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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 10, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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into a nightmare for thousands. >> beginning right now. >> live in hd. this is gosh good morning, washington on your side. good morning to you. great to have you with us. let's get started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we'll check in with lisa this morning. >> glad to be here. nice easy forecast. huge area of high pressure bringing sunshine during the days and clear skies during the overnight hours. reagan national holding at 48 degrees. quiet and very, very dry. a few clouds off the coast. nothing really going to impact our media area. here is our forecast today. 61-66 degrees. winds out of the north.
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tonight, temperatures fall to mid to lower 30's. high temperatures acrossing 50's to 50's. a busy wednesday morning with traffic. steve is referring to the accident that has things closed. back to the interstate. no worries. water main repair straight. need to show you a gibing owe camera. we are good here. thank you. 5:01 is the time. president barak obama saids to south korea today.
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he will moat with g-20 leaders for a global economic summit. >> it is the president's first trip to indonesia in 20 years. in 1967, the president's mother remarried an indonesian man and moved to the nation. >> as a young boy, i was coming to a different world but the people quickly made me feel at home. >> there for less than 24 hours, he visited the largest mosque in
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southeast asia. he says it represents the diversity of the largest muslim nation. >> this has was designed but a christian architect. relations have frayed over many years. as president, i've made it a priority to begin to repair these relations. >> live from the satellite center this morning. >> the chandra leavy trial continues. a former cell mate says the
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suspect told him he did murder her after a robbery gone by but didn't mean to. >> a 37-year-old was hit by a tractor trailer as he was walking on the outer route of the parkway. >> a developing story stretching from california to the capital. a ufo caught on tape. authorities don't know but theories cover everything from a renegade missile. >> it's a strange one. officials have investigating what was in the sky off the
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coast of california. take a look at this. some say it is a possible missi missile. it is caught by a traffic camera on monday evening. at no point was or is there a threat to the u.s. or was this a launch by a foreign military or secret launch by our military. the mystery continues. many saying it is just an air plane. we are going to follow and try to get to the bottom of this. >> live there from arlington. an emotional tribute to the american university professor that was murdered last month. hundreds filed into the arena.
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she taught since 1989. during that time, she influenced and changed many lives. she was everyone's favorite for faesor. she inspired people to want to study briz. scombroo unbloebable. >> sh was found dead in her h e home. a teen was found driving her missing jeep is considered a suspect. >> the board will look into last month's brawl in which four people were stabbed. the board voted to revoke the thirsty turtle's liquor license.
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some areas affected today will bring the 13th street overpass >> virginia governor has decided how to use more than $1 billion in new transportation funds. the board will decide by june where to spend the money. $200 million will go to chris cal maintenance needs and $131 million will go to active projects. danceings final four. who made it through to next week. >> strandid at sea with nothing but spam and canned crab meet. we'll be
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>> a chilly start to our wednesday morning. temperatures holding off to the 40's. looking at 48 degrees. 47 in alexandria.
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42 in fredericksberg. the same for today and tomorrow. let's get a look at the roads. we'll see if this slow down has continued yet >> more in traffic to come. >> we have 46 degrees.
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gul's instant preview. the next generation search engine. >> the littest on the rescue of a cruise ship. >>
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>> we have the latest. good morning to you. >> good morning. 33000 passengers on carnival's
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splendor. the fire is out but the boat has been stuck since monday. toilets are working again. there's no air, no hot water or hot food. it is taking a navy air lift to get food on board. 50,000 things that can be cold. the company does being offered a full recover and a free cruise. power knocked out the ship's phone and internet. it could be days before the guests are able to get back home. >> all right. pop tarts and spam. >> 5:16 is the time.
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the co-chair says bp was in a rush to finish constructing the oil well. the pan will says it has not found evidence of anyone consciously sacrificing safety to save money. >> the national mall is in line for a make over. calling for new rest rooms >> the time now is 5:17. a holiday damage yik guide and google's instant preview. >> google introduced instant
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preview to get a quick preview before actually clicking on them. i stant preview will work with regular searchs. i knew april to watch videos more like watching tv. the free april let's users queue up videos to watch later from their android. time for traffic and weather we have been talking about how this
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is a very predictable week. >> we take a look at the seven-day and we have some showers under way. >> mainly clear skies. our skies will remain clear and sunny. looking for the sun rise about another hour and 25 minutes. the radar is quiet and dry. a few crowds pushing it open. clear skies from the great lakes to the mid-atlantic. should not run into any problems
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whatsoever. 61-66 degrees. 5-10 miles an hour, a few clouds in theed forecast. cooler out in the mountains. a couple degrees cooler. 68-63 degrees. friday, sunshine. saturday, sunday. 60's head to next week. wednesday with a slight chance of a shower or two. holding in the 40's for the next seven days. good morning. no problems to report at the american leaguon bridge. a smooth transition and in virginia. more of the neighbors hitting
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the road. thank you very much. are you ready to rumble? we'll tell you who came out black and blue coming up in sports. >> later today on oprah, talk show legends in one place at one time today at 4 right here on abc 7.
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>> all the talent in south beach didn't prevent an epic collapse against oout last night. the jazz scored 84 points after the half to beat the heat. >> upstaged by a little known paul millsap who scored 46 points. we have the rest of this morning's sports >> fists were flying. setting up teem poe early in the game. rangers score two in the first.
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caps in the second. an empty knelter makes it 5 h 3. >> done i van nothing nab. this is a game we need. the college of charleston. have a great day everybody. >> 5:25. we have 46 degrees. the news continues with good morning, washington at 5:30. the next half hour, the ugly truth. a magazine calls the district one of the most unattractive
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places in our country. president barak obama just landed in south korea. that's next. i hope you like the sunshine we have more coming up in a few minutes. ♪
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♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies
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are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ >> i have made it clear america is not and never will be at war
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with islam. good morning, washington. thank you for joining us this wednesday. more on that story. we begin with trf yik and weather every 10 minutes. lisa is standing by. >> first we check with steve on the forecast. we are going through a dry streak. looking at a nice day ahead. radar, it's dry. up and down the east coast with
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a few showers. repeat for the day tomorrow friday, saturday and sunday. let's get an update. >> i have a crash in maryland. close to exit 35. i have a crash south bound that has the interstate closed. into the church, use lady smith route one south bound. what do we have around town and the gibing owe cameras. the answer is not much. here at the 14th street bridge. 270 south bound starting to heat up. good all the way down to the beltway.
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back to the news desk. our top story this morning. president barak obama is set to meet with world leaders today. president barak obama's plane just landed in south korea. the president will meet with g-20 leader fozer a fwlob al summit. the president reached out to the islamic world. he once called indonesia home. in 1967, the president's mother remarried an indonesia man. they lived there for about four
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years. the president was there for less than 24 hours. he visited the largest mosque in southeast asia, which symbol eyes the diversity and tolerance of the world's most populous muslim nation. he will speak to u.s. troops tomorrow in honor of veteran's day. >> >> an islamic group is concerned the u.s. is delaying a package containing passports. the group missed its flight.
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the custom's agency bought tickets for the group for the people to take another flight. >> the chandra leavy trial continues today. she disappeared in 2001. >> looking for the killer of a high school student. shot and killed while walking down the street. the classmate with him was shot in the leg. he was 167 years old. >> a search is under way for a
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man who raped a woman along the seen yik drive. she was taking her trash to a dumpster. she saw a man lurking in the woods. he followed her and attacked her and took off. >> a mystery out of california. the military is saying very little. the latest on this. a lot of theories floating around making you wonder what was in the sky. >> imaginations running wild a
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television station caught the smoke trail shooting straight to the sky. many are worried the u.s. is in harm. if it turns out that we don't know what this is, i would be very concerned. >> officials say it is likely just an air plane leaving a trail in its wake until they are investigating a possibility that many experts immediately pointed to the video. >> it could be a rocket or a jet aircraft con trail.
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a statement released saying there was no threat to the united states. the pent he gone is asking people to remain calm. 46 degrees outside. bracing for the worstment getting ready for winter.
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>> time for your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> adam is not here because they are at the hospital waiting to have baby number two. any minute now. i know they have the tv on in the delivery room. >> steve, we are glad you are here helping us out. we are excited for the new arrival. beautiful day shaping up heading
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out to western maryland. southeast dc. 47 in virginia. at this hour, our forecast calls for lots of sunshine today and tomorrow. this afternoon holding around 61-66 degrees. temperatures are cool er we hea over to lisa. >> a complicated accident out of virginia. you may still want to use route one a crash on the right side of
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the roadway. 95 in mairld looking decent. looks pretty good here at 109. we'll keep checking in a little while. >> 46 degrees right now. coming up, another star says goodbye. who is aiding home after last night's elimination. >> the latest
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>> comeling u7, a discussion with one of america's most treasured women. a discussion with maya angelu
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and her wisdom. spraub in south korea where he will hold meetings with top leaders. he delivered a speech in which he reached out to muslims. the third stop on the four nation tour. others say it is a large con trailer a vapor trail. doctors are rushing to deal with cholera treatment in haiti. so far that disease has killed nearly 600 people and sickened thousands more. >> even though we don't expect
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any snow, local road crews aren't taking any chances. preparing for old man winter's force. good morning. leaves are still falling. we've had a number of mild days. virginia department of transportation wants to be prepared for whatever may come our way. the question is will officials be able to keep up if we see major accumulation as we did last year. if you recall, million felt buried. a lot will try to be ahead of
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whatever snow may come. all of us can remember about that winter last year. >> at 5:46, you will soon be able to buy liquor on sunday mornings. the plan doesn't need to be approved. critics say it will hurt privately owned stores. the team will sport new un normaled unvilling their uniforms at an invitation only fashion show. if you like the new look, you'll be able to buy new jerseys tomorrow. >> 5:47 is your time.
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arlington is trying to make streets saver for pedestrian. the rest will take place through the end of the year. in for adam this morning. >> we know that intersection very well. nice weather for everyone. just before thanksgiving. >> we are looking at mainly clear skies sticking around not only today but thursday, friday,
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saturday, sunday. 47 degrees and winds are not a problem. we have cooler temperatures. heading close for d.c. 48 in anapolis. looking for quiet and dry conditions. 61-66 degrees. tonight, mainly clear and cold. we'll see temperatures around
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40-42 degrees. cooler compared to what we were expecting today. looking nice for us temperatures lower in the day. a few clouds will roll into the area come monday and tuesday. by wednesday, a slight chance of a shower or two. high temperatures in the upper 50's to around 60 degrees. an update on the rush hour commute.
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traffic will get through. no worries. a smooth transition south bound. today is the 235 j birthday of u.s. marine corps. >> excellent. >> i don't know if you saw this. you were probably in bed at this time. the debut drew more than 2.41 million viewers. >> that's good for him. >> he must be feeling pretty good after all the drama. good to celebrate that. >> you love dancing with the stars like i do. >> super bowl champion kurt
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warner was sent packing. he won over the studio audience and his fellow dancers. he said he is happy to have been part of the show. >> i learned that life isn't always about winning and losing competitions but it is about relationships and impacting people. this gave me an opportunity to impact people and build relationships. he's a class act. >> four couples are still in the running. jennifer gray, kyle massi, brandi and bristol palin. >> did you know he has seven kids? >> unbelieve blt.
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>> tina fey is the youngest person to win the top humor prize. she is working on her first book. it's 5:53, we have
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>> the d.c. area has something to be proud of. our region ranks first when it comes to life expectancy, and income. and now something we are not sko proud of. the ugly truth. travel and leisure has ranked the d.c. city six ugliest. memphis has the ugliest people. baltimore was ranked second. >> ds is a town full of think tank and government employees
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not here for looks but what is in their head. >> travel and leisure says charleston has the most attractive people in the nation. the top city is san diego. seems like a waste of a study. who cares? >> still to come here, crashing down, a u.s. city bans toys from fast food menus. what turned all eyes to the sky and have some calling this a miss i'll mystery.
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>> straight ahead, a major address to mussilies. the latest from the president's trip to asia. a plane flying into the sun set or is it something more sin i center?


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