when they become pregnant don't realize it. >> how long for weeks. >> for weeks and months and many of the things that occur to us early in our gestational period in the mother's womb will affect not only our lives but or children's lives.
8:19 am
the good news is we are learning that this field is able to influence our genome throughout our life. animation, what wiem talking about. >> epigenetics. >> imagine you have a spool -- a string around it that purplish stuff is your dna, your blueprint. you put markers on -- see that marker went by. there is a copying machine that copies your dna. when it hits that little marker it'll stop. what's happened is something occurred while you're still in your mother's stomach or because you change your lifestyle as you got older that influences how you copy your dna. this is critically important because our ancestors had to adapt to the environment more quickly than our genome would all if the ice age came, we couldn't change. we have to change within a generation and looked at kids in famine-torn europe, the dutch, for example, when these kids were born they survived the famine but when the 20 years later and their grandchildren
8:20 am
had more obesity and more chronic illnesses. these are important clues for moms. it's empowering. >> things that we think are cultural may be embedded at the genetic level. dr. roizen, we'll go through the list of things but this could be overwhelming. >> well, the reason -- >> for mothers-to-be. >> this is really quite simple and quite empowering. you can do things, all new research. so bpa, bisphenol a associated with heart disease and birth defects. >> we know about in baby bottles. >> and reusable bottles, are something you want to look at the bottom and make sure it has a 2 or a 4 inside that recycle label. same thing with -- >> first you want to make sure you have young people telling you. i didn't know this. doesn't have bpa in it if it has 2 or 4. >> same thing with cans, look for canned goods that say
8:21 am
bpa-free because the lining of canned goods is another source of bpa. >> bpa is one of those things that could affect these proteins in the genes. >> right. for all of us really in recent research so in the last couple of weeks we learned that receipts, you know, these receipts -- >> that you get at the register. >> that you get at the register have 100 times more bpa in them than you even get from that so these nonprinted if you will your carbonless paper, put those down, would you? >> yes. >> all fertile women should wash off. >> wash your handsfter you've touched them. >> let us race through these. this next category which is some makeups and plastic parts that you heat when you shouldn't. >> right. again, we have to teach a couple. second big word is phthalates. when it is stored in the freezer and not supposed to have the container that's microwaveable you pull chemicals from that packaging into the food even the
8:22 am
ink can get pulled into it. these can sometimes influence how your dna gets replicated. >> do you just read on makeup. do you read and see if it has a phthalate. >> many will say if they're phthalate free. it's not that simple to find out. look online and figure it out. the microwavable food, put it on a plate. >> caffeine. >> stress and ffeine. stress is the real reason we wrote the book because that's the leading cause of problems. so it's associated with a lot of things as you go through pregnancy and knowledge is the antidote. one of the things you want to avoid is, in fact, caffeine, because caffeine constricts blood flow to the uterus so the child is predicting what's going to happen later on, so the child will change their genome or their whether they're reading their genome based on whether you're having caffeine. get under 200 milligrams a day. one cup of coffee can have 200.
8:23 am
even decaffeinated coffee, a lot of surprising parts of it. >> the last thing real quickly, again, since we have to have an antidote for a bad diet need a multivitamin, all women, pregnant or not, need to be on it. 50% of the time. you want dha omega-3 fats and folic acid. it reduces childhood cancers we think by 60%. >> you having a baby, it's dr. oz. dr. roizen, always wonderful to have you here. all of this is spelled out. it's easy and clear if you go to the website. coming up, "good morning america's" holiday handbook brought to you by cadillac. i had chronic muscle pain all over.
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your online order of $75 or more. and get free shipping. walgreens. there's a way to find your joy. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. i am doug mckelway. time for a look at traffic and weather. >> it is ever flowing on 95, 66,
8:27 am
270. no major accidents to report. we do have our share of volume. we will show you some cameras so yo know what to expect. on 395, we are settle in down nicely at duke street. stay with it to get up to the pentagon. moving nicely in shirlington. no major delays at all. then this is the 14th street bridge. we have our first real delight in the camera. 270 southbound, an accident has been moved out of the way. we're good from 70 three route germantown. we take you down to falls road. outer loop delays from new hampshire avenue. brian van de graaff, rain today? >> yes, indeed. the clouds are building into the west. cloudy skies are moving in.
8:28 am
our forecast today, mostly cloudy. temperatures in the upper 50's. by lunchtime, upper 50's. it will be cool on the backside. chilly tomorrow. sunshine and seasonable. sunny but downright chilly for the upcoming weekend. >> thank you. we will take a short break.
8:29 am
police say a man was drunk when they crashed his truck. it happened early yesterday morning in ellicott city. steven dankos was killed. he was a star football player at riverdale -- at river hill high school. david erdman has been charged. his brother is in critical condition. >> as far as the person driving, the boy is going to of punishment enough.
8:30 am
i lost my heart. >> police say dankos was thrown from the bed of the pickup truck. his brother is in critical condition. another metro train collision is under investigation. three workers were hurt. this happened at the west falls church rail yard. no passengers were on board. today is cyber monday. experts believe this suburb monday can attract 100 million shoppers. nine out of 10 retailers are offering sales online. people are mostly sticking to their lists. >> i do not think we are as frivolous. we're paying attention to the price tags and looking forward to the sales and starting to take advantage of the sales. >> overall, holiday sales will
8:31 am
be down 1% from last year. a new law bans smoking in most restaurants and bars in virginia. specially ventilated smoking rooms are allowed. smoking will be allowed on outdoor patios. we will have another update for you at 8:26. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ >> yes, it is. especially here in our times square studio. all decked out for the season. a more colorful, festive and joyful way to begin all of our
8:32 am
mornings. it's just -- there's just no time between thanksgiving and christmas anymore, is there? there's -- boom, right there b happy to have it. good morning, america. i'm robin roberts here with diane sawyer and these are the windows that we have, our holiday windows we'll be unveiling them in the cities later this week. >> i always love that moment when the -- wait a minute. >> yes. >> can i peek? are they up yes. >> yes, they're in there. they're absolutely in there. love it when it comes do and see which cities -- >> don't send somebody over. >> also, the new coupon called groupons, the bigger the group, the bigger the savings and tell you about the whole new way to shop that's sweeping the country. >> what if we told you did not have to go holiday shopping. you already had gifts for everyone right there on your list and you do. just ahead how to make the most personal and thoughtful presents from things you already have around the house. oh, so diligent, smile, smile.
8:33 am
you're on camera. >> smile. >> she's very intense. >> would you want to see in your future is the question posed by a film would you want to change it if you could? it's a provocative new series as we know called "flashforward" and shore is here, one of the stars talking about it later and we know her well from films too. coming up. chris and sam have a special guest right now. >> how excited i am. danica patrick right here this morning. of course, can we just say this, still the only woman to win an indy car race. still holding on. >> yeah, i am and i have some coat. >> exactly. >> more than an armful because in this box danica, tell me what's in here, by the way. >> we've got like, you know, 50 or 100 or something coats for warm hearts and gloves to match. >> from godaddy. all over the box and all over you.
8:34 am
>> something special to show everyone this morning. >> you know what and while we do that because this is all brand new, right? >> this is brand new. this is -- >> michael -- we're going to pull this way. >> yeah, one, two, three. >> what do we got, danica? >> we've got the new indy car godaddy car at andretti auto sport. godaddy has been part of it for three years, but only in new york, right? >> here comes the recycling truck. >> but now we've got them -- >> bright green. i can take them in this, that's for sure. >> now, with andretti motorsports that was a little announcement because i've been following you on the tweet >> yeah, yeah, yeah, well, you know, andretti is now just andretti. it used to be andretti-green. cool, good step for us. good year for us next year and especially with the bright colors. you're notoing to miss me. >> first of all i can't miss
8:35 am
you. you're lovely. second of all we can't miss you in the car and can't miss you going past the checkered flag first. >> it will be an exciting year. >> thank you for the coats. huge offering. a single person offering. >> it's christmas. it's a time to give back when you can. and we can. >> allight. so if you want to help us out with the coat drive go to we'll show you how to do it all. one or two things we want to know about as you walk out the door. a few spots. one of them into the northeast. we've got the cold front with an area of low pressure. snow into maine that will take care of itself. watch an awful lot of scattered shers all the way to atlan >> a lot to get out, sam. 53 right now in oxon hill. 53 downtown. stly cloudy today.
8:36 am
>> thes late morning. >> the heels are like four inches. >> enough to make me over five foot. >> i thought everything was going to go crazy when pulling on the cape. this film is not yet rated. diane? >> thanks to you and to danica and on this cyber-monday a new online shopping trend sweeping the country saving people cash, community by community, mailbox by mailbox. elisabeth leamy joins us from washington with all the details. good morning, eli. >> reporter: good morning. here it is. a groupon. short for group coupon. has operations in 35 cities and claims to have made more than 800,000 deals so question is how big are the bargains? check it out. ♪ the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. ♪
8:37 am
>> reporter: can make you want to settle down for a long winter's nap. or at least escape to the hiatus spa and retreat in dallas where 225 customers got to experience all this relaxation for a fraction of the cost. all thanks to groupons, a revolutionary new service. is a website where collective buying power means big savings, up to 80% off. >> i've already got christmas all done this year and i didn't have to go anywhere. i've got them all from groupon. >> lisa english checks the daily offers online every morning. the deals are diverse and savings deep. >> what i'm doing is finding some new adventures, different places that we've never been. >> reporter: they're usually for services. everything from spa treatments to skydiving lessons to limo rides, wine clubs, even eth cleaning. it's like a group coupon. if i wanted one myself that's not enough.
8:38 am
i have to hope that five of my friends and five of their friends and so on and so on all sign up. once we meet the minimum, then the deal is on. >> i tell a lot of my friends about it. >> free to sign up at once you do you'll receive daily alerts and be warned, the deals only last a day. so you have to act fast. karen cochran did and saved 180 bucks on a facial. >> $240 facial for $60. i went on the spa website just to make sure that was the real price. it really is $240. >> reporter: we checked out a few offers in the washington, d.c. area. zee pizza offered half off pizza if 150 people responded to the groupon. 2,000 online bargain hunters bought in. >> difficult to find new customers. maybe they end up being a regular guest. >> reporter: they charge the business owner a small cut of each sale for each service. at hiatus spa and retreat the owner said it brought in
8:39 am
hundreds of new customers. >> groupon is targeted to local communities. and so your -- you're advertising and reaching out to people in your immediate area. not looking at potential customers, they're bringing you actual customers. >> reporter: with more than 35 million saved so far, local businesses and buyers both win. thanks to power in numbers. and there is one final perk to groupons that is very pertinent this holiday season. you can give a groupon item as a gift and the recipient doesn't have to know what a big bargain it is. the paperwork you get states the value of the item rather than the price you actually paid, diane. pretty good tip. >> let me double-check, eli. did i miss it. you get a piece of paper certifying that you're groupon candidate. >> reporter: you get daily e-mails telling you point latest groupon offers in your area and then if you buy one of them then you get some paperwork.
8:40 am
>> you get a receipt to show when you go there. it's amazing. it's like the family plan only. the family plan. >> reporter: right (announcer) you have dreams for your children. don't let times like these stand in the way of them. protect your family with the gift of financial security. backed by the highest possible ratings for financial strength. new york life. the company you keep. >> mom just had a fall and it looks like it will be a slow recovery. i travel a lot and i can't always drive her to all her doctors appointments. >> if you have an aging parent or loved one there is help. the elder care locator can put you in touch with local resources to help older persons and their families access home and community based services. call theldercare locator at 800-677-1116 or visit today!
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the eldercare locator is a free public service of the u.s. administration on aging. (announcer) now more than ever you want to keep your loved ones safe and secure. give them the gift of financial security from new york life. we've been protecting families for over 164 years. new york life. the company you keep.
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8:43 am
we a we are delighted to have with us emmy award winning actress schori agdashlu oscar nominated for "house of sand and fog." there's oscar buzz again for her in a role and very dramatic movie. if that wasn't enough guest starring in the new hit science fiction television show "flashforward." so good to see you. >> thanks so much. thanks for having me. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> "flashforward." when you first saw the script, what did you think?
8:44 am
>> well, i was overwhelmed. another larger than life tv series. amazing, this mysterious, you know, it's an answer to our fascination with the future. what's going to happen with the future. whether to know it, whether to control it. >> and your character, you have a guest appearance. when you have your -- we should tell people that there's a moment where everyone on earth except for one person, everyone on earth, they lose consciousness for 137 seconds and they have a vision of what their life is going to be like in six months. i want to play a clip because your character saw a vision of a crime and you're afraid to reveal too much, it might be even worse. did i say it right? >> absolutely. >> let's take a look. >> your death is the first in a long line of dominos. rather not see it. >> stop it from happening. >> i can't. >> you can. by telling us. >> if i tell you more, the act ofelling you may end up bringing about the unfortunate
8:45 am
incident we're all trying to avoid. >> i'm willing to take that risk. >> i said you would be shot three times. shots at close range. >> which means i probably know my killer. >> in fact, you do. >> woo! >> yes. >> normally very critical of yourself. you're like everybody else. you don't know what's happening. >> that's why. usually when i keep watching myself in a movie or tv series, i'm always -- i guess all arcs are like that. criticizing myself. i should have done this. i should have -- worked it this way but with this since i don't know what's going to happen next i'm always satisfied with what i say. okay, okay, you're prey mysterious because i don't know what's going on. >> you're just -- you don't even have to act. you don't know what's going on. >> they don't tell us everything
8:46 am
so it's strange that we all know a little bit here and there, so we are like the audience. we know as much as the audience know. >> oh, we know so much about your work and it is just so powerful. it's always memorable when you're on the little screen or the big screen. and tell folks, you're originally fm iran >> that's right. >> and you left there to have higher education. >> absolutely. i left iran in 1979 to pursue higher education and somehow faith or destiny what we're playing with in this tv series brought me back to acting. i wanted to be a politician. i started studying international relations, political science. i got my b.a. in 1983 but then again went back -- >> you were huge for decades in iran. i mean -- you were very big, very well known. >> thank you. >> then you got back into it and politics. you worked very hard for women's rights. >> that's right. >> and congratulations on the humanitarian award that you'll be receiving soon. >> thank you very much.
8:47 am
>> we've been hearing the stoning of -- >> stoning -- a hard one to work on, yeah. >> but how was that for you because -- it's very powerful. it's dealing with something from your homeland so how difficult or was it difficult to play that role. >> it is and you can imagine as you were saying very close to home, very close to heart and i had seen a real one on tape. >> a real stoning? >> a real stoning. >> wow. >> that's why when the director called i was wondering how sensitive i am to the subject. i said never mind my sensitivity. where have you been for the last ten years? and he just said why. i said i've seen a real one on tape. i was hoping pray tock god that somehow some people would shed light on it and bring it to people's attention and at last they did. >> and they really did and caughteople's attention and even caught perhaps oscar's attention for to you have yet another nomination for -- >> any kind of attention to
8:48 am
this -- >> absolutely. >> -- small, yet meaningful film with a great message that stands against cruelty, you know, against women under religion and any attention would do. >> you're bringing a lot of attention to a lot of things as you said, the humanitarian award. as i was telling you in the commercial break loved you in "will & grace." you said you want to do more medies. >> yes, i love to do comedies. they dent trust me with comedies. haven't seen enough comedies but give me tragedies t a comedian friend of mine said every time i want to do a comedy they don't give me a comedy -- play a simple role or mysterious and says, sure, just imagine you come in and say, madam, the a is ready. the tea must be poison otherwise there is no reason of bringing you in >> that's true because your voice is very mysterious. well, you have a terrific range, you do and you are delightful. i was excited about meeting you.
8:49 am
continued blessings and all the hard work you are doing for others and "flashforward" airs you something about osteoporosis you don't already know. it runs in families - my mother has it, and now i have it.
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♪ jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock ♪ >> this is an exciting time. right time to get here because we are starting something on "gma." we now kick off our "gma" holiday handbook series. anyone can buy a gift in the store. why not take some time. make your holiday presents special with some personalized homemade touches and homemade gifts straight from the heart from our family and friends. easy, inexpensive and have great ideas with nancy sore annie here. good morning. thanks for starting us off for us the right way. so if everybody is giving gift cards but a chip of plastic seems impersonal to me. what do you do with that. >> go through your scrapbook material and your paper and you
8:52 am
create your own personalized holiday gift card holder. it's so easy to do. you can take papers, cut an oversized hang tag, use scraps of paper, ribbon, glue them, sew them, put a person's name on them. >> you can put a picture of you and them. make it personal. >> you can even sew a little pouch which is wonderful. you can even cover an -- >> go ahead. let it out, audience. >> you can cover an existing card and personalize it so they don't have to be generic anymore. >> i did not like the gift card idea until you showed me this. i now think this is something -- >> gift cards are practical. this is how you own it and make it personal. >> now, everything is really electronic so do people still care about paper. >> i think they do especially people who are hobby enthusiasts, gardeners, cooks, people who want to create memories or scrapbooks. >> you buy these craft paper notebooks, you can get clip art off of the internet. use scraps from sewing buttons,
8:53 am
all these ideas, you have 70% of all this product in your home. you have to shop for very little. >> you pull things together. if you're giving holiday gift towels, when you walk in and see this lovely gift towel is it wrong to use it? i feel badly. >> not at all. just say, this is so much easier than it might appear. first of all the ink is washable. all about using it in your everyday life. you personal identify it with a rubber stamp or stencil. it's a wonderful gift. >> let's move to host. going to a party. i mean if you show up at the door without a gift, does it make you a bad person? >> it doesn't have to be fancy. can be a handwritten note but nice to bring something. candles are fabulous. you can personalize them with paper. >> by putting ribbon on it. i like the idea that you can personalize it with stuff you get at the card store. >> scented sugars are fabulous. >> go ahead and let it out. >> infused. use citrus skins, vanilla beans,
8:54 am
infuse them for three to seven days in an airtight container. wonderful in oatmeal and tea. >> and decorate the heck out of these things. just wrap them up. cover them up with bows. >> with everything in your >> can i actually do this or is this incomprehensible? >> it's easy. the recipe is online. spiced nuts whether sweet or smiesed are always great. perfect during the holidays. canister, decorative items. think about planting spring bulbs and gifting them. perfect for easter in the springtime. >> something i can do. i love the idea bakg dog treats. where do i get the recipes? >> online. get it online. on "good morning america," personalize the bowls for your dog or cat. >> put them together in a little bowl and put together a whole gift. find more tips at for robin's pet. bring dog biscuits. come right back.
8:55 am
bring biscuits. while i was building my friendships, my family, while i was building my life, my high cholesterol was contributing to plaque buildup in my arteries. that's why my doctor prescribed crestor. she said plaque buildup in arteries is a real reason to lower cholesterol. and that along with diet, crestor does more than lower bad cholesterol, it raises good. crestor is also proven to slow the buildup of plaque in arteries. crestor isn't for everyone, like people with liver disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. simple blood tests will check for liver problems. you should tell your doctor about other medicines you are taking,
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we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives, sometimes when seconds count. managing chronic conditions. making amazing new discoveries. and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees. kaiser permanente. thrive. might be better with a piece of cheese. >> thank you again very much. these are dog biscuits >> that's peanut butter and cinnamon. >> they're natural. >> they're all natural. >> chris, thoughts?
8:58 am
>> i think it's for a dog. that's a crazy thing to do. that's just me. have a great day. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. i am doug nicola. let's get a look a traffic and weather. -- i am doug mckelway. >> a pretty decent trip heading across the 14th street bridge up to pennsylvania avenue. traffic is pretty light in that area. it has been great all morning on the dulles greenway way, the dulles toll road. this is live in the george washington parkway. it looks great. no problems to the cia.
8:59 am
this is springfield. southbound 95 in virginia, wrote work under way to the occoquan with no delays. in looks like the beltway is getting better between 95 and the american legion bridge. i understand rain is on the way. >> we ha temperatures in the 50's. fairly mild to start off. around lunchtime, the front will go from southwest to northwest. look at the scam. you can see the rain off to the west. look for showers, light rain. the forecast calls for light rain and showers. cooler but seasonable. next chance of rain is wednesday to thursday. >> thank you. a status hearing is set for the man accus in the deadly shooting a


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