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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 1, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> brent: 81,384 on hand. only the black shirted nebraska fans have headed for the exit. the badger fans are still celebrating. new comedy about a man's man living in a house full of women. tim allen is "last man standing." october 11, 8:00/7:00 central, abc. martinez did not get there. the crowd loving that stand. and the two teams pour on to the field. bret bielema and the badgers coaches are to be congratulated on what they've put together with this franchise. it's been 37 years since the badgers have played the
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cornhuskers. the last time nebraska came in here ranked number 4 and the badgers upset them 21-20. here tonight in the first game of the big ten ever for bo bellini and the huskers, wisconsin dominates it. let's go down to erin. >> erin: in the coach's meetings, think all of your guys stressed this is a measuring stick game. what did you learn about your team? >> i liked we had some adversity early on, kept our composure. our guys played a four quarter game against a good football team. we got a good faootball team. we got a good quarterback. good running back. very exciteded for our guys. >> erin: how about that quarterback, why was he so effective tonight? >> because he is what he is. he's the same guy every day. doesn't flinch ever. the great thing is, he's a badger. >> erin: you talked about your running attack.
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montee ball, four touchdowns tonight. what's it like vague offense this balanced? >> i like the fact it's all the guys kind of working together. montee's good. we saw russell trying to block a guy there. i think there's a feeling of just a lot of guys that are selfle selfless, just want to make sure everybody else is better. >> erin: enjoy the feeling, thanks. >> brent: herbie, your final thoughts on this big win for the badgers? >> kirk: impressive. coach just said it all there to er erin. a team that seems to be on a mission. we could talk all we want about russel wi cf% sive what he just said is very important. they don't care who gets the recognition and attention. when you have that intangible, you're dangerous. >> brent: wisconsin outscores nebraska in the second half 21-3 for a 48-17 final. next week, saturday night football on abc has ohio state
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taking on these cornhuskers in lincoln. it will be a bounceback game for both. 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 p.m. pacific. thanks for watching espn on abc. badgers win a big one. now we take you to the studio for the ford wrap-up. here's robert flores. robert. >> all right, brent, thanks. you and herbie saw a dominant prime-time performance by wisconsin. another team putting on an impressive performance tonight was alabama, taking on florida in the swamp. second quarter. alabama up 24-10. third and long. john brantley taken down. he injures his knee and ankle. did not return. trent richardson, 181 yards. alabama rolls 38-10. they get lsu next. lsu had no problems with kentucky. jordan jefferson back at quarterback. jarrett lee started. but jefferson played. so too did matthew. forces the fumble. goes the otherway. lsu big. 35-7.
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undefeated south carolina. undefeated 4-0 for the first time under steve spurrier. taking on auburn. gamecocks. number 10 in the country. going into fourth quarter. barrett trotter to phillip lusten kirken. check this out. oh, good bounce. auburn wins by three. 16-13. oklahoma has texas in the red river rivalry next weekend. they struggled today against ball state. check that, they did not. 62-6. landry jones, five touchdowns. one of them there to ryan broyles. baylor kansas state. sper september intercepted first time all season. beats baylor 36-35. ba boise state and nevada. kellen moore. oh, look at that. a little fiesta bowl trickeration. doug martin. breaks the tackle.
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gets in. 30-10. boise state. gets the win. clemson and virginia tech. sweeney. oldest coach in the acc. frank beamer, oldest coach in the acc. sweeney, the youngest. mike bellamy, the fastest there. they remain undefeated. other score, texas a&m faded in the second half and they lose to arkansas. texas goes into next week's game in dallas undefeated. tcu falls to smu in overtime. the battle of the iron skillet. michigan state beats ohio state 10-7. buckeyes will take on nebraska prime time next week right here. abc. we'll see you next week. ford fusion has now been named the most dependable midsize car by jd power and associates. we go to kimberly.
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any thoughts on this news? i have no idea what's goin on. we are out. what was that? they told me it's the most dependable midsize sedan and they ran back into their little box.
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america on alert. warning in the wake of an al qaeda leader's debt. one candidate calls it quits. no texting, no excuses. and, say it is not snow. some of the first flakes fell. is abc 7in hd, this 11:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> thank you for being here with us tonight. to fall in washington. the area felt a cold today. rudin starts with a first look at the forecast for the the weekend. >> here we are in the first day of october. it sells more like november. yes, the showers and the areas heavy rain and depicted in of yellow that fall across
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montgomery county and into fairfax. around the beltway things have down for the time being. stubborn area of low pressure our weather is for tomorrow but some the sunshine are on the way. my extended outlook in just a few minutes. >> we will talk to you soon. we are following a developing story. officials have warned law- enforcement agencies to be on alert. terror groupsthe could plan? the strike that killed an member of archive. auda. q >> tonight to the state department has issued a travel all u.s. citizens. the fbi is warning forces around of country that the killing awlaki could provoke
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retention tax. -- revenge attacks. >> around the capital tonight, police are on guard. tourists we spoke was still safe lookingeve we should be retaliation. >> it is a group that is passionate. not going to stop. it is a war. >> he was taken out friday by a of drones. officials called him the most planet.s man on the longer threaten people anywhere in the world. al qaeda in yemen could retaliate to wreck homeland for the debt. this country is much safer as them.e loss of editedcond terrorist who
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alsoline magazine was killed. d.c. police chief released a statement saying, it has not been confirmed anight that there is terrorist, therd was also killed in that attack. the case, more for the united states. john gonzalez, abc7 news. you can track the latest developments on our website, d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting in northeast washington. killed carlowsd eady shortly after midnight on saturday. there have been no arrests. police are asking anyone with them a call.o give
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a faulty furnace is being blamed for apartment fire. it broke out saturday afternoon honey lane. fire and smoke poured from the top floors of the building. safely but theut uninhabitable. it costs about a quarter million damage an important for drivers. a new traffic pattern has close the last exit ramp to westbound interstate 66. drivers will have to stick to high-66. access it is closing it so that crews can work on in connection representative. drivers are dealing with a today. starting down onre cracking talk or text while behind the wheel. the tough new restrictions. >> a lot of business was getting behind the wheel.
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e-mail, phone calls, even casual glances at the fund. starting today, all of these will get you in serious trouble. the law has been updated for driving. message on your phone comes with a big fine. is our primary offensive and you one year from. they can pull you over for that reason alone. >> for some people it will take get used before they to it. think it is a good law. >> it is hard. not looking at all. the safety of it is better. wait until you're in a parking lot. >> many think is a good idea but with it does not fit in their lifestyle. >> i do not think it is realistic. look at yourself on to even place a call. >> i tried to do the best i can.
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am always going to be distracted. if it is an emergency, i am going to take care. >> police say there are a few exceptions. still dial 911 from yourself on. you can use your gps. president obama says he is to a -- equality. dinner, a major rights organization syria is been a strong has advocate for gay-rights the don'tthe end of ask, don't tell policy. says outside is becoming more of days. atill hopeful transformation not only written laws but woven into the of our society. worke president says more to ensure thate are not discriminated against.
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the president and first lady out for a celebratory dinner. they dined at a restaurant to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary. occasion a bit early. the actual anniversary is on monday. new developments from the presidential campaign trail. the hermanaffer on cain campaign resign. she says she is stepping down to pursue other career opportunities. the buzz is about a man not in their race. sources close to chris christie say he is reconsidering his decision. some of the candidates reacted the idea. >> i think he is a good governor. wants to come and play, we to have him come. running for president is more complicated than government. decides to run, it is same effect. a
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is going to be in awe. >> he will make a final decision soon. thieves have their eye on a of quick cash that you your on copper thefts are a growing problem. richard reeve has of the details. from this quiet neighborhood -- >> it is crazy. i do not understand. >> to the underground in d.c. -- >> to go down and do this. that is absurd. documented on the web. copper thievery is on the rise. police says copper pipes are the magnet for burglars. many are being caught in the act surveillance cameras, cutting wires and even rolling huge schools. is wrong. it >> this contractor is a very
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familiar with this. eft.latest area house tha >> during the night, who knows time, they came and broke the windows. problem ingrowing william county. record should 25 incidences since last june. $1,500, even $1,700. jonathan's house make plans to their window and door locks after he got a recent call about a faulty heater. >> all of the copper ring was >> they need to find somewhere go and make money and around and burglarize people. >> police say the thieves sell to scrap cards with no questions asked. not just homes. crews are also stripping wire poles, ballparks,
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and construction sites. could reach $1 million. when we continue, the end of an era for washington social spot. what is next for the restaurant. but first, after two tragic crashes -- >> i am steve rudin. ♪
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recent strategies could not from a local air show. a planee died when crashed in reno, nevada. died when his jet plummeted to the ground in west virginia. more.simpson has >> what caused this world war ii aircraft to nosedives is still under investigation. it smashed into the ground at 400 miles per hour, sending lives ofd claiming the people.
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out to thert goes that theand realizing scenes happen. are glad we did not make to those. we want things safe and away from harm. >> the appearance of danger is part of the drop. spectators were dazzled by the speed, agility, and capabilities of the aircraft. and also the skilled pilots to operate them. is a lot of training into this. look at their shows, have, therecord we safety is out of this world. >> pilots say these moves are than they appeared. is choreographed. >> i worry more about driving the beltway. >> a sentiment shared by many parents who brought their children today. >> it is a different experience. >> cynne simpson, abc7 news. >> for nearly half a century, staff and politicians have the hawks and doves.
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closing for good on sunday. announced the closure when he learned to somebody had over the lease. the new owner plans to renovate the menu. it will reopen in five months. turning now to the changing weather. some of theo of of the seasones in our region. this was the scene at snowshoe mansion in west virginia. a dusting overnight. that is why you see the snow machine. >> for clarification, they are dusting of snow. anything major in terms of accumulation. that will be on the slopes. >> this change has been so abrupt. it is freezing. >> temperatures below average. will stick with the cooler couple of days. annapolis is quiet, dark,
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cloudy, rainy. the road as a little bit slick. careful lest you head out and about. was the high temperature. -- where we should winds out of the west around 10 m.p.h. the weatherbug network, 44 degrees. about an inch of rain. to chants of an inch in the district. upper northwest, 46 degrees and what for tens of an inch. vill with four an inch. it is going to take a little time for it to arrive. satellite and radar showing the that isthe atmosphere for the stick around
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the dayt hours into tomorrow and into monday. keeping our weather unsettled. it will keep the breezy conditions and the scattered showers in the forecast. of strong storms, this category 4 hurricane. look how it is racing off toward north at 23 m.p.h. m.p.h. with-- 140 of 167. the good news, this storm will landfall in the united states. it is going to continue toward north and off toward the east. futurecast, the next 48 shows scattered showers tomorrow.e day the low average temperatures on monday. again but limited to 30%. here is the forecast for tonight. nighttime lows in the 40's. tomorrow similar to today.


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