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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 26, 2010 6:00pm-6:09pm EST

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the property of a large farm. it appears he three month-long search for a 20-year-old girl is over. >> we are fairly confident at this time that the remains are those of oregon harrington. >> people spend thousands of hours looking for her. in that way, i'm glad it's over for all of the people that put the effort into it and parents. >> early this morning, he made the discovery. he owns the 542 acre farm. he was on a tractor in a remote area of the property he says he rarely checks. the closest public road is 1 mile away. >> i would not have guessed the sex of the body myself. it was very decomposed. >> it was october 17th when police say the virginia tech student went to a concert at the universit of virginia sports arena. students were stunned at the discovery of a woman's body just
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6 miles from campus. >> it is really scary. especially because she was in the uva community. i cannot imagine what her family must be thinking now. >> hundreds of volunteers searched acres upon acres of property here and a search, this particular form and this particular area was not searched. an autopsy will determine the exact cause of death. this inestigation now switches gears that police had found her and they need to figure out exactly what happened. to petro workers were killed this morning while working on the red line. these deaths are the latest in a long list of troubles for the metro system. let's go live now to the scene of the accident in rock hill. >> after the year metro has had and the emphasis that has been put on safety, a lot of people are asking how something like
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this could have happened. it is the subject of a federal investigation now. how could a work truck operating in reverse come into contact with two men working on e tracks right here. the workers were killed when that large pickup truck on rail wheels and operating in the rivers slammed into them. the pair was on foot, fixing sensors in the track bed. four men in the trunk -- in the truck were said to do a different job elsewhere. investigators need to know how and why they were able to come together apparently without warning. >> as far as the rules of procedures that authorized the vehicle to be on the track as well as the workers to perform work on the track. >> of the workers have been identified. their deaths cap a brutal six months for metro. it as june 22nd when two trains collided, killing nine and injuring more than 70. under a crash of crcher, the general manager resigned.
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people with spoke to today say they cannot help but be concerned. >> it is extremely frightening to me. if they cannot keep their own workers to save, what makes me safe? >> as many workers have been killed along the tracks as in the prior history of the system. in 2005, -- since 2005, eight people have died along the rails, including four since september. >> every accident has been different. >> as wrters detour around the scene on shuttle buses, they expressed sympathy for the victims' families and fear for their own safety. >> someone needs to take a close look at how metro is being run. >> with technology today, nothing like this should be happening. >> all of this begs the question of how metro compares to other systems. we looked at san francisco, the one most often compared to metro. in their entire history, a similar length of more than 30
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years, they have had six track workers died in accidents like this. new york city, a bigger system, over their history has averaged about one track worker a year. if you look at the mattress system and take away these last four months, ad for track workers in their entire history, but this last four months has been absolutely horrible and now a federal investigation is underway to find out how this could happen and prevent future incidents. >> we are following a developing story surrounding senator mary land wrote. federal investigators arrested four people for trying to [unintelligible] with a phone systems. two suspects redresses phone technicians. one conservative activist was among those arrested. he was involved in thevideo tape of acorn employees appeared to offer illegal tax advice to a
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woman pretending to be a prostitute. there is no word on why they targeted the office. she had been at the forefront of the health-care debate and voted for the reform bill. >> with a federal budget deficit over a trillion dollars, you expect money to be a hot topic at the state of the address tomorrow. the deficit is expected to improve a little bit into freezing plant could help. we have more on what this freeze could mean. >> the white house says this is like a family going over its budget when times are tough. you have to start cutting. but in the off a dysfunctional family on capitol hill, will everyone agrees and is it enough? >> when the president addresses the nation tomorrow night, he will be talking dollars and cents, up plan to freeze discretionary spending for the next three years. that excludes the pentagon, veterans affairs, foreign aid, and when security. savings could reach $250 billion
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over two years. but remember this on the campaign trail when he attacked john mccain support of a spending freeze? >> although i disagree with an across-the-board freeze. >> an across-the-board spending freeze is at it and we need a scalpel. >> i think the president understands that how serious this problem is. it requires hatchets and scalpel's. >> john mccain supports the room -- supports the move and co- sponsored a bill with democrat evan by. he says congress and its list purse strings have to improve. >> we have to come to grips with this and that has to be done on a bipartisan basis. >> critics say it only affects around 1% of overall spending. white house as every bit helps. although it will not truly be across the board, some programs will be cut so others may grow. the white house will not say
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whch until next week. >> that is the use of the so- called scalpel. programs like medicare and medicaid are safe. the white house said it set -- as have 500 analysts go through the budget line by line determine what will it cut. >>you can hear the spending plans during his state of the address tomorrow at 9:00 right here. >> the first lady will have two special guests with her tomorrow to watch the state of the new address. the sergeants will sitwith her in the gallery overlooking the house floor. the civilian officers are credited with stopping before the shooting rampage. you might remember that they shot and wounded the army major who was charged with killing 13 people in the shooting spree. coming up, finger-pointing on capital continues. but some say should have been
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done with the suspect in the failed christmas day bombing. >> he is perfect. we are so at peace. >> a virginia family returns from haiti with a bundle of joy. hear what they went through to add to their family. >> and it is all on the line in virginia as lawmakers fight for your right to air your clean laundry. >> colder than yesterday -- it used to it. colder temperatures later in the week and something else later. your forecast is coming up.
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