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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  March 1, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> thank you for joining us. we do have breaking news out of dale city. a man and a woman shot dead at a home day care. this happened this morning in the 5600 block of roundtree drive. here's the latest information. >> this is still an active investigation on the roundtree drive. there were seven children in the basement of the home and the day care section. they are all on harmed and being
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reunited with their parents at this time. it was about 7:00 this morning that prince william county police got a frantic 911 call from the daughter of the homeowner saying a man burst into the hole with a gun and ran upstairs to shoot her mother. officer erica hernandez takes the story from there. >> the man came into the house, went looking for the homeowner. the children were in the basement, and at some point the daughter called police. >> prince william county police say both the man and a woman suffered from gunshot wounds. both had died. they are not calling this a murder-suicide at this point. the investigation continues. abc 7 news. >> thank you very much for that. now we turn to chile where the death toll continues to climb. more than 700 known dead.
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one of the most powerful ever recorded. that number is certain to increase as rescuers combed through the rubble. now social order is also beginning to crumble. courtney robinson joins us with the latest on th story. >> good afternoon. this quake was actually much stronger than the one that hit haiti earlier this year, about 500 times stronger, but it did not cause as much destruction because chile's and the structure was better build. but still the devastation and despair the country is feeling is unavoidable. this surveillance video shows the 8.8 magnitude earthquake shaking and shattering of businesses and homes -- but cameras outside " the real devastation. roughly 2 million left homeless. and this -- with the struggle to survive, thousands are turning to looting and police and soldiers are responding with a curfew and teargas.
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supermarket are dry of basics applied -- supplies. this woman says there are children who are hungry and thirsty and dying. on the coast, a double blow, a giant wave destroyed what was left, with more than 700 people dead. the death toll is still rising. this man was separated from his wife, still unaccounted for. but there are glimmers of hope as rescue crews are pulling some from the rubble alive. secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to visit chile tomorrow. thr president is asking for international aid, saying they need search and rescue crews as well as communication abilities and field hospitals. >> and we have some more details on the deadly quake. it destroyed or badly damaged 500,000 homes. the united nations says it is rushing aid to chile, and so far there are no confirmed american deaths. the u.s. ambassador says
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officials have only been able to track down a few of the estimated 1000 americans in that country. it is day two without pay for federal transportation workers. they woke up with nowhere to go. work is also at a standstill in two projects in the area and dozens of sites around the country. the reason behind it is politics. >> the $36 million makeover of the humpback bridge on the george washington parkway is grinding to a halt. a few workers showed up this morning, unaware the funding from the federal government has been cut. >> demolition. >> a lone senator is credited with halting the flow to scores of transportation construction projects. kentucky republican jim bunning believes extending the $10 billion program in the face of enormous and rapidly mounting deficits is folly. >> people have not been
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listening. >> with the transportation projects seen as a source of employment, jim bunning is under fire from democrats and people who use projects like the humpbacked bridge. >> i think he is out of touch obviously with the quality of life issues that he is acting. >> his blockade of funding is affecting more than transportation products and construction workers. he also and the unemployment benefits for about 400,000 americans. >> that is not good. he needs to rethink that. and i think they will and, with a better solution. >> also affected, the ninth street bridge replacement project in d.c. and local advocacy groups that work to combat drunk driving and to get people to wear their seat belts will not be getting the same support they usually get from federal workers. abc 7 news. two and port development and the deadly the drag ring out. the jury is still deliberating
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in the manslaughter case. prosecutors say he and veritable love were racing along indian head highway 1 bulova's car struck a crowd, killing eight people. today he will be sentenced after pleading glty to vehicular manslaughter charges. investigators believe a marine base before meier may be responsible for two of reductions in arlington. he was arrested saturday night in an adoption february 10 and police believe he may be the man who abducted a woman in ballston saturday morning and raped her. fairfax, belize is holding its first ever homicide school this week. police are teaming up with virginia homicide investigators association and regional experts. they plan to exchange information about investigations strategies and the latest advancement in forensic science. police department statewide will be attending this school.
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we turn to the weather this monday. sunny skies across the region but the wind is picking up. brian van de graaff has a look at the first forecast. here we are the first day of march and we might get close to big degrees? >> many of the temperatures across the region are flirting with the 50 degree mark. the storm system is still churning over new england. the next system is turning down to the south. kind of between the two. keep an eye on the beautiful sky. you've can see the camera taking a bit because the wind continues to howl. 44 in bethesda. the winds vary from time to time. partly to mostly sunny skies. cooling off to the low 30's tonight with less wind. a bit of snow possible toward the later in the week. family and friends are saying goodbye to a bowie high
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school students today. the funeral began in the life center church in camp springs. he died in the high school gym february 18 during an off-season football workout. tests still need to be done to confirm what made his heart stopped. a man is in custody and prince george's county after police say he hit four people with this car earlier this morning at a shopping center and the 1400 block of university boulevard. four people were taken to hospital with injuries. the driver was arrested at the scene. riders on metro are feeling the pinch. a 10-cent hike, and it could be the firsof several hikes coming soon. kathy clark has more on how passengers are reacting. >> change is coming to metro, and it will cost you 10 cents more per trip, whether it is bus or rail. >> because they are everyday worsening the service.
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we had delays, derailment and fire and all kinds of stuff. >> the extra dime is a big hike for passage -- passengers like brian chase's says it is at the wrong time. >> i think it is not warranted right now. because of all of the delays and the railing and the service. >> with the $40 million budget shortfall, the transit agency says the additional charge will help. but commuters say they should not be the ones paying the price. >> it is not fair they should pay for their own mistakes. >> now when frequent customers do the math -- dam it gets to the point where parking is cheaper. >> but for those who get trips subsidized, cost is not the issue. he wants to see improvement. >> service is the number one priority. if they need the budget -- just want to make sure they manage it wisely. >> the hike is only temporary but according to a spokesperson, and more permanent increase is likely as early as july.
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before any of that happens, there will be public hearings held in april. abc 7 news. >> now we turto the latest in the battle over health care. the white house says president obama will lay out his strategy on health care reform later this week. democrats could start from scratch as the republicans want them to do, but more likely, democrats will try to push through the current health care plan through reconciliation, a simple majority in both house and senate. it is a bold step that would leave republicans out. >> why are we here? we are not here just to self perpetuate our service in congress. we are here to do the job for the american people. >> even with reconciliation, the steps for passage are tricky. last year the house had just enough votes. since then, one supporting congressman passed away and two others have resigned. the president will put the focus on education today. he is offering $900 million in
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grants to states and school districts to turn around low performing schools. >> this is a problem we cannot afford to accept, we cannot afford to ignore. the stakes are too high for our children, for our economy, and for our country. >> the president announced the plan this morning at an event at the u.s. chamber of commerce. recipients would have to take drastic action to help struggling schools such as replacing principles, reopening schools as charter schools, or even closing them outright. it another gun rights battle taking center stage at the supreme court. justices are deciding whether to strike down chicago's handgun ban. the court is deciding whether second amendment rights applied to states as well as the federal government. back in 2008, the court struck down d.c.'s ban on handguns. still to come on abc 7 news
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at noon, the search for a missing teenager grows more desperate after what could be major break. wild stores with the coast of europe, destroying homes and ports. and is it time to free tilly? and then sunny and starting to actually feel a little bit warmer across the region today. it is the first day of march, after all. it is the first day of march, after all.
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men of the death toll is rising from a violent storm in western europe. it lashed western france, spain, and parts of germany but hurricane force winds, killing
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more than 50 people. rescue workers are making house- to-house visits searching for victims. the storm blew into france early sunday, flooding ports and leaving some 1 million homes without electricity. the killer whale who attacked and killed the trainer at sea world, there is a growing push to free tilly. this week see world opened its first shamu show what a tribute to the trainer. tilly did not perform at the park said he will be back. animal activists are saying to t tilly free in a pen in the ocean like a star of the movie "free willy." damaso much more space, options, stimulation. >> but sea world is resisting. it said in the ocean tilly would be isolated and at risk. a search is expanding now
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for a missing 17-year-old girl out of san diego. just last night police arrested a registered sex offended, 30- year-old john gardner in connection with her disappearance. king disappeared thursday after going for a run in a popular park. investigators also suspect gardner could be tied to a december assault on another female jogger. . travelers, get ready. one runway is causing a lot problems and one of the nation's busiest airports. it is the main runway at jfk international airport and it will be closed for repairs for four months starting today. these repairs will mean longer waits and delays at jfk and those delays will have ripple at tax on flights all across the u.s. they are saying all to lay this will save a lot of time in delays. it is just in the meantime. >> you have to look at the long term. >> the big picture. ok, let us talk about the big
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picture weather-wise. >> a little bit of braise but not a bad day. a storm system to the south will not really get into the area -- we will barely get grays. not even thinking accumulations, maybe a little light rain, snow mixed. then it will move on out. it will keep us a little gray for a couple of days. >> can i say, it is good that february is over and we are in march? >> it was not even the slowest february on record. unbelievable. the storm system to the northeast is impressive. look at this world. we saw that lead out here last week. more energy has been working its way up there. we continue to get the windy and often on what appeared we can tap into a buoy in the water and look at it -- showing wave height, 23 feet. isn't that amazing? that storm system continues to
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churn. basically that follow in atmosphere -- flow and atmosphere, breezes are 15 miles an hour to 20 miles an hour and. . when the next system approaches, we will see clouds moving in tonight and tomorrow. let us show you one of the new cameras at chesapeake beach, and maryland. the s is coming up, beautiful. boats in the slip. walking back and forth. partly to mostly sunny. low to mid 40's right now. here is the map. march has come in like a lion or outlet day land -- or kind of in between, the systems are gone. lyons to the northeast, a lamb down into florida. look for a pretty nice afternoon although breezy at times through the afternoon. the next system comes from the south but it looks like it stays just to the south and just grazes us. plenty of sunshine with the breeze near 50 degrees.
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overnight tonight, partly cloudy for the area. cool but calm. tomorrow, clouds on the increase and precipitation hold off until late. still gray wednesday with cooler temperatures, may be passing snow shower. the system goes off the coast. by the end of the week, it exits. kind of a great stretch but not to many issues. warmer and more sunshine for the weekend. >> sounds pretty good. thank you very much. marie osmond is mourning the loss of her son who died over the weekend from an apparent suicide authorities believe 18- year-old jumped to his death. he reportedly left behind a note in which he referenced a lifelong battle with depression. still to come -- it was heartache and victory in
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canada, depending, of course, on what side you are on. at the heart stopping the woods from the final matchup of the winter olympics coming up. later today on oprah, comedian jerry seinfeld returns. his take on tiger's scandal, the late-night wars and the state of marriage in america. late-night wars and the state of marriage in america. laxatives? i've tried all these. this one's gritty. this one can make you bloated.
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>> for canada, it does not get any better than this. the olympic coast country facing off against the u.s. in the fight for hockey gold and a heart stopping game headed into overtime but ended with a canadian win, 3-2, and what that the olympics ended and jubilant
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canadians join the rest of the world for the closing ceremonies. with its victory on the ice, canadian and the olympic games with 14 gold medals, the most gold any country has ever won in a winter olympics. the u.s., though, still won the total medals count with 37, the most ever won by any country at the winter games. germany finished second with 30 ov all. 7 is on your side with an important new report on south of obesity. new research may explain why obesity strikes a disproportionately higher number of black and hispanic children. the study says high risk factors strike minorities at a higher rates, even before birth, according to the study. minority mothers are more likely to smoke during their pregnancies, which of course is one key risk factor. eating and sleeping habits in infancy also play a role. 20% of black and hispanic children are obese compared to
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15% of white children. a still ahead, a final look
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>> what is in your back? recyclable we grocery bags are supposed the good for the environment, right? what about your health? alarming results from the lab will be progress rebecs to the test. join us at 5:00. >> finally, and it's kinda
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funny, the president might have to make a bit of a beer run. the commander in chief bose a case to canadian prime minister stephen harper. the two leaders had a wager, hockey game. as you know, canada won in overtime, 3-2. the president had a case of yuemgling writing won the game. robert gibbs will have to wear a team canada jersey. friendly debt. >> this morning -- we were on a flight on jet boat and when we were landed nobody wanted to get off because the was a minute left and locally week got to see the score when it went into overtime. >> good thing you did not need to evacuate for an emergency. >> outside it will be breezy but plenty of sunshine, near 50. tonight clouds will roll back in. tamara, they thicken up. a few more snow showers but no accumulation. >> no big dl. accumulation. >> no big dl.
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