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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 21, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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on this friday, may 21. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. we are glad you are with us. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. >> sunshine out there this morning, but some clouds are streaming in. the weekend could give us a little rain by saturday afternoon and a few showers on sunday. sun rising, high clouds. it will be a warm day. it's 59 in laurell. low to mid 80's this afternoon with sunshine and high clouds. well above average temperatures. george washington parkway south bound after 123, a flat tire. help has arrived. as far as traffic in and out of baltimore, looks good. 95 and baltimore parkway looks fine.
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408 is closed between sam's and graysons corner. medivaced landed in a nearby field to take care of an accident. no problems in virginia. moving at a normal pace. alison and doug. >> thank you. our top story, all eyes on the markets this morning after one of the worst days in more than a year. if the dow jones dropped 376 yesterday because of uncertainty over the european debt crisis as well as our own economic recovery. if we should expect more volatility in the near future. the senate has approved financial reform. >> the bill has passed. >> the bill will regulates how the government regulates wall street. there's a consumer protection agency and there's regulation
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for complex financial products. opponents say it goes too far. >> i want you to understand how wide-ranging this bill is. this will get into everybody's pockets. i am talking about individuals. >> the bill must be reconciled with the house version that passed in december. lawmakers hope to wrap up a final bill by the fourth of july. prince william county police arrested for help in finding a missing mother and child. 34-year-old maria chicas was last seen yesterday morning in woodbridge pushing her 22-month- old son in a stroller. if she needs medication for illness. d.c. police continue to investigate the suspicious death this morning. investigators found the body of a southeast woman in an apartment along the 4200 block of fourth street se off just moments after her adult son jumped out of a window.
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courtney robinson joins us live. another family member could be involved. >> that's right. another son is a person of interest in this case. they say they cannot find him at this time. they are asking for your help. as police investigated, scarring dumpsters in the area around the cascade park apartment complex, neighbors are stunned, saying they never saw any warning signs. >> we never saw anything in this particular area. >> officers described the scene as gruesome. for days the body of a mother had been inside the apartment she shared with two sons. yesterday officers believe one of the suns who is intellectually disabled jumped out of the second-floor window after being insulted. he ran downstairs to this neighbor's apartment for help. >> somebody has to know something. >> it is unclear to officers
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whether one or both of the suns -- sons was staying at the apartment with the mother. you are asked to call police. they're not able to give the cause of death because the scene was so gruesome. courtney robinson reporting. funeral services will be held today and the d.c. council intern murdered this month. alonte sutton was a senior and was an intern for councilman michael brown. the viewing is 10:00 to 11:00 this morning at the allen chapel on alabama avenue se and the fuel begins at 11:00. at the trial stemming from the murder of robert wone, the medical examiner found no signs that he ever resisted. she found a number of needle wounds on him and they were inflicted while he was still alive. prosecutors believe somebody
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injected him with a paralyzing agent and then stabbed him three times. victims of sexual assault say often they are also becoming victims of the system. many victims admit -- submit to rape kits after an attack. even when there is dna evidence, it can take years before it is looked at. if there are half a million rape kids sitting on shelves waiting to be tested. -- rape kits. to muster up the courage and then have nothing done about it, what are we saying? >> some cities have big backlogs of those to go through while others have none. d.c. says it is making progress. it has 270 left to test. if it hopes to have none by 2012. of victim's state senator has become the victim of identity theft. police in california say two men got several credit cards
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using the identity of senator richard saslaw. detectives are looking for bernell washington and sky manriquez. president obama is looking for someone to oversee the intelligence agencies. the national intelligence director dennis blair has resigned after 16 months. his last day is may 28. there have been several intelligence failures including the fort hood shootings, the christmas day attempt and a failed times square bombing. a pakistani man arrested had the primary suspects phone number from the times square attempt. they told the judge that the man had an envelope with the first name of faisal shahzad on it and the envelope had a telephone number that belongs to faisal shahzad. turning to the massiveb woes
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bill in the gulf of thep is agreeing with scientists that more oil than originally thought is spewing from the blown out oil well. the company has set up a camera so people can look at it. it has now reached marches -- marshes at the mouth of the mississippi and louisiana. there are no reports of large numbers of animals injured. bp has been ordered to use a less toxic dispersant to break up the oil. still ahead, how your daily wake-up routine could have a direct impact on your waistline. anybody looking to ditch your morning routine, how about taking your bicycle to work both its national bike to work day. but some local lanes will not be ready. we will tell you where > there is sunshine today, but changes on the weekend. a check
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[ beeping ] ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪
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>> good morning. the sun rising. this is a good example of what's going on. we will have sunshine filtered by thin clubs. 66 right now in manassas. -- sunshine filtered by thin clouds. today's forecast, mid 80's. lights out wind.
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tomorrow the clouds will be thicker with a slight chance of showers late in the day. a few more hours on sunday, but not washout for the weekend. >> metrorail is on normal service, no disruption on the virginia express. 66, 95, 395 normal. if there's a crash in springfield on the inner loop at the beltway after the exit that would take you into springfield. it's near the exit that would take you to 644. only one lane is open. let's take you to maryland. this is in graysons corner, a serious crash. 40 is close8. route four is your alternate. -- 408 is closed.
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alison and doug. >> thank you. new bicycle lanes along pennsylvania avenue are not ready for today. some cyclists are already using these lanes, but some streets are still needed. there will be a bicycle rally at d.c. freedom plaza from 8:00 to 9:00 this morning. 8500 people in the d.c. metro area are expected to take part in bike to work day. >> sunshine will make that a lot more fun. >> that's right. >> 58 degrees in rosslyn. >> still to come, the space shuttle atlantis is wrapping up its final mission. we will tell you what is left before its last descent. if you work in d.c. but live elsewhere, it could cost you if if you work in d.c. but live elsewhere, it could cost you if d.c. officials
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>> you are watching abc 7's good morning washington. with doug mcelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, and lisa baden with traffic. this is good morning washinton, on your side. >> investigators are trying to piece together a mysterious death in southeast d.c. a woman's body was found inside an apartment on its after her adult son was injured after jumping out of a second-floor window. authorities believe the woman's body had been inside for several days. secretary of state clinton says north korea must face consequences for sinking a south korean war six. a north korean to rietorpedo sae ship. but it denies it and says it will respond to any punishment with all-out war. astronauts from the space shuttle will have another job to complete before they leave the
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international space station. today they will finish installing new batteries. earlier this week they installed a new russian-built compartment. they will undock from the space station on sunday. the drive to work in the district could get a lot more expensive. the city wants to make money off of thousands of people traveling in and out of the area every day. pamela brown is live in rockville with why this could be a tough sell. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. if you commute into the district, d.c. officials want to tax your income. this commuter tax would make up for the cost of providing city services to half a million daily commuters. they believe it would bring $500 million a year to the d.c. treasury. it would also be a big blow to maryland and virginia. a council member who supports the measure admits it would put maryland into bankruptcy and put
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virginia on the ropes. the sea is banned from imposing a commuter tax under the charter -- d c is banned. a few years ago federal judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging the ban. d.c. officials are trying again, but congress will have the final set. democrats in maryland and virginia are expected to oppose the measure. there's a lot of hurdles to go through before this passes. alison and doug. >> thank you. speaking of taxes, the d.c. council has dropped the soft- drink tax from their budget talks after most members were in opposition. they could still extend the city's sales tax to the sugary drinks. 6:16 on this friday morning. >> lisa baden has the latest on the commute. >> inner loop springfield, two
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x's that would take you to 95 south. the first one is a left exit that helps you bypass 644. the crash is after the left exit. only one lane to the left is getting by. if you are coming off northbound 95 merging onto the beltway, you will miss this crash. let's look at 395 after the beltway. duke street looks fabulous. our next picture is 270 traffic southbound. where is everyone? looks great. southbound out of frederick into montgomery looks nice. let's go to newschopper 7 flying over route 4, pennsylvania ave. they have let 408 because graysons corner has reopened. about 4 good at andrews air force base. back to you. >> thank you. in frederick the sun is rising.
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mostly sunny today with a few thin clients. -- thin clouds. 55 degrees in owing. let's show you what's going on. a storm system is churning through the nation's midsection moving to the east. it will continue to bring clouds and moisture. that will arrive late tomorrow. the best way to characterize the weekend is widely separated showers and storms. there may be a few here and there. abundant clouds this weekend. temperatures in the 70's. today we are in the 80's. cloudy. 85 degrees this afternoon with a light southwesterly wind. 60 degrees tonight.
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clouds get thicker tomorrow. chance of a late-hour tomorrow. the rumble of thunder. a better chance on sunday. monday will stay cloudy. sunshine returns tuesday. it will warm into the 80's. back to you. >> thank you. a record-setting silver dollar. and an early look at the overseas market. jeremy hubbard has those stories and more. if >> we begin with the most sweeping change to the bulls on wall street since the great depression. the senate has passed a financial overhaul bill giving the government broader powers over big banks. if it allows regulators to liquidate troubled banks at no cost to taxpayers. it creates a council to coordinate efforts to identify risks. and the consumer protection agency that stops abusive lending practices. if it must be reconciled with the house version. concern about the nose is contributing to another rough day for stocks.
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-- concern about the new rules. a 2.5% plunge in the tokyo market lead overseas markets lower. this follows a drop in the dow jones yesterday, its worst day in more than a year. the benchmark is down 10% from its recent high. if something some investors think could be a good thing. >> if we continue to be in a bull market, a lot of this negative overbuying will be pulled out of the marketplace and we're setting ourselves up for stockton growth in the next few months. -- stock growth. toyota is investing $50 million in tesla motors, helping it purchased a factory in san francisco where it will build electric sedans. ford plans to work with its suppliers to reduce energy use
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and greenhouse gas emissions. it wants to reduce greenhouse gases 30% by 2020. a silver dollar from 1794, a liberty dollar was bought for nearly $8 million, the highest price ever for a single coin. only 150 of them are known to exist. that is your "money scope report." i am jeremy hubbard. >> i wonder where the other ones are. >> people will be looking through their coins 50. a degrees. >> coming up, a direct impact between what you do and you wake up and the size of your waistline. today on "the oprah show", a living legend dolly parton, 4 log on abc 7 today.
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>> scientists say they've made a major breakthrough in the quest to create artificial life. researchers have produced a living cell powered by man-made dna. the isolated bacterial cells. they used chemicals to create a new genetic material after they removed the original genetic material. we have information that could help you lose weight. just-in-time for going to the beach.
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>> what you eat in the morning right now could make a big difference. breakfast is supposed to be your biggest meal of the day. it is key in setting your blood sugar levels and increasing your metabolism. that does not mean you should reach a just for anything. >> a lot of people want to reach for a bagel for breakfast. it is not the best way to go. studies show you lose more weight when you eat eggs in the morning. also, you'll feel more energetic. >> go for the protein instead of carbs. also, instead of drinking coffee, you might want to think about drinking green tea if you are trying to lose weight. coffee triggers your stress hormones. that sends a signal to your body to store fat. im stressed out if i don't have coffee. >> we have to have it. getting up as early as we do, we have discovered that a body craves those carbohydrates when
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we are sleep deprived. >> and sugar. >> like pancakes. 58 degrees in rosslyn. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead, fairfax county approved a $2 billion school budget with major cuts. we will tell you what was left on the classroom floor. financial reform passes in the senate. i will have an update straight ahead. we are live in the weather center. sunshine today. what about the weekend? will the cloud of thi
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>> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> because of financial reform the american people will never again be asked to foot the bill for wall street's mistakes.
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>> straight ahead, the senate approved the biggest wall street changes since the great depression. now the weight is on to see how the markets respond. good morning, washington. it's friday, 6:30, i am alison starling. >> i am doug mcelway. we will check traffic and weather. everybody is eager for the weekend. >> i heard that the roses were in bloom. let's look outside. we do have sunshine out there and a few high clouds. i would call it a mainly sunny day with filtered sun shine. upper 50's and lows 60's to get you started. this afternoon, mid 80's with allied southerly winds at 5-10. tomorrow temperatures will start off around 60 in the morning with a stray shower possible late in the day.
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not a washout. if possible shower on sunday. 7100 closed after burke lake road at the parkway. a minor crash on the loop springfield will be gone by the time you get there. after left exit for 95 near the exit for 644, two lanes are getting through. the left side of the beltway looks good. delays are from prince william to the optacon river. 270 lining up at 85 on the screen. north of the beltway looks great. alison and doug. >> thank you. watch for wall street to react to capitol hill. last night the senate passed the most sweeping overhaul of rules governing wall street since the 1930's. the bill would impact everyone from high-flying traders to first-time homebuyers. t.j. winnick has the latest from
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abc. >> on this boat the yeas are 59 and the nays are 39. the bill as amended is passed. >> the bill calls for regulators to liquidate troubled financial institutions. it would create a bureau of consumer protection to oversee credit cards and mortgages. if it would establish regulations for had funds, derivatives, and other financial complicated products. >> our goal is to protect the larger economy from the upheavals we have seen in the past few years. >> the bill must be reconciled with the house version that passed in december. opponents say it goes too far. >> i want you to understand how wide-ranging this bill is. this will get into everybody's pockets. >> wall street's concern over financial reform sent the dow jones with worst finish since february 2009. it ended the day down 376 points.
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many analysts believe the stock market is in a correction and that there are likely more big fluctuations ahead, both up and down. abc news, t.j. winnick. prince william county police are searching for missing mother and child. maria chicas and her 22-month old son were last seen yesterday morning in woodbridge. she needs medication for illness. she was this in the toddler in a stroller. d.c. police are trying to figure out toole killed a mother whose body was found in a southeast apartment -- who a mother. they made the discovery in an apartment on fourth street in south east moments after her son left from a window. now more on the sad details, courtney robinson. >> good morning. this mother's body had been in the apartment several days. the son who jumped out of the
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window is intellectually disabled. after jumping, neighbors tell us that he ran to another neighbor's apartment for help. police are looking for another son, calling him a person of interest in the case. they're not able to identify a cause of death at this time because the body had been there for so long. they spent much of yesterday searching through dumpsters in the area of the cascade park apartment complex and spoke with neighbours trying to get any idea what might have happened. neighbours tell us they did not see or hear any warning signs prior to this suspicious death. police are still investigating this morning and looking for the other son. it's unclear whether one or both sons were staying in the apartment with their mother's body. courtney robinson reporting. funeral services will be
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held today for alonte sutton. the d.c. intern was murdered this month. he was an intern for councilman michael brown. viewing from 10:00 to 11 today at the allen chapel a.m.e. church on alabama avenue and the funeral at 11:00. yesterday the first emt on the scene after the murder robert wone testified that when he asked dylan ward what was going on, he did not respond. the emt said joseph price's demeanor alarmed him. he said joseph price set casually on the bed next to the body talking on the telephone. the emt said that while victor zaborsky was crying, the emt did not believe it was sincere. a man is under arrest. 43-year-old just wouldn't.
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wednesday night he robbed a woman at knifepoint at an atm and 17th streets nw while secret service arrested him. the area was crawling with secret service because of the state dinner that night. -- josh woodland. police and firefighters will have to take furlough days in montgomery county. less than $50,000 a year, they will take three days. between 50,000 and $100,000 a year will take five days. those making over $100,000 a year will have eight furlough days. school employees are not affected. the new fairfax county school budget includes sacrifices as well. the school board approved the $2.2 billion spending plan last night that calls for 200 jobs to be cut and includes fees for sports and advanced placement tests. it eliminates nearly all summer school and it closes an alternative high school.
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still ahead on this friday morning on good morning washinton, major changes we have lots of for all the weekend. we are guiding you through the latest traffic and metro delays. >> we will have the movies latest traffic and metro delays. >> we will have the movies
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>> we're at the national zoo. no metro delays. these orangutans use a different transportation system. good morning, washington. >> welcome back. 6:40 on this friday morning. looking at a nice day. it will be nice at the zoo. mid 80's this afternoon, 62 downtown right now. let's look at the seven-day forecast. plenty of sunshine today with high clouds. mid 80's. a little more humid on the weekend. slight chance of showers tomorrow. sunday a few showers possible. it will not be a washout this weekend. monday still looks good. die and much warmer air by the end of next week in the mid 80's -- dryer. 123 burke lake road is
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taking bail out traffic, saturated. springfield, va., northbound. that does not look bad up to the pentagon. not bad on 66 with a brief delay in manassas, slowing in centreville and again at 50. let's look at the beltway near college park. looks great. alison and doug. >> thank you. new bicycle lanes on pennsylvania avenue are not ready for bike to work day. that is today. some are already using those lanes, but some changes are needed. there will be a bicycle rally at freedom plaza in d.c. from 8:00 to 9:00 this morning. 85 and hundred people are expected to take part in bike
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>> denied it 5:00, gordon peterson reports on -- tonight at 5:00, the school in washington d.c., and urban boarding school having miraculously success. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 5. >> you are watching abc 7's good morning washington. with doug mcelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, and lisa baden with traffic. this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good morning. our top story, investigators are trying to piece together a mysterious death in southeast d.c. a woman's body was found inside an apartment after her adult son was injured while jumping out of a second-floor window. authorities said the woman's body had been inside the
6:45 am
apartment several days. the senate has approved a sweeping overhaul of how the government regulates banks and wall street. if the bill is aimed at preventing a repeat of the financial crisis. it must be merged with a bill that was passed by the house. bp is now agree with scientists who say that more oil than originally thought is spewing from the blown out well. it is starting to reach marshes at the mouth of the mississippi river in louisiana. this weekend there will be a major road or can't metro work in d.c. that could cause headaches. mike has more. >> its going to be a busy weekend in washington. the mavericks are hosting orioles and there is the d.c. chili cookoff on saturday at a stadium. metro will be doing some track
6:46 am
work on the red, orange, and green lines replacing components. metro says customers should expect delays of up to 30 minutes. the drivers will also face challenges. vdot crews will be closing the chain bridge all weekend for last-minute deck repairs. tonight they will start paving and painting lanes. there will be no access to cars on the district of side or the arlington side. sidewalks will be closed as well. drivers should be ready to avoid inner loop of the beltway, 95 and 495, as crews do emergency repairs to an overpass. they will be narrowing the highway to one lane just west of telegraph road, part of the wilson bridge project. drivers will want to use the american legion bridge instead. reporting from northwest. the gop is rolling out the new contract with america.
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>> this would be a series of town hall meetings and social networks for asking for voter input ahead of the fall election. mike allen has a closer look at this. sounds like they're trying to combine the new and old. if the technology and they are harkening back to the day of the fireside chats for the old- fashioned radio talks with microphones. >> i think it's great. it's going to be a preludes to their contract with america. if it will be called "america speaks out." it will be twitter, facebook, and town halls they will hold in their districts. they're getting input into what eventually will be the agenda, the governing agenda. the democrats today will ask who's paying for this. they will have to make sure whether this is government or political. if this is a sign republicans, despite a few setbacks lately, are still confident.
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if they get the job, that's what they would do is what they're saying. >> the first contract with america was newt gingrich in 1994. they were countering the agenda of the clinton administration. he eventually lost in congress. >> that's a good point. they said they were going to pass 10 bills and then they checked them off. this time they're going to look at things people can agree on, especially jobs. they will stay away from social issues. they won't talk about abortion. it will be hard to get republicans to agree on the bill when they talk about things like immigration. >> they're not calling it a
6:49 am
second contract for america because that would be controversial? >> yes, they are going to bring people's ideas into it. if the top house leaders wrote their ideas today, i am not sure it would be so different from the past. but they will go out and say we are listening to you, we want to talk to you. voters are feeling very divided from washington when they don't feel they are listened to. it's not just democrats, it's almost anyone in washington. >> it's an effort to bring everybody in, to have them feeling good. >> that's right. time for traffic and weather. >> what is the latest for the weekend? >> there will be more clouds on the weekend. a few showers late saturday and a few on sunday.
6:50 am
widely scattered. some of us will stay dry it, but the clouds will be around. let's show you what it looks like right now from earlier this morning. sun rising. high clouds out there with sunshine. we will look for a warm day. mid-6 50's right now in most spots. there's a system approaching from the midwest that will go to the east and bring a few clouds with it. i will tell you the sun will still make for gorgeous day. a few showers or thunderstorms possible late saturday. a couple of them on sunday as well. not washout. we are in the 80's today. in the 70's tomorrow, wind out of the south at 5-10. 50 degrees tonight. on the weekends, increasing
6:51 am
clouds, 76 on saturday. a shower or a thunderstorm possible late. showers possible sunday as well. let's go to lisa baden. 7100 northbound is closed at the roberts parkway. 123, burke center parkway it taking the bailout. it is saturated. looks good at duke street on your way toward the pentagon. and let's take you beyond that. 395 at the 14th street bridge, that is the normal back up. through maryland, beltway travel is still busy. that's georgia ave. we're closing out with a picture of 270. breeze saturated out of germantown down to the lane
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>> good morning, washington. i have your weekend movie guide. shrek is going to be in theaters. >> all of your problems will
6:55 am
disappear. >> this time he signs a deal with rumpelstiltskin. it's a fractured fairy tale worth three stars and is rated pg. >> with your left hand, take the cup to your mouth, open your lips and pour the liquid. >> macgruber is opening up. mother and child is opening up as well, starring annette bening. three stars for shrek. iron man ii, three stars. a couple of stars or robin hood and letters for juliet. >> thank you. newschopper 7 is looking at
6:56 am
the baltimore washington parkway, trude route 50 at new york avenue looks wonderful. beltway travel looks great in maryland between college park and silver spring. a nice ride on 66, 95, and 395. metrorail reporting normal service. now to brian van de graaff. >> lisa baden, mid 80's this afternoon, cloudy. a few showers possible tomorrow and sunday. just a stray shower late saturday. hit-or-miss on sunday. that will not slow anybody down. that should not get anybody down. >> thanks for watching. have a great weekend.
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